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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 19 July 2012

Choosing a Trustworthy Government

There is one word to describe what UMNO is going through right now. I am not concern with the affection that it secures from that portion of its members who will sink and swim with UMNO no matter what. That, will always remain no matter what because there will always be in UMNO those who subscribe to My UMNO uber allies. Their affection can hardly be faulted but also cannot be rationally explained.
I am talking about an increasing number of UMNO members (in 2008 there were over 1 million of them) and an even more increasing number of Malays who have grown disillusioned with UMNO. In 2008, UMNO candidates got only 2 million of the 5.7 million Malay votes.
The word which I think most appropriate to describe the present feeling about UMNO is disesteem. The word captures all the negatives- dishonor, disrespect, held in low opinion of, repulsive etc.
Why has it come to that? I think the most important factor has been the increasing disconnect between what is desired by the majority and the small elite that’s leading UMNO. And that increasing disconnect has also been caused by UMNO’s refusal to hold its own elections. Here is why UMNO has made the crucial mistake. It thinks by suspending its own elections it can expel the bad feelings; what it does is only postponing the anger and frustrations and disconnect. What it has done is to build up frustration and anger.  That will translate into rejection of UMNO.
Thomas Paine the American writer and thinker wrote……prudence will point out the propriety of having elections often; because as the elected might by that means return and mix again with the general body of the electors in a few months, their fidelity to the public will be secured by the prudent reflexion of not making a rod for themselves.
Lest the above paragraph makes life miserable for many UMNO people- what it means, that if the elected voluntary submit themselves to be judged frequently by their electors, they will be restrained from forming self-interests. The answer to legitimacy therefore is no prolonged suspension of elections but frequent as per provided for by the constitution. Now, if the elected leaders postpone elections indefinitely, that is a strong presumption that those elected have already made a rod for themselves.
How would that place the UMNO leaders chief of all, its President who plays hide and seek with us electors on the election date? We will make a strong presumption that his government has lots to hide from our judgment and it is therefore a government deserving of disesteem.
By to-ing and fro-ing on the election date, the PM is making fun of us and insulting our intelligence. Such behavior shows his lack of understanding on the responsibility of government.
Elections cause frequent interchange with the elector and will establish a common interest with every part of the community that will mutually and naturally support each other and on this depends the strength of government and the happiness of the governed.
What the PM has done is to speak to his own kind, behaving increasingly as a sectarian PM and not PM to the whole nation. He is only keen to establish common interest with his part of the community. His give me your nambikei and lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu, reflect insincerity of the highest form.
A responsible leader of the nation helps the governed without expecting what more demanding any form of reciprocity.


average joe 19 July 2012 at 18:03  

i desperately hope all the people of malaysia, well at least a huge majority of us, have really truly definitely undoubtedly learn about, understand and comprehend that the so-called 'elected' leaders from u-bn are, have been, full of dishonesty, lies, deceits and conniving tricks from head to toe.
only when we truly understand, would we make a true stand.
when the ge clock strikes 13, let's all strike to make that the time of death for u-bn's regime!

-average joe-
klakka-la.blogspot: HOW ADVANCED! Part 2 (MAJU LAH SANGAT! Bhg 2)

nick 19 July 2012 at 18:40  


Labeling UMNO's indifference towards the Malaysian people as "disconnect" is too mild and imho doesn't truly reflect UMNO's feeling for the masses. In fact as we have seen from the recent despicable and cowardly act of punishing the people such as withholding of PTPTN loan to UNISEL students and the most heinous act of rationing water to the Selangor and WP people just to protect one of their crony, UMNO is showing us that they only has contempt for the people. In other words, the people has no value to UMNO and only useful as tools, votes, use and discard material and of course as a source of income for their cronies. Nothing more and nothing less.

How else can we explain the ridiculous action of UMNO and its leaders? Only a feeling of contempt would compel someone to label dissenters as "haramjadah"! Only a feeling of aloofness and callous indifference would make someone remark that the decision to go on a hunger strike is an individual preference similar to his preference to have lamb chop for dinner (even though those people on hunger strike are trying to send a message to him that detaining them without trial is a crime against the law and against humanity)!

BUT fortunately by the will of Allah, that feeling of contempt is reciprocated by the masses towards UMNO. We are beyond angry and disgust. Malaysian are fuming mad and waiting, no make that relishing to exact punishment and bring to book all of those who have betrayed them and committed treachery! We are all eagerly waiting to send all those who have plundered, abuse and worse of all committed treason by selling out citizenship to foreigner (project IC especially) to the dungeon and never to see daylight ever again.

Malaysian are waiting to reclaim their nation, their pride and their dignity from under UMNO's dictatorial foot. Malaysian are finally awake and for the first time, we could clearly see past our race, our personal prejudices and our religion to be able to discern the real enemy, the real traitors and the real devil. Sadly for UMNO, their mask of islam, of democracy and tolerance were long broken by their PERKASA, thugs and mat rempit and as such, their true despicable face of a heartless and unrepentant criminal/ pirate is revealed clearly to all Malaysian. Thus presently to the majority of Malaysian, UMNO is the enemy, the traitors and the devil in the sky..err.. in disguise! UMNO, your end is nigh and we are taking you down with ABU! And it's good riddance and good fortune for all Malaysian!


Anonymous,  19 July 2012 at 19:28  

The election charade backfired when pilgrims announced they would postpone their Haj visits until the PM announced a polling date.

We can't have Malay's seeing the PM's mind games as an impedance to following Islamic tenets can we? Our current tip is September (though anything can happen between then and now to change the forecast.)

bruno,  19 July 2012 at 19:51  

Dato,first of all as we can see Umno is leaderless.It is like a headless chicken rushing here and there and getting to nowhere,before it suddenly drops dead.That is the reason nobody is in charge of calling the GE.

As can be witnessed the leaderless small Napoleans in Umno are having a fiesta,breaking every law of the land.Sending gangsters and hired thugs to intimidate and beating up activists whom do not agree with them.

First of all sending their hawkers cooking and distributing beef burgers in front of a Hindu lady's house.Then later sending the butt brigade showing their blue,purple and black abused bare asses to the whole world.Such degrading activities coming from supporters of a party and condoned by the people in power.

One activist was even beaten and robbed while out jogging.Then there was another activist who have his front iron gate been knocked down to mangled iron and his house's main door kicked and almost broken down.Then the trio of hired thugs shouted threats at him before leaving.All happening in broad daylight.

This shows the leaderless Napoleans and their political masters are in a desperation stage.The final stage before they climbed the srairs to the top of MACC buildings and thinking 'cows could even fly',flewed out the windows like UFO's.

Anonymous,  19 July 2012 at 20:21  

Politics in Malaysia is all about money, money, money. Its been demonstrated time and again that UMNO politics is money all the way. There are too many camps and factions within UMNO to allow an internal election to take place. With Selangor under opposition, most UMNO members who depend on govt and the UMNO top brass for free contracts/money are starving. With Rosmah taking the bulk of whatever is left over after Najib's grab, UMNO members are basically broke. With the possibility of losing the next elections, any warlord such as Muhyiddin will not spend own money to buy support votes.
With S'pore courts exposing Musa's corrupted money in Swiss accounts to the whole world and Malaysia, more openly bad news for other UMNO members who are UMNO but get nothing for being UMNO. With disqualified George Kent, a non UMNO company, getting the RM 1.5B Ampang LRT contract away from other deserving UMNO members/cronies, and is now hawking the contract for their own contractors to do the job under the umbrella of George Kent, cant blame other UMNO members of frustration at Najib and the top UMNO echelon.

So we all know why the internal UMNO elections will not happen. No money, no support.

bruno,  19 July 2012 at 23:15  

Dato,there do not seem to be any leadership of authority in existence,whether political or law enforcement and security.The crime rate is jumping through the roof.

With cowboys of equilibrium to the ones running loose in Medan and Haadyai in the sixties and seventies in the cities and surburbs,Malaysians are getting mugged and beaten up,some fatally with no end in sight.And some happening at their front doorsteps.

And what is the GOM with its HM doing.They are too busy chasing after invisible political activists and beating up activists.And at the same time indulging in corruption and skirt chasing.No wonder the security of the country is going to the dogs.

Anonymous,  20 July 2012 at 10:30  

Nothing personal but its a common trait among silver spoons to 'buy' (bribe,cajole etc) their way through rather than the street slugger who has to 'sweat' (fight, nothing comes easy)for his needs.

Hence when you compare leader to leader..the gold spooned Najib vs the battle hardened Anwar LKS et s actually 'game over' for BN unless the 'instant Malaysians' (Indon Flipino etc voters) 'game changers' are used..

Anonymous,  20 July 2012 at 10:36  

The BN government under Najib has always been a government of UMNO Malays, for UMNO Malays and by UMNO Malays.
The other Malays, Indians and Chinese are ignored.

Quiet Despair,  20 July 2012 at 11:39  

Not giving any commentary to the above posting. You be the judge. Suffice to say, one vote more for UMNO and One vote less for the DAP.

walla 20 July 2012 at 17:38  

In its pre-GE13 desperation, the Umno government has gone amok. You can see that from events in just the past few days.

Its PDRM SB now says Pakatan has been infiltrated by JI and the reds. The rakyat, especially vote-influencing senior citizens, are flabbergasted and flummoxed. They asked if the JI and reds are really doing so, wouldn't they be infiltrating Barisan instead since its members are the ones helming the seat of government that is the takeover objective? And if it is so serious, why is the PDRM wasting time serenading in malls while their minister is saying he is not sure? But then the Umno government doesn't seem to be sure of anything, including official crime rates, these days. Ergo, they don't even believe what they are crapping.

So why should the rakyat of Malaysia including the general members of Umno take them seriously? Aren't they revealing that they are untrustworthy through and through?

Next, you have the DPM sabre-rattling that unity is required to avoid another May 13. Is he still pretending not to know that the rakyat of Malaysia are indeed already united but the unity is increasingly with Pakatan and not his 1Malay Barisan?

Furthermore, he is not qualified to talk about May 13. Does he not know that after the event the SB was asked whether his boss' father was involved and the answer given was classic: "even after he has washed his hands with soap, there will still be traces of grease on the hands of a motor mechanic".

Instead of talking nonsense and wasting the rakyats' attention span, this DPM should lock himself in his MOE and solve the two issues he has already messed up - abandoning PPSMI after blowing RM5 billion of the rakyats' money, and replacing the PMR with something which leads nowhere and is useless to prepare students for SPM.

The future of your children attending Umno's national schools is threatened. Unless Umno thugs have already been recruited to stir more trouble, that's a bigger threat than his May 13 bamboozle but all the same no lesser a threat than jeopardizing the lives of air travelers with substandard airport landing systems.

At the least, so-called senior ministers should be more responsible-minded when they open their orifices. Correction, mouths.

And since he has only consistently been bull-headed so far while delivering zilch as a minister, perhaps he should take wiser counsel and buy a plane ticket to Madrid where he will certainly be more than welcomed by the spanish matadors who are facing a shortage of adversaries after the last bull-run.

He can take along with him the mentally-challenged Herr Goebbels who has the nerve to use an Umno slogan for a National Day. Perhaps that can be excused. After all, toads can't possibly be expected to know that by 'National', all rakyat must be involved, whether they be from outgoing Barisan or incoming Pakatan.

walla 20 July 2012 at 17:38  


Maybe all this crap on the rakyat of Malaysia is the price to pay for the rain that Syabas chooses to ignore. On that issue, Umno is playing its standard tune - form a committee under its control, play for time, deflect attention to something else, and then lay out recommendations favorable to those who support its agenda in direct contravention of facts and fair play.

Notice that everything Umno has been using to stop Pakatan has blown up in its own face? Isn't that Providential? Starting tomorrow, you'll have plenty of time to ponder, cogitate, reflect and muse on the real face of Umno beneath the mask it is wearing. It'll be a Ramadan for your family and this country.

Reinforce your inevitable conclusions by doing something simple as well. Take a drive into Putrajaya. It's a ghost town. If you don't believe it is a ghost town, walk into the hotels there. Where are the customers, ask yourselves. Why are the government buildings so far apart? What do people really do in them that add real value to national progress? How much does it cost to maintain the place, and the monumentally large but under-used convention centre? Whatever the time of the day you are there, it is one humungous monstrosity of the megalomaniacal excesses of the political party you must boot out in the next general elections. Otherwise they will continue to rip you off. Like the way the road signs there show blue for toll-free but as you turn the corner, the next signs turn green to pay and you are caught in a dragnet of toll gates that only serve the greed and avarice of Umno's tribe of cronies. The civil servants who work there and the people who stay there know all this.

Once you have completed your drive, you cannot escape the conclusion that under the excesses, it's all spins, lies, myths, threats, stupidities, and destructive greed. Those items are what stand between the few pompous Umno elites and the tsunami of the majorly rankled rakyat of Malaysia.

Ask the motorcyclists who park their vehicles opposite the KLCC for lack of proper lots while rushing to do their manual work but get summons dropped into their bike baskets while the mercs parked at the road corners are the chosen ones to be overlooked. Bikes tugged away can be seen but limos can't? And this PM can throw RM100 million for youth volunteers. Just another one of Umno's madcap disconnects, perhaps?

This post - for the single unemployed mother who was sent to jail for taking some milk for her young while some of the biggest crooks in Asia walk free, live easy, and sell shit to our citizens.

Quiet Despair,  20 July 2012 at 20:40  

Salam Ramadhan Pak Sak and all Muslim friends.
Maaf Zahir dan batin.

Anonymous,  20 July 2012 at 22:33  

I know one word to describe this article. NONSENSE.

Anonymous,  20 July 2012 at 23:43  

Dear Dato Sak

Even hard left Communist (Marxist-Leninist) political parties make a regular show of electing their
"Dear Leader" (with 99.99% of the vote sometimes)in Party Congresses.

But the increasingly neo-fascist
Mahathirist UMNO Baru does not even bother to do so!

Phua Kai Lit

rance,  21 July 2012 at 00:33  

Dear Dato'Sak
According to UMNO-BN in the verge of a water crisis. Who rang the bell-the cigar smoking man. Ppl r annoyed. I am furious.
Putrajaya has taken action n a cabinet committee has been formed. See the name of the members,you will know their agenda.
Dont UMNO-BN know they lost Selangor on April 28th (Bersih3).When ppl were trapped(lrt closed) n teargased.
When ptptn study loans for selangorians were 'withdrawn'.
Now we r expected to put up with this water crisis. Such irresponsible polticians.Playing mind games.I want election as soon as possible to choose a trust worthy Gov.ABU

Anonymous,  21 July 2012 at 00:35  

I know gazillion words to describe this article but one sums it up pretty well-BRILLIANT!

Hats off to you Dato!

Adlan Noh,  21 July 2012 at 08:30  

My judgement of such a leader having "Lu tolong gua, gua tolong you" kind of attitude is this : never trust such a low-life individual. A leader will discharge his honest and sincere duties and responsiblities regardless of the peoples' support for him. I just wonder how much can you trust on a so-called 'leader' who would offer aid only when you offer support. Najib has inadvertently and unconsciously shown his very very true colour to the rakyat. And that colour was BLACK.

Anonymous,  21 July 2012 at 10:36  

The indians and chinese are ignored? You must be a lunatic. No chinese or indian minister, lawyer, doctor, judge, accountant or engineer? No chinese billionaires? Ignored? What more do you want? If this country is not good enough for you why remain here? You want a pot of gold delivered to you every morning?

Anonymous,  21 July 2012 at 10:52  

BN is the longest serving government for a country in the world, a world record

after 50 yrs of governing, BN has lost their sanity and direction

what they know is power=control=wealth=luxury

Kerismudin cant see the crime rates has increased, he is probably sleeping comfortably on the job, more than 15 yrs at minister level

Anonymous,  21 July 2012 at 11:00  

As the GE13 draw nearer, more wild goose stories about the opposition surface, not less by the latest claim by the PDRM SB; that Pakatan has been infiltrated by JI and the reds.

Ex-IGP Hanif made a similar claim about Bersih3 been hijacked by the commies?

& prior to that, Rosemajib’s consistent refusal to answer the question of peaceful handover of the government should BN lost the election.

All things point to the POSSIBLE conclusion of a similar declaration of a state of 'national emergency' or Darurat and resulted in the suspension of Parliament by the post GE care-taking Malaysian government to setup the National Operations Council (NOC or Majlis Gerakan Negara, MAGERAN) to temporarily govern the country should BN losts!

In order for MAGERAN to be setup, there must be a logical (thought irrational) cause. Anything BUT the RED &, now, the JI, would be a plausible ingredient.

The precedence of May13 1969 was a good example.

More so, when both hantu fears of JI (by the secular M'sians) & the REDS (by the feudalistic heartlanders) r included.

So M’sians, be warned!

Desperate people go for desperate measures.

Political scums would do ANYTHING to protect their power!

Anonymous,  21 July 2012 at 12:30  

" a bigger threat than his May 13 ".

There will always be criminals creating unnecessary fear in the hearts and minds of ordinary people.

The people need to know of such threat from the government to prevent these criminals from achieving their narrow, divisive and destructive objectives.

It is sad having to live in constant fear of what these criminals might do.

Malaysian,  21 July 2012 at 18:53  

Anon 10:36

When Dato referred to “The Indians and Chinese are ignored” , he is referring to the mass, the general public, not those Chinese/Indian billionaires who are BN cronies!!!

You think those MCA/Gerakan/MIC leaders give a hoot to the plight of the poor Indians and Chinese? Or even for the matter, you think UMNO really cares for the poor Malays?

No, UMNO only cares for its cronies as long as they support BN!!!
Nobody is against NEP as long as it’s not being abused!
Imagine giving discount to buy bungalows?
Giving scholarships to the rich?

What do I want?

All I want is a govt that won’t plunder the nation’s coffers and abuses its powers!
All I want is a govt that won’t sell the nation to foreigners in order to stay in power!
All I want is a govt that won’t use the race and religion issues to divide us!
All I want is a PM who doesn’t bullshit us with his hollow slogan 1Malaysia!
All I want is a DPM who doesn’t claim “Malay first, Malaysian 2nd”!

My list is long ……
But most of all, all I want is a trustworthy govt – rightly titled by Dato!

Is that too much to ask???

bat8 21 July 2012 at 22:20  

Anon 21 July 2012 11:00

Talking of darurat TDM had in 1993 effectively transferred that power to PM from Agong upon advice from The Council of Rulers. That power is the last power that TDM sought in order for him to have an qbsolute power, surpassing that of Agongand Council of Rulers.

Apa yang menjadi persoalan yang perlu kita amati.sekarang, adakah tuduhan yang pihak JI dan kominis sedang penetrate Pakatan Rakyat adalah setup awal bagi menggunakan kuasa darurat yangkini berada ditangan PM, sekiranya UBN kalah dalam PRU 13 nanti?

Keadaan "gila" i.e tidak waras kini membelenggu UMNO Baru sekarang ini dalam usaha mereka mengelak dari tewas dalam PRU 13 nanti. Tengok bagaimana gilanya mereka sehingga sampai ketahap sanggup mencipta krisis air di selangor dan wilayah dalam musim hujan!! Awas...kita rakyat perlu berwaspada

walla 22 July 2012 at 01:58  


It's late so i'll just dash off a bit more with a different tack.

One of the most eminent engineers in Asia, someone from here, once described our situation as 'creeping entropy'.

Add Sak's 'dis-esteem' (in other words, and you can describe our situation as increasing chaos and abhorrence.

If we apply such a situation to a big country, it'll will disappear in the geography over time. If we apply it to our small country of 28 million made up mainly of the young and the clueless, it is an immediate recipe for permanent disaster.

We need good leaders and good government to yank Malaysia and her peoples out of that situation. We don't need spins day after day. Spins are dangerous. They are lies that distort reality to create a false sense of security and an artificial attachment to the spinners. People can't live on spin. Spinners only can live off the people.

If Najib has to cajole his Umno kampung chiefs not to favour only their own friends and cronies, and he makes additional allowances to them conditional on their compliance with that requirement, imagine how bad the situation has become all the way from the top down the Umno machinery to the very people at the grassroot levels. The Umno leadership has to bribe its own grassroot leaders not to practice what everyone knows the leadership itself is doing. If the Umno general voters cannot see this, this country is finished.

That Ramadan bonus has to come from somewhere meant for elsewhere. Another supplementary budget? Where is the fiduciary responsibility?

Umno is throwing your tax money by the dollops to try and bolster its image. It is trying to buy trust. Can trust be bought? If someone's trust can be bought, how much is it really worth in the real world and what is the real motive of the buyer? If trust has to be bought, it means the buyer was originally disqualified. Who disqualified the buyer in this Umno case? The voters themselves.

How did Umno come to its own situation where the peoples don't trust it so that it has to use their money to try and buy their trust?

Let the twenty thousand paid and spinning Umno cyber-troopers answer this question. If they don't know, they can ask Azalina and Khairy.

What's the bottomline right now? Barisan is two-faced, Pakatan has been consistenly one-faced. On that score, who is untrustworthy? If a government is untrustworthy, it means the peoples will constantly have to look over their shoulders EVERY SECOND just to make sure such a government doesn't run away with their money or do something bad against society. It also means they will have to waste time trying to winnow truth from lies, and facts from spins. It also means they will have to write comments in blogs everyday to lambast the government for pretending to care and for giving you crumbs here while tunneling off buckets of your money. Probably using that smart tunnel borer.

walla 22 July 2012 at 01:58  


Each of us has two pairs of eyes. The ones outside capture data and perceptions. The ones inside analyze them in the swirling evolution of this nation against the backdrop of others.

To see through spin and to sift reality out of noise, use both pairs simultaneously. Doing so, you cannot escape the conclusion that an untrustworthy government will never succeed with the peoples. And without succeeding with the peoples, there will be no real success to the fullest potential of the economy which depends on them to run.

When people don't trust a government, they will park their money elsewhere. They will not put in one hundred percent of their commitment. They may even uproot themselves to go elsewhere and take with them the financial, intellectual and emotional capital so essential for any success in this 21st century. Those who stay will pay lip service to national programs and put add more margins for themselves if they feel like taking part in that government's projects, what more shave off their tax exposures any which way.

And that is why the Umno government has been lamenting at the lack of local investors and interest in the ETP - except for the usual cronies. And that is why Pemandu has to go around looking for cornerstone investors in order to play its game-changing spins.

Meanwhile, the peoples are not doing that well. If you ask for more, you need to justify why. On what real basis taken from world practices can you do so?

An untrustworthy government that is only good for spinning will soon lead to the peoples remaining behind having themselves to spin as well. But that will hardly make us a top (gasing) nation. No?

We need to rewrite the entire blueprint of this nation. We need a new RENAISSANCE. Sweep clean the nonsense and detritus of Umno and start anew with a better and cleaner foundation for the young who look up to you. They DIDN'T CHOOSE to come into this world. YOU made the choice for them. Start exercising some real responsibility. Wake up and smell the leachate.


Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 02:27  

I'm pretty sure almost all Malaysians both here and outside the country have decided who to vote come this's not that difficult to see who has been acting desperately for some time now.....

Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 05:52  

I can sense how desperate PR wants to secure the power from BN the next election but PR has not enough strength to be one.The majority outside there are seeing the transformations too.The recent PAS and UMNO debates on the youth voting direction shows most youth is for the ruling government.Nasaruddin was slammed by DAP Karpal Singh for that hudud and Islam statement.PR is not ready to lead, period.

walla 22 July 2012 at 11:25  

Let's take anon 05.52's point that Pakatan doesn't have the strength and is not ready.

IF that be so, then voters can do Barisan a great favour by voting Pakatan into Putrajaya in GE13, wait for it to implode and then get a fantastic reason to return Barisan in GE14. Barisan as opposition after GE13 won't have to do anything, just fold its arms or stand akimbo, snigger and watch Pakatan fall to pieces, instead of having to conspire how to unseat Pakatan, as what Umno is currently trying to do in Selangor and Penang.


The trouble with mindsets is this - it looks for excuses to prop up its prejudices.

Let me ask back some simple questions even the youngest in this blog can answer quickly:

one, if Pakatan becomes the next federal government, won't it realize even more than Barisan that all the hopes and anxieties of the voters rest on its shoulders?

two, therefore won't it be under even more pressure to improve itself and this country?

three, on the other hand, have you seen that awareness and guilt produced by Umno and its Barisan kaki's anywhere so far after their drubbing at the hands of the rakyat in GE12? They talked about change, announced some transforms, and then replaced old lamps with new lamps that only light like the lamps replaced,

four, meanwhile you look even more desperately for excuses to support the Barisan 'changes' in a manner no different from each period just before all the last general elections.

five, thereby missing the key point - Pakatan is not a static assembly; the stands its individual components can make can change; now it has to face the full machinery of Umno's propaganda war machine as well as funds constriction.

A good example is Selangor; it gets rm257 million from the Umno government but after its voting citizens have contributed rm10,000 million. Barisan now says there's healthcare and education returns. But the rakyat know these are the birthright of all citizens whether they are from Selangor or any other state. Why doesn't Umno say that Selangor is contributing more to other states like Melaka where Rustam has blown so much money building underused giant offices for his own machinery? Any credible answer, today?

Lastly, five, in fact Pakatan can be further enhanced after GE13 by the good elements from Barisan joining it.

The words 'Barisan' and 'Pakatan' are just words. Manifesto's are just documents. It is commitment to make real changes for real improvements that are not hypocritical for the ills and ilks hidden elsewhere which spells what good and real governance is and this is what is needed the most now for Malaysia. Who has more inner qualities to deliver that?

Sometimes i am amazed how blinkered we have all become.

Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 12:05  

" If this country is not good enough for you why remain here? "

Yes, in the corrupt and unfair environment where " a few could plunder the many and everybody plunders everybody "....nobody cares.

It's none of our business how the ordinary people are exploited over the decades....leave the country if you cannot stomach the gross injustic you see everyday.

Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 16:51  

Ai ya bat 8,

Why you hate UMNO so much mah..UMNO baru or old is the same UMNO lor..fasting month no good gaduh gaduh one.When election time come we vote our favourite team ok.hehehe..BN just need 25% chinese support for BN enough.

Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 17:51  

What a truthful written piece by Walla! Many indeed are beginning to realise that change must come or it will be the end.

You are right Anon 22 July 2012 02:27 ..... ABU we must as the desperados must go!

Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 18:23  

The ruling regime with incapable and arrogant leaders who spin non - stop and threaten daily will do anything, including ...

stating in an English paper, Malaysians abroad can return to vote but they must pay income tax in US$. It is just to embargo them, to rob them of their democratic rights to fulfill their responsibility to the nation, to stand shoulder to shoulder with their loved ones still here.

Next, the wizards, witches and troopers will be deployed to allege them as unpatriotic , traitors, we come across them here still shooing intelligent Malaysians away !!!! They then joint ventures with expats to do " Elite Ali/ Myra - Expats / Indon " businesses leaving the majority of the rakyat in daily struggles. If we study the comments in the public political forums, a few indon troopers have been hired, filled with " umno poison" to instigate deceptions on why do business with the chinese / mat salleh, do it with the people of the same religion - halal - to elevate the race.

Ponder in silence, this same scenario can be used on God fearing Malays and every rakyat who hate corruptions, to be incapacitated and enslaved and their future generations as well ! Reflect upon reflections to and fro in silence, see the grievances in your mind- map, the conceptualization of id more ideas. See the webs of deceits. And feel its silent excruciating pain, in your heart ! It is there, will be there, No ? You will clearly know what to do next. But keep your hearts healthy, to live long. : )

What more animosity is created ! Enough of this Bull ! How untrustworthy and repulsive the umno govt can be anymore ? Absolutely right, they are here faking to condemn the govt as uncaring, then return to deceive, to instigate and flog the majority of the rakyat through their paid troopers inclusive instant citizens. Double faced, both umno and new umno. In the best, the worst, the ugly situation, their piles of billions will be safe in off-shore and in overseas, in the Philippine archipelago, in UK, Canada and beyond.

Maha & children, daim & children, syed mokhtar bukhari, etc must pay wang zakat and income taxes ( what % ) in US $. The ruling govt must pay dividends to EPF in US $ or British pound! They are the absolute totalitarians birthed through systematic planning, camouflaged in agama and race masks similar to that of ruling regimes before the Renaissance Age. George Orwell's Animal Farm exposes it all !

Wicked leaders can steal, spin any profound ideas , taking the best for themselves, and dishing the crumbs to the people! Through deceptions. Hence it is so critical for great minds with such clarity and sensitivity of conscience to keep writing, and we keep reading, thinking deep, and apply the ideas, sharing the great ideas in simple term with those we meet daily. To be good and responsible human beings to better things in every field for our communities, first in this nation. And to be inclusive of others beyond.

Perhaps we would like to honor these profound thinkers, especially the ones amongst here. Ai say, I'm not rich yet. Heard Dato Din Merican and his wife are really sincere Malaysians, maybe they, Kg Man, org kaya2 can give real pleasant surprise checks for Raya. An invaluable investment for eternity.

I'll write one in five figure in RM each, in cybernetics for one- two - three writers here. No problem. If it is for eternal investment. But strictly unassumingly. I give and receive kind gifts for all the festivals based on warm friendship. Thank you.

Unsaid, untold grievousness of injustice. Vote ABU !

Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 23:06  

It is a scenario whereby the very sick & stupid MALAYS will hang onto to UMNO and its bandwagon!

These folks have lost their brains, rationale and fate/faith!
No human is indispensable neither does any party!

There is no such thing as PARTI KERAMAT MELAYU!

Only Pasar Keramat Melayu in Kampung Keramat Melayu.

I sincerely pity these folks!

Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 23:07  

If there is only a word which can describe the party I would use it!
But apparently there is none that I can find in the dictionary!


Anonymous,  22 July 2012 at 23:16  

from Malaysiakini,"A colossal RM893 billion was siphoned out of Malaysia’s economy into tax havens abroad between 1970 and 2010, a London-based research has revealed, placing the country among the top 20 nation in the developing world labelled as “losers” of capital flight."

A trustworthy government is a government that tries to keep its wealth within the country so that this could be used to grow into greater wealth. This demands at the very least decent honest politicians who are prudent and humble. Flaunting wealth in showy palatial mansions, expensive cars, expensive holidays and handbags ( of all things)show how decadent we have become. Throw this lot out in the next General Election.

tokiorain,  23 July 2012 at 01:18  

bruno, for once in your life write something we dont know la. always yapping old news, you think we are umno zombies ah? you need to have a long talk with someone man. why dont you walk the dog.


Anonymous,  23 July 2012 at 03:45  

Dear Anon 18:32,
Honestly,i don’t really want to write in Sak blog prior election but since my name was mentioned thought why not share few things non controversial and pleasent to the ears in this anti UMNO/BN blog and may be brag a bit.
Din merican and his beautiful wife are sincere Malaysians and i believe many many more are too including you Anon and as for me i like to believe as one too.Din's wife is a suceessful Dentist in Taman Tun near Uncle K,bro Aspan favourite meeting place.But you have to pay a bomb to get your teeth transplanted there they say.She had a colourful life too because i know her as i was her patient once-Lucky fellow Din Merican.

Life is tough out there especially so now with Bank Negara tightning up financial and banking regulations and new strict borrowing requirements.Next year will not be a good year economically they predict and lets not spend on non essentials and be liquid.New car is no no and no, a depreciating asset.New houses too, a no no unless you are a PERODUA ! Ahem..

Talking about eternal investment or in our muslim way we say it as "Amanah Saham Akhirat" it is always a pleasure to give than to take.Ai say,i believe you are a good Christian/Buddhist and a non may be.Its alright i have said i am colour blind and religious friendly but very Melayu certainly never racist,ok.My PAS strong supporter buddy in Taman Tun insisted that Kampong man have a heart of a PAS man but support UMNO/BN.It is because we(me and wifey) do this little contribution on providing lifelines and lifesupport to those needy ones and close friends on the basis of "Payable when able"(Not Along but Tolong) and expect nothing in return .Because as you progress through life you will slowly realise that its time to give back and give away things that you dont need.The more simplified is your life the better it will be for you,believe me.Hence , you dont need ten watches as you have only two hands and bla bla bla.Remember,i wrote something about MONEY before in other blog (Pirates of Putrajaya} and how i wish my fellow malays should be in business like our chinese friends who take their business very seriously with strong commitment !rather than depending on the gomen and the politicians.No wonder i am never interested to secure gomen project let alone be a politician as a gate away to richness !! Surely, i am a proud Kampong man for the little deed that i can do to my kampong folks every fasting month.You know why ? This same kampong folks were sending me off at Subang Airport by two bus loads of them to wave good bye to see this kampong boy had that opportunity to study in the UK those years.It was a rarity then for such an event to take place.Now,apart from your close family nobody cares where you go.Just pack your begs and go wherever even Timbuktu ! Of course it is payback time to these kampong folks and their families on their puasa and raya needs and their children education especially.It is a joy for me to be able to do it.The pleasure is mine .

@Kampong man

Ai say,lets talk a little on politics .Very little really no spinning ,harassment,accusations and ploy.Yes,In general Malaysians are kind people with high level of tolerance ,respect and great love for this beautiful country.It is the greedy politicians that has turned this nation now into a state of inequilibrium and uncertainties that you guys are losing that peace and tranquality that I enjoyed those early years .It is the greed for power and money money money i think.In reality,i would leave the majority voters decide as to whether a change is necessary or not.You and me are just worth one vote each.I fully understand the desperation in all of us but you know where my vote goes right.I just want to be a good man this fasting month.Good night all.Dont worry too much about politics .You may be disappointed.Cheerio !

Anonymous,  23 July 2012 at 05:11  

Thanks Tokiorain ... it reminds ones that a dog is a man's best friend .. there is this docile beauty outside my relatives' apt that their Malay neighbor's cat shares its food with it ( ?! )It's that kind of trust, care and niceness.. no kidding. Don't know how it happened. I named it Lassie. The cruelest part is several naughty children often throw stones at Lassie ... my uncle told them not to be cruel, it hurts ... as Lassie tak gigit kucing Melayu, tapi makan sama - sama, duduk sama- sama. I've witnessed it myself umpteen times when I pay them a visit. The cruelty only stopped after an elderly Pakcik scolded them real hard after being told about Lassie's niceness. Now Lassie is well taken care of by four families. Its best cat friend enjoys the same treatment. A reassuring experience to cheer ones up.

That's so fine, Bruno can walk his dog, both can sensor fresh news far better about UMNO and share it with us here. We owe him lavish dinners, honestly... also to reward his co- partner in filtering intelligent logistics; I hear it's a pleasure.

bruno,  23 July 2012 at 07:50  


it is sick people like you who will bend and offer their asses to their political bosses and suck up to them that they can screw you for free.If you ask me for my advice,get paid if you want to get screwed from the behind.Or else get that sick head of yours exmined by a quack.

bruno,  23 July 2012 at 08:11  


you are lucky that I have a dog to walk.Or else I can always walk you.Hehehe.

Kampong man,  23 July 2012 at 08:47  

Drar Anon 23:06,

".....only the very sick and stupid MALAYS will hang onto on UMNO and its bandwagon.."

This statement implies many things.If you are a Malay you surely are a choosen one being very clever malay for choosing PR.If you are a non than your statement is really not fair because there are many clever silent Malays waiting to see how far you can go with racist remarks.I like to think that you are just being emotional and desperate my boy.Just a teguran not to go overboard that's all.Thank you.

Anonymous,  23 July 2012 at 17:42  

Kg Man,
TQ for sharing your thoughts. You still do not know enough that i write for all, very fair. i take offence in this - Just pack your begs and go wherever even Timbuktu !

You have never insulted me, until your said sentence. I wish you and your wife well.

Anonymous,  23 July 2012 at 21:18  

Kg Man,
In showing appreciation for your past consistent meaningful engagement in other forums and my respect for your seniority, intelligence and pleasantness ; you respond to others in the same manner, too, i do not want to respond rudely. But you offended me with this, " Just pack your begs and go wherever even Timbuktu ! ". It is echoed repeatedly, but coming from you is offensive.

There is never any hesitation to ask any citizens who choose to speak up for the non Malays in this nation to leave the country despite having spoken up for the Malays in the same intensity. Is it fair ? You needn't reply. Others have been gone through the baptism of fire. Even he is a Malay will suffer the similar fate.

Have dined with dignitaries, giving up the lavish functions and the tiresome pretentiousness and looking sharp is never a problem. I remember my humble roots, studied so hard to excel on private scholarships and my beloved late parents' ( of mixed marriage ) sacrifices. My elder brother, a medical doctor, serves the poor regardless of race in this nation whenever he could take leave. We will always honor our parents by being fair and inclusive. It is best that i do things quietly next. You are right in a way, " Now,apart from your close family nobody cares where you go". Do i care ?

Wishing you and your wife all the best.

Kampong man,  23 July 2012 at 22:16  

Dear Anon 21:18,

" Now apart from your close family nobody cares where you go.Just pack your begs and and go whereer even Timbuktu !"

What was meant was that travel is so easy nowdays with many flights and abundance of opportunites for overseas studies it is no longer a rarity anymore like those years.My studying abroad was a big event in the kampong.

It was never intended to chase anyone , honestly.If this sentence has offended i apologise.

Anon, you have a good heart.Please do not take offenc.We will meet again.I told you i want to be a good man.A good man will not offend anyone.Sometime i wonder why i write because i have no interest to be a politician but if i can bring in good values into these young mind out there that can benefit them that will be a joy for me internally especially this Ramadhan month seeking his Almighty guidance and forgiveness. No worries and cheer up.Good night.

Anonymous,  24 July 2012 at 01:59  

Kampung Man,

Was just hovering over ...
You are a good man, and will always be one. You and your wife are making positive differences in the lives of our fellow kampung people.

I really appreciate your apology, very saddened, prayed that you understand good friendship. You understood the intense feelings of being bashed in other forums, yet you always remain nice. Likewise i felt the bashing elsewhere. But i feel safe to share some ideas here as it is very civil, intelligent like you said.

I often pray for your wife's health. BTW Good politics is fun, highly stimulating; it explodes great impacts - political science in action really. No, you must keep writing, Just don't talk too much about your fav person. Which you don't. Let others do it.

True, you have a good heart of the PAS Tok Nik Aziz ( i respect him much ) how they bashed him too. But you join the wrong party and have the wrong assistant. Ai say. That's ok, maybe that's GOD's will to have you as one of His good angels there.

Forgiven each other and forgotten. Take care. Thanks again.

Thank you Sak for your kind patience.

Alan Newman 27 July 2012 at 21:57  

It’s time the opposition launch a powerful class action lawsuit against UMNO, BN and the EC for past election frauds and intention to defraud in upcoming GE13. Why are the demands of Bersih and acted on? Why are taxpayers’ money, corruption funds, national resources, infrastructure, media (tv, radio, newspapers), used to bribe, buy or sway votes? Buying defections. Big questions are unanswered. And More! Why are corrupt leaders, cronies not investigated and arrested, eg: CM Taib (31 years) & Musa, Shahrizat, Razak, Dr MM,…too many to mention.

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