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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Trouble up North Country

UMNO/BN will be decimated in Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Kedah.
Let us continue with the possible political outcomes. We don’t have to waste time discussing about Penang because UMNO/BN doesn’t even have a rat’s ass of a chance to regain the state. Gerakan is of no consequence anymore. Changing its leaders there will not amount to anything. Gerakan will find out that cosmetic leadership changes are not a substitute for believability. Who wants to believe that Gerakan out of power can achieve anything when it failed when it HAD power? Penang Malays are eager to send Gerakan to its grave.
The current challenge by various chambers of commerce to gain control of Penang Port is a clear signal that UMNO’s predatory legalized plunder is totally unacceptable. It’s not going to be easy for the looters and plunderers from now on.

Syed Mokhtar represents UMNO and if his overtures to take over Penang Port are rejected, it means the Penang people have no use of UMNO any longer. If UMNO people don’t read the meaning of that defiance, they must be really stupid.

What will Chua Soi Lek say now, now that Penang people elect to develop their port on their own efforts, by their own terms and conditions? Will he now dare suggest that Syed Mokhtar has the interests of Penangnites better that Penangnites have? 
Penang has 13 parliamentary seats. UMNO stands a ghost of chance in Kepala Batas and Tasek Gelugor. If Abdullah Badawi is dropped, the seat will be won by PKR. I can only see UMNO/BN winning only 1 seat out of the 13 seats. Pak Lah shows no class if he wants to stand for elections again. A former PM downgrading himself to become an MP. If he didn’t accomplish anything of significance during his tenure of office as PM, what can he do as an ordinary MP?  People fall asleep listening to his speeches when he was PM, how can they stay awake when he now speaks as an ordinary MP? After having served the highest political office, Pak Lah is still willing to suffer humiliation, then this man has no sense of self-worth. Can Penangnites expect anything worthy from UMNO which is going to be represented from a person without a sense of amour-propre?
What about the northen state Perlis which size has often been compared to a monkey’s astride legs? Negeri sekangkang kera. There are 3 UMNO divisions, 3 division heads yet 4 people want to become MB. The current MB who used to go about town bandying around with a PhD qualification recently got a rude shock. An UMNO member made a police report requesting the police to investigate the MB who is using a fake PhD.
The other two fellows are the former MB and  a former minister of home affairs during whose tenure in office, so many foreign workers were brought in. all are vying to become the next MB.
Perlis is a state whose leaders seem to have no sense of proportion. You only have 3 parliamentary seats to offer and you insist on playing a dominant role in Malaysian politics. So you do the only option you have- be loud and be noisy.




What was Perlis’s vote swing to the opposition in 2008? It was around 3.7%.
Read back what have I said at the beginning. This is a state with 3 divisions, 3 division heads but with 4 people wanting to become MB. What does that indicate? It indicates that over the last 4 years, UMNO/BN has self-destruct and has allowed Pakatan to possibly double the vote swing to 7%. 

With 7% vote swing, Pakatan is likely to win 1 parliament seat for sure and more than an even chance to win 1 additional seat. Pakatan will likely get 2 parliamentary seats this time.


bruno,  28 July 2012 at 06:59  

Dato,first of all let's talk about Badawi.The first time he took BN to the polls the people gave him a mandate,an historic landslide victory that even Mahathir could not match.Because of Badawi's bad habits of falling asleep at every oppurtunity,he had dissappointed the rakyat by failing to get corruption and the country on the right track.

The rakyat punished his BN for his failures and his own party Umno showed him the back door.Now that Badawi is in retirement he should spend more time with his family and granchildren,as they will appreciate his presence more.And anyway why should Badawi even give a hoot whether his parliamentary seat goes to the PR.In fact he should be happy the seat is going back to the rakyat.

This GE MCA should be lucky if it ended up with 3-5 seats.The worse is that it will follow Gerakan's footsteps and ended with duck's eggs.And yet CSL is still cozying up to Mahathir's crony.That shameless man deserved to be looking after the henhouse.MIC will be lucky to end up with 1 seat.Penang Umno led by their rowdy leader will definitely lose many seats.Even Penang Malays are getting fed up with his thuggish and childish antics.

Umno is expected to lose at least some parlimentary seats in every states.Even in their stronghold Johore,they are expected to lose at least a couple of seats if not more.They will be lucky if at the final tally Umno/BN ended up with 1/3 of the parliamentary seats.

It will not surprised many if the Umnoputras are already making migration plans.Soon the Zimbabwe mission in Afica will be filled with immigration applications,as that cowboy state has no extradiction treaty with Malaysia.All Umnoputras fearing persecution will flocked there.

Anonymous,  28 July 2012 at 08:26  


huh......huh.......ketar dan menggeletar.panas sejok, berpeluh dingin aku, kalau ramalan SAk dan bruno menjadi kenyataan.

Sak.. tolong kumen sikit pasal urusan bekalan air negori You.. katanya teruk juga dari segi NRW dan hutang.. betul ke. Kata orang hutang bertepek tepek.


Anonymous,  28 July 2012 at 13:02  

aiyoh-- the next PM comes from KEDAH lah-- MOO KRISS mah ha ahtir, ha ha hi hiBN will self destruct soon

Anonymous,  28 July 2012 at 13:37  

1. Would you be kind enough to enlighten Malaysian's all over on the recent scramble of Syed Mokhtar linked companies?

2. This is a threat to national security to have rice, sugar, logistics including ports and postal services, and it is understood now even mobile telecommunciations to fall into the hands of a single person.

3. Why is the government of the day silent on this. If anything were to happen to discrupt these critical services, then who is responsible?

4. A structure of this complex and vast empire needs to be made aware to the rakyat.

5. If it is shown that it only benefits only a minority then it should be scrutinised even more. This may end up in Malaysians paying more for what they need to.

6. Who in UMNO/BN are sitting on the BOD for these companies. Who has been promised positions for this gravy train? I would like to know how Bumiputeras all over can benefit from this?
I would also like to know how Malaysian in general can benefit from these feverish acquisitions which seem lopsided.

7. Is there no other Bumiputera or Company that can do this sort of work? Why only Syed Mokhtar's companies?

Selamat berpuasa.

Anonymous,  28 July 2012 at 14:17  

Greedy and unprincipled politicians, eager to line up their pockets from corruption and taxpayers money, had betrayed the people trust.

Anonymous,  28 July 2012 at 16:19  

wow, havent read this blog for ages. such hostility from SAK. interesting.

Anonymous,  28 July 2012 at 19:29  

Salam Dato,
Yang paling seronok apabila melihat ahli-ahli umno yang dikampug-kampung, felda yang masih seronok tengok cerita Alibaba dgn 40 penyamun berlaku didepan mata mereka. Rompak siang hari. Kah..kah

Patrick 28 July 2012 at 21:56  

The culture nurtured by Mahathir of greed and power is so ingrained in UMNO that any form of power will suffice to attain quick economic wealth. You have just demonstrated that even in a small and inconsequential state like Perlis is open game for deathly power grab. Now everybody can extrapolate this to other entities and business run by UMNO.

In any entity where UMNO is present, power allows them to demand kickbacks and favors. The instant switch from kedai mamak for coffee to chaffeur-driven Benz to a 5-star hotel coffee lounge for the same coffee is common. Afterall, what is a new title if power cannot be unleash for all to see!! This character is so ingrained for the last 30 years since Mahathir, that most ordinary malays see this as a God-given right and protected by UMNO. So, in a sense, this article demonstrates that long cultivated greed and laziness within UMNO and cronies is imploding UMNO. There is no cooperation within UMNO or for that matter, within the govt structure, for any common good to result. Its all for their own common economic growth and flashing power to perpetuate financial gain.

This article also continues to expose the brainless act of recycling geriatric UMNO goats over and over again. The term 'new blood or young blood' in UMNO only refers to sweet, pretty young women as 2nd/3rd/4th wife and or mistress only. This further exacerbates UMNO's implosion. Compare UMNO's geriatric collection of bones with the opposition's crop of educated, dedicated, disciplined and focused individuals, then we can all see where our country is heading after the next GE.

Has anybody ever seen a skinny average weight UMNO spawn at all? They are all so fat and lazy from free money from geriatric UMNO people that even if they puasa 12 months continuosly, they will never lose weight. Just go over to any 5-star hotel restaurant this ramadan month and you will see all of them continuing their fattening regime. But I guess its Divine's way of culling the idiots from the lot.

Our next election will be a rude shock for not only UMNO, but probably to all downstream consumer product/service retailers as well. Therein lies a paradox for our next election....once UMNO is voted out, there will be a shock economic readjustment from all the lost of free-money expenditure by UMNO, before the market picks up and grow again.

But its a sacrifice and price that the public will have to make for the future of the country. When we change govt from Perlis to Johor.

bruno,  28 July 2012 at 22:06  

Dato,I thought that the too big to fail syndrone is only for the good old USA.This sick man's mentality exists in the land of the bolehs too.This Bukhary guy has the symptoms of the Donald Trumps of the nineties.Bankers licking and carrying his heavy balls fearing that he may fall flat on top of their faces.

Anonymous,  28 July 2012 at 22:51  

Dato' pakai AK47, saya Sumpitan SA13, sudah tentu saya akan disembahyangkan, dan Russia disembah kerana ciptaan yang begitu hebat. Tak ada chance lah saya.

Peneroka juga akan disembahyangkan kalau berani nak lawan pendekar dari Putrajaya. No chance, brother, tentu di-telan hidup-hidup.

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 00:37  

Salam Dato...kalau nak komen bab penang, tolong DAP calonkan melayu dari parti DAP supaya bertanding dlm PRU13 ini. Pemerintahan kerajaan DAP tanpa melayu DAP membuktikan DAP parti perkauman. Jangan harapkan melayu PKR sememangnya terbukti tiada gunanya dalam barisan Exco kerajaan sekarang.
Dato sebagai ahli DAP harus ketengahkan masalah ini. Jika dilihat semua kerusi milik DAP melayu telah dibolot oleh PKR dan mereka lupa sejarah bahawa DAP melayu sememangnya wujud. Kembalikan kerusi-kerusi PKR yang telah kalah atau ahlinya menjadi katak kepada DAP melayu.

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