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Tuesday 11 January 2011

PM’s meeting with the BN MPs

Much was made out from the PM's meeting with MPs last week. Not all MPs attended. Maybe 105 or so.

There was one comment on my article in the Malaysian Insider where this article also appeared. The commentator says he has been around because the nature of his work dictates him so. He must a policeman or something of that nature that necessitates him moving around. He says, the mood is slowly going back to the BN government and some are already goyang and even liked the PM.

A long time ago, if this gentleman has read my articles, I have stated that PM Najib is a personable fellow and a very decent bloke. If I am allowed one upmanship, to this commentator I will have to say I have been around the man Najib for some time too. I was his ADUN, his Division Committee member and for 4 years served as Information Chief. That was after 1999 and I met him on regular weekly basis for almost 4 years. I think I can safely say to be able to say something about the man.

The idea to meet all the MPs wasn't his in the first place. Somebody senior in UMNO remarked to people who are close to Najib that it would be a good idea for Najib to meet the MPs to pacify their nervousness. Yessiree- BN MPs are nervous about political developments in their own areas. So contrary to the commentator who says his work takes him around for him to be able to state his observation haughtily, those directly in charge of their wards are nervous!.

So some people brought the idea to Pm Najib, hence the PM meets the MPs. He asks them what projects can he give them in their areas that can nullify or reduce their nervousness.

It wasn't a session for the PM assessing the performance of the MPs. He has all the information he wants from various sources- the SB, Military Intelligence, Kemas, government departments and that shadowy band of eager to please 3rd party volunteers. He does not need the MPs to confirm their deceit and lies.

He wanted to play Santa Claus to deliver goodies so that he can help them retain their seats. In that process he retains Purtajaya.

Was the meeting actually successful? Most of those MPs who went there felt the meeting wasn't useful and effective. They were given about 3 or 4 minutes to speak their mind and with the incessant butting in by the UMNO secgen- Teuku Adnan Mansor buddy to that great businessman Vincent Tan, nothing much can be said to the PM.

Indeed, the most common after the meeting talk and complaint is, WTF should Teuku Adnan be there in the first place?


Anonymous,  11 January 2011 at 09:44  

salam dato'

this is your best post so far ! hahahahahaha.... love it

orang kampung,  11 January 2011 at 10:18  

Yes! looking at Adnan's counterfeited glee I simply got pissed off.

It should have been a heart-to-heart talk if PM Najib were to really elicit anything useful to asses the performance of the MPs or whatever.

Otherwise, it was just another plot of a film produced by David Teo.

walla 11 January 2011 at 10:44  

Don't know what happened to my last post. Maybe too biting?

Najib has to walk his talk. Can't say he is a nice man when he could be so bitter about Sibu that he would let it continue to be flooded. The folks there are also rakyat. What have they done to deserve his wrath? Just a single no-action event reveals another side to him which shows he doesn't realize a real PM is NEVER partisan.

Wanting to win at all costs will only serve to fuel more suspicion that he and by default all of Umno doesn't subscribe to democratic ideals. It becomes then a power grab game leading to arrogance.

No one won't know that if Barisan wins big in GE13, there won't be a GE14; it will be like PAP. Given the crooks and cronies still in the party, how then can the next generation of rakyat ever feel things will improve when even with 1Malaysia, little napoleons in his ranks are wrecking havoc on processes and policies that would have been natural for 1Malaysia?

Najib has been making one pr mistake after another lately; either the pressure of reading that intelligence report or the advice he has been getting has sunk his equilibrium.

Why are we all here in this blog, writing comments day after day, if not for the future of this country and the rakyat? Looking at the jokers on both sides, there is no personal benefit. It's a labour of dwindling love.

Anonymous,  11 January 2011 at 11:16  


You are indeed a joker when you wrote "So some people brought the idea to Pm Najib, hence the PM meets the MPs. He asks them what projects can he give them in their areas that can nullify or reduce their nervousness".

Yessiree, the MPs and ADUNs are worried that they still have NOT made enough money in their current term and they are worried stiff their free loading gravy train will come to a dead halt when they are not nominated or get re-elected. Hence Najib wants to give them more projects (read: more corrupt commissions) in their constituencies along the lines of his "I help you, You help me" philosophy.

Hahahaha, you hit the nail on the head when you also wrote "He (Najib) wanted to play Santa Claus to deliver goodies so that he can help them retain their seats. In that process he retains Purtajaya".

Dato, you are really sharp and quick witted.

Anonymous,  11 January 2011 at 16:36  

Teuku Adnan is trying to show to the rest of the MPs that he is influential and Jibby trusted him in everything.
WTF... well sounded Dato' and that the prince that has no royalty connection but claimed of his blue blood supremacy will destroy UMNO or else his presence is to make sure Jibby is not nervous!!! Surely you know JIbby - too good to be true!

Anonymous,  11 January 2011 at 22:45  

The way I see it, this PM meet BN MPs session is what the American call a stroking session. It is like stroking the fur of a cat. When you do that, it just lay down and purr.

What is the end result? Just a lot of polished egos and nothing else. And a lot of BN MPs going round to say they kissed the PM's hand.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 00:36  

Dear Dato',
You must have heard this by now, would just like to share it with your readers:
BN - Barang Naik :(
BN - Bila Naik?
BN - Baharu Naik
BN - Berapa Naik?
BN - Banyak Naik!
BN - B*** Najib!!

"Change is definitely Possible, when accompanied with Patience & Perseverance"

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