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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 3 December 2013

UMNO and the New Malay Politics

In the next few days, there will be yet again the usual combative and noisy voices coming out from PWTC. Najib the UMNO president will initially be his usual imperial self- detached and unmoved by the vitriolic outpouring. Expect at the closing of the assembly, for Najib to come out sounding most warlike. Najib and the UMNO hoi poloi are actually like two peas in a pod- cut from the same cloth.
Yes the annual UMNO General Assembly is here again. The party elections are over. All the president’s men were voted in. Mukhriz Mahathir despite getting more popular votes than Hishamudin Hussein, lost in his bid to get one of the VP posts. Hishamudin survived a strong and spirited challenge from Mukhriz because the Electoral College system which UMNO has adopted favoured the incumbents and office holders.
Mahathir is angry because Najib’s men spent more money than Mukhriz to maintain their status quo. But expect the man who can walk on water to come out with guns blazing especially now that he’s out of PETRONAS. In the next few weeks many revelations will be out on PETRONAS that will shock the country. Mahathir wants to disengage because he doesn’t want to be guilty by association. Petronas is the ATM for the thieving political leadership.
The non-Malays will be attacked and portrayed as the rapacious and greedy ingrates forever treacherous and conspiratorial, planning to take away the rights of the Malays. The non UMNO Malays will also be much badmouthed. In the UMNO world, the only Malay is an UMNO Malay.
Malays must be protected at all costs and because of that, UMNO must unite for the sake of Malays and Islam. UMNO will reach out to PAS. Malays are imperilled, Islam is under attack, let us unite.
Of course no one can stop PAS if it wants to embrace UMNO. I hope PAS does not make a fool of itself. It must not degrade and lower itself though. If UMNO courts PAS, then PAS commands a premium price. Like the Indians of old who marry, if the prospective bridegroom is a doctor, the bride pays a higher dowry to cover not only the groom but also for his extended family. PAS is now a doctor who can save a sick UMNO. So PAS must demand a higher dowry say for example insisting that Hadi becomes DPM and PAS be given the defence and Finance ministries. If PAS wants to accept the overtures of a black-widowy UMNO, it must not sell itself short.  Ask UMNO for Perak and pay Kelantan all its royalty.
The overriding theme is Malays must be protected against all siege. In an attempt to insulate and protect UITM from the evil clutches of the greedy non Malays especially the Chinese, there will be calls to make UITM into a Royal University. That will ensure UITM can never admit non Malay students. In doing so, the Malay right wing groups hope UITM will acquire the invincibility of Malay rulers. If UITM does get this stature, I hope its students can still walk and chew gum simultaneously. .
 There will be noisier demands to secure economic Bumiputeraism- which essentially boils down to justifying the concentration of wealth and income generating resources in the hands of a few selected Malays for and on behalf of the faceless Malay masses.
DAP will be singled out as the Chinese political ogre- a party which is hell-bent to take away all things Malay. I hope the Malays can see through the defective reasoning of UMNO as regards DAP. UMNO doesn’t want Malays to join DAP and yet decries the fact that not many Malays get into DAP’s CEC. How oxymoronic is that argument. You want more Malays in CEC, then more Malays should join DAP. The Malays have no reason to fear DAP.
Would it be reasonable to expect DAP to spearhead the interest of Malays? For the DAP to pursue wholly sectarian interests of the Chinese nowadays is already difficult and I will explain why later. UMNO speaks about Malay agenda day in and day out for 24 hours and so has no moral authority to stop others from doing so.
Can the KDM people in Sabah not talk about their interests? So if Malays excuse their conduct by resorting to their special position, that cannot be an excuse to stop others from speaking of their not so special interests.
We cannot stop DAP or for that matter any other Chinese political parties from speaking about their interests. Do we see any Malaysian Indians and Malays inside MCA? No, but we have not heard of UMNO politicians accusing the MCA people of being Chinese chauvinists when almost all Malays know that MCA is more insidious and sly. It’s a business outfit!. Look at what the MCA people did to PKFZ. The Malays placed a bunch of crooks there to rob the country dry. MCA has not stopped talking about Chinese interests. I would rather engage a party that sates clearly its intentions rather that walk alongside a friend that stabs you in the back.
So don’t expect the ridiculous from DAP. As a party that gets its main support from the Chinese community, it would be suicidal for the DAP not to talk about mattes that affects the Chinese community. Can we stop UMNO from talking about matters that affect Malay interests? Accusing DAP of being a chauvinist party depends on who is doing the accusing. Others can accuse UMNO as being a Malay chauvinist party now.
I have talked about this matter. Its impossible to disregard or abandon our ethnicity. But keeping our ethnicity and the things that affirm our ethnicity( language, customs etc.) is a different matter, being racist is another matter. We ALL are true to our heritage but racism and being a racist means that you have an irrational contempt towards another because he or she is different. Being racist also means you have malicious intent and inherent ill will towards those different from you. We must distinguish between these two. Remaining true to our heritage or being a racist.
DAP knows this and it has evolved and adapt. A species that doesn’t know how to adapt, perishes. For example adapting to the external environment. The political reality is this. The majority in this country is Malay and any political party must factor in the Malay element. UMNO is stupid because it does not want to adapt. The Chinese is 24% strong and UMNO’s refusal to factor in the Chinese element is short-sighted. But let it be. MCA is a Chinese based party but its so corrupted and is so compromiseable that it allows itself to be Malaynised. It has lost the trust of the Chinese.
Because DAP does not want to be known as a chauvinist party or a party for one particular race, or that it does not want to remain perpetually as an opposition party, it has evolved and adapt. And part of this adaptation and evolution sees it factoring in the Malay element inside its overall political objectives. But the factoring in of the Malay element does not take the form by which UMNO wants to dictate on others. The Malay problem is part and parcel of the larger problem facing all groups that are marginalised and tyrannised.
No one believes in the UMNO solution. Even Malays don’t believe in the UMNO solution. UMNO operates a business agenda of the top 20%, by the top 20%, for the top 20%. That’s why the income gap between the top 20% Malay and the bottom 40% Malay is widening from RM5600 in 2004 to RM8600 in 2012. In 2004, the monthly income of the bottom 40% Malay was 1300 and in 2012 its RM1600.


bumi-non-malay 3 December 2013 at 10:12  

Merry Christmas Orang Malaysia.

UMNO Ku Klax Klan dah Sampai...

Naik Cukai Tanah - Hidup UMNO....mmmm Cium.

Naik Elektrik - Hidup UMNO, Melayu Ubah Corak Hidup...tidur awal tutup Lampu 8 pm....Bil Elektrik DEWA-TUHAN Presiden UMNO Sesak - $7,000,000 setahun.

Naik harga Gula - Teriak dan Sembah UMNO Hina Rakyat Malaysia....Kurangkan gula, Rosmah Naik Kapalterbang keluar negara $5,000,0000 dari cukai dari poket Ubah Hidup Orang Malaysia...

Sekarang Orang Malaysia Keseluruhan Perlu Beli TALI dan IKAT PERUT....Cepat Lapar agar Kita boleh Lihat Sultan UMNO dan Dewa UMNO makan dengan penuh Kegembiraan....manakala anak awak minta sedikit nasi lagi boleh tak??

Rakyat tak perlu tunggu Pilihanraya... Hina Rakyat Malaysia, TURUN Jalan RAYA...Bangkit BANTAH CUKAI TINGGI....Tumbangkan Sultan UMNO -Bn SERTA MERTA Melalui OPS TANGKAP SERENTAK ketua UMNO-BN!!

Anonymous,  3 December 2013 at 13:55  

Running amok season is here already?

Anonymous,  3 December 2013 at 16:29  

Am based in KL and doing business with Malay, Chinese and in and day out...

One thing has change these days..we are not talking about UMNO , DAP, PAS, MCA, MIC, BN, PR. Not because it is not relevant to what we do and the businesses but because the politician are already doing much of the talking..non stop at both sides with each sides attacking the other sides...

It comes down that, we as the business owners have to really keep the politics out from our businesses in order for us to run our businesss and in order to keep out staff having a job to go to and having a salary to go back home with each month...

I am beginning to think, this excesses of 'talks' will be the one ruining the nation in days to come..

Anonymous,  3 December 2013 at 18:08  

kalau bangsa non-melayu mahu tukar bangsanya kepada bangsa melayu harus masuk parti umno.Bila sudah berada didalam umno bolehlah bertanding membuktikan siapa yang paling melayu.

Quiet Despair,  3 December 2013 at 23:37  

Unc Sak

Just one question. Why the sudden interest of the Chinese to enter UITM?
Isn't it the institution much denigrated as low class and useless graduates.
That Chines employers will not take in UITM grads. Like they are not proficient in English.
Is it the Chinese envy of the Malays rearing it's ugly head again?
That UITM is the only public University that have English as the medium of instruction.
Same as being in the public service. Last time Chinese looked down on those working in the governnent.
Now all of a sudden they want to join the elitist PTD.
Now they are opening their slit eyes that the few Chinese and Indians in PTD have been given promotions a Ministry Secretary General.
Do you think if I join a Chinese conglomerate, I will get to be CEO or CFO like Chinese are given when they work in Malay companies.
No siree. Sorry.

Cahaya Qalbu,  4 December 2013 at 00:46  

For more than half a century, the Malays are given special rights and the NEP that have made them excessively over-depending on the UMNO/BN led government for their various needs. They want a crutch and are given the crutch; spoon-fed.

Most of the non-Malays especially the Chinese Msians are not envious about them as they are a resilient race and most of them can survive under any condition with very minimal aid.

The Indian Malaysians are also tough but many are typically confined to estates and low- wage-work. Business-wise, the Indians can’t match the Chinese.

It is quite palpable the Malays are generally not good in business. Therefore they are normally employed by the government and GLCs. Only few Malay graduates have the employable attributes; hence the majority of the private sector eschewed them.

Humans are reminiscent of animals as far as struggling for a living is concerned. Naturally, without help, everyone will think industriously and work tenaciously in order to survive.

However, as we all know, the domestic animals and those kept in the Zoo are not required to hunt for food as they are always been fed by the Zoo workers and over a long period of time, they have forgotten the expertise’s of how to obtain food.

The Orang Utan, as example, after being kept in captivity for many years, once released back to the wild, either return to their captivity or die shortly. Why is this so? Because they have lost their instinct of how to survive on their own; searching for food. It can be understood that the Malays are in similar circumstances.

Majority of the Malay contractors survive because they are handed out heavily padded sweetheart contracts by the UMNO led BN government.

The said government also practices mediocrity in employment, education, and other fields.

In higher education, most Malay students study matriculation, resulted in them outnumbering the non-Malay students in scoring 3.8 to 4.0 in CGPA by 10 to 3. Although the non- Malays may score full 4.0 CGPA by sitting the STPM, most of them are unable to get to study the courses of their choice in the public universities.

With the race-based policies, the Malays also do not have to put much effort in order to have a reasonably easy life.

But remember……

Malaysia will one day be depleted of resources. The powers-that-be will not continuously have the means and ability to sustain feeding them. They are so used to the crutch and without the crutch they will surely fall.

Thus, the government-that-be must gradually wean off their total dependence otherwise only God knows what will happen to them in the future…



Anonymous,  4 December 2013 at 04:16  

Our late Tun Abdul Razak will be crying in his grave as his beloved so will become one of Malaysia's biggest failure Prime Minister.

bruno 4 December 2013 at 07:27  

Quiet Despair,

Hi buddy,long time no see.If you are good enough,why not.It is the brains the Chinese and in fact employers of all races are interested in.Give me a moronic monkey working for free and I will set it free into the jungle.Hehe.Cheers.

nick 4 December 2013 at 07:54  

Ah..yes, the season of talking big and spouting empty rhetoric and promises has arrive. No, not X'mas but the UMNO Anal..err.. Annual General Assembly..sorry about that typo! It is time again for some UMNO members to shout until their face turns blue (most of their mind are already that color) THAT they are the defender of Islam and Melayu.

Malaysian yet again will be served with copious amount of hypocritical claim of UMNO's sacrifice and struggle to defend Islam and Melayu. Malaysian will also be entertained with many UMNO comics outdoing each other in useless chest thumping and "thundercats" Keris summoning of "Ketuanan..ketuanan..ketuanan Me..Layuuuuu" which has zero benefits for the Malays at large and even less value when televised nationwide to the uninterested and puking public.

It will be a continuation of tradition that UMNO leaders in these General meeting, will without doubt urge the UMNO delegates and of course "their paid members" to give up and sacrifices their lives to defend UMNO, Islam and Melayu. And just like so many past assemblies, the uninterested public and non UMNO malays will be yawning widely and of course brush it off as another UMNO lame attempt at drumming up their flaccid and "layu" morale at a time when UMNO itself is rejected by the majority of Malay and Malaysian. No one take UMNO chest thumping seriously because their track record on championing the malays and Islam is dismal at best and at worse it is a crime.

Come on! Who would believe that UMNO members will sacrifice and give up their lives to Islam and nation when they can't even give up a few hundred RM of "politik wang" during the last party election? They can't even sacrifice a few hundred RM in bribe money and they claim to be willing to die for the nation? UMNO can't even give up their addiction on corruption and misappropriation of public money and they claim they are willing to give up their lives and die for Islam? Don't make me laugh!

And what does putting "Ahli sunnah wal jamaah" into the constitution would do for Islam when UMNO has allowed one of the biggest casino in the world to operate on Tanah Melayu? One is just "words" but the other is a physical realities. Is that how UMNO defends Islam? By putting in a few islamic sounding words in the constitution while at the same time licensing gambling and greedily profiting from it? Wow, a genius idea huh from Muhyiddin? or NOTTT!!!

How lame can Muhyiddin and UMNO be? Is this their idea of championing Islam and Melayu? With more rhetoric, more tongue twisting slogans and yet more acronym? Najib has given us numerous but useless acronym at the cost of billions and Muhyiddin is offering his two cent and the best he can come up is "putting in ahli sunnah wal jamaah in the constitution? That's it? That's the best idea UMNO can come up with it's 3 million "muslim' brains all claiming to be the true champion of Islam?

But then again what do we expect from a bunch of people who are nose deep in corruption and bribery ..err.. sorry .."politik wang". You can't expect GOD to give them divine inspiration when their bellies and brains are full of vices! My mistake! My bad for asking UMNO to champion Islam..opps... wait a minute! No one asked UMNO to champion Islam and neither did they asked UMNO to champion the Malays! For that matter, who really cares about UMNO and their hypocritical fight and struggles? Not the majority of the Malays and especially not the majority of Malaysian. We hate UMNO actually and we "the silent majority" told UMNO that, during the last GE and we will of course tell them THAT, more loudly and with more majority in the next GE!


Anonymous,  4 December 2013 at 08:26  

Quiet Despair,

So tak dapat cari makan dekat US, now u r coming back to good old M’sia to shit for yr ketuanan right.

1st – the Chinese M’sians have always wanted to find means to send their children to higher education. UiTM has been close to them for ages due to mentality of ‘u’–kind (u know what I meant,wakakak).

So, even the perceived UiTM – with its much denigrated low class and useless graduates, it’s still a cheap education comparatively, not that they have many other choices.

As far as the skillset involved, the graduates would find their own level, if they set their mind onto it! The institution is ONLY a tool, what turns the graduates into gems is the graduates themselves.

Any wonder why there r so little gems in UiTM now, compared with said, the early 70s?

2nd – The Nons r always interested to work in the public service sectors. There used to be many of them, holding high position too. What happened? Salary grades? Promotion due to ability?

Yr ketuanan mentality WOULD have explained WHY to u silently. No?

With yr shit-stiring & tongkat ability, u would most likely ended up as the director of human waste in ANY conglomerates – that’s if yr know-who fails u.

BTW, what’s yr ketuanan mentality tells u about this – ‘That UITM is the only public University that have English as the medium of instruction.’?

An institution that supposedly set up to uplift the education of the Malays, ended up using English as the mean of instruction!

Is Bahasa M’sia not good enough? Can put a word or two to that Moos, so that the argument of dis-advantaging the Melayu students if education is conducted in other languages, is just his poo-talk.

Or maybe, some selected Melayu should be taught in English, while the majority (the bottom 40%) should be taught in B M’sia.

Just to maintain these heartlanders' blur supports? Yes?

Anonymous,  4 December 2013 at 23:42  

But then again what do we expect from a bunch of people who are nose deep in corruption and bribery ..err.. sorry .."politik wang".

You can't expect GOD to give them divine inspiration when their bellies and brains are full of vices! Bravo Nick ! Thought so too.

Anonymous,  4 December 2013 at 23:58  

Salam Dato,

"In the next few weeks many revelations will be out on PETRONAS that will shock the country. Mahathir wants to disengage because he doesn’t want to be guilty by association. Petronas is the ATM for the thieving political leadership."

We would then ask exactly when this ATM was installed, and how much was withdrawn in his 22 years in power.

The answer may dwarf any figure that Dr M will claim was taken by the current leadership.

Was it ever repaid?

Tak payah tanya, lah.

walla 5 December 2013 at 09:08  

In his new book due next month, Vu Minh Khuong of Hanoi wrote:

"The advancement of a nation from poverty to prosperity is not a technical process but a great transformation.

At the center of this change are two driving forces - emotion, which is referred to aspiration, anxiety, and sense of responsibility; and enlightenment, which is associated with the freedom from dogmatism, open-mindedness, and the hunger for learning.

It is these two factors that have determined not only the remarkable success of Asia in economic development but also the uniqueness of its growth model."

(The Dynamics of Economic Growth : Policy Insights from Comparative Analyses in Asia; KM Vu, 2014)

Let's apply that to Umno and at its General Assembly today.

Where in the entire history of Umno's rule over this country has it developed positive emotion and progressive enlightenment?

The first salvo at the assembly was against the threat of foreign liberalism.

If that be to forewarn its impact on local culture, where in local culture does it say it's alright to champion corruption and victimize victims? How does stopping foreign influence raise Pisa ranking?

The second salvo was to argue now we must put meat to our ketuanan melayu.

But they have already chewed the national economy to its bare bones so what meat is there left? And where in the entire escapade of ketuanan melayu has it translated to a more prosperous and cohesive Malaysian society, or is it the non-Malays are still to be considered immigrants after four generations born on this land that is still to be called Malay Land in defiance of native rights?

If that is so, where is it not racism to privilege polaroid citizens made of foreign immigrants just because they look the same, profess to be of the same faith although heaps more liberal, and lingo a passably similar language, while those others who have lived, died, contributed and sacrificed for this country are to be considered second-class minions to be blamed without reason for everything under His matahari wherever it suits the devious purpose of monkeys riding donkeys in banana plantations?

And yet they can have the face to go on. The third salvo was to say our women must now be leveraged into higher positions.

So what have they been doing all those fifty years of rule? Grazing?

With more to come, the fourth salvo now takes the cake. Umno need not apologize for its wealthy elite because it shows they control the economy.

What are the federal debt and government deficit today? Where is the competitiveness of our industries?

How are our education and social safety standards? What about the justice system and the literacy rate, what more their eq/iq ratio, of its implementers?

What has been done to stop all the leakages and stealing of public funds using the sham and scam of contracts, projects, permits and monopolies?

How much is the average Malay getting by each day, each week, each month, each year for the last umpteen years that will unmistakably support Umno's pouting performance through its wealthy elites in alleviating their plight and plight?

Exactly how much money has moved from Umno rich to Malay poor? And in view of Islamic principles of charity to all, the poor of the other races as well?

Songkoks, shirts and sarungs don't good men make. Every year, they remain just smidgeon napoleons without clothes. And they have the nerve to talk arrogance, talk big, talk men-hen, and talk dolts.

walla 5 December 2013 at 10:10  

Let's take the two apart. Emotion and Enlightenment.

Emotion: Anxiety, aspiration and sense of responsibility.

Needless to say, our Malays were anxious that they would be left behind. They aspired to come up and at least improve their lot and participate more roundly in development.

But was there a sense of responsibility? That Umno has deviated completely and brought down the whole house that belonged to all.

It is all the more galling because the non's were played out, furthermore blamed exclusively for wrong's not of their doing but the doing's done by ranks within Umno itself.

You know that is true because the non's had generally started to support those policies designed to help our Malays up. But they stopped when they saw how twisted was the implementation and how Umno had taken it to crowbar away their segment of grow-the-pie together. You know when the result of doing so was to marginalize an entire community and made the other leave in droves.

There was no sense of responsibility. Power was abused without a single grain of conscience towards others, even those of one's own race.

Enlightenment: freedom from dogmatism, open-mindedness, and the hunger for learning.

Why are we still so dogmatic when the world has already opened up? If someone just holds onto a belief or point of view without looking at other angles, perspectives, facts and proofs, how can he know whether or not he is right? If his mind is closed, how can he receive new facts that can cause him to question the present situation and analyze it back to its root cause with view to finding a better solution than that sold to him mindlessly?

And how can he be less dogmatic and more open-minded if he has no hunger for learning except to be repetitive in a narrow way? It will only freeze the fear inside him and lock him in a negative mindset that will crimp his personal growth and development that will make him more engaged and inclusive in the tide of human progress. And isn't human progress the objective of everything?

Right now, too many of our Malays, especially those in Umno, are spirited but not spiritual. Furthermore, they are only spirited to the extent they have been bedeviled first by fear, then by greed, now by arrogance, stupidity, incongruity and hypocrisy.

There is not a single thing they have done or will ever do that others not of their hide can't do better, faster, cheaper, more relevantly and with less pain on the stakeholders of Malaysia, the rakyat.

And yet they continue to hold onto power by foul means knowing all this.

Isn't that cheating our Malays, the non's and this nation?

Anonymous,  5 December 2013 at 13:54  

YB Satuk,
The corrupt MCA is not bothered the whole country knows it's so because they have the money now, and tons of it, to do what it likes. So if the people here don't like them, they migrate elsewhere, that is, if they have not yet done so. They are having the last laugh. Only the poorest of the poor Chinese will vote for them, for I have heard these say, 'It doesn't matter, after all, I have been poor and I will continue to be poor!"

Anonymous,  5 December 2013 at 13:56  

YB, No whatever relevations that man who can walk on water [ and fly like superman or scale walls like spiderman] make will not shock me. After all, the important thing is, petronas money is being drained away - how it is done is not important.

Anonymous,  5 December 2013 at 17:01  

UMNO Baru, UMNO Pemuda, putra- pootri hiprokrit kelas satu !
Dalam masa yg terdekat akan menunjuk belang narcissist Khairy, dah tentu ada skandal2. Elok juga dia menanya dirinya sendiri apakah bini dia tu bagus sgt kah, dah punya lama tak nak bergambar dgn ibu tirinya, punya bodoh kahwin Pak Lah, tak terlintaskah tanpa jeanne, tak kan lah Pak Lah hidup terurus sampai hari ini ? Kalau berkahwin dgn jenis ragard bini muda taib, baru bini khairy sedar diri. Bukan rampas, bini lama dah meninggal dunia, apakah ajaran Islam yang sebenarnya ? Jadi tak perlu nak pekik dia terima yg bukan Melayu, padahal bini sendiri pun satu cam je. Apakah nak hipokrit sgt, nak serang gaji Hannah RM 9, 000 sehari sebagai speaker , betoii kah atau jelas sgt dah bangkrap ide hanya setakat nak pekik isu2 yg dah basi sgt spt agama, bangsa serta kesultanan , tapi korupsi berleluasa sekian lama, inflasi semakin mencengkam rakyat biasa, nak cetak wang kertas lagi dll ?!! utk menghangatkan kebencian pada bangsa Cina termasuk Melayu yg dah meluat sgt dgn hiprokit UMNO putra- pooteri ? Padahal berbilion ringgit duit rakyat dibelanjakan utk mengupah konsultan2 serta CEO- CEO asing yg menjaga kepentingan pemimpin2, bini , sanak saudara mereka serta kroni2 UMNO ? Apakah graduates Melayu tempatan keluaran kilang UMNO Baru Sdn Bhd sejak kebelakangan yg dididik oleh bangsa supreme dah tak laku, atau jelas dah hilang berkat ?

Anonymous,  5 December 2013 at 21:25  

Its true the frenzy rhetorics is taken a notch higher again as it always happen BUT this time, its quite clear that EVERYONE IS DRINKING THE KOOL-AID including Najib.

Najib is LYING to the delegates and they are lapping it up because its what they want to hear. NOT only that its clear Najib can't tell he drinking the same kool-aid he is dishing out. He think he is not which is what should scare the living daylight out of everyone ESPECIALLY UMNO.

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