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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 23 January 2011

BN can win in Tenang.


What will people make of the refusal of the PAS candidate refusing to shake hands with menfolk in Tenang? She may have the vision, analytical skills, imagination and all that. But does she have a sense of reality? Is she displaying a sense of pompous piety? Really, will shaking hands with menfolk in public in front of many, compromised her religious beliefs and will drive menfolk into sexual frenzy?

Will the absence of the sense of reality diminish her capacity to serve as ADUN? Her refusal to shake hands will be read as lack of pragmatism and sense of reality. Not good qualities to be without in an ADUN.

The fact sheet about Tenang is as follows. Tenang has 14,753 registered voters comprising 7,014 Malays (47.5%), 5,766 Chinese (39%), 1,780 Indians (12%) and other races (1.5%). There are 18 postal voters.

Most of the Malays in Tenang are involved in agriculture. 3000 of them lived in Felda settlements. By and large, Felda settlers should be unmoved by side issues. Like others they are conscious and aware of the evils of corruption. They do read in between the lines. The question is will this concern be big enough to translate into votes against BN? Probably the people in Tenang have a live and let live attitude. It's not commendable, but that's how it is.

Like many of us, Felda settlers are resigned to the fact that corruption isn't easy to abolish and proven in court. Energy and resources would be wasted. Settlers are more concerned about bread and butter issues. Will they be getting their land titles? Will the good palm oil price persevere? Will the community get social amenities and facilities? Can their children have access to educational facilities? If the PM comes and says there's cash to be given around, they will gladly accept the money. Who doesn't with school going children and a host of expenses to be met at the beginning of the year?

As to the corruption, they will support those public spirited souls who continue to expose the shenanigans of those in power. Like I said, corruption is an important issue but the difficulty is to establish the relevance of such an issue in Tenang in a by election. How far has the alleged pervasive corruption affected their lives? If the PR can establish a direct link between this issue and the interests of the Tenang people, they can win support and votes.

Hence the issues such as corruption will be interesting to hear, clapped and jeered at. But I fear it will not be enough to sway voters.

Will the opposition inspired ANAK be a force in Tenang? The issues raised by Anak concerning deceitful pricing of FFB (that's fresh fruit bunches) and others are contestable in court. That can be easily demonstrated as the presence of avenues for settlers to settle grievances. As settlers have won several cases, these facts can be adduced as evidence that, what the Felda Corporation people connived were not done with government's complicity. So I would say, ANAK's ability to influence the majority of felda settlers will not be as great as to sway voters away.

What about the 4000 or so Malay non settlers? They work as traders, educationists and general workers. What are the issues that interest them?

What do UMNO and PR represent? That's what interests them. Which way they go will depend on the ability of any one party that is better able manage the demand between Malay issues and how far these issues can be and are compromised. That would depend on the ability to assuage the feelings and assurance given that Malay concerns will not be compromised. Religion, language, kings and so forth.

Who gets the votes will likely depend on which party is perceived to have given up more than necessary.

I suspect, people will be asking to evaluate as between Najib Tun Razak and Anwar Ibrahim, who have compromised Malay issues more? Then, as between them, who is better able to assure Malays that their interests will be protected. Urban Chinese will also evaluate who between the two is better able to mollify Chinese apprehensions.

I called a Chinese businessman friend whose home is in Segamat. I asked him who he thinks will win. He answers without missing a beat- BN gerenti menang!. Menang in Tenang.

Almost 40% of the voters are Chinese mostly engaged in trading and mercantile activities. As long as they make money or the environment within which they can make money is all right, Chinese are ok. They are indifferent as to who governs. Will the climate be good to allow making money? They will be looking at who between BN and PR are able to inspire confidence.

The Indians who are relative poorer community requires nothing but immediate relief. Bring relief, and the Indians will be won over. There's nothing demeaning in this attitude, but they like others, will be looking out for their immediate interests first.

This by election is not about finding who between the candidates are pristine and pure in their religious beliefs. If that is the case, then the PAS candidate displaying a very public sense of piety by refusing to shake hands with menfolk can easily win. By the way, is this an indication that people in Tenang are a bunch of horny hordes that the slightest touch of the human flesh with the opposite sex will trigger sexual urges that are uncontrollable? What are they eating?

People will be looking at pragmatism here. To me, it is ironic that a dose of pragmatic balance between demands of religious edicts with practical aspects of human interaction during the course of work becomes the deciding factor in the election in Tenang. Will the people in Tenang be willing to live with an ADUN who wears gloves all the time to allow her to shake hands with all and sundry?


Anonymous,  23 January 2011 at 22:47  

The Chinese are a practical lot. sure, in MCA, they even accept a porn star as their leader. Can you beat such pragmatism? And not shaking hands become an issue from a philanderer? Thats real rich, aint it? I guess politicians in general have an onion face, no?

Anonymous,  23 January 2011 at 22:48  

Dato Sakm,
BN mesti menang. Kata kawan saya 'orang yang pintar boleh memancing tanpa umpan. Orang yang bijaksana boleh memancing tanpa joran. Tetapi kedua-duanya, BN boleh pancing dengan wang'..Rakyat..He3..
-sender Rakyat Penang lo.

Anonymous,  23 January 2011 at 22:48  

Dato Sakm,
BN mesti menang. Kata kawan saya 'orang yang pintar boleh memancing tanpa umpan. Orang yang bijaksana boleh memancing tanpa joran. Tetapi kedua-duanya, BN boleh pancing dengan wang'..Rakyat..He3..
-sender Rakyat Penang lo.

Greenbottle 23 January 2011 at 22:52  


you may be quite good in economics but you show or pretend to show complete ignorance about even simple things such as 'non-mahram woman hand shaking in's not to show disrecpect to anybody that the lady did not shake hands with non-mahram men's hands. any idiot who is willing to learn a bit about islam would understand her behavior perfectly and would respect her choice for that...

you're a typical umno man so i'm not surprised but it's the very reason why i detest umno....

loafer's pulse 23 January 2011 at 23:45  

Dear Dato' Sak,

I am a regular visitor to your blog. However, I did not leave any comment before. As to this posting, I would like to remind you to also check religious opinion (hukum) for hand shaking between non-muhrim before further misunderstanding. If we are not sure of the real hukum in this particular subject, I believe we better not write about it because if we misinterprets any religious hukum the damaged done is huge. People may follow a wrong teaching their whole life because of us. Therefore, please get clarification on the "hukum" as I think your stand on this is incorrect.

Yours sincerely,
Loafer's Pulse

Ahmad Syafiq 23 January 2011 at 23:51  

Based on Zentrum micro studies, majority of Malays are going for UMNO, slightly more Chinese will go for PAS, while majority of Indians will go for UMNO. In terms of age groups, PAS has the majority in those age brackets 21-30 & 31-40, while UMNO has the majority in those age brackets 41-50 & 51+. I suspect there are more old voters than young voters in Tenang, so I won't be surprised to see an UMNO win in Tenang. It's just a matter of how much the majority is gonna be. However, the issue of the PAS candidate's husband being transferred for political reasons may have some impact on the voters' preference in the by-election. But, I agree with you that land titles will be one of the main issues in this by-election. Bread and butter issues also come into play.

Anonymous,  23 January 2011 at 23:51  

Salam Dato
What in the world happened to you? Just look at the first and last paragraph.With regards of the Pas candidate not shaking hands with the males in Tenang and also about her wearing gloves.
Walk your talk my dearest dato, first of all go and tell those in schools to teach the right thing.Tell them its alright for females to shake hands with males.The younger ones are confused.Teachers are telling them something and you are saying the opposite of it.
Mana yang betul ni?

Unknown 23 January 2011 at 23:58  

“SALAM SALAH, TAK SALAM PUN SALAH”. Don’t you think Normala Sudirman is in an unsolvable logical dilemma or a paradoxical situation that has no happy ending? Either way she is surely going to get a lot of heat for it.

People will interpret religion differently. What if she covered herself from head to toe and walked around like a freaking ninja? Nik Aziz or Hadi Awang does not make dress code rules for Muslim women, God does and God is not PAS. It takes a little more to being a good Muslim…its practicing or doing what you preach.

I will say what she does or doesn’t do is not for us to judge. If God can forgive a prostitute for giving water to a thirsty dog and hold a pious person accountable for being cruel or angry with fellow people or animals then let us please leave the judgment to who is best suited for it....

If BN wins than let Normala lose in honour.

loafer's pulse 24 January 2011 at 00:01  

Dear Dato Sak,

I think this link will be useful as reference

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 00:01  

Kepada Normala saya ucapkan syabas. Jagalah hukum syarak dengan baik.

Kalau kita berkhidmat dengan baik tak payah salam pun tak pe.

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 00:31  

Dear Datuk. Sorry if I'm wrong here. Your comment of PAS candidate refusal to shake hand with menfolk are really disturbing. Does Datuk know the islamic rule and laws? If does, please correct the wrong. Any lady/women cannot shake hand with any menfolk, except for their MUHRIM ONLY, that is Husband, Children, her brother & Father/Mother. If Datuk did not believe me, please check with Datuk's friend, Ministry of BN Islamic. Don't go further and approve what CSL's view as he is not a Muslim. By right, we shall tell him, this is islamic rule and laws. Thank you Datuk. I hope BN will win but not by this kind of controversy. Remember, we shall live forever in this world, work like hell but we shall pray and buat ibadat to Allah as we will die tomorrow. Thank you, Datuk

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 01:02  

Dato Sakm,
BN mungkin menang. Kata kawan-kawan saya orang yang cerdik memancing tanpa umpan dapat ikan. Orang yang bijaksana boleh memancing tanpa joran pun dapat ikan. Tapi BN boleh beli kedua-dua orang nie dan rakyat'..Rakyat..He3..
-sender Rakyat Penang lo.

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 01:56  

Dato', shake hands with or without gloves is not an issue except for Chua Soi Lek auto erection and that's about it!
As Muslimat the PAS candidate must be respected for her belief and that is it and need no further comments or else we Muslims will appear very stupid and of Chua SL type.
Base on resources and capacity- the home run will be BN but GOD will decide the out come. So hang on as there is another furlong for the BN candidate to catch up and the closing chapter of the history is yet to be written and it is for the victor to write. Anything can happen as both candidates has their own strength and weaknesses so do the voters in Tenang.
It will be interesting to see if PAS win so that we can see how your friend Jibby will react to it.'re rite sir! Tngmdnite!

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 02:12  


I am surprised that you also get caught and make a big deal of the issue of the PAS candidate not wanting to shake hands with men. Is the ability to shake hands with men one of UMNO's new criteria of 'winnable candidate'for he next general election ? The depth to which UMNO descends is shocking with the DPM and MB of Johor disparaging Islam. Should we bother about Chua Soi Lek's insults then? By the way, where's PEKIDA, PERKASA? Why are they not demonstrating against Soi Lek?

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 03:21  

I have for the past few elections voted for BN. I plan to change that this year (I am guessing that the GE will be held this year, only because two UMNO reps turned up at my house last week to check if I was still around, same thing that they did before the last GE). Change is going to be tough but I have no fondness for Najib and his wife. I hope Cikgu Mala will win.

Ariff Sabri 24 January 2011 at 04:09  

i am surprised many islamists here did not understand what i wrote here. the object here is not to win debate or see who can deliver points better in a discussion. please have yr sights on the outcome of the elections. didn't you people read that i said, if this were a contest of finding out whose religiosity is purer and pristine the pas candidate can win.
but you people miss out the sense of reality on the ground.
and i also resent the imputation that i am ignorant about a lady disallowed to shake hands with people who are not muhrim.
sure you score point on distinguishing the finer points of hukum sharak, but come voting time, you will see BN winning. so pls don't patronize me about the salam dengan bukan muhrim. how do you know my religious knowledge is less than yours?

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 05:41  


So you call people who are telling you about the rules in Islam, Islamists? I don't think I like your tone when you call these people Islamist as if it's a bad thing. Sounds like what anti-Islam right wing pundits in American would call anybody who follows the teachings of Islam.

From what I see, at least she has PRINCIPLES. I don't care what the porn king has to say about her or the evils of having Islamic state. Maybe he ought to read about the Mamluks or the Ottoman Empire, on how they they became successful empires and the how non-muslims were protected under the empire. The porn king might enjoy the support of UMNO for all these but most chinese don't share that same love for him.

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 08:01  

dato...hukum tetap hukum..islam itu mudah..haram halal harus makruh sunat dan sbgnya..tak ada compromise dalam hukum...

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 08:52  

What so far that may be learned from from reports and video clips, PAS people have not articulated that being Muslims may yet better bring voters grouses forth in DUN Johore. They got stuck with the Chua Long Leg's silly controversy of the glove.

Guan Eng's line on Caliph Omar's governance is more relevant. It should be. It puts to shame what the silly Minister of Islamic Affairs is doing or not doing!

A pity they could not talk history of early Chinese Muslims in the region, including Brunei in the 1300's.

PAS is not on the offensive! They must create more relevant debates on real issues!

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 08:59  

dato are defensive...dont be too engross about winning election to the extend of forgeting about religion, yes we believe your religious grounding is strong but dont sell it because of politics, ugama pon ada prinsip...nama nya hukum....

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 09:01  

Typical UMNO SAKmongkol attitude! Excuses and as though others are stupid like any other UMNO idiots.
Telling people not understanding your intention and with typical Q of defensive mode macam Rais Yatim juga!
Who care who wins but it is an insult if you think the reader out there misunderstood your writing.
Common la Dato'!!!

lan 24 January 2011 at 09:14  

Its something that God told us not to do! Period!

Dont have to show your own & UMNO's stupidity in this matter

lan 24 January 2011 at 09:16  

Kita orang Islam yg wajar nasihat yg non Muslim yg jahil bab berjabat tangan

Tapi sangat malang kalau yg Muslim dan mengaku Muslim dalam bab mahram ni pun tidak tahu!

So much for pre-school islamic classes in Johor!

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 10:08  


As a non muslim i do respect the views and her actions of the Pas candidate. Hey! have that respect afforded to muslim woman and if not of that rabbit style phorn star{saw that video]having a good blow jobs with his fowl mouth this contest would have been clean.....
No wonder those chicken shits Perkasa and Utasan are so quiet....Beats it....

Navi 24 January 2011 at 10:21  


Looks like you are trying to justify statements made by both Chua S L and was it the DPM or the MB who said that electing PAS would cause 'hands to be chopped off'. It is their poor understanding of the syariah. PAS alone cannot implement the Hudud without the support of the others, which might not be forthcoming as many imagine.
And why make an issue of a trivial 'won't shake hands ' with men. I have met many UMNO ladies who wouldn't do that either. Not any wanita UMNO is Rafidah Aziz.

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 10:29  


One thing that i learned from this tenang episode is...mendengar ucapan orang politik itu lebih penting dari menyempurna & menyegerakan jenazah orang Islam yang sudah meninggal dunia...aduhai dunia!dunia!

Dire straits.

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 10:41  


Susah jugak nak determine the depth of Dato's religious knowledge sebab Ratib Haddad sekolum dgn Rolling Stone. He3.

Actually the perception yg saya dapat pun, lebih kurang sama dgn majority of the commenters. So from your explanation, I can conclude that you 'failed' to underline the thrust of your article.

Having said that Dato', I would like to 'berpesan-pesan demi kebenaran'. IMHO, you shd have at least gone one step further i.e to explain especially to your non-Muslim followers what is the hukum so that tak timbul lagi perception that Islam PAS dan Islam UMNO adalah 2 different things. Dakwah is the duty of every muslim. 'Sampaikanlah walau satu ayat'.



Raison D'etre 24 January 2011 at 10:47  

Dear SM,

Islamists? I am more than shocked at your use of such a phrase. And here I am thinking that a muslim is a muslim a muslim. No such thing as a liberal muslim, a hardcore muslim, a muslimist, an islamist.

I'm perturbed. Its like listening to Chua Soi Lek and his 50 cents on something that is so fantastical in issue. Talk about dumbing down your constituents, eh?

Like I said, DISTURBING to read this.

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 10:58  

“Sehebat mana pun kita di dunia, tak berbaloi jika di akhirat masuk neraka.” Dr Fadzillah Kamsah

Ariff Sabri 24 January 2011 at 11:50  

usually i don't want to answer irrational rantings. but, for you i will make an exception.
very sorry you don't like my take on whos going to win this by election. the pas candidate can do whatever she understands as that demanded by hukum sharak( mahzah shafie).its totally her choice and people respect that.
i am arguing beyond that- what ordinary people will tend to make of her stand. i have long stopped reading or minding what chua soi lek said so i find reference to him of no relevance to me.
my objective is to show the points which i think will result in BN victory. this isn't a contest to establish religious credentials between the candidates.
ordinary people may form an opinion not positive on the cikgu. but then as you impute, ordinary people are idiots. perhaps you may want to expand on the issue of shaking hands according to the various mahzabs? when you shake hands with a lady not your muhrim, do you get an erection and your mind dwells on the possibility of taking that other person to bed?

Quiet Despair,  24 January 2011 at 12:27  

Yep, CN is a sure winner and it's only a question of majority vote.
I pray BN will get the 5,000 majority it hopes for.
It's the factor of the candidate. BN was wise to field Tok Ai instead of a woman canddate as predicted earlier.
Tok Ai is a pleasant man, well liked, like his late dad who served as ADUN Tenang.
He is was ADO in Labis which covers Tenang so the people knows him so well.
Of course the opposition is not happy that the BN canidate is not a woman.They came out with naughty leaflets as though Wanita UMNO is not happy their candidate is not chosen.
BN got a point to condemn PAS so called wanting to uplift the dignity of woman when all this while it considered haram to have a woman candidate.
I can imagine PAS using the issue Cikgu Normala being very Islamic not to shake hands with bukan muhrim if the Wanita UMNO candidate freely gives her hand in greetings.
I have a fun time laughing at some of the non-Malay pro-Pakatan bloggers praising the lovely Cikgu Normala for not shaking hands with lecherous old men.
And you see Dato' Sak being castigated here by holier than thou commentators on the shaking hand issue.
Suddenly religious zealots pretenders are coming out the woodworks.
See Sak, when you are criticising UMNO you are the hero, but now you are public enemy.
Who's to know that Sak will enter heaven and the religious zealots here are ahli neraka.
I really don't like to talk about religion because I think it's a personal thing between you and your God.
But Islam is also a rational and logical religion which hinges on niat.
Dont tell me shaking hands will arouse the libidio of men. That there will erections for every handshakes women give.
It reminds me of the late Megat Junid telling us on how Tun M faced a dilemma on this shaking hands issue.
According to Megat, Tun M is confused whether he should offer his hand to Muslim women during his visit to the kampungs.
If he did not offer his hand will that be construed as not respecting the women who wanted to shake his hands. So what he did was wait for the women first. If they want to shake hands with him, he will shake hands too. Wise old man.
During my recent project job in Terengganu, a lady colleague, a Muslim wanted to test whether a PAS government officer will shake her hands. She offered her hand and the man responded.
I like my kampung old people's style. "Wan dah tua, tak apanya bersalam sebab takkanlah mendatangkan syahwat." Haha.
Cikgu Normala. I understand is a former Puteri UMNO disillusioned member. I am sure she is used to shaking hands with men before this.
The big issue is really Hadi saying PAS victory in Tenang is a start to Islamic state.
And Kit Siang telling the Chinese there will never be a hudud law state.
Then there's sodomy king who last night was jeered and booed with insulting words when he went to Felda Tenang.
This despite his promise to offer land to the younger generation of Felda.
Felda Tenang is still the bastion of BN.
With the 45 percent of non-Malay votes and the unresolved Islamic state issue, BN is on its way to a clear victory.

Red Alfa 24 January 2011 at 13:00  

Salam Dato'

If UMNO goes along as MCA takes pride in ridiculing by being Islamic, that Cikgu Mala is "just being overtly"!

It will become anyone's common belief in the very cynical form. UMNO defends the way of Islam as UMNO defends the Malay rights as "untuk bangsa, raja, ugama dan negara" - in this or in any fancy order?

For sure as UMNO may win Tenang, UMNO might have lost the war.

Perhaps, not quite yet, but Johor Malays like increasing numbers of Malays elsewhere will be voting to the call to their conscience especially as may have been started from such "watershed" awareness as with the man-woman shaking hands or kissing cheeks?

When will it be that will become of the UMNO leaders when their wives publicly disdained wearing the "tudung"?

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 13:22  

Holy Adoimak! Looks like winning a by-election means also gaining rights to sanitize haram factors these days. Doesn't matter what the holy book prescribes but everything is compromisable with the win aka the TDM way. BN is way, way beyond spiritual redemption, if you ask me!

didi,  24 January 2011 at 13:50  

Islamists? Isn't that the code name that the westerners have for terrorists who happens to be muslims?

Quite despair, your arguments are kind of oxymoronic. But typical of UMNO style of argument. Since when not shaking hands can be construed as not respecting the other person? Shaking hands is a western culture. Even westerners who goes to Islamic countries know very well not to offer their hands to the opposite sex. It's not a matter of being holier-than-thou, it's about respecting other people's religious customs. If non-muslims can understand that, it's an embarrassment for you, a muslim, not to understand your own religion's customs. Just because you want to please some people, doesn't mean you should stoop low. I find it more offensive that groups like PERKASA keep on spewing hatred and bigotry. To me that's a bigger deal than not shaking hands. That is what civilized people call not respectful.

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 14:01  

"Expose the Bull: A site devoted to the logical analysis of the lies,...."

This time the Bull is from you. And it soming from a Mlay at that.
After all you are an UMNO man, and sometimes they think with their feet and speak through their anus.
That's what you are doing here.

You are making a mountain out of a handshake molehill.
I know of countless Malay women who don't shake hands with men.

You think the Chinese care a damn whether she shakes their hands or not. You think they are so stupid.

akulelaki,  24 January 2011 at 15:06  

Sebenarnya Dato', hukum bersalam lelaki dgn perempuan ni tak ada dalam Quran, tapi ulama membuat hukum berdasarkan hadith nabi. Kita nak tanya juga kenapa di Mekah boleh pulak lelaki dan wanita bersentuhan kulit? (Iaitu tidak batal air sembahyang ketika tawaf).

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 15:47  

Does it mean Datuk Sak accepts Chua Soi Lek's line? He cannot accept craps from UMNO. Then why should he accepts MCA's craps.

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 16:56  

Funny thing, my feeling is that by publicising here refusal to shake hands with Men because of her beliefs actually win lots and lots of respect from many Malay voters.

There is such a thing as judging a person if she/he is true rather than just another joker playing gallery to the situations. These latter you see plenty in UMNO from the top to the bottom ones(e.g Perkasa)

On the one hand they talked respect for races and in the same page another is insensitive to feelings of the Indians eg. the Interlok issue. Imagine if this had been in Australia, it would have been taken off within seconds. Here arrogance and pride rules the day. What is a book? It is just another book. Yet an entire community's feelings can be disregarded just because the tuans say so.

Chinese today are not Chinese of yesteryears. They are informed.

Next election, even his son would not retain his seat .. just watch.

The Chinese race has been running dogs to too long. Just look at the MCA's position in BN would tell you it is pathetic. It has less power than the Chairman of the smallest UMNO division chief. Even the Tanjong Rambatan division has more power.. why? They have a say who is to be PM.

IN PR there is no such thing. All equal and respected each other's views. Even PAS and DAP can respect each others'.

This is the kind of coalition in politics . Definitely not the current BN kind. So stupid.

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 18:57  

Salam Latok Sak,

What's so funny if a person doesn't shake hand with others..???

Remember...Japanese dont shake hand.. they bow when greeting someone.

UMNO mmg kurang akai sajer carik pasai....hheeh

proudtobemalaysian 24 January 2011 at 19:44  

I have always been taught that a woman has a right to shake or not to shake a man's hands. So when being introduced to a woman, I am taught to wait for the woman to extend her hand, and if she does then I will extend mine.

Surely Normala has a right to extend or not to extend her hand. I respect that.

MCA is desperate....

As a Malaysian Chinese, I fully respect Muslims' desire to be true to their faith...I have no problems with that...I believed many non-Muslims also feel that way....

My Muslim friends, please do not take CSL as an indicator of what we feel or believed about Islam....

- Ikan Tongkol -,  24 January 2011 at 20:42  

whats up with tenang dah tak jadi tenang.

calm before the storm the opposite

you guys are all jerk up with this normala-cum-islamic-vs the world

and yet rm and nr plotting their scheme how to win landslide in tenang

for me as one of the registered voter my vote will be for the opposition albeit umno bn would win this for sure.

And yet still hoping for malaysians in general concentrate on more the i.e cost of living in malaysia, petrol subsidy, illicit outflow of funds out of malaysia and the list is endless.

Please. Lets vote for change for more matured politics.

Wake up you malaysian's unite and vote for change.

You guys are starting to sound like scoursers liverpool supporters lah!

- Ikan Tongkol -

Suci Dalam Debu 24 January 2011 at 21:38  


The MB of Terengganu does not shake hands with ladies when giving out "goodies" on stage. Many UMNO leaders do the same.

What have you got to say to that?

Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 22:32  

Saya bersetuju dengan Dato' kerana perkara yang sekecil in telah diperbesarkan oleh mereka yang mempunyai kepentingan politik.

Bersalam atau tersentuh lelaki dengan perempuan yang bukan muhrim hanya membatalkan air sembahyang, itupun mengikut pendapat Imam Shafie tetapi tidak bagi Imam Hanafi atau Hambali.


Anonymous,  24 January 2011 at 22:32  

Ha, with the amount money and taxpayers resources thrown into the election, it will be a disgrace if BN doesn't win.

And it's so shallow to talk about whether a candidate should wear gloves. I thought in elections, people should find out what are the candidates' plans to develop the constituency and how they intend to deal with issues that affect the voters.

jackpot 24 January 2011 at 23:14  

This being BN's stronghold, it will be an uphill task for the opposition. With money going out in droves, it has to be a sure win. Let's say BN win with lesser majority so it becomes a win-win situation?

Quiet Despair,  24 January 2011 at 23:43  

Suci dalam debu

The only UMNO leader I know who does not shake hands with women is the late Wan Mokhtar, the former MB of Terengganu.
He was always in air sembahyang.

Wan Z 25 January 2011 at 02:53  

With all due respect Dato' I beg to differ with u this time.I really respect your writing but this time u have gone overboard! haram and halal is unnegotiable.even there's no consensus of the ulamak on this issue,the stance by Cg Mala must be respected and your judgement this time is so wrong and misdirected.

Anonymous,  25 January 2011 at 03:29  

Firstly, there is no position in the school of our Imam al-Shafi'i, May Allah be pleased with him and have mercy upon him, that permits a man to shake hands with an unrelated woman without a barrier. The established position of the school, over which there is no dispute, is that anything unlawful to look at of a woman is also unlawful to touch [and vice versa]. This is stated in the Minhaj of Imam Nawawi and [the works of] others who have all said [this is the case] because touching is more serious than looking in the pleasure and desire it arouses. I would add, no one has disputed this reasoning.

Secondly, from my research on this subject, I have not found a single stance in the schools of the Hanafi, Maliki, or Hanbali imams that permits a man to shake hands at all with an unrelated woman without a barrier. This much is apparent from the fatwa. At all, or mutlaqan, means there is no difference between a young woman and an elderly woman. The relied-upon texts of the Malikis and Hanbalis are explicit about the unlawfulness of touching what is unlawful to look at of an unrelated woman just like our imams have already explained in the previous [paragraph]. They [the imams of the other three Sunni schools] made no distinction between young women and elderly women. The outward purport of their words is the same as in our school, namely, there is no difference between young women and elderly women; it is unlawful to look at or touch them.

dahserikngantombak 25 January 2011 at 04:17  

BN CAN win?

dato u not confident issit?

heheheh dato pandai la wordplay

kalau title dato "BN GUARANTEE WIN IN TENANG" mesti jadi malaysian insider punya headline.

anyways my prediction, majority 7k your party.

as for the anger shown, principled politics versus gutter politics...well played PAS, just wanted to highlight something to the majority malays, not necessarily involved in this by election. also the reason why pas has a presence in selangor, pity that pkr is mb....kalau hasan ali mesti best tengok ;)

jom orang melayu masuk DAP


seriously, 1 million umno supporters should join DAP.

LOL again.

zakwan 25 January 2011 at 08:51  

The funny thing about MCA's excessive use of the Islamic state issue and ridiculing Islamic teaching as campaign fodder with full blessings from UMNO is that whatever PAS and Cikgu Mala did, they will still be criticized

If Cikgu Mala does not wear her gloves and she shakes with others, UMNO will definitely use that as campaign fodder, saying that Cikgu Mala is not observing her adab

If PAS amend its constitution on the Islamic state, UMNO will still go to town shouting that PAS has abandoned its original struggle in its bid to appease DAP

So, this is a classic case of "buat, kena hemtam.Tak buat pun, kena hentam jugak"

A diabolical effort to galvanize Chinese support at the expense of Islam

I don't see why MCA kept harping on the Islamic state issue when then PM Mahathir already declared Malaysia as an Islamic state 10 years ago

Though I hope that porn star Soi Lek and MCA ups the ante in insulting Islam
May gave voters the turn off and more votes to PAS

Fooart 25 January 2011 at 08:51  

Betapa silapnya bila Dato' mempertikaikan tentang hukum bersentuhan antara org bukan Mahram satu perkara kecil. Memang kesombongan orang UMNO ini bukan sahaja sesama manusia tapi dengan hukum Allah pun sombong. Saya sentiasa mengikuti tulisan Dato' memikirkan Dato' lain dpd org UMNO yang lain. Rupanya saya silap. UMNO tetap UMNO. Suka mempermainkan hukum Allah.Beristighfar Dato'.

zakwan 25 January 2011 at 08:59  

Let's not forget all those pics of Pak Lah, th grand Iman of Islam Hadhari shaking hands with women bukan muhrim that were utilized extensively as a campaign fodder by the opposition prior to GE 12 back in 2008

It was not much of an ammunition but it definitely delivered a killing blow to BN which resulted in the tsunami

Anonymous,  25 January 2011 at 14:12  

Agree with you Dato on the gist of your article, we malaysians are very good at talking about corrupt politicians but when elections come, most of the time we vote for those who can provide us with a comfortable style of living.
Most of the time we vote for the party who we think can do us good.
I dont think people are going to vote on whether or not the candidate shakes hands. Unfortunately many of the comments posted seems to miss your point and they are focussed on the religious aspect--- ?? confirmation of declining standard of english in malaysia
keep on writing
> proud product of malaysian school of the 1970's<

Anonymous,  25 January 2011 at 21:59  

sak, u proved after all u r an
UM NO man...

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