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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 13 January 2011

UMNO’s inability at managing change or why it CAN lose

Many seemingly unrelated events point to a unified theme. Our nation is finally gripped in a loosening of controls and inhibitions. That is not good for UMNO which chooses to remain archaic and clings to the old ways. UMNO it seems thrive very well in a culture of subservience, inhibitions and controlled environment. In an undefined setting, its lost. Imagine if the new approach towards uplifting social consciousness and thought formation like crowdsourcing makes its way into Malaysia, where social actions arise from undefined social and organizational sources, UMNO will be finished.
The seizure of power in Perak for example is generally viewed as being made possible by the involvement of the Perak King. Despite the court's ruling, the people's court regards Zambry Kadir as a political usurper. He is an illegitimate and illegal MB.
It follows then, that whatever polices that Zambry Kadir formulated from the time he assumed power were illegal. The moneys appropriated and set aside from the consolidated fund and applied for a variety of purposes were also illegal.
Just recently, the appointment of the Selangor SS was also seen as being made possible by the intervention and involvement of the king of Selangor.
The two events resulted in a loosening of people's inhibitions. People are becoming emboldened to question the proper role of the constitutional monarchy. Let us be clear to what is happening here. People are pointing out to the fact that ours is a constitutional monarchy. It's not a call for the overthrow of the institution or a call for rebellion. It is suggestive of a larger desire by an increasing number of the population, to see that the proper rule of law and the sovereignty of the rule of law need to and should be observed. Pointing that out is not intended to derhaka to the monarchy.
The majority of Malays who did not vote for UMNO are now centered mostly in cities and towns. There is a magic ingredient in urban life. Maybe it's the Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Subway sandwiches culture. They are more mobile in their thinking and are less inhibitory in speech and actions. The younger generation of Malays in towns and cities hardly read newspapers. Those who continue to read are people like in my generation- the old school generation who needed something to engage our minds when sitting on the 'throne' every morning.
The younger generation surfs the internet. Those who are about to enter voting age are openly criticizing the much ballyhooed Islamic Fashion Show in Monaco. Monaco is famous for only one thing- it's the gambling capital of the world and the citadel of decadence and opulence. The younger generation of voting age can openly criticize the organizers and the patrons of that event.
These are the people who will never vote for UMNO and BN.
Again the common factor is the removal of inhibitions.
Those Malays who migrated into towns and cities adopt a very different culture from those Malays in villages and Kampong. They are less inhibited in their culture, ideas and actions. The recent Juara Lagu contest showed clearly the rise of a new Malay generation with a less inhibited culture. The young lass, Yuna for example while singing adorning a conservative dressing, displayed a readiness and willingness to also adopt new technology and a new styling in the choice of her song. The young lad, by the name of Tomok did a song and dance routine that was hardly conservative and Malay in its purity. Again, they symbolize the uninhibited.
The Malays dwelling in cities and towns and making up the increasingly bigger number of Malay voters are not accompanied by the inhibitive and controlling structures in the villages. In the village you have all sorts of institutional structures- the JKKK, the surau committee, the prevailing conservative and possibly religiously restraining social and cultural milieu.
You have little of these in cities. These structures are not replicated in towns and cities. You don't have the heavily politicized JKKK, the various personality centered grassroots organizations and that sort of thing. There is in general, a loosening cultural milieu in the cities and towns.
Yet these were the structures that made UMNO more successful than others in the villages and kampongs. Since these are not replicated in towns and cities, they also account for the loosening of UMNO's grip on the Malays.
Writing on the Industrial Revolution of the 1860s, Arnold Toynbee in his Lectures on the Industrial Revolution observed:-
The success of Britain in pioneering industrial change and ushering in a new world history was not the result of mere mechanical inventiveness. The essential ingredient was a political culture which was receptive to change and improvement. Old working practices had to be abandoned, old rights had to be torn up, and the whole social and economic fabric of a country had to be loosened up if innovations were to take effect. (From The Industrial Revolutionaries- The Making Of The Modern World, 1776-1914. Gavin Weightman.
UMNO doesn't seem to have what it takes to manage the loosening of the social and cultural milieu. Nor does it seem to have the presence of mind, the verve so to speak, to manage the change.
When UMNO sponsored or indirectly supported those wild eyed young men and women to shout violent outbursts and threatening verbal abuses against the so called traitors of certain Malay institutions, it only points out to one fact- that UMNO has lost its grip on the loosening and uninhibited future culture.
Since it doesn't understand and lacked the tools to manage the new social milieu, it can lose in the next GE.


Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 14:19  

If UMNO can win on its own merits why has it got to enrol the 'Kings', the AG, the police, the judges, the civil service into its fold to do its bidding?

Why has it to unfold seditious banners and blame them on Pakatan?
Why has it to control the media?
Why has it a wild dog called Utusan?
Why does it need postal votes?

In the process the 'Kings' are spoken of in despicable terms.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 14:58  

Dato' fatastico!
Let it be, let it be or biarkan, biarkan Jibbyy terjun dengan... nya.
It is getting louder but probably a bit too late for JIbby. And the future generation will blame him for the fiasco and the destruction of the grand Old Party of Malaysia.
In the military they said lost command and that is exactly what happen to Jibby.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 14:59  

Dear SAK,
If you ask me, 'Are you an UMNO man?'... I might say, 'Yes, I AM'... but I will NEVER vote for UMNO as long as those self centered goons are at the top.

I am amazed that at times you write many beautiful articles, one of them is this... and yet, NO ONE in UMNO pays any attention to it. So how do I make sure that I am heard and we want to see change for the better? By Our votes! My families WERE staunch UMNO supporters but since the last election, I persuaded everyone including our parents and relatives in kampungs to vote the opposition. We have to make sure we punish those good for nothing goons even we have to sacrifice now... we will take the chance. No pain, no gain.

These people also think we Malays are studpid and can't see through the lies and all the corruptions that benefits those greedy goons in the name of NEP and what not.

So what... if Pakatan goof ups, we are willing to switch back BUT NOT before we see ACTUAL change and not the camouflage... And u are damn right, I do not read newspapers full of lies... and same with our kids with their own individual laptops...

Good piece of article, SAK... May Allah keep you in good health that you can continue writing...

With all sincerity.... ARA67

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 15:00  

Dear SAK,
If you ask me, 'Are you an UMNO man?'... I might say, 'Yes, I AM'... but I will NEVER vote for UMNO as long as those self centered goons are at the top.

I am amazed that at times you write many beautiful articles, one of them is this... and yet, NO ONE in UMNO pays any attention to it. So how do I make sure that I am heard and we want to see change for the better? By Our votes! My families WERE staunch UMNO supporters but since the last election, I persuaded everyone including our parents and relatives in kampungs to vote the opposition. We have to make sure we punish those good for nothing goons even we have to sacrifice now... we will take the chance. No pain, no gain.

These people also think we Malays are studpid and can't see through the lies and all the corruptions that benefits those greedy goons in the name of NEP and what not.

So what... if Pakatan goof ups, we are willing to switch back BUT NOT before we see ACTUAL change and not the camouflage... And u are damn right, I do not read newspapers full of lies... and same with our kids with their own individual laptops...

Good piece of article, SAK... May Allah keep you in good health that you can continue writing...

With all sincerity.... ARA67

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 15:55  

simply..u can't outsource leadership..not at this critical period and certainly not in the age of internet.

if u want to blog..u got to write it urself.If u want to tweet,u bette be ready to hv sore thumbs.
If u want to create a must be yours from the heart,
If you want to change things round..u got to know where you came from.The word "transformation" means more then repackaging of the same old same old.

But the most important thing is...if the New Coke is damaging the nation u must hv the courage to drop it and go back to the tried and trusted formula.

Too much syok sendirism in govt,khazanah n pemandu..but the hot nasi lemak is the same stale one< reheated and in gaudy packaging to impress the Boss.

TDM never outsourced leadership.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 18:54  

The winds of CHANGE are here.

This coming Sarawak state election in July 2011 will see the fall of BN Sarawak.

This will resonate to Sabah and Malaya in the 13th GE.

CHANGE WE WILL ..... Obama.

Yes. New Government. New Hope.

Voices from the oppressed people of Sarawak.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 19:11  

That UMNO will be history is a foregone conclusion.Whatever means employed by UMNO will not stop its demise but merely postpone the eventuality. We have for more powerful regimes than UMNO but the outcome is just the same. Look at Marcos, Suharto, Chiang Ching Kuok of Taiwan etc..........It is always the same.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 21:04  

You should e-mail your article to those half-past six senior malay judges like Ariffin Zakaria & Alauddin, and those Fed Crt malay judges. Ex-Judge NH Chan called them foolish judges.

They are really an embarrassment to us malays. They can kow-tow to Umno in engineering a decision that suits Umno but make mockery of the rule of law, our Fed constitution and of constitutional monarchy.

They should be sent to Zoo Negara instead so that visitors could see the quality of malay judges presiding in our superior courts.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 21:10  

The term missing from this article is 'freedom'.

What young urban malays are experiencing is called 'freedom'.

They have been freed from the constraints placed upon them by the kampung hierarchy of village elders and heads.

They are now free to determine themselves how to live their lives. They are free to pursue things that would have been frowned upon and regarded as 'evil' by their village elders.

Freedom. Thats what this article is talking about but never actually mentions the word.

Freedom of thought. That's what UMNO-BN is trying to fight against. For it knows. Once your mind has been freed, it can never be shackled again.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 23:30  

["Dalam konsep kepimpinan, baginda Nabi s.a.w mengajar supaya mereka yang dipimpin wajib patuh kepada pemimpin walaupun pemimpin itu seorang hamba berkulit hitam," kata beliau ketika berucap di majlis perhimpunan bulanan penjawat awam di Kota Darulnaim pagi ini.

Dalam masyarakat Arab jahiliyyah kata beliau, bangsa kulit hitam yang berasal dari Habsyah (Afrika) amat dipandang hina kerana mereka adalah golongan hamba abdi yang tiada sebarang hak malah boleh di jual beli.

"Rasulullah s.a.w. sengaja menggunakan kiasan ini untuk menunjukkan Islam membawa misi pembebasan fikiran yang dibawa oleh Islam, supaya pengagungan bangsa dihapuskan," kata beliau.
] Tok Guru Nik Aziz


This took a long time coming, a spontaniety of the age and time for Malaysia. Had we used lots of English, it might have come earlier. Or could it ever in Malaysia?

There was the SAR. But nasi dah jadi bubur!

What turns your stomache is when those in Manara Pusing froth and foam at the mouth.

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 00:12  

Any political organization which fails to recognize its weaknesses and take remedial measures is doom to slip into political oblivion. The political tsunami which uprooted BN’s long monopoly and their grip on the electorate is a strong signal for the ruling coalition to reform; but contrary to this Umno is still in their archaic mode. With all the profligacy of con sultans, paying millions for public relations firms to boost their popularity which has been tarnished by scandals after sandals. The State Grab of Perak and now the unfolding political crisis in Selangor have made a mockery of our esteemed System of Separation of Power, which will throw Umno to the abyss of decadence. The racial hatred and the supremacist policies unleashed by Umno to redeem his lost support would not be able to hoodwink the young educated urban Malays. As such BN will follow their failed compatriots in Golkar, Congress of India, Kuomintang of Taiwan and LDP of Japan.

Ahmad Syafiq 14 January 2011 at 00:16  

It's indeed a very beautiful article by you Sir. Most of my family members are staunch UMNO followers and I have not the slightest of ideas of how to convey the message of reform in governance. Instead, I'm the one who is afraid to go against the flow out in the open. (I had to keep my actual political affiliations secret, which sounds hipocritical. I speak BN with my parents, and yet I speak PR with majority of my friends.)

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 00:43  

Dear SAK,

I reckon you do not want to wire up your readers with pedantic stuff but my guess is you are coming from the concept of Marketing Myopia as espoused by Theodore Levitt.

I say you are spot on. UMNO has failed to re-energize itself because it is suffering from acute myopia. The symptoms are on the wall for all to see.

Although a cure may be available, any signs of relief will take longer to appear because it has two other diseases which prolongs its myopia: aloof and arrogance.

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 05:02  

Most urban and young Malaysians like myself are prone to follow the lead of a leader who walk the talk. Say if the economy is not doing so well and the rakyat have to live on shoestring budget, than we expect the leaders be it UMNO PKR DAP PAS SUPP PESAKA to follow suit. It irks us to see them flashing the wealth and affluence and at the same time call for rakyat to toe the line when it comes to spending, that civil servants have to cut their budget when most of the time excessive spending may not be incurred from their own doing. Why can't elected leaders live within their means and not to carry their title everywhere? This is where you see rakyat looking up and get inspired with leaders like Tok Guru who not only call for moderation but he himself lives in moderation, always humble when talking and not seen to be living in a mansion. The fact that he is from PAS might not allure him to non-Muslim voters, for instance. But it will get them thinking, how come this man can live in all simplicity he could afford, despite his status as a Chief Minister of a State?

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal.

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 07:51  

Similar kind of leadership style & leadership mindset in some of the GLICs and GLCs

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 07:56  

Dear Dato'

It is not a matter whether they will lose in the next coming election.

If God put an end to their life and then suddenly they turn to be alive again, they will remain unchanged.

In Malay, we say: "mati hidup balik pun tak berubah"

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 09:27  

And now it is scrapping the bottom of the barrel, using Umi Haffida's help.
This woman's sounds so stupid, so unMalay and out of her mind. Now more people will distance themselves from UMNO

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 10:31  

"Delusion, amnesia, inertia and arrogance."

Someone got it ... but what would it take?

Or is it never UMNO's call, but Malayia's?

The mess in the constitution is like some very bad viral computer scripts.

Red Alfa 14 January 2011 at 12:16  

Salam Dato'

UMNO is unable to manage the change and for that UMNO CAN lose?

So we are sure on the whys and whats and the huge inertia UMNO will not change or manage any change?

Of course THEY already know that and better! To them certainly, moving any mountain would be the much easier task!

Not losing sight with the objective which is NOT to lose, UMNO will have plans to "win". We think in extrapolation but Malaysia is the BOLEHLAND and not quite the democracies of Japan, Tawan, Korea or even Indonesia. Anything can happen and all that are critical will become to UMNO benefit.

While we are postulating how the game will go in the next few moves UMNO will surely have the checkmate in less.

So UMNO is just too many incompetents and goons? Yes!.. but the self serving kinds are really something else!

rance,  14 January 2011 at 14:27  

Dear Dato'Sak, I had a good laugh yesterday.Ummi hafilda appeared on prime time TV, and she wants to sue a number of politicians. Has she gone bonkers or what? Why after so many yrs. To be frank with you Dato'i fear the next GE.

walla 14 January 2011 at 14:51  

A: '?'

B: '!'

A: 'I've read the Sulaiman article again, Sir, and i think it's one of a few in a class of its own.'

B: 'Goes to show even our Malay intelligentsia have analyzed dispassionately and precisely the full situation.'

A: 'And i also sense the majority of Umno members have reached the same conclusion - things cannot continue the way they are.

The difference is that the ones in the cities are more vocal about that while those in the rural areas are just hoping for the best but deep inside they too sense it's a lost cause.

Furthermore, bloggers who have onstantly waxed eloquent about Umno have not been able to produce a single coherent piece why the rakyat should trust the party again.

For instance, they can't explain the blatant behaviour, actions and policies of Umno's leaders and little napoleons directly but must resort to deflecting attention towards the msm-massaged weaknesses of the opposition.'

B: 'It has been articulated before that it is not so easy to change. We have to understand why this is so. Umno cannot really change because its diehards have failed to understand what GE12 was all about. GE12 wasn't about the opposition. It was about the injustice, arrogance and criminality of Umno.

Since that tsunami, there have been attempts and measures to reform. But each time there was the slightest opening for personal or political gain, they reverted to their old selves. This clearly shows insincerity if not insecurity and that cheapens not only their intent but also cheapens their brand of politics. Which then begs the question how Umno can regain real trust of the rakyat by affecting the pretense of change. It's impossible to make people believe that DNA can be changed. Inserted as circumstantial evidence, maybe, but changed molecularly?'

A: 'I too agree. Maybe when Najib met the Barisan MPs, he just wanted to gauge and calibrate the findings of that field intelligence report before him - whether Barisan was ready for the next general elections. The findings must have been dismal because the sangfroid was obviously all artificial.'

B: 'Take this sudden appearance of Ummi Hafilda. Doesn't she realize the rakyat are asking why now? In case you've missed what i am saying, why now was exactly the same question asked by her Umno President when confronted with the Rais matter on which people are also asking about the photo.'

A: 'What photo, Sir?'

walla 14 January 2011 at 14:52  


B: 'The one showing the maid being interviewed wearing a mask right out of phantom of the opera. Maybe it's a fake photo. But if it isn't, doubts are already sown as to why she needs to wear a mask in the first place, with the reversal strangely coinciding with the lateness of Rais' denial.

Furthermore if the PM at that time didn't know, it only goes to show he was sleeping in his work although some will still say he was actually working in his sleep which was to bury the nettlesome matter, taking a leaf from his predecessor.

You know, Sofea, the rakyat still remember Thamby Chik, Megat Junid, Abu Hassan and Mohd Taib. Now this. And then other names like Shahidan Kassim, Nasrun Mansur, Musbah Jamli and Harman Mohammad come up in bad light on the web. Who are they and what did they do? Will they be brave enough to kiss Tok Aziz's hand in much the same way one of them was pixed bowing almost ninety degrees to Najib?

If the Umno general members put two and two together, they will only conclude that even within the party, there are two sets of standards, one for the general hoi-polloi plebeians and another for the privileged position class.

Isn't this feudalism layered on a colonialism they had disdained so much they actually made it the central theme of the Commonwealth games hosted here whose accounts are still not ready?!

Just think if our Malays can ask these questions, what will the nonMalays who have been called mata sepet and kaki botol say?

Will they protest by drinking less Pepsi and thus not going to KFC because one Umno adun owning that fizzy's franchise had said this country didn't need the nonMalays?'

A: 'Wow, Sir!'

B: 'I'm not finished yet, Sofea.

Sometimes you get real answers not so much from things done but also from things not done.

For instance, we used to enjoy the speeches by certain bluebloods. I can think of two. What has happened to them? Isn't that telling that things have come to a head? The rakyat are concluding that if even the best of the best who are available no longer hold accountable what they say within the ziggurats of this party, then there must be something enormously wrong with the party. Why the inelegant silence?

And it has indeed come to a head in the state of Selangor within living memory of what had transpired with a golf club in another state.

The DNA propagated by Umno has made even well-meaning people forget that they must rise above their own spin.

If no one is indispensable, who is untouchable by His Will?

The world is an ecosystem. Who would have thought that devastating floods can wreck Queensland and Brazil at the same time? In such a global ecosystem, no one is an island. The strong and weak coexist and are guided by life's mission to help each other and contribute as one has been Made which means the highest and strongest is no higher or stronger than the lowest and weakest before Him. If we cannot see this clearly, stand down, pack up, go home.'

A: 'Wow, wow, Sir!'

B: 'And that is why many of the rakyat are puzzled by Najib saying the Opposition's financial plan was irresponsible because it didn't mention details of financing and affordability.

They ask shouldn't Najib ask himself exactly that question first with regards the Barisan ETP projects? For instance, how is the RM36.6 Billion MRT project already started to be funded if it is to be government-owned but private-built? Someone calculated things out and said it was seven ringgit for a ride.'

A: 'Hey, Sir, that looks possible, doesn't it?'

B: 'Sofea, it's seven ringgit per stop.'

walla 14 January 2011 at 14:54  


A: 'Ohh, so that means seventy ringgit to travel the distance of ten stations?'

B: 'I don't want to know. But i am curious how it is going to be funded. If you say issue bonds, who would buy, and more importantly what are the financing charges and amortization period? Maybe we have to become a colony of some maid-abusing arab state. How do you like that?

Come to think of it, maybe that's going to happen. We may have to learn arabic given that the standard of english in our secondary schools is much lower that that of the primary schools of that dot.

But can you imagine what we will be producing for the 21st century? Graduates who won't mind working as maids overseas because they can't get better jobs here because in our marvelously run economy, the wage of a hotel worker has only increased to rm400 from rm120 - thirty, Umno-pipping, years ago.

Of course, the fact our private healthcare industry charges the same three hundred percent increase for generic medicine is lost on all.

And jokers around are still harping on how to kill off the vernacular schools.'

A: 'Sir, i suspect the diehards know. They're just too scared to agree to changes. Because they're scared to lose their privileges.'

B: 'Whatever it is, we're finished as a nation, Sofea. All the spin and acronyms won't matter if the mind is backward and self-deluding, the culture scared and scarring, and the intent evil and racist.

Do you know what BN stands for? Buli, Bulu and Bulur Naik.'

A: 'But some will still say we need Umno because it champions our Malays.'

B: 'Like Kampung Baru? You want to retain its malayness but yet develop it? Why not ask Syed Albukhary to go in as developer, pay premium rates asked, pay thirty percent commission, and then on top of that gift each lot owner with a new premises to be built on that land. And then after all that, make some profit.

And that, dear Sofea, has been exactly the mentality going on in the stoned minds of our national Umno-brand policy makers. They're not just unreal, they're spaced out from all possible realities. They have snoozed the race through half a century of real-substance progress by others which were behind and are now ahead.'

walla 14 January 2011 at 14:55  


A: 'But they have created a middle class, Sir.'

B: 'Ok, so sustain it, Sofea. How? With what? Except for the elites, the Umno middle class in the cities and towns are suffering. That's why the numbers show up on those who have migrated. The worse is yet to come, Sofea, and it will engulf all. Umno has no answers. It is completely unprepared. If one has to even commission spinmeisters, that shows how denuded of intelligence is the organization. Umno has zero legacy of real excellence, no matter what it says. Everything is high price, high maintenance, very uneven and low quality.'

A: 'Then what will you suggest the rakyat to do to replace those policies?'

B: 'Simple. Practise i help you you help me.

But i make a strong distinction here. I don't mean ihelpyouyouhelpme between present government and rakyat. I mean rakyat to rakyat. R2R, in modern parlance.

The rakyat help each other, one another, in a global ecosystem, free from the machinations of politicians. That's why i don't like the notion of race and race-based politics.

Because this model returns us to the old days before racism and racialism was started until Umno's official organ could even excuse May 13 as a keramat event because it helped to create the malay middle class. Wouldn't you be ashamed to be a middle class Malay let alone a pure Muslim given to know it was built over the corpses of others?'

A: 'Wow, again, Sir. You have tied everything up.'

B: 'I should have my old siesta now but i remember i have to go to another blogspot, epolicy, to write some philosophy....

Meanwhile those stupid politicians should realize that since GE13 will probably be the ugliest, shouldn't they all be taking steps now to get independent auditors or observers from outside the country, given how easily things can be bent to serve political expediency, even when they should be hallowed above-politics ideals?

Ok, now i too am finished, Sofea.'

Donplaypuks® 14 January 2011 at 15:00  

"These are the people who will never vote for UMNO and BN."


My father, grandfather (even after 1969 as they were not per se against affirmative action) and myself voted for BN and only changed our vote after a certain Pharoah started implementing outright racist policies that have continued since with PM's of less and less credibility and suspected of being criminals.

The day UMNO/BN is seen as being even-handed to ALL M'sians, the stray sheep shall return to the fold! Of that you can be sure.

We want a Govt that genuinely represents all its citizens, not one that pretends to and mouths PR homilies (at the cost of over $100 million to our collective wallets) like '1 Malaysia' and 'inclusive' which sounds suspiciously like the USA did in the '60's about its blacks - '(Almost) Equal but Separate'!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 18:50  

Umi Hafida,
The First Malay woman to show middle finger in public. Fortunately she is from UMNO.
What is she going to show next?
PAS woman don't do this.

umar,  14 January 2011 at 19:20  

why don't Ummi Hafilda sue Azmil Ali or Azizan Abu Bakar?
Whatever happened to her advertising business ?
Is she going to sue the dead ones too; khalid jefri, Moktar Abdullah, Dr.Rustina Majid? Perhaps the judges too who released Anwar ...

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 19:27  

it's easier said than done bro, with all sorts of theories and your own hypothesis, one thing you don't realize is that once we lose grip on the POLITICAL front, that's the end of it bro, just like the OTTOMAN's, PALESTINIANs, MALACCA's and many other slumped bangsas in the world. Seemed that you have not learned anything, you are a learned man, however your thinking is still colonised, clever but not wise SIR. by azmibinabdullatiff

Anonymous,  14 January 2011 at 21:23  

By bringing in the undischarged Bankrupt Ummi Hafilda into the show, just goes to show how desperate Umno has become. UMMI, :), My God, talk about Desperation. What next start digging out graves?

orang kampung,  15 January 2011 at 08:14  

Dato Sak,

Another brilliant piece from you.

True in the kampungs, we have structured JKKK and mosque/surau committees. But if UMNO were to depend on them for votes in the next GE, it will be a lost cause simply because thay don't have the voters as the olds have passed-off and the youngs have migrated to the towns and cities.

Take my kampung for example, what used to be a very vibrant and lively is almost totally abandoned. And initially in the 60s there were only two blocks of wooden school building but later two double-storey brick buildings had to be built to accomodate the ever growing student population then.But NOW the school could hardly make two classes.

We could only see the crowd during Hari Rayas as they do still come back to the kampung. But they don't cast their votes here.

So what's next fo UMNO?

Donplaypuks® 15 January 2011 at 13:57  

Ooh, that vindictive Jezebel! Relentless against her own brother too.

Hell hath no fury like a "born again virgin" scorned, I suppose! Muahaha.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

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