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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 28 October 2012

Caught on Camera- UMNO's Rapacious Greed.

When people say that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it, they must have an idea what the statement means. I hope I share their interpretation. It’s not what has happened before, replicating itself. It must mean that those who forget the process that led to the occurrence of the event in question are likely to repeat it. We must learn from the past to avoid the repetition of the same process.
Take for example the recent lecture-down by Mahathir. We all know the process by which Mahathir Mohamed arrives at a certain station in which Malaysia finds itself. Centralization of power, emasculation of the judiciary, arrogance, rampant corruption, feigning inclusiveness while actually fanning divisiveness. It’s a Malaysia founded on the principle of natural selection turned on its head. Instead of free competition, Mahathir carries out selective breeding.
If we are now blinded to that process which is now taking place, surely we will arrive at the same conclusion. If we for instance are persuaded to follow his pleadings for Malaysians to retain UMNO and BN, we are definitely going to be con-demned to suffer the excesses of his rule.
Economic privation of the majority is UMNO’s agenda. Wealth and power for the selected few, economic injustice for the majority.  Bread for the political aristocrats and crumbs for the masses.
The economics practised by UMNO leaders display the characteristics of economic crimes. The recent listing of FGV for example will go down in history as a willful conspiracy to shortchange the Felda settlers. What do common Felda folks know about the stock market because now all the physical assets that constitute the basis of Felda’s business are converted into paper assets. The assets traded over the counter do not reflect the integrity and soundness of the physical assets, but reflect the manipulations and agility of stock market players. Why place a known corrupt person as chairman and replacing conscientious felda officers with obliging conspirators? The only reason why Najib agrees to all these reflect his complicity in the suckering the felda settlers. It’s a premeditated plan to plunder Felda.
Every business and economic project undertaken by UMNO is a means by which a small powerful group enrich themselves at the expense of the majority. That’s the idea behind Mahathir’s economics.
Najib, the political invertebrate is a poor copycat of Mahathir. His New Economic Model is but a continuation of Mahathirnomics- the use of absolute and discretionary power to create winners from a selected field of friends and cronies.
It’s the application of the same rapacious greed by politicians that is behind the decision to award the AES business to 2 private companies. If this revenue source earns the country RM50billion a year, why outsource it? What do you do with the over 3000 cameras already installed by the police at so many places in the country?
Why is the government so lazy? We have a government that is lazy, driven by rapacious greed, eager to surrender revenue earning assets in order to support the leisurely life of the rich and powerful political aristocrats.  Every thinking Malaysia should object to the continuing plunder of this country by voting out the corrupt BN government. Let’s kick out the narratophiliac Mahathirs, the phallophiliac Najibs and the Imeldaismic Rosmahs.
Today’s issue is the AES- Automatic Enforcement System. The government has contracted out the income generating resource to 2 companies- Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd and Commercial Circle Sdn Bhd.
Whoever the government gives the business to doesn’t seem to surprise us anymore. Its Najib’s market driven affirmative action in operation- another euphemism for just about any discretionary justification to enrich friends and cronies. Najib’s NEM is just an extension of Mahathirnomics- the same selective life-giving patronage for friends and cronies in business. Should these friends fail, there are always the contingent funds to bail them out.
So, you call up any PhD holders to justify the technology and all they are able to say- is they believe the system will help reduce accidents. With all the technological advances supporting them, all they could come out with, is a weak subjective feeling. Not very scientific is it? Because they know it’s all politics there.
The real fact and motive behind the award of the traffic summons business is just that- another sorry excuse to farm out revenue generating resources to friends. The police have over 3000 cameras installed at strategic places all over the country. They must have been installed at great cost to the government too. The police have gone out on several PR blitzes extolling the virtues of their traffic monitoring system. Is the government now telling us, that these have not been useful?
Why the need to supplant the existing traffic monitoring system with 2 new systems offered by the 2 companies? Will the police now say, their purchase has been useless and now they are auctioning off their instruments at below market prices? Maybe those who can afford to buy the police system can install the then state of the arts vehicle detecting camera system at their expensive homes.
They need to. The crime rate is going up by quantum leaps.  We have millions of immigrants coming into the country whose background we don’t know and who now constitute health hazards. TB which has long been banished from our shores is now making a comeback through immigrants who were given permission to enter our country.
The two systems will cost the government RM700million. Nowadays, any projects thought off by the government or accepted by them, will near the RM 1 billion mark. The government isn’t paying for these systems. But that doesn’t excuse them from doing due diligence and a proper auditing. How do we know, the system actually cost RM 700 million? The two different systems, cost RM350 million each?
We know the drill. No project cost that the government approves has succeeded without being UMNOnised. We all remember the PLUS which cost only RM3billion was pushed up to be RM6 billion. The TOL companies have thus far collected more than RM20 billion, the government is still giving them license to plunder and pillage us.
So what’s to prevent the same being done on the actual cost of the AES?  It’s easy to come to that figure. Just appoint a broker firm to act on behalf of the companies. Maybe even approved the choice of language interpreters from Mongolia who can speak German and Australian English. Have them deal with the sellers of the technology, accompanied always by representatives of the government appointed brokers. Then these brokers come back to the ministers- in-charge to say, the system costs RM 700 million Boss- and there are fringe benefits too, provide by the interpreters. Later, if we are scared about the beans being spilled, we can always expedite their journey to the heavens by C4-ing them!
The point is the government share in fines collected only after the RM700million is collected. So, the project cost of RM700 million should have triggered out due diligence and proper auditing.  How do we know the RM700 million isn’t a sting figure?


Anonymous,  28 October 2012 at 18:27  

On this issue yes, I agree with you.

OneMalaysian,  28 October 2012 at 18:56  

Dear Sakmongkol

Fair-minded readers are entitled to ask, is all this writing of yours de rigueur UMNO bashing now that you have changed political affiliation, or are there really such plundering and stealing going on in broad daylight? Could UMNO cronies be so bold as to continue with these nefarious activities when the alternative media and opposition politicians are constantly exposing them?

The answer is quite simple: because they can get away with it. So long as this government stays in power, no amount of exposure will stop the stealing. Taib Mahmud is still at it years after his and his family’s activities and riches were reported. The award of contracts to cronies continues uninterrupted despite the constant harassment by the opposition. Look at the award of the RM1 billion Ampang LRT project to George Kent/Tan Kay Hock, and the RM40 billion MRT project to Gamuda and Syed Mokhtar-related companies. Reflect on the way the armed forces procure equipment and weapon systems. Submarines are purchased from France through an agent (RM430 million in commission) and fighter jets are brought through middlemen. Does the government not know who supplies such arms that they must pay hundreds of million of Ringgit in commission? The generals don’t know who builds submarines and jets? And MITI issues tens of thousands of APs each year to several Malay individuals worth RM20,000 – RM40,000 each so that they can sell them to car importers for profit? Can’t the government auction them off each year and use the money to reduce the yawning budget deficit?

There is a positive feedback loop involved. The cronies get lucrative deals that make them millions or billions in fees and profit, and they back-handedly return part of the loot to UMNO to keep it in power, and so more contracts go to cronies. This is UMNO’s proven way of raising funds to buy votes. It is an amazing symbiotic relationship. A very powerful example of this relationship is the RM40 million "donation" to UMNO Sabah.

This is how tens of billion are lost by this country and gained by favoured persons annually. This latest AES award is no more different from the hundreds of crony deals that preceded it. It pains me to read what you write. There is only one way to stop all this: remove this government from power before it ruins this country beyond repair.

monsterball 28 October 2012 at 20:23  

As for Mahathir he studied history and complied all the success dictators had.
He love British history most..where slave driving and to divide and ruled...very successful over Malaysia.
As for corruptions...Umno B is the best in the world.

Anonymous,  28 October 2012 at 21:05  

"Putrajaya should rethink its procurement system which no longer goes through the Accountant-General’s Office and only relies on internal controls within ministries to ensure proper spending of public funds, Auditor-General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang has suggested...."

-Review government procurement system to check abuses, says Auditor-General

Anonymous,  28 October 2012 at 21:29  

the crony was grovelling before the transport minister in supertanker restoran. he was salivating at the shameful profit like a mad dog. Another MCA in joint production with UMNO to fleece the public.
lets kick out these corrupts and then go after them with the full force of law. RM5.0m aint buy some drug peddler freedom, will it?

Donplaypuks® 28 October 2012 at 23:35  

"How do we know the RM700 million isn’t a sting figure?"

Kudos! That was pretty much my conclusion on the AES debacle, which pretty much mirrors your concerns. Refer

In most stings, the Bernie Madhoffs make their massive killing, right up front!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

bruno,  29 October 2012 at 00:39  

Dato,sometimes we have to wonder how sick these Umnoputras are.They have already cleaned the country's coffers of hundreds of billions.They live in mansions so huge that they can afford to clamp their children and grandchildren into them,including their grand children age mistresses.And their wives would have mistaken these grand daughter age mistresses to be their own grand children.

They have homes all over the world,flushed offshore bank accounts,boytoys stashed everywhere in case they cannot get that thing working,so they themselves needed to be serviced instead.And they still want more.With so much money to feed tens and tens of their future useless generations to come,enough is never enough for these plunderers.

So what do the rakyat do,especially those tongkat,clutches and wheelchairs dependents of Umnoputras.To vote these Umnoputras out in GE 13th or to have their bedroom doors wide open for these plunderers and rapers to jump onto their beds.

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 08:44  

Helo Bro,
I received a summons with the pic of my car for speeding sic at a 80km/j area and i was only above the limit by 7km/j as shown in the summons. WTBF is aes trying to do.What is najib doing ? Damn them. My vote for pas,dap or pkr.

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 09:21  

I wish Tunku Aziz has been following this blog ever since he shifted gear from fighting against corruption and unethical conduct, the initial imperative that drove him to join DAP, to promoting and justifying the grand goals of the Transformation programme promoted by his new-found development icon. Sadly though, much as we appreciate the Tunku's past contributions in the civil service and elsewhere, this personal transformation, at this age, invite unsavoury connotations, not because a change of of allegiance is inherently wicked, but that the change is done with the de rigueur fanfare of anti-opposition diatribes, spoken out almost embarrassingly too soon after jumping ship.

Against the background of all the scandals, misuse and abuse of public funds, and the latest report by the Accountant-General stating no less that the four Pakatan-controlled States did better than the other BN States puts paid Tunku's arguments in the latest NST column, essentially saying that Pakatan is unfit to take over Putrajaya. It must not be lost among Malaysians, Tunku wrote that article after the Ac-G's report was released.

Times change, allegiance change, but the nation must put make a quick decision to put an end to reckless, corrupt and sometimes criminal governance.

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 10:13  

Statistically speaking about 80% of us break the speed limits about 20% of the time i.e., its the mean...

The idea that 80% of us must change our behaviour for 20% of the time to bankrupt the company is like saying that 80% of us can win at gambling in Genting. The odds are simply stacked against us because of our repeat actions...

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 10:31  

Dear Dato,

We have two types of Malays ie UMNO MALAYS and NON UMNO MALAYS, two types of Chinese, MCA CHINESE and NON MCA CHINESE, two types of INDIANS MIC INDIANS and NON MIC INDIANS. The NONS will never get lucrative contracts. Only BN citerzens. ABU................

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 10:39  

Candid camera Sakmongkol tak menjadi lah. AES dah tangap gambar dia exceed limit mengutuk kerajaan. Kahkahkah.

Pencacai bodoh

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 10:52  

What if every single person issued a summons refuses to pay? Can the police the whole population in jail?

As time go by I reckon every single motorist will get at least one summons, some maybe more than 20.

99.9% of the vehicles passing a 60km speed limit will get a summons.

AES is easier than plucking money from trees.

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 13:20  

They first came up with laws that motor bikers must wear helmets. Every biker rushed to buy helmets to avoid committing a traffic offence. Then transport minister said studies in Europe showed helmets help reduce fatality in road accidents. Despite this law, statistics of road fatality increased.

Then, they came up with an excuse that car accident deaths were contributed by unbuckled seat belts. Then came a law that became an offence if you drive without putting your seal belts on. Every car owner rushed to the nearest car accessory shop to fit their 12-yr-old car with safely belts. Still, road fatalities increased.

The then IGP decided to come up with a statement that it is the attitude of the road users that is to be blamed. So, the smart IGP went to Europe to seek solutions to this never-ending problem.

Bingo! the IGP found the solution to this problem in Europe by installing thousands, millions perhaps, of mock traffic policemen on cardboards at every corner of Malaysian roads. This according to the IGP will deter road users from speeding as practiced in Europe.

You guessed it, road accidents statistics went up.

" Ah, said Ling Liong Sik, " the highest contributor to every rising road accidents are motor-bikers and its pillion riders. The cause of this sad situation was due to car / bus / van / lorry drivers are unable to see motorbikes coming from behind that leads to accidents. "

So, lets pass a law that is compulsory for motorbikes to switch their lights on during daylight. Still, a lot of death occurred on our roads.

Lo and behold, the ultimate answer to all this mess is AES and you Malaysian remained to be duped over and over and over and over.......whilst traffic fatalities continues to grow.

We need a new transport minister.

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 15:20  

Kalau mahu curi pun curi sikit saja, bagilah can orang lain curi sikit juga. Jadi semua puas hati, dua-dua pencuri boleh hidup tanpa fitnah-memfitnah. Lu tau saya siapa, saya pun tau lu siapa. Tak payah gaduh, tak payah lempar batu, tak payah tunggeng-tunggeng buntut, tak payah kencing ke atas gambar2 musuh kita. Dah di taman firdaus, apa lagi kurang.

Curi-curi Malaysia.

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 16:11  

AES is Najib government gift to public.

Thanks all for contribution to the richness of cronies and proxies masters.

Patrick 29 October 2012 at 16:14  


BN has finally hit the regular kampong folks, illiterate, ignorant and die-hard BN supporters where it hurts most: their shrinking wallet.

The AES system is a total rip off. We dont mind the system if it is implemented and owned by the PDRM and govt, but not by 3rd party outsourcing party. This goes to show the extend of the cronyism and greed of the ministers. A few of my friends had their pictures taken while travelling not more than 5kmh above the speed limit, which is ridiculous because they were following with flow of traffic.

The most absurd part is the AES being implemented around school areas. School operated only 9 months in a year and in daytime only. So anybody living within the school vicinity with the AES will get caught everytime they go home after work. And what about school holidays, where this system is still in operation? What utter idiocy and blatant greed.

Lately, their greed is reaching a ridiculously idiotic level. Looks like they are cashing in on any tom,dick and harry plan before the upcoming GE to maximise their loot. We have to put a stop to all these nonsense and madness. Now that the Muslim festive holidays are over, lets see how many kampong folks receive summons from their travelling. Lets see how many kampong folks can afford to pay the summons before it hits them of BN's absurd greed.

The school holidays are near. Deepavali is near. Year end holidays are round the corner. If the AES continues its absurd greedy picture-taking, I hope that additional fence sitters, illiterate, ignorant and die-hard BN voters who get caught will finally wake up to the govt's greed.

How much money will these people have to pay to a few greedy govt ministers and their cronies before they vote BN out????

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 18:54  

SPEEDING KILLS there s no ways about it

Anonymous,  29 October 2012 at 19:33  

How some lives get transformed when they win govt contracts. One end, one small group becomes filthy rich. On the other end, utter misery for the great majority already under great pressure to live a normal life.

This is it. The time has come.

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 00:15  

P.M. jangan lupa kata mutiara orang Melayu,"Adat pulau limburan pasang":
yang kaya jaga yang papa, yang kuat lindungi yang lemah, yang bijak bantu yang bebal, yang celek pimpin yang buta.

Pendek kata, kaum bangsawan mesti tolong kaum murba selama-lamanya.

Pemimpin jujur, negara maju di sanjung tinggi berzaman-zaman. Pemimpin tamak negara mundur, di caci-maki hingga ke akhir zaman.

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 06:03  

Sak & Blog Readers,
Sorry for this off tangent ... gosh i'm so late to drive out for work this morning ...

Dari segi pelaksaan high income society :

- how to begin with, if many in the communities are unemployed;

- how is its effectiveness, what are its pitfalls, taking the case of Korea, a high income country but why millions of its citizens are found in every corner of the world, in our nation, and own a high percentage of the our properties and businesses ; the crony housing developers " create " that demand and supply for their mega interests ?
That "demand" looks like be fulfilled by inviting the koreans to invest, buy over ( seemingly as they want to invest here ) now as reported in the paper.

Are the Koreans here to create millions of meaningful jobs for our Malaysians,and not employing cheap labor for obvious reasons
or they here to " gasak " bussinesses and engage our rakyat as window dressers ? by creating jobs for their own citizens here in KL, in the cities of the nation ? or they are here at the "invitation" of umno leaders to increase their own " side incomes " ?

Are the Koreans contributing huge in tandem with the Japanese' loyal contributions by providing brand new vans to St. John Ambulance, providing loans to the nation, creating big percenatge of employement to the rakyat, providing thousands of scholarships to its employees and our students through the lonstanding of excellent realtionship with us ?? Why the shift to the koreans ?

They need to buck up their manners on our land, they do not walk on the streets like mafias or be arrogant like they are here to invade Malaysia or whereever they spill into ( ? ) any location they stay in. They intend to conquer the world ? And paying peanuts in comparison to the wages they pay their people ?

As responsible investors with integrity, they have to pay huge for our tax payers' contribution in providing the facilities namely the roads, the logistics for them to make wealth and create jobs for their own here ? We don't have our skillful people ? They learn Eng from native speakers then they set up their own businesses here ? They invest temporarily in our housing, furniture making, etc businesses, then pull out half way to set up their own businesses with excuses they are facing financial crisis in their headquarters ?

Setting up their own travel agents, having their own lawyers here to do transtactions for them, etc. Tell them stop the fabrications, leave if they can't invest on OUR terms and conditions and contribute like the Japanese.

Welcome back our loyal Japanese investors. Do not put all our bird eggs in one basket. Have put many baskets for the benefits of our rakyat with just an egg !! Boleh ? It is possible but we need real smart leaders, new ones who will serve the rakyat. Definitely in DAP Malay, PK and PAS. Najsb is not interested, they have their interests as big as their utopia !! My apology for making too many mistakes in my writing this morning, gosh so late ... Cheers !


Walla, no worries, we all make small mistakes in our writings. Drink tea, coffeee and take Pharmaton, you'll be all right ;D

walla 30 October 2012 at 07:57  

Anon 06:03

Thank you - you're a wonderful person! ;)

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 10:15  

if too many drivers start to receive summonses, i think the lifespan of the AES camera will not last long.

knowing the bad habits of people, many of those cameras will face vandalism, when anger started to rise as some may have to pay summonses amounting to many hundreds and thousands of ringgit.

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 12:08  

Possibly be true...

But what about cameras at 30kmh road stretch? Or 40kmh road stretch? Is there anyone going to be killed there?

So, what's the purpose?

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 13:24  

anak Merdeka

Wahai penderka Sakmongkol, dengan tulisan u bagai keris Malaysia yang kami masih di berkati Allah untuk lawan syaitan dan iblis dari Kerala dan mamak anak syaitan nya.

Semoga wisdom Allah berkati pada mu selalu dan Jangan terhenti tulisan(keris) mu untuk lawan syaitan dan iblis Di United Melayu Not Original dari sapu binasa Satu malaysia.

Anak Malaysia Dari Adam bukan Iblis

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 20:09  

leaving real early for work and returning a little late after the recalcitrant ruthless drivers and rempit motorcylists have cleared is one way to stay cool and collected ;) however if mahtir passes by, it'll be a different matter !

Anonymous,  30 October 2012 at 23:39  

Anon-29Oct2012 13:20
-They first came up with laws that motor bikers must wear helmets-

Yep, remembered Goh Cheng Teik tried to enforce the rule without due diligence - there were not enough helmets in the shops - took well-deserved bashing and one gargantuan retreat. One helluva of boo-boo, but nobody cried. This time, another boo-boo?. But think many will be sobbing their way to the polls to send some of you to - you know lah.

Just you wait chaps, just a pencil mark inside the right box at the right time.

Incredulous someone touting transparent transformation and still making lives miserable for everyone with a scratch-and-win scheme for a few - scratch horny U-BN Ministers in the right place and at the right time and abracadabra, durian runtuh tak kenal musim membanjiri keluar dari cronicorpia.

No blood, no throwing stones, no splashing red paint, no 'punggnang' in public, no pissing on photos, no unauthorised sky-diving practices from public buildings, no nothing

Just you wait chaps, we are smiling our way to the polling stations from Perlis to Johor, Sabah to Sarawak come this PRU

monsterball 31 October 2012 at 03:38  

All the summons of all sorts of no payments...or traffic tickets ..are all done by Government servants that are directed by Umno B chosen do that.
It's the little drop of water that makes a mighty ocean concept...and when the kitties are full with hundreds of millions ....just observed the Umno B uses the money.
Just look at how Najib is dressed up...branded stuffs from top to bottom....charging all as expenses.
Besides stealing...they spend our money as if they own every sen...given by their grandfathers.
In S'pore....traffic policemen mostly give warnings and let off speeders....if they give good reasons why they are speeding. matter what you tell's money up front that counts. No talk.
Policemen corruptions are worldwide...cari makan..but our policemen owns bangalows...Merz..BMW...and the more they take....all will become datuks and promoted...and these are the policemen Umno B have been building up by the thousands...greedy for money.
Change the Govt....and you will see immediate difference.

Anonymous,  31 October 2012 at 18:03  

"How do we know the RM700 million isn’t a sting figure?"

More like Rm70 million ‘real cost’ even though this still seems inflated, given that there’s no massive compensation to be paid for land acquisition like when toll-bearing highways were built. Would Rm630 million be set aside for "Contingent Liability” and to let the tax experts work out their magic? Contingent Liability essentially is setting aside funds as reserves for possible payment of third-party indemnities, unresolved court disputes, court cases, etc. Anything that can be used as leverage to work out the best deal for the franchise owners. Given that the terms and conditions are not in the public domain, the public understand why the two lucky companies are confident that they have a winner, a veritable four-party win-win-win-win situation, even better than what had happened to the FGV listing which had three winners: Najib and friends, Bankers and Listing Consultants and Legal Experts. This AES affair has four :1) the same UMNO barons working behind the limelight, 2) franchise owners, 3) hardware and software sellers, 4) Legal and Taxation experts.

If everything is shrouded in mystery except for the figure of Rm700 million as cut-off point for subsequent profit sharing, how does Najib come back to us to explain that his Transformation programme is for the good of the people, and that this represents one of the initial efforts to transform Malaysia ultimately into a corruption-free nation?. No matter what and how Tunku Aziz may now say to justify his break from DAP and to start singing praises of Transformation Malaysiana, putting in a place such a scheme as AES by Najib surely puts the good Tunku in a tight corner. Can the people continue to believe Najib and UMNO’s words anymore after the expose of so many questionable deals and financial scandals? All the past scandals involved UMNO members or very close friends of UMNO, Malays and non-Malays alike, despite what UMNO warlords may say against the Chinese at specific instances, UMNO does not shy away from rewarding co-operative Chinese capitalists, and very well too; too well for the comfort of all struggling Malaysians. Now AES has UMNO and MCA links – fair and square you might say, but fair and square to whom? Not ordinary Malays, Indian, Chinese, Ibans and others.

Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd and Commercial Circle Sdn Bhd are not ordinary enterprises the same way the Scorpene submarine matter is not an ordinary affair.

However much Najib may wish, the Scorpene submarine cannot remain submerged for ever, and however much he may now wish, Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd and Commercial Circle Sdn Bhd will never be out of camera range. Why he has chosen to add AES to his formidable list of problems escapes me. Once, some time ago, my heart bled for him, not anymore.

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