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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 9 January 2011

PM meets the MPs


The PM has met all the BN MPs yesterday. He asked whether they can win and retain their parliamentary seats. I am sure most will say they can. No problem sir. As long as we pump in more money. Semua OK. The rakyat are with us. They all liked you sir.

This is unprecedented. We have never heard of any PM before Najib who has taken this extraordinary step. Inviting all BN MPs to give him a frank assessment of their chances. The only thing similar to this was way back when Dr Mahathir saw every delegate to ask them their stand on his contest with Tengku Razaleigh.

It also shows that Najib is at least methodical. He is actually ferreting the pretenders out.

My only reservations are the way he is doing it. I personally think this is quite not right. It's not in our culture (Malays, Chinese or Indian) to sing our own praises. I would assume the MPs would be bashful.

But then, politicians are a breed apart. They have rhino skin hides. They will say what must be said and will even sell their mothers to get another term as MP.

First they will say politics is not about personalities. It's not about issues. It's about principles. If everything fails, they will cheat. As we now know, issues and personalities are already thrown out- the last arsenal they have left is cheat.

So what do you think when you meet the PM and the Secgen in threes? They will cheat and will be lying through their teeth just to stay on. It is only logical to expect, when there are 3 of you meeting the PM and the Secgen, you are not going to tell the actual story in front of the other 2 MPs who you know will tell tall tales. You will want to out-story them.

Then Najib will know the person lying is the person he wants to get rid of. Has anyone seen how a typical ADUN lists down his activities? He will say something like these:

1.    Attend kenduri

2.    Visit pak bakar karok

3.    Accompany ketua bahagian

4.    Attend workshop

5.    Participate in fishing contest

6.    Hand out Kemas hampers

7.    Attend welcoming back HRH

8.    Follow Dato Najib's entourage.

9.    Send Dato Najib back to the airport.



Where is the beef? Asks the lady in the Wendy's Commercial. PM Najib must throw out all those beefless windbags.

Most likely you can never get the truth out of these people. They will not discredit themselves.

Now I know why Telekom Malaysia does what it does recently. Appoint a subcommittee who submits report to a supervising committee. You ask your own 'brethren' to make a report on themselves. I am sure the people who make up the investigating team are conscious if they come out with an incriminating report, it will be the end of the world, the TM people are accustomed with.

That is the world full of office politicking and infighting. It's a TM world where the executives are busy writing poison pen letters to minsters to inform on each other, to discredit one another. It's a TM world, where every business decision offers an opportunity for many to wet their beaks. I mean can you imagine those eager beavers who gave Alcatel the TM business had also wanted to give Alcatel the business of supplying and installing towers and cabins? Oh, I forget- this is a Fortune 500 company which has many indigenous inventions to its credit. I must not forget to prepare an apology for besmirching Alcatel insinuating it cannot supply and install towers and supply cabins. TM is merely following the established way on how to solve problems.

They learn it from the politicians.

The BN MPs who met PM Najib are masters as this game. How many will say, we will lose this parliament and please replace me? They will instead say- semua OK Dato Sri Sir. Only if we can have these roads, these projects for all the UMNO class F contractors, only we kick out those pesky trouble makers and of course if only I remain the MP. Of course the Indian MP will say, we can win if Palanivel is made full minister. The other Indian will say, we can win if Kaveas is appointed.

PM Najib will of course study carefully these expected answers. He is not a fool to be fooled with these kinds of answers. He knows, the answers will be skewed towards asserting, they can retain their seats provided they are retained as candidates.

In these circumstances, the first rule of thumb PM Najib must observe is to jettison those who gave such simpleton answers. He must apply the contrarian rule. Retain those who are discredited by political rivals within. Because the more likely case is, those discredited by their own members are doing a good job. Seek evaluation from 3rd party sources that are closer to the ground.

Perhaps a better way to make a better judgment is to meet all the ADUNs in the parliamentary areas. Ask them to give an assessment of their parliamentary colleagues. You are more likely to get a truer answer from the ADUNs from a parliamentary seat on the performance of the MPs.


Anonymous,  9 January 2011 at 10:03  

The mass interview is another glaring example of outsourced thinking..

Its a recommendation as a Public Relations exercise in preparation/or as milestone of the UTP//umno transformation Program >>its a program not a plan >>remember roadshows?//remember townhalls//remember KPI

If you really want to know your managers you got to surprise them in their own environment.U can make short heli hops and actually see a lot of them within a month.You can also call them..

But having PUBLICIZED mass interview is only PR exercise.

Anonymous,  9 January 2011 at 10:08  

Well said, sir. Honest and hard hitting as usual. I wish he would listen to your advise.

Quiet Despair,  9 January 2011 at 12:14  

We must give credit to Najib for willing to meet the MPs.
They may cheat, they may blow their own trumpets and give false report on what is actually going on in their constituencies and their performance as MP.
But Najib knows better. He's got a file on all the BN constituencies.
Only Khairy said the right thing which is Najib knows "how we are performing."
Many MPs interviewed on TV during break time said oh I am telling Najib what he must do in the BN-held constituencies.
Chief among them is TV3's fave MP, Kamalanathan. (Used to be my fave too, but now I am having second thoughts).
Whoa, tak kadar diri (Pahang lingo for not mindful) as newbie MP and talking as though he is THE MP. It's not even certain he's gonna get the Hulu Selangor seat again.
Maybe Sungai Siput and it's not safe when his boss was trounced.
Kamal seems to be the vocal one now in all issues and enjoying all the sound-bites on the network which touted itself pujaan ramai.
No worries really Sak. Najib will meet all the Ketua Bahagian soon who are mostly led by Aduns and Excos.
It's a step that Najib really are in touch with the people on the ground.

yat 9 January 2011 at 15:39  

any chances u will be pick-up as candidate?

another one, if it's not troublesome for you, since u already in the circle, why don't you list down list of MP that should be dropped...

dua sen,  9 January 2011 at 15:53  

The best assessment is from the rakyat like Pro-English parents group goes national !

And a more competent minister to replace our Ustaz MOE.

Anonymous,  9 January 2011 at 16:52  

Dato Sakm,
Chegu desiplin panggil kami suatu masa dahulu sebab tak pakai sepatu. jawapan Murid 1:Semalan hujan chegu.
Murid 2:Terlupa chegu.
Murid 3:Chegu pun tak pakai sepatu.
Semua rakan sekelas senyum. Hai chegu kencing berdiri la, kami apa lagi kencing berlari la.
-sender Rakyat Penang lo.

PANJI HITAM 61 9 January 2011 at 20:20  

Very nice, Dato, my thought exactly

"In these circumstances, the first rule of thumb PM Najib must observe is to jettison those who gave such simpleton answers. He must apply the contrarian rule. Retain those who are discredited by political rivals within. Because the more likely case is, those discredited by their own members are doing a good job. Seek evaluation from 3rd party sources that are closer to the ground."

Now, consider this as a test for Najib or he rather comply with his coteries of highly paid consultants.

Anonymous,  10 January 2011 at 11:33  

I think BN suffers from the various initiatives they introduced and it would be so easy for the opposition to capitalise on the mistakes.PR should declare that if they are in power they will immediately disband Khazanah,Corridors and Pemandu.Essentially these two organisations are nothing more then an additional layer of overheads.Their functions should be managed by the respective Ministers and the government officials.Now,PM is outsourcing the work to these organisations.We stand to gain billions if we close them down.

Next,Govt must remove all direct subsidies to the industries.In this era of global competitiveness,corporations cannot seek refuge of cheap must be market driven.

And finally the practise of "big and expensive" by govt must be stopped.Its all about value for money.Schools should be on useability not facades etc.

With these in place,the OPEX will reduce by at least 20 billion and Capex by 10 billion which can then be used for rakyat centric programmes.

Pls note that the changes will have zero impact on its functionalities cos wats addressed is wasted resources.

Anonymous,  10 January 2011 at 13:00  


Hahahaha, you are very funny. All the current BN MPs may not even be able to perform the 8 official "duties" you mentioned because they are too busy running off to Thailand to get married or harassing contractors for komisen. If Najib gets rid of all these "beefless windbags" BN MPs, there will not be any BN MPs left in Parliament including himself. Already non of the cabinet ministers are capable of performing their ministerial duties so Najib must be mad if he thinks the MPs can even perform the most simplest of their ADUN duties.

Be serious lah Dato. The purpose of Najib meeting with the MPs is to see whether he can still count on their support. He's probably telling them "gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua" if you (the MP) gives me your undying support. You can bet there will plenty of kenduris and merry yam sengs being hosted by those MPs who pledged their undying loyalty to Najib.

CYC,  10 January 2011 at 16:35  

What the PM did is good enough to judge where the country is heading. After one who slept on his job, here we have another who outsource his job. He is waiting for the right wind to blow thus carry him to the other shore. And he has practice this same tactic during his entire 30 over years career as a politician.

Assamjawa,  10 January 2011 at 23:28  

Bloody Joker! What does Najib expect to hear from those BN MPs? ..the truth that they are all aware he's the greatest crook, liar and cheat who has no qualms about lying?

Heard him lying between his teeth to defend that contemptible dickhead minister who molested and raped his Indon maid? Becoz it happened 3 yrs ago, it should be forgotten?

Guess umno-ites can do no wrong, those cheap low lifes deserve to be raped huh? Then just pay them off, make them millionaires in Indonesia and if that don't work, instil fear, send in the umno samsengs or just C4 them, eh?

Anonymous,  11 January 2011 at 09:10  

The list of ADUN activities you wrote down is very funny la Dato'

If that the case then their KPI would surely be hillarious.

BTW, what ever happen to Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon's, Ketua Pengawas Cabinet merangkap Menteri KPI?

Has the KPI been published?

Macam mana Dato' Najib nak buat penilaian objektif.

Kalau budak sekolah nak kena paksa pass subjek sejarah, menteri macam mana? Boleh pass ke?

Anonymous,  11 January 2011 at 10:21  

Pathetic...the show just goes on.
Today,PM announces 19 new Entry Point Projects.We are very2 excited of course.Sadly,its a farce..why?
Projects announced are either "old,run of the mill or a combination of both dressed in new clothings"..its really an insult to our intelligence.

As an example >> The SunPower Solar plant...thats been on the ground for ages.Btw..the Govt is providing great incentives like a heavily subsidised RM 1 bil loan?

The other EPPs are also not new ..nuclear,oil storage facs,herbal farm,talent corp.

The only EPP announced that seems a bit different is the "Medical Research" facility by Univ Malaya..RM 1.25 bil 2 mil square feet of CONSTRUCTION...Hope Govt /Uni Malaysia not paying for that cos at RM 600/square feet its pretty luxurious.

Ok Guys I am sure everyone is so excited about this EPPs and you must all thank Pemandu for driving this forward.So don't quibble on our huge paypackets nor the expensive consultants we use..its peanuts compared to the huge GNI value add we're inducing with our own bare hands.

And you have seen the track record of DSIJ (our very own biggest loser) in doing that 360 degrees turnaround of MAS.

Najib have to read the tea leaves and stop outsourcing thinking.

Mae,  12 January 2011 at 15:00  

Why not the PM be driven around the peninsular in a week and let him see for himself. Cover from KL to Negri Sembilan to Malacca to JB in one day, drive slowly, via trunk roads. Up from JB to Mersing to Kuantan to KT to KB in one day. Then down to gua musang then to lipis then to KL in one day. Then up to ipoh to kulim to perlis in one day. Then down to penang to lumut to kuala selangor to KL in one day. No afraid to lose communication because telecommunication devices is canggih already. He can contact any Minister or anybody he interested while on the travel.

Anonymous,  12 January 2011 at 22:12  

Najib is Fiddling while Malaysia burns to the ground. Read your history how great empires collapsed, what do they have in common, Corruption, greed, back-stabbing, sell-out to the enemies. Our BN MP'S what do they care about Malaysia or the rakyat, as long as they maintain their status-quo, wet their beaks, everyone else be damned. Fiddle away as much as the govt. wants, whilst the country fails in practically every sector.

Remember Batista, he had the guns and the Americans backing him, what happened, a bunch of amateurs, inadequately trained but very determined won in the end. It all boils down to empty stomachs and wallets.
I feel totally bewildered how to feed my family with all the barang naik and they tell us it is for our own goods.

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