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Thursday 26 July 2012

Leadership: Form vs Substance

I want to share this thoughtful comment from an anonymous commentator. In light of the survey on Najib’s rating as well as UMNO's, I think it’s pertinent to make some comparison on substantive leadership.
Whatever Najib’s rating is, it is not relevant any longer to Malaysians. If UMNO hasn’t learnt the object lesson- it is doomed. It has poured billions into Kelantan trying to induce Kelantanese to abandon PAS but it has failed. Like Daim Zainudin said- the age where you buy your way through is over. People are looking for meaning. Najib unfortunately does not give meaning.
He doesn’t exist in isolation to UMNO. He actually needs UMNO to save him, not the other way round. As UMNO’s fortunes are fast declining, Najib will soon follow suit. In the final analysis, noises do not make music. Posturing and form do not reflect substance.

cui bono? said...

I like this gem by Anon,25 July 2012 16:08
"Didalam hukum hakam agama suci allah swt, sumber air ada untuk semua mahkluk tidak kira binatang atau manusia..akan tetapi manusia seperti biasa suka melawan hukum suci dan buat hukum sendiri!"

 Compare this with another gem uttered some time ago," rasa-rasanya esok saya mahu mengadap kebawah Duli Yang DiPertuan Agong untuk membubarkan Parlimen."

On such a basic need as water to support all forms of life, BN shows its true colours repeatedly that nothing is beneath them to think of ways to oppress those they see are slowly dismantling their scandalous money-making schemes to support an equally scandalous, ostentatious lifestyle. BN leaders have come to think that they and only they deserve such a lifestyle.

PM Najib's father's legendary and exemplary leadership is on record for all to note where development benchmarks have been laid. Nothing was spared to keep costs to a minimum, and the late Tun forbade senior officers to send him off at the airport when he went overseas; he felt these officers had more productive things to do in their offices than to waste time being seen with him; to enjoy a few moments of reflected glory from the man? Not for Tun, this sycophantic time-wasting habit. Why? Was it to put an end to a feudal mind-set and paradigm? I don't know. I suspect, even though he was a true blue-blooded aristocrat, he was too gentle to push through his personal agenda for national development by smacking down customs and traditions in a manner he felt was too rude and too crude. Hence, the simple administrative imperative - do our job responsibly for the money we receive at the end of the month. Period. No need for hand kissing (causing foul smelling steam to emanate), sweet smiles and prolonged good-byes. Everything that was done and practised by Tun Razak was based on a simple unwritten rule (though this was never stated, true to the character of the generally taciturn, performance-oriented man): the collective powers of the three branches of government, the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, can and must mean that they be used as ' a shield and not a sword.' Ya, bidang kuasa yang dipegang oleh kesemua cawangan pemerintah mesti merupai perisai untuk melindungi rakyat bukan sebagai pedang untuk menyerang warga dengan sesuka hati.

 Malaysians can now decide with this Syabas issue and all other past misadventures god-fathered by BN whether we have had a shield to protect us all along or a sword striking at us for want of a good life by a wayward bunch of greedy sleazy thieves.
    26 July 2012 09:54


Anonymous,  26 July 2012 at 22:45  

In many Third World Countries the early signs that the end in near is when those on the Government Payroll live beyond their means. At that point it is time for citizens to wake up and think because you can only achieve this by using the forms and principles of democracy to undermine its substance. This is the first sign that all is not well in the Kingdom Of Demark.

Patrick 26 July 2012 at 23:59  

The entire cabinet,except the opposition, has gone crazy. Look at all the ministers vying for billion ringgit govt contracts. Look at all their cronies pushing their political masters to secure the juiciest, plumpest and highest paying govt contracts. Its a deathly match of infighting amongst the ministers and their cronies that is spilling out into the public arena.

They do not care about their own perceptions anymore as perceptions do not fatten up their bank accounts in HK/Switzerland. TDM has created a culture of greed-entitlement-as-aminister, that it is now a norm, after 30 years of reinforcing actions. Does the minister really bother or care about the public's perception when they simply blast out racist statements or some idiotic comment? Look at Hisham, our HM. Does her really care about his perception when the security reality on the ground is vastly different from his ivory tower's statisticians? Afterall, he is probably the only minister that goes around with bodyguards into shopping malls. Public security issues has intensified and will be another downfall cause of UMNO. Crime perception and reality is a gulf divide large enough to sink UMNO/BN. How will Melaka UMNO and citizens feel when even their own UMNO bigwig's home in broken into and robbed? I seriously hope Hisham will come out with a media statement to say that this is an isolated incident. Then lets just sit back and watch the ground collapse under UMNO's feet in Melaka in the next election. That is reality.

Does Sharizat really care about her Wanita UMNO members' perceptions after it has been proven in public of the massive RM 250M theft? Its business as usual for these bunch of thieves. The other ministers already know that nothing will be done as they are above the law and plundering is their 'sole, elected right'. And so they just intensify their grab of govt contracts, whatever that is left over.

Now we see the lightning speed at which DPM has seized the moment to grab RM 9B and claims to be adhering to the open tender process to counter opposition and critics. Everybody who has ever taken part in any govt tender process will know that it is NEVER open and transparent when it comes to UMNO/BN. Sandiwara, charade, act, etc, etc are just some words that come to mind when DPM claims 'transparency'.

We have to wipe the slate clean in the next GE. All those in power for the last 30 years have to go; to jail, retirement home, any extradition-free country, cave, island, etc, etc. This election has to break the 'greed culture' cultivated by TDM. Only then, can we align perceptions to reality; words to deeds; and see a return to genuine interest for the sake of the future of the country.

Interestingly, already there are already signs of backlash of TDM and UMNO cronies business hegemony. First it was boycott Gardenia, now it is boycott PETRON/ESSO. Guess SHELL will be gleaming all the way to the bank this time around, without any competitive marketing effort. And TDM will have to arm twist the govt for a bailout soon, before he loses money on this venture.

bruno,  27 July 2012 at 02:02  

Dato,for taking the people for granted,Umno will pay the price,and a very heavy price.To have to vacate their seats from Putrajaya to the opposition benches.The days of Umno leading the people by their noses are over.The price Umno/BN has to pay for treating the rakyat like lembus is to have their heads held low,and booed out of Putrajaya by the people.

bruno,  27 July 2012 at 02:19  

A fan(as claimed by QD)of QD's asked me what has happened to him.My answer was that he was licking his wounded pride and recuperating,and will be back sooner rather than later.

This boy QD(buddy of mine) is beginning to irritate and dissapoint me for not turning up.Maybe it is true that he is shy to face his fans to slugged it out with them.Hehehe.

Anonymous,  27 July 2012 at 09:11  

What is galling is that the CEO gets a 5-milllion plus salary a year. For one tenth of that salary, Syabas can employ a top notch professional to run the company. But like everything else in the country, Syabas is just being used to reward Umno cronies and sycophants.

Anonymous,  27 July 2012 at 12:23  

For decades, starting with our first Indian PM, we have Celebrity leaders not Ability leaders.

Anonymous,  27 July 2012 at 17:38  

The other dat I turned on the radio and a Uztaz was giving a sermon. One of the listeners asked if it qwas haram for a cat owner to go for prayed if he had cat's hair in one of his pockets. The reply was if he knew that that cat's hair was in his pocke and went for prayers with it then it is Haram. But if he did not know then he will be forgiven. People are putting money into my acccount without my knowlwdge.It must be OK then.

bromo,  27 July 2012 at 19:51  

I read in PoP QD said he's going for honeymoon. Dah join bulan kut.

Anonymous,  27 July 2012 at 20:27  

[17:16] If we are to annihilate any community, we let the leaders commit vast corruption therein. Once they deserve retribution, we annihilate it completely.

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