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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 6 December 2013

Death Knell from PWTC

Hooray- now we know UMNO is going to be finished come GE14. It does not know how to govern Malaysia, a land of many races, each a legal citizen with equal rights before the law. Najib speaks like he’s speaking to a bunch of nitwit JKKKs, sometimes mocking, sometimes raising his voice out of tune. He’s tuneless, out of sync and clueless.
There was nothing said about forging a unified nation. The 1Malaysia slogan is just that- a slogan that became a black hole sucking in money for the consultants. Instead you hear about Malay supremacy being bandied around. It’s ok if others call UMNO racists. Then why should UMNO detest if others are racists too?
UMNO has nothing to say about managing the economy other than talking about BR1M and hand-outs to keep the hoi poloi contented. Instead you hear about the shameless demand for making a few Malays rich because these Malays represent the Malays. Hence UMNO speaks nothing about the widening inequality- the top 5% Malay controlling 42% of the nation’s income while the bottom feeders, made contented by BR1Ms and hand-outs share 12% of the nation’s income.
UMNO speaks about preserving the AP system that has enriched a select few. The Bumiputera-fication of the economy actually means cornering business deals and government businesses by the select few. Bumputera means just that- the Puteras are in the forefront grabbing all resources while the Bumis are left behind. Hence the term bumiPUTERA.
UMNO’s 1 Malaysia will become UMNO’s 1 Melayu. UMNO’s economic agenda is nothing more than the bumiputerafication of business so that the elite and select Malays acquire more wealth on BEHALF of all Malays. UMNO does not have the moral authority to unite the people because it negates itself with all the racist slurs and virulent supremacy.
How do you explain UMNO’s success and longevity? UMNO has been able to stay afloat as long as it succeeds in keeping the Malays under a siege mentality. As long as it can induce a climate of fear that Malays are under threat, the position of Malays is under attack, the Islamic religion is under siege, even spreading the fear of Malaysia being taken over by Christians and that Malays are being converted to Christianity, Malay Kings are going to be replaced and dethroned and all that, UMNO will survive. Meaning- UMNO survives on a foundation of falsehoods which will crumble once society becomes more politically and socially aware. As UMNO sows the negative seeds, so will it reap the negative fruits.
So what does it do? It drives a wedge between PAS and DAP. The reason why UMNO got 88 parliamentary votes was simply because PAS wasn’t able to take more seats off UMNO. The reason why PAS wasn’t able is because UMNO has successfully exploited PAS’s cooperation with DAP. UMNO goes around saying a vote for PAS means a vote for DAP. The DAP is painted as a chauvinist Chinese party as well as a communist party in some areas. It is none of those.
PAS people have wizened up. In its recent party elections, the party has chosen to retain many of its modern Islamic leaders. That is a good thing because for as long as PAS submits to the UMNO’s hidden plan to keep PAS as a party of village ulamas,  It will continue to contain PAS. That was why I said PRU14 will be the time of PAS. If it can show that it is modern thinking despite preserving its fundamental beliefs and Islamic in thinking rather that insisting to impose a Taliban-esque regime, then PAS will replace UMNO.
All the talk about the Malays being under siege are all garbage. We the opposition parties are not going to go there and dignify UMNO’s own creations. We want to focus on good governance, abuse of power, corruption and management of the economy, creating a united nation. Nothing to do with all those things Malay as defined by  UMNO because everyone of us accept the Malaysian constitution and all the provisions there in.
Its UMNO who should be reined in for sedition. It’s going to face a lot of problems. Despite the rhetoric and swashbuckling noises coming out of PTWC, UMNO knows the people know(1) the economic system has not been fair. Those who benefit belong to the top 5% while those at the bottom have not improved substantially . 40% still get income lower than RM1500 a month and that means 11 million people live with a monthly income of not more than RM1500 a month. (2) the political system has not been fair- people who want change cannot get the change they desire because the government cheated by way of gerrymandering and unfair representation. (3) The political system hasn’t corrected the failures.
So there is  vast difference from UMNO says loudly and publicly and what they have achieved. People know that GST is good from the standpoint of the government because it allows them to get more money. Getting more money in the hands of the government is troubling us because the government has a long bad record of misusing and misappropriating public funds. We lose RM28 billion a year through all sorts of leakages such as outright corruption, falsification of costs and so forth.
There is a greater sense of awareness among the majority of the population that the government and therefore UMNO has taken us for a ride.UMNO is riding into the sunset.


Anonymous,  6 December 2013 at 17:08  

Steadily and inevitably this corrupt party is heading towards implosion. Its members and leaders are reinforcing each other in pushing themselves along the road to self-destruction. What a spectacle.

Anonymous,  6 December 2013 at 19:59  

Let us all pray for the armageddon of UMNO so our country can enjoy peace, free from corruption & racism.

tebing tinggi,  6 December 2013 at 22:43  

There is no way we could achieve 1 Malaysia ,MCA ,DAP ,Gerekan are fighting for 1 China and MIC ,PPP and Hindraf are for satu India .

There is no 1 Malaysia ,not in near future.

Sam,  6 December 2013 at 22:47  

Dato Sak,

"All the talk about the Malays being under siege are all garbage. We the opposition parties are not going to go there and dignify UMNO’s own creations."

Ok, that sounds reasonable. But there are 2 problems to overcome:
(1) How to convince the Malays in the 47% (GE13 voters) that they are not under siege, that they are in fact being severely shortchanged by UMNO?
(2) Assuming there is some success in winning over some of the 47%, how are the opposition and the rakyat going to overcome the gerrymandering and other nefarious cheating in the GE? You can be sure it will be worse than GE13. To add to everyone's woes, the instruments of the state - PDRM and the Jusitice department are biased for the BN.

And Dato' its not your readers who need convincing, its the 47% who needs some education in critical thinking.

Thank you for the space to let go some steam.

bruno 6 December 2013 at 23:14  

Dato,leadership is a very important in fact the most important issue,especially to an opposition party planning on taking over federal government.

But many Malays do not see the present leadership in line of the top posts in gomen of any quality better than the present ones.Therefore the Malays go for the devil they know instead of the angel they do not know(in fact many know what these guys are made of).They do not trust the top leaders of PR,that is the reason Umno won GE13th.

If PR wants to win Putrajaya,there has to be changes in the top leadership.Or else they will always be sitting on the opposition benches till the cows come home and have great great and grand grand babies.

Cahaya Qalbu,  7 December 2013 at 00:37  

Islam bashing is common among those who advocate a hedonistic, permissive and a corrupt lifestyle and this has been fuelled by many Muslims themselves who have not shown through their words and deeds the beauty of Islam.

Religion essentially advocates love. No religion on earth advocates discordance among the people but many of those who profess and misinterpret religion do so for their self-interests.

Barbaric outbursts, gangster-ism, violence, sectarianism and intolerance are not the tenets of Islam. These are more for political power in nature, created and nurtured by the deviants among Muslims. UMNO politics of divide-and rule in a way has soiled the religion and has made Islam seen as a religion of violence and no-mercy towards humanity.

Sad but true, these are the undignified elements practiced by those who understand Islam less but their political ego more. Those who resort to any form of compulsion, violence or injustice in the name of Islam have actually distorted the whole message of the Qur’an. This manifestly contradicts with what the Qur’an says:

The Messenger of Islam was described as being a “Mercy” in the Quran due to the message he brought for humanity: “And, We have not sent you but as a Mercy to all the worlds.” (21:107)

It’s only when a Muslim or non-Muslim studied the laws and rules of Islam with receptiveness, he or she could understand how Islam advocates no-compulsion but compassion, clemency and humanity. Apparently, mercy is what Islam advocates, and had overtly preaches that people of other religions be free to practice their own faiths, only accepting the guidance offered by Islam if they decide so on their own free will.

Not only does Islam allowed non-Muslims freedom to practice their faiths, but also they be treated justly as any other fellow human. Warning against any abuse of non-Muslims in an Islamic society, the Prophet stated:

“Beware! Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, curtails their rights, burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawud)

Islam also demanded the just treatment of all people and religions due to its compassionate divine tenets. If Muslims are not practicing this, then they are not following the tenets of Islam which in truth provides humanity their every right.

UMNO exploitation and manipulation of Islam has only reflected the party of “double-dealers”. The more they spin on any Islamic issue the more thinking Muslims would brand them as a party that ridicules Islam.

Unfortunately, there are also many so-called “religious scholars” and “academicians” under the BN’s government payroll who prefer to stay on the “fringe” with some tucking together in the bandwagon to “tarnish” the image of Islam, thus not contributing much to elucidate the truth of Islam to the non-Muslims.

These UMNO ‘sandiwaras’ have led non-Muslims and Muslims in general to realize that Islam is used by UMNO for their political survival, hence the wise people of today are able to discern the deception of UMNO.

After more than five decades of UMNO duplicitous nature, Malaysians, especially the non-Muslims should not fear accepting PAS and giving PR a chance to lead the federal govt. in the next GE…



Anonymous,  7 December 2013 at 01:32  

CQ, yr words very sincere n profound. But religipn too easy to shackle mind as it claims to transcend reason.

Anonymous,  7 December 2013 at 01:49  

The commoner Malays in Malaysia are the most pitiful people because of umNO. This is a racist party that controls the Malays by instilling fear that others are out to destroy and control them .But, the sad reality is that it is umNO that is destroying them.The Malays have become a people group that has no confidence in their ability. They are reduced to be a race of panhandlers;minta bantuan di sana di sini.
The power is in the hand of the Malays, who can threaten their position ? Nobody and no way. I cannot understand why this simple fact cannot be understood by the Malays.But, on second thought, this is where umNO has succeeded; as long as the Malays are kept "stupid" and ingnorant, umNO elites will continue to rule ( read pluder the nation's coffer ).
Who are the umNO elites ? They are the keturuan of previuos umNO leaders. Saya hendak tanya, tiada Melayu yang lain ke ? Tun Razak was a great leader, but, Najib ? Tun Hussein was great too. But, Hisham ? All that i know of his achievement is " tiada krompomi ". Tun M messed up the country; rampant corruption started under his nose. His son, Mukriz ? Cannot even articulate intelligently !! I fear for the future of the beloved Malay race, but i fear too for the country.

unMO has destroy at least three generations of Malays. The party has to be voted out of power.The rest of South East Asia is marching confidently confidently in every sphere, but umNO is still shouting Hidup Melayu. Bilakah akan Melayu mati ? Jawapan : bila umNO terus berkuasa.

The time of PAS will come if the thinkers of the party can guide the ulamas to be modernist in approaches. They should seize the centrist position and reduced umNO to be where PAS was before; reduce and confine them to be a kampong party. PAS should continue to forge alliance with other races so that umNO has no more partners to work with.

The next election is for PAS to lose. Bangunlah Melayu dan PAS untuk masa depan Malaysia.

nick 7 December 2013 at 07:24  

Ok, UMNO knows now that one of their strategy to attract more support from the Malays (by way of becoming the champion of Islam) have failed miserably which left them no other choice but to gamble everything on the Champion of Melayu gambit, thus we now have the proposal that 1Malaysia be replaced by 1Melayu, a proposal put forward by UMNO Penang no less. BTW, did catch the irony of that proposal coming from the dimmest Melayu division of UMNO? My morning nescafe almost come out through my nose when I heard it. A Malay by the name of Musa Sheikh Fadzir from Penang suggested it and Penang we all know is well known for their original and unadulterated melayu bloodlines. Yeah rightttt!!!!

It's just to show how desperate UMNO have become. It has not been a year since the last GE and already UMNO can smell the scent of death wafting through the great hall of (corruption) PWTC. The air might seem jovial and celebratory but underneath that facade, every delegates know that unless the Malays are solidly behind UMNO, it's death is inevitable. However, every delegates knows too that their addiction to corruption and detachment from the ordinary people will prevent the Malays from coming back into UMNO's fold.

They all know what ails UMNO BUT being an addict of corruption and sinfully comfortable with the general apathy and detachment from the people has left them in a bind. Reform means that they have to kick out their addiction to corruption which means going cold and drastically "changing their lavish and expensive lifestyles", which ironically is the usual line Najib always tells the people whenever he force them to accept the increase of the cost of living that was caused by his and UMNO penchant for corruption and wastage. BUT we all know without coercion and force, addict will never quit and that's the case with UMNO. They will never voluntarily sacrifice their corrupt ways for the people and in the end, if they are left to their own devices, they will destroy themselves and all of us along with it.

So, we now sees UMNO in dilemma. Give up corruption and live modestly and sacrifices all material wealth for the sake of the people or stay the same, live lavishly and corruptly at the expense of the people and come GE14, die a horrible death. Which will they choose? A normal person might see that the choice is simple but we have to remember that UMNO is not normal. It's existence using the name UMNO..just UMNO is unlawful without the (Baru) prefix and it's claims of the procurer of independence and champion of the Malays are false and untrue. In a word UMNO is not normal. In fact UMNO (B) is a zombie, a monster that has grown fat from corruption and living off the misery of the people..Malaysian..everyone of us. When we take that into account (UMNO being abnormal..zombie) then we can clearly see that it will never change and it will stick to being the monster it always has been. They will continue living large and corrupt without a care and naturally, one day it will die horribly.

What's the catch you might say? Well, the catch is the aftermath will be on us, to clear and to fix all the havoc UMNO has wrecked. We will have to bear the cost and the terrible consequences of their horrible existence. The worse part of it? Our innocent children and grandchildren will be made to suffer too, the burden of our mistake and our powerlessness to stop the monster when we should have (GE13). Aren't we ashamed yet to face our children? What example are we showing our young when we couldn't stop a monster that is roaming and destroying everything when we had the power to do it? UMNO may have been the monster but we are the guilty and irresponsible Malaysian, who let the monster run free and rampant in the first place!


Anonymous,  7 December 2013 at 10:34  

They don't care as long as they have the power to abuse for their self interest and short term gains at all cost.

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