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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 21 November 2012

The Tangled Web They Weaved

Tan Sri Muhyidin says BN must not lose Sabah. If it does, then many UMNO and BN leaders will retire at Bamboo River Resort. It is not for him to say. The shouts of inikalilah can be heard far and wide in Sabah. 
Some years ago, one Michael Chia was caught with 16million Singapore Dollars- or RM 40 million. Everyone knows and understood the money was meant for Musa Aman to add to his millions of USD stashed away in Swiss accounts. Chia said that was not his money. It was for Musa Aman. When Musa Aman was asked about it, he said it was Najib’s money. Nazri Aziz stepped in to say, no the money was not for either of them. It was for UMNO Sabah. The PM was quick to say there was no element of money laundering or currency smuggling. 
So there you have it folks, what is haram becomes halal if it’s shared with UMNO. As they used to say in our ceramah circuits- wal-haraa-mun kalau makan sorang, wal halal-lun kalau kongsi sama UMNO. I suppose, the bak kut teh , if it has UMNO label is also halal. It will be if the meat used is beef or lamb slaughtered by UMNO ustazs and holy men. 
No, it’s not for the Sabah BN secretary to say, the case is closed. PR knows it’s closed. That is why it is petitioning the HK government to reopen it because there are grounds of concern. The case was closed because for 3 years, the Malaysian government did not respond to any of the HK governments request for cooperation. Nazri can’t just dismiss the issue by saying "not true- MACC did cooperate" Let us have the records and statement from Hong Kong then. Whether closed or not, the rakyat still wants to know the who, what, when, how and why of the RM 40 million. 
If Sabah were to lose 12-15 seats, the dreams of many Malaysians into seeing Bamboo River Resort turned into a retirement home for UMNO politicians and their business cronies will come to fruition.We must remember to include into the Resort Project, facilities such as Kedai 1Malaysia, Premium Outlets and maybe even a franchisee of Jacob Jewelers. 
The other piece of news that caught my attention is the statement by Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek. He says, the government’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth target of five per cent this year is easily achievable, given the impressive 5.2 per cent economic expansion in the third quarter. He said Malaysia’s economy only needs to grow a minimum 4.1 per cent in the fourth quarter, to achieve the five per cent target. How does he come by the confidence? Because he says “Cumulatively, for the first nine months, GDP grew by 5.3 per cent. That means we only need to register 4.1 per cent in the fourth quarter, which I am very sure we can achieve more. Its like a walk in the park.
As an economist, he knows the figures are like a bikini. What it reveals is suggestive, but what it hides is more vital. What has he hidden?  He did not tell that the source  for that growth has come in the form of  growing provision of guarantees to government-linked borrowers. He did not tell that government and government-linked activity is a significant contributor to that growth achievable it seems, like a walk in the park.  Well, it depends on which park. Try walking alone in New York’s Central Park. 
Greater drawdown of existing federal government guarantees of debt issued by public sector enterprises suggests increasing use of quasi-fiscal policy to support economic activity and this behavior may cause negative results. For example, it may negatively affect Malaysia’s sovereign credit profile. Malaysia will become a credit risk. 
The value of outstanding debt guaranteed by the Malaysian federal government has increased by RM23.4bn (USD7.6bn), or 20%, between December 2011 and September 2012. Such debt is now equivalent to 15% of GDP compared with 9% at end-2008, and suggests a growing contingent liability on the sovereign.
What does that mean? That means what the PM says about ensuring that federal debt will not go beyond 55% of our GDP is all BS. The increasing reliance on off-balance sheet funding could potentially call into question the meaninglessness of the 55% of GDP federal debt ceiling (debt/GDP had risen to 52.4% at end-Q312).  What it means is, the federal debt is much more than the official bikini figures suggest.  It will lead as we said earlier to some form of negative rating action

At the same time, foreign holdings of government debt have continued to increase and now represent nearly 50% of Malaysia's foreign exchange reserves, up from 36% at end-2011.  

So when the PM says the government will ensure that Malaysia’s debt limit will not exceed 55% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  because ensuring so is part of its prudent management strategy in managing the nation’s finances, is not true. 
Not true too were his statements regarding steps taken to reduce its fiscal deficit in line with its commitment to ensure further growth. 
What deficit curtailment? We have large portions of hidden debts that do not finance projects that are commercially viable and will ultimately require government repayment. For example, there is the RM24 billion owed by PTPTN and the RM11 billion owed by Prasarana Negara Berhad.  There will be additional hikes in our contingent liabilities as the government embarks on many mega-projects off its balance sheet, such as the RM50 billion MRT project, which has yet to raise the necessary financing, and the RM25 billion Tun Razak Exchange spearheaded by 1MDB. 
By the way, there are already 60 million square feet of office space, and Najib says TRX will not affect the property market. He is not a property man, so there is no reason we should believe him just as there is no reason to believe me. Let readers do the checking themselves then.


bruno,  21 November 2012 at 22:10  

The only way Malaysians can get rid of the two sets of laws system,and vindication of the corrupted is to vote out the Umno/BN.Or else they have no qualms or rights to cry wolf.

Pok Li,  21 November 2012 at 22:23  

Bamboo Resort has to be expanded to accommodate those guests from UMNO/BN. Let's not waste the rakyat's money, just send them to Kamunting as the place will be vacated when PR comes to power.

Anonymous,  21 November 2012 at 22:42  

Hebat,ulasan paling hebat. Saya mula faham kenapa dato tidak bsama umno lagi. Umno tidak perlu orang yang cerdik tapi mereka perlu yang pandai temberang like nazri atau noh.

OneMalaysian,  21 November 2012 at 22:46  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Whether closed or not, the rakyat still wants to know the who, what, when, how and why of the RM 40 million.”

Instead of trying to get to the bottom of what looks like a mountain of illicit cash, the government is doing its best to cover up. What kind of corrupt, irresponsible government is this, from Najib, Muhyidin, and Nasri down to the little BN secretary in Sabah? If there is nothing to hide, and everything is legitimate why not cooperate with the Hong Kong ICAC?

Of course, UMNO has plenty to hide. This scheme is just one of many such UMNO corrupt/political funds. If they expose this one, then it would be game over for them. This explains their behaviour.

Actually Musa Aman has plenty of explaining to do. Who donated that money? Why did they donate (no one donates millions without getting much more in return, and that’s corruption)? What favours did the donors asked for and what did they get? Did timber tycoons and property developers in exchange for favours give this corruption money? How big was the remaining pot left in Hong Kong and Switzerland? And why did the PM, etc, jump in so quickly to defend this RM40 million laundered money when it is their job to uphold the law? If they thought it was halal, how did they know it without an investigation? And where was the “independent” Police and MACC when all this was unfolding? Lots of questions to ask, but no answers. If Sabahans really mean it when they say “Inikalilah” perhaps there is a chance that these people will be put in the dock.

Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 00:09  

sir MOO cow is correct this time-- if bn lose sabah- bn will lose PUTRAJAYA-- simple arithmetic

Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 02:24  

Do be so confidentnthat you an win next GE 13 easily.Last week I was with one of Najib man ,a well know Datok.He old me Anwar can dream Putra Jaya.We will make sure PKR lost all the marginal seat they won in last election.

I asked him how?

He said they had brought in hundred of thousand Sabahan with Malaysia IC to vote in Malaysia.On top of that,we also increase the postal vote in some state and Parliment area.

I told him,that is cheating.He said No.This is war.whoever had the best strategies they Won.

Our PAS dungu members still having day dream?

Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 04:33  

Sak, Walla, Bruno, enjoy You Tube Historic Flashmob in Antwerp Train Station. Walla will surely feel like a freshman again ;)

Orang Miskin Mersing,  22 November 2012 at 07:27  

@anon 02:24
that is why PAS recite the doa for UBN to be destroyed.
its people like you and your well-known-Dato cum Najib's man are the real devil.

walla 22 November 2012 at 09:53  

Thank you, Anon 04:33! Yes, that's what we need on GE13 day - a massive wave of spontaneous flash votes to knock Barisan out once and for all (

Umno is going to cheat in GE13. In one past state election, servicemen were required to sign their names when they collected their ballot papers. Each postal paper was serialized. The commanding officer told the servicemen words to this effect:

"I will know which party you are going to vote for. If you are going to vote for the opposition, you should let me fill in your voting slip for you."

Needless to say, groups of servicemen who had voted for the opposition were not surprised when the results came out, Barisan had won one hundred percent.

One reason given for the delay to GE13 is so that Najib's election machinery can strengthen pro-Umno's voter cohorts in those places it knows its grounds are shaky because the Umno bigwigs themselves have overheard from their sources that the grassroots were saying "wang, ambil; undi lain hal."

What we are going to have in GE13 will be the dirtiest general election ever in the history of this country. To compensate for that, especially with the disgusting foot-dragging performance of the biased EC to-date, the rakyat must collectively vote for Pakatan to create one massive knock-out swing.

Already sensing that, Umno is going to try and prop up its final image with a big turnout at its general assembly and then use the images for one last publicity stunt. But knowing it cannot depend on that alone, everything else will be done to subvert clean democratic elections.

The rakyat must collectively stand up against this. After all, if Barisan is the right choice, why doesn't Umno trust the rakyat to make the right choice when it already controls the EC? If it has to cheat, that says it doesn't trust the rakyat to make the right choice. So why should the rakyat trust Umno? Furthermore the Umno GA turnout will be paid for using the rakyats' common money. That's double insult.

Our servicemen have been arm-twisted for the last time. Come GE13, they must tell their voting family members to vote for Pakatan to the last member even if their dignity and honour have to be affronted by the very people who command them to put their lives in harm's way so as to protect a cheating and corrupt regime good only for lying and stealing even to the extent of selling state land, timber and sand for a song to Umno cronies.

As for the economy, what Sak has written hits home. The quasi debts have been shoved away from parliamentary debate but we all know they cannot be fully serviced and must be therefore be reflected in the main accounts.

The way Najib as MOF has spun the national budget, in fact everything else on our national finances, is like one of those gold scams endorsed both by Mahathir and Rosmah.

Using the AES trick, they mark up the price like how the gold schemers had marked up the price of gold, and then gave back occasional morsels using the buyers' own mark-up payments; meanwhile the bulk of the investments have been funneled away; that's how one of the scams sucked away RM30 Billion of peoples' family savings accumulated over generations.

How can our rakyat with normal voting papers and our servicemen with serialized postal voting papers continue to take this type of syndicated broad-daylight official robbery?

One more thing, strike up simple conversations in our Bahasa with voters who look like foreigners and see if they can respond. If they can't, the IC was minted under Project M, another project by Barisan.


Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 11:06  

The entire country is now inundated with smiling PATIs registered to vote to crush PAKATAN to ensure BN retain power stronger so that they could remain in this country.

Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 11:13  

Anon 2 24
If Sabah voters come by plane loads and bus loads to vote in peninsula who will be left to vote BN in Sabah? The cheating that is been planned must be massive to override genuine Malaysian votes Maybe that's the reason for delay in elections Such massive cheating will be detected but by then it will be too late BN people will turn around and call pakatan sore losers How sad for Malaysia
Australia has reported they will not help monitor elections in m'sia the umno people are gloating all over that now Happy now they can cheat

Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 11:30  


Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 11:31  

ANON 02:24

Dah tak pandai berbahasa Inggeris, tulislah di dalam bahasa Melayu/Malaysia. Ini sudah menampakkan 2 kebodohan......1, kebodohan berhujah. 2, mempamirkan berpuluh-puluh kesalahan nahu dan tata bahasa di dalam sebuah komen yang pendek.

Yop tvayu mattery! Sukkin sin. Piddaras ty...poshol na hui, malenki chlen!!!! (pegi tanya maknanya kepada orang yang pandai berbahasa Russia)

Just a small reminder my Dear ANON 02:24........You PLAN, Allah DECIDES.

Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 11:53  



Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 12:02  

Dato' and fellow bloggers,

Every day we are bombarded by the local dailies which seem to paint wonderful economic picture of Malaysia. The economic malaise that affect USA, Japan and much of Europe seems to be immune to Malaysia. But the rakyat know that it isn't rosy no more as they are being squeezed from every corner, in particular high food prices.

The time is ripe to say NO to UMNO/BN.


Anonymous,  22 November 2012 at 12:04  

Bravo Tovorish Sakmongkol!

Let them explore every other way to cheat in the forthcoming election. One thing for sure, after the dust had settled, Najib and the gang would discover a great horror........

Let’s see what really happened on the ground. In order to defeat Nurul Izzah in Lembah Pantai, UMNO has instructed their soldiers to recruit new voters and rewarded RM 30 for each new member they brought in. However, they were short of usual, most of educated young people rejected BN.

Meanwhile, PAS and PKR were having tough time to register their supporters with SPR. Itu tak kena, dokumen ini tak lengkap. They were made to run around by SPR.

Finally, the opposition agents had approached UMNO men and strike a deal.......

"I gave to you my list and we shall share the financial reward....."

Dan itulah yang terjadi. As UMNO leaders were celebrating that they already have 16,000 new voters to defeat Nurul Izzah, they didn't realize that more than half of those newly registered voters were taken from the opposition list.....

Having heard what happened, Raja Bersiong Nong Chik was panic stricken and started to look for a safer seat...Putrajaya perhaps.....but then, Tengku Nan Celup must be kicked out first.


Red Alfa 22 November 2012 at 13:19  

Salam Dato'

UMNO/BN wants and will cheat so to win GE 13. UMNO Malays/Muslims say it will be halal to cheat because UMNO govenment will always defend Islam!

(When PAS prays to Allah may UMNO will lose the GE 13, the UMNO Malays/Muslims are screaming PAS doa is unIslamic!)

Do your worst UMNO because as it will always be "Man plans, Allah disposes"

Then even so UMNO will win and by foul means.

And so it will be as Allah shall will!

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