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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 9 November 2012

Mahathir Mohamad and Marshitah Ibrahim

Two statements during the week caught my attention. (1) The retort from Dr Mahathir at reporters who linked PETRONAS to his children’s wealth. (2)  Dr Marshitah’s statement on kafir harbi.
Dr Mahathir can tell off reporters in his usual mocking and sarcasm laden rebuttals; he is the 80 year-old man who sits on the sideway, pinches young girls booty as they walk past by,  but laughed off simply and tolerably as an amusing dirty old man. He is tolerated because he is just that- a dirty old man out to amuse himself.
Of course Dr Mahathir instructed PETRONAS to favor his children. That is how UMNO works. He is advisor to PETRONAS. He led negotiations on PETRONAS’s marginal oilfields that resulted in Kencana and Sapura getting the first deals. The first cut is the deepest. 
PETRONAS is our national oil company but Petron (belonging to Mirzan Mahathir) gets to supply Jet A1 to our national air carrier. PETRONAS with its trading with Vitol and extensive oil trading network cannot supply Jet A1 to MAS? Petron can cut better deals with Vitol , Glencore and other oil traders than PETRONAS?
Then there is Ustazah Marshitah. The religious academician who could not get along with her neighbor because of a dispute over a common wall fence. In 2008 she was ready to cross over to the opposition had she not been selected to stand. Now, she has made a judgment call- it is all right to brand DAP as kafir harbi because DAP opposes Islam. Ustazah Marshitah must not stop there- she and all the rest of UMNO Mullahs must order the execution of all unrepentant infidels- kafir harbis. Is not the blood of the kafir harbi permitted to be spilled? The DAP people especially.
Marshitah Ibrahim thinks she speaks to a barren audience consisting of simpletons and village idiots. Obviously she has been spending a lot of time with UMNO members.
She must sue for the same treatments on all those who have desecrated Islam including all the UMNO leaders who presently or in the past, mocked and ridiculed the religion. Those who mock and ridicule are even worse than outright non-believers. Especially the UMNO President, a Malay and a Muslim who sat indifferently while Soi Lek besmirches his religion.
How could they have done that if they have not harbored contempt towards Islam in their bosoms? She must not missed out Chua Soi Lek and the Nyonya who goes on record saying the Islamists will go on rampage raping thigh revealing and armpit exposing ahmoys.
As a general response to Mahathir’s sarcasm, we have this message to the rich and infamous who got to that station because they are the sons or daughters of those who misused power; When Pakatan comes into power, we will put the fear of God in all those corrupt and rapacious people. We will reserve the best seats for you in Bamboo River Resort.
The best approach is to put someone without the historical baggage of personal relationships with those bloodsucking leeches in charge of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Its mission is to look into discrepancies and possible excesses. We will do a proper auditing on the most prized asset which the country has in the name of one Nazri Aziz. We must not fritter away the value of this asset must we?
The money lenders need not flee the temple as did the moneylenders during Roosevelt’s presidency. Here, Malaysians with our eastern values treat our assets respectfully.  The UMNO, MCA and MIC Antonios need not fear anything. We, the conscientious Shylocks will demand exactly our one pound of flesh and ensure the scales will not turn on even the estimation of a hair and will make doubly sure; we shall have only our one pound of flesh excluding the blood.
The biggest moneylenders, the Mirzans, the Mokhzanis, the Badawis, the YTLs, the Anandas, the Fernandeses, the Nedims, the Michael Chias, the Azman Mokhtars, the Rozalis, the Hilmis and all those skull-capped pious people at Tabung Haji who have been on a buying spree snapping up properties around the world at questionable and inflated prices, need not fear. We shall have our one Kilogram of flesh, nothing more but nothing less either. We will audit whether it cost RM700 million to install the 831 AES cameras. How much did it cost the government to buy the more than 3000 cameras now with our Police?
Of course we will look into PETRONAS. Of course we want to know the rationale and the pressures applied to PETRONAS when forced to take over Mirzan’s failing shipping business; we want to know whether PETRONAS overpaid him such that years later, he was able to buy stakes in San Miguel. You motorists be careful when buying Petron fuel, your vehicles can get drunk using its fuels.
We want to know, how was it that Kencana and Sapura got the first bites in PETRONAS’s marginal oil fields. There is so much to know about PETRONAS. We will assess whether Mahathir is as good as people say when he presides over PETRONAS. We will judge him accordingly. And we will be mindful of the reminder from the Oracle of Syed Putra who said that history will judge Mahathir on corruption.
All Malaysians are eager to finally place PETRONAS answerable to our parliament. It’s the Pandora’s Box which has intrigued so many Malaysians who want to know how our oil money has been applied.
We want to know of the billions collected by the government since 1974. Recently Chua Jui Meng asked about the existence of our Petroleum Trust Fund. What happened to it? Norway, where they have oil in the North Sea, has an oil fund known as Norway Pension Fund which stands at US$656 billion or RM2 trillion. UAE-Abu Dhabi Investment Authority’s oil-revenue sovereign wealth fund is at US$627 billion or RM1.9 trillion. Almost all oil producing countries have established their own oil funds for their peoples’ future but not Malaysia.
In 2011 PETRONAS reported it had given the government a total of RM 529 billion since 1974.  RM136.5 billion was paid out as subsidies to TNB and IPPs. Starting from the 2007 financial year, PETRONAS gave RM61 billion a year on average to the government. PETRONAS pays as high as 53% of its profits as dividends to the government. As a comparison, foreign oil companies give on average 38% of their profits to their respective governments.
Under advisor Mahathir, PETRONAS is often used as the lender of last resort. In 1985, it bailed out BBMB for RM2.5 billion. In 1991, it gave another RM1 billion to BBMB. Despite the capital injection, BBMB is erased and then came CIMB.
And of course who could forget that PETRONAS had in 1977, through MISC bailed out Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad for RM2 billion. Of course Mahathir asked PETRONAS to enrich his children.
PETRONAS money underwrote the construction of the PETRONAS Twin Towers because Mahathir must have his erections. It cost PETRONAS RM6.0 billion. PETRONAS spent nearly RM22.0 billion to construct Mahathir’s Babylon- Putrajaya.

The Petition Writers (aka journalists mainstream media) have not gone beyond the standards of Kadir Jasin and Jocelyn Tan. 


Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 06:50  

Saya mengAMINkan segala curahan hati

tuan dalam penulisan ini. Terasa

hangat dan berapinya artikel ini

sampai kelubuk hati saya.

bumi-non-malay 9 November 2012 at 07:55  

Tell UMNO since they like to know and sibuk about who the Shadow tip for them to salivate is AG......

Karpal Singh

We go after the Children of UMNO to Hurt tokoh2 tua UMNO..
sampai sekarang UMNO tak tahu itu NFC Lembu adalah Korrupsi di bawah matahari tengah hari.....disisi Islam....lebih teruk dari perbincangan Murtad...Kebebasan beragama. Tapi nasib baik Orang kampung tahu Korrupsi lebih hangat isu untuk Kuburkan UMNO!!...ABU

monsterball 9 November 2012 at 09:02  

As far as vast Malaysians are concerned...Mahathir is the rouge king.
Mamak can keep much as he likes.
He has established himself...thick skin...liar..biggest political rouge in Malaysia.
He can dressed up himself...a "TUN" sort of a very respectful wise corrupt free man...but we all know...what and who he is.
When one feel shameful to be half Indian...Mahathir is good in telling half truths...making him the biggest liar.
Whole world hates him.

Keyang Dot,  9 November 2012 at 09:16  

i like to read your style of writings.I dont think Marshitah can ever write as good as you are.Marshitah had PHD in alquran translation but she has no PR towards her neighbour.No wonder Baling people threw her out in the PRU 12.Mahathir Character as you know.I would like to quote what Musa had told him in 1987.Mahathir ni main bola biar dia sorang-sorang saja.Mahathir loves to lambaste people but he himself cant take criticism.He loves to repeat the word ISA (Ikut Suka Aku)

Keyang Dot

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 10:28  


kami rela hidup susah dari hidup di tipu..
mahathir is swidler of highest order

mahaza 9 November 2012 at 10:45  

Bamboo River Resort =- I likey. . .

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 10:53  

And again Dato' I would like to appeal for the position as one of the Interrogators, as well as the Prison's TUKANG SEBAT in the Post-BN regime. My demanded salary is RM 2.00 monthly. Yes, uncompromisingly One Ringgit for each position.

Boleh la Dato' pleaseeeee....


Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 11:20  


Red Alfa 9 November 2012 at 11:32  

Salam Dato'

Please let us not ask for that pound of flesh from Mahathir's bosom. For that not a drop of blood more will be just the technical grounds he will use to get off scot free.

I pray that he will surely be charged in court and be made to account for all the nation's property and wealth he had stolen and how he abused his position not only to enrich himself, his family and his cronies but also to pervert justice.

I pray that Karpal Singh or the Public Prosecutor will be the utter bulldog that will bite into him and will never let go. I pray Mahathir will be found GUILTY AS CHARGED ON ALL COUNTS before he dies.

Should he dies earlier let not he has escaped ignominous death. Everything about him will be unearthed so that future Malaysians will know Mahathir as we are today sickened with Sir Jimmy Saville.

So that every and anything known or learned of Mahathir there shall never again be a PM like him and no other PM shall ever be getting away with impunity either in life or in death.

You and many others have and are starting on what Mahathir must now be thinking what his future will be.

How this worm must squirm just thinking he will be on hard concrete on our very hot and bright sunny day!

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 11:51  

It was the Malays themselves you had allowed the Mamak Kutty-turned-Malay to shackle their minds. They gave away their thinking caps to UMNO. They mortgaged their freedom for UMNO to hold on to political power in exchange for protection against an imaginary enemy - the non-Malay vultures - who were waiting to conquer the country and turn it into a Christian state.
With the Malays shackled, UMNO went on a rampage - robbing, raping, pillaging the country.
UMNO turned Malays into "beggars in their own country" and soothed with terms like Bumiputra and Ketuanan Melayu.
Thank God, the majority of the Malays have now opened their eyes and minds.
May God free them the evil clutches of the UMNO Devil!!

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 11:58  

Dato Sak,
Tulong tulis juga macamana YTL dapat tanah orang Melayu diSentul dan Jalan Bukit bintang yanmana dari Hotel Merriot hingga ke lot 10 dan berapa banyak Dato Sulaiman keluarkan belanja untuk mamak Kutty dan Dato Sulaiman dijadikan Puppet didlam YTL? Dak Sak banyak cerita yang anda boleh ketahui.
Gd Job Dato Sak.

bruno,  9 November 2012 at 12:45  

Umnoputras are like Romney and the Republicans.They are stupid and think like the camels roaming the deserts of the Sahara desert.

They like to force and meddle into the affairs of women's personal business,like abortion rights or a woman's freedom of choice,color or size of condoms and tampons.In return they got slapped and whacked like crybabies crying out loud for their mamas.

On illegal immigration and the forced deportation on Hispanics and minorities.The amigos slapped and kicked them below the belt and they fell flat on their faces in states where the amigos presence makes a difference.

Whereas the Umnoputras make into legal from illegal immigrants.And in return some of the illegals are allowed to run wild all around the country,robbing and raping the men and women they set eyes on.And in return Umnoputras,their daughters and wives do not feel safe anymore.

That is the reason they have bodyguards around them 24/7 365 days a year.Even when their wives and daughters visit the rest rooms,their bodyguards have to follow them inside,to make them feel safe and in return the bodyguards have a free peep show.Even Nazri's useless gangster son have bodyguards to guard his abused sore ass too.

Just like the high and mighty Republicans are spit upon like lepers,the Umnoputras will be kicked and stepped on when they fall flat on their faces,with no one to pick them up.

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 13:03  

Dato' and fellow bloggers

Does it ever cross the minds of Malaysians that Petronas has never been listed because its financial statements would be audited and exposed? Petronas' existence allows the government of the day to freely utilize its oil pumps until the they run dry. Hey who's driving the fastest car on the planet in our country - the Bugatti Veyron? No prize for the correct answer.

The old man's (MM) sarcasm does imply that we the rakyat, owe him and his children, a great favor for the rest of our life. What utter rubbish!


Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 13:24  

Kafir Harbi?

What is happening to this land of Pagans and Heathens?

I want the Federal Court to sit with the full bench to declare Bahasa Arab is now our official language.

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 13:48

Phua Kai Lit

walla 9 November 2012 at 14:02  

Like the missus spending on cosmetics what the husband had earned hard for food, Najib's Umno is spending all the money that Petronas needs for exploration and development.

Just as for Mexico's Pemex, Petronas as the country's cash-cow is likewise being cannibalized even as its supply in Sudan is endangered every day, its deal in Canada's Progress Energy has sundered, and its Gharf investment in Iraq won't flower anytime soon.

What's going to happen after GE13 if Umno keeps Putrajaya? It will have to relent to Petronas which means the Umno 'government' revenue stream will be constricted and since most of the operating expenditure comprises wages which is a hot potato, three things will happen - taxes will be raised, more subsidies will be removed and development expenditure will be cut to the bone so that what results is barang naik while the sky falls.

On a longer-term basis, oil is sunset. Soon people will see its green cost versus energy alternatives and/or usage efficiencies. If VW in China can develop single-seater cars which give over 300 miles to a gallon, doubtless a day will come when the strategic value of oil will be passe.

The most important question every citizen must ask now for the sake of the future of the children is this: without oil, where would Malaysia have been?

And that's because even with oil, she has already been wasted so that as oil becomes scarcer or less valuable, Petronas' role will contract and the means of bearing future national expenditures - operating as well as development - will suffer. With other income streams at risk, the economy and its society will fall into a vicious cycle of self-destruction.

Meanwhile one can be forgiven for thinking Mahathir has succeeded in even institutionalizing his mode of vindictiveness.

Barely a day after a Malaysiakini reporter threw him a rakyat question on his role in Petronas vis-a-vis nepotism in Petronas awards, no less than 15 uniformed PDRM raided the Malaysiakini office.

One thinks if Malaysiakini staff had erred in any way, ONE PDRM visitor would have sufficed.

To all the Umno diehards reading in - if that show of bodies was not double-standard bullyism borne on the wings of vindictive arrogance bred on the altar of Mahathirism, what is it then?

As for Marshitah Ibrahim, her behaviour is just a tangential reflection through the religion channel of the basic and most fundamental gripe of all Umno diehards - that Malaysia belongs to our Malays first and the Chinese and others here of other faiths are pendatang even if they were born here and have already proven themselves over and above all the crass racism that still checkers the rubric of our cow-beheading society.

walla 9 November 2012 at 14:02  


No matter how you analyze the mindset, it always comes back to that which in turn explains the recurring petty jealousies despite facts to the contrary in many places where many ultra-rich Malays have flaunted their wealth even as the non-Malays in their midst struggle hard every day to try and eke a living against the tide of rising prices but static incomes and opportunities.

With that as background, my take on the issue of religion, said for the last time, is this - better we have a secular state strengthened by islamic principles than an islamic state torn by secular tendencies.

Take all the major religions of the world. Extract all the things they teach. Commingle all the Messages. They are comparable, no? They are universal, yes? They suffer no contradiction that time will not disentangle, true? They elevate our tired souls above the clouds and into the light, betul?

If you can agree to all that, then we are of a common view in a matter that should unite rather than divide. And it is in unity of agreeing to the universal principles blessing all good faiths that a plural society such as ours can make progress towards a resonance across cultures into the common essence of all faiths.

After all, if all good faiths teach common universal principles, why then any need to force compliance to a specific one?

If the official answer to that is to protect an established order, please waste no time to show first the credentials from Him that the protection order came from His Chamber.

After all the need to safeguard a preestablished order itself bespeaks what has been preestablished needs some tweaking. No?

Therefore, would the personage so quick to depend on Utusex's mischievous misquoting of Nurul Izzah's courageous admission of His essence now see things and his (the personage's) role in a more hallowed light?

In matters of faith, always remember the weakness of man in exercising it, and provide leeway for men to discover, learn, adapt and in-light their own paths to a more self-examined wisdom. Then the faith will be strong, and with it, society and nation.

Kick politics out of religion which should remain in the family that resides in homes which He blesses everyday.

Donplaypuks® 9 November 2012 at 15:28  

"The Petition Writers (aka journalists mainstream media) have not gone beyond the standards of Kadir Jasin and Jocelyn Tan."

Naughty, naughty, Dato.! Surely you are not suggesting they practice voluntary censirship, are you! Lol!

Dato with your kind indulgence, this is to Walla - Walla, could you please contact me by email at I would like to send you an invitation for an event. Thank you

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

nick 9 November 2012 at 17:01  

Mahathir's and mashitah nonsensical and not to mention intelligence insulting remarks are but the hallmark of UMNO warped and out of date mindset. Take for instance mahathir's supposedly "witty" and "clever" reply to the question about his sons involvement or rather robbery of Petronas business.

Mahathir reply shows us that he stills think that it is the late 1980's and middle 1990's where his words whether nonsensical or illogical are lapped up by the press and swallowed whole by Malaysian. Much to his ignorance, malaysian nowadays view his remark as insulting and furthermore at par or even worse than Nazri's dimwitted answer of "he's not sleeping with his son". For sure, Malaysian view neither of them as asset but rather a most heavy baggage or liability that will someday bring down this country if they are not kicked out.

What about mashitah? Well, for an abberation of sort (well, she neither a pious ustazah nor a respected politician, so she's indeed an abberation of sort or in other words, I would term her as a damaged good) she talks, gestures and perhaps even mimic the wrinkled brow of a thinking human but alas with her latest comment about kafir zimmi and harbi, she can't even convince a 4th grader that she believes what she is saying or more importantly, that she is guided by her faith when she came out with that utterly hypocritical and self advertisement (as najib's winnable candidate) bovine excrement.. err.. remark.

Most Malays already has a mental picture of her whenever she's in the spotlight, that of a well dressed and well crafted porcelain doll, too grotesque to be called human and too fragile to be called a toy but all the same, too expensive to have and have little or no use whatsoever for the ordinary people. Just like so many other "pious, skull capped and fully clothed" islamic scholar who joined UMNO to clean it from the inside, in fact.

A pretty preposterous proposition when you think about it (cleaning a manure pit while you're inside it) since those scholar will be dirtied and thus once dirtied themselves, they cannot and should not talk about cleaning others! Talk about a brainless action. The logic is so simple even a nazri could understand it.

For example, when you joined a herd of buffalo wallowing in mud, don't expect to come out all clean and spotless! Thus, I view mashitah and all other ulamak muda of UMNO as nothing more than a group of young and eager buffalo joining a big herd of buffalo, in their favorite past time of wallowing in mud and getting dirty while at the same time claiming themselves to be the cleanest herd of buffalo in Malaysia and some say in imagination.

But hey, they are buffaloes, so their term for clean is relatively different from us and who wants to argue with a bunch of buffaloes happily engrossed in their favorite past time, in the first place. Not me! I'll just wait till next GE and get them cleaned up when we sent them to the ABUttoir.err..abattoir! Then we'll have tons and tons of meat and flesh for everybody!


Patrick 9 November 2012 at 17:52  

SHEIKH MAHATHIR the most appropriate name. He has don this hat so well, his ego is just as repulsive.

Many questions need to be answered, for which too many quasi proxies are tripping over themselves justifying other peoples actions and deeds. We are not short on queries and confusion.

Only a new govt can afford the luxury of in depth investigation. And the people must exert their voices and vote influence to exact this much awaited action. Failing which, we will be a doomed state of cronies and beggars.

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 20:52  

jocelyn will even sell her mother for UMNO. PERIOD.
Keep it short and simple, KISS

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 22:10  

Since Mahathir and his family stole from us, I have stopped filling my tanks with Esso fuel ( now Petron ). If he is filling up his jet fuel into MAS tanks, I will stop flying MAS.

This man is really a nuisance, now I have to fly AirAsia whose owner I also dislike. I am told by UMNO people that between the two crooks, I must choose Mahathir coz he is Melayu, more so he is the devil we know. Haiyah, I am confused or shall I fly Brunei Airways or Garuda instead.

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 23:46  

<<......Islam preached and propagated by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is a tolerant and moderate religion. This is evident from many of the Prophet's Sunnah, his attitude towards those members of his family who did not embrace Islam, his attitude and treatment of the people of Mecca, his former enemies when Mecca surrendered to him, by his injunctions against the ill-treatment of prisoners, of Muslims who had erred and even of the apostates. In none of these was he extreme and rigid. In all he showed moderation and tolerance... He was magnanimous to them, even to Hendon who had eaten the liver of Saidina Hamzah at Uhud....In case we still doubt that Islam enjoins us to be moderate and tolerant, and that the Prophet followed the injunctions of Islam when he was magnanimously tolerant and moderate to his followers and to his enemies, let us look at what the Quran says about moderation and tolerance in Islam. Surah Al-Mumtahinah Verse 8 says, “Allah s.w.t forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah s.w.t loveth those who are just.”
Surat Al-Imran Verse 159 says,
It is part of the Mercy of Allah s.w.t. that thou dost deal gently with them. Wert thou severe or harsh-hearted, they would
have broken away from about thee: so pass over (Their Faults), and ask for (Allah’s) forgiveness for them; and consult
them in affairs (of moment). Then, when thou has Taken a decision put thy trust in Allah s.w.t. For Allah s.w.t. loves those
who put their trust (in Him).

The Constitution of Medina encouraged cooperation and solidarity amongst Muslims, Christians, Jews and others. The Constitution which was put in writing ensured freedom, including the freedom of worship, equality and justice for all.
Thus in Surah Al-Kafirun, the non-believers were told, “To you your religion, and to me my religion.” >>

The above is taken from Tolerance and Moderation in Islam, pg 106-107 from Islam & The Muslim Ummah by Dr Mahathir Mohammad; the book is a collection of Dr Mahathir’s speeches and is about 280 pages thick.

Now let’s go over to Dr Mashitah’s record as a learned ustazah, senator and Deputy Minister in the P.M. Dept. In the controversy regarding the payment of Rm32,000 by Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (MAIWP) for legal fees incurred by the Minister of Religious Affairs, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom and the Director of JAWI, Datuk Che Mat Ali, regarding the Qazaf case against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, she is reported to have informed Parliament that the payment was done through funds drawn from Zakat collection. She further explained that was done because MAIPW did not have any specific funds whatsoever for that purpose, i.e. payment of legal fees. A few days later, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir denied that the legal fees came from Zakat collection as had been stated by Dr Mashitah in Parliament on 21 Jun 2011. He did not, however, elaborate the source of the payment, and neither did Dr Mashitah make any further comments on his denial, one way or the other.

Anonymous,  9 November 2012 at 23:47  

Ex-UMNO member, lawyer Zainal Abidin Ahmad in his book PRU 13, UMNO TUMPAS? (2012:Publisher - Gerakbudaya Enterprise) has this to say, pg 76: …’ Ini bermakna salah seorang dari mereka, walaupun kedua-dua mereka adalah insan-insan yang tinggi ilmu agama (penulis mengadaikan ilmu agama mereka adalah tinggi kerana mereka berkelulusan agama. Jika andaian ini satu kesilapan, ampun dan maaf dipinta), adalah penipu dan pembohong. Siapa di antara mereka yang berbohong hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu dan mungkin beberapa hamba Allah di MAIWP seperti pegawai yang menandatangani cek pembayaran berkenaan dan kerani akaun yang menyediakan cek berkenaan. Mungkin peguam yang menerima bayaran berkenaan juga tahu duduk perkara.’..

Walla’s stand is: better we have a secular state strengthened by Islamic principles than an Islamic state torn by secular tendencies. Would it be fair to transpose this to: better to have non-Muslim ministers who don’t lie rather than Muslim ministers who do? No, unfortunately not, some, if not most ministers, both Muslim and non-Muslim ministers are even greater liars.

(Incidentally, author-lawyer Zainal Abidin Ahmad’s latest book published by Gerakbudaya Enterprise is ‘Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail: Pemalsu, Penipu, Penjenayah?)

Dato’ I don’t know whether you would agree with me that Dr Mahathir would have made a better and more enlightened Chief Mufti of Malaysia rather than as a Prime Minister. Everything in his 280 page book makes sense: tolerance, moderation, magnanimity, kindness, justice, and so on and so forth. My only question to this man who seems incapable of making any mistake at all as Prime Minister , or at least that is what he wants the public to believe is, back in 1988 just as he was about to bring to an end the career of the then Chief Justice of Malaysia, Tun Salleh Abas and the Federal Court’s Justices, Tan Sri Dato’ Wan Suleiman bin Pawan Teh, Tan Sri Dato’ Wan Hamzah bin Mohammed Salleh and Dato’ George Edward Seah Kim Seng, was he aware that Islam represented all that was written by him in the book, and more? So, now with the whole civil service thoroughly emasculated and everything in his book forgotten, he now comes back, unashamedly and arrogantly, to make sure no one will ever equal him as Prime Minister, not certainly Najib, who never seemed to him, from day one, to be able to resist inviting controversies. But what Mahathir didn’t foresee was that Najib wasn’t just playing the end game of his own political career but that of the once mighty UMNO as well. No, Mahathir had nothing to do with diminishing UMNO. It would always be someone else. When there was Memali, he conveniently played truant and sent the hapless Musa Hitam who till today takes the blame. When UMNO was in crisis, Tun Salleh paid the price. When he had problems with the Malay sultans, he dragged the affable Tun Ghaffar Baba to wield the whip. When the crooked bridge was not no more, he reserved his venom for Tun Abdullah. And Najib goes on blithely attacking the Opposition as if he has first right to the premiership by virtue of descent and pedigree, and now he is sandwiched on one side by a group that has brought new meaning to good clean governance and on the other by someone determined that the secrets in Putrajaya are forever locked.

Some of the best and the brightest upon retirement have left Malaysia, but the great majority, equally honest and capable are staying back to make sure that UMNO cannot go on with this game to make even more beggars in this country. So the people’s main duty is to make sure the secrets are unlocked at the next PRU.

Dr Mahathir should get his sons and all the filthy rich UMNO warlords to invite all the ‘beggars’ to their open house during Hari Raya if he believes he has had nothing to do with the success of his sons.

umar,  10 November 2012 at 05:02  

Mahathir and Mashitah are worlds apart.
1. Tongkah Holdings given contract to supply medical facilities to governments hospitals for 18 years when his son was a major shareholder of Tongkah.Soon after the contracts are signed, the son sells his shares for a hefty premium.

2. Transmile Air was given contract to ferry Haj pilgrims to Mecca when one of his sons became a major shareholder of Transmile Air which was carrying postal cargo services to East malaysia. Transmile never had passenger planes while MAS was the traditional airline carrying our annual Tabung Haji pilgrims.

3. Another of his sons took over Shapadu kontena and also MISC Shipping , hence monopolising air, land and sea transportation services.

So Ustazah Mashitah is a saint compared to Mahathir. Her problem was her next door neighbour as well the third door neighbour.

Even after retirement Mahathir's sons are getting projects from PETRONAS and MAS with contracts bonded for long years shows how entrenched the tentacles of Mahathir's power.

Nobody in UMNO dares to dream of questioning all the misdeeds of Mahathir ! Mahathir rewards even the defeated friends like Wan Mokhtar as envoy to Saudi and Yusuf Nor as Chairman of FELDA.
So Hell hath no furry as Mahathir scorned.

Anonymous,  10 November 2012 at 05:28  

The Americans of all colors, from those handicapped, to the educated youths, the elderly, the unemployed, the expats across nations, they are politically savvy Americans, heard the open political debates and intense grilling of aspiring presidential candidates intently for weeks. Then on that historic moment of time, they decisively re - voted their incumbent president for his sincere and caring spirit, who works tenaciously hard for their nation, who did not make wealth for himself and his family, who, during varsity days served the poor, President Obama and the equally brilliant first lady, Michelle, they continously feel the heart and pulse of the Nation firsthand ! And for him to break down in thanking the Americans for trusting him another term is deafening silence.

He and his team of democrats will incessantly infuse fresh innovations, together with the republicans, mostly uber wealthy, hopefully the latter will put their guns to their heads to silence their interests if they were patriotic, to tackle highly critical debt problems, the uber wealthy paying more taxes ( ? ), creating and assisting new small and medium size businesses to earn wages. To create jobs to the five million of unemployed persons of which Malaysian leaders, crony economists, intelligentsia, bankers must learn on their knees thru the power of us, the rakyat, that if they were committed to the nation first, serious about their credibility as truthful impartial advisors to the govt.. the daily hardship faced by the common rakyat of this nation due to high inflation, corruptions, escalating crime rate, with brutal deaths, smashing windscreens, insane racism, divisiveness, the fears, the threats, the sky-high unemployment, inequal distribution of business opportunities in the private sector directly to the S& M enterprises, commodity traders, every segment of profession, the growing gap between the uber wealthy, the haves, but barely, the have nots, the hardcore poor.

President Obama, I believe will cut expenditures on military, of which will lessen the animosity of certain people towards America perhaps, will instead focus more on extensive social works, sharing of fresh innovations across the needy nations, Muslim nations, they are magnanimous with grace, they have no problems with transforming lives of the poor across nations, to the extent of relecting an African American as President,

As they decively work with hope, walk the talks as many of their MINDFUL educated youths from league universities are doing extensive works on our shore, and across nations….

So will Obama’s stunning victory, not affect Malaysia dramatically ? Will the same courage of Americans reelecting President Obama based on his character - fairness and caring spirit, a tenacious hardworking President that he brings hope to working class Americans, as said by a white elderly American; to sniff the hypocrisy of Romney and Ryan’s agendas, to snub them, will these not transfer to our Rakyat to have the same courage, political savviness , fresh reawakening to vote for clean leaders, judged by their character of sincere commitment to all Malaysians, reaffirmation on doing things right, with eternal value be they in DAP, PK, PAS, PSM.

To do it right this time is akin to our elderly citizens’ prayers’ for a good future for us today, in the present, in the future, being answered, it begins with us, Rakyat, in this coming election !! That is the least, we could do in honor of our elderly citizens, relatives and the younger generations ! That quiet conscience small yet so powerful is His voice to do things right !

The stunning photo on this blog is creating the positive inspiration again ; )

Anonymous,  10 November 2012 at 07:35  

Ex-UMNO member, lawyer Zainal Abidin Ahmad in his book PRU 13, UMNO TUMPAS? (2012:Publisher - Gerakbudaya Enterprise) has this to say, pg 76: …’ Ini bermakna salah seorang dari mereka, walaupun kedua-dua mereka adalah insan-insan yang tinggi ilmu agama (penulis mengadaikan ilmu agama mereka adalah tinggi kerana mereka berkelulusan agama. Jika andaian ini satu kesilapan, ampun dan maaf dipinta), adalah penipu dan pembohong. Siapa di antara mereka yang berbohong hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu dan mungkin beberapa hamba Allah di MAIWP seperti pegawai yang menandatangani cek pembayaran berkenaan dan kerani akaun yang menyediakan cek berkenaan. Mungkin peguam yang menerima bayaran berkenaan juga tahu duduk perkara.’... reads roughly:

<<This means, one of the two, although both are deeply religious, (the writer presumes this to be so because both have received religious education. If the presumption is wrong, then I apologise and ask for forgiveness) is both a cheat and a liar. Which of the two has lied only God Almighty knows and probably also some of God's mortal children from MAIPW(Federal Territory Islamic Council) such as the officer who signed the cheque and the clerk who prepared the cheque. Perhaps the lawyer who received the payment too was aware.

Anonymous,  10 November 2012 at 09:48  

One thing that amazes me is the muslims in this country.....till today i would'nt know who is the real one and the fake one ?The bad evil ones will twist and turn anything to reach their goals.They strike fear anytime or anywhere in a faceoff!But i do know you would'nt find a decent one in umno.
The saddest part is that the malay muslims are still figuring out what is truth or fallacy.

Anonymous,  10 November 2012 at 11:03  

super man said-- please write in your papers- i award contracts to my sons to enrich them.. - sounda like a CORRUPTED MIND// our leaders mesti boleh

Sabah Sifu 10 November 2012 at 12:19  

There is so much more than what you are asserting here Dato’. For example who owns PETRONAS Twin Towers, who own PUTRAJAYA, who owns SEPANF F1, who owns KLIA and many more; these were build using PETRONAS money yet as it is now the government and PETRONAS are paying rentals to dubious corporations with nominated and invisible shareholders.
It is part of the reason that we in Sabah, is taking the stand that the PETRONAS Agreement with the Sabah State government is unconstitutional and in conflict with the Malaysia Agreement 1963. Therefore the agreement is null and void.
As people in Sabah are saying, the only way to beat UMNO is to break their main source of fund i.e. PETRONAS.
We in Sabah demand more than 5% or we shall NOT accept 20%. Land & minerals within it is a State Right – Safeguard by the Malaysia Constitution. Rightly, Oil & Gas producing states owns 100% of the Oil & Gas.
We believe this is the only effective way to put a check and balance between the Center & the states in a Federation. Failure for the Central government to come up with good policies – the Oil & Gas producing states have the option to refuse funding these policies. After all just take a good look at Malaysia today – all the oil & gas producing states are poor and underdeveloped. Most development are in the West Coast of Malaya which have NO Oil & Gas at all !!!!.

Anonymous,  10 November 2012 at 13:45  

‘Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail: Pemalsu, Penipu, Penjenayah?' i.e.

Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail: Fabricator of lies, Con-man, Criminal?

Anonymous,  10 November 2012 at 13:58  

They hide behind race and religion to declare 'war' on ordinary people like us, in particular non Muslim citizen ...they are shameless cowards!

moggs 10 November 2012 at 16:06  

Dear Readers, (with the permission of Datuk Sakmongkol - which i seek here;

None of our hopes and vision to have a "Truth and Reconciliation Trial" aka housecleaning/vermin cleansing/ubat cacing session would work if the next General Election gets underway in the tainted way that the Electoral Roll is currently composed.

Sometimes there comes a time in a nation's history and in the story of the people that we (the rakyat) have to take the bull by the horns and make sure the righteous would win - and for that we have walk the ground and make the change of hearts and minds. I would go one more step and say we must get vigilant of all the PATI getting blue - NRIC.s and being eligible to vote in PRU 13. If this involves stopping factory buses and questioning the lines of people waiting to go into the voting chamber. If there could be an easier way, please educate me.

But we have to start by getting people to register to vote, getting off their comfortable chairs and sinetrons/numbless serials to get to the voting stations, even beginning to discuss the unmitigated disaster that is BN. Please dear reader i bessech you to start talking to at least 5 Malaysians everyday until PRU 13. If we fail, we only have ourselves to blame.


moggs 10 November 2012 at 16:09  

BTW, Datuk is there a Bahasa Malaysia version of this article coming out? I would like to show this to my Bahasa speaking/reading colleagues and hopefully they can take it back to their kampungs/Felda this coming holiday week.


Anonymous,  10 November 2012 at 17:44  

Dear Dato Sak

Another round of cash handouts (to Felda settlers).
My God! Is this the way to manage the country's finances?

Meanwhile our EPF funds are being used to intervene in the stock market, contrary to market logic, to prop up selected stocks.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  10 November 2012 at 19:42  

Ustazah Mashitah perlu diingati beliau boleh didakwa di mahkhamah. Lihat video, 'Tuduh kafir harbi bercanggah perlembagaan' oleh Mohd Firdaus Jaafar:

“To you your religion, and to me my religion.” - Surah Al-Kafirun

bruno,  10 November 2012 at 23:09  

Months before the listing of FGV,CPO was trading at around 3200-3300.I said that CPO will be trading between 2,500-2,200 by years end and 2,200-1,750 or lower in 2013.Many people do not believe that this would happen,especially my buddy Kampong man.

Kampong man was trying to act smart in Wenger's blog talking big and acting ignorant many times that FGV's shares was still trading above the IPO price.He said that he did not believe in my predictions,and the election date was wrong as well as FGV share prices.

Well,first of all I do not read fortunes so I do not make predictions.I am self employed and I learn by making mistakes and depend on my experience to make a living.As a trader I understand that prices of commodities depend on the demand on that particular commodity.

As we were talking about CPO and FGV,and how it will effect the Felda settlers.First of all when I called for the prices to eventually collasped,Wenger came out and said that trading houses are calling for CPO to average above 3,000 for the next few years.

When I made my forecast and not predictions as Kampong man said,I track the soaring prices of CPO to soybeans.I always said that CPO was riding on the coat-tails of the bullmarket in soybeans.And as a trader I understood that soybeans was a weather play.

Now that mother nature has been kind to the farmers in the US and South America,especially Brazil the prices of soybeans have taken it on the chin.And if soybeans have taken it on the chin,the coat-tails riding CPO has taken it hard under the belt.

Yes,it is true that the share prices of FGV is still hanging tough.But my mistake was under estimating the resolve of the GOM to stubornly ordering the GLC's to support the prices of FGV by all costs.Even by buying up and owning almost all the shares in FGV.Just ask the GLC's to open up their books.I wouldn't be surprised that their total control of FGV will be in the range of around 75% or higher.

As for the wrong forecast of the election date,now I understand why Najib delayed the GE till doomsday.As I said that after the US presidential elections the markets will tanked and will not be ideal for Najib to hold the GE.But the DJ just dropped around 450 pts in two days.The markets didn't tanked,it was just a pin dropping.There was no panic,so I would expect the markets to stabilised and recover this week.

Najib was actually waiting for the CPO prices to tanked.Why?If CPO prices tanked and the GE is held,the Umnoputras will lose most if not all the seats on the Felda map.

Najib's wishes of not seeing his enemies in Umno,enjoying the spoils of war will soon become a self fullfilling prophecy.The price's of soybeans took in on the chin again this Friday.With the margin calls coming in,the bloodbath on the CBOT will continue this coming Monday.

Do expect CPO to fall out of bed this coming monday in Asian trading.Below 2,000 on Monday,maybe but definitely by year's end.Do we have to wait for 2013 to see the 2,200-1,750 range.I do not think so.Most probably by December 2012.

Anonymous,  11 November 2012 at 15:22  

Yes,another round of cash handouts. How else could it be for a group of people who have not just lost the plot but also forgot the original reason for writing the fable? Yes, it has always been and will continue to be, a story of expedients, a series of ad-hoc 'solutions' to pander to a pesky, frivolous public who can't seem to be able to appreciate what has been doled out from a very generous concerned government. The truth is the crowd is neither pesky nor frivolous, and the government neither generous nor concerned. The government, by force of approaching events, has become generous and concerned - it is in short, false and hypocritical generosity and concern.

As scandal after scandal surface and as BN-sanctioned corrupt activities remained suppressed by loyal law-enforcement agencies, the need to dip into the EPF cash-cow become even more urgent as April 2013 approaches.

PR has a useful lesson to learn from BN - start with clean hands, keep the hands clean all the time, and the people will continue to keep you there at the pinnacle to allow you to celebrate life while you create conditions for the people to partake in the celebrations too.

Steal and out you go. God, King, Country and Islam will not sanction pillage and injustice in Malaysia anymore.

Sir Wenger Khairy,  11 November 2012 at 17:46  

I have to agree with everything Bruno says. He was the first dude to say the CPO market was going to crash and he said in as early as May when CPO was trading above RM 3,000.

No doubt I am amazed at how Bruno's technical trading stuff works. As to all, I have closed my blog and now am involved in the oily business stuff like HSFO, Jet Kero, LNG, FO and the like

stk,  11 November 2012 at 21:42  

SWK,you should have let your blog go on auto pilot,and see all the commentators go all out, free for all and see some commentators surrender themelves,sort of battle of the wit.Actually we can also gauge their intelligence from the way they argue.

Anonymous,  11 November 2012 at 21:56  

All horse thieves and robbers gets what they duely DESERVE!

bruno,  11 November 2012 at 22:17  

Wenger,thanks for your kind words.
Hope that you will be very successful in your new ventures.All the best.

Anonymous,  11 November 2012 at 23:23  

Sir Wenger Khairy

So you are alive. Why are you such a coward to close your blog when you think your predictions on FGV is so right? Why so scared of that QD boy? How can he still balik negeri if the FGV shares are tanking? Fight that boylah. How you want to help Pakatan when you cant even win with a snot-nosed kid? That guy just party guy lor. Heehee, that boy also Sak's favourite lah. Something about him which old man like.But at least that boy is much smarter than his old uncle Kampong man. Talks crap and only boasting about himself.

monsterball 12 November 2012 at 03:35  

I won't be surprised that Mahathir is secretly talking Tamil to his brother...celebrating Deepavali.
A snake with two heads...ordinary humans can see.
However...his character...behaviors...acting him the biggest hypocrite...the dirtiest politician...and thus the two heads are seen by millions now.
He is out to disunite divide and rule...his formula how to have his Umno B to govern forever.
Mahathir is all evil.

Anonymous,  12 November 2012 at 06:30  

Sir wenger
Drop us a line once in while using this blog Your insights are missed All the best to you in your oily business

Anonymous,  12 November 2012 at 08:03  

Sir Wenger, you have another battle with The Tormentor: the use of Malay or English to teach Maths and Science in Secondary schools. However it is fought, Malaysians, especially those who live just 10 km away from any major towns, have paid and are still paying dearly as the ding-dong goes on. Stay with Najib and you stay with the Oracle, fight Najib and you are with Muhyddin. I specifically say 10 km because those who have been living in urban settings have never lost the connection and fluency with English, witness those living in KL, PJ, Ipoh, Penang, Kuching, etc. Of course you have had the benefit of superior education overseas, from young, few of us ever had, and it would be interesting to know whether you would put your little ones in an ordinary public school, or like the rest of the elites in elitist private schools.

So, the struggle for the heart and mind of the great majority goes on as vital issues on educational quality, objectives and general direction are ignored by UMNO until such time when it thinks it can score against the Oppostion. So as BN politicians continue to divert attention away from rampant corruption afflicting us, mishandling of the national coffers and manifest abuse of the powers vested in so many government departments, we are still reminded that promises have been kept and that 'Malays have become beggars in their own country.'

Sir Wenger, take him on. Sincerely, best of luck.

Think of your forefathers, think of posterity.

Anonymous,  12 November 2012 at 10:51  

(9 November 2012 23:46)

"This is evident from many of the Prophet's Sunnah, his attitude towards those members of his family who did not embrace Islam,"

This is very revealing. Ustazah Marshita, take note.

rance,  12 November 2012 at 19:59  

Dear Dato'Sak, I would like to use your blog to wish all Malaysian Indian readers a very Happy Deepavali. To my favourite commentators Walla,One Malaysian,Nick Bruno do enjoy the long holidays.

Anonymous,  12 November 2012 at 20:48  


Make no mistake. Sir Wenger and his lead operatives function on a totally different spectrum. Its almost eerie. Their understanding of one another is telepathic. Seamless precision. Better check the core assumption before saying otherwise.

Anonymous,  15 November 2012 at 17:52  

Che det is bapa rasuah M'sia. When faced with truthful allegations which he could not deny them he always answered them sarcastically and avoided the issue. He is also a hypocrite who talked against corruption yet allowed Petronas to buy petrol from his son's company worth millions of dollars and we have many many more cases to cite here....

Anonymous,  15 November 2012 at 18:00  

Dear Dato Sak
Mahathir getting private jet from Syed Mokhtar before he retire, after retire terus jadi penasihat yayasan al bukhary nak yutp mata rakyat kerana dapat private jet jenis G4 dan satu bangunan yayasan mohamed diAlor Star, apakah itu bukan rasuah..?
Tanya juga Sulaiman Manan yang jadi patong diYTL apa dah jadi Hotel Merriot,Lot 10 dan Starhill macamana process penjualan kepada YTL Mahathirlah yang menjadi orang perantaraan.

Anonymous,  19 February 2013 at 20:36  

Sometimes when you see all these jokers on TV giving motivation and inspiration.....they are actually the real champion of MAHARaja Lawak

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