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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Right or wrong is the criterion, not whether its racist or not

A group of teenagers in western New York have been accused of harassing members of a mosque by yelling obscenities and insults during evening prayers for Ramadan, sideswiping a worshiper with a vehicle and firing a shotgun outside, the authorities said on Tuesday.

The teenagers were chased and cornered by members of the mosque, who held them for the police. They were charged with disrupting a religious service, a misdemeanor.

This report appeared in the New York Times.
America it seems, despite the so many contradictions in its social life, is able to distinguish between what is right and wrong. Malaysia compares unfavourably in this department.
In fact this government appears hesitant when dealing with racism inspired attacks against it. Instead it goes all out to appease the other side in an elaborate exercise that can only be considered as catharsis. The government leadership thinks by appeasing the other side, its cleansing itself from guilt.
Because anything the government does is judged on the basis, are what they do racist or not? The -government has been accused of so many racist-based actions. Hence custodial deaths are seen as the work of some shadowy Malay extremists and scum, the death of an aide to a politician is judged as something done by an oppressive Malay organisation, how the government handles abuses against the religion of Islam will be seen only in terms of whether its actions are race based. People forget, that the most important criterion to judge whether the transgressions, crimes and wrongs committed is  whether they are right or wrong.
No moral pontificating, no winding analyses by political windbags and no noises from self anointed 'civil rights' spokesmen. If the rapper Namewee has committed a wrong such as can lead to racial upheavals, he should be punished on the basis of whether he has done a right or wrong. The fact that he is Chinese is immaterial.
I can't reconcile with this idea, that a Chinese is not capable of being a racist while the government because its controlled by Malays, is forever to be condemned as racist.
If this government does anything to non Malays, it can be considered racist. When 2 Malay teenagers were caught burning a church in Cheras, the government gave money and the teenagers were sent to jail for years.
When some Chinese boys desecrated a surau in Negeri Sembilan the parents of these boys asked for forgiveness and the matter was forgotten.
When the rapper who claims he is an embodiment of 1 Malaysia appeared in another you tube flick 'doin his f*****g thang ' complete with vulgar words and lewd gesticulations, 'rights' groups quickly came to his defence.
This brings the subject of racism out into the open. It appears only the Malay led government and Malays in general are capable of racism while non Malays, because they are in the minority are absolved from that same charge.
It means also that only certain people can be official "victims" of racism, sexism, and similar offenses. So when non Malay leaders justify whatever actions done by these loonies, they justify this on the basis that non Malays cannot be racists and Malays cannot be race victims.

No consciences, anymore, are enlivened by these so-called leaders of conscience, by the Lim Kit Siangs, by the do-gooders of PKR, and so forth. . These frauds assault our sensibilities, , threaten, and pontificate, but they do not speak at all to our sense of right and wrong.

The porn actor has got it correct this time, if Namewee has done something wrong this time, he must face the music. He is just as capable of committing racism as do the Malay boys sent to 5 years jail time.


schenker78 1 September 2010 at 08:15  

namewee did talk racist in his other videos. But his current video 'Nah' against the old lady racist principal is not racism against malay but against 1 particular principal.

The song is vulgar, but not as lucah as chua Soi Lek. Punish Namewee for his previous videos, not for the current one.

On the current one, why the principal still hiding ? Its a disgrace to see an Old Woman in tudung speaks racist to young students. Just admit and get your punishment.

Chua Soi Lek should go to jail for engaging Oral sex which should be charged same as Saiful Bukhari. Why no charge ??? This chinaman want to judge another chinaman ??? hahahaha

Just disband BTN. Its just producing more racist UMNO malays. Those chinaman boys should be punished with jail term for the paint attack on the Surau.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 08:42  

Look at the video carefully. Namewee got personal only with the Principal and Ministry of Education. Even if you abuse the law with the widest interpretation, Namewee has not committed any wrong in this video. There is no racism in this one.

This is why the zealots constantly lose to RPK and Namwee, they just underestimate their technical superiority in their masturbation of self-righteous entitlement.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 09:23  

I have to disagree with you on this one.

First you only need to see the responses from Government is indicative what it is all about. It is not about a Chinese not being prosecuted if he has done wrong.

In fact, if you are to follow the events and responses, contrary is the reality.

When the two HMs uttered such remarks on whole communities like Ahmad of Penang... that is seditious to the core.

Now did you ever, as a Malay, follow the responses from the law enforcement officers or BN , PM DPM? They were more or less defending and giving lame excuses and until now not a single word from them about taking them for seditioin other than .. "it is a misunderstanding"

Look at the other side now. Namewee. He did a vulgar video on a person's wrong behavious as a response. I did not see the video, but did he put the entire Malay race into bad light or just one person?

Just look how fast were the responses to charge him from powers that be. Practically instant and without hesitation. Why ? Do I need to elaborate?

I do not condone such behaviour by Namewee. He should be charged according to the law just alike anyone else. But is it sedition or an insult from one individual to another which is definitely not seditious. If the HM had been wronged , then sue him by all means. Individuals to individuals CANNOT be classified as seditious.

Look at it objectively, is it sedition or libel on person to person basis?

It is obvious no one calls for jailing of the HMs for their truly seditious remarks.
This is where we see the double standards... and I wish to point to yours too.

When you implement a law, you should be color blind especially those who hold public office. This is because public officers cannot represent a race, they MUST represent the rakyat irrespective of race, color or religion.

If you want to represent your own race , go back to your own racially based parties and not using the public office.

This is what US is all about as you had pictured one local incident.

They differentiate between party partisans from Government. This goes too for funds used .. just look how they use the money .. more like their own money.

Take it from us all, we Malaysians will take centuries to have that US kind of mentality lah.

You will never see Obama saying he is allocating billions only to his state reprentatives etc. Only we , and many who benefit just happily take it.

Worse thing, many thought the government is so good , it provided overseas scholarships to this and that. They forgot where the money came from. From the party or the government, paid by all races.

These guys then went on to attack others who contributed vastly for their education.

Just blind to all these values.

umar,  1 September 2010 at 09:24  

Every body here is racist.
BN is afterall a combination of race -based political parties.Each championing for their respective race, language, culture, education TV programmes...etc
Namwee and his ilk are the product of 53 years of nation building gone wrong. Tatarakyat is a hollow subject in schools. Always skipped by students and teachers.All they care is a string of straight As.
The current generation of youth have never experienced mixing with other races. Just visit any full boarding schools. You will notice the missing races.
Visit any universities, and you will notice the polarisation. If there are any co-operation among the various races in educational institutions, it is at superficial level. At the core they cringe to their inner selves.
Racism itself is no offence. It is only when one hates , allenate and prejudice others.
How did our muhibbah spirit vanished to present status ?
It is a colourful world. Why discrimate when we could enjoy the diversity. I have not given up hope on unity in diversity for Malaysia.These racial intrigues have to stop.The long arm of the law should take its course. Punish them.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 10:27  

every society is somehow racist la..but not many is violent..

take a good look at this

there's a clear line between racism that demands fairness and equality and racism that demands more than equality. the former would work their ass to level the playing field while the latter would push others down just to make themselves feel better.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 10:35  

I see your point because you are Malay and your eyes are blinkered.

Namewee's video is a response to the racist remarks by the racist principle.
Now she was NOT investigated. She was not called up to the police station. Petrol cars did not go to her house.
In fact the Education Minister and State Director defended her.

It is this non action that provoked Namewee to act.

Now you blinkered guy, tell me which part of the video is racist.

It's UMNO and Police who are racist!

This is justice in half measures.

Remember, the entire Chinese population (especially the youths are with Namewee).
BN is not going to win a single vote from them.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 11:55  

"It appears only the Malay led government and Malays in general are capable of racism while non Malays, because they are in the minority are absolved from that same charge."
My layman comment is a pent up response to your various well written postings without clear conclusions to the root cause and my pet proposed actions.
1)Parent - executive and all pillar institutions of democracy
2)Children - Malays, Chinese, Indians, Aslis and our bros & sisters in Sabah & Sarawak.
When the parent starts to pilih kasih amongst the children...that's where we are now. We are going in circles debating the merits of each others' actions/reactions (in isolation) and symptoms of bad 'parenting'.
Your Qs I quoted pertains to the merit of the actions of the parent and the reactions of the children. If you agree with my simple analogy,...
We seek emancipation, repeatedly if necessary until the correct politicians are in place. What remains to be debated are the HOWs and WHENs.
As an example if I were to dive in to comment on this current piece.. whose's measure of right and wrong, when the parent hasn't been seen to be fair and transparent and worst actively undermining the family unit? How can there be redemption for such a parent? Doing nothing to the current parent is NOT an option. Simplistic? Only Universal measure of decency required. We are not manipulating DNA.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 12:01  


You got it all wrong. How is it posible that PM Najib maintains his elegance silence on the racist jibes of the 2 principals but immediately springs into action because someone reported that Namewee was rapping an alleged racist song? How is it possible that Ibrahim Ali and Utusan can continue harping on racist issues without being locked up under ISA for their own protection but a Chinese MP and Chinese reporter were locked up under ISA for their own protecion? Perhaps you can enlighten us why the difference in both situations.

Quiet Despair,  1 September 2010 at 12:12  

Yes indeed we have lost sight of what is right and wrong.
Yes we are oooooh soooo scared of offending the non-Malays for fear of being racists as the Malays and UMNO are always accused off.
Smear our suraus, tak pelah depa budak-budak.
Hold a buka puasa, parents ask for forgiveness. Okay, we accept and life goes on.
It's not okay. The kids must be punished just like the two Malays who burned the churches.
When this happened, all the non-Malays were in silent mode. Not a squeak from racist like blogger Zorro who went to town on the churches arson.
We ae made to appear as cheap.Can be easily consoled and comforted.
You offend our religious sensibilities, we still want to forgive the non-Malays.
Namewee issue. As usual they are all jumping to his defence.
They try so hard to justify Namewee as just replying to the two teachers alleged racial slurs.
You are crying for the teachers blood but you are making Namewee as a hero.
Put Namewee in jail now!
Another issue is the woman rep who spoke in the mosque indecently attired.
The issue is not speaking in the mosque as the non-Muslims like to spin.
The issue is she did not respect the code of Muslim dressing when entering mosque or suraus.
Americans who entered mosques in NY City donned robes and shawls.
Why can't that woman do the same when this is a Muslim country.
How long must we go on with this double standard of its okay if non-Malays are racists.
Its not okay if Malays and Muslims do it.
There are other ways to appease the non-Malays but not when our religious sensibilities are compromised.
1Malaysia is not carte blance to offend and get away scot-free.

schenker78 1 September 2010 at 12:20  

We need clarity on who is supposed to have these privileges. Are only Malays and Bumiputras entitled? Definitely, yes. But, why are mamaks requesting to enjoy the same?

By Jamiliah Kassim

Being a Malay, I must say "thank you" for advocating to let the Bumiputra quota stay, albeit your much embarassing, ridiculous and amusing criticisms on meritocracy.

However, we need clarity on who is supposed to have these privileges. Are only Malays and Bumiputras entitled? Definitely, yes. But, why are mamaks requesting to enjoy the same?

Why can mamaks be made Malays? Where on earth can a person convert his race through religion? Obviously this is unacceptable. UMNO is for Malays, and Malays are exclusive of mamaks. UMNO, being fighter for Malays' rights, should rectify this false definition.

Jamiliah Kassim

The Malays have just realized that their race, postion and power has been hijacked?

Then bacalah:

“The Mamaks are a close knit lot,” she said in between sips of coffee. “The family network is very important and though there may be several clans, we take care of each other. They are also very loyal and expressive – maybe it’s the immigrant trait.”

The Mamaks she means are the ones from Penang and probably bits of Kedah.

And from Malaysiana1 website:

Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop (cabinet minister).
Tun Daim Zainuddin (ex-cabinet minister).
Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad (ex-Prime Minister).
Khairy Jamaluddin (Umno Youth chief).
Tan Sri Ismail Merican (health ministry director-general).
Tan Sri Hassan Marican (national petroleum company Petronas chairman).
Datuk Dell Akbar Khan (ex-Selangor police chief).
Tan Sri Zaman Khan (ex-prisons department director-general).
Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir (Perak chief minister).
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (opposition leader).
Tan Sri Elyas Omar (ex-Kuala Lumpur mayor).
Tan Sri Kamaruzzaman Shariff (ex-Kuala Lumpur mayor).
Datuk Azeez Rahim (Umno supreme council member).
Datuk Seri Kadir Sheikh Fadzir (ex-cabinet minister).
Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin (ex-cabinet minister).
Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil (cabinet minister).
Tan Sri Osman Aroff (ex-Kedah chief minister).
Datuk Ahmad Ismail (Penang Umno leader).
Tan Sri Rahim Thambychik (ex-Melaka chief minister).
Datuk Seri Muhammad Ali Rustam (Melaka chief minister).

East Malaysia
Datuk Seri Musa Aman (Sabah chief minister - Kadazan and Indian Muslim).
Datuk Seri Harris Salleh (ex-Sabah chief minister - Berunai and Indian Muslim).
Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin (deputy cabinet minister - Kadazan and Indian Muslim).
Datuk Illyas Ibrahim (Kota Kinabalu mayor - Kadazan and Indian Muslim).
Datuk Jema Khan (Sabah Umno leader - Kadazan and Indian Muslim).

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 12:39  

I agree with you completely. The current govt is only willing to punish the Malays. It has no guts to punish others when they openly insult the Malays and even Islam. The situation reminds me of the period just after Merdeka when the Malays were always considered second class humans, whether in schools or in the market place. The architects of that policiy are still active today, rejoicing in their newfound support in the global attack on the Islamic world, and the Malays are victims by association. Sadly, the government is too scared to do what is right.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 12:51  

I knew I was wrong when I agreed with you on one of your articles. You are who you are and not what you are. Sad but true. The school principal is a racist and you agreed with her by not mentioning her at all. You talk about an incident in America and ignored the situation at your door step. You are very selective. Yes Namewee used vulgar languages but the principal is a RACIST. The MCA president commited a sin and yet you ignored that. My God you are just like the rest of the UMNO members. Never walk the talk. This is Malaysaja not Malaysia. As for Soiled Lek he is an UMNO arse licker to sageguard his rice bowl.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 12:53  

Can we just give this racism thing a rest already?

Let's all just foment a racial riot, and let every man and his dog kill one another on the streets.

Then, perhaps we can get down to a good old fashion reconciliation, and nation re-building.

This is what it is needed, no? That we hit rock bottom first before we can become better?

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 13:25  

Finding certain issue with somebody's action is not racist. Unless of course the 'issue' is merely the other person's skin color/race.

I've read scores and scores of condemnation on the headmistress' racist comments from all quarters... Malay, Chinese & Indians. Are all these folks racist then?

Why single out Namewee from the list?

Maybe there's no good translation on Namewee's lyrics. Let me assure you, his ire is solely pointed at Siti Inshah Mansor. He did not touch on race.


Fatcat,  1 September 2010 at 13:50  

There are many ways to condemn racism but using vulgarities is not one of them

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 13:52  


Perhaps you should also ask what is happening to the so called investigation of what the HMs actually said. Does it take so long to investigate and come out with a report ?

One no less than the Home Minister met up with the perpetrators of the cow head incident and actually rationalise their actions. The fact that they were charged later seem hollow.

If you want to be fair then charge all of them who break the law without fear or favour and not selectively. There are only some people charged for the PKFZ affair. What about the MAS affair ? Will it see the light of day ?

nick 1 September 2010 at 13:57  


Your post has a great title "right or wrong and not about being racist" but sadly your argument is bias with selective examples (not to mention using it outside it's original context) thus making your conclusion wrong on so many level.

In other word Sir, you are trying to portray the government's action against Namewee as something that is based on the "RIGHT or wrong" principle and not racist BUT sadly you intentionally (or otherwise) use WRONG (incorrect) argument (i.e changing the context of the examples and apparent exclusion of government's lack of action against those 2 HM's which is central to the argument) to arrive at your predetermined conclusion.

The real issue is not about the action taken against Namewee but rather the government's reluctance to mete out punishment and worse, the apparent lackadaisical attitude towards the racial offenses committed by the 2 HM which by the way were much much worse than Namewee's!

It would seem that your inherent fondness for everything "malay" or your perceived view that "The Malay are under siege" has clouded your judgment and thinking. Very sad for us to lose another great mind to the dark void but then again we malay are the majority (we have the numbers)therefore statistically we have in our midst someone that can take your place!

I sincerely hope that you can pull your self out of the void and return back to us as "THE sane voice" inside a "nonsensical group" (I wanted to use the word "insane" but I'm not sure how far you have fallen inside the void).


Ariff Sabri 1 September 2010 at 14:41  

It means also that only certain people can be official "victims" of racism, sexism, and similar offenses. So when non Malay leaders justify whatever actions done by these loonies, they justify this on the basis that non Malays cannot be racists and Malays cannot be race victims.

that above is mu point. not namewee or whoever he calls himself. i can see from the comments here- when you just a mention that a Chinese can also be a racist, all reasoning goes out of the window. i haven't said anything about not doing anything against Malay racists but many here are eager to read their conclusions on my thinking.
you cant accept that a chinaman can also be racist?
why are you defending this wanna be rapper? because you cant accept that a chinese can also be a racist. that's because of the conditioning of yr minds that only Malays are racists- the HMs, the man from bukit bendera etc.
sorry boys- while i am prepared to condemn Malays in being racists, i am also willing to call Chinese and other non Malays as racists too.

schenker78 1 September 2010 at 14:58  


Nah video is not racist. Charge namewee for his previous video.

Chinaman can be as racist as samy vellu , uthayakumar and chua soi lek.

But how does racist charge other racist? I can trust a good neutral man charge them. But AG Khalwat and Musang BK Tan?? this 2 are as donkey as the people they charge. Put Ramli Yusuf as Ketua Polis negara and other good man as AG and I will respect the two post as well as a new Home Minister, not ppl like Hishamudin Hussein who loves Keris and talk with Cow Head ppl.

Hishamudin in his 20s is a carlsberg lover. His photo all over internet. Puik.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 15:02  

Quiet Dispair said "When this happened, all the non-Malays were in silent mode. Not a squeak from racist like blogger Zorro who went to town on the churches arson."

I ask - did you read Zorro's blog? Based on your comments I checked it out and I found this article of his which spoke against the Chinese Youth:

I wonder then whether people like Quiet Dispiar are just paid aggitators who don't tell the truth.

BTW - I'm not Zorro. Just a lurker who likes to read blogs.

walla 1 September 2010 at 15:45  


I am reminded of what Hussein Onn had once told off to Musa Hitam.

He said, 'Remember you are not a Malay minister but a Malaysian minister'.

I am again reminded of what Tunku Abdul Rahman had said of Mahathir Mohamad.

He said, 'That mamak is a leopard which will never change its spots.'

If any of you meet Mahathir Mohamad, ask him point-blank this question, and watch his eyes carefully as he answers you.

The question is this:

'Why did you move the goal-post and change the "268" decision you had made as DPM?'

And on this score, after so many posts, walla asks your permission to bow out here.

I grief for our country but as someone who is already in his seventies, I am going to grief even more for our young. The picture you see of me is my daughter.

So, i bid you all well and i thank my friend Sakmongkol for all his indulgences and kindness to me.

Strength permitting, i may come back in another form but walla ends, now.

Terima kasih dan salam hormat.


Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 15:56  

Lets take the road you have chosen.Right or wrong.The Principals action right or wrong?How come only selective prosecution of who is wrong or right?
Wrong or right only for racial issue?
Can we use this wrong or right criterion for corruption?
or maybe we use the same criterion to a host of many astounding things happening in malaysia, such as why the heck do we need to pay a bomb as brokerage fees for a company for cutting a deal for a sub that has problems diving!wrong or right?
The list is endless lah dato
If you feel the pornstar is right and that the namawee guy and the 3 buggers who did damage to the surau in sikamat need to be taught a lesson, then by all means do also teach the rest of the goons who are plundering this beautiful country of ours day in and day out without nobody telling them that IT IS WRONG!

HAKIMAN,  1 September 2010 at 16:49  

Here's the problem in the country.

Malaysia practises Govt-sponsored institutionalised racism. (Read that as coming from UMNO).

The problem in Malaysia is that UMNO uses the brute force of majority rule to enforce institutional racism, particulary through the tax-payer funded civil service and by Treasury using of tax payers funds to marginalise other races.

It is one thing, to be pro Malay, but another thing when one race's interest is promoted across the board AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHER RACES.

Honestly, the Chinese is the third most racist among the world's ethnic groups, after the Jews being the first , and followed by the Japanese. You go to China, you get racism directly in your face.

Indians are less racist, but they are the most uppity-nosed class conscious race in the world. Their upmanship for social status even among themselves is unrivalled. The caste system is still ingrained in the Indian society, though in a milder form. They still look down at those below their social class and social system, even among the Indians.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 17:07  


I do agree with you racism is prevalent in all races. Non-bumis are not exempted.

It's important however for authorities to be the mediator and play fair to ensure racism is not tolerated. The governing body should the very least, make sure the seed of hatred is not nurtured to grow into a monster that will destroy the harmony of this country. More so for political brownie points.

Sadly everyone has their own belief/bias and frankly, there's nothing we can do about it. But,if the bias goes against the core of unity and not tolerated by the authorities nor accepted by the masses, people will ultimately learn to keep their beliefs/bias in the closet.

The sad thing is politicians (from all front)are far from sincere in keeping racism and bias in check because these are powerful emotional tool that could easily translate into votes.

You commented... "that's because of the conditioning of yr minds that only Malays are racists- the HMs, the man from bukit bendera etc."

I don't totally disagree with your observation. I'm not offering any excuses, merely giving you a reason.. that is because years of screwed race policies in the guise of helping the poor, yielding of the keris threatening a rerun of May 13, pendatang issues etc has bred the 'race-victim' mentality in non-bumis. We retaliated. In the course of retaliation, ironically we sometimes become the very thing we hated. Racists too.

PS: Dato, a little note. I still think you are wrong to put the current Namewee issue for the point you are trying to make. The guy wasn't racist on this count.



Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 17:10  


The vast majority of Chinese would have had no problems with the vandals/racists being charged for desecrating the mosque.

In this case however, UMNO's lacky MCA brokered the apology and kenduri deal.

It was ALLOWED to do so to grandstand the DAP. It was done to show that only the MCA can kau tim with the authorities. MCA was ALLOWED to do so in the misguided hope of the BN gaining back the support of the chinese.

It was an UMNO/MCA drama. Malaysia was not fooled.

Don't try to make this sorry episode on law and governace into anything more.

A fair and impartial Gov't would have had the confidence to charge the accused as a fair and impartial judiciary would have meted out the appropriate punishment.

Society would have been happy to see justice take its natural course.

Society will know that the Police will act swiftly, the Gov't would not get in the way and that the Judiciary will come down hard on such vandals/miscreants/racists.

Instead we see that with UMNO in charge, MCA can kow tim. Hidup BN.

schenker78 1 September 2010 at 17:12  

in this country, most trouble makers from the 'malay' side are those from the Moslem Converts and their generation.

Just look at the behavior of the mahathir mamak family, shahrizat jalil, the penang case where the indian hindus and mamak penang fight, not forgetting the Kg Medan case .

People like Ridhuan Tee and Awang Selamat are another group of converts who api-apikan kaum. Awang Selamat, i suspect is a mamak indian.

Mahathir and Badawi have put in mamak gang in running Utusan since before. KaliMullah is another example.

Just beware of these ugly converts. They usually try to act and show that when they leave their Old culture and faith, they behave 'lebih' moslem and lebih racist as if they want to prove that they are more Malay and more Islamic.

These behavior does exist in the converted Christians as well from previous non Christian faith.

When I worked in Sudan and Yemen, such malaysian moslems were looked down by the local moslems. These local moslems greet non moslems malaysians with the arabic greetings, but always malaysia moslems see as if the arabs are wrong and 'malays' are more right....

thats why people do look at PAS people as more respectable and open minded with all people. The racist are usually the UMNO gangs.

ServiceB4Self,  1 September 2010 at 17:42  

Dato Sak,

My feeling is that everything bad that a government servant or department does equals to Malay, and Malay equals to UMNO. That’s how most of the commentators perceives things to be. The conclusion is the same, bad govt servant = bad/corrupt UMNO. Whether it is the IGP, AG, SG, HM etc – because they are Malays and that they are Government Servants, they are UMNO.

A bridge built by private person collapsed and causes the tragic loss of life – UMNO is at fault. A stadium roof collapsed - UMNO is at fault. There is no coherent thought as to the actual cause. It didn’t matter whether the consultant miscalculated/were negligent or the contractor fails to build properly …. People are just too fast to point their fingers at UMNO being at fault. Even if the consultant or contractor is a Malay why is it the fault lies with UMNO?

It has become irrelevant whether such govt servant is actually an UMNO member or not – as long as he/she is a Malay therefore UMNO is at fault.

Is that racism? I believe it is. Racism is afterall coming to an adverse conclusion solely based on the race of a person without considering the facts.

I have not seen Namewee’s video and I can’t comment but if the video contains racist statements, by all means the Government should impose the full brunt of the law on Namewee. I personally feel that the Government should also impose the full brunt of the law on anyone including the commentators here for making racist remarks/statements. Just because the Government promises that there shall be no censoring of the internet does not mean that people have the right to make racist or defamatory statements.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 19:57  

Yes, I completely agree with ServiceB4Self - "the Government should also impose the full brunt of the law on anyone including the commentators here for making racist remarks/statements". This includes the 2 Principals, Ibrahim Ali, Utusan etc.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 20:03  

"Remember, the entire Chinese population (especially the youths are with Namewee).
BN is not going to win a single vote from them."

Anon, 1 September 2010 10:3

Hey bro, this only prove one thing: racist will always support racism. And on contrary, what about the Malay youth? Are you saying PR can set foot in Putrajaya even without their vote? Dream on, buddy!!

Khun Pana aka johanssm 1 September 2010 at 20:56  

Seen the video personally.
The entire short rap song is all about NameWee and Siti the lady headmistress.

Nothing about racism in it.
No religion issue in it as well.
The only person that can sue NameWee will be that racist headmistress.
(If Namewee did insulted her)

The rest are just busy bodies in lodging police reports .
Those who lodges the police reports , have they seen the youtube video or they got freak out by merely reading from the utusan newspaper which reports without head nor tail.
Those who had viewed the rap song video by NameWee ought to comment.
and those who have not seen it ought to refrain from writing.

Anonymous,  1 September 2010 at 21:39  

i dont blame you you are umno and malay

Anonymous,  2 September 2010 at 00:44  

schenker78, you are no different than a bigot .Quite a lot of mamak are mix ,up to 6 generations in this country.So,the idea of 'converts' holds no fact,it just shows that you have hate and prejudice towards mamaks by generalization .Hence,your words are hollow.

HAKIMAN,  2 September 2010 at 01:28  

I watched the Namwee video clip.

And I agree with Khun Pana aka johanssm. There is nothing sedition or religious insult or racism.

What the rapper was frothing at was the headmistress who made racist remarks. She should be the aggrieved person, NOT UMNO, not the Malays, Not the Muslims, NOT the Govt.

I don't see anything seditious. It is more of a civil law case between the headmistress and the rapper. I don't understand why the UMNO Ministers and MCA want to get involved in such useless trivial issue.

It only increases the POPULARITY and notoriety of the rapper. The stupidity of this Govt actually and wittingly helps the career of this rapper.

I think this is all a beat up by the Govt to get the public's attention on the more important issues of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT and the SOCIAL JUSTICE issues.

It could be the racist headmistress is a strong UMNO member and UMNO Wanita member, who need to be protected by UMNO.

This UMNO-led Govt is spending more time encouraging police reports against opposition politicians, attending to scoring political points by fronting media on trivial issues instead of actually governing the country and looking after our economy. There is one other country that does that: Robert Mugabe's ZIMBABWE

schenker78 2 September 2010 at 10:27  


I suggest you dont talk about the Indians , class or whatever, as you wont understand how it came about.

Indians have been improving and discarding those practices. However, In the moslem society, I think better preach how to unite and stop killing and bombings between Sunni, Syiah, Ahmedi, Wahhabi, Sufi and the rest of the kafir minorities.

At least the Catholics and Protestants have stopped killing each other in Northern Ireland and the UK...

HAKIMAN,  2 September 2010 at 21:29  

"Indians have been improving and discarding those practices."- Schenker78

Indians have yet to discard those practices. The Dalits are still horribly looked down upon. At best the caste system is being made flexible rather than discarded.

I know many Indian Malaysian friends who still are locked into those old practices because of family pressures.

Marriage across the different castes among Indians is not a normal or common practice.

Among the chinese in Malaysia, you tend to see more cross marriages across different dialects today than years before.

By the way, in the same breath of what you said, in the Hindu society, better preach the Hindus not to go into rampage killing Muslims and burning mosques. If you don't know, read about the religious strife in India and in the Kashmir area. So don't take a holier-than-thou position about Indians.

schenker78 2 September 2010 at 22:03  

Burning mosque and killing kashmiris ?? you tell first about all those ancient temples razed to ground by moslem invaders from Arab, Afghanistan and Moghuls.

I suggest you go learn the real History my friend. Look at your brothers Pakistani behavior towards non moslem in Paki land and compare that with the behavior of Hindus towards moslems in India .

The minorities of Pakistan and Bangladesh version of India's Shah Rukh Khan, President Abdul Kalam, Zakir Hussain and MJ AKbar wont be there for the world to see. So much for your tolerance.

Thanks to your groups, The Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan gone forever. Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan migrating to India for the past 60yrs. Very good work, O Peaceful ones or is that Submission and Jizya and 3rd class?

HAKIMAN,  3 September 2010 at 00:28  


Remember, Hindus are the majority in India and muslims are the minority. You have the same bully tactics of a majority against the minority.

So you don't have the moral high ground of complaining about the muslims in Malaysia. By the way, I am talking about the UMNO Malay muslims.

You go to Kelantan, the PAS Muslims are more tolerant to Indians and Hindus. Do you know that it was TG Nik Aziz who called up the Kelantanese Indians and offered them another location to build the temple when the original location had to make way for development. Likewise to the St Martin Lutheran Church and the Catholic Church in Kota Bharu.

Do you hear the Kelantanese Indians or the Kelantanese Chinese complain about the PAS Muslims inn Kelantan?? But you hear endless complainst against the UMNO Malays outside Kelantan.

schenker78 3 September 2010 at 08:02  


i never say anything bad about pas.

The fact is umno malays controls all the key institution and behave supremacist against others.

whats the case of those mualaf who converted the 2yrs old girl , even after the moslem judge of the Civil court told the father to hand over the child to the mother, still have not done so. Why such behavior. and he is supported by certain umno moslem institution.

catholic church do have same behavior but they have changed and do this type of things silently. stop over loarding others, and ppl will respect you.

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