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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 24 July 2012

The UMNO Water Torture: weapon of the Oppressor( 2/2)

The UMNO water torture: weapon of the oppressor.
The days of giving a free lunch is over. Syabas wants to raise tariffs; it must earn and qualify itself for the right to. It must show its track record to have improved on NRW losses. Otherwise, if you pay them without having them to show some improvements then you are condoning legalized plundering by Syabas- the use of government to secure benefits while impoverishing others.
Now if the federal government controlled by UMNO agrees and support the legalized plunder by Syabas on the Selangor people, it stands on the side of the oppressor. UMNO sudah menjadi parti penindas.
The Selangor government has done the right thing to refuse approval to Syabas to increase the water tariffs. Why should the people pay more? Why should the government agree to increased tariffs when Syabas has not shown any efforts to improve its services? What are we rewarding Syabas for? It hasn’t shown any intrinsic improvement meriting any raise. Syabas must earn the right to increase tariffs by showing corresponding improvement in quality of services and products. After years of milking money, if it still wants to be treated as an infant, it should be replaced. Let the Selangor government de-privatize Syabas.
It’s not an infirmed Bumiputera company that requires constant watching over. If it requires perpetual help, it’s better to replace it with another Bumiputera company which may be able to do a better job. Syabas under the leadership of Razali Ismaill It has shown nothing to this effect and that is evidenced by the extraordinary large losses in the form of NRW.
The problem with this company as with the UMNO leaders, they think they are the only people with brains and are capable of managing the country. With the quality people leaving UMNO and what’s left are the riff raffs, half past six quality, why should we entrust the management of this nation to UMNO and its satellite business arms?
The issue of improving competence is not addressed. Why isn’t this issue addressed by the DPM who has shown to be a quick draw McGraw in wasting no time to call for tenders to build a new water treatment plant in Langat costing RM8.65 billion. You mau kasi siapa Din? 
He should be directing his mind to measures to ensure a sufficient water supply for the Klang Valley by way of drastically reducing the amount of NRW. For that, we don’t need a RM8.65 billion water treatment plant, or to throw money at the problem – we just need managers with integrity at the helm.
Is the water crisis created to justify the construction of the RM8.65 billion water treatment plant? The water treatment plant project will of course make a few selected people extremely rich, while impoverishing the rest of the nation.  And as the plot meanders as planned, we are treated to a pandikutty standard of a statement from Syabas Technical Services Executive Director V Subramaniam, who issued a statement saying:
“The water crisis at present is the result of a shortfall in treated water for distribution caused by the refusal of the state government to issue the development order for construction of the Langat 2 treatment plant.”
You know its all politics. The UMNO/BN government is supporting an idea to hold the people of Selangor at ransom. Because Selangor is under Pakatan, it has shamelessly adopted this heinous strategy of using a biological weapon to subjugate the Selangor people. Why isn’t the Water Services Industry Act (WSIA), which was passed by the BN-dominated Parliament in 2006 applied in Selangor?
This law provided for the de-privatization of the water industry and its return to the respective state governments, where privatization had clearly proven to be a disastrous failure across the board. If it has done so in Malacca and Johor, why can’t it do so in Selangor? What are the outstanding substantive and procedural matters alluded to by the DPM that can be resolved in Johor and Melaka that can’t be sorted out by a much abler leadership in Selangor?
When the facts show that the federal government has allowed de-privatization in BN-held states while preventing it in Selangor, the hidden agenda becomes clear to all.
Will people support the plan by Syabas to increase water tariffs by up to 75 percent or will they support a government that has pledged to cap any tariff increases to 12 percent? Who is looking out for the rakyat, and who is looking out for themselves? Plus, we must support the Selangor government to slash the monthly salary of the Syabas chairman by 90 percent.
Let’s raise the stakes a little more. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is the man keenest on the de-privatization of the Selangor water industry and the takeover of Syabas by the state government. How is his track record since Najib has repeatedly asked people to judge him on his track record? Khalid Ibrahim is the man who increased the cash reserves of the Selangor government five-fold from RM400 million in 2008 to RM2.1 billion in 2012.
The achievements by the man are treated with the usual elegant silence from the mainstream media. Yet we are treated with daily doses of wisdom and advises from imbecilic and corrupted UMNO politicians.
What has Najib achieved thus far other than bewildering people with a potpourri of acronyms? Rebranding and renaming give you the illusion of doing something? Under UMNO and Najib, the federal debt – a debt our children and grandchildren will have to pay – has since the year 2007 nearly doubled to RM456 billion this year.
Who do you think is better suited to run our water industry? Are we going to allow people who are bringing the nation to the edge of a real – not manufactured – economic crisis to bully us into footing the bill for a RM8.65 billion megaproject that nobody needs?
This is just another of those crony-enriching projects along with FGV, George Kent and the innumerable new spending initiatives the Prime Minister has recently announced  which will bleed the nation’s coffers completely dry. Its plunder while you still can before the lights go out!


Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 17:30  

A guy was eating in a gerai mamak. In an oversight, he swallows a coin and chokes.
His wife tries hitting his back, slapping on the neck, shaking him hard without any success to make him spit the coin.
Now the guy begins to show signs of choking - turning blue. The desperate wife starts screaming for help.
A man gets up from a nearby table, and with astonishing tranquillity, without saying a word, he lowers the guy's pants, squeezes his testicles and pulls them down violently!
Naturally, the guy with irresistible pain spits out the coin. The gentleman with the same astonishing ease & tranquillity returns to his teh tarik without a word.
He was in batik long-sleeves, songkok, thick sunglasses, ring with big stone on his finger, Porsche Cayenne parked nearby
Soon the wife calms down & approaches the gentleman to thank him for saving her husband's life.
She asks: Tuan, are you a doctor?
No, puan, I am from BN. We are trained to squeeze the balls of the public to make them cough up the last cent.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 19:10  

Analogi Terbaeeeeek!!!!!!!this is what BN are be A great mother suckers!!!!BN you really SUCKS!!!!!!

Roti Sunshine 24 July 2012 at 19:10  

then let's play hardball with them. unravel their business. liberalise the flour, rice and sugar industry. reduce the duties on imported cars, open up the field for the telecommunication and satellite tv industries. revisit the ipp industry. scrap the need for hologram on drugs and cigarettes. the list goes on. they squeeze ours, we squeeze theirs.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 20:24  

Hope, PR Government in Selangor will stop the bustards from raping the country resources

OneMalaysian,  24 July 2012 at 20:58  

Dear Sakmongkol

“This is just another of those crony-enriching projects …. “

Yes, it was. Rozali Ismail is not an intelligent man by any measure. He was a lawyer without a job before he landed the Syabas privatization. But he knew someone – Mike Tyson, who was then the Selangor MB. That’s how he got the deal. And those in the know at that time, and knowing Rozali’s (limited) abilities and background immediately knew he was merely a front man for an UMNO warlord, and you can guess who.

So no surprise that he didn’t keep the hard part of the bargain, that is, to reduce the NRW (non-revenue water). This is water that leaks out of old pipes, ductile iron and also asbestos pipes, and also stolen water.

The Selangor government is billed for processed/treated water that leaves the treatment plants, that is, billed on gross volume, but it can only sell to consumers 70%, after losing 30% NRW. So herein lies the problem. If the 30% NRW is cut down by Syabas then there may be no need for Langat 2.

But Rozali is not the man for the job. He specializes in milking Syabas. When there was a need to replace or add pipelines, instead of buying cheaper locally made ductile iron pipes (several Malaysian manufacturers), he went to Indonesia to buy a plant and supplied Syabas with expensive pipes from his own plant. Well, he was clever only in this sense.

Selangor should slug it out with the BN government. The people will support the MB.

b,  24 July 2012 at 21:00  

Dato,place a crony in the most profitable monopolised industry,and they will still run it into the ground.It is a fact.Can anyone come out with proof that one single GLC was left unlooted.

bruno,  24 July 2012 at 21:03  

And not only was one single GLC left unlooted.Eventually Petronas will need a bailout too.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 21:07  

I think BN can now officially kiss goodbye to their plans to recapture Selangor after the Syabas fiasco. While not every voter can relate to FELDA, SCORPENE or even NFC, every voter can relate to water. And to think BN actually concocted a wild cock and bull story to sell to the unsuspecting Selangorians? I think even the most naive of UMNO member will shake his/her head and and lower it in shame at what their leaders are doing to this country.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 23:00  

Early signs of a Failed Ftate. The politicians, civil servants and employees of GLCs are living well and fueling the luxury market.And they do not fly MAS but SIA to avoid detection.

Donplaypuks® 24 July 2012 at 23:00  

MB Khalid and Pakatan are being given an early Xmas gift. They should grab it with both hands!

They should call for a Selangor state referundum and let the PEOPLE decide whether they want a 35% legalized plunder tariff whack or let Pakatan re-structure Syabas and throw out Rozali and Puncak.

Strange that Muhy said the Langat 2 plant will cost only $3.5 billion when everywhere else it is quoted at $8.6 billion. New Maths from the Ministry of Education?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 23:08  


Why is your best buddy QD so quiet? Is he despairing? How come he's letting his uncle Sakmongkol saying all these nasty things about his Umno uncles.
Or is he basking in the wealth he's getting from the IHH shares which he said in Pirate's blog he got?

bruno,  25 July 2012 at 00:04  

Anon 24 july 23:08

my best buddy QD is licking and recuperaing from his wounded pride,being bashed left,right and centre recently.But being QD he will be back with more vigor,sooner than later.I will be very dissapointed if he do not show up soon,tagging along his tag team partner the Kampong man.

Anonymous,  25 July 2012 at 00:41  

With Muhjiddin speaking out like that, what do you expect that Chairman of SYABAS is capable of. The DPM wouldn't have done much better than Rozali...

nick 25 July 2012 at 07:16  

It is confirmed (as if it wasn't before)! UMNO and it's cronies have revealed themselves to be a criminal organization (just like the mafia in Italy, Yakuza in Japan etc) who specialized in blackmail and ransom among other things. Their latest victim? The people of Selangor and WP. The kidnapping of the natural resources, fresh potable water was done years ago and now UMNO and it's henchman, Rozali, is ransoming it to the Selangor people for RM8.6 BILLIONS (and incidentally showing it's middle fingers to the other crime organization proclaiming itself to be the Numero UNO of organized crime in the world)!

Unlike the Italian government and japan, not to mention every other countries in the world whom are fighting organize crime, our government ARE UMNO and it's cronies, which means that there will be no effort to combat organize crime but a mere lip service and some "placebo soup" filled with alphabets! Seriously, would the mafia establish a task force targeted at themselves? And that's what we have now in Malaysia. The executive branch of the government is controlled by crooks!

Hiding behind a committee that they themselves create, chaired and sit, declared rather smugly that the kidnapping and ransoming of water in Selangor is fully legal and lawful (under their own interpretation of the law and moral code). And furthermore took it upon themselves (when no one even asking them to do so) to prepared the payment of the ransom (a tender for the Langat 2 plant was called)! Such farce! Such arrogance! And they fully expect the Malaysian people to vote them into office in the next GE! WHY? Because they claim to be clean, fair and transparent, not to mention pious Muslim! Any evidences on those claims? Zero, Zilch, nada, Yilek, Bo liau! The only evidence available is that they are getting richer, filthy rich while the Malaysian people are suffering and at the same time getting mugged, sodomized and ransomed!

It is about time that these criminal are burned at the GE until they are ashes (ABU) where they can no longer harm the people. We then can use their ashes to fertilize the newly tilled soil of our country and nurture a new and a better government. Enough is enough and I'm rejecting UMNO dulu, kini dan selamanya (since it is full of rozali type rent seekers, leechers, sycophants and the "eee" melayu, I don't think I would regret much)! A new Malaysia is only possible without UMNO!


nick 25 July 2012 at 07:28  

Anon 17:03,

A good take on the IRS joke to graphically paint the face, the character and the Raison D'etre of UMNO and BN. The bad thing of it, in Malaysia it is NOT a joke!


Anonymous,  25 July 2012 at 11:39  

Dato and fellow bloggers

Sometime ago during Badawi's reign, he proposed to have what is known as 'windfall profit tax' on corporations. I'd say when Pakatan Rakyat takes over, we should implement such windfall tax on all monopolies controlled by the cronies.
It's payback time fr squeezing every last drop of blood from the rakyat.

Salam. Observer.

Patrick 25 July 2012 at 12:49  

MB Khaled should have by now, switched to corporate raider mode, from his MB seat. He is in the best position to take this bull by its horns and break them. Its now all business against the filthy politics of the desperate. RM 8B is too much money to give away to a few individuals for nothing.

Khaled should not provide state approval for the new construction. As 30% owner of SYABAS with BOD seat, he has the right to demand accountability and actions of management. The 30% represents the Selangor people's mandate given to the current administration to speak/act/think on the people's behalf. So Khaled AND PR has got all of Selangor's support, except those BN cronies who will stand to lose if the new plant is not approve.

The new RM 8B plant should not even be approved as there is no justification for such a huge price tag. The ROI is simply not there. If the UMNO cronies still insist on pursuing this, Khaled should just disagree and move towards legally breaking off water management from federal control via the courts, while putting an injunction on the new plant from the state's perspective.

As mentioned in this article, if need be, Khaled can easily raise funding (state/municipal bonds are the peferential instruments in such projects as the length of returns and redemption matches) for upgrading of current water facilities and construct smaller newer, more efficient plants nearer high density population areas. This should keep our water rates down AND improve efficiency, for the foreseeable future.

Even if Khaled decides to go the extreme and buyout current or set up new facilities, I am pretty positive the entire population of Malaysia will be keen to subscribe to the new shares of this new state utility entity. Afterall, the administration has a proven track record of prudent fiscal management in place. Then the rakyat will have a stake/say in the new utility business for the benefit of all, instead of the current model where only cronies of UMNO benefit with huge inefficiencies of management. In this model, if the company is managed well, the rakyat, as shareholders will also see their investment appreciate for the future benefit of their children.

There is no shortage of support for Khaled on this issue, which will be a watershed of the overall political support of his administration. With this kind of backing/support, the next election is secured. Khaled should not let UMNO screw Selangor electorate (which ironically includes many UMNO/BN households) on this water deal. Its our basic right as tax paying electorate.

FrankRose,  25 July 2012 at 17:42  

tak apa Dato', nanti najib akan nasihat, kurangkan mandi, kurangkan minum, berjimat cermat.... (teringat kisah gula...)

cerita dan plot yang sama, diulang dan diulang, macam bodoh sangat orang malaysia ni dibuatnya...

Anonymous,  26 July 2012 at 19:53  

BN people are bastards...period..and this is an understatement

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