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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Selangor Water Crisis- the weapon of the Oppresor.( Part 1/2)

I am not going to underestimate the intelligence of Selangor people. They know the hidden political agenda in the ongoing water crisis. The DPM has said that water rationing is not necessary yet. It was and is never necessary; the dams are filled with water. Rainfall is plenty.
The water shortage issue is a fabricated one. The people know it’s a political ploy to justify what’s next? The what's next will be the continuous barrage against the state government for ignoring the welfare of the people. What’s next will be the justification to build another multibillion Ringgit water treatment plant perhaps already booked for by Syabas Satellite Company.
You are asking people to rise up against a government with a much better track record than all the states run by UMNO/BN leaders. This is the government that gives free water to a certain level. This is also a government that wants to stop the increase in water tariffs on an essential product. Water should have been a natural monopoly not some business allocated to a political crony. This is also the government that wants to reduce the astronomical salary of the person who heads Syabas but who hasn’t shown competence in managing a water supply and treatment company.
Why should Selangor people support UMNO/BN for the manner they proposed to solve the problem? Why should Selangor people elect a government that wants to increase water tariffs by up to 75% so that the selected few Malays will get richer?
Syabas is 70% owned by Puncak Niaga. The other two components in Syabas were given rights to share in fleecing people over the supply of water. The chairman of Syabas pays himself RM 400k/month and he was the person who buys pipes for Syabas from his own company.
Yes, why should we support a government that wants to increase water tariffs? Why should we want to support a government that seems to waste no time in justifying the construction of the Langat 2 dam which will costs RM 8 over billion?
This Langat 2 project- what is it? Is it a logrolling project where the main proponent behind the project wants to secure political allegiance in Selangor? Let’s say it’s the DPM who is the main proponent to have the Langat 2 Dam up and about. If he does that, then he is likely to secure the allegiance of UMNO warlords in Selangor, with whose support he can mount a challenge to kick out wimpy Najib.
Why should Selangor people rally behind Syabas which hasn’t done anything to correct its 32% non-water revenue losses?  
The syabas chairman pays himself over RM 400k a month, yet he couldn’t rectify the NRW losses. If Langat 2 comes about, will his pay gets doubled?
But why are you envious that a Malay gets that big salary? Chinese and others get that salary, you keep quite. That would be the typical knee-jerk response from UMNO supporters who see this issue from the perspectives of race–balancing wealth game. This is not a racial issue. The issue here is UMNO supports the inefficient, the incompetent and the corrupt and its cronies. We just don’t want such a government bossing us anymore.
The people complaining about this are probably Malays themselves. Why is it difficult for UMNO to accept that what it does, how it manages the country is objected to by Malays? If the entire population of Malaysia were Malay, then this would be a case of the oppressed rising in revolt against the oppressor. The downtrodden proletariat versus the bourgeois capitalists. So, imagine this to be issue confronting one people-Malaysians. Malaysians find the water issue objectionable and unconscionable. Only a lunatic will use water as a political weapon on its own people.
What has Syabas not tell the people of Malaysia? It hasn’t told the people that it hasn’t done anything to rectify the 32% non-revenue water losses. Over the years, it has managed to only treat 70% of the water that goes into the water treatment plant. It is clealy incompetent yet it wants more money from the government of the state.
The other part of NRW is the amount of water losses that are incurred in leaky pipes, and other infrastructure support that would ensure efficient water supply to consumers. Has Syabas done enough to replace pipes and prevent distributive losses?
We have not been told that Syabas has failed miserably to efficiently convert enough of that raw water into potable water. Potable water is water fit to run in our taps at home. The technical term for the amount of raw water that is wasted due to inefficiencies in the water treatment plant is called “non-revenue water” or NRW. 32% of water produced by Syabas is wasted. A staggering one-third of the raw water that enters a Syabas water treatment plant goes entirely to waste.
How does this wonderful record compare with what goes on in other countries? In Bangladesh, the NRW is 29 percent. NRW in one of the poorest country in the world is 29% and in Malaysia which is richer and wants to be 1st world country by 2020, the NRW is 32%. In the Philippines, Eastern Manila managed to bring down its NRW from 63 percent in 1997 to 11 percent in 2010.
Developed nations have even lower levels of NRW – Germany’s NRW is only 7%, while the Netherlands and Denmark have achieved NRW levels of 6%. But then, our leaders have a penchant of comparing our country to nations like Zimbabwe, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Burma etc. we are much better than these countries say our leaders. SPM holders compare themselves to SRP holders but not STP holders. MCE against LCE but never HSC holders. Singapore, the much maligned little red dot down south has an NRW level of 5%.
Under Syabas’ stellar management whose chairman gets paid over RM 400k a month, it manages to waste six times more water than Singapore. How much does Singapore pay its water supply company CEO? Syabas, Syabas, well done!


bruno,  24 July 2012 at 10:45  

Dato,the first thing after the GE if PR takes over the federal government,the Syabas people especially the chairman should be thrown into the garbage dump for trying to hold the people of Selangor to ransom,by threatening to shut off the taps.

He is just a running dog doing the bidding of the Umnoputras.Without his political masters he would be slotting his fat ass off by the roadside selling mee rubus.He acts like his uncles are Najib and Mr Moo.But to his uncles he is just to be used as a tool,to further their political agendas.

When his uncles have no more use of him he will be discarded like garbage.Then he will be roaming the streets like a stray mongrel.

bruno,  24 July 2012 at 10:53  

Dato,this Syabas chairman,a political crony pays himself 400k a month.Many S & P 500 companies CEO's do not get paid 400k a month.Imagine a donkey accorded all the perks while a prized racehorse gets fed peanuts.It sure pays to suck up and be a political crony.

amidharon,  24 July 2012 at 11:23  

If they ever suggest that the the people sfould experience another water rationing this time around, we shuld consider another 'bersih' type demo.

wongty robert 24 July 2012 at 11:51  

Hold it Dato, this CEO is UMNO Selangor treasurer, therefore he must uphold the UMNO culture of "milking" the people and the system to the maximum. Now, UMNO leaders are in a "scorch earth policy" mode, so this arrogant one-time lawyer is upholding UMNO culture by following the FGVB IPO method, i. e. in big time "ransom" to show UMNO power over all Malaysians especially those in Selangor! So, don't blame him for being brainless, he is just following the examples of his state party chief and president. Well, the deputy president has now joined in to uphold UMNO culture!

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 11:56  

This sounds so familiar. I wonder if it's for that "someone"

"But why are you envious that a Malay gets that big salary? Chinese and others get that salary, you keep quite."

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 12:09  

Nicelah calling people donkey. Your mother did not teach you any manners. She must have been a whore. A busy one. No time to teach her children manners.

troubadour 24 July 2012 at 12:17  

Perhaps a referendum may be able to reveal the truth. These goons must be sent packing soonest. Words around the Puncak Niaga people say that this Rozali chap spent millions just upgrading his kitchen at home. Wonder how much his palace costs him. But then again I can do the same if only one of the companies I own pays me RM400K per month. Company heads in Malaysia having that kind of paycheck are few and mostly are UMNO cronies. This is NOT about race as Dato' Sak puts it. It is about governance & pure and simple competence!

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 12:57  

"Anonymous said...
Nicelah calling people donkey. Your mother did not teach you any manners. She must have been a whore. A busy one. No time to teach her children manners.
24 July 2012 12:09"

Manners towards people who have been pillaging this country for eons? Holding back the Malays to be perpetually addicted to their handouts so that they can remain in power indefinitely? Ditto same reason for pitting Malays against Non Malays too?

Typical brainless UMNO goon retort. If you dont have intelligent points of rebuttal then STFU or simply go brownosing your masters you dog!

Melayu Baru,  24 July 2012 at 13:20  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

Saya bersetuju dengan pandangan Dato', bahawa krisis air di Selangor adalah ciptaan demi untuk menegakkan benang basah yang bernama Langat 2.

Kalau dibelek belek suratkhabar yang menggembar gemburkan isu ini, ada gambar yang diambil untuk menunjukkan paras air terawat sudah menjdai terlalu rendah. Yang nampak tiang tiang, dengan watermark air yang dulunya penuh - tapi 'konon kononnya' dah turun merudum.

Tapi kalau difikir, kalau loji rawatan air dah berjalan dengan kapasiti penuh, mestilah tangki yang gambarnya diambil itu penuh dah nak melimpah. Bukan kosong...

Eh, kejap...mungkin itu tangki air mentah...

Tengok pulak empangan elok penuh melimpah ruah tengah musim hujan ni...

Ha - entah entah pemberita kena kencing...

Kerajaan negeri telah membuat penilaian, dan hanya RM 200+ Juta yang diperlukan untuk mengatasi krisis bekalan air.

Cara penyelesaian ala BN? RM 9 Billion. Lebihkurang 50 kaliganda dari penyelesaian kerajaan negeri.

Anda tentukan kerajaan mana yang lebih berhemah untuk menjaga kepentingan rakyat.

Juga, sebab keengganan utama kerajaan Selangor atas pelan Langat 2 ialah selepas loji berkenaan siap, maka syarikat kroni akan naikkan kadar air terawat sehingga 75% lebih tinggi. Anda nak bayar? Kerajaan negeri tahu ada penyelesaian yang lebih murah, dan tak membebankan rakyat, dan meneruskan dasar yang sedia ada.

Anda pilih yang mana satu lebih prihatin dengan nasib rakyat.

Kerajaan negeri juga telah membuat penilaian untuk mengambialih penuh konsesi air di negeri Selangor denan membuat tawaran demi tawaran kepada Syabas - tetapi tidak mahu diepaskan atas sebab politik, bukan sebab penilaian.

Anda fikirkan kerajaan mana yang mahu menjaga hak anda.

Bagi saya, berikan peluang kepada PR untuk mentadbir negara agar ketirisan perbelanjaan negara sebanyak RM 28 Billion setahun dapat kepada yang hak. Rakyat. Anda, keluarga anda.

Bukan dapat gula gula BR1M, KR1M, 1M4U, GTP, ETP, EPP, dan entah apa jadah lagi serdak serdak yang jatuh dari meja bangsawan UMNO yang sedap melantak hasil mahsul bumi Malaysia yang kaya raya.

Pilihlah yang betul.

Melayu Baru.

Krishna 24 July 2012 at 13:30  

In your second part, please do not fail to mention that the cabinet committee managed to avert the water crisis within a week without doing anything. This is nothing short of a miracle unless of course the crisis did not exist in the first place.

Patrick 24 July 2012 at 14:09  

Your analysis and provision of various other country's statistics for comparison purposes is excellent in highlighting SYABAS incompetence and arrogance. Very good and logical rebuttal of BN's flimsy argument.

Yes. The people of Selangor are rightly mad at this latest daylight robbery committed. However, we are also very happy to see Khaled, our ELECTED MB, put his foot down on this issue. The Selangor state having a 30% stake should not go ahead with the new treatment plant.

The Selangor govt and Khaled CANNOT allow BN to rob the rest of the country to the tune of RM 4B or more, just to build a facility for Selangor's benefit!!! We all know that greedy and inconsiderate DPM and cronies will only stand to benefit financially from all Malaysians from Alor Star to Johor Baru, in the guise of upgrading water facilities for Selangor only. If the rest of the country cannot see this open daylight robbery, then they are totally hopeless.

As ruling administration, the state should not approve the plans for construction on state land as it does not justify the state's rationalization of its holdings. The people of Selangor are the stakeholders, CLIENT and paying beneficiary of the basic ammenities and utilities. We have had electricity rates rammed down our throats, while we scream and protest., benefitting only crony IPP owners. We are not and should not allow water to drown us, knowing full well, it can still be fought for by our ELECTED representatives.

We, the people of Selangor, expect a savvy, seasoned and successful global corporate raider like Khaled, to take a hard corporate and administrative stand on this issue. Anything less is a crime against the electorates. Individually, we cannot even sack the SYABAS management, nor right the blatant wrong. But as a collective group of voters and tax paying electorate citizens, we EXPECT Khaled and his team to act on the mandate that we, the Selangor electorate has given them, to fight this fight, for the benefit of all. The Selangor people are behind you all the way. If the state needs more financing power, it can be arranged for this utility right management. This is right up MB Khaled's alley and expertise.

This is a challenge that the ordinary electorate of Selangor is confident MB Khaled and his team can deliver.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 14:18  

THE DPM is going to regret he ever said that!

He sold out Johor
He wants to be Pee M
Please God forbid this from happening
This country has gone to the dogs
It may go to the monkies if this moron sits there!

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 14:21  

UMNO morons only deserve to be called donkeys or monkeys!
They are the biggest liars the world has ever seen!

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 14:31  

In iraq, we had 'chemical ali'
Not to be outdone, malaysia has its very owm "Irrational hishamuddin"
Malaysia bolih !

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 14:51  

Dato' and fellow bloggers

It just doesn't add up, does it? Our country, richly blessed with resources, has to resort to water rationing. Tun Mamak Kutty was the culprit who appointed all these jokers who know nuts about business to become armchair executives. It does not take a genius to figure out why they earn sky-rocketing salary. Why, these are modern-day robber barons who rob and plunder at the expense of the rakyat.

It's high time Selangorians gave a hard kick in their ass and make the PR-led government their first choice.

Salam. Observer.

Linguini,  24 July 2012 at 15:15  


This is a good piece & Selangorians shud read this!


you made an insightful point. I was thinking along the same line too.


Jamal,  24 July 2012 at 15:44  

Even the water that comes out of our taps are not fit for drinking.

On top of paying for this undrinkable water, consumers have to spend thousands of ringgit to buy and maintain their own water filters.

The top management of Syabas should have been replaced a long time ago.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 16:11  

You want to know Dato' Sak that idiot syabas chairman did not even replace the pipe with the new one but still making the claim.
Buruk perangai anak peneroka Gedangsa ni.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 17:39  

Good analysis Dato'
Time to go chairman Syabas..No dividen for last few years for PUNCAK,,but chairman has good salary...No wonder there was no effort to collect puncak bill from Syabas.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 17:50  

Thank you very much.
Now we all, voters and tax paying citizens of Malaysia can see over the cloud and haze set by these greedy capitalist fat cats.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 20:19  

Nicelah calling people donkey.

Reply: Your mother did not teach you any manners. She must have been a whore.

donkey is the mildest.. So back to your own reply !!!! Bulan puasa ?

bruno,  24 July 2012 at 20:30  

Donkeys do not bring in the money.

Prized racehorses do.

You need to polish up your English.Your mother must be a whore,too busy making money to notice you being a stupid fool.

Anonymous,  25 July 2012 at 02:07  

24 July 2012 12:09,

You line is garbage. This is a blog for writers with intelligence and finesse. Now Get Lost Fast, back to where you belong !

Anonymous,  26 July 2012 at 19:39  

In Reply to one of the Anonymous
Oppressors who fleeced the people in olden days would be trodden by the people & put to death. These type of leaders have lost all sense of humanity and thus, calling them donkey is only appropriate and by no means lacking in manners. On the contrary, people who shamelessly support such acts have no self repect, moral, integrity & conscience. So what shall we call them? I would think donkey is an understatement.

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