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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 2 July 2012

The Felda Settler: Bleak future ahead

What is the most disturbing feature about this whole FGV listing exercise? To my mind, the most unsettling feature about the listing is it’s unconscionable and so unjust. The FELDA settler- the romanticized vanguard of Najib’s transformation plan gets 810 units of share. They responded by hallelujah-ing and ululating Najib’s virtues. I am afraid, that’s premature and undeserving.
 The premium the settler gets at the closing on the listing day was 75 sen. That gives him a RM607 profit. Deduct RM200 being the loan processing fee and that gives him a net profit of RM400. Add that trifling amount to the advanced bribe of RM15, 000, he gets RM15, 400.
Now compare that to the selected bumiputeras who get anything from 1 million to 5 million units of share. These people are getting anything from RM 750,000 to RM3.75 million. What can u call this kind of disparity? It’s usurious. And it’s done at the behest of UMNO through its plant in the form of Isa Samad.
This skullduggery is carried out by the party which has now become the peddler of pornographic VCDs and installer of hidden cameras in toilets. So all Malaysians better beware when entering toilets- make sure there are no hidden cameras or else UMNO will politicize the size of your penises!
FELDA settlers are increasingly angry as they now know that the FGV listing is yet another chapter in the pillaging and sacking of the country. Worse, FELDA settlers are used as pawns in the con-porate chess game. We hope more will understand of the treacherous plan to plunder the country’s economic resources. Our economy is being manipulated by politicians and their crony business friends  profiteering from the stock market.
Its time people become aware, they cannot trust this government any longer. It all stems from the duplicity of UMNO led government. The leader of the government says pompously that he intends to implement the open tender system. The ink hasn’t dried when it’s revealed that he interfered in the tendering of the LRT Project servicing Ampang. He has extended his hand to helping his golfing partner, the owner of George Kent. This businessman is also the person brokering the double tracking deal which saw the contract snatched from China Railways to be given to China Harbors.
It’s also rumored that a certain business comprador involved in that deal, represented himself to the CCP as a person authorized to collect USD500 million on behalf of the master he served. 
Yet, this is the very person who piously speaks about transforming the country. Unfortunately he has proven to be long in form and very short in substance. He has repeatedly contradicted himself so many times, that people find him to be a farce actually.
Where are the transforming agent and indeed the transforming mechanism when you are reluctant to cut yourself free from the umbilical cords of conservative forces? You want to usher in a new environment but you put in place persons associated with the ancient regime?
Example: The man who should be pensioned off is instead made the Chairman of PETRONAS. An UMNO retiree has been made chairman of Bank Rakyat. The new Chief Secretary- we shall remember to terminate his employment as soon as Pakatan takes over displayed his unflinching loyalty and gratitude to people who made him the highest government servant. Is his PhD legitimate or what as he does not seem able to act professionally to recognize that he owes allegiance to the King and country not to UMNO.
He might as well tender his resignation and join UMNO to replace Nor Mohd Yaakob so that the quota for this unidentifiable ethnic group can be maintained. Is that a Malay, half Malay or non-Malay? No, it’s superMamak.
Right from the beginning I have been writing that this FGV listing isn’t right. If the `true north’ of the government’s objective has always been the welfare of the settlers, then why compromise a revenue generating means by diluting the ownership of the means? Why wasn’t the other way round done? Allow FELDA Holdings to buy out FGV. Because as we were to find out later, the earth shattering idea to create added value turns out to be the  rigorous and aggressive intensification of the same thing FELDA Holdings has been doing all this while. Which is, planting more palm oil trees by increasing acreage! Hence expanding cultivated land areas in places such as Africa and Indonesia. So we ask, what’s so magical about doing something that’s already done better by FELDA Holdings than FGV? FGV is replicating what has been done better by FELDA on its own.
If we were to do that, then the benefits of better business management accrues entirely to the FELDA family. Better management and better quality people can’t be accomplished if not done by listing? Better business operations cannot be done, unless listing is carried out? FELDA can’t get credit on its own based on its merits? FELDA has borrowed RM 6 billion from EPF.
This listing exercise yields them how much? RM 10-11 billion which is not impossible to achieve through normal borrowing. Productivity can’t be achieved unless listing is carried out? Why can’t the things cited by the sponsors of this listing be achieved even if FELDA remains unlisted? The same things cited can be applied equally effective if FELDA Holdings and FGV remain private provided they are carried out rigorously.
The answer is if listing is not carried out, then the rentier class cannot milk the cow.
So we ask why the settler gets RM600 gross when those not at all related to FELDA are able to get thousands and millions of Ringgit? Those with RM 1 million worth get RM750k. others bought the FGV stock with bank borrowings too. If the same facilities were extended to FELDA settlers, they are also able to get more money. The borrowings would be entirely secured anyway. The FELDA settler could have gotten 50,000 units per household yielding them a gross profit of RM35k. FGV’s payout to them would only amount to 3.9 billion. That would be around 30% of the total earnings raised from this listing of around RM 11 billion.  
The government has deceived the settlers by making it out that they are looking out for settlers’ interest. The interests that it fights for are the interests of the rentier class. These are the people gathering around at the KLSE’s scoreboard urging the FGV stock to go up. It was like a Bingo game that day with suited people gesturing like lollipop licking children on something they were happy about. Indeed they were a lot happier lot compared to the FELDA folks who exclaimed excitedly when they received the advance bribe of RM15 thousand per family. These people are jumping with joy getting RM750, 000 to RM1, 000,000 on the FGV stock they bought using the same bank loans. 


bruno,  2 July 2012 at 07:34  

Dato,now that the dust have settled many of the Felda settlers must be fuming mad at the windfall they were supposed to get from selling their shares,a mere RM500.And the politically connected who have not even shed a drop of sweat,making tens if not hundreds of thousands.

Now let us used our heads and think for a while.If not for FGVH,the Felda would not have to borrow RM6 billion from EPF.And Felda will still have excess funds for replanting oil palm,cocoa and rubber trees etc.

Now let us ask ourselves what is this IPO going to do for the Felda settlers.Is this the fastest shortcut to the poorhouse.Before it was the Afrcan countries who were the largest producer of palm oil and cocoa.

Now it is Indonesia which is the largest producer of palm oil.Indonesia has huge vast reserves of forest which could be used for further planting of oil palm.If everybody keep planting oil palm and nothing else,soon there will be a glut because of oversupply.

Then what happens.Oversupply means a lower demand.And lower demand means prices will go lower.At the peak CPO was trading around 4,000.Today it is less than 3,000.If mother nature co-operates and the soybean farmers have a couple of bumper harvests,CPO prices will fall out of bed.That is the reason I am saying that CPO will have a very good chance of trading between 1,200-1,600 or even lower in the next 2-3 years.

Now why do the politicians want to jump into going public?What are they going to do with the IPO money.To grow more oil palm will be the most stupidiest thing to do.To invest more overseas buying losing concerns,will be throwing good money after bad.Afterall did not FGVH lost billions investing overseas?

So what is the FGVH IPO for.To fill politicians and their cronies pockets and to buy the GE?If that is so,are not the Felda settlers conned into giving up their rights to fulfill the objectives of the Umnoputras.That is like the settlers letting the Umnoputras hump their behinds for free.

KoSong Cafe 2 July 2012 at 08:17  

Dato, you have made it very simple to understand, yet when I related to those who are not exposed to internet news, they seem to think I was trying to badmouth BN and Najib! Anyway, sooner or later, the settlers will get the message when their traditional landholdings are no longer up to them to take part. I suppose being the government, BN leaders can easily create new areas for them.

When I compare how easy those men in suits make big money in air-cond rooms, while the brawny settlers get pittance out of the deal (yet made to show appreciation on tv), I actually think even robbers get a raw deal because they work harder and risk being caught, jailed or even shot to death in the process (perceived SOP of the police)for much less!

nick 2 July 2012 at 08:55  

The truly sad thing about this episode of "yet again UMNO sold off the Malays to get filthy rich" is the fact that the Malays didn't realized immediately that once Mahathir managed to kill off UMNO and replace it with a zombified organization, the future was already looking bleak and that was at the end of 1980's! Some malays, most probably those who were born after the 80's would not remember but the Malays used to have lots of privileges; privileges in educations funding, business start-up and assistance, entrepreneurship development and funding, and even religious linked development. Privileges that were really meant for the Malays NOT for Mahathirs kith and kin. NOT for UMNOputeras!

However, Mahathir through his zombie organization managed to hijack all of that, all for a new policy and faith which was "Wawasan 2020 - where every Malaysian fends for themselves except for MY family and friends" or in short nepotism and cronyism. The Malays and in general all Malaysian were looking at a bleak future from then on. Look at MARA, BERNAS, LLN, UDA, PETRONAS and other extinct or hijacked government bodies/ agencies which were once owned by the people but for the policy of "running before learning to walk" towards the year 2020, all of those public assets and properties were sold off, bartered or presented to private entity (and invariably those entity are partly owned by mahathir's families and friends. In other words, hiding behind the push for material development, world stage presence/recognition and artificial hiking of the per capita income digit for Malaysia, Mahahtir managed to hijack all of the privileges of the Malays and kept all of it for himself.

Yes, the future was already bleak for the Malays and Malaysian, and that realities now are dawning upon the Felda settler who have for so long lived in a bubble of "mudah lupa" and "tak apa". However, what's tragic is that after so long living in a bubble of blissful ignorance, the settlers will be in for a very rude shock once the bubble burst and invariably many will be left destroyed and debilitated, unable to cope with the realities and perhaps incapable to play catch up to those Malays and Malaysian already living in a hard, bleak realities of Malaysia after Mahathir and UMNO.

The future will not only be bleak for them, it will be hellish and murder and all because they put their trust in one man and one zombie organization blindly and without question. It will be a future that they themselves shaped and deserve. We can only pity them their future since they wouldn't listen to reason and caution, preferring to remain blind and insular for decades. Hopefully their children and grandchildren will not be the typical Mahathir's Malay of "Mudah lupa" and forget the lesson in life their predecessor learnt (the hard way)! A new Malaysia is dawning upon us but for some malays,it will be a Malaysia they are ill-equip and ill-suited to live in.


Anonymous,  2 July 2012 at 09:36  

Thats the trouble with malays ....see a little money and they cant think straight....Tell them they will not listen ....
What can we do ? They will grind their teeth and voila! Good old najis will do another tango and all will be well....They have this downfall and let me tell you they can be suckered another time again..and thats malay .

Anonymous,  2 July 2012 at 09:54  

Is it true that the settlers must get a loan to subscribe the shares alloted to them even if they have the money to pay for it ?

RM 200 processing fee for a loan of RM 3,685.50 is a broad daylight highway robbery by any standard...,shameful for the banks to have imposed this outrageous fee !

bruno,  2 July 2012 at 11:03  

Anon 2 July 2012 09:54

this is what is called along(LEECHES)rate.Anybody who thinks that the FGVH listing is for the financial benefit of the settlers to have a windfall,must be self syioking sendiri.

Suci Dalam Debu 2 July 2012 at 11:43  


How can we increase internet penetration in the rural areas?

How can I contribute?

Anonymous,  2 July 2012 at 11:59  


Apa sangat la yang pakcik-makcik felda ni faham pasal share trading.

They are a bunch of gullible but honest and hardworking folks which Najib and Gang used(or more appropriately have fxxked senselessly really) in order to advance their agenda of maintaining power.

Itu sebenar-sebenarnya.


Tiger 2 July 2012 at 12:20  

If anything, this is a really bad move by BN.
It used to be that the country bumpkins were kept ignorant because they had no access to info.
And they continue to be ignorant because internet penetration is only in urban areas.
But if this FGVH blows up big time, then the settlers, orang kampung etc will see BN for what it is, a behemoth blood-sucking machine.

Melayu Baru,  2 July 2012 at 16:27  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

The comment made by KoSong rings very true. Here we are, well connected, well informed parties debating well articulated issues. Nothing wrong there - except that this is akin to preaching to the converted. It may strengthen the resolve to take BN out, but in net voters gain, do nothing.

Have the reader of this blogs went out and try to get others to listen to the non mainstream view? Have you been hounded by machete in areas where you talked because they are so BN hardcore? Have you been chased, chastised and hated just because you want to open your mouth to an alternative opinion?

The truth is places like these exists. The common denominator to these places are economically wanting, poor infrastructure, mainstream media access and less exposed.

Were can you find these places? Areas where there's only 5,000 people that can elect a parliamentarian. Rural, FELDA, kampong etc.

The crux is, as much as we would like to congratulate ourselves on our enlightenment, there are many others that think Pakatan is vulgar word. Not out of disgust and in built, irrational hatred - but just our of plain ignorance.
(BTW, dont waste time to those innately rejecting better change just because they are on a gravy train...or Kajang satay train)

If the effort can be focused to these masses, it will make the difference. If you see Dato' Sak weekend, he will be slow on some weeks - he s out there, standing on a stump and explaining to the people.

He is doing all he can to convince these folks. Not that they hate change, they just dont have the info.

So, for the rest of is, what are we doing to help this?

Are you disseminating info from here to those who dont want to receive it? Are you contributing ideas, money and sweat for this? We need everyone to contribute - then only we can move mountains.

One ton is a heavy weight to move, but if we have 100 people, eac only carry equivalent of 10 kg. If each can carry 30 kg, we can move 3 tons of weight...

So, let's go out there, contribute.
You can:

1. Talk to those who dont want to change
2. COntribute $
3. COntibute time
4. Be a volunteer
5. Write
6. Debate
7. TRanslate & disseminate
8. etc etc...please add

With all of us contributing (let say 1,000 visitors convincing 10 people outside of city center), we can get 10,000 additional votes. That can surely mean something...

Thanks to all!

Melayu Baru

apa nama,  2 July 2012 at 18:24  

Is the person who made the prediction of RAHMAN still alive? That person is turning out to be terribly accurate. Has Najib been bought over by the opposition? Felda will eventually look like an own goal and the rose tinted glasses will come off for the settlers-soon-to-be-estate-labourers. It will be one hell of a drama minggu ini to watch.

bat8 2 July 2012 at 18:25  
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Anonymous,  2 July 2012 at 19:12  

The Felda settlers will know the truth the hard way but by then all the UMNOputras will laughing all the way to foreign banks.
Many of them would have taken foreign citizenship by then.
UMNO will be the opposition and the settlers can't do a damn thing.

Whatever is being said by Sak is of no consequence because Felda is gone for good, I mean gone, gone.Nasi sudah menjadi bubor.

Anonymous,  2 July 2012 at 19:58  

Helllo QD where r u? Where r ur facts to uphold master najis on this felda issues? R the settlers' interest being looked into by BN?
- Md Ibra

Anonymous,  2 July 2012 at 21:10  

Sincere apology this is of tangent ...

Is it today, ( Mon July 2 )or yesterday, there was an article in the Star demonstrating explicitly how car alarm can be disarmed easily ? And the car be broken into ? What message are the particular personnel trying to send ? and demonstrate how to do the interactive crime " as well ? Has anyone seen anything as bl.stupid as " the demonstration " in any developed nations' media !!

Next demonstrate how to break into ATMs or cart them away !! The prospective and repeated criminals should be laughing hard at the stupidity and incapability! Insurance companies must be made to provide security guards in housing areas, shopping malls and car parks for car owners !!!

Get to the bl root of the problems and solve them swiftly ! Bring On a New Competent government.

OneMalaysian,  2 July 2012 at 22:26  

Dear Sakmongkol

I suspect most Felda settlers are not aware of the long-term implications of this FGV IPO. With due respect, this corporate exercise is too complex for simple plantations workers to grasp. Even more sophisticated city folks are not getting the picture. That’s why it so easy for schemers to fool them.

What is at the heart of this FGV IPO? It was designed as a clever (to Najib and Isa) scheme to once and for all cut the settlers from the power they have over Felda. The original idea was to have the settlers sell their 51% in Felda Holdings into FGV in exchange for FGV shares that after the IPO would be less than 40%, meaning the settlers would lose control over their lands and also have no control over FGV - diabolical in the extreme.

Why would Najib and Isa want to do that? There are several “good” reasons.

First, this wrestling away of control over the biggest or second biggest oil palm plantation in the world from some humble farmers, and transforming it into a glamorous, modern agro-based company would suit the ambition of some executives and politicians. They can now enslave the settlers, on whose broad shoulders Felda stands, so that these under-skilled but overambitious executives could fulfill their dream of challenging the likes of IOI Corporation, KLK and Wilmar at no cost to themselves.

Second, the idea appealed to the politicians because it represented a “final solution” to the “Felda problem”. Clearly the government has no intention of giving more land to Felda settlers. That’s why FELDA Corporation, the statutory body holds 350,000 hectares directly, now leased to FGV. Why were titles not given to those workers who worked those lands? So somewhere in government there is this thinking that the Felda idea has run its course. The FGV IPO would very neatly reduce the power of the settlers and ensure control resides with institutions and the government (FELDA Corp).

Third, through this IPO the government could raise a lot of money that can be used to bribe the settlers to agree to the IPO, and also to serve as an election bribe. Hence that RM15,000 pay off. But through the doggedness of some settlers who took the government to court and some luck, they managed to get that RM15,000 without losing control over their 51% in Felda Holdings. This of course put Isa in a pickle because he can’t claim that FGV owns the largest oil palm plantation in the world. He had to fudge it.

Will settlers understand all this: the scheming and how they were abandoned and made use off? I think not. I suspect most see Najib as Santa Claus bearing gifts.

Anon,  3 July 2012 at 00:15  

This is what we call, something from nothing; 95% of new wealth from thin air. Even David Copperfield can't do this.

Someone works for 50 years from zero and someone else comes along and take 95% of what your grandparents or parents owned for zero and make off with 750,000 or 3.75 million - that's exactly what has happened. Borrow some money for two months and then sell on listing day, and the money is yours. Only in Malaysia can 'God-fearing' politicians spin a yarn to make this get-rich scheme a reality and still come out smelling good.

FELDA settlers you have been had nice and proper. This Hari Raya will be the last one you will be celebrating with some money in the pocket. Next Hari Raya, you will be listening to stories about how the others are celebrating.

Najib, you have betrayed your good father. I wish
you well because I expect you to do something to redeem yourself for you have done to FELDA.

Anonymous,  3 July 2012 at 00:51  

What Korprasi Felda could do is THINK Koprasi and THINK of Koprasi members.

Bet your bottom there's a gold mine of sorts ! I ain't telling ! ;-))

Anonymous,  3 July 2012 at 09:52  

Whay do you need such a long list of CON-SULTANT. This must be the work of that brat Omar Ong.

If I am not mistaken that Sidek fella, now rewarded with with PETRONAS Chairmanship is in the same boat as Hanif. Both are UMNO Baru ball carriers. Remember Sidek took the blame from Rafidah Aziz for issuing APs. After that he was promoted to KSN.PETRONAS is becoming a place forl old folks, you already have that Kutty fella,to enjoy their retiremet.That Kutty fella has be abusing his position as a PM and now as Advisor in PETRONAS to enrich his sons and cronies.In no time PETRONAS will be a a Chapter 11 case.

After extending the retirement age of all the ball carriers who should be pensioned off, now the UMNO Baru wants degree holders to compete for jobs meant for SPM holders.

It is time Malaysian get rid of this pariah UMNO Baru.

Anonymous,  3 July 2012 at 17:30  

I think the coffer must be really dry after all these years of abuses, corruption and mismanagement, otherwise Najib and Gang would not have their thieving fingers in the Felda cookies jar; considering Felda areas have always been the vote banks for the ruling coalition.
I won't be surprised if EPF will extended the eligible withdrawal age for its members to sixty years
of age as much of its money (reads members money) have been borrowed by the government.
I hope when I retire , I will be able to get back all my savings and not some shares of some GLC companies if the current regime still in power by then, scary man !

Anonymous,  3 July 2012 at 19:29  

Salam Dato Sak & bloggers,

The whole deal is dominated by a cartel of conglomerates belonging to the crony purchasers chosen by MITI, with Cornerstone buyers setting joint ventures in Hongkong,etc. Not Bizarre.

Where did they get the funds to hover as much wealth as they possibly can from this deal? If we can equate the outcomes of a greater mega dollars for these ultra rich, we can also equate the outcome of the Felda settlers and their land.

Choosing not to believe the unrelenting constructive criticisms, doubts, forecasts, explanations even backed up with data by Dato Sak and his guests is not an option ? How can the settlers break free from self- fulfilling the prophecy of losing everything and become modern slaves, without shift blaming other bangsa Malaysia ? In this case, they are to be blamed for blissfully choosing to be spurned.

Felda settlers must spin it around 180 degrees by voting Dato Sak, ABU to implement transparent management with highest integrity and channeling maximum prosperity directly for themselves and their next generations. Taking Bruno’s comments into consideration, yes, creatng sustainable new economies.

Suci Dalam Debu : How to help ?

Perhaps through,

1.sharing concern after Friday prayers and sembahyang terawih di bulan puasa ?

2.the youths taking extra efforts to engage with their parents and relatives during Raya

3. prayers and fasting so that their hearts, mind and eyes are open, have courage to choose the better portion of blessings through goodness. It is not taking others’ rice bowls, salted fish or curry gravy. Or being robbed by the cronies for another day.

4. What's the position of their tok penghulu, ustazah and ustazah in their mukims ?

5. They need to see powerful visuals on the laptop of people who have lost their land.

In the Lady, which was shown to a full house at Pavilion, Aung San Suu Kyi said, " One can't say he is not thinking about politics, becos politics is thinking about him."

Salam, Merci.

Anonymous,  3 July 2012 at 19:50  

In selecting visuals, we need to be very discerning, to use slides where settlers lost land to their own kind, of capitalists, and government. If have to, it has to be explained explicitly that there are people who have been used by manipulators with vested interests.

So as not to incite or create any animosity. We can no longer afford to, as we are the right thinking Malay, the intelligent and God fearing ones who want to be fair, have integrity and honest... wanting to rebuild Malaysia with all fellow Malaysians.

Kutu Kongsi,  3 July 2012 at 20:44  

FELDA Settlers, at least the orginal ones are the most vulnerable.

But this need never be. Bisness is bizness - there are chains in the bizness. If there's a weak link the thing falls apart. A weak link can be a strong link depending on how you look at things. So UMNO and BN will exploit every link in the chain. The weapon is misgovernance.

FELDA people or hired management have to be good on bizness economics and the laws. Their ally would be governance angel no God but the spirit of good governance ...absolutely it goes back to God but not UMNO's god.

Strengthen FELDA, spend right money, get communication humming among members, sew in the family spirit and plough and sow in governance values and suppliers should would deal fairly to those goons. But keep the family together. Learn from the Chinese if necessary how they keep thousands of years of "family cohesiveness and values" for future generations and generative wealth.

Anonymous,  3 July 2012 at 22:18  


Jadi, yang UNTUNG besar adalah 'pelabur2 jangka pendek' termasuk UMNO, kroni2nya dan pelabur asing yang tak pernah berkorban di Felda; dan yang RUGI adalah [1] peneroka bonggok yg tak boleh menjual saham yg tak sampai satu lot (1,000 unit saham) dan [2] tabung2 awam (kebanyakannya melayu juga - EPF, Tabung Haji, Tabung ATM, Baitulmal?, dll) yang kena paksa pegang saham2 tersebut..

~ Memang Bijak UMNO, Memang Bodoh Peneroka2 ;-]

Anon,  3 July 2012 at 23:52  

Imagine the millions of ringgit spent on plane fares to and from New York or London, wine (prayerfully only the non-Muslims), women and song, prior to the finale.

Lying pays good dividends, always, as "Without lies, humanity would perish of despair and boredom."

Terima kasih UMNO kerana sampai hati menderhakai sesama bangsa, sekaligus memberi isyarat kepada saya parti mana yang saya patut menyokong dari saat ini.

Anonymous,  4 July 2012 at 02:38  


You are very articulate and intellectual in your arguments, so why stoop so low and engage in Mamak bashing? You think we Indian Muslims support some of our fellow scoundrels who are UMNO's lackeys? Whatever their race they are all the same.So please keep race out of arguments if you want to convince us.

Anon,  4 July 2012 at 09:48  

Dato, your single sentence paragraph,"The answer is if listing is not carried out, then the rentier class cannot milk the cow.",says it all.

I wrote earlier on 22 Jun, alluding to Public Choice Theory at work in this listing matter quoting "..., most insidious of all, when rent-seeking becomes widespread, is that more and more in society - seeing the large rewards - want in."

Life has been infinitely rewarding to our educated city cousins. To know that it was the rural folks that set off the Agricultural revolution and in turn ushered in the Industrial revolution, and now the Information and Knowledge age, this is the cruelest payback we are handing out to FELDA settlers. I shall yet live to see justice done, P.M. Najib, but if I don't, I promise you, I will still see everything from High Above; not for me the murky depths which provide sustenance and succour to a small crowd which can't seem to know how much is enough.

"The rich are never as possessed by their riches as the poor are by their poverty"

bruno,  4 July 2012 at 12:25  

The GE will be called sometime within 2 wks the day FGVH shares hovers around the RM6 mark.

Anonymous,  4 July 2012 at 13:02  

Anon 02:38,

Pernah dengar perpatah " kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelangga"? Persoalan yang timbul hari ini, nila yang setitik inilah yang membawa kerosakan dan memberi nama buruk kepada kaum sdra.

Lihat permainan puak saudara di pulau pinang. Persoalan seterusnya, jika ada sebahagian dari kaum sdra yang tidak setuju dengan tindakan mereka ini, mereka sepatutunya berbuat sesuatu.

Sikap berdiam diri bermakna bersetuju dan bersongkol.

Anonymous,  4 July 2012 at 14:53  

" engage in Mamak bashing? "

As a very small minority, one got to be very careful, fair and nuteral in making a political stand on issues affecting the country and her ordinary people.

You side and fight for a bad leader and corrupt party, you will be judged accordingly.

Anonymous,  4 July 2012 at 15:17  

Anon 22:18

Untuk makluman, 1 lot sekarang bersamaan 100 unit bukan 1000 unit macam dulu. Jadi boleh jual.

Anonymous,  4 July 2012 at 16:17  

felda settlers telah di BERSIHKAN lah- ha ha hi hi

Anonymous,  4 July 2012 at 18:52  


Last Friday, Felda IFFCO shut down their factory in South Africa due to continued losses. So much for the rosy picture that FGV wants everyone to know but the reality that palm oil business is not easy for the someone like Pak Isa who has never been in the business before. Furthermore, Felda in a way has "mortgaged" their future by teaming up with IFFCO and IFFCO management team calls the shot for exports of palm oil. Which is my mind is not a smart move since Felda themselves is large enough to market their own palm oil on their own.

average joe 4 July 2012 at 21:02  

mamak bashing? heck, jangan cepat terasa, brother... here we are talking primarily about the malay felda settlers, how stupid and gullible they (most or many) have been, so this has nothing to do with bashing which race, mister. we are also bashing our own race, not because we're malays who are mudah lupa, but because we love and care for our fellow malays, kampong men&women and malaysians, and we want them to be treated better and fare better. we bash the malay settlers and other malay folks too, so that they'll open up their minds and not get stuck with the old mentality of easily placing trusts on people, even strangers, who come up to them appearing kind and looking pleasant whilst painting sweet pictures, projecting nice dreams and whispering huge (as how it seems to the folks) promises, and at the same time, getting upset instead and rejecting outright anyone, including family members and long-time friends, who comes up to them with reminders of grim future and foretelling figures!

this attitude must go! this is already 2012, well inside the so-called 'new' millennium already! we cannot simply sit and watch the rural folks be duped and easily exploited by these conniving thugs.

not only these poor folks will end up losing much of what they have toiled for, but just as huge, we who desperately want to see change for the better for this beloved nation and its honest people would also lose that hope in the coming ge13, simply because the devils in disguise would have managed to get hold of their most powerful weapon just as before: abundance of money!

-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: HOW ADVANCED! Part 1 (MAJU LAH SANGAT! Bhg 1)

Anonymous,  4 July 2012 at 23:07  


So you think you can generalize and bash Mamaks just because some Indian Muslim choose to support UMNO ? What about the millions of Malays , Chinese and Indians who support MCA, UMNO, MIC etc. etc ?

According to your logic these people are all entitled to do so but we minorities should always be bashed by the Melayus, Cinas and non-Muslim Indians in case we support UMNO.

Come to think of it,at least UMNO accords us Indian Muslims more respect than the PR parties who are only interested in our votes.

Anonymous,  5 July 2012 at 08:11  

" UMNO accords us Indian Muslims more respect "

We all have choices and we made our decision including the rewards, status and benefits that come with it.

After decades of reforms and wealth " distribution " , majority of the ordinary Bumi are going nowhere.....their culture and traditions are unique to the country and it must be protected at all cost.

As usual, as long as we could make an extra $ or get unfair benefit/advantage, nobody cares!

Anonymous,  5 July 2012 at 09:13  

Anon @ 18:52:
Terima kasih atas update.

Dasyatnya! Sedikit demi sedikit, cacing-cacing akan jelma. Harapan besar saya Isa dan gerombolotnya masih boleh nyenyat tidur.

Nampaknya Najib dah hilang halatuju. Sesaat Najib menjerit, "haramjadah" saat itulah saya mulai berasa yang dianggap kaum bangsawan itulah yang mungkin akan membawa bencana kepada negara yang kita sayangi ini. Apakah perasaan nasionalisma langsung tidak wujud dalam sanubari pendatang dari Sulawasi atau Minangkabau? Atau hanya golongan 'bangsawan' pendatang berlagak sedemikian kerana cukup ramai orang keturunan Bugis dan lain-lain golongan marhaen begitu berjasa kepada tanah air kita. Kesimpulannya adalah: bukan bangsa melainkan pembelot cacat haloba persorangan yang suka memperlekeh, menipu dan menzalimi rakyat sendiri.

Siapa itu haramjadah?

Anonymous,  5 July 2012 at 09:16  

Hello anon 08:11 and anon 23:07

Mamak.... we here anot talking about mamaakindian apa yang awak terasa sangat ni, we are talking about peneroka FELDA, kalau ia pun siapa yang membuat mamak macam tu bukan UMNOgok,perkasa,pekida? mereka ini menggunakan mamak untuk kepentingan mereka wak faham tak,cuba awak check berapa ekor mamak yang menjadi peneroka felda,so apa yang awak nak bising2 pls get the fack right We are talking abaut Peneroka FELDA yang bodoh ok,kalau awak terasa munkin awak mamak pun bodoh macam peneroka felda lah "kerjakan ladang berpuloh tahun orang lain yang dapat untung, tanah tergadai' apa punya mangkuk peneroka ni,tapi tak semualah.....yang setuju tulah mangkuk dapat tak seberapa padan MUKA.ABU

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