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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Atrophy and Renaissance.

And now it is scrapping the bottom of the barrel, using Umi Haffida's help.This woman's sounds so stupid, so unMalay and out of her mind. Now more people will distance themselves from UMNO


The above was a comment on my earlier article. The message of that article should be abundantly clear. Unless UMNO develops the tools beyond mere hype, it can lose. Not that it MUST and NECESSARILY lose, but CAN lose.

Unfortunately, I think this isolated event which the commentator laps up, does not contribute to the alienation of UMNO. I believed for a transformation to occur, it does not arise as a result of a single event, however important the author/s of that event want it to be.

It has to be a change in the enabling environment. A general trending as it were, of which a single event may or may not be a factor. So UMi Hafilda or who or Anwar Ibrahim are not the factors that will lead to our political transformation.

I have come to realize, this craving for change is not because those who want change are motivated by Anwar Ibrahim. It's because, by and large, the people in general are tired of the same old business. The business as usual approach- entrusting the elite to make sure things are all right.

In exchange for what? In exchange for these so called intelligent people do things as they pleased? So that a person in power can do whatever to the maid and subject us to his bullying tactics on a daily basis? So that the CEO of khazanah can reach Putrajaya in a helicopter? So that the CEO of Khazanah and his smart assed boys can play out their missed childhood fantasies in a Disney- like setting at Lego land?

So you put the paper tigers in Khazanah for example and they run and operate any businesses they want and crowd out the real entrepreneurs. And then you ask them to assess each other. The mister CIMB will of course say only good things about Khazanah because the latter holds almost 30% in Khazanah.

What is it are the people looking out for? They are looking for a more reliable and democratic form of authority. This is the general trending I am speaking about.

We haven't actually place Najib's big ideas on a rigorous examination. Because we are busy looking at the man, who he is rather than the substance of his ideas. It's an indicator of how 'primitive' we are actually when we evaluate someone based on who he is rather than what he can do.

It is already showing the same business as usual strategy- entrusting the future of this nation to an elite group of businessmen, technocrats, civil servants. These are supported by the very same institutions that supported the old business ways.

Go into the inner recesses of Sungai Penchala, and you will see mansions built by retired civil servants. How did they get the money? I am sure most of them didnt get them through managing real businesses. These are former DGs, KSUs, TKSUs, SUBs etc. They probably got them through ill-gotten means. Probably a large portion came from the RM28 billion that is lost each year through leakages- corruption, artificial pricing of magee mee packs, gold plated screw drivers, titanium bolts, submarines that can't dive, budget planes that will cost more when fitted with engines, radars, computers etc.

It makes us wonder; when Proudhon declared that 'property is theft' he was actually onto something.

What is Najib doing actually? As many people say in an unserious manner, he is outsourcing everything. But he is outsourcing the running of the country to a special group of people- the elites in their field. Hence his 4th Floor is manned by over 1000 people and we lament the increasing administrative costs. Yusof Noor the symbol of can't do anything much any longer is retained as adviser. The same drill is replicated in many other areas. GLCs are peopled by persons who should retire and step aside for real operators.

So, what's wrong with that approach? The 'wrong' is that these people operate under the same institutions that supported the old ways. So, transformation can't really occur if these people, however bright and industrious they are, are using the same tools as before.

Just look at the old power structures- GLCs, Government departments, our dewan negeris and Dewan Rakyat or even the mainstream media- have proven to be incompetent and corrupt. What the main cause? - The main cause are the people who run these institutions who occupy the commanding heights of our meritocratic order or what we assumed it to be. What have we turned these people into?

They think, the organizations they lead are theirs and they can do as they pleased. Nazir Razak thinks CIMB is his. Tan Sri Ali down south thinks Johor Corporation is his and he refuses to let go as though it's his own personal property. You need to convene an EGM to remove him?

So again, what are people looking for that's driving this country into a changed era? People are looking for a more democratic and reliable form of authority.


Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 09:09  

i totally agree with you in this article 300%..UMNO will lose not of because UMNO itself. But throw UMNO out in the next PRU is a must for a better Malaysia. The low income Malaysian not care on the current anwar issue anymore..Anwar;s issues only a small issue nowdays.rakyat more concern on the corruption, price hike (selaras harga), intergrity, good governance (may be rosmah shall be oust from putrjaya) etc.
Nothing to do to fight the corruption...rakyat want action..wanna see clearly what the govt can far nothing...old case left behind...corruption everywhere esp in govt dept..thats why as what dato said, we can see all bungalows on owned by KSU DG SUB PIG UMNOS, UMNOS related, the machais at PM office, etc

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 10:32  


I've a childhood Malay M'sian pal. We grew up almost together in the same rural environment in the middle of nowhere.

Comes festival times, be they HariRaya or CNY, we really celebrated in that rural setting.

Things started to change, within the reign of the mamak who could walk on water. It changed slowly, 1stly with less visiting & not par-take our drinks & foods (even though it's halal). Then racial remarks, like those spilled out from QD, DN & JMD started to come out frequently. Then the visiting just stop & our relationship becomes superficial hello.

He got uplifted, though with only minimum academic qualification. he is doing well now.

He is VERY grateful to umno & he is royal too. To that extend of irrationally diehard royal.

Anwars black eye shoched him no end. For deep down, he is a gentleman, who like to play with the rules of his religion. But, even that issue couldn't change his umno-royalness. His children r all moving away from his believe of without-umno-there-is-no Malay theme.

Lately, out of the blue, he called me up. He has terminal diabetes & the time is not long. In his limited time, he has a lot of time to reflect before he meet his Maker.

His words - the underhanded selection of the Selangor SS & now the re-surface of that loathed bitch (his word) will DEFINITELY lost more votes for umno in the coming GE13. Tenang could be that initial indicator.

A hard word from an umno diehard, in his twilight time!

What more can be said about the general feeling of those common Malay M'sians, who r very reserved in criticizing their own race?

umno is FINISH.

zakwan 15 January 2011 at 11:08  

Seriously, can UMNO sunk so low?
Is Anwar that much of a threat that they have to dig up some slut from 13 years ago as their trump card?

This latest stunt shows that UMNO is desperate and are at greater risk losing the coming GE despite the feel good image projected by the mainstream media and opinions polls speaking highly of Najib's performance

I don't see what's all the fuss with this bitch Umi Hafilda
What's to fear about Anwar when his
PKR's credibility was hit hard after its first chaotic direct polls and Anwar's somewhat incompetence as leader has been constantly highlighted by both mainstream media and the alternative media, most which is pro PR
And this is coming from a hardcore PR supporter, FYI

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 12:29  


What is happening in Tunisia should be an example to all mismanaged and third world countries...

People in this age especially young people are no longer willing to put up with rubbish from useless leaders.

DS Najib is just not up to it.
All the meaningless Acronyms are not what we want. What we want are results....Less of Acronyms. We havent seen anything from him! except for those menaingless Acronyms.

Being a spoiled brat is OK provided one is not in a position of responsibility. He should just come to realisation that he is just not up to it and let someone else take over (But not the Buffon DPM! for things will get even worse!!)

Joe Black

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 12:59  

Dato Sak.

Example 1: TM service dulu streamyx (customer aka the rakyat)complain and bla bla bla now UNIFI and still basic service outsourcing the contractor to abang adik sekampung yang lain.

Example 2: Namewee Cainis aka chingky turun TNB i.e. "lu tak tau sapa bagi malaisia kaya?" (the rakyat complain bla bla bla) Cainis
suka tengok their own elitist on top of their game.

Final Example: Perkasa aka Berahi Ali bla bla bla "we're helping the rakyat bla bla bla etc" we're defending and uphold islam bla bla
Al Azhar students from malaysia come to me bla bla bla etc. The Orang Kampongs like to jump the bandwagon too and dislike the PM of overlooked and don't see what actually the PM is doing other than
afraid of RM (alamak outsource je la kat bebudak 4th floor ni)

Where the iffy and when will all this crap gonna stop!?

- Ikan Tongkol -

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 14:45  

Dato', what else do you need to write? You have covered almost all areas and bet you that many people out there are aware of the atrophy.
Either people are having the feeling of helpless or sort of disaster is at the tipping point!
So what is next? the choice is between Change in 100 days or 100 storey Warisan tower that sure money for a group of people. Tell me is Jibby still in denial?
Alahai!... Rosmah and Robingah! bila nak pilihan Raya Umum ni?

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 15:09  

It is not that we like Pakatan Rakyat but it is just that UMNO refuses to change. The ordinary rakyat is fed up.

What has been the highlight of the idiots of UMNO recently ?

1. The return of Ummi Hafilda, on prime time news no less. This really has to be the joke of the century. This is the best that UMNO can do.

2. Syed Mokhtar to buy Northport . He owns everything . For whom ? He has debts in excess of RM25 Billion. UMNO says there is no danger to the banking system as his debt is fenced off. Please - we are not fools. A debt is a debt . He has breached the law on the single customer limit.When he was negotiating abroad for various projects , his Arab partners literally laughed at his incompetency.

The Saudi Arabai Jizan project partners literally could not believe that Syed Mokhtar was the best Malaysia cpould produce. The same with the proposed Zain Mobile deal with the Kuwaitis. The Kuwaitis were not willing t do business with such an idiot . The Iranian gas project collapsed as Syed Mokhtar did not deliver on any of his promises.

At a meeting with the Iranians he assured them his investment in Iran would be kept a secret from the UN and the Americans. How stupid can you get ? The Iranian JV was splashed on the front pages on Malaysian newspapers ?

This guy can only survive in Malaysia as he has the two key traits loved by UMNO - stupidity and corrupt. Syed Mokhtar buys assets and monopolies from the government and borrows from UMNO banks ie Bank Muamalat , Bank Islam and Bank Rakyat . He cant survive outside this system let alone Malaysia.

He does a lot of business with Rosmah Mansor. Mumtaz Jaaafar is Mokhtars key ally right now acting as go between for Rosmah Mansor. Please ask around. Mumtaz i sthe key gatekeeper for Rosmah.

I know all this as I had front seat audience of Syed Mokhtars dealings.

3. All we hear of UMNO nowadays is kahwin . Everyone is getting married. Taib Sarawak is married and the flaunting his billions in public. Macam mana Dato sak ?

UMNO is doomed. If UMNO is reelected Malaysia will be doomed.

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 15:33  

Honestly, do you think those running the GLCs can do anything to improve? With the present HR recruitment policy and the quality of graduate churned out by the local universities, where are they going to find good candidates? Have you tried interviewing so call local uni graduates and feels how hopeless they are?
Even those who claimed to be German Uni graduates are equally hopeless, oh yes, they are of course government scholar and of the preferred community.
These are the results of UMNO led corrupt, bias and incompetent government (read minister

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 15:57  


All your articles to date provides an actual concise of UMNO's ills. Unfortunately no one in UMNO pays any heed or attention to what you write. Why is it so? Its probably a host of reasons ranging from the arrogance of UMNO party leaders to UMNO's corruption culture of making hay while the sun shines. So as long as there's plenty of money to be made by being in UMNO or subservient to UMNO (as in the case of DGs, KSUs, TKSUs, SUB, , why would anyone in UMNO want to change the goose that lays the golden egg. As for arrogance, we already have countless UMNO leaders preaching that UMNO will remain in power forever as UMNO fears no one.

Who is leading and managing UMNO? It sure seems like the PM is not in control of UMNO because he would certainly not approve of the party to sponsor Umi's press conference. My guess is that the little Napoleons aka warlords in UMNO are actually controlling the party. Will UMNO ever change? Sure it will but only when the gravy train dries up and grinds to a halt. Then the party will end up the impotent parties like Gerakan, PPP, etc.

Bongek,  15 January 2011 at 16:55  


On Ummi, I thought you suggested in one of your posting that the best way to neutralize DSAI is to let peoples like Zulkifli, Nalla and Ummi to engage him. He will run for cover and be defeated in his own game. I am a bit confused.

On Mister CIMB, I am with you. He think he is what he is because if he is a a special one. I don't think he realized that Malay is a feudalistic society where we even kiss the hand of our teachers, imam, ketua kampung and community leaders. We will be very accommodative and polite when we deal with this peoples and their family. Imagine if you are dealing with "orang kaya Pahang, Anak Perdana Menteri or adik Perdana Menteri". The Malay will be reduced to dusts.

Saidon,  15 January 2011 at 17:01  

You got it spot on! But do the rural malay, sarawakian and sabahan that form the majority voter know about it..they will still vote these scoundrel in come next GE.

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 17:11  

Personal bias -aside Datuk, Anwar did play a significant role to galvanise the mass dissatisfaction with the old ways into more than mere coffee-shop gripe session. Like him or not you can deny that bit of fact.

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 17:20  

Dato... I am tired of this Govt...I am tired of this Anwar Ibrahim fella who feel fit to answer on what good food is available in Permatang Pauh in his tweeter than my question on more serious issues...The malays must unite for the good of the nation and if they can give a corrupt free govt, we could redeem our pride...But how are we going to do it?

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 17:21  

Dato...How to assemble like minded individuals who despise corruption but at the same time not willing to give up the special position of Islam and Malays in this country?

Leithaisor,  15 January 2011 at 18:09  

Najib has long proven himself to be a lembek PM, who is there likely only because of his father. He was not even elected to be UMNO President, much less PM opf Malaysia. And has "found cause" to defer the UMNO polls which had been due.

His own latest flippant "response" to the many questions posed to him via his Twitter invitation has only served to show yet again how he tries to sidestep issues - witness his with glitzy Youtube video with fancy music and all. Just like the wayang it actually is - all he did was to rehash some of his (APCO-inspired?) policy talk which has yet to bear fruit. And cracked a joke or two.

In these trying and stressful times, is that the sort of PM Malaysia needs?

And Ummi - if we has a poll, would it be far-fetched to say that the majority thinks that the trite super-patriotic "for the good of Malaysia" re-emergence of Ummi is not at the behest of UMNO?

If that is truly the case, then it shows just how much lower UMNO has sunk in the interest of hanging on to power.

However, it seemed to me that the "threat" voicedd by Ummi - that she will campaign for UMNO/BN in the coming general elections - would be a lovely present should she be foolish enough to carry it out.

Like many of UMNO's recent tricks and moves, it would backfire severely on UMNO and BN. Far from "Anwar scared of Ummi", not only would Anwar tear her to pieces, a whole range of Pakatan candidates would have a field day if she turun padang.

Sad thing is, UMNO has turned from the pembela bangsa into the cause of the misery of millions of our Malay brothers/sisters. Far from defending the maruah of the Malays, it has been the root of much shame.

What will Najib do about it? Nothing, I think. After all, in any real democarcy, with the serious allegations made against him, he would not offered himself for the PM-ship in the first place, and offered to have the allegations investigated fairly first.

And Zaki, the ex-UMNO legal advisor who fast-tracked inbto the judiciary's top post and then with his own mouth said that he had bribed court staffr, would have resigned his CJ post.

The rot is deep and festoring, encompassing so many major institutions in Malaysia. The people are suffering and divided.

We need drastic change badly. And I do not think Najib is the one who is going to lead us that way.

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 18:33  

Can Idris Jala and McKInsey ever save Najib?


MalaysAtRisk 15 January 2011 at 21:03  

Without UMNO what do the Malays have? Malays who take the lead in condemning Malay leadership are giving loaded guns to other races to condemn Malay leadership. Sakmongkol cannot even find a Malay name for himself yet he wants to sound like a genuine anak Melayu.
All those who agree to what you have written are not Malays, they are non-Malays who want to make Malaysia another Singapore starting with Penang.At least as a Malay and a Muslim who lived in Chinese communities all my life knows the ingredient that makes up melayu lama adalah PHD -Perangai Hasad Dengki terhadap bangsa sendiri!

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 21:11  

Another cesspool of pro PKR and pro opposition comments with a chameleon blog that is like a lalang! Masuk bakul angkut by PKR supporters? Elok lah tu tongkoi kayu!

Ariff Sabri 15 January 2011 at 21:12  


your exuberance is not matched by the facts. without UMNO the Malays have themselves.
UMNO cant even represent the majority of Malays. so what are you talking about? will the Malays die if UMNO dies? has Islam died because the Prophet has died?

the inference that can be formed as to the choice of the name of my blog, exposes the very evil you are complaining of- PHD. you are just jealous and cant offer counter reasoning.
by your line of reasoning, then what do we make of UMNO which isn't also a Malay name?

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 21:23  

Without UMNO! Good!

Malays have no UMNO! UMNO what for?

Putrajaya did not hear Azan. Mais did not hear Azan? UMNO what they heard? UMNO never heard Azan. You expect MCA, Gerakan to hear Azan? :))

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 21:34  

Do UMNO realy thinks there going to be a 1000 Years of UMNO reign in this country??!!

Anonymous,  15 January 2011 at 21:37  

I disagree with your analysis. Najib and his team is trying vey hard to bring the country up. He should be given a chance. The opposition is just talk and has no experience running a country!

Bongek,  15 January 2011 at 22:55  


Most of the comments are being posted by non Malays based on the slanting and to greater degree with full contempt. Anyway this is good as we will know what is in their mind.

I don't know what you think but perhaps you are doing it deliberately to provoke and elicit their thought. I am more inclined to think that way otherwise you are extremely complicated man to comprehend.

I am following your blog for a long time and perhaps you should give credits when it due and call a spade a spade. I think you are overly critical to the establishment. What say you Dato'?

Anyway back to your current posting the Sungai Pencala Residents, I am with you again. This so call rich Malays should buy lands from Chinese instead of relying on back door bargain buy on Malay Reserve Land. Trust me they are more pro opposition than establishment. That land should be allocated to more meaningful Malay Agenda rather than to some Tan Sris, Datuks and Hajis.

Again, back to the point that Malay are trapped in feudalistic society, they are being robbed but they also have to kiss the hand of their robbers.

What say you?

Quiet Despair,  15 January 2011 at 23:10  


Right word Sak, UMNO can or may lose. Not will or must lose like some here wish and think.
I have always held the view that it is UMNO and we members ourselves who may cause the party's defeat.
Definitely not Ummi Hafilda. Not even Anwar.
The Malays or UMNO are not that stupid to use the lady as a propaganda machine. More of a liability than an asset.
She, like her brothers Azmin and Azman have agendas. So leave her be.
And Anwar is a lost cause.
The only party to fear is PAS and that too can be quashed by UMNO since its Islamis statehood is fear factor itself.
UMNO must not allow itself to atrophy. Muscles not used can be atrophied. So are brains.
UMNO has more brainy ones than other parties put together. But they are not used or under-utilised or being ignored.
UMNO must stop cantas-mencantas, pulau-memulau, dengki-mendengki or bantut-membantut.
Uppermost is to stop the seige mentality.
People must be allowed to grow within the party culture. And the party will grow.
Growth means propagating new and fresh talents not the half-past six ones now who are just jumping on the band-wagon.
Najib must give his Cabinet members and MPS and Aduns a mirror to see themselves.

Anonymous,  16 January 2011 at 00:02  

Spot on Dato'.

We have to look at the root of the problems which is the system that allow dishonest people to get away with murders, literally.

So the impetus is for the rakyat to fix the system. That is why we see many secrets being exposed by the ordinary rakyat and more kemungkaran will be exposed in the name of transparency.


Anonymous,  16 January 2011 at 00:45  

Dato Sakm,
'PR only talk' kami dah cuba di Pg dan Kedah (yg saya tahu setakat ini). Nampaknya ok plak malah lebih baik plak. PRU 13 kita cuba plak di Putrajaya, baru tahu resultnya.Yang dok melalak di Pg setahu saya Ketua Pemuda alias Con..tractor pasai PR buat open tender..Rakyat..He3..
-sender Rakyat Penang lo.

Anonymous,  16 January 2011 at 02:42  

It is time to wake up Malaysian !!

Rise up and throw out this very corrupt government.

Jong 16 January 2011 at 02:55  

You are spot on, great article!

On Mr CIMB, what's so great about him if not for his politician and PM brother, he'd still be the credit card issuing officer, no?

I was watching CNBC interview of him and several times the interviewer Christine Tan described him a "sterling pedigree" and I thought to myself - what?!! ...pedigree comes with a PM tag? So what makes those without PM daddies, ..pariahs?

Anonymous,  16 January 2011 at 03:09  

The biggest risk we are facing is Pemandu and Khazanah.If you think the Daim Boys episodes of the late nineties was disastrous with huge bailouts needed by govt..bear in mind the money on the table that Khazanah & Pemandu is playing with is about 8 times more then the bets the Daim boys was taking then.

If the cards tumbled as they did in 1998 ( external forces being the main factor) the mess (if govt needs to bail out) can easily add another 30% to our national debt i.e hitting the 80 % tipping point?

I really hope that there is more surveillance,scrutiny and 3rd party review of ETP and Khazanah's investments...lets be extra sure that things are as good as they say..and DSIJ the RM 4 bil loser will nit do a MAS on Malaysia,

Najib can't outsource leadership..he got to be able to read and understand numbers/details..n not rely on HEADLINE INDICATORs.

You know how misleading HEADLINES can be.

Anonymous,  16 January 2011 at 03:13  

Penang Govt is also not immune to the allure of mega projects...
Why the need for underground will be so costly to maintain n operate.

Regardless who pays for the the end of the day the govt have to foot the bill.So don't be confused and believe in a free lunch.

So..they are all the same.

Alburuj 16 January 2011 at 04:03  

Anwar is just a reasonable and most magnetic personality to be used as a decoy to divert the people attention from focusing and analysing too much on BN's 53 years of rule with too many and too transparent failures. Thanks to God for the internet

Ex-Serviceman,  16 January 2011 at 04:58  

Hello saudara2 semua,
I am not a Malay, neither Chinese nor Indian, but just a Malaysian by nationality and I regard every malaysian of all enthicity as friends, unless they prove otherwise.
Someone, who claim to be a Malaysian Malay (because there is such people as South African Malays etc) is saying that there will be no malay without UMNO. How shallow can your thinking be.
Malays do not exist nor cease to because of UMNO. UMNO is co corrupt to the core, and you are suggesting that it is ok because it is UMNO, read Malay according to your logic and reasoning, even to the extend of cheating the very poor Malays that they say they are representing???
May I ask, how unmalay is PAS???
We want to vote BN/UMNO out because we want a better Mlaysia for EVERYBODY, Malays include, and why do you have to worry about you special rights, as it is enshrined in the constitution.
We want to rid the country of corruptions as much as posssible, so that the little of the cake that is available can be shared by the people that matters and not the UMNO top leadership.
That is the objective.

Anonymous,  16 January 2011 at 13:10  

Rembat jangan tak rembat...
Siapa kata tanpa UMNO Melayu tak boleh hidup?
Orang yg kata sedemikian very BANGANG.
UMNO hanya untuk ahlinya sahaja.....ada faham... yang lain lain Melayu ...pandai pandai lah kalau nak hidup...
Next GE jangan lupa pangkah UMNO...Hahahahaha
Jangan tipu diri sendiri...sendiri mau tau.....

Anonymous,  16 January 2011 at 13:37  

I am not a Malay, as a young boy I lived with the Malay community, the Malays that we see in the Kampungs have priority in life different than the Chinese or indians. They are not lazy, they do not need help they just have different priorities, "hidup sederhana". The community is polite, respectful and extremely helpful. Umno does not represent the Malays, the crony culture is not Malay, it is actually Chinese kongsi culture, in trying to emulate the economic success of the Chinese, Umno lost its Malayness , that is why it cannot represent the interest of the Malays. Umno has to find themselves first.

Ramli Mohd Yunus 17 January 2011 at 02:15  

Umi Afilda VS Anwar Ibrahim..ha ha it makes Anwar looks cheap!

Umi Afilda to sue Anwar, PAS, Karpal...cacing hendak jadi sawa!

Carilah orang lain kalau hendak jatuhkan Anwar!

Anonymous,  17 January 2011 at 08:02  

"GLCs are peopled by persons who should retire and step aside for real operators. They think, the organizations they lead are theirs and they can do as they pleased."

Please look into the BOD line up for PNB and its top management.Make your own evaluation.Wish of you could write something about it

dadu,  17 January 2011 at 18:05  

Does BN think that the people are okay with their wrongdoings just by having somebody to pile dirts on Anwar? It's not about electing Anwar. It's about change. Malaysian people want change. Can't BN be that daft?

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