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Monday, 26 November 2012

Dr Mahathir and UMNO fear the Great Unknown- PR's Reform Agenda

Whatever reforms or vision we have, we don’t have to explain to Dr Mahathir. We don’t have to jump when Dr Mahathir challenges us. It’s killing him and UMNO- that we don’t see the necessity to explain our policies and vision. We present it direct to the rakyat and the people in Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor know what we can do. In Perak, for 11 months, the people knew what were achievable under better Pakatan rule. So we don’t have to explain to UMNO, BN or Dr Mahathir. 

We on the other hand, already knew what he did during 22 years- plus the years before him- the Malays as he said it himself are beggars in their own country. They are like that because after 55 years, what Mahathir and UMNO wanted wasn’t liberation of Malays but bondage. After 55 years of rule, 95% of Malays are bonded to UMNO while 95% of the non-Malays enjoyed freedom from UMNO rule.

The result: we have one section of Malaysians pulling away enjoying better economic standing while another section, remains lagging behind. The cause? UMNO’s paternalistic and pseudo feudal rule.  

The basic reform that we want is to oust UMNO and BN by way of democratic means. 

During his time, he would bulldoze everything without bothering to explain to the `digits’.  The MCA or MIC bosses were silenced because Mahathir had their Income Tax Returns with him. So the MIC and MCA bosses better shut up because when we are in power, we will have access to your income tax files. Jail would be a walk in the park compared to having your accounts, your children’s accounts, your wife’s accounts, accounts belonging to your mistresses all frozen up. You will weep like children when you see PR has a different work ethics. Under UMNO and BN you can weasel your way out, make all sorts of deals. When those lkind of working ethics are eliminated under PR rule, that is what is bothering Dr Mahathir and the rest of the usual suspects. 

It is sufficient for everyone to know that Dr Mahathir fears the changes PR will make. First and foremost the destruction of the myth that the future and destiny of Malays depend on UMNO. Second, Dr Mahathir’s legacy laying waste to our full potential will be made bare for everyone to know and consequently judge. 3rd, he fears that people will soon realize that there is not only life post UMNO, but there is a BETTER life after UMNO. 

There are so many things we want to do. To make PETRONAS answerable to parliament for example. To review all the lopsided agreements that PETRONAS may have made, all the crazy take it or pay agreements between TNB and IPPs and between PETRONAS and its contractors. To review all the contracts with toll collectors. Reform of the legal structure of this country. Assessment of the way tenders are given out. To examine the financial conduct of UMNO and BN government. So many of them. 

When PR wins, the rule of law will be upheld. Security will be strengthened. PR has suffered losses before and accepted defeat gracefully. No, on the contrary, the police and the army must be on standby when UMNO/BN loses. It is they who don’t know how to handle defeat.


Anonymous,  26 November 2012 at 21:21  

susah mahu defeat the coalition of pirates>> u help me--i help u lah

Anonymous,  26 November 2012 at 21:41  

Salam Dato,

Nampaknya terpaksalah memohon peruntukkan tambahan untuk membesarkan bangunan ' Sungai Buluh Bamboo Resort' untuk menempatkan pembesar-pembesar umnobaru dan BN bagi mengadakan perhimpunan Agung mereka.

Mohd Zuki

bruno,  26 November 2012 at 21:55  

Dato,first of all there is no need to explain to Mahathir and the Umno/BN of what PR has in store for the betterment of all Malaysians.Besides they wouldn.t understand anyway,because they are so used to corruption and cronism,they wouldn't adapt to the new and honest way to make a decent living.

That is why they can diffrentiate themselves from the Malays they tagged as 'beggars in their country'.Umnoputras and offsprings,their cronies and offsprings lived lives of luxury in mansions,dressed and drive high ends with flush local and offshore bank accounts.Whereas the ordinary Malays live in ordinary houses,dressed simple and do not have the flush bank accounts.Some even ride banged up motorcycles and bicycles.

And there is no way the Umnoputras are going to be freer than a bird,when PR marches into Putrajaya.Because the only countries Malaysia do not have an extradiction treaty are the states of Zimbabwe,Israel and maybe Uganda..And Umnoputras and cronies and families would rather fly through the windows like UFO's than be permanent residents or citizens there.

bruno,  26 November 2012 at 22:16  

And as usual,the always correct Dr Mahathir is coming out to defend the indefensible.Because he was the one cutting the large rose red ribbon at the opening of Genneva Gold,he has openly come out asking the gomen and BNM to lift the suspension of the assets of the company.So much for Madoff and his ponzi scheme.Madoff would cry all the way to meeting his makers.

Suci Dalam Debu 26 November 2012 at 23:16  

Sir, I hazard a guess. For a few weeks after GE13 results would be announced, all flights out of the country would be FULLY booked. Initial destination could be anywhere and later to a safe haven. Bamboo River Resort scares the daylights out of them.

TDM put on a brave front but deep inside.......cannot eat & sleep well. Suharto and Mubarak images are imprinted in his mind. Luckily in Malaysia we don't do it Nicolae Ceausescu style, so serving time in Bamboo River Resort would be a bargain.

Just my 2 sen.

bruno,  26 November 2012 at 23:34  

CPO prices is hovering just above the 2,180 three years low set a few months back.If it drops below the 2,180 support again,it will be on target to fill the range of 2,200-1,750 range.

Just assuming that FGVH,GLC's and Umno cronies hold 75% of total shares or higher,they might withstand the onslaught of selling by cornerstones and the rest of the public if they decided to sell.Because the pressure will be on the plantation stocks to drop like a rock.

But if the cronies funds run dry before the shares start falling like a rock,they will not be able to support the share prices any longer and the Umno/BN will not be able to hold on to the parliamentary seats in the Felda.Because the FGVH will be trading at RM3.50 or lower.

Like I said before,things will not look good for Umno/BN to hold the GE after Oct 15th,because after this date they can only fare worse and not better.The rakyat will be very mad at the PR if they cannot win the GE with Umno/BN and cronies at it's weakest.

Donplaypuks® 27 November 2012 at 00:39  

Apparently, MAS has switched from Petronas to Petron for its aircraft fuel! Petron is of course part of the San Miguel Corp of Phillipines which took over Esso in M'sia, led by Mirzan Mahathir, son of ex-PM Dr. Mahathir.

So, who exactly is flogging off M'sian assets to dang foreigners? So, good doctor, who is the Rakyat in danger from - incumbent "patriots" (read as thieves/looters/economic plunderers) or Pakatan which has yet to occupy Putrajaya?

Note too how one of the main beneficiaries of Petronas' billion ringgit "marginal oilfields" is another son of Dr. Mahathir.

It would appear that by the time Pakatan takes office in Putrajaya, they may only have the bare bones of a 3rd world country to pick from! God save us from self-proclaimed "patriots" and benevolent dictators!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  27 November 2012 at 01:04  

dont make the malay the meaning of Amok?

monsterball 27 November 2012 at 06:44  

"We are reformed. What more do you want?"...he said.
When Mahathir made that comment... 90 commentators gave it to him proper and good.
Mahathir never talk like that before.
It shows he is as desperate as Najib.
What more do we want???
That old goat knows EXACTLY what Malaysians want.
Keep spinning and side tracking all main issues....what reform is he talking about?
Criminal acts are all denied.
Rouge like him will never admit stealing....even though RM100 billion been exposed.
He has disunited Malaysians with money and keep poisoning minds.
This man is truly a Devil..reincarnated.
Lee Kuan Yew said he is a spin doctor.
Ex Chief Judge Ian said he is a devil.
Barry Wain said he stole RM100 billion in 22 years.
Tunku Ritthauddin said Umno B is corrupted to the core.
Forget what all the PR leaders said about him.
Forget what all Malaysians describing him....what he is.
Those are learned men....3 oldest UMNO member....stuck on to Umno B for the love of his old party.
How thick skin can a man be.
He can live like a King...have doctors checking him daily..that the best most expensive medicine to prolong his life...but he cannot find a way to live forever.
Come Judgement Day...he should be reborn a Jackal..or hyena..or a vulture.
His soul will be destroyed.

Anonymous,  27 November 2012 at 06:52  

From the way Pakatans ceramah are registering attendance, surely BN will loose. However, BN will do what it did with Sabah in Selangor and other states. THey will register foreigners as voters to garner their vote.

All efforts should be made to ensure there is fair election, that is the only thing left.

Putin remained in power by cheating, looking at the way BN say that it want 2/3 rd majority, I will not be surprised that they cheat all the way to achieve this.

BN knows they cannot win, that is why they delay the elections. They need time to find elegant ways to rig the elections.

I fear the country may go through an episode of anarchy before settling down. The damage will be great.

We must stop the election from being hijacked.

monsterball 27 November 2012 at 07:15  

Corruptions...disuniting Malaysians...encouraging his Umno b members to steal and use stolen money to enjoy life...all happy..all hero worship him like Money God.
Mahathir is all evil.
What he did to bring down Anwar is showing how dirty he can be in politics.
No one dares to go against him for 22 years.
Talk to will need to join the 100s he arrested in Operation Lallang.
He was a self made Dictator..sacking Judges and top Police Officers..that do not agree with him.
It was after he retired and after 12th one fear him anymore.
And is reforming time...and Najib throwing out millions to public like Santa Clause.
That is Umno b reformed actions.
Teoh Beng Hock...Kugan...Sabrini...Alantuya murder cases..all unsolved.
Huge corruptions stealing billions...all unsolved. Puppets are chosen ...arrested on corruptions.
Biggest Mahathir puppet...Ling Liong Sik court case....just for show. Once Umno b w8ins 13th GE...LLS will be freed from protect Mahathir.
We must change the Govt...if we want to know the truths of all corruptions and murders.
Better late than never for Umno b supporters to wake up logical...practical and not be racists....not vote without thinking.
Thousands owe their so call loyalties to Umno b for making them rich.
It's time they think of the country and people and vote with a clear conscience.
If not...then pray to no Gods...and enjoy life as hypocrites...for what your so call rich successful lives are not real.
I am talking to Umno B members and the low class MCA.. MIC puppets.

monsterball 27 November 2012 at 07:31  

Malays are doubt about it.
It depends which party they belong to.
Najib knows that too and one false move from him...his own race will fight each other and death will surely come.
That matter where Najib maybe...he is asking for unimaginable troubles.
Najib loves to create declare Emergency Rule...his only cocksure escape route not to be investigated for corruptions and murder.
Judging from the way he talks now..he will not dare to go have fights at the streets.
Even if he wants it...the Police and Military will not allow it.
Fooling around and playing dirty politics in Malaysia has limits.
That is why you see Najib is behaving a very nice generous PM...hoping all will support him and forget corruptions and murders.
He is hoping the impossible.
The only way he can get UMNO b be re-elected is to admit all and let Malaysians have the final say.
Najib will never dare to risk confessing to win votes.
Once he does that..Mahathir will be the first to fall.
As such....5 moths more....que sera sera..whatever will be will his choice.
He needs to depend on frauds in the win.

Krishna 27 November 2012 at 10:05  

Dato, all these points should be election issues. They will make an impact and BN will have no answers to these. The rakyat will agree that these are the changes we have to make to have a law abiding society where everyone answers to the law. No deals.

Patrick 27 November 2012 at 10:54  

Malaysia still has a lot of potential and upside for growth. A lot of foreign investments are hovering outside Malaysia ready and willing to enter Malaysia. AFTER the new government is in place. Even local investments are being deliberately held back pending a new government administration. Failing which, local investors will flock to PR states or out of the country.

Malaysia desperately needs a complete restructuring and overhaul to its basic administration, policy making, governance and enforcement. Without this overhaul, the BN and cronies will run rampant to continue raping and pillaging our economy dry. No amount of laws nor policies nor legislation can prevent them from running amok for their own self interest. Only the threat of force and incarceration coupled with asset striping will stop these legal pirates.

Malaysia will have to undergo the short term pain of massive restructuring of government minus the bloodshed. But it will be done with the pleasurable thought that the country will be reset to the next phase and hopefully, Golden Era for Malaysia and all Malaysians.

Enough of TDM, Syed Mokhtar and all that is synonymous with bad legacy of days past. If they, who have been lurking destructively over Malaysia, for these past 50 years, want to partake in Malaysia's future, they better be aware of the consequences of their past actions. There will be no stones left unturned in any and all effort to redress all ills done onto all Malaysians. It is not a witch hunt and will never be, unless it was all done via corruption, coercion, theft......

Anonymous,  27 November 2012 at 12:53  

Saya ni kontraktor. Selama bertahun cari makan dengan orang umno dan pegawai kerajaan. Belum mula kerja dah kena bagi 5-10%. Kalau tak hulur nanti kerja ada masalah. Lain kali tak dapat dah. Kalau kurang hulur mereka bagi pada Ah Chong yang pegang berpuluh lesen bumi. Macam di ICUWP. Kata nak tolong Melayu tapi Pengarah bela Ah Chong. Skali bagi claim kena hulur lima puluh pada Roy. Kalau tak bagi kena la tunggu sebulan. Nak kena advance dulu pada orang UMNO dan komponen. Duit kering kita pun mati. Ini persidangan UMNO dah mula kena bayar hotel lagi, belanja karaoke lagi, disco lagi..dalam dewan gegar Melayu Islam, malam jadi kelam. Dah penat dah Dato, sampai bila nak jadi macam ni. Ramai kawan kawan tanya kalau lepas PRu13 umno kalah bole ke kami dapat projek lagi?

Anonymous,  27 November 2012 at 16:35  


Dr M is the best dictator as he still manages to colonize the psyche of most rural Malays. But like any dictator, his days are truly numbered.

Anonymous,  27 November 2012 at 20:27  


Kontraktor, makan 10% sebelum mula kerja ini cerita kuno. Maafkan kerana kasar sangat. Ada kawan pernah cerita ambek 10% kemudian bersembahyang di sisi tapi muka buat macam tak de apa-apa. Bagi kontrek lebih mahal, ada juga panggilan untuk membayar teket untuk anak nak balik cuti dari England dan mereka ini tak pernah tinggalkan solat. Ini lah madu dicampur-gaulkan dengan racun yang dihidangkan sekian lama oleh UMNO.

Dah sampei lah masa Parti Melayu makan Melayu pi jahanam. Jangan tangis lagi.

Anonymous,  28 November 2012 at 10:04  

I have a member of UMNO since 1970. But I am glad that I never rejoin UMNO Baru.

This Kerala Kutty is bapa IBLIS. He is the is a scum, a hypocrite,and you can name it.
Awh. Tunku and Tun Hussin Onn read him very well.

If one cares to compile the criticism, the curse Malaysians and the world have thrown at him over the last 50 years it would cover hundred thousand of pages.

What has he really accomplished? Nothing but destruction.

You have a long list of that:
In Politics...
1. He destroyed, with a help of an Achehnese accomplice to Destroy UMNO.And formed his own party UMNO Baru.
2. He destroyed 3 of his Deputies
3. He destroyed Badawi.
On Economy...
He destroyed whatever was set up by Tun Razak :MISC, Bank Bumi, MMC, Majuikan, Bernas, UDA, Majuternak, MAS, etc...
1. He destroyed the Malaysian Unity- create racial polarsitaions to perpetuate his grip on power.
2. He destroyed Judiciary, PDRM, ACA, etc....

3. He destroyed the Malay Muslim .Turned them to be lazy and urged the to be grateful to on UMNO- a form of "syirik"

He is also a grand thief:\
1. Stole Primiership from Hussin Onn and Tunku Razaleigh
1.Stole from Tabung Haji, Petronas, EPF, Treasury to enrich himself, crony and family.
Piratise Gov Depts and Agencies to enrich his cronies and families.

I can go on and on...

He is but a failure...on good at spending billions to build structures and monuments to boost his satanic ego....
In organically creating a sustaining business he has failed miserably. Name one that was created by him that has succeeded. Just look at PROTON, PERWAJA , HICOM ALL the SOGOSOSHAS,etc.
I can go on and on on this fella. I hope that ALLAH will fulfill the prayer of Awh. Fadzil Nor... that this Kerala Kutty will live long enough to see only one thing for this hypocrite to answer for.
My only hope is that his PERDANA FOUNDATION should conduct a full and a fair investigation is on this mass murder of Memali Muslim, whom Musa Hitam was solely blamed for. To me this Kerala Kutty should take the blame for it.

akmal ariffin,  29 November 2012 at 05:00  

I hate Dr Mahathir. He has this ability to say something ridiculous and yet sound logical, unless the listener/reader are well versed in terms like democracy, freedom, liberty or the suchlikes. His absurd logic are even accepted as a godsend decree by UMNO Malays. This is not surprising as he is a good orator but with Hitleresque logic. Malays are not good with filtering propaganda from the truth. What u say is true. Don't explain anything to Mahathir. If it pisses him off, then, too bad. We carry on with our agenda. The more we ignore him, the more he will melatah. Unfortunately, latah is a Malay word without an English definition because latah only happen in two societies in the world, the Japanese and Malays. The closest I can come up with is, blunder.

Unknown 2 February 2013 at 14:15  

Dato, your articles are point blank in nature and your message is easily comprehended. I am wondering if I can share it on Facebook.

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