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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 17 September 2010

Losing by default

Now that I have written several articles in Bahasa Melayu, l shall revert to English. The central theme of my articles is that if there is anyone to be blamed for the confusion about how UMNO should treat Perkasa, it's the UMNO president.

UMNO has forfeited its role as spokesman of Malay leadership by default. First because the UMNO president is giving out ambivalent messages. He hasn't given unqualified and absolute support to his foot soldiers. He is asking his people to distance themselves from Perkasa but undercuts this call by saying we are not at war with Perkasa. And what does distancing mean exactly? It's not a question of at war or at odds. It's a case of stating clearly that UMNO doesn't share the same ideals of Perkasa.

It's a case of saying that UMNO has a better program and agenda than Perkasa will ever have. Right now, UMNO hasn't done that beyond discussing whatever programs which seem never to have been finalized yet in labs conducted by consulting companies.

Otherwise we are better off by shutting up. The core element of Perkasa's struggle is the retention of NEP and of Malay rights. It is to this element that UMNO leaders must argue. Unfortunately they don't have the grey matter to argue against the idea.

Malays in general are not averse to reason and sensibility. It is a mark of mental and cerebral deficiency if you resort to name calling as a means to counter Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa.

How would you argue against NEP? Start by asking what has NEP turned into at the hands of achievement- challenged UMNO leaders?

  1. It stands for social immobility.
  2. It stands for getting on in life by way of cutting corners, working less and wanting a free lunch.
  3. It stands for a system that does not match rewards with ability and hard work..
  4. It stands for a system that makes putting in less effort but getting more benefits, respectable.

But before that we have to state the following. If whatever privileges are already enshrined in our constitution- to wit article 153, then why do we need organizations like Perkasa to add validity to this article? It suggests that we are not confident of our own constitution. Or Perkasa can clearly see that there is no longer UMNO in the future. If there is no UMNO then, the constitution can be changed. By the way article 153 provides for the Agung to ensure a few things pertaining to Malay privileges are protected.

To me then, it's not article 153 that we should focus our attention to. It's the paramouncy of the institution of the Agong. If that is the case, vest in him paramount authority as the final arbiter and veto power to ensure not only Malay privileges but to include other things as well- how and why PETRONAS money is applied or that the Agung has the final authority to endorse plans to spend extraordinary amount of public funds.

Two, Malays will forever be the majority group in this country. I find it impossible for Malays to forsake what are important to them regardless of whatever party they belonged to.

So where is the steam that pushes Perkasa? Ini pun orang UMNO tak boleh debat.

This is the way we should argue why NEP must be abolished. It's not the Malays will drop off dead if the NEP is abolished. I have long held the view that rights are what we fought for and earned and not gotten gratuitously. This is what the NEP is instilling- that rights are a given because they are so. Also because its written in our constitution.

The validity of NEP doesn't depend on article 153. That article provides for powers to be exercised by the Agung in matters concerning government positions, scholarships etc. even then, such powers are to be exercised with circumspect- the most important qualification being, in so far as they do not injure the legitimate rights of other Malaysian races.

I want to tell our Malaysian Chinese brothers, they are not the only ones pissed off with the NEP. The majority of Malays are equally angered. Because the NEP has turned out to actually be, a fight to control the turf by competing Malay elites, the superbumis, the puteras in the bumi. The majority are treated as cannon fodder by these people in working out a solution with the elites of other Malaysians.

How many percent of the Malay population benefited from the RM 54 billion offer to take up offers in listed companies? We know so many cashed out that the value held by bumiputeras is now only RM 2 billion. I have written sometime ago, let the government list out those who have cashed out and permanently bar them from even applying for new shares.

So I come to my first contention that NEP far from empowering the majority of Malays represent a hurdle for social mobility. So when the majority is denied access to wealth creating resources, this breeds enmity and social tensions. The social mobility which the NEP sought to do, was enjoyed by the privileged few. How many can play golf with the PM and brokered RM 200k for the PM? not everyone can become Low Taek Jho and redirect RM 5 billion to become 1Malaysia Development Fund and in the process, earned RM 700k? not many people can equal an ex sprint queen who arranges the hubby to become the umbrella contractor controlling so many JKR projects or become one of the partners selling train coaches to the Malaysian government?

Because the mobility meant for Malays are differentiated. For some, the privileged, the well connected, it's a program that allows cutting corners. Pink forms here and there, easy financing, sometimes free shares because of who they are. For the majority, the mobility has to be earned the hard way- work hard, toil the land, study harder.

The NEP represents unequal outcome through unequal opportunities. What we wanted were equal opportunities resulting naturally in unequal outcomes.

How can I be persuaded that NEP is good for the Malays?


Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 01:59  

I am completely depressed..

Abolish NEP just because a few guys abused it?And some are not even Bumis.

And as a result no more scholarships,university slots,small contracts.Burn the net cos of a mosquito?

Is that it in a nutshell?

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 02:22  


No one in UMNO want to 'debat' with Perkasa on NEP. We have to salute Nurul Izzah who dares to 'debat' with Pekasa. Her write-up on the issue make so much sense. But Perkasa chickens out giving all sorts of excuses. PKR young turks have better grey matter than many UMNO leaders, ministers included.

The only reason why Najib fears Perkasa is because of the mamak from Kerala. Without tacit support from the mamak, Perkasa is dead meat.

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 02:38  

You said:

Malays in general are not averse to reason and sensibility. It is a mark of mental and cerebral deficiency if you resort to name calling as a means to counter Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa.

You wrote it before and you have to correct yourself:

Not Malays but UMNO.

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 06:54  

Dato Sak,
If UMNO dont do anything to improve the situation, we need new to organise programs that can enhance the Malay leadesrship issues. We need to educate the young Malays, who going to lead the Malays organisations. I think there is no entity being galvanised to create the vaccuum in the leadership. GPMS do not undertake this leadership grooming matters. Its leaders are instead grooming themselves.

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 07:54  

And now Kelantan UMNO has no problem with PERKASA.
Awang lawan tauke ker?

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 09:04  


Najib harus tinggalkan UMNO dan berjuang dengan parti lain JIKA dah tak mahu membela Pasal 152/153. Jangan menggunakan UMNO untuk menggikut cara 1Malaysia... Saya doakan Najib akan KALAH di pekan dan UMNO akan menang lebih banyak kerusi..

Tetap Melayu

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 09:05  

Halau kan NAJIB keluar dari umno

Ahli Umno Pekan

Melayu Baru,  17 September 2010 at 10:18  

Assalamualaikum Dato' Sak,

NEP is an attempt at social engineering. At its core, it has a noble intent - to alleviate the imbalances of wealth distribution. I have never met a non Malay who disagree with this part of NEP.

Along the way, the implementation is hijacked, and become the tool for the know who. This, in turn, creates even wider wealth distribution among the Malays.

The main beneficiary of NEP was from the business class when TDM started his flawed reasoning that very rich superbumis can help the rest. Those in power then saw the gravy train and rode on it until today. Enter the UMNOputras.

Do a quick straw poll on the recepient of shares, the APs, business licenses - and see how many are from UMNO. (To make it more interesting, on the creme de la creme, see how many went to MCKK - just to stir the hornet's nest)

Here's my other take on NEP - where it hit the target, its noble intent is translated to success. I know many Malays who would never step their foot on a plane went abroad and become successful.

But where it does not, or go to the underserving, it devalued the Malay identity. It breeds Malays who think and believes that they are different class of human being, and the world owed them a living. It created Malays who demanded that they are given special treatment because article 153 says so.

In the long run, it affected the Malay psyche to the extent that Malays believe that they will not survive if there is open competition. They believe that Malays will become poorer, more backward if NEP is removed. They believe that the country will be run by rich towkays.

Hence, NEP need to be perpetuated. Poor malays in kampungs are always used as excuse. They are the ones who get the crumbs.

Malays need to realize that the real world doesnt give a damn if they are Malay or not. Islam doesnt give a damn whether you are a Malay or not. Competition doesnt give a damn if you are Malay or not.

It matters, though, if you are smart. It matters more if you are hardworking. It matters even more if you are trustworthy and honest. Welcome to real world, darling.

If Malays cant get over the fact that no one in this world owes them a living, we will forever be in a rut. This is the same malaise that is permeating throughout UMNO. Those who realized that the train ride may be over is trying to grab whatever they can.

Should the government continue with NEP, or NEP like program ?(NEP was dead in the 90s, no?)

The answer is yes - with a caveat that it must go to the deserving - regardless of race. Malaysia's success in the world will be shouldered by all Malaysians, and that's where the real competition is. Let's help those who can be successful.

Much like grameen microcredit program which really change the fortune of those who want to help themselves.

Malays need to realize that there's no short cut to success - work damn hard, be honest, and be smart.

But at its present form and implementation, NEP should not continue.

Quiet Despair,  17 September 2010 at 10:23  

Najib has good products but he does not know how to market it.

He just leave the branded goods on the shelf and expect people to buy it.

He does not have a proper network of distribution.

Fake inferior products can be easily sold if the peddlers constantly shout mari, mari, mari.

And Najib must be brave to make decisions, be it foolish or unpopular.

This is what Americans demand of President Obama too.

OneMalaysian,  17 September 2010 at 11:06  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The NEP represents unequal outcome through unequal opportunities. What we wanted were equal opportunities resulting naturally in unequal outcomes.”

What an intelligent and cogent essay!

The political reality of this country is such that the rest cannot prosper unless we ensure that the majority race is not left behind. That’s the sine qua non for our country to have peace, racial harmony and economic progress. The reason is quite simple, and as you have put it, the Malays are in the majority, and whichever political party or coalition is in power, it will still accede to Malay leadership. So Malay leadership is not in question. What is in question is the quality of that leadership. Is it liberal and enlightened? Is it inclusive and accepts that we are a multi-racial, multi-religious society? Does it accept that save for the special provision of the Constitution, to wit Article 153, we are truly a nation of equals before the law?

If Malay leadership is all that, we will become a great progressive nation that will not only achieve economic prosperity but also celebrate our richness through diversity.

If the Malays can feel assured that Malay leadership is not threatened, all that is left to do is to ensure that through the political process an enlightened, caring, and progressive government is elected. This might well be an UMNO-led coalition, but it might not be, but will still be one with a Malay leadership. Like Deng Xiaopeng said, it doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice. So it does not matter if Coalition A or B governs, so long as it uplifts the well-being of all Malaysians, especially the lot of the Malays, the Natives of Sabah and Sarawak, and all the other poor and disadvantaged Malaysians – the 40% that the NEM talks about. We must always have in place such affirmative policies so long as there are fellow Malaysians who need help. The affirmative programmes, though, will be racially blind and will be based on needs.

We must do this in ways that ensures that a small clique in the name of many does not hijack the allocated funds and opportunities. We must plug the leakages caused by corrupt practices. For the disadvantaged groups we must help them build capacity – better education, better training, better health care and social amenities in rural areas – and ensure that they have access to good paying jobs free from discrimination. Finally, we must inculcate in them a heightened sense of competition and self-reliance – their destiny is really in their own hands. In short, we must do what you say: ensure that all have equal opportunities, though this might result in unequal outcomes.

Richard Cranium 17 September 2010 at 12:01  

Eventually, every single one of us needs to address just one question.

"Who is going to your almighty god?"

If you say Mammon, then you structure your life and priorities toward that.

If you say Allah, or God, or whatever Being you prostrate to, then you structure your life and priorities accordingly.

May I be so bold to suggest that the Malays generally are ambivalent about those two, resulting in lethargy?

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 12:33  

NEP should end! Bumi share, APs and housing discount are best eg of abuses.

The poor can and will continue to receive aids provided govt of the day is sincere in helping the rakyat!

Next GE, vote for the party that you think can best care for the people and our country!

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 12:42  

Anonymous 1:59
Alah , kamu ni cepat sangat depressed. Kita buang NEP buatan UMNO yang dah rosak ni. Tak kan lah tak boleh kita fikir buat yang baru yang lebih baik untuk kita. Kekalkan yang baik dan buang yang tak baik - saperti 30% saham syarikat Bursa, AP yang tak de kesudahan, dll/

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 12:51  

Free shares are also given out under pretext of performance. How many TNB staffs get free share? Why? It's a monopoly biz, there's nothing u can do to increase or decrease usage unless the premise owner wants to. Yet they still gets thousands n millions of shares. At the expense of who? Same with Telekom.

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 14:49  

"I want to tell our Malaysian Chinese brothers, they are not the only ones pissed off with the NEP. The majority of Malays are equally angered. Because the NEP has turned out to actually be, a fight to control the turf by competing Malay elites, the superbumis, the puteras in the bumi. The majority are treated as cannon fodder by these people in working out a solution with the elites of other Malaysians."

Very well said. However, I still think we need affirmative action that could help uplift the poor, which affected by both culture and society progress. And PR is a fresh start that has less baggage to put the talk into action. UMNO / BN shall repent and withdraw themselves instead of wasting people time.


Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 15:46  

I am a non-malay and I support the original idea in its original form. It would be hard to imagine a society whereby the professions and bussinesses are dominated by one ethnic group. It would be bound to unravell at some point of time. All it takes is a few demagogues.

Let there be quotas but there must be competition within those quotas. For example AP's for malays only but via tender. Construction contracts for malays only but by tender.

And in education quotas for malays only but stop educating them in disciplines for which there are no jobs to be had.

What is the use of a liberal arts degree with no prospect of jobs? Start technical institutions and polytechnics based on the german or even singapore model. Education is one of the NEP's failures

There current NEP has created uncompetative cronies , rent seekers , unemployable graduates dependent upon the government and fostered conruption so deep rooted it doesnt seem possible to get rid off within our lifetime

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 15:49  

The last question would be answered the same way like how nurul izzah can enter university although many other qualified chinese is above her in terms of her SPM result and how someone can go to UK to study with the existence of MARA and JPA.

Take away all that and that is what we call NEP-less Malaysia.

So, NEP is bad for the Malays?

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 16:51  

Dato, you should now write something that many can see 'beyond the headlines'.
Utusan, Mukriz, Kelantan UMNO, 0001 UMNO Member are all solidly behind Perkasa.

The silent 'majority' in the cabinet are frighteningly quiet and not echoing Najib's stand on Perkasa.

Remember how every single Minister went gaga when Mahathir was called 'recalcitrant' by an Australian leader?

What do all these mean?

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 18:18  

Dato Sak,

Cukup lah pasal kelemahan Umno ni,semua orang dah tahu.Lebih elok kalau fokus kepada macam mana nak jaga dan nak sedarkan orang Melayu.Mulakan dari individu,baru nanti Umno pun boleh jadi baik.Ikut ilmu dakwah yg di amalkan oleh Nabi.Umno bukan segala-galanya bagi orang Melayu,banyak lagi cara lain nak hidup,nak maju,nak selamat.Kalau Tok Sak buang masa ,hari-hari tulis pasal Umno Tok Sak pun tak keman nanti,bungkus macam Umno juga.

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 19:33  

Najib is not a capable leader. He is a fence sitter in all his political life. He play safe all the time. He has no balls to confront issues head-on. He does not dare to speak or do the right thing. That is the problem when we have a leader that has many skeletons in his closets. He dare not speak up for fear of the skeletons be exposed.

God blessed the Malays and Malaysia.

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 22:27  


I'd expect this flip-flop remarks from YB DS Najib right from the beginning since Tengku Adnan & Nazri Aziz opined aloud. This flip-flop remarks is as sure as sunrise on every issue DS Najib commented - reflecting his cowardice to make a firm stand, or simply no balls! He may be an OK administrator, but as a leader, miserable and left much to be desired.

Anonymous,  17 September 2010 at 22:35  

I truly pity you dato
As you have mentioned, first in bahasa kebangsaan and now in english language, you continue to hope make the gerombolan yang dalam absolute state of denial to come to their sense.Sadly though, you are up against a brickwall.
You seem to be running around in circles too.Its like there is hardly any postive shift towards gloryland.So we continue to post comments of either wishfull thinking or of anger and agony.
FInd a new approach lah dato.

Quiet Despair,  17 September 2010 at 23:24  

BTW Sdra Sak, tomorrow Najib is holding open house in Pekan.
Will you be there?
I am sure he's glad to see you.
Are you gonna tell him some of the things you have written?
Please get back to us on his replies to you.

Anonymous,  18 September 2010 at 00:12  

I am getting more n more depressed after reading the comments..

Non Bumis are blaming me for the slow pace of growth of the country..laggards compared to S'pore,Taiwan,Korea..its all my fault cos I m am Bumi.I am stupid,wants to have easy money & wants to get rich but don't want and don't know how to work for it.I have no skills except to beg for favors and protection.
Whatever food I have on my table is entirely due to the non Bumi's hard work.I am but a spongeing lazy bum.

Its so sad to be the hindrance.
Please,leave me out..don't worry about me...

flyer168 18 September 2010 at 05:17  


UMNO/BN since 1969 when Tengku Abdul Rahman Putra was betrayed by the Ketuanan UMNOputra Elites...

Enough has been said and discussed...41 years of "Rhetorics" = NATO

Just to share this...

Malaysians4Change.mp4 -

| September 10, 2010
Towards A 2-Party State System and Justice4All.
Voter FAQ: post #6

For Reflection...

We must ALL decide NOW and not a day longer,

the future WE WANT for OUR Children & Grandchildren...

Or Else...


Then WE will have no one to BLAME but OURSELVES,

for remaining SILENT when we still have the OPTION to do so NOW...

“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change and for one to know what is right and not to do it, is the worst type of cowardice.” – Confucius

You be the judge.


Anonymous,  18 September 2010 at 08:48  

ANON 18:18

Anonymous,  18 September 2010 at 11:05  

The cows keeps disappearing..
Solution :employ more gatekeepers
The cows continue to disappear
Solution :Upgrade same gatekeepers with more gaji,bonuses & perks
More cows disappear
Solution: set up high level committee & employ consultants to establish Malaysia Anti-Cow Curi Policy
The cows still disappear
Solution: KILL all the cows..problem solved.

Bala,  18 September 2010 at 13:04  

Anon 00:12:
Don't be depressed; at least not for the wrong reasons. Non-malays have been to foreign countries but realise only too well that they too cannot compete on the world stage (Not talking about the 1% geniuses here).

Working his ass off for 12 hours a day (like the chinese here) is not exactly what a mat-salley does.

We should be depressed because ALL of us malaysians have lost our competetiveness vs the world. All because of the closed tenders which made it impossible for even the best, regardless of race, to make it big; while too easy for any idiot to make it big with the correct connections.

HAKIMAN,  18 September 2010 at 13:05  

Dato Sak. you sad,"How can I be persuaded that NEP is good for the Malays? "

Yes, you can...All you need to do is to empathise with the opiated minds of the like of Shamsul Anuar and Quiet Despair and those PERKASA-sympathisers.

Its easy... just parrot out the false propaganda of UMNO made to the Malay rural heartland that Article 153 is about Malay "RIGHTS" , not about "privileges."

Anonymous,  18 September 2010 at 19:24  

Anon 18:18,
you ask Tok Sak to stop writing abt UMNO. Why don't u share with us what u've done to improve UMNO and the Malays

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