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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Tenang. Buck up please.

A few days ago, I was optimistic of BN chances. It can win Tenang I opined. As days go by, my optimism is reduced. Chua Soi lek is not making many inroads into Chinese voters. He remains a discredited figure and his party, the MCA labeled an Uncle Tom to UMNO. Where does he get the basis to make the audacious claim that BN will win big the next time around?

As a diversion let me say this. The natives in Sabah are not going to take things lying down any longer. Revolt seems to be in the air in Sarawak too, prompting Taib Mahmud to use the charm of his sister to push Najib through Rosmah, to carry out concurrent general elections. Sarawak has 31 parliamentary seats. Taib Mahmud is telling Najib unless the opposition's focus is divided by having national elections, Sarawak may lose a large number of those 31 seats. If that happens, the overall majority of BN will be greatly reduced and may even result in the exit of BN as government. Najib is mindful of this and he doesn't want to lose Putrajaya.

So, how come Chua Soi Lek dare make an audacious claim? Probably, his claim is more of a nervous outburst. MCA is about to become a political appendix.

There is so much negativity surrounding BN that such a claim can only arise out of a moment of hallucination. The UMNO machinery is not primed. UMNO local foot soldiers are not giving their all out. The soft approach isn't working in Tenang. The Tenang UMNO boys are out of sync.

Tenang is not Galas. There the soft strategy worked precisely, because it was the culture cultivated by Tengku Razaleigh. In Tenang, you can't change the force of habit overnight.

What's the habit? UMNO Labis is more accustomed to the boisterous and noisy way of campaigning. Intimidation, shouting matches here and there, jeering here and there. You know UMNO Johor and Johoreans in general- humility and understated style are not their way. Johore- the first modern state, its King uses sword while the other Malay rulers use kerises. He gets to stab first. They play with sailboats, other Malay brethren play gasing. So how can you contain the Johore over exuberance? You can't. By forcing them to take the soft approach, you nullify and dull their senses.

The soft approach seems to be out of sync. The ANAK gathering at one FELDA scheme was heckled by the Pemuda UMNO under its ketua Pemuda Labis. They thought they scored points there, but their black-shirt style of harassment serves to reinforce UMNO's detachment from reality.

You will need to reorganize UMNO for new purposes. For now, hope for the best that the recipient's mindset hasn't changed that far. The UMNO machinery seems at ease with the soft approach. If they are unaccustomed, better to stick to the old methods.

And have you seen Ghani Osman?

Now, Ghani Osman was my lecturer in Welfare Economics at University Malaya. If he is still the person he was then, then Ghani will project the image of a diffident person, portraying the bewildered look. Perhaps he doesn't know how to handle a by election such as in Tenang. This is a very hard indictment on an UMNO leader, but I have to tell it as it is. Ghani may be a good person. But he is wanting as a field general.


Anonymous,  26 January 2011 at 18:27  

Your article is rather encouraging to Pakatan supporters. I hope your you are spot on. It's time to kick the arrogant BN on it's backside. Chua Soi Lek can then go back to making more videos.

Ariff Sabri 26 January 2011 at 19:04  

anon 18:27

its intended to knock some senses into the UMNO machinery. its good to travel incognito.

Anonymous,  26 January 2011 at 19:11  

"I am UMNO, right or wrong".

Hmm.. What to do.

Anonymous,  26 January 2011 at 19:33  

"They play with sailboats, other Malay brethren play gasing."

Sir, the present one also plays with 'bottles' and 'skirts'.

Anonymous,  26 January 2011 at 19:43  

Did you watch You Tube on UMNO Youth heckling LGE? Apart from the EXTREMELY soft approach of the police towards those hecklers, the reasons given by theses fellas reminded me things happened some 50 years ago, that is we "town people" could not enter the new village because "kononnya" it's their territory! Some things just don't change!

Anonymous,  26 January 2011 at 20:05  

Not that I hate UMNO Dato'. Just I want Cikgu Mala to win and will pray hard so that she wins- kalau bolih menang la.
Not that I hate UMNO but Jibby must wake up not simply jadi unta kenyang in front of Rosmah or Big mama so they said or nicknamed her.
Not that I hate UMNO but believe me Dato' that many out there just hate Rosmah.
In the final conclusion if not this time some other time, the rakyat will win unless Jibby dare to kick Rosmah out! and he takes charge!
And off course kick that porn actor CSL out and the sooner the better.
Lagi apa lah harapan kita, baca article Dato' pun buat geram je! Bukan geram kat Dato but CSL- dia makan sorang dalam bilek..hehehe1 Anyway selamat makan limau mandarin nak lagi sedap campur garam atau kicap! gua caya lu la Dato'.

Anonymous,  26 January 2011 at 20:22  


So what's new with the "modus operandi" of UMNO and the BN component parties? They will cling to power in any way they can as their influence wanes and they become irrelevant. Other than being corrupt to the core, UMNO leaders also lacked decorum and proprietary.

All we can hope for is that when change finally comes (as it surely will) will be peaceful. There’s no doubt that UMNO will continue to heighten the race card and there’s little doubt that they will attempt to create racial instability in an attempt to remain in power. We must all remain vigilant to guard against this as we continue our journey to cleanse rid our country of the filth that UMNO and it’s BN component parties represents.


Quiet Despair,  26 January 2011 at 21:52  

Just some observations:

1.Yesterday CSL scored a coup. A Chinaman, a no 12 founder of Keadilan described by Ezam who is no.7. joined MCA.
He tore his Keadilan Membership ID to 4 segments, leaving CSL grinning ear-to-ear. Then there were shouts of Hidup MCA from UMNO people there.

2.Ghani was there. His face is always sesak or bewildered.He did visit some areas.
He thanked the people for bringing down the flags of the party not contesting.
Be kind to him since this is his last hurrah before the GE.

3)Johoreans have always prided themselves on being anglicised or westernised.
They are always proud of their refined tastes, way of life and their food.
They always boast their laksa is made of spaghetti and not the yellow or white flour mee of other states.
The late Sultan has an English first wife and his half-sister married Barry Gibb.
Maharaja Abu Bakar was the father of modern Johor and was a Sir
as was the late Sultan Ismail.
Our Sultan Abu Bakar was also a Sir but later than them.
They claim to have special ties with the British Royal family.

4) Since they are refined, gentle people, uncouthness is not their style. The hecklers are outsiders if you asked them.

(Marah dia orang kat auk Sak, kata they are jeerers).

(I also think jeering and heckling is a new culture in UMNO, copied from Mr Aljay).

You dont see much of that in Tenang on nomination day since Keadilan is not contesting.

(I am inviting the anger of Keadilan's supporters here who are euphoric with your last two postings. Sorry yah.)

So you are in Tenang incognito. Very good.
It is raining in Tenang and in some areas there are floods.
Tok Ai is hands-on helping the people to move their belongings to safer places.
They are predicting floods on polling day.
Maybe it's a blessing for BN.

Tok Ai can still win handsomely. After all Pakatan's aim is only to reduce the majority, not to win.
It's okay to sacrifice Cik Gu Mala.

Anonymous,  26 January 2011 at 22:51  

"Taib Mahmud is telling Najib unless the opposition's focus is divided by having national elections, Sarawak may lose a large number of those 31 seats."

Dato..are u dreaming? How come by having Sarawak state election, Barisan's 31 MPs from Sarawak would be reduced? Wake up Dato

Anonymous,  27 January 2011 at 00:01  

BN will still win, though the majority may be reduced. Johor is too strong a fort for PR now.

Anonymous,  27 January 2011 at 00:46  


The sentiments of the Johorean Chinese are still with the BN. They are on a different page vis-a-vis the west coast Chinese. Similarly the sentiments of the east coast Chinese differ as well.

Anonymous,  28 January 2011 at 18:25  

Dato Sak , you are spot on CSl and MCA but i think you really underestimate UMNO in Johore.

I expect UMNO will get almost 90 % of Malay votes in Tenang.

Th eIndian vote will be with UMNO around 70-80 %.

While the Chinese vote will go to PAS aka DAP perhp up to 80 % if the elders Chinese also swing to PR.

I hope i underestimate CSl...i did underestimat ehim before in MCA presidential but it seems he survive.

SO i hope he did proven me wrong again with my Chinese predcition in tenang.

SO far the only good of MCA effort if i can it is MCA is Skuad 1 Malaysia which seems to enjoy quite a support wherever they go around the twon in Labis.


Ahmad Syafiq 29 January 2011 at 11:18  

50% of the Chinese will vote for BN. Seems CSI still has his touch.

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