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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 19 September 2010

PERKASA should DISTANCE itself from UMNO.

Yes. Not the other way round. UMNO needs Perkasa more that Perkasa needs UMNO. Right?
I support Ibrahim Ali if he wants to change Perkasa into a political party. That will allow the rakyat decide whether they want what Perkasa represents or otherwise. It will also be a test case of whether UMNO is still there.
Overall Perkasa represents political extremism although their leaders might want to deny this. Overall UMNO represents a confused organization- wanting to sound like Perkasa but trapped within and constrained by the 'discreet' personality of the UMNO President. And UMNO leaders may want to deny this.
You think UMNO leaders want to adopt politically extremist view when their leadership derived direct economic and business benefits from non Malay patrons?
I have said it and will repeat- that is an endearing character flaw of the UMNO president. Talk in the most general terms, and you can adapt to whatever changing political circumstances. People say this is the epitome of politeness , a trait which a country bumpkin like 1, do not have and will never have.
I think if Perkasa is true to its Malayness identity and insist on it at all cost, it should tell its members and other leaders to DISTANCE itself from UMNO. Use the same term- distance and its opened to 1001 permutations if Perkasa is more Malay than UMNO, why should it want to cavort with UMNO?
Leave it alone. The UMNO leadership is not Malay enough. Najib and Hsiham , products of liberal western cultural immersion, are not Malay enough. So why isn't Perkasa calling a spade a spade? Tell it, Najib tak cukup Melayu? But if you think Najib is doing the right thing, then disband and support UMNO. Otherwise leave UMNO alone.
I have written many times, Perkasa grows more significant each day because UMNO has forfeited its role and function. The entire leadership has failed to tell the rakyat a more compelling story. It is therefore a valid call by Perkasa asking the PM to explain his 1 Malaysia concept to allay the fears of all. failure to explain so, or even a failure to speak of the same theme by different UMNO leaders, will expose that duplicitous character of the UMNO leadership. It speaks of moderation, but in reality it retains it Perkasa-like traits.
I have written also, that most of these ideas are not finalized yet. They are in Najib's understanding, just prototype ideas. We have to do more tests. That is why, the language that he uses currently, is the language of the lab technician.
Consider the tests that he wants us to perform.
The test required the individual to ask himself, "How does my stand on ethnic-based issues impact each community? Will it improve harmony or cause hatred towards my own race? Can it lead to an improved relationship between the races and improve national unity on a whole, or will it do otherwise?"
This is a special message to Malays especially. It is to ask, really, if I now adopt Perkasa's ethnic centric stance, will that improve ethnic relations?
Obviously the answer is no and if that is the answer, why is Perkasa people mentally challenged to interpret, the PM doesn't want to snub us?
The ignoble elegant silence of the UMNO leadership in telling the real story is because, it is in the leadership's interest to keep the status quo. It wants its supporters to believe that it is fighting for their interests when in reality, all of them are fighting to keep their positions and thereby, the privileges that come along with it.
I wish Perkasa should make it clear to ask its members to distance itself from UMNO. I am surprised that Perkasa people still don't get it right- that what the UMNO leadership wants, is to ensure Malays retain their 'uncle-tom' traits. Tertunduk tunduk dan mintak sedekah.
These are strictly so un-Perkasa like. Perkasa is manly, UMNO has turned effeminate.
The UMNO Malay character, created by lab technicians in the many labs which Najib has set up, is sketched with great power of tolerance, discreet and deeply courteous. I and I hope many of us out there are curious to know whether the UMNO leadership is a believer in the duty of political celibacy and self restraint for the Malays, while non Malays are allowed a lot of room. That supports the test that Najib ask Malays to carry out.
Hence for Najib's Malay, , under all possible outrage and peril, Malays must exercise restraint. Najib's Malay is submissive, tolerant, accommodating, extremely polite. Isn't this in direct opposite to what Perkasa stands for? Perkasa isn't going to say lets overcome social evils with good because that  is madness, Perkasa will not accept peacefully submitting to economic chains and stripes because it is base servility.
How is this to be explained or reconciled? If this is what UMNO fights for, why should Perkasa not distance itself from UMNO? Right now, UMNO's own principles are as blurred as its President's vision.
The test which every Perkasa member must take just to balance the test that Najib asks to be done is to ask whether there is one law of submissiveness for the Malay man, and another of defiance and conflict for the non Malay man?
When it is the non Malays who imagined they are trampled and victimised, the UMNO lad government accords them room to air out and vindicate their rights? But when it is the Malays who are thus treated, the UMNO leader asks them to perform the acid tests first and require them to be patient, harmless, long-suffering, and forgiving.
I want to ask, are there two Malaysias?


Anonymous,  19 September 2010 at 10:47  

Amidst the power crazy of Mamak Mahathir, UMNO becomes weaker by the years. We the decent rakyat of Malaysia welcome the coming disintegration of UMNO, the party of corruption, nepotism, mamakism, ketuanan dan sbgnya.

Hakiman,  19 September 2010 at 11:11  

Perkasa is an aberration in Malay politics. Perkasa would have been more relevant and substantive in the Malay politics of the early 60s.

Not in the 21st century with the information technology revolution still in progress.

Perkasa will at the end of the day a storm in a tea cup.

Dato Sak is right, it is darn stupid of UMNO leaders losing sleep.

Instead of MANAGING the fallout from the existence of PERKASA, Najib and his ilk are spending time putting out the fires instead. It is a reflection of weak and aimless leadership of the Malay community.

NO wonder the more enlightened and liberal Malays are feeling disgusted with the present crop of UMNO leadership, that includes Hishamuddin, Muhyiddin and Najib included.

Anonymous,  19 September 2010 at 11:24  

in my opinion PERKASA should remain as NGO not a political party. PERKASA should continue to be a strong pressure group defensing malay rights as stipulated in the constitution.
PERKASA should act as check and balance for both the government and the opposition whichever they are.
PERKASA to my understanding is not racist or extremist as portrayed or understood by some, it just wants to protect the rights of bumiputras. what is wrong with that?

Believe me there are many more silent supporters of PERKASA out there yet to register.


OneMalaysian,  19 September 2010 at 11:46  

Dear Sakmongkol

“I want to ask, are there two Malaysias?”

No, unfortunately there is only one. And this is the one that is still evolving, and constantly at risk of being torn apart by racial strife. There are extremists in our midst who advocate that there is a race that is superior to the others solely by virtue of their race. There are others who want to make this country an Islamic state. There are others who want unbridled competition free from any interference or shackles by the state. These forces are all at play. They will shape this work-in-progress called Malaysia. One would have thought that after 53 years, many of such issues would have been settled, and we, at least most of us, would have agreed on some modus vivendi that allows all to thrive in this land of plenty, in peace and harmony, sharing our diverse culture and rich heritage.

Do we share a common dream? Is yes, what is it? I have mine – it is to see Malaysia as a rich, progressive, tolerant, peaceful, liberal democracy where everyone irrespective of race and religion can pursue his or her dreams to the full extent of his or her abilities without discrimination. It will also be a caring society that leaves no one behind with a social safety net. But it must be a society that rewards effort and enterprise, for without the total energies of its people Malaysia cannot progress economically, and this means everyone is worse off; it cannot look after the less fortunate.

Others seem to have different dreams. But the one that is increasingly looking like a nightmare is the one that postulates that Malaysia should have a superior race that has perpetual special rights solely because it is that special race. It does not seem to matter that such a view results in social discord, backward economic thinking, an absence of a competitive spirit. And it does not matter if the resulting government based on racial superiority degenerates into a corrupt state with a weak economy that entraps every Malaysian in a middle-income economy that looks likely to slide backwards towards Zimbabwe and Myanmar. So be it, they say, its OK so long as the Malays are on top of this society. Better we are all poor if the alternative is a country in which the richer citizens are non-Malays even if they had worked harder and deserved it.

Are these the alternative choices before us?

Anonymous,  19 September 2010 at 12:48  

UMNO don't mean what it says, don't say what it means.

Kaz,  19 September 2010 at 13:33  

Mana 300,000 memebers PERKASA? Halimunan? If Mahathir was sincere about Malay rights, he wouldnt have appointed him as the head of Perkasa. Think about that.

kluangman 19 September 2010 at 14:05  

Semalam di Kelantan, Ketua Penerangan UMNO menyatakan UMNO bukan berjuang untuk orang Melayu sahaja (Islam?) tetapi untuk semua bangsa.

Jarang sangat atau mungkin tak ada langsung, Chua berucap untuk menyatakan MCA bukan hanya berjuang untuk orang Cina sahaja tetapi berjuang untuk Melayu juga.

Malah Chua lebih kerap berucap mempertikaikan 'Melayu' dari pelbagai sudut???

Sudah sampai masanya UMNO dibuka keahlian kepada semua bangsa dan semua ugama untuk merealisasikan ungkapan Ketua Penerangan UMNO itu, tak perlu berselindung selindung lagi.

dahserikngankeris 19 September 2010 at 14:16  

the order of the day kill no.1, ish ish ish, sangat kotor politik ini

Burung Merbok,  19 September 2010 at 14:43  

1. How come everybody is getting into the band-wagon when it comes to lambasting PERKASA ? What is it about PERKASA that has riled-up every Dick, Tom and harry OR more appropriately every Lim,Chua,Samy, Muthu , Ku Nan,Nazri and Khairy etc etc.

2. PERKASA is just an NGO, a legally registered body, with a valid Constitution of its own and having its own agenda of protecting the rights of the Malays, while maintaining civility in not going against any laws of the country or going against any article of the Constitution. In other words, PERKASA and its actions are done within the conformity of the country's laws.

3. Basically PERKASA is seen to be more active in doing what other political parties have been doing for umpteen years. If racism is always associated with PERKASA now, how would you describe the DAP with all its policies of extremism and racism, acknowledged even by the Chinese at one time ? And perhaps even to the present time if they care to admit ! Now, how about the MCA, MIC and Gerakana and even PPP. Have they NEVER uttered or show racism in their actions and demands ??? Truthfully, they could be punished for the same sins that the 'dissidents' now want to admonish PERKASA ! Don't be hypocrites ; what is good for the goose is also good for the gander !

4. Strangey, this furore about PERKASA seems to come from UMNO and the component parties. Why is PAS strangely silent ? So is PKR ? Is it because they already feel comfortable in achieving total support from the non-Malays that they don't have to kick-up any ruckus with any NGOs, especially PERKASA ? Could they be in the right direction when the argument is , "distance yourself from PERKASA and you'll get that necessary support, read as 'VOTE' ?
Logical ? Perhaps 'yes' . Practical ? Not very sure ! How sure are you to get that support that you dream of by merely uttering statements of dis-associating with PERKASA. Remember, BN lost 'that support' long before PERKASA was ever formed. UMNO should have instead blamed the other NGOs like Siqiu, Dong Ziong. Hindraf , even the DAP for the disatrous loss of support and votes ! These were 'culprits' that should have been blamed, NOR Perkasa or Ibrahim Ali !!!!

kingnek 19 September 2010 at 15:54  

agrees with burong merbok's comment!

Anonymous,  19 September 2010 at 16:02  

To Burung Merbok and Dato Sak
Malay rights are protected by the supreme PERLEMBAGAAN MALAYSIA.There is no two ways about it.The MAJLIS RAJA-RAJA are guardians of those rights till kingdom comes.
The issue here is that, along the years a particular ethnic group has been slowly tredging into forbidden ground and once too often cross that line.This group are those non confrontational kind type , very sly and slick.NOt the whole lot though.
The very champions of the yesteryears namely UMNO have been way too accomodating.
In come Perkasa.They have been called all sorts of names.Why? Might be because of their brash approach.They like telling someone" DONT PLAY-PLAY" but in a direct manner not like the non confrontational group who get someone else to do their dirty job.Their strategy is so simple, Lets say they hate the boss, what they do is they sugggest something to encik abu, they get encik abu all worked up and let him pour scorn towrads the boss and make him write a 'SURAT LAYANG".Meanwhile the slyfoxes secretly see the boss and tell him about the traitor en.abu!.To cut the story short at the end, both en.abu and his boss get whacked.THe slyfoxes rejoice.
So who is going to play the role to counter and put a check on those slyfoxes? UMNO? i am not that sure.
Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa?
Somebody has to do it or else we will be all done for, Slilently.

Anonymous,  19 September 2010 at 16:56  


Yang sebenarnya Umno perlu tunjukkan bahawa mereka lebih bagus dan ikhlas dari PERKASA.

Apa ketua dalam UMNO seperti KJ buat selama ini memperjuangkan nasib orang Melayu.

Dulu yang lantang buat kerja ni adalah Pemuda Umno. Tapi sekarang mereka dah di kasi kan.

Najib terpaksa neutral sebab dia Ketua BN - wakil semua bangsa.

Mata Anjing,  19 September 2010 at 17:15  

Any person or organization that doesn't only disallow any Malaysian of fighting for their rights but started to spew out ugly rhetorics such as "Balik Tongsan", "Balik Indonesia", or "Balik India" are deemed extremist.

Politics is an art of persuasion, a science based on research, a mathematic algorithm based on logic and so on.

Perkasa qualified on first account but failed on second account.

Siqiu, Dong Ziong. Hindraf are rightfully NGOs that fight for their basic rights of their restricted groups and that's all they did. Morever they don't go around attacking other races either by words or acts.

You can't blame others for labeling Perkasa as extremist.

Mata Anjing,  19 September 2010 at 17:43  

Further, its right to say that Perkasa itself is not to be blamed for the loss of BN/UMNO in PRU12. The blame falls on some elements in UMNO for their arrogant and disrespective attitude. The feeling of hatred for UMNO is felt by a high percentage of Rakyat irrespective of race. Otherwise Pakatan Rakyat whether PKR, PAS or DAP will not have won in every corner of Semenanjung Malaysia.

Can the Rakyat be blamed to see that Perkasa is just an extension of these same element from UMNO? Answer is affirmative no.

Anonymous,  19 September 2010 at 18:42  

Dato' Sak,

My assumptions what do you write is from your heart and cool mind. You do not used " the reversed psychology tactic" to test the water. You are very brave dato'Sak. Any how and any circumstances please remenber what Mr. Ahmad Boestamam was said" Couriuosity is basis for careful".


Anonymous,  19 September 2010 at 18:55  

Politicians love to retain power thro' divide and rule, legacy of Mahatir. Most tag along without a word bcos of personal gains. Chauvinistic and ethnocentric exponents shout such rhetorics also for personal gains. The question is ' Are all these hypocrites doing it for the rakyat and country?' The answer is NO!! THE FOOLS ARE THE RAKYAT!
The RAKYAT should realise that the bottom line of each person life is to ensure that enough food is put on the table for his family and his future generations will continue to have a decent livelyhood. All these rehtoric of chauvinism and ethnocentrism by various ethnic groups if achieved, will it ensure the prosperity of the group without the cooperation of the others? For an answer, look at Uganda and Zambahwe, they were once a thriving economy but because of enthocentrism which literally chased other non black Africans out, resulted in them being what they are today! Who suffer now? the RAKYAT!! As the saying goes ' Only fools will suffer the inevitable!'
All those Perkasa and DAP chauvinistic and ethnocentric pigs should be told to SHUT UP and lets look after our country. Unless we start to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, we are liken to Katak dibawah temporong.
Whatever any writer can say about right or wrong of ethnocentrism and chauvinism, politics in our country is too shallow bcos the RAKYAT are ILLITERATES and FOOLS!

George Choo 19 September 2010 at 20:32  

Datuk Sak,very interesting to read your blog.I belief that Perkasa should be a political party and contest in the next election if it think that it has the support of the malays.Thus,Perkasa and Umno do not need to attack each other,just contest in the next GE.The problem with Perkasa is that it is not a NGO that fight for the malays but to serve the agenda of 2 personalities.I respect Dr M for what he has done for Malaysia but currently he is financing Perkasa because he is angry with Najib as Najib does not listen to him and he is trying to push his son Mukhriz for the highest position in Umno.Secondly,Datuk Sak,Have you seen Ibrahim Ali fight for the malays before Perkasa? In the eighties,Ibrahim left Umno to join Ku Li to form Semangat 46. In the by election for the Ampang Jaya(Now Pandan) Parliament seat beteween Ong Tee Keat and the late Harun Idris,at all the ceramah,Ibrahim Ali attacked Dr M with all sort of name calling and now he is kissing Dr M because he know that Perkasa is the only platform for him to rejuvenate his doom political career.His intention to form Perkasa is that he will defend his Pair MAS seat on an Umno Ticket.But as we all know,Umno Kelantan does not trust him.Matlamat Seorang ahli politik yang SELALU LOMPAT PARTI adalah untuk KEPENTINGAN PERIBADI bukan untuk menolong kaumnya.Macam mana Datuk Sak Hendak RAKYAT percaya kepada KAKI LOMPAT INI.If Perkasa is so strong,be a political party and do not wait for Umno to explain this and that.Perkasa will have more credibility if Datuk Ariff Sabri is its president instead of this kaki lompat.

Anonymous,  19 September 2010 at 23:27  

UMNO adalah parti yg mengkhinati perjuangan kebangsaan melayu bermula dari Tunku Abd Rahman dan Perikatan.
Merekalah yg membenarkan 1 juta lebih cina dan tamil sebagai warganegara selepas negara mencapai kemerdekaan dan menendang keluar Singapura dari Persekutuna yg sebenarnya telah merealisasikan cita2 Malayan Union British yg ironisnya ditentang oleh UMNO pada tahun 1946.

Najib Razak adalah seorang melayu liberal yg membenarkan sebuah universiti Cina yg bernama University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) ditubuhkan sewaktu beliau menjadi Menteri Pelajaran. Beliau jugalah yg mengubah perkara asas Penyata Pelajaran yg telah mengiktirah sekolah2 vernacular sebagai sistem pendidikan Malaysia. Sekolah2 vernacular inilah yg membenihkan bibit2 perauman Cina dan tamil yg sekarang menjadi duri dalam daging kepada perpaduan kebangsaan.

Greenbottle 19 September 2010 at 23:36  

PERKASA to umno is like the tea party to the Republican in the US. perkasa has the clown ibrahim ali as the leader whilst tea party has that stupid bimbo sarah palin as their rallying point.

both of these fringe offshoots are threatheing their respective party to destruction.

i don't know and don't care much about the US loony fringe but i wish dato sak correct the misperception that the supporters of PERKASA are malay extremists. They are not. They are in fact just malay UMNO extremists.

Anonymous,  20 September 2010 at 01:01  

PERKASA mesti memerhatikan Najib Razak dan kuncunya dengan penuh teliti. Tindak tanduk beliau yg mengiktiraf sekolah vernacular cina dan tamil telah membuatkan polisi 1MALAYSIA beliau menjadi tidak relevan.

Bagaimana beliau boleh bercakap berdegar2 menganai 1MALAYSIA, sedangkan pada masa yg sama kanak2 Malaysia belajar dan bermain di sekolah dan padang yg berbeza2.

Saya tidak akan sokong polisi 1MALAYSIA beliau yg penuh kepalsuan itu.

Anonymous,  20 September 2010 at 08:34  

Why dont you ever criticise Dong Jiao Zhong, Hindraf, Suqiu, and Hua Zhou?

Never seen you do that. WHy your focvus on Perkasa? Khairy paid you to do that?

Or your Mistress is Chindian?

pak yeh 20 September 2010 at 12:24  

Article 153 should be continued,but reinvented.
The 30% share equity is an Ali Baba bussiness abchitype also called sleeping partner/director. Lord Reid invented it to keep the monopoli of British and Chiuness bussiness intact.

Read more "Monopoly pt5:Dasar ekonomi barua" and "Even Allah favours Article 153 favourin poor Malays" at...

Anonymous,  20 September 2010 at 13:14  

Can Perkasa survive as a political party fighting for the rights of Malays ? Tanya PAS.

Can any Malay party govern effectively without the support of the non-Malays ? Ask Shamsul Anuar & Quite Despair.

Anonymous,  20 September 2010 at 13:59  

"{Najib Razak adalah seorang melayu liberal yg membenarkan sebuah universiti Cina yg bernama University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) ditubuhkan sewaktu beliau menjadi Menteri Pelajaran. Beliau jugalah yg mengubah perkara asas Penyata Pelajaran yg telah mengiktirah sekolah2 vernacular sebagai sistem pendidikan Malaysia. Sekolah2 vernacular inilah yg membenihkan bibit2 perauman Cina dan tamil yg sekarang menjadi duri dalam daging kepada perpaduan kebangsaan"}.

From the above, it is obvious that this guy (Najib Razak) is one of the traitors to the Malay race. His family together with his close relatives now controlling UMNO and Malaysia like their own family business.

UMNO is an obsolete nationalist party which had failed to protect the malay/natives interest despite being given the trust for the last 50 years after independence. The party's structure is embracing the caste system which had been inherited from the hindu days of of our ancestors.

The same people from the same family are controlling the party namely Abdul Razak now Najib Razak, Hussein Onn now Hishamuddin Hussein, Mahadhir now Mukhriz Mahadhir, Abdullah Badawi now Khairy. Their leaders loves title varies from Dato', Dato' Sri, Tun etc etc so that they can distinguished themselves from ordinary malays similar with the caste system in hinduism.

They are forming a dynasty where the power and the wealth are being circulated among their families and cronies comprise mainly of the Chinese and Indian tycoons. Their policies and actual practice are in fact enriching the non natives mainly the Chinese ethnic through their ALI-BABA practice.

The malay people in fact requires a new nationalist party to replace UMNO that could bring a drastic change to Malaysia by turning back the clock to 1957 and re-start the process all over again with regards to review of citizenship to non natives, the right to vote to non native, the right to do business to non natives, the right for vernacular school to non natives, the right for their own poisonous media etc etc.

Can PERKASA take the lead to form a new MALAY/NATIVES nationalist party to be independence from BN and PR?
I believed PERKASA will gain support from people like us. They are many of us; the disappointed Malays/natives who want a new political force that could be reckon with.

Anonymous,  20 September 2010 at 16:00

Anonymous,  21 September 2010 at 11:26  

20 September 2010 13:59

Hello, you are a orang asli kah ? Your parents were born in the forest of Malaysiakah ? You speak of native like you own Malaysia. Please lah, even TDM cannot claim that he is a native and see how Perkasa worshiping him. As if going back to 1957 will bring progress to the orang asli. Look at the mirror first.

Anonymous,  21 September 2010 at 11:47  

Anon 20 September 2010 13:59

You should talk to the natives of Sabah & Sarawak and see what they think of your idea.

Malaysia will probably be known as Malaya if we go back to 1957 if they have their choice again.

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 22:55  

Dear Friends,

The MALAY race is generic; the MALAY people are actually comprise of the Iban, Bidayuh, Dusun, Illacano, Tausug, Visayas, Murut, Malanau, Jakun, Javanese, Kedahan, Champ, Kelantanese, Trengganu, Batak, the natives of Taiwan, Philipnos etc etc etc.

The native of Sabah and Sarawak in actual fact are the Malay people; only by Malaysian constitution (which is against the antropology definition); not being considered Malay because of their religion rather than their race. Ironically, the half malay people like TDM (60% Kerala blood in him) being considered as Malay because of his religion and embracing malay custom.

It is the same with the Chinese people that comprise of Han, Canton, Teochew, Fuchaow, Hakka, Hokkien, Kiek etc etc etc. This typical racist people can unite as a 1 CHINESE to achieve a common cause espeically if they are being surrounded by the native people.

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 23:01  

Yes, if Sabah and Sarawak not to achieve independence as part of Malaysia; most probably they will be part of Indonesia.

It might be good to hear those chinese in Sabah and Sarawak to speak fluent indonesia language rather than their mother tongue which is very irritating.

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