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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 18 July 2012

The Economics of Legal Plunder- 2

Who would it be if not syed mokhtar?
Was it better when it was not syed mokhtar?
May Allah SWT save us all from fitnah.

I received the above comment and felt sorry for this person. In a pamphlet titled Common Sense- Addressed to the inhabitants of America, Thomas Paine wrote in 1776 …a long habit of NOT thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT and (therefore) raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom. 
So this person has cultivated a habit of NOT thinking it WRONG for one person, to monopolize everything simply because the monopolist represents his race. Instead he accepts it as CUSTOMARILY RIGHT for that one person to secure a monopoly. Now, if we tolerate this kind of thinking, one day, we will think nothing of that same person coming into our house and sleeping with our wife.  This is the kind of thinking borne of passivity and mental enslavement.  Plus, he thinks God is on his side. 
God is not an UMNO member. UMNO people have got this massively inflated sense of self importance that God is always on their side. 
As to the line of thinking which Thomas Paine mentioned- that is the kind of thinking that causes misery to the country because it excuses all the plundering and pillage. 
How did Syed Mokhtar and others like him get to be like this?  They got there through the use of government that enriched one group of people at the expense of another. Suppose all the population of Malaysia were Malays, would such a state of affairs be tolerated?  So, our proposition is, government should stay out of this looting business. 
Let’s see if we don’t see anything wrong here. What does it cost the UMNO government to build the Sungai Buloh MRT line with a distance of 150km? It costs the government a walloping USD17B (RM53B) or USD133M per km. compare this UMNOnised cost with the cost of China building its Beijing - Shanghai (Fastest train in the World @350km per hour) rail line covering a distance of 1,318km ONLY USD22B or USD16M per km. are the lines in the Sungai Buloh MRT made up of gold or some other precious metals?  
Are we ready to accept there is nothing wrong with our cost of USD133M/km to that of China at USD16M? 
It’s already happening. For the last 14 years, pornography and graphic descriptions of one person’s alleged sexual inclinations and trysts were brought into our living rooms. The ones watching include our children who will develop that habit of not thinking such purveyance of filth into our living rooms as WRONG but as something customarily RIGHT. 
What will this thing do to our nation? 
Let’s get back to the issue of Legal Plunder. The term Legal Plunder was used by the French economist- Frederic Bestiat in describing the use of government to secure riches for oneself. That is the policy that Najib is continuing to do. 
When he got into office as PM , he proclaimed that the age of big government is over. Now on the verge of losing power and having lost the plot to run this country- he says all development and improvements in this country are the result of promises fulfilled? Whose promises? Government?  If that is the case, then what have been achieved in the Pakatan states of Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Selangor are the result of promises fulfilled by their respective governments. So why should the people continue to support BN but not Pakatan? 

We must reject this kind of passivity in our thinking because it leads people into blind acceptance and teaches them to excuse looting, plundering and incompetence. 
This must be evidently clear now- whenever a government assumes the power of discriminating between different groups of people, it becomes in actual fact, the arbiter of their prosperity.  So? Ask the cynic? So it reduces men from a dependence on their own exertions, to a dependence on the caprices of their government. That’s what UMNO is doing to the Malays in general- the government at their pleasure elevate one class of chosen people over another not chosen. Malays then become mere puppets of legislative cobbling and tinkering. What does that make UMNO? It gets to play God and that is why the above commentator invokes the UMNO God. 
Najib’s ETP for example is nothing more than an overall economic plan that is composed of several  adopted and re-packaged business plans of several chosen business partners who go on to become PDP= project delivery partners. What is he doing? He’s allowing the government to be used as a willing partner in the looting and plunder.  Its big government all over the place. It contradicts Najib’s pompous claim to end the age of big government hiding behind some liberal sounding initiatives. 
How does he continue exercising big government? He does so, by ensuring that all developments are licensed and supervised by government authorities. The age of big government is entrenched not loosened as he claimed. 
Big government remains as it does- BIG and Bigger and Biggest. 
Look at the transformation of government itself.  The GTP is just cobbling and tinkering here and there of government institutions giving the impression that something radical are being undertaken there. At other times, big government is given respectability by the indefinable term smart partnership. The only thing smart about partnering with the government is that some people get the chance to become rent seekers. The GTP is just tidying up of loose ends which were not properly covered by government authoritism
Najib thinks he can fool the people with a stomach-churning mix of acronyms which mean nothing to ordinary Malaysian. BR1M become Beli Rakyat 1 Malaysia. People have a different understanding of UMNO’s various acronyms. TOL becomes Tindas Orang Lalu. You get oppressed traversing the country’s highways. The construction of highways at one time was the favorite and shortest cut way for crony companies to make tons of money. Hence PLUS becomes Pantang Lalu, Ulur Selalu.
The Plus highway costing RM 3 billion became a RM6 billion project. It has since collected RM 24 billion in revenues and government compensation.  The government has paid RM38 billion as compensation to toll operators so that they would not increase toll charges. 
UMNO survives on an elaborate patronage system where crony companies do business and give money to UMNO leadership. UMNO’s strategy of running the country’s economy is not dissimilar to running a protection racket. The only way to stop it is to replace the government that supports the system, no two ways about it. 
It’s up to the people to evaluate. The economic strategy of picking and choosing winners from a limited pool as engines of growth is still in operation and indeed continued with gusto by Najib and gang.  


bruno,  18 July 2012 at 08:13  

Dato,a group of friends went and have dinner at Sharizat's six star Meatworks and feast on Wagyu beef.Of course they knew that they will end up with a hefty check.Plus extra tip for special good service.But they were happy to pay up because they wanted to go to her restaurant.

And then the people are forced to pay way above their heads for monopolised essentials such as foodstuffs,utilities like gas,electricity and water.And high toll for the roads and bridges too.And they have no choice for other alternatives but to buy and used their services.

And if their squeezing the last penny off the rakyat is not enough,the good for nothing Umno is using their cronies to turn off the water taps to Selangoreans,if the PR state gomen is not voted out of power.It is high time the rakyat shows the corrupted Umnoputras who is the boss.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 08:44  

Dear Dato Sak

The people of Malaysia must change our collective mindset regarding our political leaders.

We must view them as ordinary mortals whom, WE THE PEOPLE, chose to put into high office. If they don't perform (including squandering our nation's oil wealth and seriously mismanaging hard-earned tax payer monies), WE THE PEOPLE have the right to boot them out of office.


Phua Kai Lit

pak yeh 18 July 2012 at 08:53  

Dear Sakmongkol,
What is the status of our akti-Trust Law.? I thought it was paased in paliament. The Gomen should break up Syd moktars monopolies now. But how come no persecution,and how come Pakatan Rakyat is silent about it.???

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 09:11  

Someone said in the blog you are a great and your team? are substantially more!

With you in charge of economy, our " friendly " neigbours will be worried of the revival of our country's economic strength to attract FDI and create rewarding, permanent and meaningful jobs for our people.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 09:37  

"Who would it be if not syed mokhtar?
Was it better when it was not syed mokhtar?
May Allah SWT save us all from fitnah."

Dato' you felt sorry for this man, but I feel sorry for Malaysia because on a matter where deliberate choices are made by mortals, this man like so many in our midst still dare to plead for intervention from the Almighty to allow him and his friends to perpetuate their scurrilous life-styles.

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 09:41  


For the past 5 decades or so, the rakyat have been reminded to be grateful by UMNO/BN- yeah grateful for all the plundering and looting and not to mention high inflationary costs due to monopolistic business practice. This is Goebbels at his best!

The rakyat need to unshackle themselves from such slavish thinking!

Salam. Observer.

yum,  18 July 2012 at 09:46  

God is not an UMNO member?

Maybe not. But Allah s.a.w. is.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 10:05  

Very well put. Unfortunately, only the thinking Malaysians with a formed conscience can follow your arguments.
Yes, I too feel sorry for some Malays who accept UMNO leaders, regardless of their sins against race and religion.
Some of these Malays will even kiss the hands of their leaders after they had raped their daughters or wives.
Nay, they may be even be proud that their daughters and wives had been raped by God chosen UMNO leaders.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 10:17  


U hit the nail RIGHT at the head!

But how many of yr kindred think like u did?


‘…a long habit of NOT thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT and (therefore) raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom.’

The season of higher education discontent has just begun with the disclosing of the various universities’ courses intakes.

As expected, the same show repeats ad infinitum, making one wondering how on earth can these ‘taskers’ facing up to their conscience, & perhaps to their God in the coming Month of Ramadan.

Perhaps, like u rightly pointed out;

‘So this person has cultivated a habit of NOT thinking it WRONG for one person, to monopolize everything simply because the monopolist represents his race. Instead he accepts it as CUSTOMARILY RIGHT for that one person to secure a monopoly.’

In another word – zero sum game!

Even though this game has gained a foothold to the concluding dismayed future of the M’sia!

1st in loosing the royalty of the rightful M’sian citizen via disenchancement of their constitutionalised treatments, 2nd in loosing the future well-being generating asset of the current scholastic youths to the other nations, & 3rd in producing lots of ‘propped-up’ professionals with spurious qualifications.

All these phenomenon lead to just single conclusion – M’sia in the near distant future, would be the sickman of ASEAN – replacing Philippines.

Dato, u r a lone cry in the sea of drowned out cheers of Ketuanan Forever, especially by the ultras, the cronies, & of course, the terlampau Meleyu Melayu!

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 10:39  

If the plundering continues; when the crude oil reserve is exhausted, we will be exporting "pembantu rumah" and " buruh kasar " that is for sure.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 10:43  

Sounds like you are talking about your best friend QD. He is always dining at MeatWorks. But your friends pay a hefty bill. QD and pals eat for free. Because he is friends with Shahrizat's kids. It pays man to have friends in high places. To be rent seekers.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 12:06  

Ha ha ha..

To Bad..Dato' Sak..Syed Mokhtar is the only Bumiputra become billionaire.. Others proxy such as Tajuddin Ramli did not make it ..ha ha ha..

That why only Syed Mokhtar monopoly the business..ha ha ha.

KoSong Cafe 18 July 2012 at 12:11  

Tun Dr. Mahathir made a few Malay billionaires who failed when recession set in because of their debts, except his sons (saved by dadikasi) and Tun Daim (wonder who deals with his tax file!). His wish that a few billionaires would help fellow Malays did not materialize because everyone was more interested in himself.

Syed Mokhtar Bukhary replaces those of his time. At the rate big corporations and projects were 'Mokhtarised', it would appear there is an effort to make him the first richest Malay in Malaysia! But if the take-overs were based on borrowings, reality would eventually set in. Loans need to be serviced. Unless the companies taken over could distribute dividends sufficient to service those loans, sooner or later he will be in trouble. If he is just a frontman as generally perceived, then a large percentage of earnings has to go to where the real beneficiaries are. Complications arise when it comes to dealing with slush funds and if anything happens to him. Wife or wives and children will be wondering why shares in his name are not actually his! This happened when someone died suddenly in a helicopter crash; and when a wife asked for half of husband's estate in a divorce proceeding.

The other reason why same person is being used as a frontman is the need to keep things secret. Why change something if it is working nicely? I can still remember Samy Vellu was in charge of a few big privatisations, which included his temporary change of ministerial portfolio to facilitate it.

Patrick 18 July 2012 at 12:29  

What the people fail to understand is that Syed Mokhtar is just a NOMINEE. PROXY. FRONT MAN. That's all. The real man behind him has alway and will always be Mahathir. As I mentioned before, unless otherwise, Syed Mokhtar decides to crew Mahathir and run away with Mahathir's billions held in Syad Mokhtars name & companies, Syad Mokhtar WILL ALWAYS be the go-to malay for all big businesses in Malaysia. Hence, Mahathir is flexing his illegal financial muscle in this time of chaos.

What people dont realise is that Mahathir created the culture, the religion of plunder in the religion and race. After 30 years of continued mantra, it has become entrenched and institutionalised. Now every newborn malay expects govt help from cradle to grave and that corruption is religiously acceptable. Failing which, violence in the name of constitutional right, is employed.

We need a change of govt desperately. Look at the civil service. They are so poorly paid and under-delivering their services, that it is pathetic. And yet the govt wants to raise their salaries, in the name of vote buying. However, these same civil servants will continue to under-deliver because they feel the govt owes them a living, to repay their education loans, that the govt gave to them just to enroll in any public university.

All this 'Mahathirism' has created a generation of malays who are purely jealous and envious of other successful malays. So its not about a race-based animosity anymore. The more industrious malays employ more chinese in their businesses or as equal partners, just so they have the competitive edge over malays with govt connections. Look at the ministers and their cronies. Who are these 'cronies', if not chinese or indian businessmen behind the scene.

The internet and strong opposition has to expand their role so that more ignorant ahmed's and siti's in kampongs are empowered with real time information to be enlightened and make informed decisions. No govt can fight people powered-empowerment when they are armed with knowledge and information and their rights. Look at Philippines. Or Libya's recent elections. These are people's power, liberated people's power at work, real time.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 13:57  

"So this person has cultivated a habit of NOT thinking it WRONG for one person, to monopolize everything simply because the monopolist represents his race. Instead he accepts it as CUSTOMARILY RIGHT for that one person to secure a monopoly." Dear dato Sak, Thank you for your well written paper and also for your persistence in reminding the masses about the above 'mindset'. Alas, this is the work of BTN which has brainwashed the Malays starting from schooling days to college and lastly to University. You can verify this with Dr.AzlyRahman(now in the US) on how BTM uses various psychology methods to do this for the past umpteen years. If BTN is not stopped in its tracks, this "blame and fear" mindset will never be extinguished. May you be blessed with good health to continue writing without fear or favour! God save Malaysia.

Jong 18 July 2012 at 16:22  

For Najib the good times, the lies, days of plunder and deceit may just be over.

Tens of millions of tax-payers' money wasted away on unnecessary pr and publicity stunts won't work anymore in this day and age of electronics and internet technology. His clowning in the rural interior and Fat Mama's shopping extravaganza in cosmopolitan cities of the world must cease.

Too late for him to look back now, no one's following behind, only the hawks waiting to zoom in
for the kill. I'm sure Najib knows too well and one wrong move or even a slip, he is finished!

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 16:29  

The Mamak kutty deserve to be hanged for plundering, murder of memali peasants and abuse of power.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 16:30  

["...Who would it be if not syed mokhtar?
Was it better when it was not syed mokhtar?
May Allah SWT save us all from fitnah. ..."]

Apa ler?

Orang Islam mana bawa logic ni? Betul ulama Islam pun mengkaji logic orang Greek. Tapi orang Greek yang mana?

Orang Greek mafia ke ni?

Hasan Philobungkus ke?

Hang kena beri nama penulis ni supaya khalayak ramai tau. Lain kali dia bohong dan menghinakan orang Islam dan Islam lagi!

Kita belum ada makluman lagi Syed Mukhtar mungkin kaki samseng Arab penyangak. Bukankah Nabi pernah murka ngan orang Arab?

Orang Arab tidak superior dari orang kulit hitam yang tidak superior dari orang kulit putih atau orang hobbit!

AMIR MAHMOOD RAZAK 18 July 2012 at 17:28  

I wish some people would be smarter when comparing costs. In China, three things make their costs low. ONE, they have the technology there because they cared to cultivate one in the first place. Countries like us have to buy the tech, and its no surprise that 2 out of 3 bidders in the MRT project are Chinese. TWO, their land LARGELY belongs to the government, and they have low if not zero land acquisition costs. THREE, its a huge country with large expanses of non-built up land. It is much easier to build in China when they won't have to deal with selfish property owners and business people. Straight alignments are also cheaper compared to zig-zagged ones. Hmmm, communism has benefits ya Dato?

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 17:42  

It's akin to accepting the corrupt Umno as long as it is their own kind. Their kind would let Umno plunder as its birth right as long as it is not done by others.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 20:45  

Should Selangoreans and companies in the state consider turning off their tax contributions to LHDN, but channel it directly to the elected Selangor state government ?

It is cruel to abracadabra Wang Zakat !!

Quiet Despair,  18 July 2012 at 22:40  

Still harping on Syed Mokhtar, Pak Yeh.
Can you suggest a better person/or persons who are more capable to be given the projects?
How about yourself?
Or better give it to the Chinese since they always think they are better than the Bumis?
This cynic expects an answer from you.
At least we don't have bridges, highways which collapsed or train crashes or derailment like China.
It shows that we have efficient people building and running the projects.

Here's some of my acronyms to rival yours:

Tentu Orang Laju with the TOL.

Pantas Lalu, Untung Selalu for PLUS users who used the highway for fast journey to conduct their business.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 22:59  

Your article reminds me of the cartoon by Zunar... PIRATES OF THE CARRI'BN'.

Anonymous,  18 July 2012 at 23:50  

Newsflash: The Automated Enforcement System (AES) could be catching speeding motorists as soon as August. AES contractor is Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd and some 800 fixed cameras and 500 portable cameras will monitor traffic in 831 "black spots" located along highways, state roads and federal roads nationwide.

Question(1): Was the award to Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd done through open tender?

Question (2): Which other countries use a private company to issue traffic summons?

Question (3): What percentage does Beta Tegap retain from the fines?

Question (4): What is the duration of this contract - 20 years, 30 years, 50 years?

Question (5): When will all the rent seeking schemes including toll collections and 300 taxi licences awarded to one man stop?

Question (6): Who owns Bena Tegap?

Question (7): When is the next General Election?

Anonymous,  19 July 2012 at 03:03  

I've been constantly follow your writings. Well done as you demonstrates the application on some of the major concepts in a political economy to the Malaysia's predicament. Your description on a legal plunder in a Malaysian politics is not that different from a concept of personal rule, neo-patronomialism, or even the the big man politics. As a political scientis examining on African politics, I profundly learned a good case where Malaysia supposed to be better then their African friends. However, if this "blessed nation" do not learned from the African's precarious turbulence, Malaysia might fell behind Africa in the next century, especially in a greater democratisation, a governance, a sustainable growth, a corruption endemic and so forth. It is highly unlikely for Malaysian voters to get an acess to a critical and high quality of writing as yours in a prime newspaper. Without such writing, the majority remained ignorance, unconcious, uncritical and bias to a fictional narrative and a cosmoetic lip service of the Malaysian government. Keep de good works and am proud to be the next generation of Malaysia. generation.

Anonymous,  19 July 2012 at 07:26  

" Or better give it to the Chinese since they always think they are better than the Bumis?"

" At least we don't have bridges, highways which collapsed or train crashes or derailment like China."

This guy DISLIKE/HATE ordinary Malaysian Chinese for whatever reasons, let alone the Communist Chinese who have built rail and train for developed countries and had explore the space.

What's wrong if ordinary Malaysian Chinese think they are better than orang putih???

Anonymous,  19 July 2012 at 08:32  

Dear Dato Sak

Reminds me of
President Harry Truman's classic
phrase concerning pro-US, Third World dictators which goes something like this:

He may be a SOB but he is our SOB

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  19 July 2012 at 10:13  


Obviously u don’t do business in the modern China!

Out of the 3 ‘reasons’ u gave; ONLY the technological 1st one holds water. There r plenty of leaks for the other two.

‘..they have the technology there because they cared to cultivate one in the first place. Countries like us have to buy the tech,..’

China does that, bcoz she has awakened from the slumber, after years of socio-political abuses by the elites. They also invest heavily in cultivating the bright scholastics techno-geeks to propel the scientific advancements in almost all fields.

Now, where is M’sia? We’r still tongkating along with a paternalistic bigot classification on ALL fields of endurances.

‘..their land LARGELY belongs to the government, and they have low if not zero land acquisition costs..’

Ever since the Deng’s liberalization, many land titles, especially those in the cities, have been returned to the rightful owners. U would be a laughing stock in a Chinese land tendering exercise, if u ever attended one!

‘..its a huge country with large expanses of non-built up land. It is much easier to build in China when they won't have to deal with selfish property owners and business people…’

If there is anything that provokes the Chinese peasantry, it would be the land issue. More so for the ‘utilizable’ lands that r indeed VERY scarce in China. Heard of any violent protests in China lately? & what r the main cause?

Hmmmm… should go back to the tempurung & continue yr hibernation. Hopefully, when u ever get out of the cave, there is still tongkat hanging around.

Anonymous,  19 July 2012 at 11:06  

Good work ! It's good for this umno scums to grind and mesh their teeth when truth be told....
Sad that there are people who still cannot distinguish between GOD and umno!

humdrum,  19 July 2012 at 12:04  

("...Quiet Despair, 18 July 2012 22:40
Still harping on Syed Mokhtar, Pak Yeh.
Can you suggest a better person/or persons who are more capable to be given the projects?
How about yourself?
Or better give it to the Chinese since they always think they are better than the Bumis? ...")

Shouldn't you have COMPETED ? Or all you do is sulk?

In the deep pathos of your mind it is a "personal" suggestion. Lording over the puny little half naked creatures?

If you have sat on your fat ass, and wander no further than the fence of your gated community, there would only be YOU!

What happened? Did someone kick you of heaven no 1 or what? There may not be many Malays but is that the end of the thinking process ...not further than the gated community?

Quiet Despair,  19 July 2012 at 12:24  

Hi Amir Mahmood

We have met before. I totally agree with you.

Anon 16.29

Mamak Kutty (quoting you) did not murder the Memali peasants.
It happened under Musa Hitam's watch when he was acting PM. Mahathir was overseas then.
According to people in the know, that was the start of the fissure between him and Musa.

Anonymous,  19 July 2012 at 18:21  

The super fast train fr Beijing to Shanghai also includes 224 bridges, 22 tunnels and 80% of track built on 40' high pylons with State of the Art Technology. Malaysia is indeed in dire straits and in serious need of salvation. The govt no longer care about public perception because it realized that its impossible to cover up the plundering & pillage, thus it plays stone deaf and continues business as usual. This lackadaisical attitude is just a blatant display of its original character, a tiger doesn't lose its stripes, thus the govt is already beyond help. The Public must rise and demand for the Electoral Roll to be cleaned before the GE13. The Electoral roll is the turning point and holds the key to the salvation of Malaysia. The govt is fully aware of this and knows that the only way it can win is by fraud, thus every min of the day, the Electoral Roll stands a chance to be corrupted further. It is of paramount importance that Public demand for the resignation of the EC's Chair & Co-Chair, not to mention the Minister of Home Affairs for lackadaisical approval of citizenship that is tantamount to Treason. The NRD should also be put under the microscope.

Anonymous,  19 July 2012 at 18:53  


bravo, you trumpeted from heaven where syed mokhtar and mahathir are gods ! both philologically inaccurate and philosophically arrogant, self- centered, and highly incapable of doing the right things as being fair and just as the agama requires. What are your perceptions of you making money the right way, fair and equal distribution of business opportunities, jobs, to millions of Malays inclusive of millions of Chinese and Indians ?

What are the consequences you and your " bulu" will be judged by Him for failing to follow the requirements, siding the plunderers, accusing Sak & others who dare to stand up, to challenge and to fight against your half- truths, etc ? Do we have to be retarded to follow suit ?

What about taking way the rice bowls of others by buying out businesses, companies to monopolize to create immense wealth for your syed mokhtar sdn bhd masquerading in religion, race, instigation, same play cards in rhetoric, programmed systematically into the sub-conscience of the Malays, the youths ? To give birth of the deep fear for one's survival and hatred for the nons ? These are the umno baru's new agenda for now and in future in this nation. In the depth of the heart and mind, you admit, don't you ?

Your so called demi gods have conferred, will continue to confer in the smoky rooms and conspire of new ways to teach, to train Melayu yang ada martabat nak buat baik, to incapacitate them to remain under maha & cronies' feet !

Maha loves bangsa melayu ? to teach them what is forbidden in the scriptures ? Quote me the scriptures, we'll trash it out here ! We'll tackle your perceptions and scriptures from the umno theology head on once and for all !

Malays will regain their martabat, lead a God fearing life, doing things right, with eternal value right here on earth,on the pilgrimage to the Destiny. Zaid Ibrahim quoted, " Bumi ini milik Allah. "

Tiada siapa, tiada ketuanan yang punya. People can change and must want desperately to change from doing wrongs to right the wrongs for the better ! Amin. You do not know the prayers of the victims of this nation
will not fall on deafness, wicked plans in the secret chambers of the hearts, word unsaid, words said are discerned by HIM who is all knowing ?

Anonymous,  20 July 2012 at 02:45  

Patrick said...
18 July 2012 12:29

omg wtf kind of story u wanted to tell patrick. get your act together in your head before penning down your crappy mumbo jumbo.

u such a retarded gumshoe.

Anonymous,  20 July 2012 at 14:58  

Anon 02:45 u cunt, what patrick said is 100% correct, u are the one a retarded gumshoe.

Anonymous,  20 July 2012 at 16:56  

Amir Mahmood Razak

There is one thing I would like to add in addition to someone else's respond to yours. The super fast train from Beijing to Shanghai was built with over 240 bridges, 22 tunnels and 80% of the track was built on 40' high pylons. Mind you, the geographical landscape of China is even more complicating than ours. Technology was not Chinese, it was imported but in China, with each project, it takes the trouble to be involved, to learn and to develop. In Malaysia, cronies are most happy to make their millions, leave everything to foreigners and couldnt care less.
Another example is when Cyberjaya was built, govt proudly advertised that it wanted our Malaysian brains to return and contribute. There were eeven special forms distributed for people to fill in their credentials. My uncle decided to come back. He holds a PHD in Electronics and was the Pioneer in Video Phone technology and was re-nown in Australia. Unfortunately, all projects were controlled by UMNO BUmi Cronies who had sub-out every damn thing right down to their underwears to foreigners and basically happy being Ali Baba earning their millions. Thus, how in heaven's could Malaysia develop advance technology when even our own genius who wanted to transfer the technology have his application to be employed rejected???

Anonymous,  21 July 2012 at 20:33  

Umno thinks they are god,, the police think they are the servant of god and soldiers think they are god charades.

Minister in Australia, Singapore and most 1st world travel in private vehicle and no in motocade. Only indoensia and malaysian minister like to abuse the privlege.. This speaks alot about them. Julia Gillard and Lee Hsien loong goes around in their private cars unless they have an official visitors in town. but just look at the arrogant malaysia politician and the sultan's family.. its is disgusting. They make their fellow malays look "kotak lembu".. ( Abrif Sabri is defintely not one) They make use the kampong folks and the illitrate to continuing their profileration.

Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 19:31  

Anon 20:33

You are not a Malaysian by Malaysian standard because you adore Singapore and may be too long overseas that you get disgusted.Bet you are one of those racist lot.If you think the Kampong people look like kotak lembu you are wrong my boy.Hong kong is good for you because they do not have sultan.

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