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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 15 July 2012

The Amber lights are flashing even more furiously for PM Najib

Najib called a meeting with ex assemblymen and ex MPs. it was a selected group consisting of ex legislators some of whom might be selected to stand. It was Najib’s way of saying sorry and seeking atonement.
That was what Najib said as he admitted that some of the previously dropped legislators may have been victims of UMNO internal politics and that he understood their hurt and agony. Coming from Najib, I can say it’s an overstatement. The man has little capacity to understand others. Others are of value as long as the other person serves Najib’s interest.
UMNO is a huge house filled with palace intrigues. Each player is interested to secure the most benefits in the shortest of time. There’s no such thing as long term thinking or any of that blueprint for the future.  Those exotic things are for the top leadership to think of. To say there is a huge disconnect between the leaders and the followers is an understatement. But then, that is the price you pay for allowing the scum to rise to the top and dominate the party divisions.
Was that Najib’s way of seeking atonement? Perhaps it is but no one believed in his sincerity.
In the last elections, he dropped 17 medical doctors from the list and an even bigger number of Islamic graduates. The Islamic graduates became revolutionary time bombs. UMNO retained the riff-raffs and other unmentionables to stand as candidates. From that rogue’s gallery, Najib selects the men and women who can scale the country to new dizzying heights through his ETP, GTP, PDP, NKRA, etc etc.
Now Najib wants to offer us a hopeless team comprising of half past six and scoundrels to lead the nation?
A friend brought a prominent legislator from a state to meet Tun Daim. The legislator asked- Tun you must help out UMNO and the PM. Tun Daim answered- it’s not that I don’t want to help. But when Najib selects potential candidates he doesn’t discuss it with others whom he want assistance and help from. How can I help if I don’t know the constitution of the candidate? UMNO is taking all the wrong steps.
As the legislator and my friend left, my friend asked the legislator whether he understood what Tun Daim was saying. No, answered the legislator. What Tun Daim did, said my friend was saying it diplomatically that he doesn’t want to help out.
Now, Najib is asking help from these people who until the day they were invited to the PM’s official residence, were all but forgotten. They were ignored for 4 years and Najib is now coming to seek help from them. He is in for a nasty surprise. UMNO’s deceitful ways are already exposed. When help was needed, Najib and gang will be calling you 24 hours nonstop. When you have run out your usefulness, you are dropped like a ton of bricks.
Everyone who came that night considered themselves winnable candidates. How many can Najib accommodate without upsetting the present set up? It’s going to be war again. The present semblance of a united front will disintegrate as soon as he comes out with the candidate list.
Najib’s meeting with the ex-legislators whose outcome is indeterminate was followed with an even more ignominious result when he attended the national meet of the cooperatives movement.
After having their meal and when Najib was about to speak, people started to leave the premises. While taking leave, they blew air horns and the organizers were forced to announce over the PA system asking the people to stay back. But since Ismail Sabri was in attendance, Najib’s sly PR people can always attribute that humiliating treatment to the presence of Ismail Sabri.
It was bad for PM Najib but worse for Ismail Sabri. Since Ismail Sabri can’t even be assigned to handle attendees to that meet, he is almost certain to be dropped as a candidate in GE13.  In any case his Bera seat is not formidable.  So, one of the ex-legislators who attended the meeting at the PM’s house has a strong chance to replace Ismail Sabri.
In an earlier article, I said that Najib has brought in about 18,000 new voters in Pekan. I have been informed there’s a sudden surge of about 23,000 new voters in Pekan. What’s worrying Najib is, he doesn’t know the preference of these 23,000 voters.
If they are young voters, they will likely reject Najib. If most of them are aliens, they have caused great resentment among the locals. Najib has given them many benefits including land. Each acre of land given to an alien means an acre less for local born.
Najib is at sixes and sevens.


bruno,  15 July 2012 at 23:20  

Dato,looking at the leaderless Umno,that even the retired Dr has to kept interfering with writing his prescriptions to keep Umno on a life support,it will be no big surprise that Umno will self imploded sooner than later.

bruno,  15 July 2012 at 23:39  

Najib's football team is down 0-14 at the 89th minute.Still waiting for a miracle 2ft thunderstorm,right at the middle of drought season to have the game called off?

Anonymous,  15 July 2012 at 23:57  

You said Najib dropped candidates for the last election which was held in 2008 Badawi was PM then Wouldn't he have been instrumental in choosing the candidates?

Anonymous,  16 July 2012 at 00:15  

Najib is at sixes and sevens

When the GE strikes 13,
that means time's up for najib & co.
Najib may want to delay all he can,
but the clock waits for no man, certainly not for najib.
People have had enough,
and when the GE clock has gone past its last digit, 12,
it's gonna be "Strike, and you're out - you & all in your despicable group!" (no, the clock's needle won't restart to 1 again, unlike your people's so-called dumb-ass "rahman" hypothesis)
People want change
And the time for change is now, in GE13!

-average joe-

Anonymous,  16 July 2012 at 03:14  

PM can field any candidates and its not going to make any difference. This country can no longer afford such an expensive govt. Our check & balance is in dire straits and if we do not re-establish them, we will be heading for doom. This is not a propaganda and the problem is real. Read FMT's article on Sabah, the whole nation is facing the same problem in various degrees. Surely god did not empower the govt to enslave the people, multiple their sufferings to satisfy it's greed.

Anonymous,  16 July 2012 at 07:57  

Dato' Ariff,

The world have moved on but UMNO/BN have not.

Nothing in UMNO controlled Media (print or electronic) showed that they have come up with the magic that could bring voters back to them.

Dato' Najib is also acting like a headless chicken most of the time, a village fool sometimes.

One minute, he's so sure of winning, the next he says sorry for all the past mistakes BN has made w/o saying what those are expecting sympathy from electorates.

With the taxi drivers he says the system employed now with privileged co. granted taxi licenses is a form of slavery. Yet he does not say when will it be abolished. (hint..who are those lords and slave owners...UMNO/BN cronies of course, you'd think the taxi drivers dont know that!?)

His words does not show confidence, his actions speaks of desperation. His field commanders and foot soldiers are still muted and not rallying to his call (well they'll come but first, show us the money...)

While that happens, Criminal acts like brazen kidnapping as if Malaysia should be somewhere in South America is being reported in Harian Metro with no urgent response from the PM's cousin in charge of Internal Security.

Let's not forget also, the plight of the young employee professional or otherwise who was promised facilities to help them buy their first homes...what ever happen to that!

In summary, PM hasn't got a clue how to turn the tide and while he announces more things hoping one will meet the voters criteria, the country goes to the dogs with Ministers sleeping on the job and not getting the right leadership from the Commander in Chief.


Anonymous,  16 July 2012 at 13:48  

The most fiscally irresponsible
PM our country has ever had. His name will go down in infamy in Malaysian history.

Phua Kai Lit

bumi-non-malay 16 July 2012 at 17:31  

Can you write something with the Rebuttal to EC that says malaysian overseas can register and vote. Please Expose the Lies ..... Please list the names and Department to be sacked once Pakatan takes over.....Lots of UMNO-BN leeches there.....Identify those who will help Pakatan Sabotage UMNO-BN election Sham within!!...reward them later!!

SamYap,  16 July 2012 at 19:08  

Dear Dato Sak,

I must say that I always look forward to reading your essays because most times it gives me a sense of hope that our country will heal. And with good leadership, we can begin to do some real nation building in earnest, not the sort of rubbish - such as Malaysian Records Book or the Twin Towers etc. All those are merely symbols of progress, which in reality there was no true progress at all. Our local industry is almost kaput, even the local craft scene which is something so essential to the tourist trade is in a moribund state.

Yes, I do enjoy reading your essays, which seem to tell me that there is a chance for the various races of Malaysians to be united again. We were torn asunder by the insidious race based policies of the Mahathir era, designed to divide the nation, weaken the people, just for the sake of perpetuating the UMNO hegemony.

However, Dato, when I revisited the figures of the last GE 2008, it seems to me that we may yet need a miracle to boot out the incumbent BN.

BN won 85 seats, or 91 seats if you include the "Independent MPs" and PR won 74 seats, in West Malaysia. Thus its BN 55.2% against PR 44.8%.

In East Malaysia, the results were, BN 54 seats (2 seats are Independents) vs PR 3 seats. So, its BN 95% and PR 5%.

From the above figures, it'd seem its a much easier task for PR to beat BN in West Malaysia. All PR needs to do is to improve their showing by 5.2% to equalize with BN. At the moment, it looks like that is achievable and more ..... PR may trounce BN in West Malaysia perhaps PR 60% and BN 40%. That converts to PR 99 seats, BN 66 seats. The battle for West Malaysia is won by PR. But the war is not won yet.PR needs at least 13 seats from East Malaysia.

The war will be decided by he battle in East Malaysia. Now that is a completely different story. Any amateur political observer sitting in a kopitiam knows that East Malaysia is a different species of political beast. The people there (apart from the BN politicians and cronies) have no allegiance nor nationalistic feelings about being tied to the federal constitution.

The majority of the East Malaysians are concerned about the next meal and how to cope with a world which has changed beyond recognition. Sabah is truly a very rich state, with all its petroleum, timber and agriculture, yet it does not even have a proper railway system to link some of its towns. The old railway has been left to rot except for some enterprising young boys who use it to transport some small items using home made carts on the rusty rails.

And given such a parlous stat of affairs, Sabah continues to turn in the votes for BN. The same could be said for Sarawak.

So, Dato' do you think we can even garner 13 seats from either or both Sabah and Sarawak? And that is assuming PR can improve its showing in West Malaysia by adding 25 seats to its current 74 seats.

Perhaps you have more inside info about whats happening in UMNO, but as an outside observer, it seems to me that Najib is unconcerned about losing the GE13, because he knows the odds are stacked against PR due to 2 factors, massive cheating in West Malaysia and the certain victories in East Malaysia.

What Najib is worried about is winning the GE13 with a smaller majority, maybe BN 120 and PR 102. That will spell the end of him and his fat lady.

It will usher in a new era of Neo-Mahathirism with a side order of Muhyism.

Anonymous,  16 July 2012 at 20:17  

Najib is doing what need to be done for his BN.I guess it is only natural.The daily ceramah by PR is ongoing anyway.So why bother what BN do ?
They need the 2/3 majority and PR need the win.May the better party win. Aiya..

Three Trees,  17 July 2012 at 00:23  

Dato Sak, Man Propose,God Dispose.I think if it is destined that PR shall rule then it will be.But Dato',i think Anwar should just remain as Adviser if not he will bring alot of misery to himself and his family.Like the Chinese Proverb,In time of need,the Hero will emerge

Anonymous,  17 July 2012 at 23:05  

After reading your two articles with the same heading, my adrenaline is flowing like a Syabas burst main and my heart pumps like I'm about to climax. I love the part where you mentioned the former chief secretary has to step down from Petronas and GLCs will have accountants and auditors inspecting their books with a fine tooth comb. There must be quite a few very nervous and sleepless CEOs these days. There's going to be worms crawling all over the place for sure. I just wonder though, would our prisons be big enough to accommodate such huge numbers of jailbirds? And will the billions that had been siphoned off be able to be recovered? The rakyat just can't wait to see justice done.


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