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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 17 January 2011

The Future of Malaysian Politics

People don't seem to realize that I often write on UMNO with a view of reminding our leadership on what I think should be done. If the intention is misconstrued or misunderstood, perhaps the fault is mine.
When I criticize some business deals which I think are suspicious, UMNO people shouldn't get upset. If they do, people might construe their opposition as support for shady deals, abuse of power, bad governance and corruption. UMNO is against all these. If they defend UMNO on these counts, they are entrenching the idea that UMNO is inherently bad.
The problem I think stems from claiming ownership of whatever UMNO people do. UMNO shouldn't have this culture- UMNO my party right or wrong. It should be UMNO my party does what is right.
This is clearly a wrong position to take. We should not claim ownership of bad things UMNO people do. We should join in condemning them because we want UMNO to remain a party of integrity.
We have a strange situation now. I think, in general, despite whatever UMNO supporters say, there hasn't been any perceptible move towards re embracing UMNO. People in general mistrust UMNO. UMNO hasn't shed off its arrogance and bully tactics. Its showing it is incapable of dealing with dissenting views and does not have the credentials to deal with the future. How has UMNO approached dissenting views and opposition? By making endless police reports. The police should not be used as an oppressive tool by UMNO.
What is the main hindrance stopping UMNO from controlling the future? Chiefly because it doesn't understand the meaning of the future. The future is not something that's to be announced or declared. It is something that is to be achieved. Meaning- it exists on a set of actions. Doing something about it rather than talking.
Hence, it is something when we declare the NEM, the ETP, GTP and that EPPs, etc. we have only begun declaring them. We haven't set out achieving them yet. That's a different matter.
Hence, UMNO people think they have control over the future just BECAUSE they are the first to announce it?
In an earlier article, I have cited 2 main reasons as to why UMNO can lose the next elections. First, they haven't replicated the factors that made them successful in villages and rural areas in the urban areas. This is because; it is the urban areas that are becoming the forward bases of Malay politics. Second, the generational disconnect between UMNO and the younger generation. UMNO hasn't developed the tools to handle these things.
Thus, you have a situation where UMNO is defeatable.
Those people condemning Anwar Ibrahim of his whatever inside PKR do not automatically jump over to UMNO or their opposition necessarily translates into support for UMNO. We must learn this once and for all- allegiance to UMNO is not given, it must be earned. And 'be earned' means must come about as a result of some positive action on the part of UMNO. It doesn't get allegiance as a result of default from the other side.
When I point out to the weaknesses of UMNO's strategy of tacking the future, people get upset. But they can't express their upset beyond saying I am useless or two-faced or turncoat or something. How do you win over people if you use this approach?
I am merely pointing out the possible fault lines. I see a general trend in mistrusting UMNO by the younger generation. I see deep disillusionment by the older generation with UMNO.
And the worst thing that UMNO can do is to stick to the archaic belief that UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO. Malays don't believe that anymore. Our Malay-ness is not dependent on being UMNO. As long as we are Malay, we are capable of articulating our interests. We have gone past assigning the role of articulating our interests to UMNO because it has failed to live up to expectations.
Here is an even stranger thing. The main problem with the opposition parties is they haven't gone beyond the act of doing more than just winning a large number of seats. It would be a mistake if they thought, the fact they won initially 82 seats, those wins came about as a result of an intrinsic hatred for BN and UMNO. The people made a rational decision based on the years of bullying and arrogance by the BN ruling parties. I am not willing to concede the rejection as being driven about by deep-seated animosities but rather, they are driven by informed and conscious evaluation of the choices opened to them. The point is, the people can also form the same judgment on the opposition parties.
So beyond just relishing and basking in the aftermath of what could actually be an election fluke, the opposition parties have not been able to get together and act as a cohesive unit. PAS and DAP mistrust each other and PKR is being burdened by Anwar's own personal controversies.
We have a sort of stalemate really. How then can we break from this impasse?
What's lacking is perhaps a central rallying figure with the stature that is believable by the majority of people and parliamentarians. We may need perhaps a figure, a unifying symbol as it were acceptable to PAS, DAP, PKR and progressive minded people within UMNO who are united by the idea of the greater good for this country as whole.
What's also lacking perhaps is a cohesive manifesto or plan or agenda that say what is to be done for Malaysia.


Anonymous,  17 January 2011 at 21:47  

Young people are disinterested and disconnect from our vomitous politics. Well said.

Anonymous,  17 January 2011 at 22:35  

And within BN, I would say the central rallying figure is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Not TDM, not Najib, not his deputy nor any of the 3 VP's.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 00:57  

...lack of progeessive minded people in UMNO?

That's very real. There are only rightists in UMNO which has never been able to pass into gray shades of leftist and middlists effectively. Each time UMNO leaders warned of tumult or turbulence in the country they really meant them as within UMNO. It's a dead organization. Najib, as a purported leader exemplifies this best. He has credibility and integrity problems and he's unelected. Somebody else is leader of UMNO and therefore Najib has to play this game.

This reminds us of the putative syndrome of "latah". If there are people you can bully they'll "latah" the moment you make the signal action or word. Najib can latah; Perkasa and Perkida can latah. The mass of UMNO members and voters have largely been marginalised as you can't pass of the largese around too much to thin it out, and they will latah, too. The incredible deceitful meeting between Najib, Muhyiddin and Hadi Awang and Tok Nik at the Agong's Palace was a sort of "latah" onslaught. But as Nik Aziz did not "melatah" the game didn't catch on.

So where do we go from here? If this goes on unchecked, the UMNO Malay members and supporters could turn "pariah-like" as against the Indians and Chinese who outgrew their pasts. That is some "Interlock" !

But that won't happen. GE2008 proved that. GE2011 might be more conclusive, despite some minor quirks in the opposition.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 01:41  

pak a platform for tengku razaliegh to be accepted as an umno next leader , the sooner the better...or else he will go to the opposition...he 's the, aspan and a few more can bring the to reinvent umno....from within....

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 01:44  

i tend to agree that ge 2008 was a fluck...even pakatan raayat was suprised of their victory....

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 01:59  

Dear Bloogers,

Forget about this issue. A bigger and more sinister issue is playing out now- Proxy Voting. This is based on a very old Communist Principle- IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN THE FIRST TIME CHEAT.

This is an international issue and we must get the support of all those countries that are working to have a more democartic form of government.The US is a good place to start as the Secretary of State only three days ago made Malaysia the role model for democrcy in this crazy part of Asia.I am afraid that we are moving to a form of democracy that is gaining currency in the Asoociation of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)Burma Vietnam Cambodia Loas Singapore Brunei Thailand Indonesia Philippines. Just tell tell me the kind of democratic system fo government they have.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 06:53  

UMNO, Dato is not a peoples party or rather I would say not a party that represent the poor, or the 'rakyat bawahan'. UMNO is rich man's where decisions are made who gets what and how? The poor and the unlucky one's still have to work hard to make ends meet. When they talk about malayness, or 'ketuanan Melayu'. What does the normal or average malay can hope for? I have 4 children, Igot to work hard to put food on the table and money for their eduction. I can't hope for UITM because there are more rich malay children and children of Dato-Dato from UMNO in UITM Look at the cars their children drive at the UITM campuses then you will know what I mean. Why all these 'loaded' Malays send their children to UITM. UITM should be given to poor and average malay like me who can't afford to send my children to private universities.
Take a look at the food prices today. Bawang has gone to rm9 a kilo and so has all other food items.One cant buy a plate of rice with a balance of protein and vegetables less then rm6.00 today. I can go on with lot of other deficiencies UMNO has brought to this country but I have lost mood. So, please Dato, if you are trying to reform UMNO then you are fighting a losing battle. They are all the same.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 07:56  

UMNO will never win any elections on its own merits. NEVER.

It needs to cheat. Use money, media and even the monarchy. Remember Perak?

It has to resort to using the religion and race cards and threats of blood, dead bodies and May 13.

It uses the police, the courts, the civil service and the Election Commission. The EC Chairman can even overrule the elected Speaker of the state assemblies. Remember Perak and Kedah?

Now we have the Johor Education Director openly campaigning for BN in Tenang and justifying his actions.

In Sabah and Sarawak, BN will use loads and loads of cash to buy votes.

Now what sort of government can come out of this. It has to be corrupted, immoral and opportunistic.
The country loses and loses big.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 08:41  

The UMNO you speak for and fight for is long dead thanks to Mahathir. UMNO addiction to money is too far gone not for all shady deals, the abuse of powers and injustice NOT to be part of it. Purist like yourself like to say its because of UMNO Baru but it happened even before but before Mahathir, there was still a check - like the case of Harun. But After Mahathir came to power, all was lost and UMNO Baru was just shredding the facade.

Wrong, UMNO is not against corruption, abuse of power, bad governance - its addicted to it, its chemically, genetically fused to it.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 10:04  

"If they defend UMNO on these counts, they are entrenching the idea that UMNO is inherently bad."

I have spoken to many UMNO members who know their leaders are corrupted. Every single leader, be it branch or divisional level wants to siphon some cash out of UMNO.
Their standard reply, "Itu biasa lah".

It's legal to them. It's justified since all them are in the same boat.

If they cannot get on the gravy train, they threaten to sabotage their party candidates or support the opposition.

Their claim to fight for bangsa, ugama dan negara is one big bull.

Quiet Despair,  18 January 2011 at 10:09  

Dear Sak

Ideally, it should be that way. If your party is wrong, we remind them like what you are consistently doing.
But it's not going to happen to many of us UMNO members.
It's always UMNO right or wrong. And it follows our country right or wrong.
No one is really brave enough like you to be sticking your neck out. They fear of being misconstrued as traitors to the party.
Loyalty is so much ingrained in the Malay psyche. If not, we won't have the saying hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri.
Never mind if people think we are idiotic if we support the party even if its wrong.
It's like going against your parents. Can we ever say we have bad parents in the open? If our child is nabbed by the police for rempiting (is there such a word) or robbing, do we condemn him?
The mum will say I can't believe this, he's a good boy.
Let's take you as example. You have the interest of the party at heart. You want it to be the best.
Najib wants winnable candidates, not just ketua bahagian, party bid-wigs or fresh faces to be only candidates in the GE.
You have the intellect. Maybe you have the support of the people in your constituency.
Najib may be interested in fielding you.
But let me tell you there may be some around him whispering to him, isyy dia tu asyik condemn party kita.
You can never win in your quest. Right?
Same goes to Ku Li. There's no way UMNO appoints him as the party bridge-builder.
He is forever circumspect by account of leaving the party and forming Semangat 46.
Dia mungkin dah tebus his so-called dosa by helping UMNO win Gua Musang.
But people still don't forget his supposed traitorship to the party.
Same as KJ, he has re-invented himself but he's still not accepted.
I understand why he merajuk.
Memang UMNO mudah lupa. Tapi kadang-kala UMNO tak mau lupa.

Fooart 18 January 2011 at 10:20  

The truth how much people HATE umno... Last week I received an invitation letter for the Mesyuarat Persidangan Penubuhan Cawangan UMNO in my taman ( better not say which taman ). for the preparation of the coming GE. Invitation letter sign by Dato' Hj Azman Hj Hassan. My taman consists of 450 houses and 420 occupied. Only 1 Indian family staying here. ONLY 20 PEOPLE, I repeat Dato' 20 ( TWENTY ) turn up. To majority of people in this taman, UMNO dah terkubur. Period!!!

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 11:05  


No worries about the malays deserting UMNO because UMNO has a back up plan in Perkasa. We know that Perkasa is UMNO's proxy so UMNO/Perkasa feels very secure the malay votes will go to either one of them. Furthermore with the intended proxy voting, I am pretty sure there are plenty of instant malays and UMNO supporters (aka UMNO sleeping cells) scattered all over the world who are ever ready to jump into action once the order is given to activate the proxy voting system.

It's also not surprising why your UMNO brethrens are upset about you criticizing UMNO. They think you are trying to break their mangkuk nasi and derail their gravy train. Come on lah Dato, live and let live. You should let your UMNO brethrens continue with their culture of pillaging and raping the country's wealth and resources. After all there is still plenty of oil, timber, land, corridors, etc to rake in more moolah. Do as the Romans do lah Dato and if you cannot beat them, join them.

walla 18 January 2011 at 13:15  

A: 'The rakyat are saying even with everything at its disposal, Umno was still able to screw up. What does that tell everyone about the party?'

B: 'That it doesn't know how to screw down? Kekekeke.'

A: 'Sir, you're incorrigible.'

B: 'My thirty-three ex-gf's have said as much.'

A: 'Aren't you ashamed of yourself?'

B: '(thinks hard for one minute). Frankly? No. Can i help it if women adore me?'

A: 'Certainly not me, Sir. Now, back to more important things, what think you of what the blogger has written this time?'

B: 'Unbeknownst to him, i was also reaching the same conclusion. There is an impasse or stalemate.

But i think one shouldn't use that as a rationale to extend symmetric arguments. Because the situation, as you have said, is asymmetric.

Umno has held the reins for over half a century as an old hand. Yet it has succeeded beyond comprehension to taint and stain itself beyond all powers of chlorox. Instead of chlorinating off the stains, it worked doubly hard instead to layer them with teflon so that the hands of justice could not grab the culprits in its ranks. So, Sofea, how can anyone then not think Umno has been given more than enough chances and must now give way to others?

On the other hand, Pakatan has had only two years to prove itself. In the politics of fifty three years, two years is just a probation period. And it has remained unblooded for a number of reasons.

One, bad genes passed over from Barisan. All those bumi jokers who frogged over including that dunderhead in Port Kelang who went independent have Umno DNA. Look at them. Heard anything from any one of them recently? Their silence is deafening.

Secondly, Umno removed all the administrative files. Pakatan had to start from scratch, furthermore by people who had never been politicians or administrators before. Heck, Sofea, they are just plain folks. Uztaz's, lawyers, engineers, teachers, NGOs, housewives - people called rakyat.

Thirdly, they were all blocked from federal funds and resources due them from rakyat taxes paid to treasury. Barisan has premeditatedly squeezed Pakatan on both. Is that fair or unfair?

Fourthly, the MSM. Barisan controls the channels and thinks it can use them to mind-warp the rakyat; for instance, who can explain why malaysiakini has been denied a proper license or why Utusan like some junta can house-restrict an employee who has just called a spade a spade?

Fifthly, the sovereignty sloganeering. It is sneaking closer and closer to effigy-burning gutter partisanship, isn't that so?

walla 18 January 2011 at 13:16  


Sixthly, the army of little napoleons entrenched like trojan viruses within the federal and state administrations to sabotage the Opposition's policies and commands. This Markom Giran guy is just the latest of thousands still active. How many silo potato brains are there in the MOE, shall we now ask?

Seventhly, the korupfikasi of all the institutions of recourse to change. PDRM, Justice/AG, MOF, EPU and EC, for example. Be extremely careful of the postal, armed forces, felda and east malaysian rural votes, for instance.

Yet, Sofea, with all these constraints and challenges, Pakatan has been able to deliver some promises made to the rakyat while cleaning up their state administrations. Moreover and more importantly, it has, just by existing, succeeded to foist Barisan, especially Umno, to look at itself more candidly.'

A: 'And if i may add, Sir, Umno has continued to harvest those challenges it imposes unfairly on the Opposition, to wit the rakyat.

And that is the key issue. It is taking every conniving opportunity to try to win back lost ground. It is going to war with the rakyat. Including many from amongst its own ranks who want to think on the basis of right principles and fairness to all. People who have lifted their minds above dross emotions and can see others as equal human beings facing the same threats of a future made bleak by the excesses, incompetencies and corruptions of Umno.

Right, or wrong?'

B: 'Wah, you're getting to sound more and more like me, Sofea. Let me ask a question. If this country's politics is Star Wars, who is the evil empire of imperial stormtroopers and who are the rebel forces?

Even the hardiest of Umno's rightwing diehards will have to admit Umno personifies the sith emperor with his fraticidal Death Star, and the young rakyat personify the under-resourced, hunted down, beleaguered, rebel forces tenuously held together by a few jalopy jedi knights with their battery-drained light sabers.

And why is this so? It is so simply because the rakyat have concluded Umno politicians have an agenda they are hiding from the rakyat and voters. And how did they come to such a conclusion? From the contradictions and omissions of right actions not done, and from the commissions and cronyism done to the death as SOP of this nation.

Take for instance our PM's new year speech. He asked the rakyat to work with him and not just criticize. But has he even recognized such a simple thing as treating right our SMEs? Umno rightwingers may say yes Umno has given nine billion ringgit recently to the bumiputra SMEs. What about the non-bumi SMEs? Many of these comprise the 99 percent of our business establishments upon whom thousands of bumi's depend for their jobs, and they contribute 56 percent of our total employment, 19 percent of our national exports and 31 percent of our gross domestic product.

Aside from tantalizingly waving some numbskull-conditioned ratfink incentives at their faces to give the impression it's 1Malaysia, nothing. They have been left to implode on their cashflows fighting global forces while asked to take advantage of the opportunities to emanate from the ETPs et nauseum. How? Macam mana? Can we then blame them, dear Sofea, for thinking it's all pink lipservice and taking their votes elsewhere?'

walla 18 January 2011 at 13:19  


A: 'But we have been said to be a model nation, Sir, by none other than the US. And our Miti has forbed a full ad that we want to be number one after climbing up to be number 10 in the IMD index.'

B: 'Mahathir will tell you to be careful of anglo-saxons bearing gifts. It's a geopolitical game, Sofea. The british played it when the constitution was written but do we know which nation before the british had protected us from a thai invasion? Sawadee kaa.

And the americans played it in south asia with their joint-congress audience specially arrayed for the Indian president.

Haven't we learned enough all these years of MNC FDIs? Only low-end employment. Minimal real technology transfer. Everything ultimately paid for by ourselves from the ruinous high incentives we have to give them which ends up with them paying minimal net taxes, compounded by their transfer price shiftings which advantage them in terms of quota on gross trade figures that can be parlayed into monolateral benefit in future negotiations.'

A: 'But we still depend on open trade and employment-generating FDI, Sir.'

B: 'Yes, we do and that's because we have been unwisely playing infantile race games when capacitating our capabilities. Besdes malignantly neglecting our own non-bumi SMEs, we also threw our national education system out of orbit until it has become so racialized a young malay lecturer has to resort to drawing up the demise of the ottoman empire as sufficient reason to overlook the corrupt practices of our federal politics in order to save the race. But what race is that? Bugis, javanese, filipino, indian, turkish?

Talking about the Ottoman empire, do you know that the world's neurosurgeon of the century was a turk? But he was only able to be so by training on microsurgical techniques in Germany. Maybe that young and superbly wise lecturer should also go check up the argentinian who was surgeon of the century for pioneering the technique of grafting muscle from the leg onto a certain appendage to treat penile dysfunction.'

A: '(cough). Back to our topic, Sir. Does our malaysian politics have a future?'

B: 'Let me answer you indirectly, Sofea. Who was the best journalist of this nation? Answer: YM Tunku Abdul Rahman, our first PM. His column in the Star saved that paper when it was once in the doldrums. It leaves nothing to imagination that Mahathir's administration had problems with its content.

And that's my answer, Sofea. Malaysian politics will have a future if moderate rakyat are respected for their reasonable views and the right things are done all the time, 24x7x4x12, for the country. And this time, by popular, let's not mean anymore those fcuked rightwing demands, napoleonic screwballs, or selfsyioky rationalizing.'

OneMalaysian,  18 January 2011 at 14:48  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The people made a rational decision based on the years of bullying and arrogance by the BN ruling parties. I am not willing to concede the rejection as being driven about by deep-seated animosities but rather, they are driven by informed and conscious evaluation of the choices opened to them”.

Yes, a choice has finally appeared, and this is for the long term good of the people. But the alternative choice is still too loose a coalition; it will in time get better. It has taken a good 50 years for our country to arrive at this juncture, and it will take quite a few more years before a viable 2-party system can emerge. In the meantime, those who feel bullied and abused by the BN can take it out on them once every 4 or 5 years.

Democracy depends, amongst other things, on alternative choices. If there is only one then it has to be a dictatorship of some kind. There are of course benevolent ones, like Singapore, but almost all dictatorships that claim to act in the people’s interest eventually succumb to abuse of power and corruption. UMNO and the BN parties are no different, unless of course, their leaders are not human. History does not lie. Therefore right thinking Malaysians must do their utmost to bring about a true 2-party system. They cannot wait until a “perfect” alternative comes along. The alternative party is the one they create by voting the alternative to UMNO/BN.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 15:01  

Quiet Despair,

"He is forever circumspect by account of leaving the party and forming Semangat 46".

Pls get your facts right. Ku Li never left UMNO. All UMNO members then were left without a party after UMNO was declared illegal. Mamak formed UMNO(Baru)and all those from Team B were prevented from joining. They therefore have no choice but to form Semangat 46 after their bid to form UMNO Malaysia were rejected by Mamak Kutty. The real aim was to revive the old UMNO as Mamak refused to revive the old UMNO using his power as the Home Minister.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 15:06  

Anon 11.05

"Dato and if you cannot beat them, join them".

That is an irresponsible statement. Think of the future of our children and grandchildren...

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 15:06  


UMNO is suffering from the Megat Junid's Syndrome (MJS). MJS is a two-rule affliction i.e. Rule 1: Boss is always right. Rule 2: If Boss is wrong, refer Rule 1.

I've been wishing you luck ever since you came onto the blogging scene. Perhaps a prayer or two should be added.


Raison D'etre 18 January 2011 at 16:45  

Walla writes very much like somebody I know. Hmmm...

But well said, Walla. Well said.

If Umno sinks (not that it will with the array of corruptness up it soiled, stinky sleeves), will you sink with it?

And YES: we do lack a leader we can look up (forward?) to. Not in my lifetime, I'm afraid.

Sad for Malaysia, eh?

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 16:47  


The future of UMNO is bright unless its top leaderships start to read your blog and take careful note your advice.

But I think it is but a pipe dream.

Quiet Despair,  18 January 2011 at 17:17  


I guess you must be among the 20 who turned up. Or else you wouldn't know the number of attendees.
Good show, my friend.
It must be the area you reside.
It's a different scenario in my neighborhood.
We always ran out of UMNO membership forms since Najib took over.
And with the PKR Selangor making fumbles after fumbles, the membership is rising.
If you live in some areas of Selangor, you will find that rubbish are not regularly collected, you don't see Indah Water coming or TNB coming late if there is no electricity. Dont talk of Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor.
That is what my pals living in a so-called prestigious area in Selangor told me.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 17:22  

I think its going to be too late to wait for PRU 13.To me whats at stake is not the demise of UMNO/BN nor the potential of PR..cos if PM does not take immediate steps to curb the EPPs and review the risks that DSIJ the RM 4 bil loser is subjecting the country to with his grandiose plans..we run the real risk of economic collapse.

The biggest risk is the govt funded MRT..its rushed thru w/out having to wait for the Masterplan,the PDP is direct nego,the PDP allows Gamuda to tender for packages (which is against the PDP principle and exposes the whole project to moral hazards and attendant risk..Metronet failure mode)..and the engineering design process & budgeting is not transparent and raises risk of aligning specs to commercial agendas.Simply >>either government adopts the FULL Crossrail model of PDP or go back to good old fashion internal project mgmt (Delhi Metro model).We can't afford to lose RM 36 bil and counting..we just can't.So why is PM doing things in such a hurry.
I can continue with the other EPP risks..cos most of them are pretty half baked eg warisan tower,sg buloh,financial centres market is due for a downturn and all these projects is nicely timed for thst..KSK can always`say its 911 n Asian Flu?

PM must put the brakes on the misguided EPPs and bring a real team of seasoned professionals with the expertise and values to review them.If not done...forget abt UMNO,PR etc...its Malaysia at risk.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 17:47  

All this while i only see people condemning UMNO without understand the struggle that UMNO is fighting for.Dato..UMNO supposed to fight for Malays based on the constitution. Malays in constitution is not about race. It is about people sharing the same belief,culture and language. Thus why associating UMNO as a race based party where the party can re brand it self to a greater height and for god sakes what happened to UMNO leaders nowadays?so apologetic and fighting for their own agenda only. Take for example. If i were the minister i would just say to the Hindraf goons just pack up their things and helped them to apply Indian citizenship via Person Of Indian Origin(PIO)clause in Indian constitution and once the application is complete do a massive farewell ceremony for them and cut their Malaysian passport.Why do we entertain these ungrateful b*****ds. let them live in India and don't let them plead back to Malaysian Gov after that.Once they see the poverty in Mumbai alone they will tremble in shit. When Chinese talk shit about equalities why do we open economy?. balance the educational sector 1st la Dato. Be firm..ask for vernacular school to be abolished and we remove quota for university..its starts from the roots.Give and take..not give only la Dato. And for UMNO please stop trying to make the Party as an exclusive to the elites. There are a lot of party members in ceruk2 kampong that felt disjointed with the leaders. And do listen to the youngs..we also have our own ideas that might be useful to the party.

Orang Kg Cheh,
Kuala Kangsar

Dulu apply masuk UMNO tapi ntah kemana pegi borangnye..teringin nak masuk masa zaman TDM je..skang ni wat sakit hati je tgk UMNO jadi cam ni..don't worry a lot more like me but most of us will not vote for PR..we just void our vote.

Anonymous,  18 January 2011 at 18:44  

Thank you for the article. As a non-Malay, I just need an UMNO with integrity.

Quiet Despair,  18 January 2011 at 21:35  

Dear Walla

You stated Pakatan has managed to deliver some promises to the rakyat.
Really. Cite some.
Do you have the Pakatan Manifesto 2008.
I see only one being fulfilled - free water.
I see in your soliloquy with Sofea you tend to gloss over Pakatan's faults.
But you painted BN black like the Rolling Stones song.
It's your right, of course.
But you jolly well know that they are immature to govern.
Kept back-trading on their decisions for example the ban on Muslims working in places serving alcohol.
Khalid has made a U-turn. Ronnie has declared a ban and Khalid said it was only a guideline.
And the funny thing Khalid already agreed to set up a fund for those jobless with the implementation of the ban.
You can made a wrong decision once, but if too many it reflects your ineptitude to rule.

Anon 15.01

Let's not fight over semantics.
When a person forms a new party, he has left the old one.
Plain and simple.

Bumi Boy,  18 January 2011 at 21:38  

Raison D'Etre

And Quiet Despair too writes like someone I know very well.
He's rather well-known.

Anonymous,  19 January 2011 at 07:05  

Dato Sakm.,
'Proxy voting' nak diperkenalkan dlm. PRU3, saya setuju sangat-sangat. Bukan apa, bleh la kumpul ramai2 pi undi sorang. Sama la klau syarikat buat mesyuarat agung khas siap ada wakil 'proxy'. Tapi nanti perhimpunan Agung UMNO pun kena la pakai undi 'proxy'Jadi mana ahli UMNO (3 juta lebih oo..Rakyat..He3..
-sender Rakyat penang lo.

Anonymous,  19 January 2011 at 09:13  

Orang Kg Cheh,

How brilliant!

‘If i were the minister i would just say to the Hindraf goons just pack up their things and helped them to apply Indian citizenship via Person Of Indian Origin(PIO)clause in Indian constitution and once the application is complete do a massive farewell ceremony for them and cut their Malaysian passport.’

‘When Chinese talk shit about equalities why do we open economy?. balance the educational sector 1st la Dato. Be firm..ask for vernacular school to be abolished and we remove quota for university..’

So what about those 2nd gen Indonesia-mari? Mamak? What about those getting their citizenship under mamk’s ‘operation blue IC’? AND what about u?

Tanah Melayu? Do u know that this was a British clonial invention, so that ‘bodoh sombong’ like u could be easily manipulated?

BTW, don't get excited & lump Nusantara as yr kindred. U'll definitely get a bloody nose, not only from the Indonesian but also the Moros.

Just like umno is herding u like cow. Or should I say lemming? The cliff is near, don’t worry. U cab keep hearing the echo of Tuah’s cry as u fall over the cliff.

Oh yeh...’ its starts from the roots.Give and take..not give only la’..u do get it partially RIGHT. But the part u get wrong is that the givers r not the getters as u meant them to be. U r parasites.

To be honest, without The Others, u people could still be swinging from tree to tree, if u ever learn how to climb tree in the 1st place. Troglodyte cocoonistic is more likely yr nature!

flyer168 19 January 2011 at 09:39  


Just to share this...

Tunisia: A Digitally-Driven, Leaderless Revolution - DK Matai, mi2g | Jan. 18, 2011, 2:17 PM Read more - Read more -

Revolution in The Air

•World watches nervously as protests bring down a government and force its longstanding leader into exile.

•Out of control food inflation becomes an accelerant to smouldering discontent >>

•Spark of the first few food and anti-corruption riots flickers out of control >>

Tunisian President's Wife Leila Trabelsi Fled Country With 1.5 Tons Of Gold -

"Trabelsi and her gold joined Ali in exile in Saudi Arabia.

Known as the Tunisian Marie Antoinette, Trabelsi lived an opulent and corrupt lifestyle (see: yachts and pet tigers) that helped spur popular outrage." Unquote.

Read more -

Could we see this in East Malaysia & also in Bolehland soon?

Who knows...

You be the judge.


Anonymous,  19 January 2011 at 13:15  

All I need as New Year Gift is UMNO jadi macam insan yang punya hati dan naluri untuk hidup bahagia dan membahagiakan orang...perangai yang over dan extrim tu tolong buang jauh2 ...yang sudah tu sudahlah...mohon ampun dan maaf dengan manusia dan Allah swt....insyaAllah boleh teruskan memerintah....saya tengah tunggu nak join Barisan Promosi UMNO Inc.( ada ke?)

- sehidup semati

Anonymous,  19 January 2011 at 14:13  

Quiet Despair,

Those you mentioned are what UMNO crowd cheerleaders want to see - today merdeka in 7 days! It has been so long since "Merdeka"!

If you don't put away people like Hata Wahari, to name a few, there could have been more profits to pay Malay Utusan workers. The spin off is more writers and thinkers. That's plenty of dough in there!

And the 100-day pledge is a good example!

But more importantly, since Malays left UMNO votes in GE08, there has been much more discourse even if still stifled. This is the biggest that can portend a liveable prospect if prices don't kill off poorer "paria" Malays?

The worms in the constitution woodwork are popping out, too!

There are less conspicuous things when tidied away in right places put most otherwise mundane things in firmly emplaced.

If PR's armour is shining and glittering every moment, maybe Dato' Sak would never have been born! Err ... it takes all kinds to make a world! No matter HOW bad. Just make our senses sharper, so we can soon know what is duit raya and what is hadiah raya - Malays have lost sense of cognitive value. It's not there from the Menara Pusing, generally.

Maybe Tengku Abdul Rahman left a message in the folk wordings of Terang Boelan:

Terang boelan, terang di pinggir kali,

buaya timbul disangkanya mati... !


Anonymous,  19 January 2011 at 15:57  

To Orang Kg Cheh,
Kuala Kangsar

Hey sounds very like member of Perkasa.

Typical ignorant goon.

Ungrateful? What is there to be grateful about to anyone? Are you grateful to the toils and tears of these Indians who built roads and got the plantations to help feed you and the scholarships you get from the BN?

Are you grateful to the tons of taxes collected to help guys like you waiting to collect?

No you are not and neither are they to you. Period.

I can even guess, that right now you are just another employee and getting paid by another business or government supported financially be the toils of all Malaysians.... many of whom are Indians too .

Grateful .. budak . My foot.

Anonymous,  20 January 2011 at 21:37  

our country is being loaded with problems-

> bus accidents that took place in succession
and the the number of accidents involving public buses is probably reaching 10 within a space of 6 months with fatalities
reaching double digits in

> rising food and fuel prices in an environment of rising unemployment

>public transportation is in shambles but there are regular trains plying

ipoh and kl with incredible regularity and the ridership is almost empty.

And there is no discernible
policies being made to reduce
the chronic problems.....

In the middle of this seeming chaos, our de facto pee em Datin Rozie is visiting the middle east and probably pakistan.

I worry that a situation almost like the one facing the starving parisians during the time of marie antoinette is taking place in our midst.

Is Datin Rozieg going to say what marie said- " let the people makan kueh...." ?

Our gomen employ big names consultants like apco/ mcpantats whatever..

Why at the end of the day minister rotijala wants a public opinion on what he has done?

Why our top civil servants cannot give meaningful solutions to the

nation's problem?

Is it because as the leadership of singapore had conjectured - ! malaysia
has a weak civil service?

Is any wonder if the a super high ranking civil servant like the one made s/s selangor can only admit -mispiknoinglis?

Is the situation any different in the legal and judicial service?

Look at the you tube - our top ranking prosecutor also had

a problem in articulating his ideas in simple english?

Our civil service is full of mispiknoinglis opisers.

Why is there no program to coach our civil servants to be


Successive pee em's has been extending the services of the chief
secretaries without any spectacular achievement shown by them.

Poor quality civil servants reflect poor leadership in the executive.


Can one conclude the quality of our pee em based on the quality of the

civil service?

would dsn divert the funds that rozie is using towards improving

the english of the civil servants?

This is one kpi mr.rotijala should take up with dsn!!!!!!

khong khek khuat

Anonymous,  13 February 2011 at 03:02  

Sad to say, the future of Malaysian politics will see the fall of Malaysia. We bicker among us about f**k all tuan tanah lah, usage of grammatically correct words to name god, keris, hindraf, bombing, anal pleasure, open economy to other races and ..OMG too much drama from all the political party! We could have been a greater nation if we all work together. Instead,we are transformed to a miniature voice compared to tiny Singapore. This is because the majority Malaysian has the thinking similar to the likes of Orng Kg Cheh. If Orng Kg Cheh would have listened to stories from his forefathers that stood side by side with the Hindraf descendants and with the descendants of great miners coming to his state, he would have realize that it was the sweat from that effort and formation that has made that state great, once upon a time.BTW we are of same geographic settlement.
The younger generation is already groomed to think like the likes of Orng Kg Cheh in schools. Congrats to UMNO! Their system is molding our children to be the unquestioning loyal citizens which will always cherish and vote the government till the end. It is a very tiring effort for mid class single parent like me to ensure that my children break away from this racial segregation values that was force onto them since primary & secondary schools. The situation is even worst in the public universities. However, all this need to and must happen because UMNO need to and must rule. The only way we can save our soul is by God’s intervention. But then again, how can we ask for one? Imagine writing a letter to God with a wrong salutation or address,better still,we wait for people from the corridors of power to explain to us how we could get God's intervention.
Nurturing half of our young’s mind’s capacity to a peanut case aside, my next biggest worry is the future of the mid class Malaysian whom are slowly becoming the new lower class majority. Soon this system will say it is the rakyat’s fault that we are feeling the pinch of inflation. Maybe the system has a better game plan? You think?

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