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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Alcatel-gate and the Pasembor connection.

It would be reasonable to assume that Alcatel Head Office has a country operating company here in Malaysia. It would for example have incorporated a company say Alcatel Malaysia with 51% interests and balance with local partners. This is how a foreign company gets a hold in Malaysia anyway.
Indeed it has. There is an Alcatel Malaysia. It has 2 local partners. In this case, one of the partners for Alcatel Malaysia was Kumpulan Pinang.
So let's ask Kumpulan Pinang people if they know anything. The other partner's identity I can't recall. But TM which states that it has a robust and transparent procuring system knows that fact and can reveal to the public. It's important for the public to know who the partners are because they may be able to shed more light on this Alcatel bribery case.
Therefore in unraveling the story about Malaysian Consultants A and B, we would have to establish whether there is first of all Alcatel Malaysia. There was indeed at the material time and it was headed by a local politician- Dr Norraesah Mohamad. It was a sensible choice of a country manager because she was after all trained in France and can speak French.
Public spirited people will now want to know whether there is any strategic relationship between this Dr Norraesah with Kumpulan Pinang because she happens to be from Penang. And the MOF who supervises Khazanah and through Khazanah all the companies Khazanah owns such as TM, was Nor Moahamd Yaakob- also from Penang. Probably she may have recommended the two consultants because these consultants also worked for Alcatel Malaysia.
Is there a Penang connection here then? MOF was Nor Mohamad Yaakob the vadey for breakfast eating minister. Norraesah is also from Penang. Kumpulan Pinang is also from Penang. We can almost say this is the Pasembor Mafia.
In what way did the consultants serviced Alcatel? Let's imagine these consultants as people who are paid retainer fees to be on Alcatel's payroll and can be counted on to secure strategic information of potential business.
The country manager will prepare some memo notes identifying the consultants and probably recommends fees payable to them. Probably the country manager also pakat with the consultants for something to wet his or her beak.
Of course we are not certain of these things- these are facts to be established by the investigative committee of TM and also now Axiata. ( formerly Celcom). We hope after finding out, they will also reveal to us. If not, we have to camp at KL Central's Hilton to wait on Shazaly, CEO of Celcom. Before his heart bypass, he is a weekly patron of Hilton.
But then maybe we are saved by different understanding on nomenclatures. What is understood by the American justice system as bribery may not be understood as such by our justice system.
Alcatel Malaysia's boss at that material time, Norraesah MOhamad may say, the total USD 700k was for payment for services actually rendered. The term services is open ended. Maybe it was payment to cut grass at Alcatel Malaysia's rooftop. Stupidity is, as we remember not a crime you know. So what if Alcatel Malaysia wants to pay USD700k to the two consultants to cut grass as Alcatel Malaysia's office rooftop or to feed the Arowana fishes?
We shall then of course have to establish what were the components of services rendered- whether it was for getting confidential information that places Alcatel Malaysia in an unfair bidding position or some innocent act?
For example, I would certainly blow my head off as a competitor to Alcatel if I know, for example, Alcatel Malaysia knows at what price I bidded. That would allow Alcatel Malaysia to offer a better financial package. But I will not mind at all if the payments were for services rendered to feed the prized Arowana fishes. I would however think that Dr Norraesah may have gone off her rockers.
If the information accords Alcatel unfair advantage that was secured through bribery, then that is a different matter. For that matter, the services rendered by the two consultants may even amount to selling state secrets which are treasonable. Treason is punishable by death. Maybe Tort lawyers van ferret out the details how to nail Alcatel Malaysia and the two consultants.
I say nail Alcatel because, it's illogical for us to reject what the US justice system has determined as bribery to be not that by our justice system. I refuse to accept our justice system is that primitive.
In facts revealed, between 2004-2006 Alcatel actually paid bribes to government officials in Malaysia. They said they bribed. They bribed their way to get strategic information to secure a USD 85 million deal for Alcatel to supply products and system for 3G phone services. The end user was Celcom but the parent company then was TM who decides who gets what through the tender board committee.
Who owns TM then? It was 43% owned by MOF who had veto power and that power includes decisions on expenditure and operational decisions. I suppose that included who to give the business too.
Let us get clearer a bit. From 2004-2007, Alcatel Malaysia headed by Dr Norraesah MOahmd paid bribes to employees of TM in exchange for confidential information including information on the prices offered by Alcatel's other competitors.
if I were a member of TM's investigative committee I would as further action, establish the role played by the CEO of TM then who was among those insisting on Alcatel being brought on board despite Alcatel's less than favorable technical accreditation. He was adamant even. Wahid Omar must certainly be called in to explain.
Then my next question which I am sure the public wants to know, what happened to the system and stuff supplied by Alcatel? I heard it didn't work. A few years back Alcatel bought into Nortel ( the American telecommunications vendor) and is now offering Celcom the use of Nortel's system. But Nortel's system and components are also not technically fit for Celcom's purposes. The last I heard, Celcom is suing Alcatel for late delivery and commissioning.
But if what Alcatel wanted to offer was technically unsound right from the beginning, why was it accepted at all? And the more important question, who were the people insisting on accepting Alcatel?


Anonymous,  1 January 2011 at 22:57  

"MOF was Nor Mohamad Yaakob the vadey for breakfast eating minister."

How come his name keeps popping out everywhere and yet still no action taken?


Anonymous,  1 January 2011 at 23:54  

Dato Sak you honestly think action will be taken against the guilt parties involved ?

I dont think so . Deep down you too know no action will be taken.

This is UMNO modus operandi . It is UMNO way of life.

Sadly all of us poor rakyat will have to bear the costs for generations to come.

Our children will graduate from university and end up working as maids in more developed countries . We are on teh way to becoming the next Phillipines.

The first wave ie the educated technocrats are already leaving the country in droves . And the largest percentage growth in this group are the educated Malay workforce.

The next wave will be the blue collar technical workers. And then the final wav ewill be the labourers and menial workers.

This is the exact mirror of the Filipino experience in the 70s till date.

The biggets losers here are the Rakyat .

The biggest culprit in all of this -UMNO. We need to thank Mahathir for introducing the Marcos way fo governance.

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 00:01  

This is a gem of an article.Had a good laugh.Reminds me of a a person i used to work with.A vadey luver too with an equal love for pasemboq. This pasembor addict kicked out a dedicated staff and brought in a wantan mee lover as a replacement, who in turn piggy rode the pasembor junkie.Our setup went sliding downhill in no time.The pasemboq took the rap and was shown the exit.Guess who took over? WANTAN MEE!.

Ariff Sabri 2 January 2011 at 00:05  

anon at 23:54

sorry i don't understand you. i am UMNO but i can still share yr passion to want a good government. i have been criticizing because i too want a good government.
dont tell me, you are one of the many who dont think UMNO people are also capable of wanting good government.

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 02:09  

Come on , have a fresh team to run the country lah.

53 years is a long time.

Needs new clothes.

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 08:41  

Dato', Pi mai, pi mai, tang tu jugak!
They? don't care as long as they make something out of it.
Do you want to forgo such a luxury way of life- being praised as though you are the smartest and most strategic thinker in the business world as well as the most pakar in running the nation's economy. As well as the financial expert in distribution of wealth but hell! the thieves of the nation's wealth.
And that is the situation right now and Jibby must open his eyes and don't pretend! If the top head of his Khazanah travels to Putrajaya just to brief him( or just to have a cup of coffee) by taking a ride with the helicopter- takkan itu pun dia buta! Bukan ke itu satu pembaziran!
I just don't belief it, rampant abuse of power and so who is to be trusted now! Definitely UMNO must wake up and Jibby please don't join that zzzz PM or else his time is up.
Major overhaul is required from A to Z! kalau tak biarkan lunchai terjun dengan labu nya and you and me join together be the Lunchai follower. But on 2nd thought it is better to fight them until the last breath of my life rather be their follower.
Wake up la orang orang UMNO di luar sana!

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 10:03  


Whilst corruption and cronyism is not exclusive to UMNO...the facts remains that race-based policies at all cost continue to send our country down the longkang.

What's happening in Alcatel is "MODUS OPERANDI UMNO" and is "small change" lah. This is how UMNO and its BN accomplices have said to the Corporate world that this is how we do business in Malaysia. Some of the things I personally know and heard from people that I know will make your hair stand. So sad that the Rakyat will eventually have to pick up the pieces.

UMNO will not go away meekly and they will almost make sure that there will be racial disturbance and instability to remain in power and continue to pilfer the country.

Whilst your resolve to improve UMNO's credibility is to be commended, I can't help thinking that you are almost like a victim in a "Battered Wife Sydrome".


Melayu Baru,  2 January 2011 at 10:47  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

I am with anon 23:54 on this. Not that I disagree with the fact that UMNO's minority individual craving for good governance - but anytime there's a big (and small - even at kampung's level) corruption and collusion, UMNO's fingerprint is there.

NS Highway?
Bank Bumiputra/Carrian?
Penang Bridge?
Sweetheart IPP?
Your rants on TUDM/FRIM?

Ok, those are humongous...

Tanah balak? (Check Pahang ada lagi ka dak?)
Jual tanah melayu?
Jual share?
Underage sex?
Bela perempuan simpanan?

Ini pun bukan kecik...

Subsidi baja cap dacing?
Bantuan banjir?
Jalan kampung?
Blok politik in PPRT/Rumah murah?

Ini kampung punya hal...

The common denominator?

Not just UMNO - but Malays professing to be Muslim. These people are a disgrace...

Now, let's count the cost, dato... Say, for simplicity sake RM 100 B in capex cost, and another at least RM 50 B in annual cost (Im being kind - Petronas' subsidy for the IPP alone is RM 19 B per annum.

Isnt that a lot of money that the so called UMNO Malay Muslim led BN government sucked out? How many schools, hospitals or universities that can be built? How about missed opportunities to increase human capital? And the missed opportunity to uplift the life of ordinary Malaysians? Missed opportunities to give more salary, and increase the per capita income?

Masa pilihanraya dok bagi gula, kain pelikat, duit sikit sikit... Pastu heboh satu kampung jadi PEMBELA MELAYU.... Piiiirraaahhhh...

Those are gone, Dato'... The monies and the opportunities...

Should UMNO Malay Muslim led BN be given more chance to lead when minorities like you realized what has happened?

It is insanity. Trying the same and expecting different result is madness.

I have said this since I started reading your blog. Your motive and many of your readers are the same - CHANGE. You harbor hopes that UMNO will change. Once upon a time maybe there was hope. Not today, not tomorrow. Not ever...

I also summarized why...

a. Katak Rebus UMNO has become
b. DOS in GUI based OS.

Sorrylah Dato' - Tak bley...

Oh yes - on Alcatel? It's the norm, Dato'. I am not surprised anymore. Not desensitized. But just adding to my resolve...

Melayu Baru

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 10:49  

Very simply >>

Khazanah,created by PM Dozy and brainchild of TSNMY started the rot.Paying the special ones millions without creating any real values whereas the lower/middle employees`gets the squeeze.The CEOs role is nothing more then seat warming and making bosses happy.
Forget the fancy numers..just ask them new business what have they created?Thats the test of good businessmen.If not,might as well be an office boy.

Now,PM Najib is creating the next monster..Pemandu.First success is being the marketing arm of Gamuda.An idea mooted months ago never caught fire until Pemandu play their cards.Now MRT is seen to be a MUST to avoid gridlock.Bro--we have LRT,Komuter,Monorail..and all these belum optimised lagi.And TDM developed Putrajaya in order to reduce traffic in Pemandu is promoting devt of Sg Besi,RRI,Duta etc to congest the city.PutraJaya nucleus is still empty..infra all built with linkages (Hiways,ERL) to KL costing billions.And belum fully optimised lagi.

Pemandu can create bigger problems for our country.Ini outsourcing of thinking MUST stop.Leaders must think,

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 13:02

u think najib cares?anybody opposing his schemes are traitors...

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 13:37  

By 2020 Kuantan will have a population of 2 million.Without a RM 8 billion LRT system Kuantan will be choked to death.

Govt must immediately award a PDP contract to Gamuda.Failure to do so will have adverse consequences.The fire is burning and inaction will demonstrate the weakness of the leadership.The whole world is watching.

If a PDP contract for Maxi-Kuantan LRT is not awarded to Gamuda soon, the foreign fund managers will downgrade Malaysia.And,with the downgrade,the big Chinese corporates in Msia will have to find save havens outside of Msia.This will also induce the general Chinese voters to lose more confidence and hence seek for change in PutraJaya.

The time is now.The fire has been lighted under some feet to get them up.

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 14:12  

In his new year message,PM said those who opposes his big programs are trouble makers/traitors etc and point out to the naysayers for Penang Bridge,North South Highway,KLCC etc..

The poor guy misses the point>> those projects was planned a?nd studied for years before they decided to proceed.And some was actually on open tenders..

Lim Kit Siang was not against NS Highway but UEM getting the job despite not being lowest.

In the case of study?Masterplan tak siap lagi?PDP tenders not called?Big difference lah Mr please don't justify based on wrong facts.Embarrassing us ur loyal supporters.Bagi lah arguement yang ada basis..

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 16:05  

Kita semua dah escape middle income trap.Boss escape ke atas jadi kaya raya..kita escape ke bawah jadi papa kedana,Gaji boss dulu 15 ribu sebulan dah naik 70 ribu sebulan.Dalam masa yang sama..gaji kita 1400 naik 1700.Bonus setengah bulan,,dengor2 boss dapat 5 bulan.

Barang2 semua naik..minyak,gula,ASTRO..dulu gaji 1400 senang..sekarang gaji naik kita lagi susah.

Yang sedeh Boss gaji mahal masih juga nak makan lebih.Apa`dah jadi ?Semua hilang akal sebab kerajaan mengejar kekayaan tanpa membina karektor.

Tak tau lah apa`nak jadi.Doa aja lah untuk yang terbaik.

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 16:13  

Gee, Dato. You must have a bone to pick with Nor Mohamad Yaakob.

If not, why are you pushing so hard on this Alcatel matter, when you would have known about so many more corrupted acts by Barisan Nasional politicians during these many years. Why did you not flush all these other corrupted acts out, like you did this?

Or did you get the blessing from someone in the powers-that-be now to fry NMY? Another UMNO in-fighting eh?

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 18:02  

"bos2 UNMO susah nak (takperlu) bangun..makanan banyak asas meja (makan sampai mati)..sekal sekala cmpd rakyat yg nampak @ terbau..

Ariff Sabri 2 January 2011 at 20:04  

anon 16: 13
the bulk of this article is about alcatel. a brief mention of NMY sets you going bonkers? apa hal? u mean to say NMY is indispensable? other ministers who wronged us will have their dues coming. it so happens the many issues i raised, somehow or rather involves NMY. surely that tells us something dont they?

Anonymous,  2 January 2011 at 23:42  

"UMNO people are also capable of wanting a good goverment"
That was your reply to one of the comments here.
I certainly do believe in you and the many UMNO who want the good goverment everyone craves for.BUt why isnt it happening?If "capable" UMNO people cannot make a change within and then do you seriously expect the rest of the "capable" citizens of Malaysia to believe you?

American wife abusing French husband,  2 January 2011 at 23:52  

who was Mr Chairman of TM then? from Penang? is he related to the then Mr PM?

Anonymous,  3 January 2011 at 01:32  


I wonder why the informer choose you to reveal Alcatelgate over other more prominent bloggers in Malaysia.

Anonymous,  3 January 2011 at 14:26  

Dato Salam and Happy New Year. Love reading your blog and I do salute you for being Straight forward, BN has turned into a nightmare with it's sycophants and kaki bodeks leeches hanging around the leaders.
I wish to highlight something you would be very much aware of but which burns us commoners on the ground, who are living the life of "TUKAR CARA HIDUP", with the cost of living shooting up, schools playing silly buggers with inflated costs,

WE ARE DYING and going into debt.
We will very soon be eating gulai tahi ayam with grass whilst our BN leaders and cronies eat steak.
Mengapa Crony tak jadi Kaya, RM45,000 X 2000= RM 90,000,000!!! can subsidise sayur, minyak, gula. Btw this is 1 crony only according to the advertiser. So who is the lucky crony?

Anonymous,  3 January 2011 at 17:53  


I admire you but feel sorry for you at the same time. You are so loyal to your UMNO but unfortunately UMNO is not the same UMNO as before and it will never revert to the same UMNO that you know. The reason is simply that the UMNO elites have tasted the moolah and the power and they have became addicted to both. Sad to say, no amount of rehabilation, therapy or write ups can cure the cancer of corruption in UMNO. The cancer has simply overtaken the UMNO and has anchored itself in UMNO's central nervous system.

Notice how the UMNO elites are becoming more bold and brazen in their corrupt acts to the extent they no longer even try to disguise their addiction. Have you heard anything from the PM, DPM or any UMNO cabinet minister about the alleged rapist cum UMNO minister? Eloquent silence or is it because these UMNO elites believe they are above the law.

So Dato, its better for you to re-focus your energy and vigor to something that will really benefit the rakyat then trying to change your deadwood UMNO.

Anonymous,  3 January 2011 at 22:00  

Sunway given subcontracts for PFI UITM..main contractor are Haluan & TriplC..just cursory search it seems bothncompanies linked to Syabas boss..myb i m wrong tho.Wonder if anyone can verify?

If its true,it would seem that opportunities revolve around same characters..

Raison D'etre 4 January 2011 at 13:12  

Pity NJ can say anything on the matter. He could shed much light on the who's who.

But isn't these "get to know your competitors quote" and pull some strings quite the MO for the connected gang?

Also: Your loyalty to Umno is cute somewhat. I gave up a long time ago.

Especially those occasions when I was a reporter covering their "sedekah" functions where the pitiful has to wait, and wait and wait for their supposed "benefactor". Haprak.

So bloody cocky.

Guess what: MO goes even to the lowest of the low in Umno's rank. Auntie got ripped off by a northern state fellow for a minyak angin. Pakai songkok tinggi. Again, Haprak.

Only for a couple of Hundred Ringgit pun nak nipu. Orang Umno, SM.

Sorry, SM but good fellows like you and NJ should get away from the rot that is UMNO.

You've been trying your bit on the side, but nothing has changed.

Of course, staying solid/loyal/steadfast etc is great, but you're fighting wind (of the kind that comes of from the intestinal bowels.)

Apologies for the crude imagery.

PS: The Alcatel "allegation" (huh?) is nothing new in MTrulyAsia, isn't it?

Cest La Vie.

Anonymous,  4 January 2011 at 17:16  

....CEO of TM then who was among those insisting on Alcatel being brought on board despite Alcatel's less than favorable technical accreditation....

sorry sir, i demand an apology from you as an ALU staff here. u are generalizing a fortune-500, high tech company that has a lab of the inventor of the telephone itself (Bell labs). please leave alcatel technical competency out of this bribe issue. just get those mofos involved and get done with this.

Anonymous,  4 January 2011 at 22:25  

Anon 17:16,
As you stated,"i demand an apology from you as an ALU staff here. u are generalizing a fortune-500, high tech company that has a lab of the inventor of the telephone itself (Bell labs). please leave alcatel technical competency out of this bribe issue."
Fortune 500,
inventer of the telephone- Bell
I am just curious, if ALCATEL'S product are far superior to your competitors',
a)Where is Alcatel H/P-Telephones placed in the market, NO.1?

b)If Alcatel's technology is so fantastic, why does the company need to bribe and cheat, to win open Tenders, The indictment against Alcatel is not only for Malaysia "MOFO" asyou said but for corruption in many many countries.

C) Please tell Sir Anon 17:16, (no disrespect to you personally or to ALCATEL'S STAFF), how anybody should Apologise for "inventor of the telephone Alcatel's" Miserable track record, Hello brother can you guys even compete against "HUA WEI" wireless modem, before we even talk about Nokia's?

C)Just to remind you telephone is so 'passée' as we are into wireless
4G STAGE, Brother it's like comparing a kereta Lembu against a rocket ship. Brother jangan Marah ya. :)

Gballs,  5 January 2011 at 01:04  

Read Wenger's snapshot on Big Dog and AVoice latest can of lies and how it was split open by Wenger :

See Sak, it just takes a little exposure to see how stupid these maha bloggers are.

Anonymous,  8 January 2011 at 14:48  

This vadey, mamak minister and Nor Esah are both easily caught by checking with BNM and LHDN on heir "secret" earnings and living beyond their means.MACC should do a proper job instead of "cows and cash" or the rots start from the head honcho Najib.Change the "Barang Naik" govt. to PR in the 13th GE!!!!

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