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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Where would UMNO be without the Malays?

Where would UMNO be without the Malays and the people?
Najib is a poor imitator and a poor student of history. Many many years ago, President Kennedy asked the rhetorical question- ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. This particular passage has been criticised because it contradicted much that was said in the stirring speech. The speech by the way is a classic not worthy to be estimated by a lowly person such as I.
It contradicts the very idea of freedom which the speech wanted to convey. Neither half of the passage reflects the idea of the freeman, freedom and liberty. Ask not what your country can do for you suggests that the country, and by extension, the government is your overlord, the one whose generosity one depends on. The other half of the passage, ask what you can do to the country, suggests that you are the slave to the overlord, consigned forever to toil and to owe absolute loyalty to the country and by extension to the government that rules the country. It contradicts the idea that man alone has in his mortal hands the power to do good and also to destroy which Kennedy said earlier in the speech.
Najib on the other hand doesn’t have the intellectual breadth of Kennedy. He was able only to say- where would the Malays be without UMNO. It means the same to the Malays- that UMNO is the supreme overlord, whose generosity, the Malays depend on and whose absolute obedience is owned by. UMNO is your master, and you, UMNO slaves.
The right question Mr Prime minister should be- where would UMNO be, without the Malays? Without Malay support, UMNO is doomed.
Do we see Malays lying dead in Kelantan where UMNO remains defeated for so long a time? Do we see Malays lying around dead since DAP took over Penang? And do we see dead Malays on the streets in Selangor ever since PR governed it? We saw better and more honest government in these states which we didn’t see during UMNO rule. Things can only get better without UMNO for the Malays.
Why? Because in replacement of UMNO, we have  governments that rule on the basis of the principles of the rule of law, on the principles of good governance and on the principles of responsibility and accountability.
What does UMNO represent? It represents absolute discretion, it represents corruption and abuse of power and it represents total abandonment of responsibility and accountability.
 I have said it many times. Let me try to put it simpler and clearer. There are 18 million Malays in Malaysia. There are 3.4 million UMNO members. In other words, 1 out of 6 Malays is an UMNO member. Suppose the 1 UMNO Malay were to drop dead- will the other Malays also drop dead? The answer is if the UMNO Malay dies, the 5 others continue living. To answer Najib in a simple manner understandable by the UMNO JKKK delegates- if UMNO dies, the Malays will continue living. Will the people of Pekan die if Najib were not the PM?
Where are the UMNO windbags when Zaid Ibrahim answered Najib Tun Razak? And we know, during Zaid’s short stint as a minister in Pak Lah’s government, Najib disliked him because Zaid has the mind of an independent gadfly who Najib cannot dominate. Why should any democrat submit to feudal Najib anyway?
 Dato Zaid Ibrahim has written an article with similar message that I have written many times. The destiny and future of Malays are not dependent on UMNO. Their future and destiny lies in the own mortal hands. We who oppose Najib and his UMNO must always remind the people that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God. I hope Najib doesn’t think that God is an UMNO member!  We must never permit the slow undoing of those human rights which UMNO is doing.  
The mass of the Malay is poor. The bottom 40% earns a montly income of RM1300 while the top 20% Malay earns RM 10,666 a month. Since 1970, the top 20% Malays has always controlled and captured 52% of the income while the bottom feeders, the bulk of the sad class, share 12% of the income.
To borrow some passages in Kennedy’s speech- To those peoples in the huts and villages across our country struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves not because we seek their votes, but because it is right. If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.
Najib simply doesn’t get it. He gets and understands only to heap praises and offer self-congratulatory and self-serving dictates supporting  a feudal overlord and his consort.
The UMNO people can’t respond to what Dato Zaid Ibrahim said, because they simply can’t. The only thing coming out from their mouths are material that are supposed to come out from their rear end. That’s the value of what were said at length in the recent UMNO PAU wow.
Let’s see if any UMNO member can engage Zaid Ibrahim sensibly. Chances are, they will come out with the usual vitriol and venom that are thrown at people who will not subscribe to the fascist thinking of UMNO.


Cahaya Qalbu,  10 December 2013 at 05:11  

It’s the Melayu-s of UMNO that are appalling, not the ordinary Malays. The non-UMNO ordinary Malays are mostly pleasant people; men and women but the UMNO Malays can be an adversity in our lives. They have morphed into vile Malays and brazenly without moral scruples or the decency of an ethical conscience. They cheat and lie, are utterly corrupt, their greed knew no bound and can be permanently vindictive throughout their lives and sometimes are overtly racist too. They silently dislike the non-Malays by all means without any logical reason and even deride the indigenous people of East Malaysia like low class second cousins. Look at the indigenous people of Sabah. They are the poorest in Msia because UMNO had plundered the riches of Sabah for themselves. If they find the non-Malays successful they would go to any extent to disrupt them by telling: “They can be so rich and wealthy in the country because they have "originally stolen from the Malays".

Whatever that means, it's still a sweeping statement that did not account for the fact that the non-Malays work days and nights for the wealth. They most certainly did not rob or cheat anyone. They created the wealth with their own sweat and tears and generated the revenues and profits by themselves.

The non-Malays too, contributed the lion's share of the taxes and revenues of the country that support all Msians. Yet, they don’t even asked to be grateful because it is their duty and obligation to help the country and all they ask in return is that the country treat them as rightful loyal citizens, instead of branded them as second-class citizens or Pendatangs (outsiders who had overstayed their welcome).

It is indescribable that most UMNO Malays will accuse the non-Malays of robbing them and stealing their original wealth. They cheat; they bamboozle, and would do anything, everything to achieve their objectives. They act as if one owe them a living all life long. Nay, they even believed the world owe it to them. They would use the ordinary innocent Malays to go against non-Malays just to camouflage their real intention and pretend that all is fair and done with no racial hate but it is so obvious that all are manipulated by their hidden racist-agenda.

That is how incongruous the UMNO Malays can be. It is indeed absurd, inhuman and disgusting but that is the reality. They fabricate laws and interpret them in such a way as if non-Malays are naive and stupid but they still know.

When the economic pie is getting smaller in the future, it will be the non-UMNO Malays who will suffer the same fate, for their voracity has no limit. There is no hope for us in this country as long as UMNO is in control. A change of government and PR victory is our only optimism for a recovered, better and beautiful Malaysia….



Balik kampong tanam jagong,  10 December 2013 at 06:15  

There will be no Umno,not wothout the Malays.Only fly swappers in sight.Hehe.

Anonymous,  10 December 2013 at 06:50  

Negara pimpinan parti umno menuduh ada pihak tertentu yang mengelak membayar cukai tetapi pihak umno sendiri tidak pula mengelak salahlaku urus wang negara.

Anonymous,  10 December 2013 at 07:14  

masuk 2 penggal tranformasi najib diwar-warkan untuk menjadi sebuah negara maju yang berpendapatan tinggi namun apa yang berlaku, ialah penarikkan beberapa subsidi, kenaikkan harga barang dan muncul cukai baru.

nick 10 December 2013 at 07:30  

For me, I'm more intrigued about what would happen to the Malays and UMNO if there was no Mahathir (if TAR did not readmit TDM back into UMNO) in the first place which would mean that UMNO Baru will not be created? What if! It's a good topic for an essay or a thesis but no matter what I think Najib will still be an UMNO member but without any meaningful position in the party. If that happen, Najib should really ponder the question "will Rosmah still be interested in him then and if yes, would she stay married to him when he has no power or position?"


Anonymous,  10 December 2013 at 08:39  

@ Nick

well as far her towering coiffured tiara.. now overstretched horizontally like her torso, Najib will still have his position as the home peon to her.
However, on the norm serious but courteous discussion, without mahathir, Malays would not be incapacitated by insane racism, mass corruption, lies and political manipulations, Melayu elit, the same clique jutawan Melayu, ciplaks with many titles, not as many poor Malays... Salam

the mean machine,  10 December 2013 at 08:40  

Poor Najib,kena left,right and center.No escape for this guy,very miserable career to hang onto power.Time to retire and migrate and enjoy his ill gotten riches.

Anonymous,  10 December 2013 at 08:53  


A correction – ‘If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it MUST not save the few who are rich.’

Many has said that M’sia is a blessed country, due to the lack of natural calamity.

Yet year in & year out, M’sia has her fair share of floods - flash or perennial.

Most of these victims r, again, the bottom-feeding 40% Melayu in the states that have seemed the controls of the umno-lead govt for umpteen years.

Even for Kelatan, we could safely say that the lack of fund from the umno federal govt is ONE of the main cause for mitigating the annual floods.

So, what has the umno govt did ALL those years IN control?

Shouting slogans & playing fires of religious & racial themes! While doing so, pocketing the financial resources that SHOULD be channeled to alleviate these floods.

IT’s NOT that the govt doesnt has the TIME & Money.

If 50+ yrs in federal govt control is NOT time enough, then we really have a bunch of nincompoops elected as servant of the people.

The Grand Canal of China was built within 15yrs during the Soong Dynasty, so as to eliminate the flood of the Yellow river.

These nincompoops has 50+ yrs! Their governing positions r been played out via sugarly-quoted racial & religious diarrhoea that the Mats & Minas have little time to follow, lest alone faham.

Money is NOT the problem. Consider RM52B has been wasted, within 30+ yrs, just to falsify a group of pseudo-Islamic championed Melayu millionaires, who could allow cows to live in condos.

It’s bcoz of lack of WILL to see the elimination of the fellow kindred's yearly suffering. It’s also bcoz the fund available is been pocketed for personal use!

It’s a desecrating act to the Islam, to allow fellow kindred to suffer, while they enjoy the money that r supposedly to help those that need it most!

Come again – Islam championed millionaires? What a bull?

Anonymous,  10 December 2013 at 10:58  

The country must go bankrupt first for these people in position of power and trust to change.

Just wait!

Anonymous,  10 December 2013 at 11:20  

Go ask Singapore Malay - where are they without UMNO - the average Malay in Singapore, with discrimination and intense pressure, IS STILL BETTER OFF than the average Malay here. Only the obscenely wealthy largely corrupt in Malays are better off than everyone..

the gugu guy,  10 December 2013 at 11:48  

Najib and Umno can thank their lucky stars that the PKR leadership of Anwar and his blue eyed boy Azmin are stumbling and falling down like drunkards,or else they will be long sitting on the opposition benches.This Umno gomen have long outlived their welcome,but poor leadership of this pair have help them stay in power.

Anonymous,  10 December 2013 at 12:32  

ideologi ketuanan melayu yang dipelopori umno hanya membawa kemusnahan kepada bangsa melayu sendiri.Ini cuma salah satu topeng menutupi wajah kerakusan pemimpin umno.

tebing tinggi,  10 December 2013 at 16:04  

Where would UMNO be ,without the Malay?.

There will be NO UMNO ,it's simple ,as long as Malay are around the will be UMNO.

To get rid's of UMNO is impossible with the Malay are around.

the cuckoo guy who know's,  10 December 2013 at 21:38  

Where would Umno be without the Malays?Well,Umnoputras would be settling comfortably down in the cows condos having babies.

the cuckoo guy who know's,  10 December 2013 at 23:31  

What will the Malays be without Umno Baru.Well,they will be a very competitive and hard working people,willing to pit their wits and brains against the best in the country.

They will no longer be surpressed by the elites who called themselves Umnoputras.And just imagined when people who have been surpressed for decades are suddenly set free.They can do incredible things and surprise the critics who said they couldn't do.

Anonymous,  11 December 2013 at 07:09  


Where would UMNO be without Malays ? It will be a VIP, VVIP, VVVIP’s social club for elite leaders, their respective spouses, gfs, children, cucu-cicit, relatives, selected REPROGRAMMED children, adults, thinkers, doers, powerful industrialists and their battalions - each with their own agendas - semua cakap tak serupa bikin MINUS the pulses and heartbeats of the progressive thinking, mindful Malays from the working class.

Our humble Malays in the kampung who provide us the staple nutritious foods and labor intensive services will stuck indefinitely with more insurmountable challenges : low quality education, poverty, unemployment, an aging population, loss of ancestral land to badly planned developments, etc which will then translate to aggravating interlinking issues to the Rakyat in the outskirts and the cities. Likewise the reverse benefits both tangents.

So why not leave the rumah sakit in droves, it is not as in the case of the romanticized phrase you jump, I jump, it is based on well- informed decisions, hearings and thoughtful observations.

Whether Najib will be alone and if his overly ambitious rosmah will still remain married to him once he is not in office, once his power diminishes does not affect us personally or us as the rakyat directly as they are sitting on piles of immense wealth unless she rules as a sooo old person from the kingdom of Ulan Bator - Johannesburg - London, still, have no fear, everything cruel is temporal and time-based, though many a time, it seems sooo long overdue, exhaustive. Let’s think of any five women of tyrant rulers in the past who had tried to snake back, yet their plans are warded off by a newer democratic voice of the People. And everything that is good, just and pleasing, amiable, beneficial will have a long - term commitment to own - both ways in personal capacity and then to the communities,too.

It is very crucial for us to continue flowing in the DNA of our good, just, muhibbah, hardworking Malay forefathers who had chosen to work, to co-exist, to live harmoniously with the Chinese and the Indians in rebuilding the younger Malaysia then. This is it ! This is the result of having proper understanding of the agama, good upbringing, close relationship or having lived together in the neighborhood. Get to know individuals in the community well and not stereotype Malays as the result of the UMNO regime’s racist policies and we, likewise too, be free from the lies and deceptions of UMNO - BN spin - off.

Anonymous,  11 December 2013 at 07:17  

Hence, without UMNO, Malays can do unlimited corruption free works, deeds guided by accountability, sincerity and be politically - economically- socially inclusive of All Malaysians.

We are each the captain of our respective minds and souls of a good DNA and the faith as ones claim to be. The consistent character. One of the most profound posts encrypted in mind from Sak’s blog belongs to a non - Malay doctor who recently submitted a post that he daily works intensively , he chooses to serve all communities like his own with such dedication, after work, he daily researches to upgrade his medical knowledge, despite the fact he was overlooked for job promotion. How does that not inflict our Malay mind and heart to ask what has the nation failed to do for him in return alongside many brains, including our Malays who have migrated or are working / posted for extended period of time regularly to do all that is required for company’s advancement , whilst for others - too many for personal and family sanity, hopes and development ? Why ? Not patriotic, or is it because of patiotism of not wanting to aggravate the degree of unemployement caused by an incompetent government ? More Malay brains will join the exodus alongside the fellow Malaysians.

Perhaps the present capitalists in developed countries have malignly subscribed to individually and corporately diverted, spinned off of the ideas of the White Man’s burdens ? What about the respective workers’ insurmountable burdens … moving beyond the patriotism to their nation as in my newly discovered songs : Pete Seeger / Where Have All The Flowers Gone ; Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday celebration by Joan Baez ( whoa she has such powerful vocal )

Please don’t jump into a hazy conclusion and stop listening after the first few stanzas. Listen through…. thinking along the line the US war veterans in their fragility – are now facing unsustainable pensions whereby Obamacare will cut deep into their healthcare and private insurance premium. In the same staccato, to avoid wars, intrusions, invasions at all cost.

Closer to homecountry, it is no longer an option to remain in the Elite UMNO less we become extinct by ones’ own dull mind, indifference and supremacy… be they Machiavellian leaders, from the present tyrants… to leaders of the dark ages …by studying their gross failures will enlighten ones to be better human beings, more responsible leaders and closely duplicate more and more of the Global One’s attributes to do good to all and to restrain abuse of anything and person(s) instead.

And even doing good to animals but certainly not at the expense of neglecting family members ( but inclusiveness )

As for atheists, they could be guided by an inner quiet, yet audible convictions called a voice, beyond the intelligences, again there is also accountability, again beyond the doubts and seamless reasonings, there will be an emergence of hopes…Everything is intertwined, interlinked along the line.. somehow, somewhere …

moving on as the next posting abroad nears. noo not completely the captain of my a mortal.. Salam, thank you so much.

Anonymous,  11 December 2013 at 08:48  

It is UMNO with its policies has generally made Malays complacent and totally dependent on them for their relatively easy life. As a Malay, who would not want this to remain? Secondly, Utusan has been doing a great job of brainwashing kampung Malays of the fear of losing their political power and opposition parties being as threat to Islam - in the end, Malays ended up supporting a party which is corrupt, which steal, tell lies, does unjust things, all of which are haram in Islam. As an "informed" Muslim, I do not want to sin.

Anonymous,  11 December 2013 at 19:40  

Dear Datuk Sak

Malaysia needs a healer for our morally sick nation like the late Nelson Mandela:

And we need more musicians like the "white Zulu" Johnny Clegg who had his multi-racial South African band and was active in the anti-apartheid struggle.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  11 December 2013 at 20:56  

about the singer of the song…. Not aware of joan baez’s later activism… she has a powerful vocal, awesome talents and such niceness….convictions, real sadness in her voice about wars so she commands much respect from me. Nanti the UMNO goons lambast Sak and the writers here… bukan - bukan.

The majority us - the heteros should be spared hatred, tasteless suggestives, verbal attacks against our human rights, dignity and faith. The level of education, respect in them towards the majority’s rights differentiate them from the loose cannons amongst them. That commands our respect. There are heteros amongst us who are in the medical field, finding advanced cures, some doing extensive voluntary works using own funds to extend compassion…

Anonymous,  12 December 2013 at 09:27  

Dear Datuk Sak

Just imagine if our talented Malaysian musicians form multi-ethnic bands (like the South African musician Johnny Clegg and his rainbow nation bands)and perform progressive songs with
Malay, Mandarin, Tamil,Malaysian English, Kadazandusun, Iban etc lyrics all
campur-campur in their songs.

This would send a very positive message to our youth (that we are
a multi-ethnic rojak nation where everyone can live and co-operate in peace and progress together).

If I had the musical talent, I would form such a band ! :)

Phua Kai Lit

P.S. Johnny Clegg was a former
anthropology professor. His multiethnic band(s) was a direct challenge to the ideology of Apartheid.

wongty robert 15 December 2013 at 12:12  

A good question for non-UMNO Malays. One result is certain. The new generation of educated non-UMNO Malays will be able to stand on their own two feet, innovative and very competitive! But for UMNO Malays, many of them will become totally hopeless because of their addiction to hand-outs, commissions and high living!

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