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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 8 December 2013

Adaptation and Extinction

The principle of natural selection applied socially as used by Herbert Spencer for example refers to the ability and means by which a social organism adapts to its immediate, local environment. It’s not used in the sense biologists understand the term.
It’s the ability of a social organism to adapt to its social environment whereby it quickly acquires the traits that confers it advantages to survive. It’s not merely being fit to survive but acquiring the traits that confer it advantages over others. In biology, as long as an organism can reproduce it must be by definition, fit. The fact that UMNO is there means it is already fit. It can reproduce political yahoos and the hallelujah types cant it?
But can it acquire the traits, values and culture to ensure political longevity? That requires leadership and quality members. UMNO lacks both. And that is good for all of us.
At the end of the UMNO PAU-wow recently, its president spoke of the imperative for UMNO to adapt. It simply means that UMNO must abandon its current traits and acquire new ones to ensure its longevity and survival.
From my own personal experience, there is a wide divide between what Najib says and what he will actually do. I am inclined to believe that when Najib spoke about adaptation, he intended it for public and not UMNO consumption. Much of what he said is lost amidst the din of morbid Malay triumphalism during the UMNO PAU-wow.
To me what Najib said was just empty talk. I draw this conclusion because he totally avoided qualifying his call for adaptation. 
Did he rein in the calls to assert Malay supremacy when delegates say UMNO should not care less if others call it racist? This actually affirms that UMNO is indeed a racist party. Now, when you don’t have the culture and values that reject such extremism, UMNO racism will continue notwithstanding what its president says.
Did he expound any program to reduce income inequality between Malays instead of endorsing by his silence, calls to create a small cadre of Malay millionaires? We have had that Ponzi scheme before. Have we forgotten that out of the RM54 billion worth of equities given to the selected Malay few, the dato’ and datuks, tan sris and the Malay elite sold off what they got effectively for free? Fools repeat the same mistakes.
Was Najib brave enough to censure and denounce religious bigotry when UMNO is now effectively calling for the inquisition on other Muslims? Have UMNO Malays gone mad calling for the Malay-nisation of even Islam? Will we see under UMNO, the claims that only Malaysian Islam is the true Islam in the world?
I challenge Najib to issue an edict saying that Shia is a kafir religion.
Why do you want to write something about Sunni Islam into the constitution when UMNO Malays don’t have faith in our constitution? That’s right, UMNO leaders and UMNO members don’t believe in our constitution.
Otherwise, if they believe in the constitution, then there is simply no basis and justification to say that Malays and their interests are under siege. Isn’t our constitution protecting the Malays and their interests already? No one can usurp the constitution unless of course it’s true that UMNO actually does not believe in the constitution.
The UMNO people are drowning in their own sputum-it’s the rule of law and our constitution that safeguard the rights of All in Malaysia. the same constitution and rule of law protect Malays, not UMNO.  


Anonymous,  8 December 2013 at 09:50  

Portillo, former defence secretary as well as a close Thatcher's ally has mentioned very clearly in this youtube about evolution & extinction. Do enjoy!

bruno,  8 December 2013 at 10:53  

Dato,the main purpose of creating a class of Malay elites called Umnoputras is to surpressed and suck the ordinary Malays high and dry.And yet these leeches are voted back into power elections after elections.Are the Malays really going backwards or is the opposition so impotent.Even a genius cannot figure it out.

Anonymous,  8 December 2013 at 12:00  

i absolutely love your blog, you have answers to every shenenigans that immigrants infested political party have to offer and they have the cheek to call others as such. the funny thing is, those ram deficient molluscs are not even aware, btw, can you imagine having a women exclusive bank where all the borrowers are female but all the loans disbursed are probably utilized by their dominant husbands or boyfriends, another avenue for easy money in the bee agenda, hidup melayu?

Anonymous,  8 December 2013 at 12:59  

Did he expound any program to reduce income inequality between Malays instead of endorsing by his silence, calls to create a small cadre of Malay millionaires? We have had that Ponzi scheme before.

hehehe najib, muhid wanted to create all middle income Malays as millionaires ahahhaha... minus the eternity factorings

Anonymous,  8 December 2013 at 16:33  

Janji meningkatkan ekonomi bangsa melayu adalah janji-janji kosong para pemimpin umno.Secara lojiknya, penguasaan para kroni-kroni umno yang sangat mencengkam ekonomi negara dan adalah sangat mustahil akan membolehkan umno memberi ruang kepada orang melayu untuk bangun untuk memperkasakan ekonominya.

Anonymous,  8 December 2013 at 17:45  

ini bukan tsunami melayu seperti digembar-gemburkan media tunggangan umno tetapi akan ada tsunami menolak amalan rasuah pemimpin umno.Bila undang-undang tidak berkesan kepada prmimpin, seharusnya 'tsunami melayu' yang dijangkakan itu akan menjadi permulaan politik menentang korupsi dan salahguna kuasa.

Anonymous,  8 December 2013 at 19:47  

On what basis do mahathir’s suckers equate him to Madiba Mandela ? The former brings his personal hatred against his senior then - LKY and the Chinese cab driver who refused to drive him to his date’s home because he seemingly appeared to be poor, then spinned his personal vendettas around and deceives kita gullible Malays with racism. And he is still spinning deceptions in his kind of tunnel where there is no light, but total darkness of hatred, racism, apartheid and elitism.

So where are the similarities of magnanimity, hatred against bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, massive restitutions, total retirement and zipping his worthless loose cannon in comparison to Madiba Mandela ? Or rather there is his absolute reverse of Nelson Mandela instead ? So stop all the craps of deceits, political manipulations and deceptions.

Who was behind the policy of the lousy Communicative English without the rudiments of fine skills of writing conventions ? To quote him about his contribution to English is akin to giving undeserving acknowledgment to whatever. ( in a way yes, his massive contribution to the judges who became a laughing stock to young law students to be aware that flawless English is the tool of high competency and positive impression on any clients here and abroad )

Whereas Madiba Mandela was imprisoned 27 years for his democratic fights for South Africa to be free from apartheid, was mahathir imprisoned or did he not send peaceful political dissidents to prison ? How did he treat Bapa Malaysia and did he not fire the Lord President ( Chief Justice ) Tun Salleh Abas ? What about his allegedly involvement in granting of citizenship to phantom voters in SS, bukankah itu pengkhianatan pada negara dan bangsa ? Bagaikan sapi tumpang Mandela's worldwide recognition - mahathir's norm. Melayu memang cepat lupa, mudah tertipu dgn omong rasis, omong kosong, omong supremacy, skim ponzi jutawan Melayu elit. The firsts to weep would be his surrogate samy vellu, little buddy bossy vincent tan, al- bukhary, a long list and the firsts to laugh will be who, doing the rakyat waves on the streets, huh ? There is still a little time left for him to make all things right, furious and fast. Watch the unfolding of new events.

Or is it the rules of the jungle laws of UMNO bin mahathir sdn bhd that rule to incapacitate our Malays in racism, thus terlepas His blessings of abundance of compassion, goodness, civility, peaceful intelligence, accountability, kemurahan rezeki ?

Anonymous,  8 December 2013 at 20:01  

hehehea women exclusive bank where all the borrowers are female but all the loans disbursed are probably utilized by their dominant husbands or boyfriends, another avenue for easy money in the bee agenda, hidup melayu?

hehehe gfs to tan sris !! right, there are the loop holes which must be plugged... women should be picked to be team players based on competency, deliverance and sponsor - teamwork leadership, not based on gender as pekik - pekik by umno pootris, wanita. more condo cows lah.

nick 9 December 2013 at 07:28  

When it comes to UMNO, two words fit them well and no, it's not "ketuanan melayu" which is nothing more than a camouflage for the actual words of "Corruption and Decadence". In Malay it can be surmised as a single word which is "Kemunafikan" but no, we can't use that word because "UMNO claimed that it is the champion of Islam who at the same time indulges in vices and crimes" which to you and me, makes no sense at all.

Thus we have some "liberal" candidates (who lost!) in the recent UMNO election proclaimed that "Politik wang is still prevalent in UMNO (rampant and unchecked) but it is a problem of principle and not a crime". How low and hypocritical can you get when even their most progressive and liberal figures are that "broken" or "damaged goods". This is the clearest sign that corruption has become the norm or even the life blood of UMNO and when they can't even realized what they are doing is a sin and morally wrong not to mention a crime, then it furthers the hypothesis that UMNO has fallen deep into decadence. It has become an abberation and a deviant who has lost any connection whatsoever with the society they exist in.

It figures, when UMNO are reproached for their late and insensitive manner towards the plight of the those caught in the huge disaster in the east coast, one of their leaders instead of self reflection when on an angry tirade against the people who brought up the issue as if they are always perfect and are never wrong or uncaring. It didn't occur to the leaders of UMNO that they can be criticized and reprimand or even hold to account on their action and attitude. They are totally living in a world of lunacy where UMNO is beyond reproach and beyond any guilt and fault.

They are in fact, lunatics living amongst normal people and expect the normal people to subscribe to their lunacy and delusion. What Shahrizat did was the perfect example of how lunatics will always get angry when people point out their lunacy or when people do not subscribe to their "crazy world view"! Then, that means lunatic are running this country? Yes, may Allah help us all!


Anonymous,  9 December 2013 at 08:55  

UMNO Baru is good in tokok, ignoring completely the people's well-being. The case in point is the situation of the flood victims in Pahang and Trengganu. The victims mostly Malays can go drink murky water whilst these war lords are having their feasts in 5-star hotels, in the company of their girl-friends.

Another sin committed against the world's greatest apartheid fighter is to liken UMNO's heinous acts as akin to Mandela's sacrifice. You can discern no shame in the face of this mad man.

The rural folks must be made stupid to sustain the continued strangle-hold against the sanity of this nation. Looks like they have achieved great success now the secondary students are rated right at the bottom of the Pisa ratings. Please read full article and complete list in following link:

A stupid nation is being born, thanks to UMNO's social engineering.

Anonymous,  9 December 2013 at 09:26  

Malay millionaires who are bonking a different woman every night will protest Islam for the sake of the poor who can't afford to protest their religion.

Anonymous,  9 December 2013 at 11:36  

Dear Datuk Sak

The Portuguese ruled Mozambique, Angola and Guinea-Bissau for hundreds of years because they kept the people of these three colonies ignorant and poorly-educated.

UMNO Baru-BN keeping a large number of our fellow Malaysians in the same state too -- to perpetuate their kleptocratic rule.

Phua Kai Lit

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