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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 12 January 2011

The way we play our politics

The BN MPs and especially the UMNO ones are nervous. They are not confident of retaining their seats anymore. That, despite the almost daily onslaught of black propaganda from the mainstream media.
That despite in 2011, the government will issue bonds totaling RM 87 billion. That despite the government announcing a slew of economic initiatives spending 400 over billion so that we get an economy of over 1 trillion.
With money seemingly flooding, our MPs are nervous? It shows no money can buy confidence and trust. Confidence and trust in the benevolence of the present national government.
It prompted the MPs to suggest the PM meet up with the MPs. Read carefully- it's not a meeting for the PM to analyze or the MPs being asked what projects do they want. The MPs are actually sizing up the PM- what he plans to do in order for the BN and UMNO MPs to stay in power. But the pesky fake royalty appeared and sounded more spoon that spade. ( lebih camca pulak dari sudu).
The MPs are also weighing their options too. If they thought the PM is wishy washy, they will desert him. Nothing personal, just business.
Because the MPs can almost see the writing on the wall. They stand to lose power. The people, the masses do not just on one fine morning, make an impromptu decision to not vote BN or just out of spite they voted for Anwar, Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang and others. The decision was deliberate. It happened then, it could happen again.
The only line of defiance and defence now seems to be race card. Malays will be finished if UMNO is finished. The Malay Sultans are finished if UMNO is finished. UMNO doesn't seem to get it- UMNO is no longer automatically associated with the protection of Malay interests.
It has lost the mandate to even represent the majority of Malays. I repeat this again. In the 2008 elections there 5.7 million Malay voters and UMNO candidates who must be Malay for sure, only secured 2.38 million votes. Those votes did not come solely from Malay voters which meant maybe UMNO got only around 2 million votes. What did that show? It showed more Malays didn't choose UMNO. So which group of Malays is UMNO representing? It represents the minority.
All those screaming banshees claiming to be pro UMNO just don't get it. What they wanted to get is the money the Ministry of Goebbelsian Propaganda promises to give which somehow it reneged. What they wanted was to get paid hiding behind the false claim that somehow they are performing a vital service to the nation. Why don't they just shut up and not write and see whether the world stops?
Who does UMNO represent really?
It represents the reactionary Malays who opposed the rule of law, those who opposed ethical politics and those who don't respect the legitimacy of a legally elected government.
Consider the case of the appointment of the Selangor state secretary. We can hide all we want behind the niceties of government servants are more or less permanent and that politicians despite being the political masters, are transitory. But still, that doesn't excuse us from doing what is ethical and proper.
the ethical thing is to respect the legitimacy of a properly elected government. In Selangor, it happens to be a PKR government. Let's face it, the BN and UMNO lost the tasted precisely because people are just fed-up at the incompetence, callousness and arrogance of the previous government. We can't defend incompetence and arrogance.
Now, we are trying to subvert the legitimacy of an elected government by throwing a spanner in the wheel. It is a common practice and the civil thing to do, to suggest names of the highest government officials that are compatible with the political leadership. The sole purpose being, so that administrative work and the job of managing the government of the day is smooth.
There is only one way to change a government which is through election and the ballot box. A sitting government can also lose power if it invites a successful vote of no confidence. The sole authority to eject a government must come through a sitting state assembly or parliament. It never rests with a unilateral decision by a monarch.
Please be reminded that we are a parliamentary democracy and our monarchy is a constitutional monarchy.


Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 09:34  

Well sir, you know Jibby. He wanted to sabotage the Selangor state government but instead inviting hatred by the Selangorians.
Poor Jibby he is unfit! he can't even sort out that incompetent KSN whom I believe is trying to curry favor for his last kopek! Shame on you Mr. PM!
About time to change UMNO leadership or else pity you and me and the future grandchildren of Malaysia.
Look like the stage is coming closer, either Jibby must go or suffer the consequences of the damage done.
Jom kita berubah Dato' tetapi bukan masuk Party KITA but to wake up Jibby and his gangs and stop pretending. Nak berTweeter dan berFacebook buat apa JIbby?
Masa'allah! Do they know what UMNO stand for in this country?
Sicko the way they behave, kekadang Nazri Aziz tu betul juga of "the cowdung brain" carrier in the country leadership.
Bila nak PRU ni? Lagi cepat rasa nya lagi bagus untuk rakyat. Can't wait any longer!

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 11:57  

Dear Sak,

I really hope you meant what you have written and it represent the sentiment of majority of UMNO loyalist.

However, considering what have happen in Perak and what they are trying to do in Selangor, the situation look hopeless.

Nevertheless, the fact that some opportunist fails to understand this baffles me to no end.

justicenequality 12 January 2011 at 12:00  

Dato M Ariff

You are indeed a Benevolent SOUL!

Speaking the TRUTH[Situation]as it is rather then 'apple-polishing' so as to be rewarded by the top leadership.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 12:20  

You are on top of my wish list as a mp to serve the rakyat.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 12:30  

I still dont get it why u are so obsessed with the meeting between PM and MP's,maybe you are jealous you were droppped/not an ADUN anymore?

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 12:39  

You hit it right and you have never been wrong of your party. It's sad that none of those UMNO MPs are near to you in such thoughts.
We have a bunch of clowns including some royals too.
I bet even some MPs never understood English like you do!

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 13:12  

Listen carefully and you hear so many indication that UMNO people losing confidence in Najib. Everytime there is an issue, suggestion come flying from everywhere including from the most incompetent and ignorant people. AND its growing.

All it will take is for a major incident and Najib's career will be sleeping with fishes..

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 13:18  

For your comments on the appointment of the Selangor SS, I wish I could kiss your hands.
You have won my respect as man who is on the opposite side of UMNO's gutter politics.

UMNO with Utusan at its back think the whipping up of Malayness will win votes.
Even Malays are puked with UMNO is doing. UMNO still thinks Malays are gullible as they were decades ago.
UMNO is abusing the Royalty - Perak, Selangor and the King.(in Terengganu)

Donplaypuks® 12 January 2011 at 13:56  

"There is only one way to change a government which is through election and the ballot box. The sole authority to eject a government must come through a sitting state assembly or parliament. Please be reminded that we are a parliamentary democracy and our monarchy is a constitutional monarchy."

Couldn't agree more with you. The ordinary citizens of Malaysia know this.

BUT OUR JUDGES DON'T!! They allowed a coup against the Pakatan Perak Govt and Speaker by deliberately misinterpreting the Constitution and Law and allowed UMNO/BN and the police to treat him shabbily through sheer thuggery. Note that out judges also ruled, contrary to the State Constitution, that the Assembly proceedings in Perak could be challenged in court but not those in the Fed Parliament; same law - two different rulings.

We shall not forget. And all this sandiwara in Selangor and HRH - it's the beginning of the same scenario again!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 13:56  

I beg to differ, Dato.

I think Najib is doing a good job turning the table on the opposition. Surveys have shown increased rakyat support for him. Give time for his policies to bear fruit. You can plant a seed today and expect fruits tomorrow.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 14:11  

Sakmongkol, is there any reason why the majority of the UMNO members are unable to see and evaluate things the way you do? Or do they?

Why are their common sense, human dignity,humanity,fear of God and every thing else; other than basic survival instinct ala that of animals;failed them?


Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 14:21  

I think you have more legal brain and is more well-adversed with constitutional law than those CA and Fed Crt malay judges who sat and decided on the Perak cases.

That is not surprising really. Most malay bright students in the 70' and 80s don't take up law but other field of studies like Econ,Medical, Accn'tancy, Enginee'ng & othrs. Only the MCE 3 graders took up law..through career advancement.

People like Eusoffe Chin & most of the senior malay judges were initally court interpreters or police inspectors like Dzaiddin. They don't have to study to get their law degrees. They straight away do their Bar Finals in UK as they are considered 'matured students'( experienced crt interpreters) & having passed their Bar Finals they then start their legal or judicial career.

You don't have to slog to pass yr maths, bio, phy or chemistry to do law. Hence the low standard of malay judges in the judiciary and they sometimes make funny judgements.

Not many people realize that Kusrin, a PTD officer is only being seconded by the PSC to the Stae to take up the post of SUK. You are correct bf posting out a PTD seconded officer to the post, the JPA will have to submit to the MB for him to choose a candidate which is most suited to him.

KSN Sidik is more familiar with issuing APs after having being Sec-Gen to Rafidah's Trade Min a number of years. In service matters, he is blurr. He is one civil servant whom Umno could easily direct, use and manipulate. So much for civil servant's impartiallity and them being apolitical.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 14:33  

Let the election results become the true parameter

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 14:44  


Thanks for the writing the truth about UMNO. Sadly the PM and his UMNO scycophants will not read nor will understand your good intentions. However I still wonder why are you persisting with UMNO as you well know you are flogging a dead horse. Aren't you better off with joining another political party that practices what you expounded. UMNO will never change its bad ways and it will drag the malays, the whole country and every other malaysian down with it.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 14:55  

Dato Sakmongkol,

As a thought, isn't it seditious to claim oneself as royalty when in fact one is not. We have plenty of fake Datuks (those bought with money or through their political connections) but there are also a few fake Tengkus around openly using their fake title to garner attention and favors. However it takes guts to call oneself a Tengku when birth records shows the person as a commoner. What's your take on this? I'm thinking of naming my soon to be born son "Tengku XXXX" but not sure if this could land me in serious trouble since I am a commoner without the tiniest drop of blue blood in me.

Red Alfa 12 January 2011 at 15:32  

Salam Dato'

Unlike countries e.g. Finland, where the government is only to serve as the people have elected it, our government has become entrenched "Godfather-like" with significant sections of the people have been made or have become beholden to it that one becomes quite the traitor or is treacherous to "ugama, bangsa and raja".

It's never just the race card, but also the ugama and the raja-raja Melayu cards - all these being "larger than life" and "life and death" matters to that many or to that few as the cases are made out to be.

As such, the people will not get to see for what THEY really are: self-serving, corrupted, incompetent, dishonest, etc politicians.

Until they can and are free to see, the people will still/ will only vote UMNO/BN.

Also, the government will be elected because people have been/ will continue to be blinkered and brainwashed to elect the "Godfather" with the mandate of people power to rule in perpetuity by any and all means.

Yes, the "people" is still that majority of us!

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 15:50  

The way all of us be it the government or opposition playing the politics left the rakyat thinking there anything else other than politic in the Malaysian minds. Truly boring, so someone call another person liar and vice versa...and this never ending.Perhaps we should take a look at ourself are we that very very perfect. It just so easy to point out other people mistakes rather than ourself. As the politicion sucks and yet somehow we need this suckers...strange eh but thats for real.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 15:52  

"..our monarchy is a constitutional monarchy."

Unfortunately the Selangor sultan has got it wrong on this one.

razztann,  12 January 2011 at 16:04  

I see in you a flower stuck in cow dung. Datuk it's time you get out of UMNO and serve the people through other vehicles. You are but a few good and righteous men whose voice will never be heard from within. What a waste of talent!

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 16:08  

All those screaming banshees claiming to be pro UMNO just don't get it. What they wanted to get is the money the Ministry of Goebbelsian Propaganda promises to give which somehow it reneged. What they wanted was to get paid hiding behind the false claim that somehow they are performing a vital service to the nation. Why don't they just shut up and not write and see whether the world stops?


Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 16:44  

Dato' Sak,
You are speaking our minds. Thanks.
Pak Tua.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 16:51  

Very blunt and precise , Dato.

Let it be known that government of the day works for the people not their own agendas.

Misuse of power is so very obvious.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 17:04  

Sadly NO ONE in UMNo will ever listen to you.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 18:17  

Excellent piece, Sak.
"It never rests with a unilateral decision by a monarch." You are alluding to the big elephant in the room everyone pretends not to see in the selangor state secretary saga.There is actually a big opportunity for NTR to step in and do the right thing. He may earn the ire of one blue-blooded fellow who doesn't even vote but gain kudos from millions of fellow citizens, on both sides of the political divide and perhaps their votes too. Would he have the gumption?

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 21:52  

no wonder you are no longer asked to stand for don't play politics the way it is supposed to be played in umno.

but what you say is not the right strategy under the current must hold on to power by hook or crook.....

otherwise it will never get it back....

so what you are calling for by asking for bn to play fair now is like asking the execution of bn and umno!

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 23:04  

Salam SAK,

You need not publish my comment. I read your blog without miss but I am lazy to comment. Anyhow, being apolitical that I am, I have to salute you for this honest and straight-forward masterpiece.

How I wish many more political bloggers out there write simple and factual stuff for readers to read and ponder, instead of spinning things to the point of calling something black as white.

God bless.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 23:56  

Seorang bekas pegawai pelajaran daerah memberitahu saya, orang yg paling layak menjadi Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran ialah Dato' Norizan Bappu. Seorang kawan, pensyarah pesara, memberitahu KP yang ada sekarang ni melompat kepala 4 orang. The insinuation is obvious. The current KP has not earned his stripes. So on what basis was he promoted? With this scenario, what sort of action will the new KP take on the trespass committed by Pengarah Pelajaran Johor shown in the video below.

Don't tell me this is part of KPI and Sasaran Kerja Tahunan seorang Pengarah Pelajaran Negeri?


Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 04:22  

i cry for the future of my country.

Wenger J Khairy 13 January 2011 at 06:55  

I think Dato's blog has attracted the core demographic that will make or break BN's chances in the next election.

From a simple count it seems to be 9 against the PM and 1 for.

I would check those surveys again. Its suspect because it keeps going up and up. Yet after so many by elections, the PM has to resort to coercion and $$ to win.

Dato has been consistent. He thinks the PM in person is a nice guy. But those surrounding the PM, are not so nice. And there will be a political price to pay for being a leader that is only willing to listen to good news

flyer168 13 January 2011 at 07:35  


Good article on the "Explosive" issue waiting to be detonated...

Foreign & Local Puppet Masters use the same modus operandi to achieve their agenda & History repeats itself...

Presently, we are seeing this modus operandi happening all around us in Bolehland ochestrated by the "Shadow" Foreign PR/Political con-sultans , Economic Hit Men, etc, etc. etc to Bankrupt/Create Chaos/Destroy this nation, any which way they can to bring Bolehland down to its knees!...

Using our tainted & weak Leaders we voted for...

Who have been "Seduced" into the System's Trap for the "Profits & Favours" they can benefit from it...

The "Club of Welcoming Bolehland to join its ranks..."

Towards the NWO Agenda by 2012 or earlier...

Just to share this bit of History...

The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11, Part Two -

“...the ruling British governor, Lord Cromer, made Sheikh Mohammed Abduh the Grand Mufti of Egypt, in 1899.

He was now the Pope of Islam.(4) At the same time he was the Masonic Grand Master of the United Lodge of Egypt. (5)

There was of course an ulterior motive for Cromer making Abduh the most powerful figure in all of Islam.

You see, in 1898 the ruling council of Al-Azhar University had reaffirmed that usury, and thus banking according to the Western model, was haram (illegal) according to Islamic Law.

This was unacceptable to Lord Cromer because his given name happened to be Evelyn Baring - he was an important member of England's prestigious Baring banking family that had grown rich off of the opium trade in India and China.

Lord Cromer installed his friend Sheikh Abduh to change the law forbidding banking, and once he was made Grand Mufti he used a very liberal and creative interpretation of the Quran to fabricate a loophole that allowed the forbidden practice of usury.

British banks then had free reign to dominate Egypt.

In Lord Cromer's writings he says, "I suspect my friend Abduh was in reality an agnostic," and he commented on Abduh's Salafiyya movement saying, "They are the natural allies of the European reformer."

Even Cromer saw that the Islamist movement could be used to Britain's advantage. (6)…” Unquote.

Deja vu!


flyer168 13 January 2011 at 07:35  


Malaysia is in dire need for a new Leader like this...

September 12, 1960 - JFK’s Speech on Religion and Politics Part 1: Separation of Church and State (1960) -

JFK’s Famous Speech! He Tells you The Truth! -

With the Powers that be who have alot of skeletons in their closets they obviously are "Beholden" to the silent foreign & local Puppet Masters ...or else...!

So it is all dejavu again!

Next to share this...

To Destabalize Countries - John Perkins Part 1 -

"Jackals Assassinate," EHM John Perkins -

You be the judge.


Malaysia First,  13 January 2011 at 08:20  

Syabas, Dato'. Saya sokong sepenuh-penuhnya pandangan anda. Akan tetapi, anda hanya seorang. Kan Malaysia akan bertambah cerah jikalau ada banyak lagi orang UMNO yang bersependapat seperti anda. Bilakah masa itu akan tiba? Sanggupkah orang-orang kampung membuat pengorbanan?

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 11:48  

"We are a parliamentary democracy and our monarchy is a constitutional monarchy"

Absolutely right! UMNO, the sultans and all Malaysians know that too! But then UMNO and a few sultans and thieves chose to ignore and not to follow the Rule! Talk about crooks in this nation!

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 15:16  


U'r rare species in UMNO...ha ha ha..almost extinct in UMNO..or safe from being slaughter by others Corky UMNO members...ha ha already get it..ha ha..

But Don't worried, After BN lost PRU-13, U'r the savior of UMNO...and may fight back at PRU-14 ..ha ha ha.

I salute you..and as for malay pantun..

Siakap Senehong, Gelama Ikan Diri..
Sikap berbohong, lama-lama mencuri..

Now not only his lying but also steeling people money...ha ha ha.

It's is true, when you employ people which is easily Blind with Money, you also blind..ha ha ha..thay what happen to Jibby..ha ha ha.

My father told me, the person who cause Jibby Blind is our Ambassador to US..I don't know if is true but Dato' know better than me ..ha ha ha.

Ramli Mohd Yunus 13 January 2011 at 21:29  

Dear Dato,

You read more than reffered more than me..but allow me to say this...Malaysian politic is comparable to only third world countries..Papua...Haiti..Swasiland etc..

We are very far behind from even Sinagpore...maturity..defination..practices..we have been giving the wrong defination about politics all the way...

Yet we look for reasons...reasons to justify our wrong deed.

Ahmad Syafiq 14 January 2011 at 00:20  

You are part of a dying breed of rational-thinking people within UMNO. If only most people in UMNO can think like you, Malaysia would have been a much better place already.

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