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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 29 July 2012

Tick....tock..tick...tock...The End is Near

In 2008, PKR got 1.509 million votes. That’s more than the votes obtained by MCA, MIC, Gerakan combined. PKR has more Malaysian Indian MPs and ADUNs than MIC. Yet Palinivel has the audacity to say that more Indians now support UMNO/BN. was that a cry of despair and hopelessness? On what basis does he make his claim? On the number of Malai garlands hung around Najib’s neck? Because Najib has gone deep into Indian heartland in Brickfields and Batu Caves, and beseeched Malaysian Indians to give him, their nambikei?
Najib’s popular rating whether up or down is irrelevant. We shouldn’t even bother about what happens to his ratings. We only want the inevitable to happen.
He has himself said that no one is bigger than the party. That would mean that his popularity is of no consequence to UMNO and that is why the party’s rating has fallen even farther. That there is a big gap between his and UMNO’s popularity means that he has not done enough to heal the party but has done more to cultivate his own image.  UMNO must realize that they have a president who is more interested in himself.
UMNO people must now realize that they have a party president who couldn’t care 2 hoots about whether you are knifing each other, bombing and torching each other. You are free to do all that as long as you don’t kacau the president. His major domo for the general elections is Jamaludin Jarjis. With him as director of operations, we know what he will do. Snatch voters and pay dissidents to secure silence and submission.
Najib’s track record? Not relevant.
Experience is not needed for the future. Vision and integrity are.  Najib is an expert of what was- because he was implementing what others thought of. Najib is an expert in solving problems by paying his way through- BR1M, 15,000 for silencing settlers, RM400 for taxi drivers who would rather cash out their vouchers, pay here and pay there and everywhere. But he and even we are not experts of the future- for the future, vision must replace experience especially the bad ones.
The age where you purchase loyalty says Daim, is over. For the future, you require vision. People are asking where are you taking us? Not into a sandpit of increasing indebtedness. Not into a wasteland where corruption is rampant. Not into a state, where the law seems to work favorably only for the rich and powerful. Not into a state where the people are entertained and amused by a melting pot of acronyms which translate into nothing other than excuses for cronies to get bigger share in the country’s wealth.
 Certainly not into the zone- it’s the prerogative of the ruling party to use whatever National Day slogan is. It is IF we are living in caves and you are holding that big stick.
Do Malaysians want leaders like Ahmad Maslan and the sycophant doing this year’s National Day theme song?  The National Day does not belong to UMNO but to the nation. And we certainly do not want a PM who says he will defend Putrajaya at all cost! It’s not his. The position is secured on the terms of a TOL- Temporary Occupation license.  It’s not his permanent title.
What vision has he given the Malays? More and more initiatives that will make Malays dependents on UMNO’s handouts?  As to integrity, we shall not even go there.
UMNO can’t contain its own demise. It is now diminished.
The others? The hard and inconvenient truth is, in the next GE, MCA, MIC and Gerakan will bite the dust.
UMNO alone got 2.381 million votes.  As a single party it secured the biggest number of votes.  However that’s not an achievement that is comforting. Probably 10% of those votes were secured by deception and other underhanded tactics. I have also said many times, we have to discount the 380,000 votes as being votes from non-Malays. Effectively that would mean UMNO candidates who are all Malays go only 2 million Malay votes. In 2008, there were 5.7 million Malay voters which means, more Malays rejected UMNO candidates than supported them.
3.7 million Malay voters who supported either PAS, PKR and DAP in the last elections are not easily convinced that UMNO has changed for the better. They know Najib is all talk no substance. UMNO should be aware that only in 18 parliamentary seats did it secure increase in support. The opposition recorded increase in votes in 196 parliamentary seats. Once black, they don’t come back.
In 2008, UMNO took 8 seats uncontested. This time that would be very unlikely. All seats will be contested this time.


SamYap,  29 July 2012 at 11:44  

Tick Tock Tick Tock
Najib's mouse ran up the clock

The clock struck One
Najib's mouse fell down

Tick Tock Tick Tock!

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 13:07  

I think PM will dissolve parliement after national day.

cant wait to vote and teach the bustards a lesson.

Hope you are right in your assessment. If you are wrong, i stop reading your blog and probably turn to cooking or meditating blogs to mend the pain

bruno,  29 July 2012 at 13:09  

Dato,the clock is definitely tick talking.It is telling the people that the time is almost up for the Umno/BN,most probably by Oct 15th.With Umno forcasted to lost at least a couple of parliamentary seats in their strongest stronghold Johore,just imagine how many seats,the other states that Umno is weak will lose.

With their siblings Mca,Mic and Gerakan getting between 3-6 seats,they are a gone case.The only question is will they managed to get 1/3 of the parliamentary seats.Sabah Umno is imploding.Many Umno candidates in Penang are in danger of losing their deposits.That is the reason rats,big and small are deserting the sinking ship.

This time around no Umno/BN ministers seats are safe.In fact at least some ministers will fall flat on their faces.The only question is how many will have their heads under the mud.

Even the minister of misinformation is considering a career change.A song writer of the lowest entry level composing the national lyrics for the national anthem.He should seriously consider a new career with the Mca president CSL.Partners in opening and taking care of the both share the same hobby and lust for old motherhens.

The time for bribing and vote buying is over.The people are getting sick of the presence of the robber barons and will be celebrating the second they get chased out of Putrajaya.After fifty five years of bearing with their filth,three more months of waiting to be rid of them is no big deal.

OneMalaysian,  29 July 2012 at 13:53  

Dear Sakmongkol

We are ready to cast the stone to kill that devil that is BN. We have been ready a long time. It does not matter whether Najib calls the election next month or next year. The result will be same. In fact by postponing the election he is weakening the BN and strengthening PR. Look at what is happening in Sabah. The BN there is fracturing, finally.

I am afraid Najib has miscalculated. He should have called the election in the early part of this year when his personal popularity was higher. But not only has his rating gone down, that of UMNO has similarly declined. That should trouble him. It is good that we remember that this is not a presidential election like in the US or Egypt in which we elect one man called Najib or Anwar. We elect a coalition of parties. Hundreds of people must simultaneously run for seats. So it does not matter what Najib’s personal rating is. Badawi’s rating was 75%, yet BN lost its 2/3rd majority and 5 states.

Najib should worry. But if he is not, Ananda Krsishnan is. AK is hastily selling off a big chuck of Maxis. You never would have thought this would happen, selling off bits of your crown jewel. So what has changed? Has Maxis suddenly become unprofitable? The last time I check, it is still Malaysia’s most profitable telco. So it has to do with non-business reasons. Impending loss by BN, and therefore loss of future political protection? Plausible. Splitting up of a hidden partnership? Plausible. Many in the public thought he has been fronting somebody, but of course there was no direct evidence of that. But this should not be a far fetched possibility when we think about the hundreds of millions in bribes he is accused (by Indian government) of giving to the former Indian minister in charge of telecoms to facilitate Maxis’ acquisition of a stake in Aircel (Indian telco). So such dark dealings cannot be ruled out. But Malaysia is not India whose courts are fearlessly independent and whose anti-corruption agency has some real teeth.

It won’t be bad if we are more like India. And remember, the Indians had found courage in the past to boot out the Congress Party, the party like UMNO/BN, that won independence from the British. But do we have the courage of the Indians?

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 13:58  

salam Dato',
Waa.....sah lah BN dah nak bungkus....makin lama makin jelas....

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 14:22  

On mainstream tv news just now, a moslem indian (claiming he himself is malay of course) who appeared to be representing the voice of malay people and championing the cause of the people of selangor, was shown as aggressively, and heroically, querying mb khalid in his pursuit to defend the interest of the people of selengor.
Yup, "selengor".
So-called malay. So-called selangorian.
It's "selangor" lah, sarip dol, not "selengor"! (those malays behind/beside this so-called malay selangorian couldnt even muster the strength and will to correct him on something as simple as that, it'd be no wonder at all that these stooges would blindly agree and follow whatever crap he told them!)
Porrah! You probably should start championing the true cause of the indians instead, because we real malays know what our true causes and who our real defenders are!

-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: HOW ADVANCED! Part 2 (MAJU LAH SANGAT! Bhg 2) - wait for Part 3 coming soon

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 14:29  

Nobody could save MCA, MIC, Gerakan or other smaller component parties in BN.

They were in the " games " for far too long to deceive and mislead the ordinary people to enrich themselves.

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 14:40  

When a PM personally has to make civil service bonus announcement, BR1M payouts and tyre vouchers to Taxi drivers then is he buidling his or party's image?

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 15:06  

You are so proud to announce 1.509 millions voters voted pakatan in 2008...itu semua pengundi hantu ke?
To be frank im not umno man..only normal citizen(malay)..let my votes helps umno n bn win big this times..2008 to me is history already..but to u maybe it is still can be used as a benchmark..keeep on dreaming beb..situation dah berubah la ngok..teruskan bermimpi yang pakatan akan menang..orang umno takkan menghancurkan pakatan..orang2 seperti saya yang akan memastikan pakatan berkubur..

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 15:13  

Bulan pose pun nak berblog.
Berhenti la kejap. Rehat

Patrick 29 July 2012 at 15:26  

Najib has been living the silver spoon life till now. he has absolutely no clue on how to govern, except to govern his financial greed. If anybody cares to notice, he has actually been managing HIMSELF as a self-styled 'Presidential Incumbent' ala US Presidency. All methods deployed, all govt funds and machinery utilised to date since he was parachuted into office has been towards his own personal image. And his PLOM. Ever noticed that there has been a dearth of new economic policies to attract/retain/enhance FDI? On the other end of the spectrum, ever noticed his local economic policies are skewed towards his own pockets? With these two actions alone, does everybody now understand why UMNO has become so fractious since Najib was ballooned in??!

Every PM has their own agenda. TDM made lots of money for himself and bailed out his kids and cronies later. Pak lah was used like a disposable tool by the likes of Dato Patrick Lim and KJ to milk the govt as much as they can and are living the high life in Bangsar these days. Rosmah/Najib is milking the Malaysian system for all that it has and more. They know that their time in near, despite all the govt money they are using to slow down the inevitable. 'Resistance is futile' and I absolutely love this Star Trek quote... 3 generations of crooked PM has reinforced the UMNO and govt staffers that corruption is good and their sole right. 'Greed is good', as Gordon Gecko so aptly preaches.

UMNO/BN's downfall is a multiplication of plunders and blunders, fueled by increasing internal deadly strife. TDM is forcing the govt to 'nationalise' all key assets to his frontman Syed Mokhtar before BN collapse. Its as obvious as buka puasa times. Which UMNO elite/member/cronie wouldnt be irked and pissed at the lose of potential ferrari/porsche fleet?

MONEY was what made UMNO powerful. Money will also cause the rapid downfall of UMNO. Najib used all govt money for his personal image benefit. UMNO tried by paying crony idiots to do the same but failed laughingly miserably. Nevertheless, cronies made the money....even in sinking ships, there is still money to be made...only in Malaysia

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 15:37  

UMNO- the biggest actor n clown MCA IS malaysian clown agency n MIC is malaysian indian CLOWN.. so our nation is run by clowns -- hence all malaysians laugh daily-- ha ha hi hi

troubadour 29 July 2012 at 16:18  

Dear Dato' Sak.

I noticed a news item in Keadilan Daily that Sabah has a NINE YEAR ITCH as partly described by Kalakau Untol.

The Nine Years’ Itch

Kerajaan negeri Sabah tumbang apabila beberapa pemimpin Pertubuhan Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Bersatu (UPKO) menyertai Usno.

Kerajaan BN Sabah tumbang apabila Datuk Salleh Sulung dan Datuk Haris Saleh meninggalkan Usno yang menjadi kerajaan ketika itu.

Kerajaan yang dipimpin Parti Berjaya itu juga tidak kekal apabila Datuk Seri Pairin Kitingan dan Mark Kodding keluar parti dan menubuhkan PBS.

BN formed a new state government after a coup when PBS won with slim majority and many frogs jumped over to BN and The Rotating Chief Minister period 1994 to 2003 (PBS rejoined BN in 2002).

Enter the Musa Aman era of looting and squandering.

Liberation and demise of BN-led government. Can Happen?

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 17:16  

I am a Malay. If BN still wins this coming election, I will consider moving to Australia or UK for business or employment as the future for my kids will be very bleak indeed.

Under BN, the country and majority of the people will not progress and get wealthier. In fact, the way the BN is managing the economy, disaster is on the cards.

Running on deficit budget every year and with debt already 54% of GDP, is a sure recipe for disaster. This is irresponsibility on the part of the BN government.

Household debts has balloon to more that RM800 billion with passenger car loans alone accounting to almost RM140 billion.

Is a car a necessity? Going by the fact that 72% of Malaysian households own at least one car and couple with poor public transport, it is definitely a necessity in this country.

When I checked around, I cannot find any country in the world that imposed 100% tax on a necessity item. Why do we have to pay hefty tax to get a basic necessity?? I simply cannot comprehend this other than to protect the Mamak's Proton and some favoured AP cronies. Patriotism to the country is not just about protecting Proton an favouring cronies.. Patriotism is larger than that.

If for example a car currently price at RM90k is reduced to RM50k, there will be a savings of RM40k. At 3% interest and 7 years repayment, we will have an immediate additional disposable income of about RM600/mth.

I cannot understand why the BN government don't understand this unless they only have the interest of Proton and crony AP holders to protect. This is definitely NOT rakyat didahulukan.

The lost in revenue of about RM5 biilion from reduction in car taxes can always be recovered by reducing rent seeking activities, wastages, leakages and corruption which is estimated at RM28 billion/year.

To those diehards blind supporters of UMNO/BN, I say : THINK!

bruno,  29 July 2012 at 21:26  

Tell tale signs larger that an elephants footsteps are all over the place for all the people to see.

1)Rats,big and small are fleeing the sinking Titanic.

2)The Dr knows that Umno/BN will be be out of Putrajaya soon,and will be on the opposition bench when the new session of Parliament convenes.Therefore he is putting out feelers for Mukriz to stand for a state seat in Kedah,and a possible shot at MB'ship,in case of an upset by BN.

3)The slowing down of expensive luxurious car sales.Dealers are stopping the import of expensive playtoy cars for the rich,spoilt and corrupted.AP sales are down and Umno cronies are hurting.

4)Second hand dealership sales are down.The people are not buying even as huge discounts are being offered.At the same time second hand dealers are not taking in more stock.

5)Just like the retail customers,the dealers have caught the cue too.With the soon to be expected exodus of Umnoputras from Putrajaya and the migration of flocks of Umnoputras and families to Zimbabwe,all their high end toys can be had for pennies to the dozen.

6)Even high end properties such as mansions and luxurious condos are not selling.People who can afford to buy are waiting for them to go on the chopping board.Real estate agents selling high end properties are hurting,and temporarily are moving to the less expensive markets for survival.

7)Even shops selling branded handbags,shoes and lady wears are doing poor sales.With new shops selling second hand goods mushrooming all over.They are expecting the rich cronies spouses to sell off the things that they are leaving behind.

8)The implosion of Sabah Umno futher strengthens these views.

Anonymous,  29 July 2012 at 21:35  

Same one guy anon 15:06 and 15:13,
Bulan pose pun nak baca blog.
Berhenti la kejap. Rehat

Dan fikir balik (muhasabah diri):
1.kalau org tu tak tulis blog dlm bulan pose, kamu pun takde la apa yg nak dibaca dalam blog dia dlm bulan itu. Dan kalau kamu ada bahan boleh baca dlm blog dia dlm bulan pose tu, malah boleh tulis komen pula, maka sudah tentu dia menulis dlm blog dia dlm bulan tu. jadi apa masalah anda? susah sangat ke nak paham?
2.kalau kamu tegur org ni berblog dlm bulan pose, kamu tegur jugak ke ribuan org malaysia lain termasuk menteri2 pemegang2 jawatan dan pencacai2 murahan dan cybtrooper2 upahan di kalangan umno-bn yg juga berblog malah mungkin jauh lebih aktif dlm bulan sama -jgn nak kata setiaphari menulis, malah sehari mungkin hingga 5-6 posting, berbanding tuanpunya blog yg kamu tegur ni, bukan tiap2hari pun menulis!???
3.apa masalahnya berblog??? Atau buat apa2 kerja lain selain berpuasa sianghari berbuka waktu maghrib sahur sebelum subuh dan solat 5 waktu, dalam bulan pose ni? Ada fatwa terbaru yg kami belum dengar ke, ustaz???

Pelik sunguh gayafikir penyokong2 bawahan umno ni selepas 50 tahun kena brainwash, dayafikir jadi kosong, kosong...
Hentikan propaganda dan brainwash jahat golongan pemegang2 jawatan dlm umno ni terhadap ahli2 bawahan dan rakyat keseluruhan!
U-BN insaflah masa kamu sudah ke penghujung, bila Jam Pilihanraya melepasi angka 12, ia akan mulakan era baru bermula angka 1 semula iaitu pemimpin pertama negara dari pakatan rakyat, kerana rakyat sudah meluat tahap muntahhijau terhadap kejahatan kamu!
Jom campak U-BN jauh2 dari putrajaya dan setiap ibunegeri seluruh malaysia dari perlis hinggalah ke sabah!


Happily Speaking 29 July 2012 at 23:58  

Dear Sakmongkol,

For those of us who read your blogs know that the clock is ticking and UMNNO/BN is getting nearer to its end.

We however wish to see that 'end' happens in the GE13. This country cant afford another 5 years of exuberant looting. This country may be bankrupt by then. Unlike Greece, we dont have EU to turn to. Who do we turn to for help? Singapore?!?

Lets put our thoughts together to get every single legitimate Malaysians out to vote this time. Let legitimate Malaysians decide and not suspicious voters.

We must make sure that all our fellow legitimate Malaysians in the rural areas are aware of the urgency to rescue this country.

We must reclaim the rural constituencies. We must reclaim Malaysia and put this country back to its glorious path.

It is not for only you and me, its for our children. Its for our children's children.

Anonymous,  30 July 2012 at 01:32  

The big difference netween the US Presidential spending and ours is in the uS, it is sponsored by big corporations with self-interest. Najib is using the Rakyat's money. Everything in Malaysia under BN has been used for the wrong reasons, another example is the subsidy. Subsidies are used to help the People's disposable income while it plans to be a developed nation and subsidies are gradully reduced to ni;l. In Malaysia, it is used to enrich the cronies at the expense of the Nation. The same goes for heavy bailouts. Tun M had deceived the Nation and had used the excuse of "Jealousy by non-Malays" to justify his sinister motives. He and his children are also idiots at business and so much of the Nation's money had been used to bail them out from heacy losses incurred due to bad business management. Cronyism does not produce capable leaders. They depend heavily on handicaps. His legacy has ensured that the whole Nation continues to suffer and the citizens are shackled, not to mention producing a whole team of half past 6 leaders with bird brain. For the sake of our future, BN has to be toppled. Even now, BN has not learnt it's lesson and continues to use the Nation's money recklessly. BN is also rushing to approve as many projects as possible like there is no tomorrow. Their actions will make life difficult for the Opposition once it takes over Putrajaya. Just look at all the land scams approved that were left behind for PR to clean-up. Imagine the scale of the problem on a National level. This is no time to be undecided. The Rakyat really has to rise. BN is indeed a terminal cancer, the Nation cannot afford this govt anymore. It will kill us all.

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