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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Najib's Gangnam Style for Unity

Najib’s Gangnam Style!

A few days ago, Dato Najib declared that if the thing isn’t broken, why fix it? The next day he was saying, UMNO and BN are ready for change. He is in sixes and sevens as they say it- which is which? One day he says A, the next day non-A.  Why is BN ready to change something which its chairman said isn’t necessary to change just a moment ago? What a tangled web has he gotten himself into.
The main difference between Najib and his predecessor Abdullah Badawi is, while with the latter, the flip-flopping is clearly shown, with Najib the flip-flopping is more subtle. Yet Najib’s flip-flopping ways are more insidious.
They are because Najib has perfected the art of seemingly doing everything but achieving little or nothing. His idea of progress is paying his way through and providing entertainment for the masses. He has perfected the art of giving bread and circus for the masses. This expression was brought to my attention by a well written article by Nicole Tan Lee Koon.
The idea is both simple and deceivingly affective. Lull the masses into a sense of false comfort and security and fortify the devious scheme with entertainment. Give a little free lunch to an understandably appreciative mass of people. Give money, shares, foodstuff, cheap and low quality items from that Kedai1Malaysia etc etc. Unleash all the singing minstrels from Korea and Japan supported by the local parasitic entertaining class and energized the masses with Najib’s own venereal index finger-pointing Gangnam Style.
When Obama won his reelection, Najib was quick to point out that Obama’s victory is a preference for continuity which Malaysians should emulate. Najib has compared himself to Tony Blair whom Dr Mahathir despises and now, to Obama. What Najib has conveniently forgotten, Obama ousted a previous government led by a person whose policies resemble that which UMNO/BN carries out. Obama’s current theme isn’t change anymore, but moving forward from the ruinous ideas and policies of a previous government.
The idea which Malaysians must emulate is to change this government and move forward from there. Let us all leave Najib and his pot of Mongolian Alphabet Goulash behind. Change comes from a changed leadership and a new government. You can’t produce anything different from the same mold.
PM Najib goes before the TV and spoke to his 1Barisan Brigade consisting of an assortment of NGOs. My UMNO friends called to say, they are meluat. Now the term meluat is more severe than menyampah. The nearest English equivalent I think is obnoxious. Meluat is one scale above; meluat’s equivalent in English is perhaps nauseatingly obnoxious- Najib’s obnoxiousness induces puking. Najib thinks he is speaking to dullards.
Now, let us examine what Najib means when he says Malays must unite and Malay unity is no threat to others.
When Najib uses the phrase Malays must unite, he can mean the following things. All Malays must make sure UMNO wins so that he can continue to be PM. (2) Malays submit themselves under UMNO. (3) Malays must ensure Malays dominate Malaysian politics.
The first two meanings are self-serving. The 3rd implies that if Malays stay disunited, they will face threats. So we ask in turn, threats from whom? There are 18 million Malays in this country. All the security forces and every level of the government are already controlled by Malays. So where does the threat come from and to whom is the threat directed?
The threat arises from the political and social consciousness of the people who have been subjected to 55 years of incompetent rule. After 55 years, UMNO have carried out ruinous economic and social policies that have resulted in a less than prime economy and a more divisive nation.
The threat is therefore directed towards his PMship and UMNO. The threat is not from the people to the people but directed towards a parasitic ruling class that has enriched itself while creating economic injustice on the people.
How do you unite a nation so divided with no shared ideals and beliefs? How do you motivate a majority to uplift themselves to have the acquisitive inclinations by extending themselves to move up the social ladder when they see, those cutting corners and bluffing their way through getting equal rewards?
The sad truth is Najib does not know how to secure unity. He doesn’t see the way of structuring the country upon shared beliefs and ideals. The journey must start with a universal acceptance of the supremacy and rule of law.
That would require the unassailable supremacy of the law or the rule of law. You know the reason why afro Americans, Chinese Americans, Italian Americans refer themselves as Americans is because each of them are equally protected by the laws of the land. When one is equally protected by the law, there isn’t a necessity to refer yourself according to your ethnicity as though by using that, you get extra protection.
In Malaysia it’s the other way round. Because not everyone is treated equally by the law, people have to categorize themselves according to ethnicity. The Malays for example, by referring themselves as Malays and not as Malaysians imply they  have acquired extra protection. So the rule of law goes out of the window.
Suppose everyone is accorded equal protection by the rule of law, there will be no requirement to refer to your ethnicity for that extra protection.
This is the lie that UMNO has imposed on Malays by making them belive that they are protected only if UMNO is around. No, the thing that protects us, is the rule of law.
UMNO leaders do not want to adopt that because they want room for manipulation and latitude. When the rule of law is compromised, it is impossible to establish shared ideals and beliefs. Because, the various groups as stakeholders in the country will always harbor suspicions that the others will seek to manipulate power to their own advantage.


Anonymous,  27 November 2012 at 20:50  

He cross Rubicon long time ago, can't retreat, bridge burnt. Flip-flopping often and internet will show an injured brain to the public quickly. Badly injured brains very difficult to cure. Good brain doctors afraid to look at patient like this. Only cure is complete rest for five years and pray everyday

Anonymous,  27 November 2012 at 20:56  

Believe me or not, but 1/3 of the delegates in pwtc is reading your articles and start to point it out tomorrow a huge wave right in front of all MT's. Should Alis Nor fear this time watching from the dark window?

bruno,  27 November 2012 at 22:44  

Dato,men are aknowledged or accepted as leaders if they know how to lead and not to be led by the noses.The reasons Badawi and now Najib is flipflopping more often than they had meals/day,are as clear as an elephant's footprint.

They do not have total control of their positions.In other words the reason they are flipflopping is because they are weak.So thet have to please one side and gave in to the other side.These people trade good horses for donkeys,because they think that to appease their enemies is better than to have enemies.Especially Najib,who do not have the willpower to consolidate his position and thrash it out with the warlords in Umno.

Let us look at Dr Mahathir.There are more bad things to good things that can be said about Dr Mahathir.But as a leader he is unwavering and does not flipflop,maybe once in a bluemoon that goes under the radar.Dr Mahathir seldom compromised and look what he did to his deputies and ministers.Even his lapdogs from MCA and MIC would wet their panties if Mahathir were to snap his fingers.This is what a good leader should be.Have total control of his position.

If Umno/BN is not broken and does not need fixing,then who do?Do not Najib and his overhyped entourage not have eyes and ears.What is Bersih 1.0,2.0 and 3.0 means.What does anti Lynas means.Why are people bringing the scorpene scandal to the doorsteps of the Frenchies.

But actually,Najib is much smarter than his overhyped entourage.He can read what is happening on the ground.He knows that the rakyat is getting impatient,angry and want change.But Najib also knows his limitations.His hands are tied,infact bounded to the chair in his cozy office.He is helpless and can do nothing to please the rakyat,except saying nice words and later to retract or now commonly known as flipflopping.

Anonymous,  28 November 2012 at 07:23  

Saka Merah,
Semalam kali pertama saya dengar ucapan PAU dari kacs tv. Mengharapkan paluan ikhlas juangan terakhir parti United sebelum diunite lepas PRU13. Malang sekali bagi mereka mereka yang berada di sana termasuk saya sekali di depan tv yang hanya mendengar ucapan bongkak lagi meninggi diri disulam sindiran dan senyum sinis. Mereka masih tidak berubah disaat talkin dibacakan rakyat. Jikalau Oppa Najib style dengan tarian kepit dan bersapu tangan, semalam Oppa Muhyiddin style featurin Najwa Mahyiddin dengan lagu You Got To Go...go go go...go go go..

monsterball 28 November 2012 at 07:58  

Najib has always been a flip flopper...liar and said many things that shows his stupidity.
He was appointed as PM by his party to do one thing and one thing only...must win 13th GE at all cost.
He talked like a warrior..with no balls...then changed to be like Satan out millions.
Leave him alone....without scrip writers and will see the real idiotic pampered child with not much grey matters except..enjoy enjoy enjoy.
So he a playboy.
Got into problem...wifey will come to the rescue.
That is briefly his character.
Right now....he will say anything to promote his leadership and party with no second thought.
His time is running out.
Altantuya and the 2 Scorpene submarines matters are out again...which you will never read in papers or hear from TV news.
Let it be..he has 5 more months.
How much more tricks and treat can he perform to fish for votes?
Actually....the more he and Mahathir talk...they are reminding Malaysians and important to get rid of these sickening rouges and thieves...downright hypocrites.

Anonymous,  28 November 2012 at 08:40  

Deepak's latest U-turn must be seen as another pull of the carpet, exposing more skeletons in Najib's closet. 1Lady is directly exposed in the front line of fire. Najib is being undermined from within, so how vulnerable can he get? TDM's incoherent non-stop ranting is too high a decibel even for his most faithful. Tell tale signs are ominous, even for the most undiscerning. Dato, I think the rakyat is finally getting your drift.

Anonymous,  28 November 2012 at 09:20  

The reply to Najib is this: If things are 'not broken' why Mahathir has SO MUCH TO SAY at HIS UMNO's General Assembly and HE is SO BORING?

OneMalaysian,  28 November 2012 at 10:59  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Because not everyone is treated equally by the law, people have to categorize themselves according to ethnicity.”

This can be directly traced to Article 153 of the Constitution. Originally this article was intended to give temporary assistance to the Malays because they were economically behind the non-Malays. The period was 20 years. It was subsequently extended with no time limit.

The UMNO politicians threaten anyone trying to debate this article. But if we are to achieve national unity and citizen equality, both essential conditions for the long term viability and economic prosperity of this nation, we must debate this issue. We cannot sweep it under the carpet. The issue would just simmer below the surface but won’t go away.

Times have changed significantly since 1957. Article 153 has proved divisive, and does not benefit Malays equally, only a small group disproportionately. And this is the group sitting at the top of UMNO. That’s why they want to maintain the status quo.

In 1957, the Malays constituted about 35% of the population of Malaya, so there was a need to recognize the “special position of the Malays” who were a minority in their own country and who had agreed that citizenship be granted to non-Malays. Today Malays constitute about 60% of Malaysia, so this superiority of numbers makes the “special position” a moot point. The logic is clear: if the Malays were 100%, would “special” have any real meaning?

Article 153 has allowed previous non-Malay to claim Malay status. New arrivals from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, the Middle East, Turkey, Lebanon and Indonesia all become Malays within one generation. They do so because there are economic advantages. Is this what Article 153 about? And it gave rise to this idea of “Ketuanan Melayu”. It is time to look at Article 153 if national unity, equality of citizenship and the rule of law are what we want. The real Malays would be no worse off without Article 153, only the exploiters and unintended beneficiaries.

Anonymous,  28 November 2012 at 16:27  


I say to our fellow Malaysians, "If it ain't broke, fix it anyway".


Anonymous,  28 November 2012 at 17:30  


Just come across this news. Singapore education ranking is fifth in the top 20 countries. Malaysia is far far behind countries like Singapore, HK, South Korea...

Anonymous,  28 November 2012 at 17:54  

bruno, where is you best buddy Quiet Despair? Is he dead or what? Or has he joined Abu? You sound so despairing without him. He should be in despair, not you.Brother Sakmongkol, scared of the unity in the Umno general assembly? Tak miss ke jadi perwakilan dan dapat makan dan tempat tinggal free? Tomorrow together we hear your former boss speak, Ok. Sudah tentu best punya sampai you tak terkata.

Sumpitan Emas,  28 November 2012 at 18:05  

Your postings are coming double fast and still a pack punch. I shall try to keep pace but if I seem to digress every now and then from your latest posting, the purpose is still to pose questions on present behaviour against a backdrop of past incidences and events, to reveal what seems to me not just acts of omission and commission but a pervasive reluctance among our policiticians and businessmen to go back to the past once in a while for emotional bench-marking of traits that separate man, and boys and beasts — there is no time for ‘generational’ reflection it seems. I would like to comment on your earlier piece about how PR work ethics would make some people weep. Another day. Now on broken pieces.

First Najib, like the local gangnam dancers, find it difficult to be original. The latter could have displaced gangnam by hijacking Perkasa's butt dancing to Punggang and give the world a more vigorous and alluring dance, even better than salsa . If it had been ‘punggung-punggung’ it would have displaced poco-poco. As for Najib, he could have appeared more believable if he had said something like,"Sure we broke a few things. We broke them, we repair them, the buck stops here." But no, Malaysians continue to receive the familiar spin, in the gratuitous belief that words from UMNO still carry the awesome glow of leaders from the past. Daily millions of eyes focus on the incestuous relationships between parasites and other quasi-vegetables through a flat-screen microscope. Incest produces sub-normal progenies, and that's a biological given, 'scientifically proven' as Khairy would have it. Both bed-room and board-room incestuous activities have dire consequences on behaviour as lots of people will be found salivating 24/7 for food or more funds. It is a situation that can only provoke anger as we witness now the approaching PRU 13.

Now, parasites aside, I wish to follow you through on "The journey must start with a universal acceptance of the supremacy and rule of law. That would require the unassailable supremacy of the law or the rule of law.” I can’t disagree with you at all, but it is dismaying to say the least, at this point 55 years after Independence BN politicians need to be reminded. Here I have something poetic, beautiful and even sad, from a giant of old America. Modern America produces a different class of giants, rather people who wanted to be giants, for example Kelintont and Bush Jnr. Here in Malaysia a struggling dwarf with intimations of greatness decided on a 50/50 throw of the coin found his soul-mate in the former – as they say the rest is history. We Kelantanese are still laughing ourselves to bed and salivating. Now for the Rule of Law, not the Law of the flexible Ruler, in the form of a letter by John Adams to a friend dated 11 June 1790

That all men have one common nature
is a principle
which will now universally prevail,
and equal rights
will in a just sense, I hope,
be inferred from it.

But equal ranks
and equal property
never can be inferred from it,
anymore than equal understanding,
agility, vigor or beauty.

Equal laws
are all that ever can be derived
from human equality.

bruno,  28 November 2012 at 22:15  

Anon 28 November 2012 17:54

I am just getting into form for the final lap to the wire,and not despairing.

The reasons my best buddy Quiet Despair and his uncle the Kampong man is MIA,is because they were embarassed,and finally realised that they were backing and flogging a dead horse.

Sumpitan Emas,  29 November 2012 at 00:51  

I wondered what questions Najib asked himself before and after taking the oath of office. What transpired in his mind as soon as the ceremony was over. To the next Prime Minister and all the MPs and ADUNs, I suggest that they all ponder over this oath the Athenians took two thousands years:
“I inherit from the past of my family, my city, my tribe, my nation, a variety of debts, inheritance, rightful expectations, and obligations. These constitute the given of my life, my moral starting point.” (from 'Leading Minds' by Howard Gardner)

Great civilisation, eh?

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