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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Tonto Test

The UMNO president and PM advised leaders to remain humble and be non discriminatory in their treatment of the people. I am beginning to see the lighter side of things, in increasingly many of the PM's statements.
Take the above advice for example. Leaders are men of higher purpose, goodwill and humble hearts. I like these lines.
Why? Because if these leaders are ( I assumed he is speaking of UMNO and BN leaders foremost in his mind),  men of high principles, goodwill and humble hearts,  they will voluntarily step aside so that men of higher principles, more good will and humbler hearts will take over. When the time comes.
I hope if BN loses the general elections, they will honour the judgement of the people and accept the choice by the rakyat to allow, men of humbler countenance, men of higher purpose and men with humbler hearts to take over.

I hope the UMNO leaders especially the PM will be consistent in dishing out homilies and home-spun wisdoms concocted during  euphoric moments such as amidst the joyful serenades of Hari Raya. .
Otherwise, I am inclined to think, the PM and UMNO president who lately has a penchant of using lab-language is using the 3 monkeys test. Remember , he has urged Malaysians to use a test in ethnic relationships.
What is the 3 monkeys test? You know them as see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.
So, you see no evil if it's done by UMNO and BN leaders, you hear no evil unless it's done by non UMNO and BN people and speak no evil, unless you want to on non UMNO and BN people.
So in the spirit of offering a test for almost all situation, I want to offer a test called the Tonto Test. People of my generation will remember the stories of the Lone Ranger and his faithful sidekick, Tonto.
We know a common thread links many leaders of the present government. It is this- share troubles with the people, but convert benefits for your private purpose. When you face problems, you go back to the people. When you see benefits, take them for yourselves.
We are now facing a similar situation. The Lone Ranger( read the government) is now facing a lot of problems. Like the Lone Ranger, he suddenly finds himself encircled by hostile Indians- a thousand Sioux to the front, 3 thousand Iroquois to the rear, thousands of Apaches led by  Ibrahim Ali Geronimo on either side. The lone Ranger turned to Tonto and said, " it looks bad for us , old pal.
This is when , we the rakyat will employ the Tonto Test. If that question is ever asked of  us the next time, we will reply. " what do you mean, "us" Kemo Sabe?




Anonymous,  21 September 2010 at 09:11  

"I hope if BN loses the general elections, they will honour the judgement of the people and accept the choice by the rakyat..."

Do you know the number of defeated BN candidates who have been appointed to the Cabinet?

Do you also know that every single defeated BN candidate has been made the respective Menteri Besar representatives in the respective constituencies with a monthly allowance to boot.
In fact the defeated BN candidate get more than the elected Opposition candidate.
Do you know the defeated BN candidates have been appointed MB's advisors in Perak?

Anonymous,  21 September 2010 at 09:23  

Hahaha...thats a great way to start my day.But,it reeks so much of whats happening now,that it scares me shitless.

And look at the way the KTM land deal is concluded without inclusion of all outstanding issues.Its just so worrying...

Kim Jong Ill the 4th,  21 September 2010 at 10:07  

Its self defeating when the PM doesn't back the fine men that have stood up for him. When the chips really fall next time, Im sure no-one will be putting their necks out at the last stand. The real Sitting Bull will then be Muhyiddin.

Anonymous,  21 September 2010 at 10:35  


Rahman Dahlan, KJ and Saifuddin gave their views again on MInsider. These 4 past the tonto test?

Anonymous,  21 September 2010 at 11:35  

"I hope if BN loses the general elections, they will honour the judgement of the people and accept the choice by the rakyat..."

Desperate people do funny things. If BN loses, I don't think they plan to go away quietly.There is too much at stake. Copying the Myanmar generals is one option.

That is why we, the long suffering people earning subsistence wages must defend our choice of leaders.

Quiet Despair,  21 September 2010 at 12:22  

Bro Sak

Your article reminds me of my high school days. We are asked to do an essay on Lone Ranger and Tonto

After doing research at the library, I found out that Tonto means stupid in Spanish

It means white shirt in Apache language. That means Tonto is a stupid man in white shirt.

Tonto responded To Lone Ranger calling him Kemo Sabe with "Qui no sable" which in Spanish means one who knows nothing or clueless.

Kemo Sabe is also an Apache expression for a horses rear end.

Haha, if you are calling UMNO all these, it is indeed really derogatory.

To me UMNO is not stupid but a party with so many chiefs, towkays or wanne-be bosses.

If Najib relies only on Tonto which is described as faithful friend, he may be disappointed.

Tonto can also be unfaithful or cannot be trusted in times of need.

OneMalaysian,  21 September 2010 at 13:59  

Dear Sakmongkol

I was at the National Key Economic Area (NKEA) open day this morning at PWTC to hear Idris Jala talk about this NKEA plan that is supposed to get Lone Ranger out of trouble. Tonto was there, too, listening attentively to a very exciting PowerPoint presentation. I must say that Tonto was all worked up by the promise of riches by 2020. BTW this NKEA is the economic/investment plan that underpins the NEM.

Will this NEM be another one of those “share troubles with the people, but convert benefits for your private purpose” opportunities? Let’s see. We will know what Tonto thinks about this at the next GE. But already some large projects (Greater KL MRT system, Sungei Buloh/RRI land privatization, RMAF airbase land privatization, and Malayan Railway land privatisation) are being privatized or earmarked for certain people/groups without a transparent public tender. Lone Ranger can’t seem to change his ways. He is taking Tonto’s loyalty for granted.

Greenbottle 21 September 2010 at 15:43  

kim jong ill....

don't worry, the chips won't fall next time or ever!

good news to BN! there are more stupid and unscrupulous people than the idealistic and honest ones in malaysia.

throw them a few goodies and threathen others a bit and feed the rest with bullshit in the MSM repeatedly and you can lead them all by the nose!

BN/UMNO will rule malaysia till kingdom come.

the only finer point BN should think of is to ensure that the crumbs you throw are just big enough size to make the stupid malaysians happy....and then you can continue to rape and plunder the country to your hearts' content. the majority of malaysians won't care and will still support you.

good bye idealism! goodbye good governance, i'm going to take another holiday now...this time in jogja...want to revisit borobodur and perambanan...

ajoyly 21 September 2010 at 17:17  

When a candidate who lost in the election is appointed a minister, he can be controlled and he becomes more pliable to the wishes of the Prime Minister. This is what the power of Indebtedness is all about? For he is no longer answerable to the people but only to the Prime Minister who nominated

Kim Jong Ill the 4th,  21 September 2010 at 18:09  

Sakmongkol AK47,

Najib needs a war cabinet pronto. Screw the playsafe ismail Sabri, Shabery Cheek, Shahrizat, Hishamuddin and the has beens like Rais. He needs Jazlan Mohd Rahmat, Saifuddin, KJ, Rahman Dahlan, Idris Haron, Azalina. Recall Noresah and Shahrir whom a rakyat friendly faces. Give those jokers a soft landing so they wont try to de-stablise his leadership.

Keep Shaziman, Shafie Apdal (to counter check Musa Aman), Zahid Hamidi Mustapha Mohamed, Raja Nong and Nazri. Maybe move To' Pa back to MOHE. Change State liason chiefs like Kedah to Johari Baharum and Selangor to Satim Diman.

Najib needs fighters, not pussies watching their own backs. Send a FO to Tun M and tell him who really is in charge. Also give Perlis back to Shahidan and Idris Jusoh as a senator to take over Housing ministry or Luar bandar.

War cabinet now.

Anonymous,  21 September 2010 at 21:01  

"I hope if BN loses the general elections, they will honour the judgement of the people and accept the choice by the rakyat..."

They destroyed records at the Selangor State Secretariat on the night they lose the election. Does anyone think BN will hold a handover party if they lose the next GE?

Quiet Despair,  21 September 2010 at 22:06  

Kim Jong III

I agree except for the inclusion of Azalina, Idris Jusoh and Shahidan Kassim.

If you expect Najib to give the FO to Tun M, you can dream on. It's not going to happen.

Only Nazri has the temerity to chastise our beloved former PM.

Anonymous,  22 September 2010 at 01:26  

You need to really give your hats off to this Idris Jalil announcing the huge grandiose plans ahead!

Look around what kind of investments or projects that are undertaken? ... almost all nothing but real estate developments. Almost NOTHING like projects that generates income as far as any project undertaken by these government side.

He expects private to take on most of the ambitious 1.3 trillion ringgit investments when our own Internet and external FDI is dropping and last among our neigbours.

How did he expect to change the situation if the major factors like affirmative actions are driving away even our local talents and capital? As it is , it is happening right now amidst all the dins about protecting special rights and lots or rubbish by Perkasa?

This 21st century is a globalise world unlike the 20th century when Internet was very backward.

Already we know, Malaysia is 10 years behind in many technical areas compared with many countries and many major companies are giving a pass to Malaysia, they think they can do wonders just picking figures from the air.

Dream on guys... it will not happen. It is toooooo late. We still have to bottom out when our oil is no more, our Chinese businesses are third class, our competitiveness at the very bottom etc.

Btw.. to be successful to go developed and be high income country... really depends on our elite business class. Not wage earners from service industry (not bloated to be among the highest and still expanding..)

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 02:49  

chief, i doubt many of your readers even know of the lone ranger let alone seen any television episodes of the lone ranger. those were the years when the political leaders ( ruling and opposition) and the civil servants sacrificed their time and energy for the good of the country rather than for their own good.
cheers, continue writing( enjoy reading them)

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