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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 13 January 2011

From Indonesia with love

I am sure many of us listened to the interview with Sumiwati. She is a roommate to the unfortunate Robengah, the Indonesian maid to Minister Rais Yatim and wife Masnah Rais.
Sumiwati denied the presence of any opportunity for the act in question to be committed. She said Rais would come back to the house and go upstairs immediately. There was little interaction and in fact, Sumiwati said, Rais hardly knew the maids. There were 3 of them, sharing one room downstairs. It's impossible for anything to happen if there were always 3 of them.
However, Robengah painted a different and perhaps contradictory picture. She said Rais was nice to her and often gave her gifts and other things and she usually opens the gates. So they had every opportunity to eyeball one another.
It looks like this episode surrounding Rais will be feedstuff for the political canons in days to come. The only way for these innuendos to end is for Rais to take legal action against those he thinks have aspersed and libeled him. He must seek legal redress.
It is to Rais's discredit to come out with a denial so many weeks after the news about the incident first leaked. This has resulted in endless rounds of speculation that, the intervening period was sufficient for Rais or his supporter to dispatch someone to Indonesia, seek out poor Robingah and 'persuaded' here to retract and change her story. But her story was sent to the US and other embassies and even sent to the Malaysian government. Meaning, the then PM and the then DPM knew of the stories.
The PM's answer of 'why now' was unfortunate, I think. A better answer would be, if there is any crime or wrong committed in Malaysia, it must be reported here. Since it wasn't reported here, there was no need to investigate. Since it was only reported in Indonesia, the investigating authority is Indonesia's. And if Indonesia has said nothing of that sort happened, it's no business of Malaysia to question the integrity of such an investigation. End of story.

What shall not end are the implications on Malaysian politics. Whatever one wishes to think of the incident, the political future of Rais is sealed. The PM can't go face an election with disabilities a plenty. Nor can Rais face the public with a straight face.
It looks like Rais's politics will come to an ignominious closure.


Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 09:03  

Dato', kesihan ni lah hamba mu Rais anak Yatim.
He must has been whacked right, left and center by Datin Masnah right now- aha what a pity of being naughty.
But don't expect Jibby to say anything more than what he had said in fact his statement is inviting more suspicious, lacking credibility and an indicator of Jibby character- aha you guess what sir!
Just fancy the title from Indonesia with love and Rais will strike back from Mongolia with love. So how? Ini macam bolih karam kapal UMNO Tok!

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 09:09  

There is no love lost between Rais and the rakyat. He has overstayed his welcome. Good riddance.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 09:21  


I think you are wrong on one aspect. The 'offence' was committed in KL. So the Indonesian police and its legal system has no jurisdiction ot investigate or to bring the offender in malaysian soil.

You said the 'information of the rape' was made known to Dollah and Najib. They sld have passed it to the police for investigation, if the police had not gotten the info. Once the Police received information from whichever source, they are duty bound to investigate u/d s.110 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Yhe question you shld ask is this why didn't the police initiate investigation when the malaysian gov't received the story in 2007. When Dollah received the info, the info is clearly about an allegation of rape. It is no business of him to make personal opinion whether to believe it or it. It is the statutory duty of the police to investigate u/s.110 CPC to prove or disprove the alleged rape.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 09:41  

[""With an overwhelming majority in Parliament of the same political party since Merdeka in 1957 it has now become a misconception to regard the Malaysian Parliament as the safeguard of rights and freedoms. In many respects that institution is the issuer of licence to violate freedoms."

"Freedom under Executive Power in Malaysia" - Rais Yatem, Phd "

Bugger learns his lesson well.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 10:28  

All we can say is "padan muka". Still can't forget the extreme arrogance he shown to the journalist who posed the question in English. The public believed the underdog more than scums like Lie-as Kau-tim.

d'enricher 13 January 2011 at 12:14  


Politik Malaysia ni memang kira 'terror' lah, bukan main banyak kes lagi.

Tuduhan-tuduhan ni semuanya menarik, dan kemungkinan berlaku ada, bak kata pepatah melayu :-

"kalau tak ada angin, takkan pokok bergoyang"

Tapi ...

Sistem kita ni, dia macam pilih orang aje, ada orang tu habis semua cara digunakan untuk memalu serta membuktikan kesalahannya, dan orang tu, apa juga tak ada isu dan sebab nak ambil tindakan. Tak kira lah dalam Parti ke, atau kerajaan.

Cakaplah macam mana, akhirnya nasib baik, kat dunia lepas, enjoy sakan siap sengeh kat kamera, kerana didapati tak bersalah. Ada jadi Presiden Parti, ada masih jadi MB, ada yang jadi KP UMNO, ada yang siap di lantik jadi Pengerusi Felda lagi.

Walaubagaimanapun ...

Yang percaya dan yakin akan janji Allah SWT, masa tu menganiaya orang, menzalimi orang dan tidak amanah ada adzab nya. Masa tu, sorry la, point of no return.

Enjoy la semampunya.


Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 12:32  


The chicken has come home to roost. Rais has got what he deserved. Politicians of the worst kind (arrogant ones) never learn that in politics, things can change for the worst very quickly. Had he been humbled, there may be some public sympathy. Because of his arrogance, the public will think of him being guilty even if he is not. That's perception for you. Similarly, Jibby's reputation is such that he is guilty at whatever is thrown at him irrespective of what ever charges are made. That is due to his lack of integrity and credibility. QED.

Malays have a saying - Padan Muka!!!!!

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 16:12  

Like you said, the PM could have said something different from his "why now?" comment. The PM's comment actually confirms that the allegation is true!!!

Shouldn't the police take action on alleged incident that took place on Malaysian soil?

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 16:13  

The issue here is not just only about Rais and whether he did or did not. It's also about the honesty and integrity of Najib and Badawi. If indeed Rais did commit the alleged crime and if Najib and Badawi are aware of it, then Badawi and Najib should have acted against Rais in the very first instance. Unfortunately now, it is too late for Najib to even show his sincerity as his initial response of "why now" has raised even more suspicion that he may have known about the allegations but chose to remain quiet for whatever reasons. This does not augment well for a PM who continuously retorises "People first, performance now".

It is very common practice for malaysian politicians including the AG, former CJ and former IGP to maintain their elegant silence whenever such "rumours" of inappropriate doings surfaces. These people are naive to think that by maintaining their silence the runours will just disappear into thin air. Better still if they swear on the holy book that they are innocent, the rumours will all together disappear instantly! I guess these people never heard of "silence means consent or agreement". Then after a few weeks of elegant silence (when they think they have found their perfect response to deny the rumours), they come out in the open and spew out a load of b**ls**t thinking the malaysian public buys their denial stories. These people are so pathetic.

As long as this country has such questionable leaders and politicians, the malaysian public (and international community) will eye these leaders and politicians with utmost suspicion. And this does not augur well for the economy.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 17:04  

He is innocent until proven guilty. It is possible that the maid made up the allegation due to some grudges she had with her employer at that time.

But his hesitance to defend his innocence has raised a lot of questions.

And the government's hesitance to investigate what really happened and find out the integrity of one of its ministers is really appalling.

Compare this to the case where a minister was accused of sodomizing his driver. In that case, the victim also did not make any police report and the allegation was only made in a book and a poison letter. We all know what happened to the minister and how effective the AG and police have been.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 20:54  

"Why now". Good one Dato.

Another idiot bites the dust.

What do we expect from a country that is run by idiots.

Idiots rule.

Anonymous,  13 January 2011 at 21:34  

The Rais anak yatim scum is a rapist...he looks like one, talks like one and behaves like one for keeping silent for so many weeks after the Wikileaks cable became public.

He is a gatal old man....tengoklah muka dia. Receding hairline...almost botak is caused by high testosterone. High testosterone means high libido.

He malu nak keluar cari ayam.....takut orangramai kenal kan. Dah bosan dengan isteri...jadi bila naik gatal, tarik lah amah Indon.

Celaka punya Yatim...tak ade maruah.

Very arrogant guy...biarlah dia mampus.

Aku hanya kesian Robengah. Amah2 di Malaysia takut nak report...polis akan bersaingan dengan orang politikus..kan dah tau..jadi maid2 takut lah.

ikan gurame

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