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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 18 November 2012

Rakyat diKemudiankan, Pencapaian hanya Ucapan

The above was the scene of the Himpunan Rakyat in Kota Bharu. If it were an event hosted by UMNO, the papers will say 100,000 attended the event. Because it is an event held by PR, the papers say 20,000 attended. One cannot dispute the stand taken by a habitual liar.  It’s a congenital affliction.
It will then do what it is accustomed to: - (1) instill fear in the hearts and minds of Malaysia thereby exposing its utter irresponsibility. (2) Pay more and more money- bribe all around.
After 55 years of rule, UMNO has not been able to structure its rule on a united Malaysian race sharing the same ideals and ideas. Instead it has always ruled by playing on the inherent fears and distrust among the various Malaysian races. UMMO is the promoter of divisiveness because that suits them and serves its overriding objective- to stay in power.
All right thinking Malaysians must vote out people like the pea-brained Jamil Khir. He is just an overrated ustaz who got the job as military chaplain and went up the ranks because they were no other people in that department. He cites the massacre of Palestinians by the Israelis as object lessons for Muslims in Malaysia. Is he suggesting that if PR takes over, then Muslims will be massacred? 
Excuse me, Ustaz- we are only removing the UMNO overburden. The structures of government will remain intact and it’s not like, when UMNO is not around, other people cannot manage the country better. So I urge my fellow Malaysians let us kick out UMNO lock stock and barrel.
You have already seen the worms coming out of the woodwork. People are warned about the coming dominance of DAP should the PR come into power. The holy men of UMNO say that PAS needs the approval of DAP to implement hudud. It seems the hudud issue is being spoken more by UMNO and MCA. The buffoon of the political secretary of the PM who hails from Kelantan says the DAP has no respect for PAS.
This is the major problem with UMNO. It thinks those Malay leaders in PAS and PKR are as stupid as them. But then because only the riffraff remain in UMNO, the ancient Chinese saying must be true: - A base person often thinks of a man of honor as mean as himself. Since UMNO is base, it thinks others beside them are the same base people.
UMNO thinks other people are not more capable than them. So what it will it say? UMNO will tell of the story of a Malaysia where Malay interests are threatened. It will cite the example of NIzar whom they alleged became a stooge to DAP leaders. It hides the true facts from the Malays. During the 11 months, Nizar was Perak MB, the interests of Malays were affirmed not whittled away.
Nizar approved the issue of 8750acres of land; 7500 acres for Malays and 1250 for non-Malays. He approved 102,000 housing lots for Malays and 47,000 lots for non-Malays. The Malay gets a lot measuring 3200 square feet; the non-Malays got 1125 square feet. The DAP went along with his decision.
The fact is PR operates on a different structure. It structures it governance on the rule of law, justice and fairness and an inherent sense of fairplay.  
Because UMNO has no answers to give and explain, it will continue to give out large sums of money believing that money sorts out everything and washes away all its sins. It treats whatever money and largesse that it has given out as something of a godsend for which the people must feel thankful.
So UMNO hopes the final installment of the RM15, 000- bribe to Felda settlers will make the settlers forget that the FGV price is going to hit rock bottom and will likely remain there for a long time. It thinks RM15000 bribe will make the settlers forget that they have mortgaged all the assets belonging to Felda Holdings and that all their wealth residing in physical assets are now converted into paper assets. The share slip says it’s now worth RM4.60 giving the settler a `handsome’ profit of RM 40 for their 800 shares.
It is incredible to hear and read that some people insist that Felda settlers still get their durian runtuh. How much actually does a settler get? With a margin of 5 sen per unit of share, profit margin for the 91.2 million shares is RM4,560,000. Divided by 112,635 , each settler has a margin of RM40 per head.
Now does the RM40 constitute a durian runtuh or windfall? If the settler uses his own money to pay RM3640 to purchase the 800 shares, the return of his investment is only 1%. That if he sells his stock now. If the premium dips below RM 40, his return on his investment is lower than 1%. What if he had borrowed the RM 3600? He would have to pay RM200 processing fee which puts him immediately at a RM160 loss. What if he does not pay anything because Najib has instructed Felda which got almost RM6billion to finance the settlers purchase? The settler who gets finance from Felda needs to make a monthly payment of RM50 only. His loss would then depend on how long he holds the stock. If he holds for 3 months, his financial cost is RM150. If the premium after 3 months is still RM40, he makes a loss of RM 110.
So where is the windfall? So where is the durian runtuh? It does not come from the earnings of the FGV shares. The FGV is a giant Ponzi scheme dreamt of by some consultants to make stock market players rich.
If the duruan runtuh does not come from business transactions, where does it come from? It comes in the forms of cash handouts which are unearned. If not earned, it is just a bribe. A bribe by any other name is still a bribe. The RM15000 per felda family broken up into 3 installments is an advance bribe. The raya bonus is money taken from settlers’ contribution in any case.
Let us see how much durian runtuh the felda settler gets. Let us say the government gives a total of RM20, 000 per felda family( R15,000 plus all the small change) . The government gives out RM20, 000 x 112,635= 2.252 billion. That works out to be around 23% of the RM10 billion raised.  Who will pay for this? Let us say, Felda pays 60% of the amount due- RM1.35 billion. Felda is left with RM4.65 billion. It owes EPF RM 3 billion. It can restructure the loan and pays perhaps RM 1 billion. It has RM3.65 billion.
It will have to manage this RM 3.65 billion to take care of the felda settlers and employees. Since now it has not got any revenue earning asset other than FGV, where will get money to finance its operations? Felda needs RM3 billion a year to run the more than 50 Felda settlements. It still holds 1.496 billion shares from the enlarged capital of 3.684 billion having placed out only 60% of the FGV shares for the public. Its main earnings now will be its returns on the shares it has- 1.496 billion. At RM 4.55 per share- Felda’s shares in hand are worth RM6.81billion.  If it sells the entire stock at 4.60, it will get RM6.88 billion.
The main source of revenue now will be FGV hoping FGV will be well managed, run its business operations efficiently and give good returns per share. That will depend on the dividends declared by FGV each year.  
There must be something fundamentally wrong in the government’s economic thinking. Handing over a revenue earning asset to a company with miserable record, hoping things will turn out for the better. This is no different from the will-o'-the-wisp thinking. 


Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 10:51  

Pak Sak ada ikut sekali berdoa dgn memekik agar UMNO/BN KO? Mesti ada kan? Takpe Pak mungkin tuhan Tok Guru pekak sikit kot. Apa pun saya mohon Pak Sak renungkan ini. Menzalimi diri sendiri itu adalah kemuncak kejahilan yg hanya memudarat yg empunya diri. Tq

johan5150 18 November 2012 at 10:55  

i m a hardcore pakatan supporter.this is because i dislike the unfair business opportunities in BN.however,i follow the day to day government of pakatan state,selangor.
mb pkr is terrible.he is arrogant,doesnt listen to anyone,not exco,adun or ketua i see
anwar is a weak leader.he cannot change the mb neither make mb pkr listen to a result,policies and programs are a welfare type,no empowerment of water,no rumah mampu milik,no real income from sand business.heck,not even anything.great administrators and good mps left.crazy.what do you think?

Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 11:28  


Jika nak komen menyokong UMNO baru pun, agak-agak le. Jiwa kena tenang dan fikiran kena clear.

Seperti dato Sak kata, salah satu masaalah UMNO baru dan penyokong-penyokong tegar seperti sdra ni - hangpa selalu berfikiran bahawa rakyat yang menolak UMNO baru SAMA BODOH DENGAN PEMIMPIN DAN PENYOKONG TEGAR UMNO BARU!

Terus le bermimpi...

timor 18 November 2012 at 13:19  

Usah bermain politik ala UMNO di sini.
Bawa lah kebodohan anda ke Persidangan UMNO nanti.

Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 13:47  

Yang didoakan supaya mampos berkubur itu adalah parti syaitan yang dikenali bernama umno. Pengikut parti tu ikut nasib depalah nak mampos sama atau ikut berkubur. Si bangang anon di atas kerana taksubnya tidak dapat membezakan di antara mendoakan mamposnya makhlok tak bernyawa yakni parti dokongan perasuah bernama umno dengan pengikut umno yang masih bernyawa ikan.

Doa kami mamposkan umno dan berikanlah hidayah kepada syaitan yang dikenali iti supaya bartaubat dan kembali ke jalan yang benar. Jangat diikut perangai syaitan tun kutty menyamun khazanah negara dan membawa kerosakan dimuka bumi ini...AMINNN!

Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 14:03  


I think you are the idiot of highest catagory. While Auditor General report gave the highest mark for Selangor and Penang for well managed public expenditure, you Moron has the gut to dispute MB Khalid' performance. Allow me to cite one example from your reasonings i.e income from pasir. Debgar sini baik baik ngok, masa umno perintah selangor dulu pendapatan dari hasil pasir tidak pernah melebihi rm 800,000 tak sampai 1 juta pun. Hari ni kjaan sngor dapat hampir 35 juta hasil jualan pasir.

Kau ni bercakap ikut mulut ke ikut jubur wahai johan?

Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 15:02  

johan itu hanya ejen media baru ubn yang dibayar untuk menulis serangan curi

Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 15:08  



Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 15:14  


Is the stadium photo a photoshop edited one?

Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 15:56  


Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 18:22  

Umno paid commentators are paid and given a script to write the same thing What Johan writes is from the same script repeated everywhere Some of the things he said are not true at all Hard core pakatan supporter konon

Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 20:41  

Correction, correction people, that Kerala person you refer to is not a Tamil, Kerala people are known as Malayali or Malayalee. The language is known as Malayalam.

So this person came to Malaya and made it his own.

Tamil's are from Tamil Nadu.The majority in Malaysia are Tamil's.

Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 20:54  

Umno tunggu masa nak bkubur,ada nyawa ikan pun guna talian hayat utusan paper lama.

walla 18 November 2012 at 21:25  

We are already in the 21st century. New generations have matured and are ready to lead in building the country.

We must therefore reject the old and bad method that Umno has been using all along. Umno's method is only to divide the people by spooking our Malays. If it is not doing so, ask yourselves where is 1Malaysia today.

We have also seen how it tries to fight the rising tide of right-minded citizens who have seen for themselves all the bad things done onto them. It does this by lying, cheating and stealing until its actions contradict what it says. And to hide that effect, it has increased its slogans and spin.

Umno practices two different sets of laws, standards and privileges. To maintain that difference, it has showed the same arrogance that never left it despite saying it would do some soul-searching after getting the mother of all hammerings from the rakyat in GE12.

To shore its fast dwindling prospects, it is now reduced to throwing your money at you even at the expense of growing an alarming debt that will have to be borne by your new generations. A debt magnified by corruption and waste hidden from the eyes of the growing number of economically challenged citizens; corruption and waste that has been exposed not only by Pakatan members but also by the Auditor-General and conscientious civil servants.

Umno simply cannot and will not change. Because if it is to change, its entire leadership will have to resign en masse on account of chargeable misdeeds and bad management that have not only broken the trust of all voters but also compromised the integrity of enforcement and judiciary personnel who otherwise would only want to uphold their sacred oaths to serve country and community.

That tells you everything you need to know to decide who to vote for in GE13.

Yet there are some who still believe it is prudent to hold onto political power under Umno so as to protect our Malays. For a number of simple facts and reasons, their assumption is wrong:

one, our Malays will always be the majority in numbers regardless of which political party and thus will always be the final deciders of who will run the country;

two, the Malays in Umno who have been running the country have benefited themselves personally more than the community overall;

three, federal power has been wrested by a few who have used the power to pervert the integrity of all institutions of governance in order to enrich their own personal accounts and to bail out their own villainy just by waving it away with specious statements; and

four, we have already seen for ourselves how states run by Pakatan have not neglected or threatened our Malays at all but have instead enhanced their opportunities and honest earnings;

Furthermore those states have shown financial prudence and surpluses, itself remarkable for the fact the Umno-run administration has taken more from them while neglecting allocations for their services to citizens in those states, in effect victimizing law-abiding tax-paying citizens just because they did not vote for Barisan.

walla 18 November 2012 at 21:25  


Today nothing is hunky-dory in Barisan. They have no winnable candidates and their general members have left their parties in increasing numbers. Only because the mainstream media serve the Umno political masters do you not read what has really been happening to their membership numbers.

Najib's Felda scam has fallen apart. The AES project has floundered. The PKFZ investigation has been buried. Petronas is asking to pay less dividends. Loans taken and frittered will mature whose settlement will need new funds from a government more than half a trillion ringgit in debt. And prices have risen beyond the means of the majority of our citizens.

So what has the Umno government been doing? Failing with the sodomy card, it played the race card. Failing with the race card, it played the religion card. And soon as GE13 looms, it will play the election swipe card. If right and good for the rakyat, why the desperation and delay, you have already asked and answered.

If the rakyat throw out Umno and its Barisan kaki's, it's not as though they are going to die. They will just be warming some benches in parliament house for a few years. They may even like the new view from there. Because where they are today, the seats have gotten too hot. More and more rakyat are lighting fires under them. Being labelled devils we know, the smell of sulphur already reeks across the hallowed hall of that building.

If Umno is thrown out, the thousands of right-minded civil servants will be liberated in mind and spirit. They will then be lifted from the fear that had caused them to turn a blind eye away from all the misdeeds that have been commanded by Umno politicians.

They won't need to feel bad anymore about getting goodies that they know were given to stabilize their political loyalty. They would be able to do the right things again. Conscience? priceless.

critique 18 November 2012 at 22:20  

Assallammuallaikum, please let me clear the air on Mamak Kutty's origin. The Muslims from Kerala State are called Malabari, the Tamils originate from the State of Tamilnadu (I hope my spelling is correct). So there is no such thing as a Kerala Tamil, it is like oil and water.

James Labi,  18 November 2012 at 22:30  

Brown's (Gordon Brown) never been elected by anybody. I'm supposed to be in a country where I get the chance to elect someone and I'm around here at the most dangerous of times led by a man who's never been elected. You've gotta be elected. A political party that's in too long is like a piece of meat - if it's there too long it will go rotten and they've gone rotten and they've gotta go.

Michael Caine, Hollywood actor. Assume the role of Alfred J. Pennyworth in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Anonymous,  18 November 2012 at 23:34  

Even if we are moving towards a two party system for Malaysia, you can probably make the best prediction as to which type of coalition the Malaysians will chose to manage this very plural nation.
I trust the majority of Malays know which one is their choice, no matter how slim is the majority.
I can be a candidate in the election if I want and win, but my party might not necessarily able to take the federal goverment.
Probably the two party system in the west have and share the same fundamental principles amongst the two and they are only competing to offer the best social and economic policies for the people.
While tho two party system in our mould tend to differ in contact.
Anyway people have the power of voting and chose the best for them in our democratic system.

bruno,  19 November 2012 at 01:59  

Dato,first of all the mainstream newspapers are like howling parrots of their political masters,the Umnoputras.And their political masters Umnoputras are like Mitt Romney and the Republicans.And Mitt Romney's mistakes is to underestimate the other 47% and to over estimate the 1%.Mitt Romney and the Republicans thought htat they could win with the votes of white males only.

For a man so successful in Bain Capital,he was very bad in arithmatics(not maths).He thought that 1% was greater than the 47%.Just like the mainstream newspapers estimates of 100,000 to be 20,000.That was a very grave mistake.

This Jamil Khir is an idiot or a moron.I have no interest in seeing the Palestinian people getting punish for no fault of them except the bad judgement of electing in the Hamas militants as their gomen.

First of all I have been following very closely the politics of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for a very long time.The people that must bear the brunt of the blame are the Muslim nations and the European Union.

First of all the Muslim nations.They 'blindly supported' the acts of terrorism/suicide bombers and shooting of rockets into Israel.Why I said that they 'blindly supported'.They were either too scared of their more powerful and terrorist supporting neighbours like Iran,to dare condemn the acts of terrorism against the Israelis,for fear that terrorism might be directed to their countries for their vocal objections.

The EU especially the Frenchies.The French foreign minister just a few days ago condemned the Israeli retaliations to the rocket shootings,in the love of the smell of oil.But the French,EU and the Muslim nations conveniently forget that it was the Palestinian militants and Hamas who was firing dozens of rockets daily for the last few months into Israel.So they forget to condemn but instead to condone the shooting of rockets into Israel.Now they are crying wolf for the retaliation by the Israelis.

Israel provides almost half the foreign aid to the Palestinians.The rest coming from the EU,US and the Muslim nations.

During the time of Arafat,many times just a handshake away from peace,Arafat backed down at the last minute.For reasons known to him,maybe the pressure from the more powerful Muslim neighbours.

If the Muslim nations and the EU really want peace for the Palestinians,they should put pressure on the Palestinians to chase the militants and Hamas to Syria or Iran.Most probably Iran would be a better choice.Then let them shoot the rockets from Iran and let Israel go take care of the Hamas and the nuclear plants at one go.

Many supporters of Palestine pretend not to understand the differences between Hamas and the Israelis.Hamas shoots at anything,as long as it landed in Israel they do not care who they hit.

Israel only target militants and Hamas leadership.But in any shooting war,no matter how careful you are,there will always be collateral damage.And that will be the ordinary peace loving civilians who suffer the most,especially if they have cowardly militants hiding and covering in their neighbourhoods.

Anonymous,  19 November 2012 at 12:17  

FGV shares are down in the dumps and technically, my opinion, it will sink lower than the titanic.The highest it can rise is to about 4.70 on a tech rebound as that rose from 4.60 to 4.95 from 11 sept to 14 sept. Now its rebound will be 4.55 to 4.70 then its going to be another round of depression. It will be best to dump ones holding at 4.70 then if lucky up to 4.75and forget fgv. Its got to go very much lower and of course its journey down very south will be impeded by the likes of propping up but no amount of money can prop up cos everytime it rises, ppl will book profits.
So who loses ??? The peoples saving lah who else.
Todays fgv volume is so very low even 'penis' stocks have far more volume.
Pity the settlers who toiled their plots to be plotted out by the likes of isa and his merry band of pirates.Yes ! what the pirate of putrajaya said before will come true. The price of fgv will be nailed down to even lower than 3.50 in a couple of months.

Anonymous,  19 November 2012 at 14:29  

Sir, Deep down in my heart i know it will be an uphill task for PR to even retain some of the states they won last.There is no enough justifications to oust the current government. Most malays will be behind UMNO and chinese behind DAP.The gen x and y will be pro govt ad can be seen in recent Pilihanraya Kampud whete Pro Mahasiswa are trounced yo almost naught, 10%.Sarawak recent poll too shows no major upswing.

The recent PAS doa kehancuran shows PAS is desperate to win malay votes.PKR will be doomed too.Where is your basis that PR is really ready to take Putrajaya.Now, the PAS grassroot want Hadi to be the PM if PR win.Will he accepted by many.Hadi cant even retain Terengganu and never hold responsible position.Anuar is not even a PM material.Can anyone contest my doubt.

Red Alfa 19 November 2012 at 16:06  

Perhaps you may learn to be more objective about Palestinians and HAMAS:

Anonymous,  19 November 2012 at 16:07  

Kpd semua kawan dan Dato Sak,
UMNO baru hanya untuk keluarga mamak dan juak2 bangsawan sahaja, bukan untuk anak2 buroh jepun macam saya. mana itu duit pampasan dari kerajaan Jepun yang telah dibayar?.
Mamak ni banyak pandai, kroninya semua cina dan India maaf ya bukan semua, tapi saudara dah tahu siapa krono-kroninya. Dulu kata lepas pencen nak buat rumah dari duit pencen saja, tapi lupakah sebelum pencen dah ada rumah diThe Mine, Country Height, Sunway, Langkawi juga jet peribadi jenis G4 hadiah dari SYMoch. itu ada bersih ke?

Tiger 19 November 2012 at 16:16  

The mainstream media reported that PR supporters got RM250 for attending the event?
Kepala hotak dia!

Red Alfa 19 November 2012 at 18:48  

@anon 14:29

If you have been following Sakmongkol's postings, you just can't be serious saying all that but you must be that very silly cybertrooper who wants to make that wet string to stand!!

That doa was to Allah SWT and it was not to get Malay votes but that UMNO shall meet the deservedly humiliating end as most befitting for having betrayed the trust of the Malays.

Three Trees,  19 November 2012 at 20:12  

Dear Dato'Sak, When the time come,the Hero will reveal himself/herself,Chu Yuan Zhang was a beggar when he founded the Ming Dynasty of China.Politicians tend to forget,Your Capital is the Rakyat Trust,Once you lose that you are doomed and on your way out,You can delay it like in 2004 but you can't stopped it like in 2008 and the final inertia for the final push might just happen in 2013.Be forewarned BN,The End Is Near......! ABU!

timor 19 November 2012 at 22:19  

Anon 14:29,
Go and tell it to your UMNO fellows untuk menyedapkan hati sendiri. Kami Melayu yang celik mata dan celik hati sudah bersedia untuk Pertukaran Kerajaan come this GE 13.

Sumpitan emas,  20 November 2012 at 18:07  

Jamil Khir might not be an idiot or a moron with lots of peas, but he is just one lucky army chaplain, so facetiously dignified by the title 'General' (who dare say the British didn't have ideas?), and certainly luckier than the unfortunate Brig.Gen(R) Datuk Mohamad Yasin Yahya, ex-Sabah Brigade Commander, a true professional who for years 'menabur keringatnya' to defend the sovereignty of Malaysia, only to be humiliated by being charged in court for allegedly giving false information in the trial against the recently vindicated Dato Ramli Yusuf. Though all finally acquitted, the good men's undeserved sufferings in the courts must force right-thinking individuals, especially God-fearing politicians like Jamil Khir and Ustazah Dr Marsitah, with strong devotional attachment for pious injunctions, to ponder, reflect and ask when the people will finally stop pandering to UMNO politicians’ whims, fancies, lust for wealth and power, and unconscionable thirsts to persecute and prosecute every time there is a hint that some acts of high crime are about to unravel. Crudely, there is just this much excrement the people can take, from a group which see no wrong in playing cards: the ‘sodomy card’, the ‘race card’, the ‘religion card’, and almost surely, the ‘Election Swipe card’(more on this later), and Walla, you forgot to add, the ‘courtship card’ – keeping specific individuals always in the hot embrace of court staff.

A quick reminder to Gen. Jamil Khir and Uz Dr Marsitah, sometime politicians sometime Ustaz or Ustazah. They should not, like some ex-PAS politicians confuse multi-skill ability with incipient bi-polar schizophrenia. To demonstrate convincingly to all Malaysians which of the two was telling the truth as regards the source of payment for legal fees incurred in the Qazaf case instituted by Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, both should sit side by side, the space between them religiously correct in UMNO ceramah sessions to make their respective affirmation, and then let the crowd play jury and judge. The one says it didn’t come from Zakat funds while the other maintained it did.

As Jamil Khir commendably , if also with deep anger, cite ‘the massacre of Palestinians by the Israelis as object lessons for Muslims in Malaysia’, he should also comment on the schism between Sunni and Shia, e.g. the 2000+ people reported to have died in sectarian clashes between the two in Pakistan this year alone. Here’s something for Jamil Khir to rue if he feels sorry for the Palestinians, split both ways, about the plight of the Sunnis in Iran that, they were banned from holding their own Eid prayers in Tehran recently and that, Security police blocked access to houses rented by Sunni minority for worship. Read:

On the Election Swipe/sapu-all card: The Election Commission must state clearly what exactly is a valid ballot. Overheard a few months ago on a conversation of a government functionary explaining to co-workers that even a pencil dot on a ballot paper is considered as valid. If this is true, this must be displayed in bold print large enough for voters to take note.

Query: How does the Election Commission ensure that trained polling officers do not put a small dot furtively on every other piece of blank ballot paper using a small pencil stub hidden in the palm? At counting time, ballots going to the Opposition can be declared INVALID because there are two marks on the paper, one an ‘X’ mark and the other a dot, because that’s what the regulations say about defacing a ballot paper. If the ballot goes to BN, the dot is conveniently overlooked because it is too small to notice.

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