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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 3 September 2010

Racism: personal and institutionalised


The conventional wisdom is, racism in Malaysia exists at two levels. One is institutionalized racism. Racism embedded in government departments, in government officers etc. accordingly, all institutions have racism embedded in their make up- the police, the judiciary, the political system. This one is inherently bad. Its the pits. At the other level, is racism as practised at the personal level, in homes, privately, among friends boozing around or teh tarek-ing. This is ok, less bad and therefore excusable. 
Coincidentally, these institutions are dominated by Malays. It is therefore easy to point the accusing finger of racism on the Malays. The police is racist because the force is dominated by Malays. The army is racist because they won't admit non Malays into their ranks. They are likely to shoot at non Malays first. The judiciary is racist too because there are more Malay judges, more judicial commissioners and many more Malay lawyers. The school system- its the most racist because we have only sekolah kebangsaan. Teachers are mostly Malays. Educational officers- they are all Melayus. All are racist.
But the more disingenuous reasoning is this:- Because they are representatives of the institutions, the level of accountability is higher than those who practice racism on personal level.
Says who? Say the people who are keen to lay more blame on institutions. Because it's easier and because its appealing to our emotions. Blame it on big government. The converse  is, racism which operates on personal level, in private talks, in private companies, in private economic arrangements is less insidious and less cancerous. In reality, to argue racism on a personal level is more intellectually challenging than appealing to emotions.
Does that make racism which operates on personal level excusable?
Isn't it true that racism which operates on a personal level in the first place gets brought into the work place, in the institutions? At the end of the day, it is racism that operates initially on a personal level, gets summed up and evolve into institutionalized racism?
Hence racism that operates anywhere, be it on a personal level or at the institutional levels are equally blameworthy.
In tackling the issue of racism let's not split hairs and say one form of racism is less blameworthy than the other.
The racism that exists in commerce as practiced by non Malay companies is as evil as the racism that is institutionalized. 
So Siti Inshah Mansor because she represents the institution, deserves punishment and public lynching. Namewee who operates on a personal level- its all-light.


ServiceB4Self,  3 September 2010 at 13:38  

Dato’ Sak,

I was about to comment the very same thing in your earlier articles as what you wrote here.

Clearly many commentators take the position while accepting that Chinese are racist – it is excusable because it is at a personal level .

Come on, who are they to kid? It is the very same person that will impose their racial thoughts on every action they take whether in their personal daily life and how they decide while being in the position of authority in the organisation, companies or institution they work in.

The options available to Malaysian now is whether we allow racism to permeate in everything we do or to stamp out this divisive menace – whether on a personal , organizational, corporate or governmental level.

Those who think it can be separated between personal racism and institutional racism are dreaming.

Bottomline, until all of us detest racism at any level, our country will be divided.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 14:41  

"it's all-light"

Ahahaha....I like this phrase! Cool. I may use it in my next comments.

Seruan Hati,  3 September 2010 at 14:59  

Siti Inshah is a teacher who barked such horrendous words before her student.

"Tali yg diikat pelajar India bagaikan tali ikat keliling leher anjing".

Do you understand the gravity of the statement and the location and context, Sakmongkol AK47?

Namawee was admittedly rude in his video. His rudeness was directed at Siti Inshah. He did not, however make racist statements -- go watch the video on the Net carefully.

So the punishment that Siti Inshah shall receive should be far heavier than anything Namawee should receive.

So first of all, your institutionalised and personal racism dichotomy does not mean that they are equal in weight; one could be worse than the other.

Secondly, did Namawee make a racist slur or did something different, that is, a personal attack on Siti Inshah? The answer is obvious... he made a personal attack on Siti Inshah and her racist attitude.

Please be honest and through in your analysis, Sakmongkol.

Readers sometimes blindly accept things so you must be responsible and honest in what you say.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 15:00  

Salam Dato,

Kebelakangan ini komen2 dato umpama kecewa dan amarah dengan tanggapan2 serong atau ketidakadilan mengenai isu2 perkauman.

Perjalanan cerita2 ini umpama teater. Gurubesar merupakan pemetik api. Namewee dan KJ umpama sambungan2 sumbu. Apakah dato juga sudah menjadi sebahagian dari sumbu2 itu? Terdapat juga komenter2 yang ingin sekali menambah panjangkan sumbu2.

Saya lebih cenderung menjadi gunting untuk memotong sumbu dari api terus sambung-menyambung.

Kita renungkan asas2 permasalahan dan watak2 teater ini.

Apakah watak gurubesar, Namewee, KJ dan dato dalam masyarakat ini? Jangan salah tanggap, saya ingin ingatkan apakah watak (penghormatan dan darjatnya)ini di mata masyarakat.

Tontoni teater dan analisa, apakah langkah bijak kita untuk membetulkan situasi ini. Tangani masalah ini dari akar umbi dan bukan setakat permukaan sahaja.

Saya yakin dato dapat menyumbang dan menyelesaikan masalah asas lebih dari ini.

Saya jarang tidak setuju dengan tulisan2 dato tetapi tidak berapa memahami beberapa penyampaian matlamat dato kebelakangan ini namun saya tetap menghormati pendapat dato.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidlifitri kepada Dato.

Sekian, Terima kasih.

Cawan Lama

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 15:19  

Macam kes seorang di Rantau Panjang , jike dia mendedahkan "barangnya" dalam sulit depan cermin dalam rumahnya, tiada masaalah.

Akan tetapi dia dituduh membut demikian kepada seorang perempuan lain itu adalah salah.

Maka serupalah dengan Siti Inshah juga.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 15:31  

Quote: "But the more disingenuous reasoning is this:- Because they are representatives of the institutions, the level of accountability is higher than those who practice racism on personal level."

Dato, a resounding YES.

Quote dictionary: "Institutions are structures and mechanisms of social order and cooperation governing the behavior of a set of individuals within a given human collectivity. Institutions are identified with a social purpose and permanence, transcending individual human lives and intentions, and with the making and enforcing of rules governing cooperative human behavior.[1]"

On another note, What is the difference between racism whispered among 'comrades' and racism shouted proudly at the top of the governing body?

Firstly, why is racism on the personal level practised privately? Because its wrong. The person knows it, make no qualms about it. THus they bitch about their colored tinted views in privacy.

Racism practiced by individuals that represent certain instituition are held more accountable because they no longer represent a mere individual conviction, they reflect the position of the institution they are affliated with. If left uncheck or unpunished, this could only mean racism is acceptable in that particular institution. If it is acceptable, the person no longer see it is as wrong. Therefore it is crucial the establishment/institution take a stand on their position and deal with the person accordingly to send the right message across.

People who practice racism on a personal level knows they are wrong, but they still choose to do it. People who represent racism on a institutional level (when not held accountable) no longer see their action as wrong. They perceive their act of racism is justified. Yes, I would say their level of accountability is higher than those who practice racism on personal level.


Ariff Sabri 3 September 2010 at 15:39  


that its easy. separate the two. see what siti inshah did as a frolic on her own, nothing part of the institution of which she is part. we cant rush in and say the MOE is racist can we?

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 15:54  

Dear seruan hati,

according to dato sak in the previous post he wonders what prompts siti inshah to make racist statements.

so my guess is she was probably once bitten by a dog owned by an indian. so she gets to lash out in public making a grievous insult to another culture and religion.

dato has made an important point here. there are institutionalized racism n racism at personal levels. the reality is one race can be racist both in institutions and in personal life while the others can only get to do in personal life. and they can't be too blatant about it too because the one other racist race controls the institutions as well. how bout that?

honestly there's no end to an argument like this. what we need is a government capable of curbing racism at all levels fairly. to protect the rights of everyone we don't need anything more than an anti racial and discrimination law. any so called policy that favors a race will only prompt the others to work harder or sneakier to survive. nobody can win in fight like this but this is the way we are heading to.

i agree with cawan lama. theres really no need to ponder into this sandiwara. for all we care maybe siti/namewee will go unpunished while namewee/siti will be locked up but who cares?whatever the outcome things like this will continue to happen again because our government simply does not have the will to act like a government.

dear dato, like u said racism is institutionalized. so its in the institution thats suppose to curb racism as well. the blind leading the blind. and i beg to differ it did not happen coincidentally that most in the government are malays. like u said "it is racism that operates initially on a personal level, gets summed up and evolve into institutionalized racism? " the result is u get government institutions run by mostly one race.

dear dato, u've dedicated many posts to this racism issue. while i agree with most of them im beginning to wonder if u are going to offer some opinions on how to end this?


Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 15:55  


Orang Cina tidak gemar anak yang ramai. Macam-macam alasan positif diberi. Paling tepat ialah kualiti adalah lebih penting dari kuantiti.

Orang Melayu rata-rata berkeluarga besar dan keadaan itu memberi beban tambahan terhadap pengekalan kualiti kehidupan.

Soalnya apakah keluarga besar benar-benar mempengaruhi daya saing jika dibandingkan dengan keluarga kecil?

Dan apabila orang Melayu memiliki keluarga yang besar, dalam tempoh 53 tahun, bilangan tenaga insan Melayu menurun dari 85% kepada 67%?

Saya keliru bagaimana keadaan di perenggan di atas boleh berlaku. Apakah itu adalah fakta sebenarnya atau saya yang tidak berapa faham tentang demografi?


a.z 3 September 2010 at 16:00  


What will come out of this lengthy unnecessary debate Dato'?

Will people be more careful with their public pronouncement or more people will be shooting off crude remarks about each other's race?

Mesti ada kesudahannya bukan?

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 16:18  

Siapa yang kata video klip Namawee tidak berbau perkauman maka elok sajalah simpan klip berkenaan atau buat yang setara untuk dimainkan atas pentas ceramah semasa PRU akan datang! OK blader!

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 16:27  

cont 2of2

A governing body is not an individual. It's a collection of individuals that come together for the purpose of governing this country ensuring the rights of every citizen of this land is in the balance.

While we people of all races may play dirty and not be nice to each other, (afterall people are selfish by nature) our governing and judiciary system has to play the mediator. That is why it is crucial our country needs a fair and just system to reassure everyone regardless of race, they are accorded the same rights in the eyes of the law. (and policies)

Unfortunately, this reassurance never came for the non-bumis thus the resentment and self-justification we are the underdogs therefore we are 'less racist' than the Malays.

Many times the non-bumis voice their dissatisfaction and resentment towards the bias governing body but Malays view it differently and interpret it as dissatisfaction and resentment towards their race. The line is so blur between the governing body and Malay race per se, it is sadly very hard to distinguish between the 2 anymore.

Personally for most non-bumis (I cannot advocate I speak for all), I don't mind nor care if the Malays call us kiasu, racist, pendatang, etc. They are entitled to their personal opinion. What we detest most is unfair race-based governmental policies. Why? Because Government policies are supposed to benefit all Malaysians and color-blind.’

So how to fly in the face of yr argument on personal & institutionalized racism?

I sincerely think that that comment adequately answer ALL yr inferences between personalsed & insitutionalised racism.

JoJo,  3 September 2010 at 16:37  

Siapa suruh Siti Inshah cakap perkara yang begitu mengguris hati kanak-kanak sekolah ini.

Racist betul Siti Inshah.

Siti Inshah menyerang kaum dengan terang and terbuka.

Tapi Namawee menyerang Siti Inshah kerana Siti Inshah bersikap racist.

Namawee tak menyerang kaum mana-mana.

Namawee minta Siti Inshah "jangan cakap kurang ajar Siapa buat Malaysia kaya? Semua kaum buat Malaysia kaya. Jangan pandang rendah sama mana mana satu kaum."

Inilah mesejnya.

Jangan putarbelit untuk memuaskan agenda UMNO-BN.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 16:41  


Now u r calling for the separate of the two - Siti Inshah Mansor & all other things Malay!

Wasn’t that Namewee’s rap about – an vulgarized attck on Siti Inshah Mansor. There is no mention of any other person &/or institutes in the rap. Or am I wrong?

Or u r going to use induction to strengthen yr argument – ‘Lu tak baca ka- siapa bikin Malaysia kaya?’ is a rap attack on ALL things Malay?

Please-lah, give me a break. This silo debate is going no where!

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 16:47  

Adakah mungkin kelompok di satu negeri itu lebih kuat mengamalkan semangat assabiyah berbanding lain-lain kelompok?

Isunya begini. Kalau di asrama timbul kejadian buli, ganyang dan gangsterism, pelakunya biasanya datang dari satu negeri yang ITU saja.

Bukannya apa Datuk, kalau melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya. Kalau tidak tahu di mana lubuknya, bagaimana ikan itu mahu ditangkap.

Ini bermakna punca kepada kebejatan sosial perlu dikesan pada usia persekolahan (semua jenis sekolah) dan ditangani pada peringkat berkenaan. Terlepas pandang di peringkat ini akan membuatkan ianya sukar dikesan dan dipulihkan.


HAKIMAN,  3 September 2010 at 16:50  

"...So Siti Inshah Mansor because she represents the institution, deserves punishment and public lynching. Namewee who operates on a personal level- its all-light. ..." Dao Sak

No, all forms of racist are unacceptable on any account.

Sure, individuals who represent an institution, especially a public funded institution deserves all the more the punishment.

But that does NOT lessen the need to punish individuals who engage in racist taunts.

But it is misplaced to put on equal footing the severity of institutional racism with personal racism.

Institutions exist for a public good and they are either funded or depended on public goodwill or support for their existence. The is public demand that the onus of good behaviour of individuals representing that institution is greater than the man in the street.

Institutional racism is faceless and more dangerous. That is why in more civilised society, there are enactments directly addressing institutional racism. Many countries have enactments or those aggrieved have avenues to challenge discrimination by institutions by virtue of race or sex or religion. An Equal Opportunity Commission or agency is one vehicle used.

Personal level racism is all over the place.

Namwee, as I read in the media, is REACTING, to the racist remarks of a public servant. There is little outcry from the Govt or from the Minister of Education on her racist remarks. The civil societies and individuals have raised such outcries.

As one PAS Youth leader said, Namwee is "provoked" . I don't support the nature of his reaction via his video clip. And his use of the vulgar language and his generalisations based on one individual is unacceptable.

But, Dato Sak, in attempting to make one a victim and the other the aggressor based on tit-for-tat racial taunts does not move forward an intelligent discussion on racism in this country.

I think such line of debate only goes down the gutter.

But I certainly appreciate that you do recognise and highlight that the issues we are facing in this country is about Institutional Racism vs Personal Racism. And we need to look at inter-community understanding in those terms when racism raises its ugly head from time to time.

I know of many non Malays who say that Malays by nature by their culture do not exhibit blatant racism.In Malaysia, it is the institutions which discriminate by race, not individuals.

In other countries, like Australia or US, it is the individuals that discriminate, not the institutions (because there are laws and enactments to prevent that, which Malaysia does not have. This is not to say there are "glass ceilings" based on race).

Malaysia has a bad record of institutional racism. Yet Malaysians in general of all races are NOT known to be racists.

Institutional Racism in Malaysia is embedded because there are race-based political institutions like UMNO, MCA and MIC which promote racial one upmanship and which degenerates into racist one upmanship over the last 40 years.

Quiet Despair,  3 September 2010 at 17:01  

Whose father's law makes it all-light for NameWee?
He should be punished as he has been insulting the Malays and Govt in so many U-tubes.
He is the product of a Chinese school and graduated from Taiwan Uni.
There's not an oune of patriotism in his blood. And y'all anoint him as hero.
Siti Inshah's case has gone to Najib. It's up to him to recommend to the Education Services Commission that she be sacked.
It's cruel and not easy to sack someone who has given life-long devotion to educate kids.
Her so-called racism has been practised by so many non-Malay teachers a long, long time ago.
Maybe now it happens too. But Malay parents are basically not the complaining kind.
My friends from poor families who attended day Sekolah Kebangsaan have told me stories of how the non-Malay teachers insulted them like awak balik kampunglah, toreh getah maam awak punya bapak.
And if a class has kutu, they will target only the Malay and Indian kids.
So many insults like orang Melayu mana pandai kira and other derogatory remarks were bandied around.
In Zorro's blog, there were an Indian and Malay parents who told him he was being racist starting from when he was a school-teacher.
The parent claimed Zorro even purposely failed their kids in class tests.
Tongue in cheek, Zorro replied: "Why didnt you complain then.
"If I am your child I would have disowned you as a parent.'
My answer would be parents of long ago, trust on the teachers and do not go rushing to schools if their kids are badly treated.
Parents nowadays will make a big fuss for small issues affecting their kids.
My sympathy to Inshah for living in this times when people love blaming others for their child's recalcitrance.
And with our burgeoning racism, Inshah will be the victim.

Quiet Despair,  3 September 2010 at 17:12  

Oh how I hate the remarks like only Malays control the civil service, polive, judiciary and whatever govt institutions.
Yes, so what? You yourself are to be blamed for not joining the government service.
Y'all looked down on people who worked with the government, Pittance pay for monkeys and such insults.
Now that you see elitist PTD officials are better paid than some CEOs, you all want to join.
It's open application for all to join police, army or fire-brigades.
But of course Chinese don't want to work in such departments where you do dirty work for little pay.
It's taboo for you to donate blood, so it's taboo for jobs involving blood, right?
So dont go round whining:"Only Malays what work in civil service."
I can bet you 80 per cent of the Chinese JPA scholars won't come home and if they do, they will jump bond and work in a Chinese outfit.
And they will turn-around and say they were unfairly dscriminated against.
Let's get it right. Who are the real victims??

HAKIMAN,  3 September 2010 at 17:17  

"The racism that exists in commerce as practiced by non Malay companies is as evil as the racism that is institutionalized. "- Dato Sak

Those non Malay companies who discriminate based on race IS practising institutional racism. And that is as evil and equally unacceptable.

Institutional racism does not limit to public funded institutions. It refers to ALL institutions. I don't I need to define what is an institution.

There is enough body of knowledge to explain behaiviours of INSTITUTIONS with the concept of " the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts".

The headmistress's racist taunts is only a tip of an iceberg in the overall institutional racism problems facing this country.

It so happens this headmistress was outed by name and given a face to the inherent racism in many of our public institutions.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 17:33  

Let me sweep the table clean.

The owner posed the following:

"So Siti Inshah Mansor because she represents the institution, deserves punishment and public lynching. Namewee who operates on a personal level- its all-light."

If we go by his logic, then we will have to ask why in the case of Siti the response by the government was to form a task force but when it was the case of Namewee, the government responded with strong words and measures.

If the government wants to study the underlying causes for principals to go off their handles, why not the same for youngsters?

The answer is simple - the government is practising different standards - one for you and another for what serves me.

Therefore, the question is not who is more racial or even whether the racism was personal or institutionalised.

The question is whether the present government is impartial enough to even resolve such issues.

Siti started it, Namewee responded on her actions. The government came on him but let her apologize incognito.

Many of you would have seen this type of differential treatment many times before.

In the court of the people today is not Siti nor Namewee. It is the government.

Why are we here compounding its blinkers?

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 18:05  

Dear Dato'Sak,

If Siti Inshah did it not in the school but in some other places not in her capacity as a principal of a school, that is a frolic on her own, but in this case, can you offer a reason that it is so ?

Khun Pana aka johanssm 3 September 2010 at 18:41  

Agreeable that racism is in everyone and anyone. Some have minor issue and some have hardcore issue with it.

For instance, the Indians are kaki mabok , the Malays are just lazy and the Chinese are ever so greedy.
Who will not agree that this is the general perception.
If this general perception is not agreeable then you are not a Malaysian.
It is so general that readers are able to see it and read about it from the MSM.

Educators are to set good examples.
But something is very wrong when educators joins the ranks of politicians.
It is not her job to be racist and not her job to scold her students using such words.
She disqualified herself as an educator.

Earlier , namewee did a dig with the TNB and the govt wants to take actions against the singer. It was all about the TNB lousy service and their frustrated client namely nameWee. Nothing about race nor religion in his TNB video.
But yet there are people accusing the singer for talking/singing bad about the KeTuanan Melayu !

If it is Institutionalized racism.
Is there something wrong with our Malaysian Constitution and govt?

HAKIMAN,  3 September 2010 at 19:03  

Anonymous 3 September 2010 17:33 said, " The question is whether the present government is impartial enough to even resolve such issues. Siti started it, Namewee responded on her actions. The government came on him but let her apologize incognito.."

The raison d'etre of race based parties like UMNO, MCA and MIC is race embedded into the psyche of the public.

This UMNO-led Govt would ignite if not condone race-related issues to be put in the front burner of Malaysian politics.

This is a very racially-biased Govt. Why, because it is a govt run by of RACE-BASED parties.

There is NO way race will be taken out of the political landscape of the country unless race based parties are allowed to be dominant in our national politics.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 19:14  

Two wrongs do not make one right. There is also another name for institutionalised racism- apartheid.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 21:00  

If one side can just stop making racial rants than everything would be "normal".

We can go one doing things we have been doing.

Hey, today's news... Malaysians invest more outside the country than FDI coming in.

Hope these Malaysians can make lots of money overseas (provide employments to other countries). Over here in Malaysia , our companies are engaging foreign labourers (cheaper and more dependable).

Where are Malaysians going to find more jobs? Go overseas lah. What to do. No local jobs openings that pays enough as most can be done by foreign workers.

Talk more racial and religious issues plus other issues Malaysia is famous or infamous for, good luck Malaysia.

Let it be.

Live in peace and enjoy the sun while our oil lasts.

Good life is still here. No need chinamen to make money here or or Ibrahim Alis get angry . Got Oil money what.

Government can easily absorb tens of thousands of graduates producing by the container loads all over the country.

Chinamen can work in Singapore or Hong Kong or China (go back to China?). Cannot go? Then open coffee shops or spare parts shops.

Cheers all.

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 21:04  

Sak and all, as usual, the thread on racism turned into a tu quoque argument.

1. If we were given a choice to eliminate racism at institutional or personal level, which is the priority?

2. Are not some of the reacted comments here (or RB or MT) on the same issue sounds more racist then what were “rap” by that idiot? So what are we (government / Sak / Khairy / and all) going to do about it, sue the commentators?

3. I think the grudge is more toward double standard, no?

4. When we take a stance to condemn racism initiated by some relatively “prominent racist”, the argument is often (a) The Chinese is equally racist (b) American practice racism (c) Singapore / LKY practice racism (d) India practice caste (e) China / Tibet / Xinjiang bla bla bla…….


schenker78 3 September 2010 at 21:23  

getting tired of all these racism talk...

UMNO have successfully turn all of economic talk, growth , inflation, Barang Naik BN, towards racism, artikel 153, perkasa , namewee...bla bla bla...

even the rakyat sudah kepala pusing hari2 cakap racism...mana peginya isu2 yang melibatkan periuk Nasi?? itu lagi penting daripada cakap siapa lebih racist.....

Bak kata Bill Clinton...Its the Economy, Stupid....

schenker78 3 September 2010 at 21:32  

raja petra says....

"First is that my detention without trial is for the same ‘crime’ as the charges I had faced, and now dropped. This means I am being punished twice for the same crime, which is wrong in law. You can’t be punished twice for the same crime. I have said this before.

Second is that the Shah Alam High Court has already ruled my detention as unlawful. The government, however, is not happy with that. Around the same time that the government announced it would not be appealing against the Razak Baginda acquittal it announced it would be appealing against the high court’s decision to release me.

Is not murder a more serious crime than writing an article not favourable to the government? Why announce that they would not appeal against Razak Baginda’s acquittal for murder and at the same time announce that they would appeal the release of someone freed from illegal detention without trial?"

"The excuse the government is giving is they do not know my address so they can’t serve any papers on me.

That is utter bullshit. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad knows my address. I have given it to him. Tan Sri Sanusi Junid also knows my address. He has come to my house for dinner. In fact, we met twice. And Sanusi has not hidden this fact. He has told others about it who in turn phoned me to tell me that they found out from Sanusi that he came to my house for dinner."

Hey, maybe the AG would like to response to this allegation.

The ex-Land and Co-operative Development Minister, Tan Sri Kasitah Gaddam, has a tape-recording of the AG extorting money from him. Yes, that’s right, the AG demanded money from Kasitah Gaddam or else he was going to charge him for corruption.

Kasitah Gaddam then went to meet the Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and played the tape for the PM to hear. But the Prime Minister did nothing. And Kasitah Gaddam refused to pay the money that the AG demanded. So the AG charged him for corruption. Read more here:

Does Umno want to talk about this? A comment from Dr Mahatbir maybe?

As I said, the AG is so full of shit. And I bet he prays five times a day and fasts the entire month of Ramadhan as well. I suppose he can always go to Mekah after this to get his sins cleansed in front of the Kaabah like most Muslims do.


schenker78 3 September 2010 at 21:45  

antara raja petra dengan razak baginda....bila aku pi kota London, kalau terjumpa salah seorang ini kat restoran2 malaysia...saya bagi bunga dan sumbangan peribadi serta belanja makan...

kalau razak baginda dgn mazlinda gila tu, aku akan bagi pelempang kau2 and I for sure will break the nose of both Mazlinda gila, director Perimekar and Razak Baginda, si Playboy, dan pembunuh Altantuya.

Razak Baginda, kau dah give up malaysian citizenship ker...sampai mati kau x akan berani jejak kaki ke KLIA ??? Pondan betul kau ni. Pariah mcm Razak Baginda akan hidup sengsara dengan penyakit Kudis dan berak darah. Aku sumpah kau, cis manusia sial.

Lepas ini kau projek dengan Rosmah Gatal lagi ker ????

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 21:57  

what about this? only those with Mandarin need to apply....

Donplaypuks® 3 September 2010 at 23:39  

Namwee is an individual who has expressed his personal views. It does not represent the views of DAP or MCA or the mass of Malaysian Chinese or anyone else.

Siti Inshah Mansor is also entitled to her personal views. But when she expresses racist views within the schoool compund where everyone recognises her as the Headmistress, then she should have watched what she said publicly. Because the Taxpayer pays her salary and she does owe it to the institution, the Ministry of Education of Malaysia to be circumspect.

That's the big difference between Nam Wee and Siti Inshah Mansor. We have a right to expect Siti to above what she did indulged in appealing to the lowest common demonitor in race relations. We have a right to expect school teachers and Headmistresses to be above racism.

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  3 September 2010 at 23:50  

Anon 21.57

The most impressive feature of your comment is that it is short, but immensely shown your foolishness to the extreme. For your information; English is a language, and Mandarin is also a language.


Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 01:50  

Siti Inshah is the tip of the iceberg. The kalimah "Allah" issue, the torching of places of worship, the chin peng wailing to be allowed back into Malaysia, the tony pua dismantling of discounts, the chua porn-star demand for chinese share of successful Malay-led organisations (but not the opening up of chinese pte companies to bumiputra), the massive invasion of holy mosques for political speeches by non-muslims dressed in pseudo Muslim garbs, the questoning of Sultan's decision, the ever increasing demands by hindraf and dong zong, the paint spraying of mosques

these are the catalysts, and now 10 Malay teens attack 2 chinese youths

so don't blame Tun Dr M if he predict May 13 1969 might recur once again

the chinese are playing with fire, and the newly formed PERKASA is an inkling of the thinning of Malay patience

namewee is the crude expression of what is felt by the chinese in different degrees

so please don't go into SODA mode - state of denial always

don't say you are not forewarned - 'amok' is a Malay word which the British found worthy to be included in the dictionary

you want to see how they govern if the chinese is in power - just look at how they run their clan associations and their pte companies - PRIVATE and exclusive to the very end

maxthecat 4 September 2010 at 01:50  

Racism whether on a personal or institutional level is wrong. Islam tells us that...(though you'd be hardpressed to find anything in the Quran about non Muslims not allowed to enter the mosque, but that is another issue)

The problem is, the goverment has not been consistent with its action towards racist behaviour. And this inconsistency (flip flops) have understandbly led to both sides of the divide accusing them of favouring the other. Damn if they do, damn if they dont.

Case in point, remember the ADUN from Perak who equated indians to snakes? Nasir safar?

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 02:18  

The headmistress did not taped her conduct and purposely put for display on YouTube. On contrary, being attention seeker, Wee purposely made some video clips and boastfully put it online for all eyes to see. So if that the situation, between the "two evils", which one is less and which one is more destructive?

dahserikngankeris 4 September 2010 at 03:18  

i like your article dato, but then again is it politically correct to say so?

its the theme of malaysia here on in be POLITICALLY CORRECT or BUST

anywho shencker78, i applaud you...with that i leave you keyboard warriors with this link to some music, so listen yo!

namawee...not as good lol

dahserikngankeris 4 September 2010 at 03:21  

also about the "only mandarin speaking" comment

they will say business climate requires candidates to it not politically correct?

so umno, push mandarin classes in uitm....ape susah?

lawan tetap lawan....lawan dengan rhetoric lapok?

dah serik lah!

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 12:44  

Race relationship in Malaysia was the best in the 60's because the Malays were docile and accomodative, possessed maybe 1% of the wealth of the country. The Chinese while were industrious and clever however lacked the wisdom to see where the social injustice would lead the country too. Or maybe were just too greedy to care. NEP was meant to stop the imbalance. Alas some sections of the Malay elites got greedy too.


Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 14:46  


Racism, whether personal or institutionalised, must be curtailed or eliminated if possible.

The fact that racism existed in most of the institutions in Malaysia is a serious matter.

Who is responsible for the state of racism today ?

Siti Inshah and Namewee may be just the tip of the iceberg of racism in Malaysia.

Moving forward, let's us ask what we can do, as individuals to contribute to a harmonious and peaceful Malaysia, free of racism.

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 17:05  

Blogger maxthecat said...

"Case in point, remember the ADUN from Perak who equated indians to snakes? Nasir safar?"


And please don't sweep individual racism toward institution under the carpet. One example is the case of MP Tian Chua and the police. When an adult bits another adult, it can be construed as an act of racism. So, be fair, bro.

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 18:16  

all i see is one principal making racist comment and getting away with it.. why so long to take any form of action at all?

namewee is just making his unhappiness unknown... and this is shared by a lot of malaysian...but whoa so super efficient police, came in 3 cars to just record his statement.

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 19:13  

Video recording is necessary evidence to prove the accusation that was made on that teacher is either wright or wrong.

In the case of Namawee, the evidence of him playing with racism is there in the video clips. Every one can see and judge.

And without video recording to prove the real situation, we can only offer her (the teacher) the benefit of the doubts - she probably is not a racist and our perception might be wrong.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 01:38  

Anon 19:13

Your 'mandatory video evidence' logic is so flawed, I am amused.

Going by your logic, our jail house would be empty. God knows how many rape and murder cases were persecuted without video evidence.

BTW, just to educate you, there is such thing called witnesses you know. There's plenty of them on the headmistress case.


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