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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 3 November 2012

The Navy Chief and the MCA Aryan Race

Before we go further, let me respond to the Chief of Navy’s rationalization for the purchase of the Scorpene submarines. The navy chief must take us for fools if he thinks we will believe that Malaysia bought the submarines to avoid the repetition of the Portuguese capture of Melaka.  The country spent RM3.4 billion to buy the submarines with a further RM 500 million for commissions paid.
We must remember to sack the imbecilic navy chief when PR takes over the government. We cannot have military leadership running around and taking us as stupid. Probably that kind of story can be accepted by UMNO supporters. What kind of story can we use to justify the purchase of state of the art military aircrafts then? That a long time ago, some foreign powers invaded our country using garudas or with some flying objects?  Or we justify the purchase of over RM 7 billion APCs because a long time ago, the Siamese invaded the Malay Peninsula on elephants?
He and others got the reasons for the downfall of Malacca and for that matter any kingdom wrong. Everyone who read history knows that Melaka fell because the feudal leadership was decadent, corrupt and inept. The feudal class enfeebled themselves by leading a decadent lifestyle, enriching themselves and their cronies while entertaining themselves singing -memang aku ini, anak orang miskin?. 
So in order to avoid the repetition of the Portuguese invasion that led to the downfall of Melaka, we must not have a decadent government given to corruption and incompetence. The reason given by the navy chief must be taken as signs of incompetence spawned by an inept and corrupt government.
The tables are now turned. The leaders of UMNO and MCA are turning their respective parties into morbid supremacist parties. The very oaths they promised to uphold to create a nation based on shared ideals and ideas, they are the first to break them. They have proven to be utterly irresponsible.
The recent outbursts by MCA leaders appear dangerously to reflect Hitleristic inclinations. Chua Soi Lek and his cabal of morbid anti Islam and anti-Malays are making out the Chinese as anti-Islam and yellow supremacists. Just like Hitler from his Mein Kampf, the speeches by Chua Soi Lek and leaders of his ilk, show clearly that they view racial conflict as the determining factor in Malaysian history. Race is not simply just a political issue to be used to curry the favor of the Chinese masses, but the granite foundation of Hitler's Chua Soi Lek’s ideology.
Will the majority of right thinking Malaysian Chinese identify with anti-Islam and anti-Malay MCA? The UMNO people must be blind to the emerging fact that MCA is both anti Islam and by extension anti Malay. But then you have a not so intelligent UMNO president who goes around performing the obligatory prayers but who cannot give another example of an unclean mughallazah. With Najib leading Malaysia, we do not have a future.
Chua Soi Lek is a racist, anti-Islam and anti-Malay. If 80% of those who lived under Islamic government are poor and illiterate and that Islamic laws sanctioned the rape of thigh revealing ah-moys in short skirts, then who is the founder of all higher humanity and material advancement? 
Chua Soi Lek and the Chinese? That sounded to me similar to the exhortations of Hitler and his Aryan race. That all manifestations of human culture, all the results of art, science, and technology that we see before us today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan? Read MCA and Chua Soi Lek?
Was that the basis for asking an additional RM 50million but in the end got RM 30 million more that Chua Soi Lek asked?  So MCA and Soi Lek must be treated as coiffured peacocks?
Soi Lek’s and the other MCA minions gave the inference that MCA  is the Prometheus of mankind from whose bright forehead the divine spark of genius has sprung at all times. So Soi Lek warns Malaysians and the Chinese especially-  exclude and reject him and the MCA and a few thousand years darkness will again descend on the earth, human culture will pass, and the world of Malaysians turn to a desert.
The world, my dear Soi Lek, does not revolve around MCA. 
Because to Soi Lek; culture and civilization in this country are inseparably bound up with the presence of the Aryan MCA. If he and MCA die out or decline, then Malaysia is doomed.
Mca plans to do 8 mega fund raising dinners to strengthen its war chest. Soi Lek and other MCA leaders say the walkout that took place when it did such a dinner in Johor was not a reflection of eroding support for MCA. Then why is Soi lek venting his anger at China Press for reporting the walkout? The fact of the matter is- support for MCA is thinning out. And MCA and its supporters know it. Rich and not so rich Chinese are no longer supporting MCA and UMNO.
So, MCA goes on the offensive, attacking what it sees as the one thing horrifying Chinese. The creation of an Islamic state and the implementation of Islamic laws especially hudud. Its principal unifying theme to mobilize Malaysian Chinese is to scare Chinese of the specter of hudud and an Islamic state being established in Malaysia. That agenda says MCA, will impoverish Malaysia because 80% of the people living in Islamic countries with Islamic law are poor and illiterates. Islam will license Muslims to rape cheongsam clad and armpit revealing Chinese ah-moys.

If the Malaysian Chinese support MCA, they are identifying with a party that is anti-Islam and anti-Malay. Meanwhile neutered and eunuch UMNO watches passively.


nick 3 November 2012 at 11:18  

The neutered and eunuch UMNO. And UMNO does not speak out against Chua Soil Leg because they don't have a ball? That's too simple an explanation, Dato"! When have UMNO spoke out in defense of Islam, democracy, equality, sincerity, transparency and above all integrity? Never and I do mean never because the UMNO that we have now is UMNO Baru and not the Tunku Abd Rahman's UMNO. So since its inception in 1988, under mahathir, UMNO Baru has never spoke out for the right things, the right principle and what's morally right. Even mahathir was prone to dismissing Islam and its prophet as a caveman beliefs, uncivilized and barbaric. What UMNO baru did in the past 3 decades was nothing except offer us some slogans, empty promises and above all enslavement of the mind and body using a rotten and poisonous mantra called "ketuanan Melayu".

It is no surprise that Chua who has the IQ of a used condom would resort to mahathir's masterpiece creation albeit with a slight alteration. In CSL's version we have an immoral man accusing Islam (and by that virtue any other religion) as unsuitable for the chinese race with himself as the prime and best example of a chinese person who does not want Islam (and of course other religion too). Way to go, CSL! In one sweeping action and words, you have fully insulted the Malaysian chinese as being ignorant and unable to differentiate between what's good and bad (and immoral as you), not to mention fully insulted the nonUMNO Malays as barbaric horde bent on raping, chopping hands, feet and nuts! What a masterpiece of erection campaigning and I must say worthy of a man who does his thinking between his legs! CSL, keep it up and soon not just 30% of the attendees at your rally will walk out but everyone and then you can blame the invention of video camera as the source of moral decline and the limpness of your integrity!

Regarding the navy chief's claim that we bought the unsinkable sub to prevent the next occurrence of 1511 Portuguese invasion, what can I say except that I hope the chief navel licker would do us a favor by attaching an anchor to his leg and jumping into the Marianas trenches to win the "Darwin Award"! I bet all those navy personnel would be going out to town wearing paper bags over their head from now on. GREAT!! First we have an unsinkable submarine and now we have an unthinkable (unable to think) navy chief. WONDERFUL!!! Raise your middle finger everyone and shout "1Malaysia...Boleh.... Lingkup"!!! I ask you Malaysian, isn't that reason enough to kick out UMNO and BN and of course MCA's Chua "I think therefore I'm erect" Soi Lek? To me, that's plenty enough! ABU!


cape tiger.

Anonymous,  3 November 2012 at 11:30  

ya lah-- are malaysians so smart<< admiral chief said-- buy submarines to prevent downfall of malacca in 1511.. so buy super jets now ,, is this 1 curi curi malaysia in action

FMZam 3 November 2012 at 11:53  

To avoid the repetition of the Portuguese capture of Melaka? It proved that our navy chief is the most stupid, retard, moron and senile naval commander in the world!

Anonymous,  3 November 2012 at 12:32  


Besides yr read of – ‘Everyone who read history knows that Melaka fell because the feudal leadership was decadent, corrupt and inept. The feudal class enfeebled themselves by leading a decadent lifestyle, enriching themselves and their cronies while entertaining themselves singing -memang aku ini, anak orang miskin?’

There is slowly emerging a historical fact that the invading Portuguese had internal helps, in the form of the Chatti mamaks, who had by then heading quite a lot of top posts of the decaying Malacca court.

For the time taken for Malacca to fall to the Portuguese within days, there MUST be both internal & external threads.

In this case, the cruelest cut is the internal one.

Fast forward to today, see any parallel?

BTW, pls reposition ‘Chua Soi Lek and the Chinese?’ as ‘Chua Soi Lek and the MCA Chinese?’

In the current Chinese M’sian mood, Dato, Chinese M’sians does not revolve around MCA, period. Chua is ONLY a desperate individual, while the MCA Chinese r only a very small section of the Chinese M’sian.

As far as this – ‘So Soi Lek warns Malaysians and the Chinese especially- exclude and reject him and the MCA and a few thousand years darkness will again descend on the earth, human culture will pass, and the world of Malaysians turn to a desert.’, this is a continuing pipe dream of a desperado, who know his& his party's time is up.

The support of the Chinese M’sians for PAS in the 2008 GE proved otherwise! So yr last reminder is unnecessary.

This time, the resolution of the Chinese M’sian to punish MCA is absolute. No longer the same trick, used by that water-walking mamak in the 1999 GE, could be effective.

No Chinese M’sian could be fooled twice, about the implementing of the Sharia Law in an secular M’sia. Dato, u have to see to that for the un-swaying support given.

Anonymous,  3 November 2012 at 13:17  

The Navy chief is only good for Umno but not for the country. If this is the level of intelligence he possesses I doubt how can he defend our waters.

TAG 3 November 2012 at 15:22  

A moronic and condescending statement that's what it is. This is simply a case of a professional who comes ill prepared when speaking to the press. Now that he has insulted our intelligence, let's see how he make amends.

Anonymous,  3 November 2012 at 15:38  

I thought only UMNO/BN politicians are morons. We are now seeing one after another top civil servants, police and army officers revealing their stupidity. Little wonder why our country has been what it is today.

Anonymous,  3 November 2012 at 16:04  

Sak, you need to know that color blind Malaysians are ostracised, too. It is brutal. They make personal sacrifices, suffer bashing and that takes double strength. However, there are good people and loyal friends, too. The question is can we identify with them. If yes, Bravo, if no, what could be done ?

Donplaypuks® 3 November 2012 at 16:26  

These outrageous and stupid remars by our RMN chief only goes to show that none of the best and brightest minds of 2 generations are to be found in the Navy, and probably, the Army or Airforce too.

The 2 scorpene subs are "armed with Blackshark wire-guided torpedoes and Exocet SM-39 sub-launched anti-ship missiles."

With these "sparklers vs ICBM technology", for which they overpaid (corruptly) by billions of ringgit, they hope to defend the might of say, China or Indonesia? And, we are also told, because of shallow waters around our peninsular, the subs are docked in Sabah port!! Such forward planning genius!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

elizabeth 3 November 2012 at 17:02  

The RMN chief is but the product of NEP under Umno. In UMNO's economy, the non malays are not second class citizens, they are in fact third class. Amongst the malays, only the umnoputras who are first class. Even smart malays, sorry, if without connections or patronage of the umno elite or born with pedigree, are but second class. These smart and capable malays are often sidelined in leadership role and are deemed as threats to the first class malays, hence the pitiable state of the leaders today.

OneMalaysian,  3 November 2012 at 17:13  

Dear Sakmongkol

If the slow French had only supplied those two unsinkable submarines 600 years earlier no Portuguese or Dutch or English would have dared messed with us. Damn the French!

Fighter jets or submarines cannot defend us when such dim-witted men command our armed forces. The unfortunate part is that the Navy Chief thinks we are fools. Don’t we all know that every other nation that has the Scopeans paid much less for them? Apparently we bought the most expensive gold-plated, option-loaded model. Why? Because the French have to recoup the RM430 million that they paid Baginda Razak, crony and front-man for our Teflon-coated PM, Najib Razak. The murder of a young woman and the theft of RM430 million did not sink him. He proved just as unsinkable as the French subs that we bought.

As for Chua Soi Lek, he is just a one-trick pony – Hudud and more Hudud. That’s the desperate last card that the MCA is playing. It is a pity that the party that claims to represent the Chinese has nothing else to talk to the Chinese about. By staying with UMNO they are in effect defending all that their taiko is doing. Does the MCA condone massive corruption? Cronyism? Ketuanan Melayu? Religious intolerance? That is why the Chinese have abandoned the MCA, now a chauvinistic party, but not representing the majority of Chinese Malaysians. Perhaps Soi Lek should consider changing his party’s name to the Malaysian Chauvinistic Association to better reflect his brand of politics. The vast majority of Chinese Malaysians will stand with Pakatan Rakyat.

But UMNO is just as revolting as the Soi Lek-led MCA. Here the MCA goes about bashing Islam and the Malays and Najib sits right there in Dewan San Choon smiling approvingly. This sort of dog and pony show will soon end. Let’s hope the Malays wake up to the two-faced, duplicitous UMNO.

Anonymous,  3 November 2012 at 17:32  

BN needs to win back some Chinese votes for a comfortable win in the next GE.

Anonymous,  3 November 2012 at 18:06  

Dato Sak

All decent Malaysians of goodwill should unite to kick all politicians who play irresponsible & divisive games along racial and religious lines out of power completely.

It does not matter whether such politicians actually believe what they say (i.e. they are neo-fascists) or just cynical Machiavellians desperate to hang on to power.

We don't want any Adolf Hitlers or
Slobodan Milosevichs in our multiethnic and multireligious country.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  3 November 2012 at 18:10  

The Navy Chief's statement is for the consumption of the gullible,rural Malays, many of whom are still primitive in their thinking and who believe Pakatan will christianize the country and Malays will become beggars.
They still think UMNO is their saviour sent by Allah to protect race,religion and country.
CSL is also trying to fool the Chinese but this community is very savvy and smart.

wongty robert 3 November 2012 at 18:15  

The appointment of this Navy Chief is a clear example how UMNO/BN government has enslaved Malaysians. They overlook quality and promote those with lower quality than themselves, the UMNO leaders. This is their method of staying in power, only "yes" men are appointed and the country can rot!
As for MCA, Chua Soil Leg and his idiots, the earlier they drown themselves in the Straits of Malacca, the better for Malaysia!

Anonymous,  3 November 2012 at 19:06  

I think Captain Jack Sparrow can do a better job than this dullard.

Long John Silver

critique 3 November 2012 at 21:49  

Assallammuallaikum, please, please do not use the word immoral on CSL. Immoral means a person with a different morality than others. CSL is AMORAL, a person without any morals.

bruno,  4 November 2012 at 00:38  

Dato,the Frenchies would have given the scorpenes to the Umnoputras for the price of scrap metal and said thank you,you morons for helping us getting rid of this eyesores.Golden arrowannas comes in grades and quality.The highest grade can cost few thousands for a 4" fish and a thousand oe less for the lowest grade.But if the fish is rotten from the head down to the tail,it is worthless and have to be flushed down the toilet like the moronic rotten Umnoputras.

Why pay RM 3.9 billion for two submarines that cannot swim(sink) and get back 500 million in return.Why not pay the thankful and forever grateful Frenchies 100 million for the junk and keep the remaining 3.8 billion.Then they will not have to murder the helpless pregnant Mongolian mother,and forever have to endure the Mongolian curse on them and their families.

Before the Umnoputras bought antigue warplanes from the US costing billions,and let them idle and rust as statues in the Californian desert.Now the US wants to charge the GOM billions for storage,claims the Umnoputras.Another few billions into the pockets of the Umno crooks.

For being so stupid no wonder all their lappies are out howling like mongrels.Especially the Chuah Sr and Jr.For acting as morons these Umnoputras deserved a special reward.By letting the Chuahs acting as lappies,doing what they are trained to do.Taking turns sitting on their moronic faces.

monsterball 4 November 2012 at 02:45  

CSL has no morals or dignity to speak for Malaysians...and certainly not for Malaysian Chinese.

Anonymous,  4 November 2012 at 07:55  

Critique, I beg to differ. Amoral is too polite a term to be used to describe a man, at this point of our collective history, who is immoral 90% of his waking hours and amoral 10% the rest of the time when he is semi-conscious. gives the following:

violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics.
licentious or lascivious.

not involving questions of right or wrong; without moral quality; neither moral nor immoral.
having no moral standards, restraints, or principles; unaware of or indifferent to questions of right or wrong: a completely amoral person.

When CSL and his ilk can't decide how to behave as public figures with regard to handling very private impulses, to wit, no bongking around with every high-class, low-class or no-class bimbos while holding public office, that is immoral. When CSL comments on Islam, that is a dead giveaway that he is amoral - I prefer the second meaning attached to this word given above.

Panglima Luncai,  4 November 2012 at 08:45  

That SOB Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar [ ] was not even joking when he said that!

And WTF is an admiral talking nonsense? No need no bombs or drones - just do a cyber attack lah.

This Laksamana is an ass licking corrupt soldier talking to the kampung Malays to vote for UMNO. Scaring them with some bloody old history!

Wouldn't you think he too got paid on the scorpene one way or another now that he's become, not a soldier or laksama BUT a kaki pukul for UMNO like those who threw red paint on PR buses!

So he wants to protect Malaysia kah? He has no mind or worth to become an Admiral or to be smarter than those parasite UMNO politicians!

UMNO buat Panglima jadi tahi. UMNO buat MCA leader jadi tahi !!!!

Abdul Aziz Jaafar is an utter despicable harebrained and cowardly scum !!!

Jong 4 November 2012 at 10:41  

Where did this corrupt Umno-led regime pluck this accolade Abdul Aziz Jaafar from?

You are so right to call for his dismissal, Sakmongkol! For man of that standing with "Admiral" rank, he sure is nuts!

Is our armed forces suffering Alzheimers? Why go back to 1500s to talk defense? What about Japs on bicycle, won't superbikes suffice? Guess they are too cheap for effort, eh?

Anonymous,  4 November 2012 at 13:06  

Naval officers are laughing at the stupidity of their chief tho same time feeling embarassed . But then, they say, what do u expect from a political appointee..

Anonymous,  4 November 2012 at 14:09  

Our naval chaps attending international gathering of naval personnel from now onwards must find it difficult to surface from the deep to contribute anything of worth now that their great naval strategist-cum-scholar historian has spoken.

Nothing hurts my long-abused neurons anymore. I now seek solace by contemplating the navel under the full moon and swaying coconut palms, by the sea, still trying to find out what I did wrong to lose the woman of my dream to this swashbuckling pirate, who fortuitously for the nation, served with distinction in the navy until he retired. Here I sit alone sometimes musing why some of my ancestors, from one side, braved the high sea to reach Melaka a 100 years too late to help push the Portuguese out, and at other times, did I lose out to the pirate because his mother had two gold teeth and mine had none.

There’s no love lost between me and our Navy, even more so now.

Ah, never mind now, I will still have a sea burial. Whether it's the Portuguese for Round Two, China, India, USA, Holland, France for Round One, just stay out of Malaysian waters. It's not the Scorpene's sting that awaits the aggressor, it's restless blue-ocean water spirits.

Drum roll!

Anonymous,  4 November 2012 at 15:32  

aziz jaafar,

aku tahulah kau orang melaka, tapi tak kanlah cetek sangat your strategic mind just to justified the procurement of that 2 pieces of junk. Tolonglah jangan meletakan pemikiran budak boy lebeh rendah dari tapak kaki

Patrick 4 November 2012 at 16:35  

Te entire government is imploding at an increasing rate daily.

1. Nobody asked the admiral to justify the submarine purchases. It was bought even without his knowledge, like most other big ticket military assets. The minister makes the decision to purchase and gets the kickback. While the senior officers and operational forces accept blindly. Since they dont make any money from all these expenditure, they dont really care if the sub can sink, float in water or in the air.

2. Nobody ask CSL to justify the dinner walkout as well. If it happened, so be it. All BN and component parties are on auto destruct countdown. Nothing they do or say can reverse their deeds and actions.

3. The entire government is as said earlier, totally not coordinated. Seems everybody is on his own, fighting for individual survival. Hence, you have the PM abolishing 1 law, ie the seditious law, but the PDRM still enforcing it. You have Nazri's corrupted family caught red handed sleeping with the corruptor. You suddenly have Sharizat covering herself from head to toe with branded shawls to reflect Islamic piety and hope this will change people's hardened perception of her guilt in the NFC scandal.

4. Even if the opposition sits down and does nothing and keeps quiet leading up to GE 13, BN will keep stumbling, fumbling and crumbling. All by its own self created ingenious device. Market talk is that ministers and cronies are all converting their horde of corrupted RM cash into foreign currencies and are laundering the money out at increasing rates. Most of the Malay cronies tried to cash in by putting their corrupted cash into Genneva, got caught with massive losses instead. Thats why they specifically turned to UMNO office for help because all their easily earned corrupted money got cheated by smarter people faster than they can organise a kenduri. The ld bars they no hold are fake as well.

5. Lets sit back, order more lattes and enjoy BN's Benny Hill styled show before we go out to vote BN out and then back to more hard work to enjoy more latttes.

Anonymous,  4 November 2012 at 22:34  


Dato' let me refer to what a winner of the French Government's Legion d'honneur, one Abdul Razak Baginda, wrote on 12 Nov 2000 in The Sun:
….However, the point I would like to make is that Singapore takes its security seriously, whether there exists a visible threat or not. In terms of capability, there is little doubt that despite its size, it has one of the most powerful military forces in Southeast Asia. Its recent acquisition of submarines goes to show that the republic places deterrence at the forefront of its defence. If one is to compare the order of battle between Singapore and Malaysia, one finds a serious gap in favour of our southern neighbour….To me, in terms of prestige, we are not able to hold our heads up high. There are many discrepancies between the two forces, not only in terms of sophistication, but also in terms of numbers. For instance according to the authoritative Military Balance, published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London, Singapore has some 350 light tanks as compared to Malaysia’s 26. If people argue that Malaysia is not a ‘tankable’ country, then can someone explain the rationale for that kind of figure in Singapore, not including a reported 60 main battle tanks believed to be based in Taiwan for training purposes? …..In terms of sea power, Singapore has three submarines and six corvettes armed with Harpoon missiles not including the recent purchase of Lafayette frigates, as compared to Malaysia, which owns four frigates, six corvettes but no submarines. And in terms of air power, Singapore, Singapore has roughly 59 F-16s(based abroad as well as on order), as compared to Malaysia’s eight F-18s and 17 MiG-29s……..”

So we have it, since 12 Nov 2000, (this date is crucial to our discussion) straight from the mouth of Najib’s speech writer, adviser, general factotum, the facts on the state of preparedness of our armed forces. More on this later.

First, what were the Laksamana’s thoughts before and after this frank article was published?
Second, when did it occur to him in his long career in the navy that submarines, and by implication, submarines alone by force of assertion of a naval chief, can deter a repeat performance of what the Portuguese did?
Third, is the admiral completely ignorant of the capabilities of modern surface crafts as compared to submarines? Fourth, was the admiral actively involved in the run-up to the final purchase, i.e. comparative functions and costs with other war crafts, comparative prices of submarines from different countries, and prices paid for similar orders, and what were his professional views unencumbered by political considerations; were they expressed and recorded; was the Portuguese rationale engraved for posterity to remember him by?
Fifth, did Abdul Razak Baginda provide the original inspiration and ultimately the rationale for the purchase of the submarines or was it the admiral himself who argued for it?
Sixth, if indeed this came from the former and not from the upper echelon of the Navy or the Minister of Defence, then there is real cause for alarm about the state of preparedness of our armed forces, the professional discharge of duties by senior servicemen, and of course, what it takes to be a Minister of Defence or a Prime Minister.
Seventh, does the buoyant admiral seriously believe that our Army and Air Force have no roles to play in defence of our territorial sovereignty? How long more can we continue to tolerate all the moronic hogwash first from UMNO politicians and now UMNO appointees in high office?

Anonymous,  4 November 2012 at 22:35  

The raw data given Abdul Razak Baginda above is informative as it is depressing. Informative because it shows how defence issues, of a whole plethora of issues, are addressed by two neighbourly nations, both nominally democratic, both trumpeting equitable distribution of national wealth, etc, to build a veritable paradise on Earth. It is depressing because, at Nov 2000 one nation was 35 years old and the other 43 years; one a little red dot and the other full-fledged nation bigger in terms of land size, population, resources, potential, etc, and what a difference in the way they handle national defence.

What have our chaps this side of the Causeway been doing all along since Singapore was kicked out in August 1965? We have part of our Air Force retired in the sands in Texas, and at least two fighter planes with their engines missing; we have our Army personnel consuming ultra-expensive instant noodles, we have had four Generals killed in a Nuri helicopter crash in Sarawak in 1988, and nothing was mentioned about the probable cause – was it engine failure because fake parts were used – were the parts re-cycled from one Nuri to the other; we have poorly built facilities for the Army’s rank and file, etc, etc. We were earlier told that the brand-new Scorpenes could not dive. The

The Accountant-General’s Annual Reports are replete with purchasing scams and scandalous expenditure in the Armed Forces, not least, from another source, is the latest revelation regarding the purchase of four Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV) for RM2.76mil or RM690,000 each by the Ministry of Defence versus one of the RIV vehicles and another personal vehicle that Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, also a Colonel in the Special Forces, purchased for RM150,000. He is reported to have asked,” “Which of these will be your choice? I do not understand why government purchases involve exorbitant charges that do not make sense.” Let Sultan Ibrahim have the last word,” Nobody should take advantage of the situation for personal gains when acquiring equipment for the Special Forces.” That was reported on 8 September 2012 Saturday.

However accurate Abdul Razak Baginda’s article was in terms of hardware both nations had acquired as at November 2000, he failed to mention one crucial point regarding purchases of military hardware – fair prices paid for first-rate hardware. Is the gap between what Singapore has and what we have because we can’t afford the hardware, or is it because we are congenitally criminal when it comes to dispensing money which belongs to this abstraction, ‘people’s money’? Surely, if everyone had been above-board all along we would have twice the number of hardware Singapore has and there would still be cash to spare for many other development projects. I hold UMNO solely responsible for leading us to where we are now, 55 years after Merdeka.

To Abdul Razak Baginda, I say thanks for making the statistics available (please come back to reveal more), and to His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, my sincere thanks for exposing the shocking disparity of money spent by Mindef and the money he paid for the same thing.

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