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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 23 October 2012

The Rakyat is Fed-up with UMNO and BN

Dato', the father of the son had a wife who like Dr Siti Hasmah stayed a sensible distance away from her man so as not to compromise his words and actions. The father of the son also wore bush-jackets to keep laundry bills low. The father of the son never had any need for slogans or below-the-belt thuggish quid pro quo deals, and this the son did with deliberate flourish to an obsequious fawning crowd of 'fixed depositors' who didn't even realise they were talked down to by a man who thinks the public Treasury belongs to him and U-BN. The father of the son disallowed senior officers from wasting time bidding teary farewells at the airport. The father of the son frowned upon skirt-chasing as much as he frowned upon misusing public funds.

My friends and I, at this juncture of our life, have decided that enough is enough, U-BN must go this time.

I have included a moving comment from an anonymous visitor to this blog. I am sure it will find resounding resonance with many right thinking Malaysians.The above person is of course referring to Tun Razak.

Imagine this. DAP can supplant MCA in any ruling government as a main partner. To MCA, that is the mother of all horrors. PAS and PKR partner DAP to form a new government. DAP represents the Chinese as the rational voice. MCA now turns into a grouping of xenophobic communalists attacking what is the most precious thing in the life of a Malay Muslim. His religion. Who stands idly by? The PM who couldn’t answer a schoolchild’s question to give another example of an unclean item. 
It’s his and MCA last hurrah. Will the Malay abandon all self-respect and support any MCA candidate in the next election? Why should any self-respecting Malay support UMNO which stands idly by and endorses a morbid communalist party like the MCA?
So Najib lashes out at the impotence of MCA as well that of himself. MCA can no longer sustain Chinese support and UMNO is absolutely disabled to help. It has come to this because all this while, it has turned MCA into a party of honorary Malays. So, it reaps what it has sown.
The prospect of DAP supplanting and eliminating MCA altogether, is the main reason, why Najib attempts a meek scare mongering tactic. People are not buying whatever you say now Mr. PM.
PM Najib says Malays are fed-up with DAP? We, who know Najib well, know he is playing to the gallery. He is acutely aware that he is speaking among political rejects that are seeing their party’s influence among the ethnic group which it is supposed to champion, diminishing fast. Its claim that it’s regaining legitimacy among the Chinese sounds so phony and laughable. It knows it can only deliver at best 3 parliamentary seats in the coming elections. The party has been reduced to the status of a neutered Chihuahua.
MCA’s bark is worse that it’s bite. We will humor both Najib and his sleeping partner, MCA. In the meantime, let the UMNO president thinks he is a Rottweiler and liking that unexpected role.
Why should the Malays be fed-up? DAP has always contested in areas where MCA candidates stand. DAP poses no threat then to UMNO. So, could it be that Najib is really and actually fed-up with MCA for being completely impotent at winning over the Chinese. Its president is virile, the party impotent or effeminate.
So MCA bends over and does the unthinkable-articulates issues that alienate them further from Malay votes while at the same time, places Malaysian Chinese as seemingly natural enemies to Malays. That is a position all right- thinking Malaysian Chinese must refuse. They cannot ride on the irresponsible and xenophobic new approach of MCA. MCA is desperate for your support. End its misery. Abandon the party.
How stupid can that be? And Najib knows this.  That’s why he lashes out at DAP.
MCA is such old school- overplaying the discredited morbid chauvinist role when that is no longer relevant to current politics. For playing the role of a besieged racist supremacist, MCA has found some kindred spirit with the moronic Ibrahim Ali who will be licking Najib at a certain part of the latter’s anatomy where the sun does not shine, hoping to get a seat to contest.
How do the UMNO people treat MCA's tantrums? MCA’s vehement protests against an imaginary serious issue are just outpourings of concern, while DAP’s Karpal technical opposition to Islamic rule is a fundamental issue. MCA’s direct and scornful diatribes against Islam are tolerable while less intense technical opposition from DAP is taken as virulent and insidious assault on Muslims? The entire delegation of MCA representatives to its recent AGM should at once be arrested for incitement.
When the MCA says that Hudud which is currently a non-issue, could have been implemented a long time ago had UMNO wished to but has not- that means that UMNO, a Muslim party does not support Islamic laws. UMNO and its leaders mock Islam. If Hudud is implemented, this country will be in a mess. We wouldn’t have enough stone pebbles to stone offenders. The reason why people go unshaven is because we don’t have razor blades. UMNO PM’s from Mahathir to Najib have ridiculed Islam.
And yet we have a PM who goes around saying that his government carries out policies that’s sharia compliant ( Maqasid shar’iyah). This is the same Malay Muslim PM who looked like a stupid jerk when being caught off guard when he couldn’t answer one simple question about giving another example of unclean things.
Why should the Malay find DAP objectionable? Don’t ask DAP to do impossible things. It can fight for a democratic state, based on the rule of law and good governance and all that. It can do all that with 100% commitment and unwavering dedication.
But, you cannot expect DAP to speak on Hudud or Islamic issue, because it’s a secular democratic party. It’s never founded on theocratic principles. Nor should MCA pick up the mettle to speak on something that is beyond itself. The party that can speak of hudud is UMNO because it’s founded on agama, bangsa dan tanah air. PAS which operates on Islamic principles is not treating hudud as a big issue. It recognizes Karpal’s objection but does not necessarily agree to the latter’s opposition to the Islamic state, because as Karpal rightfully pointed out, our constitution is a secular one that cannot support that agenda.
But what if the constitution is amended? We are not going to pretend that this country isn’t a country where the majority is Muslim nor are we going to pretend there isn’t a sizeable non-Muslim population. What then? Then we will have to carve out a living based on accommodation and adjustments where the rights of all are recognized and protected by law.
Anything is possible, but let us all do the right thing first. Kick out UMNO and Barisan Nasional.
….to be continued.


Anonymous,  23 October 2012 at 09:22  

Dear Dato Sak

Perkasa likes MCA!
Birds of a feather flock together.

(Neo-fascist Perkasa likes the
increasingly Chinese-chauvinist
line that MCA is taking).

Phua Kai Lit

Monsterball,  23 October 2012 at 10:18  

MCA was voted out by Malaysian Chinese at the 12th GE.
Accepting back doors Ministerial and Senatorship beggars..shamed the Malaysian Chinese more than ever.
It shows MCA of today are nothing but thick skinned low class puppets to Umno B and Najib.
Recent last AGM...Chua Soi Lek keep boasting and telling lies...hoping Najib will trust MCA to deliver and beat DAP at 13th GE.
You believe in Chua Soi better believe cows can fly.
Malaysian Chinese are ready to dump MCA for good...just as more And more Muslims will dump Umno B into Tong Sampah..making be the Opposition once and for all.
It's the new 3 million new voters that will do most of the dumpings.

Monsterball,  23 October 2012 at 10:21  

Everyone knows May 13th 1969 racial clash was instrumented by Harun and oust out Tunku.
Like father like son...Najib played out Tunku Razaleigh too.
For details....let a Muslim tell all better than another.

OneMalaysian,  23 October 2012 at 12:45  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Imagine this. DAP can supplant MCA in any ruling government as a main partner. To MCA, that is the mother of all horrors.”

What you say is absolutely true. UMNO has quietly talked to DAP about the possibility of them joining the BN since it is de facto the main party representing Chinese interest. But the DAP, to its credit, did not take the bait.

The DAP is not interested in power per se. In is interested in creating a fairer, more equal, non-racial, secular and more prosperous Malaysia. This it has struggled consistently since 1965. It is not about to give up those principles now when it is at its strongest. Assuming the DAP wins a large number of seats in GE13, and UMNO is weakened and needs DAP to form a government, and in a moment of weakness and stupidity the DAP is seduced and succumbs to the temptation of power, what would happen? The Chinese and others who had supported the DAP would promptly abandon it. It would overnight cease to have support and legitimacy. UMNO would have partnered a shell of a party. No, in politics you betray the people only once, and you would be gone – forever.

Lately, the MCA, UMNO and Najib have shamelessly attacked the DAP, instead of offering the people a better vision. This shows they are bankrupt of ideas and are frightened, very frightened. The DAP is a dominant political force because it fights on universal principles for all Malaysians. And it is clean and has good people, unlike the discredited MCA leaders hiding behind Najib’s samping, saying they champion the interest of Chinese. But this is the same Najib, who some years ago at the TPCA Stadium, said he would bathe his kris in Chinese blood.

Anonymous,  23 October 2012 at 15:50  

MCA normally wins in Malay areas It looks like they are only given Chinese areas to contest so all the rhetoric -anti hudud and what not is meant for chinese voters
They have no need for malay votes this time

Anonymous,  23 October 2012 at 19:00  

Najib is reserving all majority Malay seats for Umno to become the biggest single party if an unity gov. is in the offering. That's why Umno demonized DAP in front of Malays and UMNO demonized PAS in front of Chinese. CSL is aware that MCA will only get seats in Chinese majority....the reason for its last gamble with hudud. The Chinese has an axe to grind with MCA and eagerly waiting for GE13.

Fred,  23 October 2012 at 21:15  

Salam Dato`

Saya dah baca banyak artikel yang ditulis oleh Dato di dalam blog ini, dan terus terang saya katakan, Dato' memang tepat dan tangkas mengeluarkan pendapat yang bernas dan teliti tanpa diselindungi ayat manis. Saya suka cara Dato` menulis, apatah lagi cara Dato` mempersembahkan fakta yang Dato` sememangnya faham dan tahu, lebih dari ahli2 taksub UMNO sendiri, dengan berbekalkan pengalaman Dato` sebagai ahli DUN dan Ketua Penerangan UMNO bahagian di Pahang. Walaupun banyak ayat yang Dato` gunakan lebih berbentuk umum, tapi itu sudah mencukupi untuk membuatkan orang faham apa yang Dato` ingin sampaikan kepada pembaca. Tidak seperti pencacai2 UMNO yang hanya tahu memberikan komen berkenaan Anwar, liwat, seks dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

Sepanjang saya mengikuti perkembangan politik menerusi internet, saya telah memahami pola dan corak komen yang dikemukakan diantara penyokong PR dan UMNO. Bezanya begitu jelas sekali. Komen dari pencacai UMNO adalah begitu tipikal sekali - menggunakan huruf besar, kata2 kesat yang tidak bertamadun, dan yang paling ketara, isi kandungan komen yang sama dan tidak pernah bertukar.. semuanya hanya berkenaan Anwar, liwat, seks dan LGBT. Sangat jarang sekali untuk melihat pengomen UMNO ini memberikan fakta atau sekurang2nya penjelasan yang baik untuk mempertahankan komen mereka. Mereka seolah2 komen dan lari, sama seperti mana yang mereka lakukan di dunia realiti, melakukan kerja2 vandalisme, membaling batu, cat, telur dan pelbagai lagi bentuk kekerasan melalui kaedah serang dan lari.

Tabiat mereka ini jelas menggambarkan yang mereka hanya menyokong UMNO secara membuta tuli, tanpa sebarang alasan dan sebab yang sahih. Penyokong UMNO ini tak tahu kenapa mereka mahukan UMNO. Kalau dibawa berdebat, tak kiralah apa topik sekali pun, saya pasti fakta yang mereka bawakan adalah salah satu antara yang berikut (1)Anwar (2)liwat (3)seks (4)LGBT (5)Yahudi (6)DAP (7)Melayu (8)Islam . Inilah trend yang boleh kita perhatikan dalam penyokong2 UMNO, dan komen yang mereka berikan sentiasa keluar dari topik . Bincang ekonomi, tapi kata liwat.. bincang hutang negara, tapi kata liwat.. lagilah kalau dibawa soal moral, memang nama Anwar dan liwat menjadi jawapan kegemaran mereka. Saya dah meluat tengok komen2 sebegini. Tengok sahajalah di mana2 portal akhbar di dalam internet, terutamanya Malaysiakini. semuanya komen sampah yang tidak berkaitan langsung dengan cerita yang dipaparkan.

Itu baru penyokong UMNO.. belum masuk "mak bapak" mereka di dalam UMNO sendiri. Saya rasa saya sendiri tak perlu ulas, kerana Dato` sendiri dah ucapkannya dengan jelas dan bernas. Mungkin saya ingin menambah sedikit, khususnya diantara Najib dan Anwar. Untuk pilihanraya akan datang ini, pilihan saya cukup jelas, iaitu PR. Tak kiralah parti manapun yang mewakili tempat saya, yang pasti X akan saya berikan kepada logo yang bukan dacing berlatarkan biru tua, ataupun logo lain yang tidak dikenali (payung, selipar..). Dan saya mahu melihat Anwar Ibrahim sendiri menjadi Perdana Menteri yang ke 7 selepas pilihanraya ini. Kenapa saya pilih Anwar? Saya rasa banyak jawapan yang telah Dato` coretkan di dalam penulisan Dato`, sebab2 mengapa Najib dan UMNO harus ditumbangkan pada pilihanraya kali ini. Tapi bagi saya, Najib tidak boleh menjadi Perdana Menteri. Najib membawa bersamanya bayangan gelap dibelakangnya, iaitu rahsia2 yang orang luar, termasuklah yang di dalam UMNO (mungkin) tak tahu. Najib bercakap seolah2 dia adalah orang yang sejernih2nya di hadapan mata kita, tanpa menyembunyikan apa2 dari pandangan kita. Tapi saya nak tanya, adakah itu betul? Adakah Najib itu transparent? Adakah Najib itu "putih" dan "jernih" tanpa sebarang kekotoran?


Fred,  23 October 2012 at 21:25  

Saya nak bandingkan dia, dengan Anwar Ibrahim yang telah pernah dimalukan, ditelanjangkan, diseksa, dicerca, dipukul, dan hanya Tuhan tahu pelbagai lagi dugaan yang beliau tempuhi, sehinggalah nama beliau gah dikalangan penyokong tegar BN sebagai peliwat dan gay. Saya tidak tahu apa perkara disebalik 2 kes liwat Anwar yang berlaku dahulu, tapi saya tidak perlu tahu samada ianya fitnah ataupun fakta. Saya cuma perlu tahu, yang Anwar dah di"bongkar". Sepanjang liiku hidup Anwar, saya boleh katakan yang beliaulah pemimpin yang lebih hampir kepada "manusia biasa" daripada seorang yang berstatus atau berkedudukan tinggi, daripada Najib, ataupun pemimpin2 UMNO yang lain. Dahulu dia memimpin dengan kaki dan sayap, dan sekarang setelah sayapnya dipatahkan, dia hanya boleh memimpin dengan dua kaki sahaja. Tapi dengan dua kaki itulah, saya boleh melihat, yang Anwar sekarang bukanlah seorang yang berstatus lagi. Dia hanya orang biasa sekarang, bagaikan Superman yang telah hilang kuasanya.

Tapi biarpun dengan itu sahaja, sudah cukup untuk membuktikan yang beliau (Anwar) tidak perlukan status dan kuasa seperti mana yang Najib perlukan untuk menarik orang ramai. Dia tak perlu bagi duit kepada orang, dan orang ramai masih akan datang kepadanya. Dia tak perlu keluarkan surat pekeliling dengan arahan mewajibkan orang ramai untuk datang kepada dia, kerana orang ramai masih datang kepada dia. Anwar Ibrahim tak perlukan kuasa, ataupun sayap yang telah lama diambil dari dia, untuk menarik orang. Orang sendiri tertarik dengan karisma Anwar. Dan saya nak tanya sekarang, adakah ada apa perkara yang Anwar boleh sembunyikan? Jikalau berkaitan negara, sudah pastinya UMNO/BN telah lama bongkarkan. Jikalau berkaitan peribadi, juga sudah lama UMNO/BN kenakan, bukan sekali tapi berkali2. Jikalau berkaitan rekod perkhidmatannya dahulu sebagai TPM, juga sudah pasti UMNO/BN tahu dan bongkarkan. Jadi ada apa lagi yang Anwar boleh sembunyikan dari kita? Skandal duit? Dana asing? Ada aku kisah? Bukannya duit rakyat pun. Malah pelbagai organisasi antarabangsa telah menyatakan bahwa tidak salah sama sekali untuk menerima bantuan dari luar. Bagi saya, asalkan bukan duit rakyat, dan duit rasuah/haram, maka saya tak kisah. Asalkan Anwar ikhlas dengan apa yang beliau janjikan, itu sudah memadai bagi saya.

Orang yang ikhlas dan berani tidak akan ada apa yang harus disembunyikan. Dan itulah Anwar sekarang. Selama bertahun sejak beliau keluar dari penjara, beliau menerima serangan bertali arus, tak berhenti2 dari kepimpinan BN. Dari seks luar tabii, hinggalah rasuah, hinggalah rekod perkhidmatannya, hinggalah isu agama dan negara.. semuanya beliau tangkis dan jawab. Pendek kata, nak diserangnya Anwar pun dah tak ada topik lagi yang boleh diguna pakai. Semua dah digunakan. Kaedah yang tinggal cumalah fitnah. Tapi itu tidak perlu Anwar jawab, kerana itu hanya rekaan semata2, dan rakyatlah yang harus menilai fitnah tersebut. Kesimpulannya, Anwar dah jadi orang yang transparent.. jernih.. putih dan cerah. Nak simpan rahsia pun tak boleh, sebab BN/UMNO dah bongkar semuanya. Dengan hanya dua kaki sahajalah, Anwar Ibrahim telah berjaya kembali ke arena politik sebagai pemimpin yang benar2 stabil dan gah. Bagaimana pula dengan Najib? Adakah Najib sestabil dan gah seperti Anwar sekarang?


bruno,  23 October 2012 at 22:01  

Dato,MCA was already living on an extended lease of life under OTK,and not the lifestyles of the rich,famous,powerful and corrupted.Umno had a hand in the ouster of OTK,and at the same time installing their puppet in porn star CSL is because of the PKFZ scandal.If OTK had kept his mouth shut,today CSL and his Jr will be tending to the family's farm looking after his "ayams".

This useless and shameless Chuah Sr should have retired from politics,when his sex dvd came out.But alas he made a comeback because of his backers,Umno.How can a man who cannot even control his own personal cucumber,control the second largest political party in the country.And he has brought disgrace and shame to the community because his backers,the Umnoputras made it seemed that there are no other leaders left among the community,except the porn star CSL to led the party.

And the reason his son was made a deputy minister was because his old man was willing to bend over for his political masters.For the rest of his life and not lifestyles,CSL will forever be bending over as a mongrel.The only thing good for him is that his Jr will be providing the free jelly.

Especially now Umno needs the shameless CSL and the MCA more than ever.Because any few seats the MCA can win in this coming GE will mean life and death for Umno,and help them retain federal power if the results are very close down to the wire.

That is the reason the PR must make sure that the MCA and MIC get decimated this coming GE,and do not win any seats.Umno alone cannot get 50% of the federal seats,as they are sure to lose some seats.That means they will be chase into the China Sea or banished to the mountains of Mongolia.

Fred,  23 October 2012 at 22:19  

Najib tidak sama seperti Anwar. Tidak seperti Anwar yang telah dibongkarkan segalanya, Najib membawa bersama beliau risiko dan liabiliti. Lebih2 lagi risiko yang orang ramai langsung tak tahu, Mungkin Dato` tahu atau tak tahu, tapi itulah yang dapat saya katakan tentang Najib sekarang. Dihadapan beliau terpaksa menjaga imejnya sebagai Perdana Menteri yang saban hari makin merosot. Itu belum masuk bahagian belakang beliau yang sarat dengan pelbagai rahsia yang beliau sembunyikan dari pengetahuan umum. Pecah rahsia itu, alamatnya pecah sekalilah Najib dan karier beliau dalam politik Malaysia. Apakah rahsia yang beliau simpan itu? Saya sendiri pun tak tahu. Tapi saya tahu, yang Najib tidak pernah "jernih" atau "transparent". Dia tidak seputih yang beliau katakan tentang dirinya. Kalau nak diumpamakan keadaan Najib ini, seolah2 seperti orang yang dibelakangnya membawa karung yang berisi barangan yang nilainya sama seperti harga nyawa orang tersebut, dan dihadapannya orang ramai dengan baris2 pisau dan pedang yang dihalakan ke arah orang tersebut. Nak ditangkisnya pedang dan pisau pun tak boleh, sebab dua tangan diangkat mendepa seluas2nya untuk mengelak karung dibelakang dari disentuh atau diambil orang.

Bagaimanalah kita boleh memilih pemimpin yang mempunyai beban yang tersembunyi dibelakangnya, sedangkan tanggungjawab pemimpin ialah memikul beban yang ada dihadapan matanya. Pemimpin begini hanya mampu bekerja separuh upaya sahaja, kena jaga dua2 depan dan belakang. Bagaimanalah hendak tolong rakyat kalau macam ni. Rakyat depan mata, rahsia gelap digalas dibelakang.. siapa hendak didahulukan? Dan inilah masalah yang bukan sahaja Najib ada, malah hampir keseluruhan pemimpin2 UMNO dan parti komponen BN yang lain. Seorang pemimpin yang baik harus ada satu visi sahaja, iaitu menjaga dan memimpin apa yang ada didepan mata; individu, komuniti, rakyat, dan negara. Pemimpin sebegini boleh bekerja dengan baik dan efisyen, tanpa perlu memikirkan hal2 lain. Dan pemimpin sebeginilah yang kita mahu sebenarnya. Tapi Najib tidak boleh buat begitu, kerana Najib ada visi dibelakang badannya, yang orang ramai tak tahu, yang dia harus jaga sekali.

Sebab itu saya katakan Najib tidak transparent. Yang tersimpan dibelakang beliau, adalah benda2 yang mampu mengancam kedudukan dan imej beliau. Lebih2 lagi, dia tidak pernah masuk mahkamah, ataupun lebih teruk lagi, ke penjara. Dia tidak seperti Anwar yang telah merasakan keperitan itu semua. Dan Anwar sendiri tidak takut untuk masuk semula ke penjara. Bagi beliau (Anwar), tiada apa yang harus ditakuti, dan jawatan Perdana Menteri itu bukanlah sesuatu yang beliau harus pertahankan dengan setegar2nya, tapi adalah kebenaran dan tanggungjawab beliau sebagai pemimpin kepada rakyat. Dan inilah perkara tentang Anwar yang cukup membezakan beliau dengan Najib. Najib tak mahu hilang jawatan Perdana Menteri, dan lebih2 lagi tidak mahu masuk ke penjara. Beliau banyak kali membuat kenyataan bersumpah tentang ini dan itu, tapi belum sekali pun saya terdengar ungkapan dari mulut beliau (Najib) yang dia tidak takut untuk masuk ke penjara. Najib mengata Anwar gila jawatan, Mahathir turut sama mengata benda yang sama, tapi siapa sebenarnya yang gila jawatan? Anwar ke Najib? Saya rasa kita semua lebih arif tentang soalan ini. Bagi saya pilihan saya adalah jelas - Anwar Ibrahim. Tidak ada dua kali fikir, jawapan saya dah jelas dan teguh setelah memerhatikan politik Malaysia selama beberapa tahun.


Fred,  23 October 2012 at 22:24  

Tak salah bagi PR memerintah, untuk sepenggal sahaja. Kalau baik, boleh diteruskan mandat tersebut dalam GE14. Tak bagus tukar balik, senang cam tu ja. Dasar yang BN adakan tidak semestinya perlu dibatalkan. Jika ada yang baik, boleh diteruskan. Jika ada yang cacat, boleh diperbaiki, dan jika ada yang tak perlu, boleh dibuang sahaja. PR bukannya tolak 100% pun apa yang BN lakukan. Tapi dari segi dasar dan pemerintahan, PR terbukti dengan rekod cemerlang di Pulau Pinag dan Selangor, dan tak lupa juga di Kedah dan Kelantan. Tiap2 tahun kerajaan negeri bawah PR ada surplus dan hutang dengan kerajaan Pusat dari berjuta2 menjadi sifar. Nak dibuat perbandingan dengan negeri lain pun tak boleh, sebab memang tidak ada satu elemen dan aspek pun yang boleh dibandingkan, yang boleh menunjukkan bahawa kerajaan negeri bawah BN boleh buat lebih baik dari kerajaan negeri bawah PR. Nak dikata ada silap dan cacat cela, BN pun apa bezanya. Lebih teruk lagi BN asyik menambah hutang negara sehingga hampir kepada paras yang ditetapkan. Saya tidak akan hairan jika satu hari nanti BN menaikkan paras tersebut dari 55% kepada 60%, dan mengatakan yang paras itu tidak lebih daripada sekadar petunjuk yang tidak membawa apa2 makna. Hutang lebih pun negara tidak akan bangkrap, dan BN dengan gahnya membandingkan hutang negara dengan negara2 lain, untuk memberi gambaran yang hutang negara tak seteruk manapun. Aduh.

Dan sekarang kita boleh melihat BN memberi saguhati kepada rakyat melalui pelbagai bentuk pemberian dan potongan cukai. Pemberian rm500, bonus rm500, potongan 1%, dan itupun masih ada yang terkial2 mengatakan yang pemberian itu sungguh hebat dan tiada tolok bandingnya, dan meminta orang supaya bersyukur kepada Najib kerana pemberian tersebut. Nak disyukur apa, kerana itu ialah duit rakyat sendiri. Potongan cukai 1% yang penyokong tegar UMNO ibaratkan sebagai bantuan terhebat dalam Bajet 2013, tapi saya nak tanya.. jurang antara paras GDP dengan hutang negara ialah 1.3% sahaja, dan potongan cukai yang Najib berikan ialah 1%. Apa bezanya 1.3% dengan 1% itu? Bezanya cukup jelas. Jika jurang 1.3% itu hilang, maka tiada maknanya nilai 1% potongan cukai. Risiko 1.3% itu jauh lebih besar dan bahaya daripada harapan yang diberikan oleh 1%. Dan masih ada penyokong UMNO yang mengatakan bahawa 1% potongan itu jauh lebih bermakna daripada jurang 1.3%. Mentaliti orang begitu mudah disogok dan dibutakan dengan pemberian yang cukup2 makan untuk tempoh tak sampai setengah bulan. Dan itu belum masuk lagi pelbagai bentuk rebat dan pemberian one-off yang saya rasa saya tak perlu tulis di sini, sebab Dato` dah describe semua dengan jelas dan tangkas. Kalau hendak dibuat analisis bajet Najib, saya berani katakan tidak sampai separuh pun intipati Bajet itu yang benar2 membawa kebaikan jangka panjang.. yang selebihnya hanyalah sampingan yang tidak diperlukan langsung, dan lebih elok jika ditempatkan sahaja peruntukan itu di bahagian yang lebih memerlukan.

Sebab itulah Dato`, saya setuju dengan apa yang Dato` nukilkan, yang orang ramai dah bosan dan fedup dengan BN/UMNO. Saya adalah antara orang tersebut, bukan kerana saya benci BN/UMNO, tapi kerana ada parti yang membuat offer yang lebih baik dari BN/UMNO. Cara saya membuat keputusan pun adalah cara yang normal dan biasa, yang biasa dipraktiskan di dalam dunia perniagaan, dan tidak perlu bagi saya untuk berfikir dalam. Seperti lagu yang Anwar Ibrahim selalu nyanyikan diceramah beliau yang berbunyi;

Madu ditangan kananmu (PR)
Racun ditangan kirimu (BN)
Aku dah tahu pilihanku (isikan tempat kosong)

Akhir kata, salam dari saya untuk Dato` dan seisi keluarga, moga2 Dato` sentiasa sihat dan bahagia selalu, dan sentiasa meneruskan perjuangan Dato` demi rakyat.

Monsterball,  23 October 2012 at 23:43  

MCA..Malaysia Cina Anging{dog}
MCA..Minum Cina Air{urine}
MCA..Malaysia Corruption Agents.
MCA..Many Crooked Actors.
MCA..Many Cheap Acrors.
MCA..Malaysia Cina Ampoo-bodek.

monsterball 23 October 2012 at 23:53  

I have been fed up for 40 vote vote...yet Umno B won all elections.
It is only at 12th vote counted and delivered.
This is the longest wait for 13th GE in my life.
It shows Umno B and Najib know their days are numbered.
6 more months...Malaysians will be celebrating true freedom and unity under PR and Anwar as PM....reminding me so much of a young Tunku Abdul Rahman...declaring "MERDEKA!!"

Anonymous,  24 October 2012 at 07:49  

It is a sad commentary of Malaysian politics that MCA, led by a self-confessed adulterer, has the audacity to comment on Hudud, as if, if it were implemented this morning, someone would lose his prehensile fore-tail by noon in Batu Pahat's town square. This is the extent of the knowledge on Islam of a political leader who has dragged himself and fellow chauvinists in a rear-guard campaign to stave off defeat not just for MCA but also MCA's puppet master, UMNO. The reality was obvious all the time, MCA won in many places dependent on the charity of UMNO members. A hint from MCA that it would move out from BN by a certain deadline would bring its death knell even before the PRU, and of course, many private meetings in MACC offices, now properly secured with high-tensile steel rods to prevent possible anti-gravity antics by disinherited, disenchanted,frothing minions belatedly realising that their friendship with UMNO was not real - it was all along predicated on "You help me, I help you." Only fools do not see the other side of the equation, rather, inequation:"You dump me, you boh Liow!"

So the battle is on among MCA leaders to see who can outdo the other to convince Najib that his and MCA's support is real. The spectre of DAP replacing MCA is giving MCA the nightmare it deserves for its connivance with UMNO in leading Malaysia to where it is now - readers can list the misdeeds, scandals and outright criminal acts of BN at their own free time.

I am waiting for an MCA leader from Kelantan or Kedah to say his piece on Islam. There will be many rational responses, I assure you, not least from Kelantanese.

The nightmare for UMNO and MCA has always been a coalition of PAS-PKR-DAP.

Await my friends for the D-Day, Deliverance Day!

tokioRain,  24 October 2012 at 11:03  

not to worry CSL. if hudud is ever implemented we promise to just cut off your foreskin.

Anonymous,  24 October 2012 at 12:50  

Dear Datuk Sak

A spectre is haunting Malaysia — the spectre of multi-ethnic social democracy. All the powers of the old regime have entered into an (un)holy alliance to exorcise this spectre.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  24 October 2012 at 12:59  

BN is desperate

received sms wishes for birthday from BN chief

my god, to this extent

i think they dont get it

we are not asking PM, Minister or CM to wish happy birthday

we want a good government cum corruption free

i think they still dont get it

Sakm. can you sack them?

isnt it, a simple birthday wish

Anonymous,  24 October 2012 at 18:58  

Both my wife and I received sms birthday wishes from Dato Sri Ir. Mohd Zin Mohamad (who the hell he is anyway)- Coordinator BN Selangor. But BN has a Selangor gangster whom has lots of baggage. A birthday wish is not what we want. It good governance and no corruption.

monsterball 25 October 2012 at 02:27  

Guided democracy for Malaysia is good provided it is guiding Malaysians to be free...yet must not go overboard.
When on applies guided democracy and controlling the Rulers...he is a Dictator.
Mahathir was just that...and he took RM1.2 billion EPF money to save his son with no fear.
Up to now...MACC dare not touch him....for all are corrupted .
How can thieves catch thieves?

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