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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 29 December 2013

UMNO's Caveman Politics

The donkeys in UMNO are coming out braying. Here and there, they were elected as leaders. The most fundamental building block of excellence- demanding and insisting upon excellence, is totally absent from UMNO’s selection criteria. And so, UMNO Malays have a voracious appetite for dullards and dolts as leaders. Despite that, its paramount leader still talks senselessly about transformation. Does that drop from the sky or what?
In that sense, Malays have not progressed at all- in the olden days, the musclemen and strongmen get to become leaders. These people get to lay first claim on sources of wealth, land, women, other people’s wives and so forth. today, in the 21st century, UMNO want Malays to stay mute as democratic rights get assaulted because they are done in the name and on behalf of Malays.
All right thinking Malays must resist this and reject UMNO style rule because it will eventually lead to acquiescence and acceptance of intrusion into our lives. One day, it will be all right if the UMNO overlord comes into our house, sleep with our daughters and even wives and we are asked to tolerate that kind of repression because it’s done by one of us anyway. The Malay family will be told to accept that cruelty and abuse, because it is done by- another Malay. That is how UMNO define government as.
UMNO likes this kind of rule- nowadays it’s called the Malay government- a kerajaan Melayu. But we want to know- what does kerajaan Melayu mean?  A government synonymous with leaders who are corrupt, abusive, mediocre, discretionary, repressive,  incompetent, led by donkeys?
A Kerajaan Melayu that demands complete obeisance and any form of challenge to it, is treated as treasonable- as an assault on the supremacy of Malay rule and government. Wasn’t a challenge to Malay Royalty once upon a time, deemed as treasonable? So has UMNO become the new Monarchy?
The business of UMNO then is to perpetuate the myth of a Kerajaan Melayu.  It seems UMNO can only extend its shelf life on the myth of Malay rule. It perpetuates these myths because it does not have to answer the issues of income and wealth distribution among Malays; it does not want to answer issues of corruption and abuse of power. It does not have to answer the pillage and plunder done in the name of agama bangsa dan tanah air. It does not tolerate question on the excesses of the government.
This is the reason we must continue to fight UMNO. Because government as how UMNO defines it- absolute and unquestioning acceptance and subservience to UMNO Malay rule is their version of a final expression of our political will. We must never accept that. The BN government and for that matter any government, that of PKR or DAP are not the final expression of our political will. A government is a work in progress- inching and moving towards better government and better governing. That is why we fight for better and good governance, getting rid of corruption, rejecting incompetence, fighting for the rule of law until these traits get adopted fuller and fuller by a reigning government.
Our collective political will demands a government that exhibits the traits of a good government- free from corruption, clever government, efficient and productive. It must also be a government founded on the principles of the rule of law and one of these requirements is that all citizens are treated as equals before the law and the provisions in our constitution.
UMNO leaders are bringing us back to the Stone Age. In modern times, leaders are selected from the stupid and the loud and the feudal bullies. Notice lately- how UMNO gravitates towards glorifying the absolute and discretionary rule of Malay rulers? In a regression of history, the tyranny of absolute rule of Kings and overlords is elevated to prominence. We even want a university diRaja believing that stature confers immunity from challenge and adulteration from non-Malay elements.
Zaaba the early Malay political thinker warned against the repressive and absolute rule of ancient kings and rulers. He was specific in identifying the repressive rule of Malay rulers as the single source of Malay tragedy. The tyrannical rule of old was singularly responsible for Malays inheriting negative inhibiting personal traits that became ingrained as a result of hundreds of years being subject to untold tyranny and enslavement – kena picit, perah dan ramas di tangan pemerintahnya pada zaman dahulu- iaitu pemerintah daripada bangsa mereka sendiri.
It’s all politics in the name of Malay feudal triumphalism which is supported by feudal-minded UMNO. Ever heard the Queen of England demanding the return of honorific titles? That would be un-queenly right?  But what does UMNO know about what’s right and what’s wrong?
Einstein said there are two things that are infinite; the universe and stupidity. But he is not sure about the former. If he had lived today, all he needs to do is to look at UMNO and affirmed that stupidity indeed has no limits. So how do we treat statements given by the Kuantan UMNO Wanita chief recently? Answer: we should treat it as statements coming from someone at the bottom of her class. Call it bottom of the class thinking. Do we want to be led by ignoramuses? And that is much loved by UMNO people- they just loved to be led by stupid people.
That’s why we hear of things like 1Melayu shouted out by a person who doesn’t even looked Malay from Penang and worse, that is accepted by the Malays; we have things repeated by normal people like only the mentally retarded do( the latter’s conduct is excusable) – like if you don’t like things around here, migrate, leave for another country. That kind of stupidity materialises in several forms- if the price of sugar is high, consume it less, if the price of toll increases, use other roads. If you want strong libido, consume less sugar.
PJ O’Rourke, the writer of a number of books on political satire, offered an interesting observation on the fundamental cause of many of our troubles. If are looking for the source of our troubles he said, we shouldn't test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power.
Stupidity it seems filters downwards slowly. But like water, stupidity will find its own level. The recent statement by a wanita UMNO leader from Kuantan is an example of such stupidity revealing itself eventually. This is the kind of Malay leadership regarded by UMNO that can uplift the Malays. That is also the level of leadership offered by UMNO to the Malays.
Only stupid people like the wanita UMNO leader equates UMNO/Putrajaya Government as the final expression of our political will. Therefore according to her logic, those not happy, disagree with UMNO and Putrajaya should leave the country. This kind of thinking was discredited extensively recently but appears to have filtered down very slowly until eventually settling down in wanita UMNO kuantan. This kind of thinking is like something that floats in the gutter- unpleasant and revolting. It however comes naturally from the bottom-of-the class thinking.


Anonymous,  29 December 2013 at 20:19  

The truth is its people like Zaitun and her family are MOST likely first in line to leave this country once they steal enough and can make it in another country..

Everything UMNO accuse others of doing, they are first in line..

Anonymous,  29 December 2013 at 21:30  

Just like you said Dato,UMNO are lead by a group of clowns,idiots & morons. They are beyond hope & should be drop into an abyss ASAP before they destroy our country.

Anonymous,  29 December 2013 at 22:01  

YB, this is such a well written piece. Unfortunately for the rakyat, many hardcore bn supporters can't differentiate between stupidity and intelligence. They think stupidity is a sign of intelligence - the more stupid one is, the more intelligent the person is, and thus should be voted into high office.

Anonymous,  29 December 2013 at 22:16  

Let's have it taught in schools' civic classes that students must respect and agree with those who practise corruption, and rob and pillage the national coffers, that it is the way to great nationhood to adopt divide and rule with racism as the core principle of governance, that injustice is meted out to those who do not agree with the practitioner of these vile "doctrines" and those who still insist on good clean governance and virtuous qualities are to be condemned and should lose their rights to be citizens of a country called UMNOSIA.

What a sick and gutter level these moronic hybrids (donkeys and baboons) have descended. Sigh!

Cahaya Qalbu,  29 December 2013 at 23:04  

Dr M, Najib and their sycophants have said it all…

Some of them are: The PR faction is anti-national >>They are out to cause chaos to a peaceful Malaysia. >>The leaders are trying to destroy the tradition and heritage enshrined in the Fed. Constitution.>> They are even secretly planning a republic in the making.>>It is very dangerous to have these PR leaders.>>

>>PR are committing all kinds of treason.>>They will destroy this nation eventually.>>All that BN has built all these 55 years will be destroyed and the people of Malaysia will suffer.>>Only BN can ensure that the people of Malaysia continue to enjoy the peace.>>BN will make sure that Putrajaya belongs to BN. >>PR will not be allowed to get anywhere near to us. >>We are here to stay and stay forever.>> PR is deadly and must be destroyed at whatever cost!

News updates on the radio are spiked with continuous PR whacking. The rakyat are repeatedly reminded of the dangers of supporting PR. Tune in the TV station, we are drowned in a sea of all kinds of BN The Best. Flip the newspapers; one would be lucky not to get a heart attack.

Well, analyzing all that has been said as proclaimed by Najib and his desperados often, the following questions should arise in our right thinking minds:

If BN says all these ghastly things about PR, why does it still exist as a coalition of a political party, in fact legitimate governments in 4 states?

If they are going to commit all these dangerous acts, how come they are not immediately arrested, banished and let the country be left with only one party and that is BN?

If BN has been excellent all these 55 years, how come PR gained so many seats in the last GE?

If BN is the only successful govt. for Msia, why have democratic elections?

If BN wants so much to continue to “defend” the nation and is the only one single “government” that can protect the Constitution, why even approved the registration of the parties that formed PR?

Since PR is akin to a terrorist group and threatening the nation, why not arrest all of them? Better still; silence them in the castrating Kamunting camps permanently with the detention without trial act.

Why not go all the way; Arrest too all those individuals stepping forward to support the cause of PR agendas? Destroy all paraphernalia of PR. Seize their places of work and operations. Just go and kick PR that is governing the various states.

Again and again, BN leaders are insulting the rakyat perspicacity. All these accusations against PR are actually without any basis, facts or evidence. BN leaders are really out of touch with the current political awareness of the rakyat. Primitive and gutter politic are not popular anymore, whilst their non-stop incoherent yelping will only reflect their desperation to hold on to power

Rakyat must ensconce deep in their minds that the subsistence of PKR, PSM, DAP, PAS & other alternative parties, in fact PR is a lawful govt. in 3 states should have entirety debunk all of those BN fabrications and odious accusations since it is unattainable for anti-religion, traitors, communist and anti-democratic political parties to be registered as lawful organization. All those malicious accusations and unsavory labels thrown at PR or other alternative parties/organizations should be repelled with disgust and suspicious.

And BN keeps saying rakyat will be destroyed forever if BN is not in power, but the prognosis of the current Msian’s economic situation is indeed very poor, skating on thin ice…

So, in the name of Truth which coalition will be the destroyer? BN or PR?



orang penang 29 December 2013 at 23:39  

A true statement & well said Sir, enough is enough but again in M'sia almost all government agencies are in cahoots with umno regime. It has been 3 decade's & nothing has change except rhetoric after rhetorics. A progressive malay is sideline by bigots & idiots! There is no honour at all!!!! Shameless KERAjaan!!!!!!

Anonymous,  30 December 2013 at 02:08  

Superbly put as ever.

In the face of it, what hope?

Some valid points in this letter:

I'd agree with most points there.

There needs to be a more concerted effort in the next few years from PR. Efforts are sporadic and disjointed. Most of all it needs to be a PAKATAN.

Example: The DAP's proclaimed aim of getting more Malay votes is merely setting the party up for failure (not in the long run, but in the short term), and is the wrong approach.

You need to be getting more votes - Malay/Chinese/Indian/DLL - as a UNITED FRONT. Not as individual parties.

Good if you can share the letter upwards and outwards, Dato.

Time is short, and the enemy is highly unscrupulous.

Unity and smarts are needed.

the mean machine,  30 December 2013 at 02:42  

Umno owns it's allegiance to the Malays and not the Malays owned their allegiance to Umno or its elite called Umnoputras.Without the Malays supporting Umno in GE 13th,they the Umno/BN will be sitting on the opposition bench.

And today,Umnoputras are still calling the shots,supressing most of the Malays making them politically impotent.This is surely indeed an upside down political landscape for the Malays as they cannot decide what they want.That is if they want their leaders to listen to them as a community or to be led by their noses as a politically backward community.

nick 30 December 2013 at 07:48  


Soalan2 yang selalu saya tanyakan kepada setiap orang melayu yang layak mengndi adalah "apakah keistimewaan yang diperolehi oleh orang melayu apabila Kerajaan Malaysia dipimpin dan dikuasai oleh UMNO"? Adakah orang Melayu dibawah kerajaan UMNO memperolehi kesenangan dan kemewahan yang melimpah ruah dan Malaysia adalah sebuah negara berpendapatan tinggi sekarang ini? Adakah anak2 melayu, disebabkan hasil usaha pimpinan UMNO, berupaya memeperolehi pendidikan sehingga ke peringkat tertinggi secara percuma dan menjadi rakyat berpendapatan tinggi?

Atau pun soalan2 berkaitan dengan Islam seperti "Adakah umat Islam Melayu berupaya menjadi lebih alim and lebih arif mengenal islam disebabkan oleh UMNO? Adakah umat islam Melayu berupaya membebaskan diri mereka dari belenggu amalan riba dalam kehidupan mereka dibawah pemerintahan UMNO? Adakah orang melayu dihormati dan disanjungi oleh kaum lain sebagai bangsa yang adil, tekun, berhemah, amanah, rajin serta taat dalam ibadah mereka sebagai umat islam dibawah pimpinan UMNO?

Jelas sekali majoriti orang melayu yang ditanya akan menjawab "tidak dan bahkan kenyataannya orang melayu amat jauh sekali ketinggalan dan apa yang boleh dijuarai oleh orang melayu dibawah pemerintahan UMNO adalah kemiskinan dari segi harta mahupun minda". In short there's nothing special or even positive about UMNO led government that the Malay can brag about.

What's obvious and most apparent about UMNO rule is the creation of super rich and super elite class of people made up mostly by UMNO leaders, their families, friends and of course the cronies that serve them as the donkeys or beast of burden that carries their ill gotten loot. And the fate of the Malays in the hands of UMNO? Not much has changed since 50 years ago!

The malays are still struggling to enter the business world and what's worse, apart from direct competition with the chinese and indians and with nonexistence and miniscule capital, the Malays has to even fight gomen's GLC, state corporation and UMNO cronies for crumbs and not even a piece of the pie. And what's worse..wait, what can be worse than that? It's like having your hands tied and also half dead from starvation, shoved into a boxing ring and told to win if you want to eat! And still UMNO insist that they are doing wonders for the Malays? Yes, a wonderful job of screwing the Malays and on top of that stealing everything they can lay their hands on.

And with the increase of tolls and electricity, UMNO is putting their hands inside the Malay's pocket and grabbing whatever loose change they can get! It is obvious that the malays are just tools and material that UMNO use to enrich themselves and rule Malaysia. UMNO is not just incompetence at governing, they are down right "a catastrophe"! Anyone that is both greedy and a moron at the same time is a ticking time bomb but sadly the Malays and Malaysian are both deaf and blind.

And that's why, Najib is the current PM and UMNO still remains in the gomen! And the Malays still remains poor and enslaved still with feudalistic idealism of "biar kita papa kedana asalkan pemimpin melayu kaya raya dengan rasuah sebab orang melayu taat setia membuta tuli kepada para bangsawan"!


walla 30 December 2013 at 08:15  

Someone wrote this recently:

'You see those shanty wooden huts, actually cobbled together with ply and nail, that are the homes of foreign workers.

What is moving is how neat and well-maintained the inside part is although they are at most cubicles.

The little they make they scrap to buy small things to make their place of dwelling more comfortable and pleasant as if to compensate for the harshness of their daily grinds.

Inside every person is a yearning to improve his lot for his family.

Inside every person is a seed to be acculturated.

The tragedy of our lives is that the entire ecosystem of national progress and therefore individual improvement has been made untenable for the long run until all hopes for that acculturation to happen are being snuffed out time and again just by a crass remark here, a vapid policy there, for that matter the vainglorious arrogance of good for nothing windbags with only vileness in their hearts buried under layers of personal greed that is so empty of even one shred of humanity for all.' (walla, 28 Dec 2013)

What for the foreign worker temporarily here, what more for our own local citizens permanently here.

We all want to improve our lives and be more cultured. Yet, with each passing year for so many years past, the majority are finding it increasingly difficult to do.

Even our educated middle-class income-earners are falling to the edge, digging into their savings not to improve but only to get by so that the only thing growing for them is their worry how they will survive in their twilight years without having to depend on their children who will have an uncertain future only at best.

As for those already poor, they have reached bottom without any lifeline in sight. The voice of sorrow of too many remains unheard. And yet the EPF comes up with a new minimum for both them and their employers without saying how are both to achieve that new minimum.

They will go to their graves and beyond with no memory of this country except pain for themselves and worry for those they will leave behind.

Isn't that a tragedy we can all do something about for ourselves?

walla 30 December 2013 at 08:15  

What are needed to do so? We must all come together to build a new Malaysia and ink a new deal for the Rakyat of Malaysia, and that can only happen if we construct a new government for the future of Malaysia. For the present one is beyond redemption.

You know as much from how that Umno Wanita Kuantan chief just regurgitated something that was already said before no less than four times by her other Umno colleagues whereby each time they had done so, they could not mount a defense for their bigotry exposed for one and all to see.

So too the other Umno grandmother who obviously missed the entire point of the response made. When one has reached that stage in life in society, her remark was uncalled for and her response showed how shallow she has become in order to save her own face let alone her unearned status as an elderly madam.

In fact, both of them had shown by their remarks and responses that they don't even have the most basic of all leadership qualities - mental culture.

So too every single one of the other Umno politicians before us if we patiently go down the list that starts with that black mamba.

Even those who have had the privilege of getting a good education has shown their minds, hearts and tongues have been warped by their brand of half past six politics.

Why does Malaysia need such service non-providers and conscienceless numbskulls?

Listening to their excuses alone can numb one's senses just by their sheer stupidity and shallowness. They have no conscience so no culture so no class. That leaves them only to be crooks.

As as crooks, they have not only stolen your money but also the money you are trying to save for your children's future.

They have not only stolen their money but also the money that would have naturally come by for their children.

So that within each and every five years of misrule, they finish off three generations of Malaysians.

And our 47 percent still want to vote for them? Exactly how long have they been imbibing Umno's drug of denials? What's the dosage? Is it before or after meal?

walla 30 December 2013 at 08:45  

Electing a government is like appointing a service provider. You part trust and money in the hope the provider will do a good and clean job efficiently without fuss or fanfare.

What we have been getting is not good, not clean, not efficient. Only the divisive fuss and expensive fanfare of evil bigotry disguised as 1Melayu.

What is 1Melayu? It must have been cooked up to protect our Melayu's. But who is threatening us? The Chinese? The Indians? Or could it be our indigent natives? What could they all be using? Blowpipes? Spears? Scimitars? Or could it hand grenades?

You go to a shop selling tractor parts. It's a complicated business. Owned by a Chinese man. Run by our Melayu's and others. The man is checking a new gearbox but it is his Melayu lady who welcomes you by name, knows what you want before you say it, and tries to sell you more than that. In that room, no 1Melayu, no 1Cina, no 1Indian, no 1Anything. Not even 1Mamak. It's just everybody doing his and her bit to keep the business going. No chip on any shoulder. So if you drop 1Melayu or 1Perkasa or 1Umno into that room, they will show you the 'welcome' mat outside the door and point you the general direction of Putrajaya.

What we have been preconditioned all this while is to think Umno is the only thing going for all of us. No. It is just a small stinky corner of the room that is Malaysia. Najib tried with 1Malaysia. True to form, he consistently lied during its implementation so the roof came crashing down.

If Umno is only professing 1Melayu now after GE13, does anyone think it will profess 1Malaysia after GE14? Will our tractor specialist Melayu lady suddenly be able to construct a Caterpillar after that?

Just ponder this. Perkasa is funded by a host of Umno-run agencies using taxpayers money paid mostly by the nons. Then it cooks up all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations to tar the nons, all the while partaking from what was their contribution to the nation. Is that fair let alone correct? Isn't it like stealing from the zakat pool for personal use for racist objectives?

And since such objectives are obviously seditious for which more well-meaning moderates have been jailed, does that mean the National Security agency which was named as one of the funders is actually acting against its own remit to nip sedition in our society? How does fomenting divisiveness in our society serve the national security that it purportedly is mandated to secure? Please answer. Because of our outstanding educational level, cuma lima markah suffices for this simple question.

The whole Umno jingbang is a bloody farce.

Anonymous,  30 December 2013 at 08:49  

Salam Dato

Betul tulisan Dato.... Apakah Melayu di kampong kampong bodoh sangat menyembah UMNO melebihi segalanya tanpa memikir kebenaran ?

Banyak Gomen servant pun buta tuli memilih perasuah jadi pemimpin mereka , akibat sendiri mentedarah duit haram.

Tengok kiri , pandang kanan semua nya Melayu saja.

walla 30 December 2013 at 09:05  

What was it again that Perkasa and its ilks want?

That the Chinese do not lay siege on our Malays. How when their numbers are already swarmed by our majority?

That no one must question our Malay privileges. Does that include pricey condos and bungalows, sugar and toll monopolies and timber concessions?

That no one must question the position of our Malay rulers. Wait a second. One thought they are already in business with the nons so who has been questioning? The nons? Our esteemed's?

That no one questions preferential economic and business policies. Hold on there. Does that mean Umno can continue to officialise corruption while playing on the emotions of our Melayu's to support its continuation?

That no one questions the so on and so forth. Does that mean all Malaysians whether Melayu or the non's will have no chance to a better nation that can only come about without a worsening Umno good only for institutionalizing all that is bad until one has to loosen the cloth around the head in order to allow more oxygen to the brain so as to stop making fabricated claims that defies a logic even the toes of the iguana lizard will be laughing at?

No, the only threat the Rakyat of Malaysia is facing is the threat of becoming as stupid and crooked as the idiots and crooks which are running this country into the sewers.

'Which' - only because no one in her or his right mind can believe how the Almighty could have produced such a distinctive species as an Umno politician. No brain, no backbone and no balls.

Anonymous,  30 December 2013 at 09:34  

Good comments Nick but if you ask the Malays these questions in Johor, they will counter you back by asking you what is so special about PR or DAP? What can the opposition do.DAP is also a racist party. Nevertheless i'm a PR supporter eventhough i'm outnumbered here in Johor, although there are some Malays here supported PR most of them still think UMNO/BN is still the best government. I got nothing to say to them. They are too simple minded.

walla 30 December 2013 at 09:38  

When they want to, our Melayu's can practice exquisite logic. Try this - if they can reject Perkasa in GE13, can they not also reject its supporter and funder Umno in GE14? (satu setengah markah).

What is it we all want? An honest job in a stable environment, a simple home, a cheap car that is of our own unenforced choice, and a good education for our children. Social services can be a bonus if times are bad.

What we have been getting instead in increasingly large dosages are other things: some cheat so that markets shrink so that jobs become less in numbers because investors walk away; more and more become stupider because the education system is run by political bigots and cronies of the lowest capability and denomination; homes are out of range; cars which depreciate rapidly remain the second biggest money-blowing essential in anyone's life until most get into debt and become slaves to the crooks who make the policies that cause it. Remember as well that ex-Miti official who had a monopoly on APs until he could fly by helicopter to a round of golf? Where is he now, moreover what has he done for our Melayu's?

One is reminded of one scene in Saving Private Ryan. The nazi was driving his bayonet into the heart of the paratrooper with one hand while the other was over the dying man's lips, saying, 'sssssh; it's alright, it's alright...'

That's what is happening to us. Melayu and what-ever.

We must wake up. Having the word 'THE' to signify 'Official' isn't going to save the situation even if one pretends not to know.

The problem is not about the whole room. It's only one small stinky corner of it projected by a dictatorial regime deploying a bludgeoned media to trick the rakyat into thinking things are ok on the one hand but threats to their peace are looming on the other hand.

What, they think the rakyat are so free to fight themselves, ke?

Anonymous,  30 December 2013 at 09:40  

As usual,good comments Walla. The rakyat & PR really must take action now before these idiots destroy our country.

Anonymous,  30 December 2013 at 09:59  

The one thing I wonder is whether the Malay realize that one of the key reason why Feudalism had to go was because it held back technological progress. Because feudalism steals private rights especially property rights, it steals intellectual rights . Because it steals intellectual and other private rights, feudalistic society don't progress technologically. Without a faster technological progress, the Malays will always be slave to some pretender of their masters in one way or others.

Anonymous,  30 December 2013 at 11:00  

"One day, it will be all right if the UMNO overlord comes into our house, sleep with our daughters and even wives and we are asked to tolerate that kind of repression because it’s done by one of us anyway."
Dato, in case you hadn't notice it's already happening quite a while back in fact. They lay claim to everything and that's why they said if you don't like it, you can leave the country. They think Malaysians are slaves whose existence is to serve them and our hard earned money belongs to them. They have no shame and no conscience. And they will rule as long as there are ignotant people who continue to treat them like warlords and masters.

bumi-non-malay 30 December 2013 at 19:01  

Dataran Merdeka - 31 December 2013 - We are Gathering there because I am Paying all of you one cent as my EMPLOYEE to attend this Important meeting. We are meeting there because you are employed by me on a casual basis. There is no need to lodge police for gathering ....otherwise ALL Employers in MALAYSIA will have to Lodge a PERMIT for ALL their employee to attend Office.....365 times a year for the rest of their business life!! WE ARE NOT ROMANTICS TO Higher cost of Living neither are 65% of Rakyat the remaining 35% who are excited with the increase....stay home and worship UMNO-BN with Sultan Approval!!.... I will take all charged under this stupid Malaysian law to the high court....No problem!!...Even police gathering to monitor our gathering need a make sure you video/YOUTUBE these UMNO PDRM running Dogs and use that as prove that the police did not have permit!!

Anonymous,  31 December 2013 at 13:10  

Dato,I totally agree with your comment but what ails me is how to explain to the disillusioned mak cik felda who are too obsessed beyond rational reasoning believing that UMNO/BN is SOLE saviour of Malay kin till kingdom come. No amount of xpalanation can persuade them to change their ideals...taking into consideration their complacent attitude towards their current mindset and lifestyle. Any attempt to change would invite alienation from society. Things are made more difficult by local administration who views anything contradictory would remain a suspect.

orang kampung

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