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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 18 December 2013

When will they ever learn? Can they ever Learn?

PM Najib has been an MP since 1976. He has held offices since then culminating as PM in 2009. He has served many many years as minister and DPM and finally PM. One would have acquired wisdom over the years unless one is a dud.
So why doesn’t Najib apply the wisdom acquired when making decisions instead of relying heavily on the on-paper conclusions done by consultants? The problems facing Malaysia are no solvable by complicated modelling exercises. It requires leadership.
Najib has not shown leadership. He has showmanship, no substance. When floods ravaged Kuantan recently, many were made houseless and suffered total loses in property. Fuziah Salleh proposes an emergency motion so that parliament can debate the matter. The purpose was to heighten awareness and perhaps encouraged parliament to do some extraordinary measures to counter unusually bad flooding in Kuantan.
On the first day, because it was during the Konvensyen Kumpulan Klu Klux( read UMNO) was going on, he together with the DPM and other tongue-lapping minions flow over Kuantan. The next day, UMNOs Ketua Wanita made a big boast telling everyone that the wanita UMNO were at the flood scene willing to tie their sarongs to the waist. That must have scared the living daylights out of many young children who must have suffered nightmares that night. What more without electricity, insufficient supplies like food and blankets, the images of wanita UMNO with sarongs tied up the waist must have appeared as frightening apparitions.
Najib should have given Kuantan an emergency status even if he doesn’t want to declare a state of emergency. That would allow more money to be given to flood victims to lighten the catastrophe. Is he waiting for the townships of Sungai Isap, Bukit Rangin, Kampong Belukar, Batu 3, Cenderawasih to be completely decimated?
Why not now use the Kedai 1Malaysia to sell furniture and consumer electronic items to flood victims on extended credit terms with no down payments? And when assessing losses, please refrain from using untrained village heads to do it. Use professional adjusters instead.
What has Najib acquired over his many years as a political careerist? Other PMs and leaders have had advisers and consultants, but in the end, they make the judgment call. Najib it seems has acquired no wisdom at all if every decision he makes is that of the consultant’s.
Today he spoke about not subscribing to populist policies. So what do we call BR1M, and all those other acronym initiatives? Najib must now be known as the most populist of all PMs we have had.
But why are we not converted after reading about what Najib said about spending rationally. We have to increase revenue before appointing the money collected. The government revenue is derived mainly from all sorts of taxes, the latest being GST to be implemented soon. That will increase revenue collection by the government and that is troubling us. With more money in their hands, the government has more money to skim off from our treasury. The treasury is where all the money collected is deposited in one consolidated fund. Each year, before the end of the year, the government goes before parliament and asks for a specified sum to be appropriated so that it can finance its business plan for the ensuing year.
Najib sounds so farcical when lecturing civil servants on spending prudence. The country loses on average RM150 billion in illicit capital transfers as a result of corruption, criminal activities, tax evasion and others. We lose on average RM28 billion a year through leakages as reported by the Auditor General. Najib has flouted the first cardinal rule of sound budgeting- spending within your means. The 2014 Budget is a deficit budget- the government tops up RM40 billion more than it collected as revenue.
So it should not surpise us if our cost of living is going up. The government needs to recover the money that UMNO has misspent in BR1M, on its own elections, in the payoffs it gave voters in GE13. All the GLCs ae government owned and they have monopolies in their respective business fields. Why should we for example be surprised that the government wants to increase toll rates- its paying to themselves.


Anonymous,  18 December 2013 at 10:17  

Kumpulan Klu Klux( read UMNO) CANT STOP MYSELF from liking this phrase and copying it down...hehe. Thank you sir.

Anonymous,  18 December 2013 at 10:32  

Even if you put a moron into a mechanic workshop for a period of time, he would at least have learnt the rudiments and fundamentals of doing minor repairs by just being an apprentice watching others plying their skills.
Learning nothing after years in politics is well nigh impossible unless one is a born numbskull to start with.
We are terribly unfortunate to have Emperor Louis XI and Queen Marie Antoinette reincarnated in Bolehland. Sooner or later with all the hikes in prices one after another, there will come a time when the Rakyat would be asked to eat cakes/ croissants when we can hardly put bread/rice on the table.
A deja-vu prelude to the French Revolution.

Anonymous,  18 December 2013 at 10:52  

A wise man does at the beginning what the fools does in the end.

the cuckoo guy who know's,  18 December 2013 at 12:34  

What the voters choosed in GE 13,they got.A gang of robber barons and not Ali Baba and the fourty thieves.

Anonymous,  18 December 2013 at 13:08  


Is there a Suni and Shiah sectarian country who leaders that are not corrupt and lead by moral conscience? Most of them are nothing more than political criminals.In some of these counties political criminals are shot.

Anonymous,  18 December 2013 at 13:22  

Born poor people have handicaps that are obvious for everyone to see.

The problem with people like Najib, being born to an aristocratic family, he never had to suffer common problems of the proletarian. Of course it is not your fault if you are born that way but I would say that is a big handicap as these type of people never really have to worry about basic things in life like paying for food, rentals etc.

Things are made worse when they never become kuli batak in their life. They straight away become bosses early in their life. For them, they don't understand things face when doing 'actual works'. That is why everyone must 'dirty' their hands, actually do things themselves before becoming bosses.

Still, we heard about stories how the late Tunku pawned his property and made other sacrifices. He was not known as a person who spent lavishly at the expense of the country's coffer.

How will they learn when they don't capacity to learn? Or when they have become the modern Tanggangs - too much inconveniences to acknowledge their early difficult lives.

PL 18 December 2013 at 14:18  

I think Opposition is missing a point here. The lackadaisical attitude of our govt is already a foregone conclusion. The frequent display of stupidity by the govt is just to distract the Public from issues of corruption & abuse of power. The govt is just happy that the public is enjoying itself laughing, criticizing & taking pot shots at its stupidity. This govt has no sense of moral and honour. its objective is to hold on to power, plunder the nation for as long as possible. Come next GE, it will win by slim majority. The Opposition will have to do something drastic to prevent this from happening.

PL 18 December 2013 at 14:21  

By now the public should know that all the stupidity and lackadaisical governance are just to distract public from issues of corruption & abuse of power. We're now living in a failed state with total breakdown of institutionalized system. The govt is shamelessly happy for the public to criticize its stupidity while public funds continue to be plundered at an alarming rate. Come next GE, BN will win by slim majority as the Electoral roll has not been cleaned up. The question now is, what can the Opposition do????

Anonymous,  18 December 2013 at 20:38  

5 surgeons!

Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the Best
Patients to operate on.

The first surgeon, from New York , says, 'I like to see accountants
On my operating table because when you open them up, everything
Inside is numbered.'

The second, from Chicago , responds, 'Yeah, but you should try
Electricians! Everything inside them is color coded.'

The third surgeon, from Dallas , says, 'No, I really think librarians
Are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order.'

The fourth surgeon, from Los Angeleschimes in: 'You know, I like
Construction workers...Those guys always understand when you have
A few parts left over.'

But the fifth surgeon, from Washington , DC shut them all up when
He observed: 'You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate
There's no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine..
Plus, the head and the ass are interchangeable.'

Anonymous,  18 December 2013 at 21:06  

Say whatever you want to say about the end majority of the people will have no other choice except BN backboned by UMNO.

bruno,  18 December 2013 at 22:07  

With the present leadership in the PKR and PR,it is a wonder if they will ever catch a sight sniff of Jibby's office in their lifetime.

When Warthamoorthy first announced his intentions of coming back from political exile,he caught the opposition by surprise and napping.Even a born moronic fool would know that a deal have been struck with Umno/BN and Warthmoorthy.Nobody who swam all the way across the channel to escape political persecution would return voluntarily,or else why escape in the first place.

And the opposition gave this traitor a free pass.Nobody dare to attack him in fear of losing the Indian votes.And look at what happened.More then half a dozen parliamentary seats were won by a few hundred votes.With the help of the Indians,of course.

Or else the man who lied up to his noses to protect the attackers of the Tung Shin hospital will be history,at least as an MP.So would Chua Junior.And two in Mic and a few in Umno.

Time flies very fast.Take a hike by foot just around Malaysia,open your eyes and the next GE14 will be around.And with the presence of the old tired leaders,who knows,Umno/BN will be around forever,even invading one's bedrooms too.

Emer 18 December 2013 at 22:11  

Before you ask what can PR (not opposition) do, ask yourself what can you do or perhaps what have you done? Thou with all the challenges (physical, litigation, psycho war, from left right top bottom by BeEnd) & with limited resources we must agree PR have done well done job alerted 51% Msian to fight for our beloved nation against enemies within. Yes PR failed to capture Putrajaya but the fight goes on & it's our duty to hand-to-hand with PR leaders to make the change, not them alone! Start educate our young gen to continue the nobel effort!

Anonymous,  18 December 2013 at 22:20  

Neither will UMNO Baru learn nor do they have the integrity and good character to find it as their top necessity to maximumly reduce their past and the present massive mistakes or to respond to the Rakyat’s insurmountable uprising against their decades of recalcitrant arrogance, massive corruption, wastage of public funds, incidents of misuse of wang zakat, committed by its tyrants, circus- like leaders, opportunist elite politicians and to its big bullies aka mafias. The mascots Najib and Khairy are only too engrossed in creating fictionalized public stunts as their hyper attention deficit triggers on a regular basis to divert the people from their plights with no short-term and long term creative solutions in sight, but to their interests. It appears that they suffer from the withdrawal symptoms of an overdose of self- administered ritalin aka their immense wealth, unchecked power and non accountability.

The goons, their spouses and children are all elites, even if they were once from the kampong, in their taste of excessive power, status, immense wealth, great busy-ness 24/7, shielded by their personal assistants, the elimination of the rakyat’s newspaper except luxury lifestyle magazines, they soon settle in the jacuzzi or hot tub spas. Neither do they find any need to revisit their humble background on a regular basis as often as the calls for prayer. How many of our politicians in UMNO in comparison to PK’s are not affected at all by their positions entrusted by us, the voters ?

Perhaps, they even find it sgt memalukan as being so kampung to have a good character - to be humble, be honest, be directly approachable or to get their butts out of their comfort zone to assist the the ordinary people with plights. Foremost in their minds was to herald their long fiery propagandas at the UMNO meeting than to respond to the reflective impulse, if any, which most of us mindful people have that is :

- to cut the meeting short and
- to instantly order many key elected representatives to urgently respond to the flood victims in Sg Isap, Bkt Rangin, Kg Belukar, Bt 3 and Cenderawasih or in any locations. And Najib and Muhyid instantly ejected themselves from the meeting.

This should be the benchmark of quickly responding to the Rakyat in needs, regardless of the geo-location in Malaysia. However, the question is do PK have the same access to the Rakyat’s tax contributions translated
into emergency funds, free medication, trained personnel, safety equipment, etc held by the central power,in time of any emergency ? What about the sustainable ways of protecting the environment, how human activities are done, how lives and properties can be protected ? All these need talents with far- sightedness to envision and implement, with carefully calculated and transparent use of public funds.

Also is there no spiral effect to the emergency donation when the private sector faces hardship in doing businesses? Too frequent griefs worldwide, so our ordinary Malaysians who have the generosity DNA, their limited finance is overstretched.

Entahlah next year, but again all good / great things are possible for the generous ones.

Anonymous,  18 December 2013 at 22:32  


However how can the goons respond urgently to the heartbeat and the pulse of the ordinary rakyat, mostly are poor, made absolutely helpless in times of disasters such as floods, fire, etc. As for Najib and Khairy, a long list.. are the products of being born with a silver spoon, their capriciousness, whims and fancies are attended at the beck and call whereas everything of anyone else is considered inconsequential.

Had our Malays in the kampung been “celek”, not gullible, not easily threatened as well as not suffer from short term memory lapse, they would not have been seduced by the UMNO Baru’s goons momentary “keprihatinan, rakyat diutamakan” during their walkabouts at political campaigns.

The fault lies with some of our Malays are still reduced to modern slavery in their mindsets by placing the goons on the highest hierarki to be indispensable or irreplaceable or we will ourselves, individually and collectively to rewrite the history for a better Malaysia in the GE 14.

Will the crazed like Thais be stupidily seduced by the young socialite, elite, who speaks flawless English, oh God help us Malaysians, spare us from not being gullible by any tom, harry, rosmah !

Off topic, LGE should instruct the architects to ensure the main door of the low cost and the medium cost flats is twinned - door to allow easy passage for fatty people ahem ahem like the de facto PM; wheel chairs and moving of furniture.

Btw, pls could someone inform LGE this appeal to him to ensure Ernest Zacharevic and his team of Malaysian artists are given safety harness and helmet to be worn at all times especially when Ernest paints from the scaffoldings. His rare talent, cheerfulness, humility is worldwide interest. Four of us from three continents visited Georgetown recently, one of which is a young international photographer so we know what we are talking about.

Also Many Thanks to Looes 74’s 1965 Housing Development Board Flats (Berita Singapura ) bizarre, we still find this type of outdated flats in the present time in the nation.

There sure have many insightful recommendations of video clips from Looes 74, johns hopkins, siang malam, etc on Dato Din’s blog to enhance Sak’s blog of unique, awesome writers – loyal, as well. Sure, kenalah sokong Sak dah wakil kita Melayu dlm DAP, lagipun LGE dah bantu nenek tua di Melaka.

i am sorry for taking the initiative aka liberty to collaborate the senses of creative, socially conscious and great thinking minds from both blogs. Terima kasih.

it sure makes one wants to write a bit more with that little time left when many come on board to write their thoughts to encourage each other in helping our beloved nation and its people to have a better future.

Anonymous,  19 December 2013 at 00:34  

Dato, apa nak cakap lagi. Najib tu memang tidak ada kebolehan. Seperti kata dr bakri musa " najib just didn't have it". Cuma layak jadi guru sekolah sahaja. !!! On that score his 'sidekick' dato jj is very much intelligent.

nick 19 December 2013 at 07:51  

The UMNO led BN gomen have increased the cost of living for all Malaysian immediately after winning another term. No big surprise there! But the big surprise for me was the utter disbelieve and unpreparedness of the BN voter especially the Malay regarding the government's (or rather UMNO warlord and their cronies) action to start stealing people's money!

Hey, we told you and warned you about this even before the campaign for the last GE even started! Malaysian and Malays were even warned in GE12 but of course they never listen and what's worse they accuse many of us a liars. Malaysian shouldn't be surprise but rather they should be asking themselves why did they trust a lying and dishonest bunch of crooks in the first place! But then again having a large sum of 500,000 sen (of your own money)does make you inane and thus became stupidly grateful!

Malaysian and Malay should have realized it long before that UMNO and BN want so desperately to be the government NOT to protect the Malays or even to govern Malaysia. They want to be the government because it gives them access to the state coffer, the treasury and the wealth of the nation. It is a simple reason why UMNO wants to stay as the government at the expense of the people: to steal the people's money! Nothing complicated and nothing obscure. It is plain as day and as government, to steal the people's money is as easy as taking a candy from a baby. Just create a distraction and swipe the candy away.

After all, if the baby and in this case the people should shout and cry, what can they do? Next election give them some loose change and after getting elected steal some more billions! The same MO every election and guess what The malays and Malaysian WILL always fall for that every time!

Take for instance the hike in electricity tariff and the upcoming toll rate. We all know that the gomen holds substantial share and in some toll concessionaires, even hold the biggest majority holding but somehow the gomen is hapless and in some cases even became impotent to stop these companies from making even more profit at the expense of the people. It's not as if these companies are barely surviving or just making a profit of a million or two! In the case of TNB and toll operators, these leaches are already raking in hundreds of millions and even billions! The govt have to kow tow to these leaches even though they have the shares and the power to control them? What gives? Unless it so happen that UMNO and their warlords are also getting some of the monies these companies are leaching off from the people. Heck, if UMNO have a share in the profit that these fellas making off the people then why would UMNO want to stop these leaches from making even more money?

It's a question of whose interest UMNO is looking after? It's own or the people? If you can't honestly answer that then you deserved the increase in the cost of living and you also deserve to be a slave for the rest of your life. The sad part is that our children will be slaves too and they will be even more subservient and downtrodden. Yes, Malaysia Boleh.....mampus kalau ini macam!!!! And this is the reward the BN voters get for voting BN and UMNO. A one way ticket to poverty and misery. Hey, you asked for it and now you have it!


Anonymous,  19 December 2013 at 08:19  

the y and the z generations will inherit generational debts, so how not to slide into poverty. how to give the best of care to ayah and emak ? duduk bantah again, but not the insane too frequent type as in Thailand, they poor at mathematical and accounting, finance skills and critical thinking skills

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