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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Amber Lights are Flashing for UMNO/BN

UMNO leaders can talk big for all they want but they can’t stop the inevitable. Maybe Najib doesn’t know it but 60% of those ex ADUNs and MPs who attended his invitation the other day, are not exactly born again UMNO/BN supporters.  The only ones who were enthusiastic were the select few who got golden handshakes in the form of lucrative contracts and businesses. These people came in the standard UMNO class vehicles- in their BMWs and Mercs. But as Najib also know, these are the very people who are not going to work hard to secure victory. They will go to see Najib or Muhyidin offering snake oil solutions and BS. It’s not going to work this time.
The rakyat can already see through the hypocrisy and deceit.
He also knows that just a 3% swing in popular votes, UMNO is left with 71 seats; with the same vote swing, MCA ends up with 10 seats and MIC is reduced to 2 parliamentary seats.  More likely, MCA may only end up with 2 parliamentary seats having lost legitimacy among Chinese. The Chinese could probably achieve more though their guilds and associations than MCA. DAP is now the natural party of choice for the Chinese.
My prediction is BN will end up between 97 to 114 seats. We are going to see a new government in Putrajaya. We expect the Chief Secretary to tender his resignation. We will request Sidek Hasan to relinquish his post as Chairman of PETRONAS. We will let Najib know the business of government is not like playing musical chairs.  Najib stops the music and shoves a chair underneath Sidek while pulling away some seats meant for other people. There’s no telling what Sidek will and can reveal If Sidek were allowed to fall. It’s almost a protocol nowadays for former senior servants to kiss and tell all.
We will deal with Azman Mokhtar and see what Khazanah has been up to. We will put their books under the knife and allow accountants to look at how and what the Ivy Leagued university boys have done with our funds. We will ask all loss making GLCs to stand and be counted and if after the count, they can’t stand, we will close them. We will ask Syed Mokhtar to reduce his debt exposure because we cannot allow such huge debt exposure to threaten our financial system and bring economic collapse to our country.We will also haul the bank that breached the limit in lending to one particular borrower.
Probably the UMNO leaders have talked themselves into becoming blockheaded to deny the overwhelming rejection of UMNO/BN by the people. 90% of the Chinese reject UMNO-BN and so UMNO tries to stop the rising tide of discontent by pitting Malays against Chinese. I hope the majority of Malays are sensible enough to be aware that numerically the Chinese will never be able to replace Malays. Malays can always find protection other than UMNO. It’s time for Malays to believe in the law of the land and in themselves as means to his salvation. Malays do not need UMNO to survive.
Do we see Malays dying in the streets in Kelantan since PAS took over the state 20 years ago? Do we see Malays dying all around in Penang now that UMNO-BN has been ousted in that state? Those people getting agitated at being ejected from KOMTAR last year were UMNO traders who did not pay rent for umpteen years. They are easily replaced by other Malays who actually want to trade and pay for business premises. Do we see Malays dying in Selangor? Do we see mosques being closed down?
Only the most insensitive Malaysian Indian will want to support UMNO-BN after the hang Ambiga outburst. Believe me that statement was not done in a fit of absentmindedness. It was a calculated statement designed to create fear in those who oppose UMNO thinking. UMNO can’t disassociate itself from one of its `star performer’ in parliament. The UMNO MP who said it, said what UMNO thinks in private but doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to say it out in the open. Other than one or two airheads in parliament UMNO will use its subsidiaries such as Perkasa, and other hastily created political NGOs.
This GE13 is the chickens coming home to roost elections for UMNO-BN. It will be the perfect comeuppance for UMNO-BN for its 50 years of ruinous policies that are tearing up society, pitting one race against another, lining up its oppressive forces against the oppressed, the emasculation of the judiciary, and the destruction of the real Malay economy. UMNO can no longer justify its relevance to Malaysia and its people, especially the Malays.
UMNO leaders can say whatever misleading claims they want. In a recent gathering of ex wakil rakyats at the PM’s residence, Muhyiddin claimed to feel a resurgence of support for UMNO and BN. That’s laughable given the various possibilities when vote swings take place as we cited above. Najib meanwhile acknowledged that this GE13 is not going to be easy and rightly so.
This time, unlike previous times, Malays are no longer engrossed at the prospects of only changing the UMNO president. This time people want to change the government. That’s a different ball game. The driving forces are different. People are driven by the revulsion to corruption, economic exploitation, wasteful spending, and disregard for the principal of accountability, gross incompetence and bad leadership.
It’s difficult for UMNO to claim that only it is capable of bringing development. It’s not something unique only to UMNO. All governments in the world bring on development. Even communist countries bring on development.  That’s how governments earn legitimacy- managing the economy and the people.
In 4 short years, the Pakatan governments in Penang, Selangor, Kedah have shown they can do better than UMNO governments. Imagine what they are capable of achieving in 10-15 years. Kelantan has paid up all its federal debts while UMNO lead states are mired in insurmountable debts. They are Insurmountable because they keep piling on with zany ideas and pork barrel projects.
No one can do any worse than UMNO/BN.


Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 10:44  

" It’s time for Malays to believe in the law of the land and in themselves ".

Dato, with you as their leader and for the first time, the other races will have a real competition in their hands.

Bring it on to face globalisation and competition together and generate, not " distribute ", wealth in the country with good and fair social and welfare policies.

bruno,  15 July 2012 at 10:51  

Dato,Umno delaying the inevitable GE as far back as possible is a tell tale sign as large as an elephant's footprints.That the ruling regime is on the way to be kicked out.

Professional commodity traders like to say follow the coat-tails of commercials,as they leave footprints as large as elephants.

The elephant footprints are telling us that smart money is betting on an opposition upset.That is the reason many Umno cronies are hedging their bets.

Quiet Despair,  15 July 2012 at 11:37  

Kudos Pak Sak aka Pak Yeh

(I am addressing you Pak Sak from now on as per bruno's advice. He thinks I will be saying nice things to you when DAP is the ruling party).
I looove your supreme confidence. Hallucinatory and delusionary like you are on a high on kool-aid.
Dream on. Dream big. It's okay.
Well, I don't blame you. I would be too if I am touted as the PM-elect when DAP is the major victor by contesting 90 seats.
Don't you see Anu-War seething in anger? That you a newbie in Pakatan is foisted as PM. Hahaha.
UMNO is not at all scared. It is your partners in Pakatan who are jittery.
Yes UMNO/BN will come home to roost again come the 13th GE. No doubt about that.
Yes the DAP is the natural party of choice for the Chinese. And in the same breath you said Malays will be protected by the DAP.
Indeed no Malays died in Kelantan, selangor and Penang. But they are nearing death.
Look at the poor quality of life there. Substandard service for a high quality life.
Never have so much rumblings come from the people if you read the papers and watch TV. Never have a day passed without Mats, Ah Chongs and Mutus demanding a simple livelihood which is being denied them.
Selangorians really regret voting for Keadilan which see mismanagement in the water, sand, Talam and Unisel issue.
They can see they got nothing as compared to BR1M and all aids to the people under the government's transformation program.
Pak Sak, I see you have revenge in mind with the intended sacking of Hamsa and getting rid of Sidek, Syed Mokhtar and Azman Mokhtar.
Allah will not give his blessings to such vengeful acts.
Blessed are those with bountiful benevolence like the BN.
And it does not mean that the ex-UMNO MPs and Aduns will do the party in just because you have betrayed the party.

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 11:38  

BN can only win by fraud in this election, period. The leadership is governed by fools who have been so mired in their plundering that have made them lost sense of basic management skills. They have done everything immoral under the sun, including gambling on the lives of the Rakyat when they allowed Bukit Koman to be contaminated with Cyanide. By doing so, they have proven there is no reason to trust them on LYNAS and Pengerang project.

Pok Li,  15 July 2012 at 12:16  

Wow Sak, no one can say it better. I do hope your prediction of a new government taking over post GE13 really comes true.

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 12:19  

if your prediction is true, its not the senior civil servants who will quiver under their blanket. it will be the keralaman and he will do anything to protect the family wealth. just wondering how can one family accumulate billions in one generation from ground zero? must be a super businessman from MARs.

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 12:42  

Can you explain this for you said UMNO/BN might get 97 - 114 seats.
If it is 114 they will form the government?
So how could they fall?

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 13:06  

In the 4 years of pakatan rule in Kedah, Penang, Selangor, have also shown how much of BN's hanky-panky had been done and exposed.

walla 15 July 2012 at 15:18  

Now that the Month is starting, we should individually reflect not just on ourselves but also on the state of our nation. Indeed this Month of reflection will be pivotal in the entire history of our country.

This time our reflection must be more sober and serious for what we are going to vote in GE13 is not just for the next five years of government but also for the future of our young and our nation.

I say what and not who to stress that the time is over to vote preferentially just because the candidate or his party has deeper pockets. The time for money politics, read corruption, is over. Someone who plays money politics and practices corruption is least concerned about the future of your young and this nation. He only wants your vote, and then he will do what he wants after, especially getting back in millions more what he has given out which is your taxpayers' money in the first place.

Ponder for a moment. Each of us is like a compass. This device always wants to point true north. It seeks to do the right thing because it was Made to a certain standard. The only way it can be made to point elsewhere is when it is influenced by little magnets brought near it which causes it to experience tension and lose its natural equilibrium. When that happens, it loses its focus and sense of right and wrong. And becomes a pawn to be fawned with small gifts by the two-faced who strut this land. Those gifts and inducements may come but they will certainly go in short time. Like how it was before in so many elections past. Why sell one's soul, the only thing carried into the afterlife?

walla 15 July 2012 at 15:18  


You know when 250,000 walked and 5,000 marched, the numbers say something deep has gone wrong in this nation. We have never had these shows of strength, concern and commitment before. They speak volumes of what stir the rakyat of Malaysia. They resonate the pain, anguish and worries of the rakyat whose inner compasses have been disrupted. The causes of the disruptions are the little magnets of Umno.

One such chunk of iron going by the name Muhyiddin said he was Malay first and Malaysian second. If that is so, let us here and now ask all Umno members - leaders and general members - whether they are Muslims first and Malays second.

Mahathir will not say he is Muslim first. Too many skeletons have fallen out of his closet; unfortunately none are from his anatomy class. He also cannot say he is Malay first. For reasons that even the Chemistry and Forensic departments of the federal government cannot fail to disclose.

Likewise, Hishamuddin cannot say he is Malay or Muslim. A true Malay would not have the callous gall to say the ISA detainees chose to go on hunger strikes like how he chooses to have lamb chops. In the first place, no detainee chose to be detained outside the course of the country's laws in a manner lately explained by none other than the Umno president as detention for political reasons over and above national security.

So, how does choosing to enjoy a medium-rare lamb chop reduce the unjust incarceration of detainees on hunger strikes as their last recourse for justice? Which part of our Malay culture or Muslim faith admits such a choice?

Similarly, are Najib and the PM Malays or Muslims first? When there are so many poor and needy in this ostensibly high-income economy, spending non-gazetted taxpayers money haughtily and frivolously cannot be Muslim. And it also cannot be Malay let alone national to represent through Thale International and against the national coffers the commercial interests of France, first for scandal-steep scorpene submarines, and then brazenly a second time in the MRT project whose estimated price has now ballooned from RM50 Billion to RM100 Billion, and rising.

Where is Najib going to hide on this planet if he does not answer for his roles in these submarine and rail projects? He needs to answer this because NGOs all over the world are already after him for not lifting a finger on Taib. For that matter, Musa and Anifah with regards timber concessions, Muhyiddin with regards NPC and Shahrizat, Noh Omar with regards 30-acres of prawn farms, and so on so forth. This comment box is just too small for the full list. All you need to do is take any Umno and cabinet member you 'choose', be they past or present, and fill in the best you can. Don't be shy. You know each case will be worse than you can possibly imagine. Have you not been horrified at the extent of the greed and culpability so far?

walla 15 July 2012 at 15:19  


It remains to ask ourselves if Najib can evade meeting father-to-aggrieved father on even the protective venue of Parliament's grounds, what morally high expectations can one cherish from Umno's illustrious sons?

Mahathir knows this. At the same time, the rakyat of Malaysia have seen through him from top to bottom. He is now facing his own Mahathir dilemma, one of his own making. He knows Umno has no winnable candidates. That's why he asked that outside candidates be parachuted in for GE13. The following month, word came that he wanted one of his sons to be Kedah's next MB. So his vision of outsider candidates was for his own son to be the first parachuted candidate for GE13. If the fella has been cloudy as a deputy Miti minister, what hope does Kedah have he would suddenly shine as the state's MB? There are plenty of good PAS candidates there. They won't close the clinic but they will certainly take exception to the appearance of any San Miguel brewery.

The mahathirism he denies is the conflict of interest he continues to espouse. That conflict of interest runs through all of Umno's past reigns. First it was reign of racism. Then reign of sacking the national coffers. Now it is just reign of terror using such devices as razor-sharp barb wires. At GE13, it will be reign of cheating, supported by an MSM that now openly admits it spins to lie, and then fires and cold-stores journalists who want to tell the truth to serve the rakyat and voters. So, can one say our own MSM are an enemy of our state? They are only not so if you think state is synonymous with Umno but that’s so warped, no?

Can the rakyat of Malaysia continue to take all this low-life crap anymore? Can the rakyat of Malaysia continue to accept this mugabian and mubarakian regime of Malaysia? Can the rakyat of Malaysia stand idly by and watch even their only channel to vote for change closed off to be flooded by the final Umno rally to cream off the remnant funds of an already debt-choked government? Your answers will be telling on the quality of your own reflections this month.

Remember this - Umno came up with the ultimate spin: clean efficient and trustworthy government. And then it proceeded to be unclean, inefficient and untrustworthy. No other party could beat it in these achievements. They were such fundamentally great achievements that Najib now coins twin-3K to embody Umno's past records. That's rich. It can't even keep the immigration record of a murdered young woman and yet it presumes to keep its records of fifty years of squander and plunder.

Let's take the simplest case of an Umno record of achievement. Say, healthcare. You need some medicine. It is made overseas and leaves the factory at RM10. Then a local company takes it in and it can sell to government hospitals direct at RM15 all-in. The Umno rent-seeking rule however requires the company to sell to an Umno company at the same RM15; in turn the Umno company sells to another company called Pharmniaga at RM30 which then sells to the govt hospitals at RM45. If the medicine is critical for life, that's two deaths for every one saved.

One understands Pharmaniaga is led by Ahmad Pardas of UEM, Azman Yahya formerly of Danaharta, and Raja Nong Chik. All they need to do to complete this rip-off is to present back-to-back invoices and delivery orders to the first company. And you line up to pay off your taxes in the hope your hard-earned money will be used to buy medicine that the nurse in the government clinic will however say it doesn't carry such stock anymore because there is no more money. Yipee-ka-eh that the accompanying hologram for every pack of medicine you buy anywhere has also been overpriced for rent to another Umno company? It's a freaking syndicate.

walla 15 July 2012 at 15:20  


Now how does this illustrate mahathirism, you ask? It's like the automotive APs. At one cabinet meeting, the cost of APs and their national function was brought up. Mahathir kept a chilling silence by just looking under the table. If that's not mahathirism in action, you can always put it down as a “collective cabinet decision”.

Now some people will say we are doing well so why worry. That's why we see Arab tourists in droves, they add helpfully. But what is the main thing all emerging economies want, let's ask ourselves candidly. It is not happy today, durian runtuh tomorrow, and a good romp in one of the city's hotels next weekend. Neither is it a birkin bag, a buy-pass scholarship, or the latest twin-3K turbocharged beemer. Like clean-faced but still two-face Nong with his side incomes, these icings will melt very fast because they come paid for with money belonging to others intended for the benefit of the general good, not personal, self-given, i-umno, privileges hijacked from a federal constitution defaced from the original remits by which this nation was formed.

The main thing we need in order to move our country out of the quagmire is sustainable self-growth on a stable platform of principled government minus the type of imbecilic and chauvinistic politics that only two-faced Umno has shoved into the windpipes of the rakyat using for lubricant mahathirism which has eminently succeeded in defenestrating all principles of good governance, and with that the last kopek of our moral conscience.

This is the same mahathirism that continues to play the race card. It's the only card the man carries on his sleeves. He knows our Malays form the majority and will never lose position. That's why he uses his race card like a switchblade to strike fear when fear can be weaponized on an unthinking herd who can only remain grateful by burying their moral conscience and turning into munafiqs.

That's why he now comes out to label our Malays as stupid for giving retrospective recognition to institutions like TAR College.

Let me test my own memory on behalf of our chinese fellow citizens since they are so quietly grating their teeth only. Bear with me. I am a national authority on many things. One, has he forgotten that TAR College was an Alliance National manifesto project promised for its 1969 election? Next, isn't he aware that Hussein Onn had to intervene against his own Umno's little napoleons who had demanded commercial rates for the land on which the college was later built using public funds from donors from their guilds right down to taxi drivers and housewives while Umno's Mara received taxpayers funds and preferential recognition a thousand times more? Next, is he proud or otherwise that the college was the nation's first pioneer in Asia of tertiary twinning programmes with thousands of professionals helping to build our nation?

And has he conveniently overlooked the fact that the present Umno civil service is so severely short of non-Malays that Najib's National Harmony Act will need to wear a bikini to pirouette across his new stage of semi-decomposed 1Malaysia inclusiveness in order to attract cursory interest?

walla 15 July 2012 at 15:21  


So how will the new KSN of Najib's Umno government respond to his mould-maker's allusion in all but word that the civil service must be reserved only for our Malays for the sake of Malay harmony over and above national harmony? That is, if our non-Malays want to join the civil service in the first place where constitutional provisions can be stretched, promotions deflected and work attitude needs more altitude.

But i repeat myself - the KSN himself has already opened his first mouth that shows as the chief of the civil service, he is hardly civil let alone independent and non-partisan. You can efficiently put him in the same bag with the NSC Perak's Abdul Rahim Karim and the MPM's Hilmi Ismail for their seditious chauvinism which Najib and his government ‘chooses’ to overlook. Remembering Perkasa and Utusan, again.

If after reading the blogger's many outstanding posts we still think Umno/BN is the ticket, you're welcome to the future. Mercifully, i hope not to be alive or kicking for long.

Just ponder one more time - let's ask ourselves what will happen after if BN wins a simple majority in GE13. Those so-called "winnable candidates" will know the cat's already out of the bag on Umno's misdeeds for the past fifty years and it will be impossible to erase truths, facts and even figures. They will then take care of their own future while going through non-committal motion. It'll be easy because their MSM lies for a living and the federal institutions on integrity and justice remain under the control of a band of thieves.

If Najib today is silent on widespread high-level corruption including some fingers pointing at him, does anyone honestly think after a hard-fought GE13 he will do anything? He already has had all the time in the world after 2008 to clean up Umno’s act. Instead it's been just a rollercoaster ride of acronyms, replacing one bad thing with another bad thing renamed; some will say rebadged owing to the cost of external fees spent.

The present Umno leadership is made of two-faced people speaking with forked tongues. They are not qualified to lead this nation; she has suffered enough-is-enough. ABU. And you already know it.

Since Umno wears the red, let amber turn red for Umno and its BN hangers-on, and green all the way for Pakatan.

ps: i miss you all ;)

Rahmat,  15 July 2012 at 15:26  

When Pakatan takes over, the first one to fry will be the apa nama mamak mahathir muhamed.

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 16:14  

correct-- your forecast n prediction with facts makes sense.. BN UMNO now in shit lah.. what to do?? tak tahu-- call 1 DR M for help -- he is a genius lah/// semua ok under M1, ha ha h hi hi

OneMalaysian,  15 July 2012 at 16:37  

Dear Sakmongkol

I agree with almost everything say you. Why did I say almost? The exception is what is said about Sidek Hassan. We have all heard of the expression “straight as an arrow”. Sidek Hassan is just such a man. Those who know him will testify to this. And he is competent, too. Although PEMUDA might not have been his idea (I really don’t know whose brain child it was), but he made it work. There has definitely been improvement is government service delivery due to PEMUDA’s efforts.

Does he deserve the Petronas chairmanship? It is hard to say who should deserve it more. There is no open contest for such jobs. It is customary to appoint retiring senior government officers to such posts in the private sector, whether government or businessmen own such corporations. In most cases, especially in the private sector, these chairmen are really not much more than a board decoration. In the case of Petronas, its size, importance and risk profile require a chairman of some stature and accomplishment. He has to have more than the ability to nod his head knowingly to every proposal that management puts to the board. He must act as an effective counter weight to an over-ambitious, ineffective or too powerful CEO. Sidek Hassan can do this job.

The one chap that we must put a check on is this Syed Mokhtar. His greed seems to know no bounds. He is allowed so much leeway because he is allegedly funding UMNO or some UMNO related NGOs. You are right to fear what his over-leveraged business empire might have on the local banks should it collapse like a pack of cards. Haven’t we seen enough of too-big-to-fail creatures?

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 18:40  

"We have all heard of the expression “straight as an arrow”. Sidek Hassan is just such a man. Those who know him will testify to this. And he is competent, too." This fella who wrote must be joking.

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 19:48  

Sak & all, Salam

m so happy to read " the enlightenment " it is akin to getting invited to makan rendang and ketupat ! and the smiles from the fresh stunning beauty yay..... if i were still attending lectures, i would always arrive 15 minutes early.. and always worked my brains out to get At for every original coursework in the said incredibly phenomenal, critical political writing class. To earn respect from the real smart beauty, seriously... haha.

Thank you so much ! Yay !

Roti Sunshine 15 July 2012 at 20:04  

There's one record for BN to break. Cast our minds back some 20 years ago to the Brian Mulroney Government of Canada.

His Conservative government went from 151 seats to 2! What a way to go! That must some thrashing.

So BN how low can you go? Place your bets, people!

bromo,  15 July 2012 at 20:28  

Bro QD, did you go to the event in bukit jalil? The one where everybody left while your uncle jibby giving speech? Or did you left too?

Did you read the claim by your Utusan editor? That it's okay to spin the news?

You blind?

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 21:28  

Utusan editor basically meant its OK to spin and lie about the opposition So it's true what the opposition politicians have been claiming that utusan and umno bloggers have been lying all this while
QD take note that what you have been reading all this time is not true

bruno,  15 July 2012 at 21:32  

Quiet Despair,

hi buddy,it is good you took my well intended advice,and have addressed Sak as 'Uncle Sak'.You will not regret taking my well intended advice,and your tag team partner Kampong man will be following suit,extending a dinner invitation or volunteering as a campaign worker.

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 22:15  

QD said "Selangorians really regret voting for Keadilan which see mismanagement in the water, sand, Talam and Unisel issue."

Really? Which rock were you living under all this while?

bruno,  15 July 2012 at 22:21  

Dato,all this time,especially the last three decades,Umno/BN has been robbing the national coffers and the rakyat has tolerated their sticky fingers.They privatised state entities and placed cronies to be in charge of these NGO's,emptying these companies accounts by doing the bogeyman's trade.

Bogeyman's trade as such.One second you see the money,the next second they are gone.Dissapeared into thin air.

Corruption and cronism started under Mahathir.And Vincent Tan was the first Chinese crony and front of Mahathir.In the eightie's VT came down from Johore,if I am not mistaken.He was renting a terrace house off OKR.Driving an old banged up merc benz.Then he became a front for Mahathir,and since then there is no looking back.It has been all the way off to the races and the winning circle.

Corruption later got totally out of control.Rampant corruption started after Daim joined the cabinet.He and Mahathir thought that they could make big bucks using BNM as their trading tool.They cooked out a plan to cornered the FX market.At first their plan was working.FX players as far as the US used to wait for BNM to enter their humongous trades and ride on their coat-tails for short term profits.

Finally,the FX players realised that they could make even a bigger killing by going against the BNM trades.By waiting for BNM to enter their trades for the market to spiked higher,stalled and then take bigger bets against them.

The finally tally was a lost of RM20-30 billion.Then BNM's coffers of FX reserves were diminished.To replenished BNM's coffers,the duo hatched a plan to raid MAS.That set off the cronies syndrome.That was the reason that MAS a national pride was relegated from a blue chip to a penny stock.Greed from our leaders.

All the NGO's was not spared,including Sime Darby and Petronas.Petrona's tilts will soon be milked dry and be pokkai,and be in need of a bailout.And the last of the tilts to be milked will be FGVH.And the settlers have finally realised that they have been had.

With all the Makchiks and Pakchiks marching all the way from the Felda schemes,with broomsticks resting on their shoulders to KL and later to Putrajaya,I would be really shocked if the Umnoputras are still standing after GE13th.

This will finally be the last time the rakyat will tolerate the rampant corruption of Umnoputras and their lappies,Mca,Mic and their cronies.The robbing and selling of the land of the Felda settlers will be the straw that will totally break the camel's back.

Ibnu Hasan,  15 July 2012 at 23:01  

what a pity! you have wasted a significant part of your life in UMNO for quite sometime. if only you had believed and talked the way you do now, then, things would have been different. may be you did. but its rare to hear something of substance coming out from UMNO men, now and then, all of them. now that you are out. warning people of the danger of continuing being UMNO members or supporters is not enough. you have urged people to reject and abandon UMNO but for WHAT? where is the beef?

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 23:17  

...."We will also haul the bank that breached the limit in lending to one particular borrower....".

Please add: We will also haul the ex-Director-General of EPU (Finance Ministry)for getting Mahathir to stop further investigations into his financial affairs, by shouting at the ACA D-G,"How dare you raid my senior officer's office?".

"my senior officer.." This is a telling self-indictment of a man, a P.M. at that, who was unable to differentiate between public office and private property. So the D-G of EPU was Mahathir's servant, not the country's.

Mahathirism therefor meant many things to him in the past, and may mean even more to him today. But, the public will have none of it anymore. As he sees himself fading away in the twilight of authoritarianism he started he stirs to keep Mahathirism alive if only to keep everyone on edge. One moment "the non-Malays need to grateful to the Malays," next, "the Malays are stupid"
All Malaysians need to do is to look at the palatial residences of his three sons and then judge whether Pakatan should be in Putrajaya or BN. Stupid people will have to make an intelligent decision this time to teach clever people a lesson.

Anonymous,  16 July 2012 at 03:48  

Bruno, Bruno, you are doing a great service to our nation, and to support Dato Sak and us, in the camaraderie !

Good thing, QD learns to take your well intended advice, for that, i will try so hard not to sakat him today ! Oi QD, buka puasa makan wahyu rendang kah ? you are materialistic, even puasa ? Bizarre !

Tell you what, PK is a rakyat centered government, the Ramadan traders could obtain their licences without the usual umno political ploy, or the Bandaraya workers and lorries carting away their cooking utensils or challenging them from ekeing out a living mercilessly. Just fair and transparent balloting and a token sum of charges for a month. It is that rakyat friendly ! What have you got to spin for your eternal dinosaur aged frog putras, ribbiting in Putar Jaya ? Let's hear it out.

As for Kampong Man, he always speaks diplomatically, very intelligently, that's him, ai say, however, he is in the wrong team, Both with QD and whoever... so mad that i can't say the name.

That aside, this is the first time, i'm saying it aloud, Azmin needs to restrain himself, to always work in excellent collaboration with TS Khalid, the exco and ABU team. That will reflect him positively, garner respect, more support and sharing of expertise from the team.

Krishna 16 July 2012 at 05:31  

Dato, I am cheered reading this article. It is well written in an amusing way. I pray and wish what you say will come true.

Now you have to write something about the manufactured water crisis in Selangor. BN and Sybas are gan ging up to frighten the Selangor voters. I do not see Selangor government's counter to this bogus crisis!

Anonymous,  16 July 2012 at 11:13  

Let me explain further what I wrote in great hurry last night on "my senior officer's...".

A Head of Department must always make clear with the officers working with him that, if he ever uses the expression,"my office" it means the little space allocated to him is to enable him to perform his duties to the best of his ability without fear or favour as a civil servant in the service of His Majesty the Yang DiPertuan Agong:no more, no less. No HODs , not even the P.M. can claim ownership of that private space or the even more private thoughts of the person working in that space.

I know of HODs who take pains to explain that,for brevity's sake, 'my office' is used to mean the office where he does most of his work, and not the room he owns in the building. Of course it would be tedious and pompous to keep referring to this space as the 'HOD's office'. No harm is done if positive reference is made of the people working under a certain HOD by,"My officers...", but even so, a better alternative would be,"The officers working with me..".

Not for Mahathir the language of accomodation, and in an ironic throw-back to his partial Malay inheritance - his declared disavowal of the richness of Malay cultural civilisational values - he succumbs so easily to the very frailty that he thinks defines all things Malay - feudalism - which is of course a nonsense perpetrated by him. But try as he liked he could not discard the clutches of self-induced feudalism, courtesy of new found wealth and good living; he now finds it so easy to talk down, scold and denigrate anyone whose words or actions give more than a hint of dissension. As he gnaws into others, bit by slow vindictive bit, I hope Pak Sak and those of us who believe a better Malaysia is possible with Pakatan in Putrajaya will continue to gnaw at him to reveal all the terrible injustice he inflicted on so many people.

Incidentally, however, Mahathirism must also mean 'republicanisation' of Government operations. Urusan Kerajaan/On Government Service long replaced Urusan D.Y.M.M Yang DiPertuan Agong/On His Majesty's Service. This is Mahathir's most enduring display of what power means to a person - the capacity to re-shape a country physically and emotionally to his image: huge infra-structure projects to demonstrate convincingly he is Malaysia's Renaissance man, while simultaneously whittling away the power and influence of the royals with hardly a whiff of scandal and odium, and getting away with it so triumphantly.

This is the Mahathir who removed immunity from prosecution for all the Malay rajas and the same Mahathir who after 22 years as P.M. still believes the Malays are stupid. Because he thinks he is clever he is therefor not a Malay. Twisting logic further, can we then say that, being half Malay half Indian, he is half stupid half the time and half-clever the other half of the time. Or he is, as I would prefer to describe all human beings, neither clever nor stupid. Like everyone else, we get into trouble once in a while making not very clever statements or decisions.

Mahathir should stop calling Malays stupid as it is the Malays who have made his life so easy and comfortable. Generous to a fault but certainly not stupid, Mahathir remember this.

Kampong man,  16 July 2012 at 19:44  

Anon 3.48,

Happened to read Sak article while waiting for flight out from Kuching today.Was there to accompany wife who was invigilating those Architects who aspire to practise and have This 'Ar ' title to their names - a Part 3 exam.

I really have to be polite here and behave myself as you have rightly said i am in the wrong camp and possibly in the wrong blog.Brother Sak should be in Kuantan weekend for that family kenduri but he had gout.Too much of seafood may be.Something you guys dont know that i know you see.Yes, Sak brother and sister married Sarawakian from Kuching.That certainly is cool - Integration !

There are many things good about Sarawak that i dont mind living there.It is so peaceful and people so united unlike here in Semenanjong a bit stressful especially so now prior election.Must be the age is taking a toll hehehe...

I will not want to provoke you gentlemen but honestly they just want to be with BN.No wonder only the Kuching Parliament seat was secured by PR the last election the rest BN.DSAI was there weekend .Must be anoher PKR ceramah .Let it be.Thank you sir.

Kampong man,  17 July 2012 at 11:32  

Anon 3.48,

Wrote this in a mamak makan shop near Hospital Putrajaya.Just to add further to your comment about that TS Khalid and Azmin relationship .If ever PR were to win Selangor it will be the TS Khalid factor a corporate man of good integrity.Had that position was with Azmin before it will be an outright win or rather a smooth saiing for BN.Agree ? Just like DSAI,azmin has become a liability to PKR/PR.It will be this PKR weak showing that will spoil the PR winning Selangor in my opinion.

kampong man would prefer to look at figures and facts for analysis of both PR and BN performance and let my buddy QD puji and puji and rentap !.The next time i meet QD i would introduce myself as Robert Redford. just in case readers may have forgotten i am a fan of Tun Dr Mahathir and i have no problem if you dont like him.See you in next posting and to all Sakmongkol muslim readers allow me to wish you "SELAMAT BERPUASA " and may each day will be always better for all of us Malaysians.Thank you.

@ FGVH is trading at RM5.35 .How about that ?

Unknown 17 July 2012 at 22:41  

let's see who will be hallucinating and having delusions after GE 13. History has shown that Allah has never tolerated corrupt, unjust, oppressive, suppressive and evil govts to last. If UMNO/BN is so confident why the delay in setting the election date - they are actually scared shit that they will not be in Putrajaya after GE13 - that's the truth...specimens like you are now a scarcity...

Anonymous,  20 July 2012 at 18:13  

Walla : Mercifully, i hope not to be alive or kicking for long.

Dear Walla, You will live for long, to enjoy the fruits, the respect,etc from your utmost sincere labor of love for the nation like Mandela. Amin.

Ai say, tomorrow, July 21 dah mula puasa, you made tears welled up. Selamat berpuasa, Sak, semua, termasuklah Kg Man. & qd.

Little rusa bandar.

Anonymous,  20 July 2012 at 19:12  

Kg Man, Kg Man haha never expected this amazing reply. Almost missed it by speed reading; this is really unexpected. I really appreciate it, thank you so much.

Robert Redford, bet QD would love to discard his bright yellow cloak and lay it on the puddle for you to walk over with your lovely wife! i'll play the music, ha ha when you say nothing at all by ronan keating ( when you stop asking her for espresso lah, roti lah, I pad lah, kunci kereta lah ) The architects are lucky to be trained and mentored by the experts and wonderful both of you !

Glad to know you like Sarawak. Yup really harmonious people, the women folks love to cook together, to provide warm hospitality... the men work alongside, they pray fervently ( hopefully ) but if one or two youths try to show off, i'll stare hard at them quietly ... ahem. Gotta to mind my manners, too.

And next QD will obediently blow his horn three times, and command all to stand erect for Sak, Aspan, Walla, Bruno, and all of loyal bloggers, supporters here to take their seats in the inauguration of the PK DAP ABU / a strong two - state govt.... i fear alongside many close friends for this nation.

me ? perhaps at the klia, will try real strong to remain composed as my beloved nation and incredible wonderful friends, foster relatives of many nationalities ( by mixed marriages ) fade a little in the distance ... dunno what the next chapter of my future will be.... but one thing for sure, will bring in fresh ideas, share intelligence, the little that i think i have and opportunities for all here, if you prove to be fair and just to all. Absurdly, i've never written in Baru Bian's blog... due to having to sign in.

sometimes have to be so funny, to keep the sanity of solitude to write, to speak up for all.., being color blind.

Enjoy a very blessed Bulan Ramadan, Kampung Man & lovely wife; & to all here, too !

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