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Friday 13 December 2013

A Mixed Bag of Issues

Many years ago, when Eric Chia who was then boss of Perwaja Steel was embroiled in a court case, he went missing. Something like the businessman who got whacked and trashed by Dr Zahid Hamidi is doing at the moment. I can’t remember who was prosecuting Eric Chia then, but the country was treated to the spectacle of a missing witness.
Karpal Singh came out stating that the police were looking at the wrong address. The police said Karpal should look for Eric Chia at Sri Perdana. Sri Perdana was home of the PM then who was protecting Eric Chia from being prosecuted.
We are now facing the same mystery. The victim of the horrendous assault by Zahid Hamidi has gone missing. We can assume what actually happened- he was given an offer he cannot refuse- tons of money. Excluding his own lawyer when negotiating with the arbitrator, maybe h ethought he could keep all the money. The original criminal case brought against Zahid was dismissed. It its place a civil case was proffered.
Where should we look to locate this person? Karpal is said to be using his network of friends to locate him. He is depending on Mat Sabu who in turn is depending on his network of informers to locate Ahmad Bazli.
They are looking at the wrong address. He may be living in country heights at the moment. That is where the people should be looking at him.
Mat Sabu is a shiah, Ibrahim Ali is too and so is Malaysia.
I am thinking Malaysia should be tried by the courts. Malaysia is Shiah because it has links with Iran and other shiah nations. Pakistan has a large shiah population as does India. Malays has long standing links with Iran which MUST make Malaysia shiah by association.
I want to ask the government, which is more dangerous now- Shiah or Communism. Malaysia has links with China, Russia and other communist countries. Our leaders embrace these communists. They must be communists by association.
This kind of simpleton reasoning destroys the intellectual credibility of Zahid Hamidi who has a doctorate from a local university. Perhaps this local university needs to review the award of that degree because it discredits the integrity of the university. It should be ashamed that a person holding a distinguished degree from the university would offer this kind of bizarre reasoning. Di Zahid really attend school?
Zaid Ibrahim has to answer himself.
I am surprised no one from UMNO took up the cudgels to bludgeon Zaid. I asked UMNO to expose how many APs did Zaid get, how many contracts he got, how many concessions he got etc. no one from UMNO came out with guns blazing. The fact of the matter- they have nothing on Zaid Ibrahim. So Zaid has to do some sort of melancholic write up of what he actually got by ‘associating ‘with UMNO. His latest article should be read carefully.


Anonymous,  13 December 2013 at 05:01  


One of the biggest blunders which is snowballing into infinity is the elite UMNO, the honorific titles, for without them, nothing works on meritocracy, again it goes back to the supremacy; selling titles for a price, or to contribute to a lavish birthday bash or overseas trip as alleged, our rich fellow Malaysias will be forced to “ acquire “ them to get proposal approved, to be accepted to sit in the front rows in formal and social functions Also it comes with a massive abuse of power by their respective spouses as well, commanding others to do donkeys’ errands, salivating on their hands, carrying their whatever. How do many of the elites’ kids, of all the races, still in diapers, get the awards ? Even with academic titles, in spoken English, titles are generally not mentioned aloud, however, in our country, ones will hear it too often that the carriers address themselves as such on the phone, worse their respective one- and a - half will demand staff even friends to address them as such. Mind- boggling but again semua boleh in the Bolehland for massive messiness, corruption. It is kind of tactless or sheer insanity.

However, there are exceptions, every Malaysian on his own accord will be more than at ease to accord the respect to any humble dato, tan sri yang dah banyak berbakti. Mana ada gelaran this that which has eternal value except the title that comes with specific calling and heavy personal sacrifice to serve insan. As this post is being written, I honestly think many clever Malays, Chinese and Indians abroad, though many love the nation and the people, and be real concerned about the nation’s insurmountable plights , corruptions, etc; experiencing this culture at the workplace is sooo uncool, it is completely unnecessary. Subjecting ordinary Malaysians, including the professionals, the civil servants to the protocol as a mandatory is not the norm in international organizations here or abroad. One example, the Editor of the Star, someone here from johns hopkins, or at the surau, at the places of worship do not flare their titles. None here. Confident, nicest people are just at ease. Titles are to be addressed amongst apples and apples, oranges and oranges in their crates. Full stop.

Another repeated slip-up is awarding endless projects, franchises, mega business opportunities and berbilion RM loans, upgrading to the same clique of associates, cronies, kaki golf, kaki horseback riding and exclusive social clubs.

Too much talks, insane suspicion, mistrust or Melayu's first degree of jealousy of others to be cleverer, successful; including the several Chinese - Indian type - of - whatever attitude they themselves know, all this will cause fresh clever leaders to hesitate stepping up in the local offices and international organizations in the private sector to provide the team leadership- sponsorship- mentoring, even in DAP- PK; or returning to Malaysia or can’t wait to leave after one- two -three years of brain draining back. What a mess..

Anonymous,  13 December 2013 at 05:04  


Inevitably, it is prevalent ones dread to lose “ face “ as in Asia or “ self- respect “ as in developed nations. It is the same anywhere. It is crucial to talk things over P&C in private, not face booking personal issues as losing and causing one’s right to self- respect, walk through how things want to be done before and its aftermath, never show madness or childishness by flashing fingers or shouting obscenity at subordinates or colleagues in the August House or at anywhere.

When mistakes are done, a superior or the human resource needs to show how things can be fixed together, totally avoid attacking the personality, never remind or mention those issues to others in the office. For a few disguising as berdoa for someone(?). This is to ensure everyone can move on, pick up the pieces and continue to produce good works for their respective organizations, unless it is criminal, again, there is also a proper dignified way of handling an issue. People need a second or a third chance to rebuild life to put food on the table for their family. However, ones should also not to take a good boss, CEO or a colleague for granted, or show preference, even to one’s spouse or family member in the adjacent department in the same organization.

I also humbly recommend, it is high time those of us, in the position, or those already retired, to step up and recommend any good ordinary Malaysian in ones’ neighborhood, regardless of ethnicity and creed, to a new business opportunity or a new technical or professional job opening. Perhaps, ones might want to utilize one’s expertise and sponsor - mentor a small trade with a youth or two who are hardworking, honest ( with simple references ) but without paper qualification. I do that in my little capacity. Whatever best that is done, in proportion of what ones have, will reap rewards forward, think along the line, there are occassions, strangers just helped us while we’re studying hard and working part-time elsewhere, yes ?

Enuf shared. Many Thanks. Salam to all and one’s respective great families. Cheers !

the cuckoo guy who know's,  13 December 2013 at 08:55  

When there is a circus in town,there are bound to be clowns around.The ringmaster is also known as the pied piper.

Anonymous,  14 December 2013 at 11:58  

Dear Dato,

You are absolutely correct. Based on Ahmad Zahid's "brilliant" reasoning, Malaysia is a communist and Shite country based on its association with the communist countries, Iran and Pakistan. I hope the local university who conferred the doctorate award on Ahmad Zahid will give him its highest award for his exceptional and mind boggling deductions which puts Stephen Hawkings to shame. If the local university does not have any higher award, then it should create one specifically for Ahmad Zahid as he deserves it. The mortar cap that comes along with the university's highest award to Ahmad Zahid should be shaped lke a dunce cap.

Anonymous,  15 December 2013 at 06:46  

As written by dr bakri musa recently " 90% of phd holders in malaysia are worth no more than celebrated toilet papers".

Anonymous,  15 December 2013 at 15:12  

ahahhahaha boleh beli, bayar otak lain buat dissertation, pernah sekali nak semua pensyarah local universities, dapat Phd hahaha personal head damages kat overseas, duit rakyat berbilion mengalir keluar, terdapat juga yg dapat phd sebelum usia mencapai 25 tahun, bertugas sebagai pengajar di low grade universiti- kolej swasta, dengar keluhan jiran...pensyarah muda Cina ( sorry lah ) ini heboh sendiri... dah pernah menerbit buku - buku di pasaran ( dibayar ) masa conferencing dgn ibubapa / penjaga sebagai defence, dua belah tangan "folded" memandangkan dia tersedar usianya yg muda; masa interview, sikap perwatakan lain pulak.

dengar maha rasis pernah minta rakyat buat babies siang malam 70 juta hahahahahhaaa semua projek lembu kondo gila ! nasib baik ramai yg tak bodoh. Pisa dah jadi pizza dlm tong sampah. Ambillah guru2 yg terbaik tanpa amalan ras; ambil 30 peratus dari yg bakal graduan yg terbaik, tanpa niat mengajar yg membara, pun tak berguna.. tengok lah nanti.

Anonymous,  15 December 2013 at 20:17  

Celebrating our beloved parents and for some, their equally beloved guardian(s) when they visit us ( working / studying ) in overseas.

With a little more efforts at planning, such as assisting them book air tickets in advance( if it is with Air Asia, it akin to heaven on earth ) or gifting them air tickets to coincide one’s year - end leave, for some with employers who practice flexibility, you can apply for an extended leave in - lieu of the many days of extra hours of work put in at the office. Equally important, the request is submitted in advance, negotiated, agreed on paper and signed with your employer(s) to sort out any concerns if they arise later. Alternatively, plan their visit to gel with the spring / long summer break ( for varsity students ).

Plan in advance, foremost, ensure that your parents bring sufficient medication and a legal prescription from their physician with a letter stating that the prescribed medication is legal and it is for strictly for personal use. Rest assured, on their own, they would google and reaffirm with good friends and close relatives for beneficial and right information.

Next, plan activities that our parents / guardian(s) will find meaningful and exciting, taking into consideration their age factor, the change of cultures, the temperature and the distance of a place of interests.

Take time with them to enjoy the fresh air, watch the world breeze by, do nothing yet something absolutely good for family relationships, enjoy the cultures and the relaxing atmosphere at cafes, orchards, museums, picnics at the parks or on the beaches. Bearing in mind, they, including your good self needs sufficient time to feel rested at these points of activities. No point rushing if they come for a month to three months holidays. Enjoy looking at family photo albums together, the best is when your good friends also seem to enjoy your parents’ presence immensely as well. As Malaysians, we are rather good at that.

Take leisurely walks with them during shopping trips as dad and mom have different sets of needs. Ideally leave dad to be adventurous but safe with a varsity friend you can trust in and he is comfortable with, decide a meeting point to wait and get an activated local sim card for his phone and your home address printed clearly just in case....

If one owns a car or rent a car, then travelling is more convenient, more relaxing, at ones’ own pace and preference...
Be kind and gracious if they want to lavish you with gifts, despite one has limited cash as a student, you can still be generous to treat them to premium soft drinks and tasty exotic foods. And if one has started a career well into the months perhaps, envision a surprise trip for them by saving up some cash every month.

For anyone with married siblings ,in ensuring their third culture children stay meaningfully connected with their grandparents and their closest relatives, cousins and friends far away ( only a handful long term friends - the setback of being young third or fourth culture kids ), however, it does not necessarily have to stop at packing and unpacking the boxes. It does not have jive to that discouraging way. Be creative, stay connected with family back home. Hence, the concerted efforts, the grown up children wanting their own kids to forge a very close meaningful relationship with their own extended family, across the oceans.

There is a myriad virtual ways of reconnecting with family which could involve Skype, text with Viber or WhatsApps, FB, email, voicemail, backed up with handwritten postcards and snapshots of family members doing realtime activities ( the latest is real cool and sooo priceless ) which in turn is passed around to share the family anecdotes and jokes.

Anonymous,  15 December 2013 at 20:24  


Moving away from the top, in family A, the older working siblings would pick up all the tabs of their parent(s) when they make their once every two years trip overseas. For family B, the efforts – which requires more adjustment on the adult children’s side, as younger blood has more flexibility, to work around to reciprocate ones’ parents’ efforts and their certain ways of doing things which they feel more at ease with, the type of comfort foods they have eaten for decades so they fine- tune around them to reaffirm the family relationships and time spent to be more meaningful.

The grown up siblings could also skype or voicemail each other to plan and chip in their share of contribution to purchase the round trip air-tickets for their parents.

During my time, studying cum working part- time, my Malaysian and foreign close friends at varsity and housemates would be just as excited to dine my parents with their simple home - cooked specialities such as Moroccan chicken curry with chickpeas, tacos ( from the more initiated ones - the pretty ones ) or barbecued calamari salad, simple butter cake in my rented apartment.

This is also an extension of our camaraderie towards each others’ parents as well , whoever was available, would volunteer to pick them up from the airport and tried to make their visit as comfortable through the whole duration…. so the cycle of good support.

Oh yes, not forgetting my friends were spoilt with happiness to be gifted with carefully vacuumed permitted food stuff from Malaysia, CDs and to receive gifts from their own parents who tumpang kirim as well. These days, most Asian food products can be purchased in Asian grocery shops in most countries.

A few things for sure, by then at varsity, we had to grow up… us boys, even the two galfriends of our good friends in the group, each would always help out mom in the kitchen doing the major works, do grocery shopping in advance, on the days of cooking, preparing the stuff e.g. “smashing up” the chicken, crushing the ingredients, just in time for our Lady Chef to pause watching Jamie Oliver’s daily late afternoon cook shows to start cooking real mean rendang ayam, sambal udang tersangat pedas and kangkung masak belacan in the tastiest way. And quiet, easy - to - please Dad would be just contented to read, or enjoy the warm mornings / the chilly evening breeze, helped out when we let him.

Anonymous,  15 December 2013 at 20:32  


Only three to four dishes max, as our parents were on holidays, and long remember what we have learned throughout the high school years that our parents are not maids or cleaners; in retrospect, our mom was in a way kind and democratic to empower us, boys and our sister to do household chores together, in the transistion to taking care of selves independently overseas some day, just in case we were really clever and our proficiency in English is beyond ...

Coming back to… while the storm was raging in the kitchen, the dining table was set, as soon as the batuk- batuk stopped, the fires on the four stoves ceased dancing, we then makan sambil sembang lama- lama. Then we grown up children did the dishes cepat -cepat, before we hit the park or the cafĂ© with our parents for a fun evening out. Less dishes means less washing, more time for spending the holidays together. In the weekends, it is totally another set of outdoor activities, packed picnics therefafther, eat out all day long.. sponsored.. yay.

Oh yes, the memories of our parents saving up to splurge on us, branded jeans from Malaysia and the expensive foods on our weekend trips out during their stay with us. Why the sudden tembam cheeks, the extra kilos…
Even whenever we come home for long holiday break, ideally, we remain grown up and help do the household chores independently, anyway, all normal major chores are assisted with machine… so every bit of support to our parents is a great alternative to keep the young physique trim, through no cost, healthy way...but on a quiet reflective note, it is to celebrate our elderly parents’ lives and their sacrifices in giving us a far better education, regardless locally or overseas. What are the other reasons in assisting our age-ing parents with the chores… hmmm let me get my roast chicken dinner… hmmm nooo dinner, sebab asyik blogging…everything is done independently as a grown up…

And we suddenly had an acute sixth sense, it’s actually loads of common sense, to know varsity gals who tipu-tipu rajin kemas their flat, di depan mata kami… likewise… oops…the cover of the book is great, but the content is just as equally fun discovery, as being amiable and helpful to our parents at home…once we graduated and start working / holidaying in homecountry Malaysia … don't laze , cease brooding around..

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