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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 2 September 2010

Non racist myth and misplaced piety

I have written 2 articles which have raised a lot of disquiet. The first is about doing what is right and wrong. The second is about the issue surrounding the presence of the Serdang MP in a surau.
I am more interested in the preliminary conclusions that I can make out from the various comments that came over into the articles. Those who profess and subscribe to the idea of a muhibbah and harmonious Malaysia are encouraged to examine the issues carefully too. See whether we can agree on the fundamental issues.
The first to me seems to expose the hypocrisy of many who claimed to be non racist among the Chinese. All this while, we are accustomed to the conditioned thought that only the 'oppressive Malays" and the various Malay dominated institutions can be racist. Hence they , the Malays cannot be the victims of racism.
Naturally then the oppressed or feel as such, ( in what ways we have yet to debate) feel they cannot be racist . They are always and forever the victims of racism. The Chinese and non Malays therefore hold to an almost universal and cannot be contested notion that they can't be racists and shall forever be victims of racism.
My argument is, if we are ever ready to classify Malays as being racists in general, we must also accept the possibility that non Malays can also be racists and Malays can also be victims of racism. We must shatter this sitting on the high horse myth first.
Unless we choose to be dumb, we can dismiss the rap content of this Namewe as non racist and proclaim by asking the pompously innocent statement- what is racist about the rap? Its directed only at the racist Head Mistress? Of course the issue behind the loaded question of haven't you read( understood) that it is WE CHINESE who made Malaya and Malaysia rich is dismissed as just an ordinary rhyme . If you do, you Malays have better keep your fucking mouth shut. That would be a plausible interpretation of what Namewee wanted to say.
So, the message there is- unless you help build up this country- you can't speak. In other words babe- Malays- you shut the fuck up!
But the more insidious issue here is- the Chinese have this self-righteous and smug thought they are pristine and pure. Therefore any suggestions that this thinking isn't true invite the most puerile but also spiteful responses. But none more childish when failing to address the real issue, one reduces whatever I write in that article as coming from an UMNO man. The general notion of course is- an UMNO man is an ogre who is not capable of advanced and rational thinking. That monopoly belongs to US. So you have that condescending and patronizing rejoinder that says, oh you are an UMNO man, so no mystery, yadda..yadda.
So I am saying, reading from the many comments in following that article, do not delude yourselves into believing that you cannot qualify as racists. This recognition at a very personal level must be appreciated if we want to forge a truly Malaysian nation. It's pathetic to avoid confronting the real us by hiding behind the overrated phrase of 'let us celebrate and gain strength from our diversity'.
About the second article. I am surprised that many commentators are sidetracked into confining their thinking on issues surrounding the Serdang MP. She is not the central point here unless many salivate at the sight of her wearing tight and stewardess looking attire.
The point of the general backwardness of the Muslims and possibly the relative poverty of Malay/Muslims represented by a general disowning of any pride in being Muslims is truly shocking. There was also one commentator who included a verse from the Quran saying that Allah encourages Muslims to be friendly to non Muslims- he of course, probably inspired by his own partisan stand forgets- the sting of that verse, is that Muslims should exercise the upper hand in being charitable and kind. A Muslim is prouder to be the giver, not the recipient and hapless supplicant.


Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 08:16  

There is racism in EVERY race - be they Chinese, Malay, Indian, Jews, Korean etc.

It is ingrained in every people. You and I too are racist. The only difference is the degree of racism that goes on in our hearts.

In our country, the Chinese do not openly criticise/condemn the other races. They do it among themselves. They NEVER hurt the other races openly.

The Indians have nothing to boast about since they are the 'down trodden' in this country. But they do speak lowly of the other races, also on the quiet.

The Malays, being the 'Tuans' dare do it openly and crudely, namely via Utusan, cow-heads demo, racist speeches like balik Cina, India etc.

A Chinese or Indian principle WILL NEVER utter racism sentiments against Malay pupils!

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 08:55  

anon 8.16

Thanks for the early morning comedy..fancy submitting ur profile for inclusion in Raja Lawak?

Ariff Sabri 2 September 2010 at 09:00  

anon 08:16

se what i mean? we begin to rationalise our behaviour as normal by hiding behind numbers.
more than 70% of the 40 richest blokes in Malaysia will still say they are victims of racism. Chinese business discriminate against non Chinese businesses and that is done openly. Chinese companies shut their doors from others by demanding cantonese or mandarin speaking applicants. chinese cut off others from many sources of business- hardware, rice distribution, etc etc. these are also explicit forms of discrimination.
you find it difficult to accept that the oppressed are also capable of racism no?

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 09:02  

Brilliant assessment..

Begs PM to be more explicit on what he means by 1Malaysia..the different interpretations have given new life to many a hibernating spirits.

Thanks..Dato should be heading that most exalted driving institute.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 09:03  

Aiya Aiya Dato you can do better than this. Dont take NameWee as representative of the Chinese lah -that's really dumb. Of course Chinese can be racist. There is racism/prejudice in every race since begining of time and always will be. But question is what can we do as society to reduce this? How can we move away from the daily sprew of venom that seems to be getting worse? Very simply Dato how did we lose our way from the early post Merdeka years of true muhibbah when we saw each other as Malaysians? I am sure there was also racism then but you know, we never felt it like now. There has been only one government and if BN/UMNO wants to take credit for our 'progress' then it must take responsibility for the sad state we are in. How did we come to this situation? Was the NEP the begining of our slide to the intolerant society today? Is it time for us to move beyond the legacy of insitutionalised discrimintaion, however noble the intention? This is the kind of analysis you should be doing. Sometimes I think you succumb to the base emotions of some of your commentaters.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 09:07  

Superior network,bigger pools of capital and "early bird" entrants in licensing,distribution...
Add to that the land/fixed asset appreciation in urban/semi urban zones...

All unzip together or risk being exposed all alone.

Ariff Sabri 2 September 2010 at 09:09  

anon 09:03

aiya, aiya, aiya blader! i am not interested in Namewee. didnt i say, i am more interested in interpreting the various comments that came after the articles? lu tak de baca ka? same question as Namewee asked.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 09:14  

Earlier years Malays content to be work for pencen , then balik kampung tanam jagung.Not much of a threat really..

Gradually Malays becomes more ambitious and confident..but in most cases the best seats have been taken..and even the second tier seats booked n secured.

However,the shift is noticeable..even a slight to nip in the bud.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 09:39  

NEP making Malays poor and weak..says analyst etc.

Despite all the help/crutches/vitamins..

Guess..without NEP we Malays will be beggars and dead then?

Thank God for NEP..rather be poor n weak then dead beggars.Hope Govt continue please.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 09:59  

"more than 70% of the 40 richest blokes in Malaysia.."
This is inspite of the racist disadvantages they need to overcome. They should be more Malays amongst these Chinese, there were for a short while...but... in your anology...they were merely provided the fish. They never earned it, thus don't know how to multiply it nor even keeping it.
"cut off others from many sources of business- hardware, rice distribution, etc etc."
You obviously dun qualify as a biz'man...that's competition not racism. Biz'man rid off competitors if threatened, real or otherwise. They dun go running to the govt for protection (though some do if competition is foreign & they know the govt consider the sector strategic). You are merely parroting the shallow UMNO rhetoric and blaming everyone one else for your own short coming. You are doing your own kind a disfavour by perpetuating such self defeating excuses as 'truths'.

Anon 2 September 2010 09:03
Spot on.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 10:05  

Give me proof that that Chinese says they are never racist. I am not insulted if someone says I am not free from racism. I am insulted that someone says I am not aware that I can be but just because I can be, I would be the biggest idiot and hugely wrong to allow anyone else to be as racist as he/she wants to be.

You have no proof that Chinese says they are never racist. That is insulting to Chinese and Namewee.

schenker78 2 September 2010 at 10:21  

that 40 richest blokes has nothing to do with any of the poor or middle class non malays.... rob kuok and ananda is rich, so what....

is not as if they help the rest of chinese and indians. they are more stingy than ordinary non malays.

no wonder ananda's son left him and his wealth and became monk, even mahathir cant talk him out of it. thats a well known story that his son wearing a monk robe and met mahathir in petronas towers and mahathir tried to get these father son back together.

ananda is more closer with mahathir children and spend time n money is sailing with his yacht in Mediterranean sea.

Namewee is racist, so... most chinaman in this country do believe they are better than the rest. Thats the prob with Indians and most malays. THey think they are inferior to chinese and let them rule the economy.

Chinaman whole over the world sit in their Chinatown and behave kiasu . Thats a well known fact.
Chinaman do think they are the best with the rise of China. But the fact is China growing as such because of over population. Nothing Inventive from them. I do respect Germans, Japanese and Jews as a smarter race than the chinese. Not forgetting the Indians, Russians and Americans. Russia and USA came up because of the knowledge of Germans who escaped Nazi Germany after 1945.

Chinese do need to learn to be humble. Nothing special about them indeed.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 10:30  

OK. This thing about 70% of the 40 richest are Chinese. ALL It says is that meritocracy, capitalism and free market always win in the end. It says NOTHING about the system what was designed by govt or anyone. It says that its futile to try and beat meritocracy, capitalism and free market - you can only live with it.

Stop using it as proof of ANYTHING that was done on purpose.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 10:34  


Have u lost yr thought?

All the recent posts pointed to a different set of writings. A trouble soul?

1st - Namewe's rap.

Yes, racist tendency is not a sole trace of Malay. It's in ALL M'sians.

'..the hypocrisy of many who claimed to be non racist among the Chinese' happens among the Malay's too.

The only difference is that bigot Malays do/say them with loud & clear confrontational rhetoric for ALL the Others to see/feel. No?

'My argument is, if we are ever ready to classify Malays as being racists in general, we must also accept the possibility that non Malays can also be racists and Malays can also be victims of racism.'

Wasnt this already a given FACT among the Others. U can most likely give some numbers to otherwise, by just do a sampling with all yr past comments?

Werent these facts of M'sian lives - '... the “oppressive Malays” and the various Malay dominated institutions can be racist.'?

So now u become over-sensitive with this - '..WE CHINESE who made Malaya and Malaysia rich……So, the message there is- unless you help build up this country- you can't speak. In other words babe- Malays- you shut the fuck up!'? In fact isnt there some true in it?

cont 2

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 10:34  

cont 2of2

'..the Chinese have this self-righteous and smug thought they are pristine and pure. Therefore any suggestions that this thinking isn't true invite the most puerile but also spiteful responses..'

Isnt this a trace of yr siege & inferiority complex showing? Tsk...tsk.. could the old saying of one can bring the Malays out from kampong, but never bring the kampong out from Malays holds any water?

By saying so, I'll be most properly be classified by u as racist & asked to go somewhere else. But am I, for bring out the undang di sebelah batu? U might not be conscious about what u've written, but then there is JUST NO excuses, based on yr own argument. Yes?

2nd – Nie Ching’s mosque visit.

Only one word to describe this over-blown storm in the tea cup – politics.

Yr claimed central issue – ‘The point of the general backwardness of the Muslims and possibly the relative poverty of Malay/Muslims represented by a general disowning of any pride in being Muslims is truly shocking.’ said it all.

A muslin majority country, where grandiose mosques r everywhere & been built from ALL M’sians tax money & yet u claimed the above! What gives?

‘..the sting of that verse, is that Muslims should exercise the upper hand in being charitable and kind. A Muslim is prouder to be the giver, not the recipient and hapless supplicant.’

Dato, saying this during the holy month of soul searching really undercut yr thought! – Again, a trouble soul?

This post is for Walla. U will be missed.

antusiri 2 September 2010 at 10:53  

If they say this:-

"WE CHINESE who made Malaya and Malaysia rich"

Then I will say:-

"On whose soil that made it possible for you to build the richness? Get the fucking out of here!!. I dont need the richness you brought together with your fucking ultra kiasu, insatiable worst than animal behaviour and attitudes!"

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 11:00  

sad and stupid.

chinaman,  2 September 2010 at 11:11  


We all judge whether malay chinese or indian. It follows that we all prejudge. Only difference is what are the criterions upon which we prejudge a person. The criterion upon which we judge is a function of the value on which we are brought up and the value system we develop as individuals as we mature in life.

For all of those fellas who says chinese do not prejudge and are non discriminative, they are just denying a reality of life or they haven't actually lived much of a life. The first step to redressing discrimination is to recognise this natural human tendency. In discrimination I do not only mean racial and religion, there is a whole host of other factors we discriminate upon. Like education foreign vs local, amongst the foreign educated its ivy league vs non ivy, between the ivy leaguers there is the rivalry amongst schools. So do not kid ourselves. Chinese are no saints, to be honest with you I trust a melayu more than most Chinaman.

To prosper in a multi racial environment, we must strive see beyond the blinder of race, religious and cultural rhetorics to understand the authentic intentions of ones actions. Values are universal if we take away the cultural differences, for values are consistently well meaninged.

Why the fuss about the Serdang lady? In the first instance, I believe she should have attired herself appropriately when visiting a religious place. As a people rep she should have known better. How the rest of the world judges her actions you decide. Its like if attend a black tie event in a chinaman uniform of shorts and slippers, the person who feels worst is the fella in shorts and slippers. I just hope the Serdang lady fells the same.


walla 2 September 2010 at 11:17  

Thank you, Anon 10.34.

Recent developments here have drained me of any wish to comment further.

walla exits.

HAKIMAN,  2 September 2010 at 11:23  

Don't confuse the issue:

Malays are NOT racist. UMNO Malays are.

It is not about Malays vs Non Malays.

It is about UMNO vs NON Malays.

PAS Malays are NOT racists.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 11:30  

Aiyah Dato, tell us something we do not already know. I am Chinese and I can tell you the Chinese are one of the most selfish and racist people alive. That is why they are so successful and can be found allover the world because they look after themselves. It is called survival of the fittest.

In business, the Chinese will kill off their competition, race not withstanding so don't take it personally. They hire the best candidate money can buy and will try to haggle down the price. But that is a shrewd businessman at work so again don't take it personally if they don't hire other races. You think there is any difference between the Chinese in China or anywhere else in the world with the Chinese in Malaysia ? The more pressure they are under, the better they have to perform to come up again or survive.

What you should be talking about is how should the Malays make use of the NEP to compete with the Chinese. If with the NEP advantage, you still lose out then macam mana, Dato. Money don't grow on trees and even if they do, you still need to harvest it. That needs some sweat as well. This is one major failing of the NEP, how to incentivise the Malays to work hard and retain the earnings and not go out to buy a Cayenne with the first profit.

Don't mind me saying so, but the psyche of the Malay is very different from the Chinese. Of course there are many smart and intelligent Malays but history is against you. Malays have never been under oppression like the Chinese have been under their own emperors through centuries. Think of the illegal immigrants being taken advantage by the 'snake heads' in the US. You read of any incident of Malays being illegal immigrants in other countries ? The Malays are not hungry enough to compete. Look at IA's size ? You think he is hungry enough to make the NEP work ? You need to go to the crux of the issue Dato. No more beating around the bush. Time is not on our side.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 11:35  

antusiri@ 2 September 2010 10:53

"On whose soil that made it possible for you to build the richness?”

Remember the Orang Asli?

So who should - Get the fucking out of here!!

“I dont need the richness you brought together with your fucking ultra kiasu, insatiable worst than animal behaviour and attitudes!”

Oh…oh so u rather swing from tree to tree? Or melayu under the coconut trees, waiting for durian runtuh, iff there r durians falling down from a coconut tree!

Oh..oh, don’t forget to forgo the NEP handouts, too. Bcoz, NOTHING can be generated while daydreaming, including yr rumah besar, kereta mewah dan bini kedua!

Bloody pariah & hypocrite!

ServiceB4Self,  2 September 2010 at 11:49  

Dato’ Sak,

It would appear from the various comments, people accept that Chinese are racist and see nothing wrong with it. I find that very troubling. It is even more troubling when the same people become frothing in the mouth when they find racist Malays!

I can give no excuse as to this issue of racism whether amongst the Chinese or the Malays except that it is getting out of hand. We all have to understand the main cause of it and ultimately remove this cause.

Some may say it is the BN component parties and it is BN that perpetuates it. I don’t agree because race based parties exists as the EFFECT of the presence of racism amongst our people. For such political parties can’t survive without the various races being racists. Just look at the 2008 election results, the Malay MPs (whether BN/PR) win only where Malays are in the majority and the Chinese MPs win where there are Chinese majority. Of course there are anomalies where Indian MPs win in constituencies where Indians are not in the majority.

The first step should be to unite our youth. Create an environment where we can nurture them in a multi racial environment. The most painful truth is that vernacular schools and religious schools is the biggest obstacle to creating such environment.

I believe it is about time we have one school system.

Whether this would be implemented I doubt it because not a single political party is willing demolish the very pillar that supports their existence.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 12:08  

I truly miss Walla's ripostes to
Dato's challenging and thought provoking articles. As proven by you both time and again, there is never one or two sides to the picture, and the responses and their cut and parry reveal the depth of thought up there, and I am sure you both also have plenty of joy and (sometimes sly fun)in writing these.
Walla, reveal yourself pls, no double entendre intended.


ServiceB4Self,  2 September 2010 at 12:34  

Anon 2 September 2010 10:30,

“The only difference is that bigot Malays do/say them with loud & clear confrontational rhetoric for ALL the Others to see/feel. No?”

Whether one shouts it out loud from the top of the roof or whispers racist remarks in your own language amongst your brethren and acts on it, both are racist. If you are a racist therefore you can’t complain if others are racists too. “Those who live by the sword die by the sword”.

The reality is that you find that you are now discriminated against and that makes you angry, it doesn’t matter that all this while you have discriminated others. That makes you a hypocrite.

“So, the message there is- unless you help build up this country- you can't speak. In other words babe- Malays- you shut the fuck up!'? In fact isnt there some true in it?”

This statement coming from you clearly demonstrates that you are a bigot. The country’s wealth today comes from oil (40%) and oil is the single main reason that made the country rich. Since Petronas is a Malay controlled company. Oil and Gas is one industry that the Chinese have not been able to control – that’s a fact. The fact is that since 1974, it’s the Malays that built the country through the petroleum industry.

The reality is that it is this industry that Malays are shutting out the non-Malays similar to how the Chinese have been shutting out the other races from other industries. I am not justifying actions of either party but I am just demonstrating that what goes around comes around.

“A muslin majority country, where grandiose mosques r everywhere & been built from ALL M’sians tax money & yet u claimed the above! What gives?”

Since Petronas is the major contributor of Malaysian taxes and that the Federal Constitution expressly set out that Islam is the country’s official religion, what’s wrong with using taxes to fund the construction of Mosques? I am certain that the cost of construction of all the Mosques in Malaysia doesn’t even come to the 40% contributed by Petronas. It is legal and constitutional.

In conclusion, do we proceed on this “zero sum game” or take a step back and realize that we have to work together?

NamaWa 2 September 2010 at 12:50  

Have more Namewee-type videos and articles splashed across every media, and UMNO is assured of majority of Malay votes. It is a political given. Eat your hearts out PR!

sniper,  2 September 2010 at 13:08  

I would suggest you to read this book first before making comments :

Chinese Dilemma by Ye Lin Sheng
Dec 2003 / East West publishing

you can only order thru as the chinese bookshop managers dont want to sell it anymore.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 13:19  

When the economy is doing well, everyone has a share and therefore, no problem, semuanya ok. Now that the economy is not so well and price of goods and services are increasing, you have all sorts of problems.

Let's face it. No matter what anyone says, the NEP or its related policy is never going to be abandoned. SO you might as well save everyone the trouble. Go fix the problems on how to distribute the subsidykah, handoutkah, APkah as fair as possible so that the most number can benefit and actually raise their standard of living. Keep it for God's sake if it will keep help the poor and downtrodden. Most of us don't care one way or another and I am sure most would even support it.

What most of us cannot stand is the rich and famous living in palaces, riving big cars and living the good life robbing the poor of their opportunities.

So, Dato don't waste time and get to work. Take Ibrahim Ali by his horns and challenge him to solve the NEP distribution problem and not only know how to scream shit and make police reports. All those are not going to improve the standard of living of the poor Malayslah bruder. Ask him point blank who is he fighting for ?

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 13:47  


Anon 08:16 rightly pointed out there is racism in EVERY race - be they Chinese, Malays, Indian, Jews, Korean etc.

We're what we say. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

When someone utters racist remarks publicly, surely is from the heart that overflowed with hatred and envy for others.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 14:08  

Yesterday walla says he is saying he popped up another goodbye.

I think he wants all of us to cry n beg hin to stay n impart his wisdom upon us illiterate dumbkofs

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 14:12  


What are the recent developments? Not happy with Sak's postings of late?

Will miss you.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 14:13  


I notice both you and Rocky have the tendency to “justify” government racism policy by asserting that the Chinese is equally racist, if I do read you both correctly. But the fact is, not many Chinese had claimed that we are not racist, and I believe most of us deem that we are similarly capable of racism. However, unlike most Westerners, historically and culturally, our racism leans toward ignorance instead of superiority sense (in Malaysia context, up to the point when there is NEP). I would say that we are more vocal to contempt institutionalize racism practiced by our government and some politician, which is understandable after many years of being called this and that.

I need to clarify that racism due to ignorance is not in any was better than any other kind of racism, the point is we must know the symptom first. Therefore to address the issue, we must first acknowledge that there is racism, and find ways to deal with it. By staying away and keep silence, or to turn the heat over to a seeking for fame idiot rapper is not helping at all.


Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 14:39  

ServiceB4Self@2 September 2010 12:34,

Hi type4pariah, I thought u have already running with the tail behind yr legs from the last encountered.

So here it goes again.

‘Whether one shouts it out loud from the top of the roof or whispers racist remarks in your own language amongst your brethren and acts on it, both are racist.’

From where do u learn yr manner? Shouting loud & declared u r one hell of a racist vis-à-vis umno bigots r inbreed racism.

Whisper among yr kind, though it’s also a form racist display, but at least some thought have been given not to stereotype all those whom were been described.

The racist headmasters openly run-down the Others’ kids r racism based on ketuanan. While Namewe's rap is a personal attacked on an individual person.

See the difference? Pariah.

BTW, this comes from u is a gem find – ‘The reality is that you find that you are now discriminated against and that makes you angry, it doesn’t matter that all this while you have discriminated others. That makes you a hypocrite.’

Can u NOT see this effect play on u? Need any mirror?

‘So, the message there is- unless you help build up this country- you can't speak. In other words babe- Malays- you shut the fuck up!'

This quote comes directly from Dato Sak. So r u calling Dato a bigot? Do solve this out with Dato, please!


Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 14:39  

cont 2of2

And for yr infos, the last that I’ve checked Petronas didn’t belong to the Malay M’sians alone. It belongs to ALL M’sians! And for this piece of shit – ‘The fact is that since 1974, it’s the Malays that built the country through the petroleum industry.’ – do show some numbers to justify, OK? The fact of the matter is the money generated by Petronas have been used to fatten a lot of cronies of yr beloved leaders. So much so, there is nothing, except whit elephants, for M’sia to show the world for the depletionable oil money vis-à-vis Norwegian sovereign fund.

BTW – ‘The country’s wealth today comes from oil (40%) and oil is the single main reason that made the country rich.’ & ‘..that it is this industry that Malays are shutting out the non-Malays..’ So r u indirectly saying that u people have achieved something to uplift the country? Then WHY the hell is the M’sia GNI crowling at a snail-pace for the period that u mentioned? Could it be - 1st the oil money is been squandered as of no tomorrow, 2nd this industry run by the Malays r not generating the correct economic effects? Why… WHY… the sky so high. Bloody pariah!

‘…the cost of construction of all the Mosques in Malaysia doesn’t even come to the 40% contributed by Petronas. It is legal and constitutional.’

Bloody idiot, the question is NOT whether all the mosques in M’sia r been built using tax-payers money. Dato Sak asked why there r still Muslims need to ‘beg’ for funds to mend a pakar! Where have ALL the mosque-building allocation money gone?

Moreover, the issue of legal and constitutional do not arise. Rather, whether by so doing, is the tax-payer’s money r been PROPERLY managed!

Incidentally – r u sure what zero-sum game mean? U people played so much such theatrics that u’ve forget about their meaning! How sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 15:04  

Dato', I have seen a lot of this kind of comment from many UMNO bloggers "chinese cut off others from many sources of business- hardware, rice distribution, etc etc. these are also explicit forms of discrimination." - how exactly is this done? If we want to succeed at something we work our hardest to make it happen. I'm neither a Chinese nor a Bumiputra of any sort. I'm not so smart as to be able to obtain scholarships to attend a local or foreign university, but what I did is work my butt off in an accounting firm (articled I think it was called), pursued a professional qualification and then an MBA all on my own. I don't go blaming other people that I had to work so hard, I just forced myself to make choices of the right priorities. Yes, I had to give up many luxuries in order to save to provide a better future for my family. I've managed to send my kids abroad and even to own property there, all through my own sweat and blood. Hence, I can never understand these types of comments.


Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 15:27  

Reading the various comments, I can safely conclude firstly, there's a shade of racism inbred into everyone regardless of race. No one is disputing this.

Secondly, we have this argument if you are racist yourself, you have no right to call others racist. Simply translated, if non-bumis are racist, they have no right to call the Malays racist.

To a certain extent, I see the justification put forth. At least in the interest of fairness, the second statement is not as far off. Then the important question is, while we agree to a certain extent this equation (racist cannot call another racist, racist) is fair when extended to individuals, is it right to extend this justification to governmental organization that governs and legislate the law and rule of this country?

A governing body is not an individual. It's a collection of individuals that come together for the purpose of governing this country ensuring the rights of every citizen of this land is in the balance.

While we people of all races may play dirty and not be nice to each other, (afterall people are selfish by nature) our governing and judiciary system has to play the mediator. That is why it is crucial our country needs a fair and just system to reassure everyone regardless of race, they are accorded the same rights in the eyes of the law. (and policies)

Unfortunately, this reassurance never came for the non-bumis thus the resentment and self-justification we are the underdogs therefore we are 'less racist' than the Malays.

Many times the non-bumis voice their dissatisfaction and resentment towards the bias governing body but Malays view it differently and interpret it as dissatisfaction and resentment towards their race. The line is so blur between the governing body and Malay race per se, it is sadly very hard to distinguish between the 2 anymore.

Personally for most non-bumis (I cannot advocate I speak for all), I don't mind nor care if the Malays call us kiasu, racist, pendatang, etc. They are entitled to their personal opinion. What we detest most is unfair race-based governmental policies. Why? Because Government policies are supposed to benefit all Malaysians and color-blind.


msleepyhead,  2 September 2010 at 15:50  

Didn't walla cover the overseas Chinese business/competition model already?

In case, there are newcomers to Dato' Sak's blog,


Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 16:03  


Selamat berpuasa !

Salam sejathera, semoga Tuhan berkati mu dan keluarga.

Your contributions are much needed and appreciated for a better Malaysia.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 16:09  

To the guy who always ends his sentence with 'pariah', you are the true pariah. You're full of it. That's why you use it every now and then, and in the future.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 16:15  

Walla, no, no exit at the peak of your life! Your writings make you and make us, if you know what I mean.
Grief and joy come hand in hand.
Let's share the exchange of thoughts and ideas, many things maketh a man, and one of them comes from that grey cerebral matter of yours. Indulge us kindly with more of your marvellous musings and exchanges.
We fail to see the wood for the trees (or should it be the other way around), and need a more experienced hand to guide us.
Don't give up!


Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 16:48  


Why takes the easy way out?

U should be proud that even in yr twilight years, the type4 scumbags have to form a think tank to outwitted yr thought.

Of course, u dont have to sink to their level. Why should u? So far all their caustic remarks r shallow & ad hominem & it shows that even with a group of 'thinktank' brainies there is still tin-kosong.

Or alternatively, do like what NEO used to act - dont waste time with nincompoops. For they know NOT what they r doing. period.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 18:11  

Dear Anon 2 September 2010 16:09,

Well said. Opps, now Anon 2 September 2010 14:39 will be calling you a pariah too.

Don't take it to heart. Anon 2 September 2010 14:39 is just demonstrating his lack of breeding. Just have to accept that his parents just didn't know how to bring him up with good manners or civility or maybe this is the manner his parents brought him up. Either that, the fact he remains anonymous is because he is ashamed as to what he has becomed and thus letting his parents down.

I wonder which is the case? On second thoughts, he could just be a runt of the litter.

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 18:14  

Anonymous@2 September 2010 16:09

Is that word annoying u?

Good! Bcoz only pariah will take offence to the tilt.

Otherwise, prove me wrong-lah, pariah!

schenker78 2 September 2010 at 18:49  

well, i want to know what people meant by Pariah, who is getting offended... when you call others pariah, what you trying to say ??

Is Mahathir a Pariah ???
Is perkasa a pariah ??

Is Ibrahim Ali a pariah ??
Is Namewee a Pariah ??
Is Chua Soi Lek and Samy Value Pariah ????

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 22:14  

Everyone of you beats around the bushes lah.

Every race on earth is racist because man likes to associate and the first is their own race.

The difference is,in our situation, which race is the one that creates almost every issue we see these days?

Do we see double standards being employed?

Do we see any change? even after all the talk talk and talk?

Are the best people and talents still leaving and capital going?

Aiya... stop quarrelling lah.

Let it be. Let the NEP continue. Grab all you can when the fun lasts.

No matter how you guys argue, no one is listening to the other part lah.

The worse is that there is a gross misunderstanding the fact the anything GOVERNMENT belongs to the people not a race.

In fact this government is a BN government , not an UMNO government because without the component parties there is no government.

Look in Sabah... because of a political post, one can leave the party. It is all about money and position.

See hope our oil (belong to Malays,Chinese, Indians and all others) . Dont forget that .

So you guys now know how they spend their money just for one race as described by one blogger. Really silly without knowing it.

But then, who cares now really. No one is going to fight over it. Go ahead build more mosques or grandious projects. It looks good.

The Chinese? They are very selfish as they have to work with their brains, connections, and capital to ensure they survive. No one is grateful if you contribute but prefer to be in denial mode.

Dont argue lah . They are negative sum game ( not zero sum game we are playing). The world is passing us by and we are here in the midst of stupid arguments about racism...

pooooooorah lah.

tupingera 2 September 2010 at 22:15  

Is it racism to criticize the Malay-dominated institutions that are incompetent, corrupted and impartial??

Is it racism to speak-out against the Malay-led "umnoputeras" who are plundering the nation???

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 22:32  

The chinese said we are the ones who made this country rich.So what? Who made perwaja steel lost millions of ringgit.I guess billions would be more approriate..Who is behind PKFZ corruption...????
We do't mind being poor rather than feel we owe the wealth to one race..

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 23:39  

Datuk Pemblog,

Negara ini menjadi harmoni kerana bumiputera senang beralah dalam perniagaan. Orang Bumiputera/Melayu/Islam lebih selesa dengan kerjaya sedia ada - cukup bulan dapat gaji. Keadaan ini juga menyebabkan DAP, MCA dan Gerakan suka berkawan/bekerjasama dengan mereka.

Kalau Bumiputera/Melayu/Islam mempunyai mentaliti macam orang Cina maka sudah tentu mereka akan jadi lebih ultra kiasu dalam bab ekonomi. Apa pun ada juga baiknya keadaan sekarang ini berkekalan kerana kalau tidak, tidak adalah pihak yang boleh DAP/Gerakan/MCA jadikan sebagai "sleeping partners".


Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 23:58  

Mengharapkan rasisma terhapus dari muka bumi adalah ibarat tidak berpijak atas bumi yang nyata. Harapan sebegitu mungkin dianggap berpijak atas tanah yang nyata kalau diungkapkan di planet marikh.

Sifat perkauman adalah ancaman terhadap keamanan dan keharmonian hidup dalam masyarakat majmuk. Kalau itu pun mahu dinafikan maka apa yang boleh dikatakan ialah, lantak kome le!

Lagipun, apabila keamanan dan keharmonian terhapus, yang akan menerima impaknya bukanlah mereka yang daif - kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Oleh itu biarlah mereka yang tidak daif pula memikirkan aspek berkenaan -- rasisma.


ServiceB4Self,  3 September 2010 at 00:03  


Don't bother responding to Anon "Pariah". Everyone reading his comment will see his ugly character. He fails to realize that the more he spews his vile poison, more irrelevant his comments become.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 00:19  


Sebuah kerajaan seberapa boleh mahu berlaku adil kepada rakyatnya tetapi ia bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah dilaksanakan kerana setiap pihak mempunyai hak untuk bersuara.

Sebanyak mana isu pasir di Selangor mahu jaja sebagai menguntungkan dan adil buat semua pihak, ia tetap dilihat tidak adil kepada pihak yang tidak mendapat kontrak pasir berkenaan.

Sebanyak mana isu Kampung Melayu di Pulau Pinang mahu di jaja sebagai mahu memberi laluan keada pembangunan, ia tetap dilihat sebagai satu polisi yang menindas masyarakat hingga ada yang tercium bau perkauman di situ.

Habis siapa yang mahu dipersalahkan? MB Selangor? KM Pulau Pinang? Mereka yang melopong? Pembangunan? Polisi parti yang berkuasa? Atau hak kebebasan bersuara?


Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 02:08  

Tuan Moderator,

Sikap perkauman timbul kerana manusia berebutkan agama, tanah, ekonomi dan kuasa.

Kerana berebutkan tanah sekangkang kera, manusia sanggup melakukan apa saja. Bukti banyak di serata dunia.

Yang patut diambil kira adalah sikap majoriti. Kerasisan satu atau dua individu bukanlah perkara ganjil dalam mana-mana komuniti.

Kerasisan yang harus mendapat perhatian di peringkat nasional adalah kerasisan yang menular dalam kelompok yang ramai.

Mengatakan majoriti Cina atau Melayu tertular sifat rasis adalah tidak disokong oleh fakta yang tepat.

Sebabnya, kalau Melayu itu majoritinya rasis, mana mungkin mereka menerima kehadiran 'tetamu' dengan dada yang lapang.

Dan kalau Cina itu majoritinya rasis mana mungkin mereka berhijrah ke segenap pelosok dunia untuk mencari kehidupan yang lebih sempurna.

Kalau Melayu itu rasis mana mungkin mereka terus menjadi pengguna yang setia?

Dan tanpa Melayu kekal sebagai pengguna setia, mana bisa tauke-tauke boleh menjadi kaya raya.

Dan kalau tauke-tauke ini tidak rasis, kenapa tidak lagi berbicara tentang ekonomi AS yang juga banyak berjasa kepada mereka? Apakah kacang sudah lupakan kulit?

Akhir sekali kalau puak ini tidak rasis, maka tidak perlulah terlalu gembar-gemburkan kemunculan 'kuasa ekonomi baru Asia' seolah-olah di situ ada nostalgia yang tidak dapat dilupakan!


Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 02:52  

"However, unlike most Westerners, historically and culturally, our racism leans toward ignorance instead of superiority sense"

I am afraid you need to learn more about your own culture ,HuaYong.

Superiority complex in the chinese culture is well documented .The hans "middle kingdom mindset" is quiet similar to the aryan ideology of Nazism.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 03:16  

Huh! I read the word 'Pariah' in this blog more than a dozen times which is no less than the total quantity i used it for my entire life of exceeding 4 decades long!

Pariah is the word i only use it as an adj. to describe a deserted dog or one which simply does bonking like a mongrel on the street!

But here in this blog, it uses to spear it in the jugular of one's own brethren.

If the arguments here are to thresh out the real meaning of 'racist' and to clarify that one is not actually racist nor a hypocrite, he would have to at least respect others here as the brethren, fair minded and intellectual, right?

But why all the 'pariah' are flying around -@#$%^&* - in this little domain? And it is in this month of Ramadan some more! Doesn’t it true that in this holy month, only good words should be uttered, and all the blessings?!

Tell me, the first pariah who used this description on another innocent pariah, are you one Muslim who claimed to be pious and a good Muslim, kind hearted to the non-Muslim?!

Definitely nope! I pre-empted the answer. You are only a sore loser in this game of zero sum! You are also such a pathetic loser who would only fill your heart with bias, hatreds, and jealousy of Chinese wealth and their status! Yes, the Chinese are still the wealthier amongst the laziest and so what?! We didn’t rob it neither from you, nor from your grand nenek’s private pillows! Not like your most respected leaders, they rob and they rape and you too are not exempted, from being raped, now and in future!

So dun blame the Chinese, blame your own ilk, blame your forefathers, and dun forget, to blame your pea brain which consists of zero grey matter, no substance at all!

You are a real Pariah! A pariah dog which simply bark at the shadow is your closest match… Hell you!

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 04:09  

Fuh, latuk, depa munya komentar power giler sampai itu ayaq kolan pun lepa angkat dan kasi pusing-pusing sampai lu dan wa jadi pining. Wa ingat lepa pun sudah manyak hi, lol.

umar,  3 September 2010 at 04:50  


Chinese are racist second to none in Malaysia. Globally they are second to Jews.This is admitted by one commentator.
They have dominated trade and commerce by whatever means in every country they settled ; there is a saying that they will sell their daughters ,too for anything profitable. Hence, Chinese have no qualms about ethics or moral. For them money is everything.
Some here argue that it is the survival of the fittest. So is the chinese gene the fittest of all?
Does not the malay race also warrant the same status for survival ? Do the Chinese alone warrant everything first ? The rest of mankind deserve what is left after the Chinese have consumed first. Such is chinese philosophy of life. There is no such thing as charity, equality , kindness or respect for others. Is this civil ? The chinese have lost their bearing when money becomes their God. The chinese are the one who corrupt the political system. They bribe everybody in their pursuit of wealth from royalties to civil servants...
This got nothing to do with hardwork or survival of the fittest. When and where was the chinese ever threatened of survival in human history ?
Here in Malaysia they bulldoze their way through to obtain anything from license , permit , approval and yet cry of racism !
The chinese in Singapore cannot play fire-crackers on New Year. Hence, they come to Johore to blast and dirty the streets.The chinese in Singapore can not spit on the table or floor in a restaurant. Here they are yet to be disciplined.Yet , they don't complain about Singapore being very strict.
Chinese are chauvnist of the first degree. Don't justify that by saying being competitive.The success formula is to kill every other rival by hook or crook. There is no civility in them.
The chinese have to learn to be humble. And learn that from the Malays and not from any scriptures..The malays have given more to accomodate the other races.
It is very silly to say that this country is rich because of the chinese.They worked and toiled to enrich themselves.So they pay the taxes.They did not make this country rich. It is because of this land being rich in resources that they choose to stay while stepping on other people's feet.They stepped on others for too long. Now the Malays are aware or awakened . Lest they forget, bite not the finger that feeds you.The malays don't employ indonesians, Banglas, Myanmars,Indians, Pakistanis or Nepalis. Yet why are they coming to Malaysia for a living ? Even the chinese from mainland are ever willing to come here as downtroden cooks, tourist and ........
Simply because Malaysia is Heaven on Earth-is Goldmine.
Please stop insulting the Malays.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 05:45  

Janganlah hairan kalau komentar yang ditulis di blog Datuk tidak memenuhi piawaian dan harapan yang dimahukan.

Agaknya mereka bukannya baca terlebih dahulu karangan Datuk sepatah demi sepatah tetapi apabila terbaca saja tajuk di atas terus mereka mengarang.

Atas sebab itu komentar mereka tidak lebih dari melepaskan apa yang terbuku dihati atau lebih tepat lagi gambaran kekecewaan kerana tidak dapat melihat Anwar merealisasikan kerajaan 16 September.

Harap maklum, dan memandangkan Eidulfitri akan menjelang tiba makanya maafkanlah mereka. OK Datuk?


Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 06:23  

Dato Sak,
Muslims do need mosques, but spending million is not justifying when a lot of poor muslim around, these money should be used to help them to alleviate their poverty. Even the zakat fund were misused???

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 08:04  

I agree that the Chinese are more secretive with their racist comments. But, listen to what they talk within staff rooms in Chinese schools or at Chinese gatherings.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 11:05  


How pathetic can you be ? The way you were going, you would even blame the Chinese if your cat died !.
Whether the Chinese are racist or not does not remove UMNO's responsibility for the failure of the NEP. You control the money, gun and every aspect of life here. If you still cannot make it, what else needs to be done to bring your standard of living up ?

Then again, if you know, you probably will be hard at work, making money and having a good life.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 11:19  

If Siti Inshah was taunted and she responded the way she did, she has no business being a teacher.

There are so many options opened to her as HM. Cane the rascals, suspend them or expel them. You mean all she could do was to join the students ?

Please lah Dato, surely you are made of sterner stuff to think like this.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 11:50  

Why the issue on Bumis wanting fish and instead being given fishing rods. only is not what we want.We want Fish Tiga Rasa please..ok?

Lets be very2 clear

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 14:02  

Anon 3 September 2010 03:16,

I believe the person who used "Pariah" in his comments is clearly not of a Muslim faith nor is a Malay. You may have been mistaken.

It is very likely the person is a Chinese but I may be wrong for I doubt there is any "Chinese" dog pedigree in the world.

shamshul anuar,  3 September 2010 at 15:56  

Dear sakmongkol,

Racism is alive and kicking in every corner of the world. Malaysia is not an exception.

I would like to relate one incident whereby a friend of mine ( a Chines) lamented that most civil servants are Malays.

I explained to him that Constitution says that 4 out of 50civil servants must be Malays. It is clearly stated there.

"How come?' he replied. I explained again that this is the recognition on the unparalleled generosity by Malay rulers in granting more than 1 million citizenships to non Malays at eve of independence.

In return, some provisions were made for Malays, namely prominence in civil servants, priority in scholarship, official status for Islam, Bahasa Melayu, Malay Rulers.

The problem with Malaysia is that Malay leaders sre reluctant to tell malaysians on this so called "Social contract'.

Face any problem with facts. When there was uproar with Hishamudin holding Keris at UMNO Connvention, show at prime time what he said.

He never utter or implied racism or veiled threat to Non Malays.

By apologizing, he is as good as saying he uttered racial remarks.

The same thing is happening again. Tan sri Muhyiddin as Minister of education should explain what transpired at the school where the Headmistress was alleged to say racial insult.

Then, we will realize that she is not a racist . she just admonished pampered students. that is all.

None of UMNo or PAS leaders are showing initiative to tell Chinese community that Malays in general think that Chinese are racist.

None of malay leaders bother to investigate how racists are private sctors are. This is not a tale. There are cases in one bank where all staff who did not recieve even ONE CENT bonus are all Malays.

Yes. 16 of them. One of them wrote to Bank Negara. Bank Negara asked for explanation. The Bank is unable to justify how all who did not get bonus "happened" to be Malays.

One problem often ignored is the pathetic attitude of rich Malays condemning DEB that enables them to be rich. The example by Nazir Razak who used the word "bastardization" on DEB is actually a slap on the face on his very own father.

I can take criticism. I admit like any policy, there are bound to be abuse. But to use the word "bastardization" shows character.

Nazir may not want to realize he is at his glorified position due to his family background.

Genius he may be . He may not want to remember that nobody will nominate his brother at age of 22 to be MP for Pekan if not for respecting his father.

Many of rich people( not all) Malays tend to be like that. They may be hardworking with good education and genuine desire to be businessmen.

Good for them. But do not forget that DEB "open the door" although it does not guarantee success.

Lastly, we of course must not forget the one glaring factor that may result in non malays looking Malay leaders, UMNO, Utusan as racist.

That is Anwar Ibrahim. In his mind boggling quest to be PM, he is ever willing to insult or slander Malays, Malay Rulers, or any institution that stands for the interest of Malay community JUST TO BUy Non malay votes.

He lashed UMNO on "Ketuanan Melayu", completely choosing to ignore "Ketuanan Cina" in economy.

He forgot that his fame. wealth, position to rub shoulders with so called world leaders are largely ( if not completely) due to generosity of much maligned UMNO.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 16:50  

"How come?' he replied. I explained again that this is the recognition on the unparalleled generosity by Malay rulers in granting more than 1 million citizenships to non Malays at eve of independence -- shamsul anuar.........

..The one fren he told must be an equal idiot who would only believe the 'warped history' that the joker was trying to preach for brain wash.

FYI, we dun read warped history but we read history told by the horse mouth of the real independence fighter Abdullah CD who's the KPM President!

I felt 'very touch' until my goose pimples all stand to hear that - the unparalleled generosity by Malay rulers - was granted to our forefathers... My foot! Anyway, that's the wake up call!

Should we in this case, all bow and knock our heads to the ground, or better still, bury our heads in the sand like you do, like an ostrich and hail - long live your highness & thousands thanks to the generosity - until to hell?!... LOL!!!!

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 17:05  

Anonymous@ 3 September 2010 14:02,

Really pariah to the nth!

Pekingese is a "Chinese" dog pedigree. So is Shar Pei dog.

Don’t know? Ask-lah!

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 17:14  

Racism is everywhere and is not limited to the Malays only. I was borned in Spore and I've been marginalized just because I am a Malay. I have been discrminated when I was studying and working in the UK just because I am a Muslim. Every country have their traditions and character and that is why this country is called Tanah Melayu and the culture reflects why the country is called as such. Those people who decided to live here have to respect the law and the culture. Malays being lazy, maybe but that is after being sidelined by the Colonial powers for 300 years and all opportunities given to other races. Melaka was thriving empire that rules much of the South East Asia trade at one time until the British decided that the land is strategic for them with the natural resources and rubber plantataion. It is like Fiji which is in the middle of nowhere and inhabited by Polynesians for centuries until the British decided that Fiji is good for sugar cane.There are approx 20% Indians but they rule the politics and control the business. Look at what happens when the locals had enough. Is Malaysia going to be like this ? We will have to see how the Malays rise to the occassion. Is the Chinese being marginalised here ? Look at who has the bigger house and investment portfolio ? Would the Malays be marginalized if they resides in India or China ? No guarantee. And then we have the liberated Malays who have benefited from the links and connections to the corridor of power who feel that the Malays can now compete fairly and squarely. I call them Melayu Bangsar or the 90210 bunch as their mix of Malays are not the kampong folks Malays. These are the upper middle class who don't represent anybody but themselves. This make things complicated as some of them are the Malay leaders now. We are indeed living in an interesting time but until such time where all races realize where they come from and where they are going, I call upon our leader to show and lead us or get out if you can't and get somebody else who can. Btw I have a Chinese blood thro my grandad and proud to be Malay, Muslim and Malaysian.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 17:17  

shamshul anuar,

Hey, u still trying to be one hell of a pariah ain't u? Even during this holy month of soul searching?

How many times, again – ‘the recognition on the unparalleled generosity by Malay rulers in granting more than 1 million citizenships to non Malays at eve of independence.’- is a lie.

Do u sincerely respect yr religion by telling fitnah to the world, somemore during Ramadan?

BTW, which version of the FED Constitution r u reading? Yr grandmother’s?

What did the the hadith say about punishment for fitnah? It could be worst than cat pissing on yr grave!

Tsk...tsk...for the sake of a few silver coins, the soul is sold for eternity!

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 18:28  

Anon 3 Sept 17:05,

What u blur ah? Ppl say Chinese = dog, u agree!!!!! U must really stupid.

schenker78 3 September 2010 at 19:24  


why 4/5 civil servant must be malays ?? why not 5 out of 10 civil servant are malays put 1.5 out of 10 for borneo bumis and the rest 3.5 out of 10 from chinese, indian and lain2 ppl...

instead of stuffing all malays in civil service, let malays evolve in Service sector and swasta. Scrap all the GLC and get genuine business of malays to flourish. UMNO GLC and government should not be in business....dont keep on alibaba the money...

schenker78 3 September 2010 at 19:30  

anon 1402.....well, that pariah word usually used by chinese or malays...

malays fond of refering Indians as Keling, Pariah and snakes ( remember hamidah perak ) if u find an indian and snake, kill the Indian first !!!!

chinese also fond of calling Indians as Keling Kiang... even though any of Indians languages dont have any meaning for Keling. Bahasa ciptaan melayu dan cina malaya....

But of course usually the Hindus wont get upset........

but KIMMA, Indian Moslems, mamaks, anak mami will get super UPSET and launch court cases against malays.

HjMisaiKontot :الدليل السياحي 3 September 2010 at 21:28  

Dear Dato SAK,
How can you judge someone of being partisan? Just by giving a comment which include a verse from the Quran makes one a PAS supporter?
I am surprised that you still see things from the UMNO eyeballs… well, maybe once an umno forever will be one no matter what…

i rest my case dear dato'

good luck... so much for your institutional reforms...
Tsk tsk tsk…

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 14:17  

ala, yg penting kata kunci nya, chinese memang racist, kalau tidak knp sibuk nak mintak2 benda bukan even bukan hak depa pun. lagi mau kecoh, lepas tu tak mau ngaku.

sulah lapat betis, mau peha, lepas tu mau bilang org si empunya peha banyak racist. Mana ada jalan woo. haiiya manyak taktik busuk punya olang.

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 14:21  

shenker, bukan ke dulu2 bukan melayu tak suka kerja kerajaan, lu orang semua cakap, situ semua pekerja malas. Skrg tengok, semua org mau kerja sama kerajaan, ada betul ka shenker? Apa pasal? Sebab pekerja sana sudah bagus, skrg agensi kerajaan sudah ada banyak pembaharuan, walaupun belum betul2 tip top.

Kalau tarak betul, letme think, tarak suka kerja sama kerajaan, tapi banyak suka bikin kacau sama kerajaan punya polisi, menyokong ilek, merebahkan juga ada.

Ammak! wanekem.

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