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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 5 September 2010

Tackling racism in Malaysia

For the past few days I have written several articles about racism in Malaysia. my objective is to see the extent of racism in our country. My report is, racism is extensive and it exists openly and subtly. We see things in our respective race-blinkered lenses. Every Malaysian has his quotient of ethnicity. We have to learn to live with this fact. We can't purge our Malay-ness, our Chinese-ness or our Indian-ness that are in us.
But as long as our racism is not allowed to forcefully prevail onto another race's domain, it is all right. Or as long as it's not reflected in our daily interactions with people of other race, that is ok.
Which leads me to this conclusion. If we were to rely on human voluntariness to expel racism, we are bound to fail. I now believe that we require explicit laws which outlaw racism. We have to simply outlaw policies, rules, regulations that promote racism and discrimination. We have to outlaw all political parties that adopt race, religion or culture as their political foundations from competing in general elections. Only political parties that reflect the proportional racial mix of this country are allowed to participate in general elections.
Hence Barisan Nasional cannot contest in elections unless its candidates are 60% Malays, 30% Chinese and 10% Indians and others. Barisan Rakyat cannot contest in general elections unless its candidates are similarly arranged. This way ensures inclusiveness of all Malaysian races. Maybe, this can start Malaysia on the road to a two-party system.
Racism becomes a problem when its translated out into the open as a social policy. Rules, regulations and policies that seek to discriminate others on the basis of their racial background skin colour, religion, culture and language are racism. When you see a sign board that says dogs and Chinese are not allowed here- that is racism because it discriminates the Chinese on account of his ethnicity. If Christopher Wan didn't make it to IGP because he is Chinese that is discrimination.
If I were to view Chinese as devilishly cunning, skilled, powerful and therefore evil, I am being a racist. If I were to see Malays and others as subhuman, beastly, and inclined to immoral acts, I am also being racist in my attitude. My focus is either someone is evil or inferior because of his racial background. Hence the Chinese is evil because he is greedy, wants everything, our wealth, our women, our children. The Malays are evil because they are lazy, violent and are interested in stealing our women. We adopt these views to justify our treatment of these people.
We justify excluding Chinese from political power because they are inherently evil, cunning, manipulative, greedy etc. we justify excluding Malays because they are lazy, incompetent, less humanlike, etc.
Racism is simply unqualified hatred of one race on another based on skin colour, language, religion, physical appearance and so forth. Racism takes place when one race views another as genetically inferior and having less human attributes. Hence when someone says, Malays are inherently lazy because of genetic reasons and because of that not qualified to participate in commerce, be senior executives and so forth, that is racism. When someone says, the other is a lazy bump and hasn't got good work ethics because he is Malay that is racism. When someone says, TNB is tiu na bu because the workers there are mostly Malays, that is racism.
The basis for such hatred and anger or the only reason explaining the loathing is another person's racial background, skin colour, culture and religion.
There is open and subtle racism. Among Malays, their racism is easily discernible as it is commonly held, that the institutions before us are all embodiment of Malay racism. By institutions, I mean and define them to be public institutions. A restrictive definition makes the concept, operational. This allows us to exclude having to discuss a wider field. As Malays dominate in public institutions, whatever actions these institutions take, are taken as representing the latent racism of Malays that operate at personal levels.
When siti Inshah Mansor abused non Malays because of their ethnic background, that is racism. But what if Siti Inshah Mansor was verbally abusive because the students were vandals or were gangster-like, can she be classified as racist? Her choice of words were unfortunate but were her actions prompted by the students' different racial background?
The other races are racist too. In non public institutions, discrimination against the Malays is widely practised. This is subtle racism. The capable Malay is often bypassed in terms of promotion in Chinese owned companies. Malays are suited to PR work only, arranging end of year dinner parties, soliciting GROs for the boss, ordering RM 3000 a bowl shark's fin soup for the taikor, organizing sporting activities etc. The technical stuff?- that's off limits.
Accessibility to supply sources is often restrictive to Malay businessmen. The retailing and wholesale businesses are practically off limits to Malays. Having dominance in these areas, surrendering accessibility is almost unheard of.
In other words, business policies define Malays as inferior people and therefore discriminated against.
The irony is racism in non public institutions is often disguised behind the concept of meritocracy, suitability, capabilities, efficiency and so forth. Hence its often bandied around, that because of commercial dictates we want Mandarin or Cantonese speaking candidates. Oh, the Malays are disqualified because they don't have good work ethics. Come on- very often the work requirement in the relevant fields does not require a qualification in rocket science.
TNB is lambasted and verbally abused and assaulted not because its manned by Malays but because it is inefficient. See how clever the racism is disguised under the concept of efficiency.
Because the test is to look at the non Malays who are chosen to perform the tasks which are said to require meritocratic qualifications. A Chinese is equally inept at speaking and writing in English, he is equally lazy, equally mediocre in certain areas but because, the shots are made by non Malay bosses, the Chinese will get the job.
While the racism of the Malay appeared to be an accepted fact, mere mention of the possibility that a Chinese can be a racist too, unearth vehement protests. To me, the Chinese is equally capable of self denial as do the Malays. So don't come down on us with all those patronizing clich├ęs of what gives…your caliber is skin deep and so forth. Spare us the nausea please. Perhaps its your own racism that prevents you from acknowledging your own prejudices.
Hence we come to the sobering realization that racism is alive and pervasive in our society.
Have anyone given a thought as to why the majority of maid abuse cases involved Chinese families against Indonesian maids? Could it be that the Indonesian maids are looked upon as the Malay species and therefore subhuman and inferior? They are fit to eat with dogs, eat leftovers etc. And that all the cruelty and abuses imposed on them are but vengeance by the Chinese on Malays to compensate for their own perceived racist victimization?
When Namewe asks didn't you read, who made Malaysia rich can be translated into we Malays owe the Chinese a living. That is precisely the basis of the behavior which Namewee exhibited when he hurled all the abusive and expletives on the TNB workers in Muar. Banana sucking Malays are just peons, security guards whose primary function is to slave it out so that people like Namewee will not experience blackouts. Malays are fit to be jagas, security guards policemen and soldiers ensuring this country is safe so that people like Namewee can make this country rich. What gave people like Namewee the right to speak in such arrogant manner to salary earning workers?
Because you banana sucking Malays owe us a living, we have the right to speak to you, to speak down on you in whatever way we desire. We can tiu kau or tiu nia bu you and there is nothing you can do about it. Would Namewee behaved the same way, if the TNB officers were Chinese?
How does one manage all the negative ethnicity and prevent them from being the catalyst of open racial war?
We have tried to do it through economics. It has failed. Or rather the policy or the economic model with which we thought could save the situation has failed. When the NEP was created, its overriding aim was national unity. It was to be achieved through (a) eradication of poverty(b) wealth distribution or rather wealth creating resources distribution.
It didn't work because the implementation of the policy was flawed. I am not going to advance another economic model in its place as I don't have one shelf-ready. Maybe the New Eccomic Model which the PM swears by, can work. We don't know because we haven't seen the model yet other than some noises coming from labs sanctioned by a special driving school.
But if that policy or elements of that policy can cause so much divisiveness and animosity , they must be abandoned and replaced. It is illogical to keep pushing for the adoption of such policies or elements of such policies.
Equally too, if the present un-interfered economic system or elements of the system cause so much enmity and bitterness, they too must be modified.



Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 08:09  

Agree with you bro Sak.


dahserikngankeris 5 September 2010 at 10:18  

i cant wait for someone to use the free markets as a moral highground to justify their closet racistness.

i leave u a quote from this kedai tayar supervisor i know

"mau recipt ke tak mau"?

in the end the consumers get PHUC%$^

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 10:20  

Dear Dato,
Agree with you on what you have written, but am not able to provide the type of measured responses that Walla gives. I sorely miss his comments here.
Pls invite Walla to come out of his 'retirement', the time and need for people like him is at hand.


Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 10:26  

Bro, why during Tun M's era this kind of racism do not show its colour as it is now. We seldom faced this issue eventhough its there, BTN was activite with its Malaynes program. Does that means there were no racism then. May be rakyat is busy with the economy that they forget about racism, then but now when many people are underemployed n underpaid and has more time for social media and blogging accusing each others of wrong doings.

Another things is that our people has been displaced by the foreigns workers, our salary has not got up to cover the inflation rates. The foreign labour can work for lower salary as they can consider rich when go back home country even with meagre salary here.

Malaysian then has to go more developed nation like Singapore where they bring back salary at least 2 times more than working here.

What say you bro Sak. Selamat berpuasa.

Tom Lai,  5 September 2010 at 11:39  

Dato, what you write is unfortunately very real and sadly racism continues to be politicised and institutionised. The PM speaks from both sides of his mouth and does nothing to put a stop to this vicious trend - setting fire with one hand and trying to fan it off with the other. Sadly too,younger Malaysians of both sides of the divide have also unthinkingly been brainwashed by all these events.
However, now instead of voicing out anger and adding fuel to the flames, if only a leader could arise and call for reconciliation and forgiveness and work for a better and more matured Malaysia, there would be still hope for us all.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 11:41  


This is a fair piece. Chinese sometimes need a slap in our brain and ass. However, I am not too sure if we really have sufficient data to conclude that majority of maid abuse cases involved Chinese families against Indonesian maids as 1) Majority that hire maid is Chinese 2) Majority of maid is Indonesian. But I know Chinese treat a dime like a dollar, they pay you five hundred and expect you to perform the task of both operator and manager.


Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 11:43  

namawe...openended question.....didn't refer to anyone race in particular...but bro,ur baiting man....

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 11:46  

Bro anon 10;26, do you seriously think that there are no racism in developed Singapore?

schenker78 5 September 2010 at 12:15  

chinaman is a surprise.

Sak, Chinaman boss will sack his chinaman workers if they slack and malas in their work.

But most malay bosses just "Tidak Apa' attitude in dealing with malas malay workers.

so those malays know even if delaying work, those malay managers and bosses wont sack them.

Japanese sack ppl at will if not efficient. Malays do not. Those malays working in japanese companies are efficient and hardworking because they know Japanese dont give a fuck if you show lazy attitude towards them.

Malays do have attitude prob. Sikap malas, sikap berbini banyak dan berpoya2 bila sudah kaya.

Look at the attitude of Datuk K who left his bini tua and married siti nurhaliza. (By the way, were the sultans insulted when siti nurhaliza sitting in a highest chair while few sultans were made to sit in lower chairs and in awkward position?)

Look at you friend, Bung bocor who kahwin senyap2 with Zizie ... and denda dikurangkn rm1000 sahaja...if that was husam musa...he sure get 3000rm and disqualified...

The malays if given 1 million ringgit modal for business, he will buy 500k Benz car, spend 200k in unnecessary expenditures, and the baki put in business...whereas chinaman will drive a cheap car initially, live modestly and bring up business first and repay loan. Later he will upgrade to better car and house as he moves up. Such malay attitude dont make good businessman....This story was told by a malay businessman himself...

Look at the vice that average malays do... mat rempit, bohsia, bohjan, drug addicts, hidu Gam, daun Ketum, all these very seldom done by non malays.

chinaman do control prostitution, gambling, human trafficking, but these are the syndicates ... and as revealed by RPK, the police Musang have relationship with that BK Tan... the lower rank policemen who exposed this have been prosecuted and made to work on desk but those who commit these with chinaman tailos having a good time still....

malays claim they follow Islam, but kuat kaki RASUAH, every Project UMNO touches is full of Corruption and cost over run...

Today is Sunday, so what shit Utusan, ridhuan tee and awang selamat wrote today ????

schenker78 5 September 2010 at 12:18  

sak, is malay ownership at 45% or 20%....????

More than five years have passed since the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Asli) corporate study report revealed that bumiputera ownership of corporate equity in the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange had exceeded the 30 percent target.

malaysia stock exchange market klse 141008 09The study's findings of a 45 percent bumiputera share were based on a different method of measurement compared with the official one. Using market value as opposed to the par value valuation official method, and allocating the equity of GLCs according to racial share, the study noted that time had come to do away with the policy that had been implemented since the 1970s.

The study's findings raised a hue and cry not only because it challenged the official data on the share equity attained by the Malay community, but more importantly because it challenged the official orthodoxy.

Strong reactions from various Umno leaders at that time indicated their fury - and perhaps fear - that the Asli study negated a long-held belief on how the bumiputera corporate equity strategy was necessary for bumiputera economic advancement, and synonymous with the interests of the Malays.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 13:04  

Dato Sak. My take on racism in Malaysia

Funny isn't it when the Malay is called racist, yet in this country we are have super billionaires that are not from bumis. Ananda Krishnan, Vincent Tan and Teong Lay family come into mind.

Yet in this country where the bumis are labelled racist, the Malays can't even controlled 30% of the country economy.

When the victim of snatch thief who can't speak Bahasa Melayu, the inspector who took the report was transferred because calling the victim to return to China. Hmmmm....the victim suddenly understand Bahasa Melayu when the inspector uttered such word. We need to learn such skill i.e. to detect Racism; without speaking the language.

My parting words to so call Malay champions, this Hari Raya when you open your hampers and gloat the amount of hampers and gifts you received this year, maybe you need to do some statistics who send you most gifts. Very likely the same people that you make them rich.

And also to those Malay CEOs (mostly benefited from DEB education policy) in GLCs, you need to ask yourself why your organizations have mix-up of various races and some cases the Malays are minority at Management level. Maybe DEB policy help to these CEOs to move beyond someone skin colors above racism and focus purely on meritocracy, suitability, capabilities, efficiency and so forth.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 13:18  

Great article..
We have to live with doubt about it then.Just have laws to make it less exposed or completely hidden.

Its like prostitution..its there somewhere for those who seek..and once in a while,we can hammer some of them to remind others thats its illegal.

I guess 1 Malaysia must have opened up some tidal gates.PM got to do something to moderate before the deluge.

Its 6-3-1 Inclusive Malaysia then as the way forward?..if I understand your article?

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 13:26  

When we talk about racism, sometimes we have to take a back seat and ask ourselves are we glorifying the R word too much. In alot of instances, we are too quick to attribute our dislike at certain issue into skin color.

For example I dislike Mr X in my workplace. I deplore Mr X because he's a lazy bum and not willing to take responsibility. I know sooner or later he'll screw up my team. See, Mr X could be Malay, Chinese, Indian or Mat Salleh, but whatever his skin color, I will still dislike him for his bad working ethics. It is a co-incidence Mr X is of another race. Very easily some would attribute my disdain for Mr X racism. The fact is, I would still dislike X even if he's the same color as me.

We are allowed the liberty to dislike another person for a number of reasons, and sometimes it has nothing to do with race, if we take the time to scrutinize.

I used to dislike a lady colleague who kept perstering me to go church. I am not anti-Christ nor am I against the religion. I am merely annoyed at the lady who did not respect my wish of not going, thus encroaching my rights. See, there is a difference.

It is my sincere hope Malaysians are not induced by certain quarters (who stand to gain from the falling out of different races) into bundling every practical likes and dislikes in our life into racism.


kang 5 September 2010 at 14:41  

With the daily diatribe by the sycophant, the racism conundrum is getting worse as day goes by. The world won't be able to wait for us if we still want to crawl. Laws are written by people and must be adjusted to suit with times.

Poverty does not not recognize religions,colors or nationality. Racism must not be allow to go unfettered. Government of the day, should do prosecution instead of persecution.

The 80% struggling group will become the victims with the alarming outflow by current scenario. The economic pie is shrinking daily, populations growing rapidly. An insurmountable difficulties is waiting ahead.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Maaf Zahir Batin, sekiranya ada terlanjur kata. Hidup ini penuh dengan dugaan.

schenker78 5 September 2010 at 15:11  


you complained about the person who compel you to join church, convert etc,....

thats the problem with these institution...

They do think they are the best, they pray to the right God, and they want to save the un believers from the Fire of Hell.

Catholics, Protestants have the same attitude. This is what we call Supremacist agenda of the Christianity apart from other Abrahamic religions who behave the same.

Let people believe what ever they want to believe. Stop talking as if You have seen God or Jesus personally.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 16:03  

Of course racism exist. But if the government practise blatant racism right from the time we start schooling until we start working and then institutionalised at every encounters till death, the bitterness will linger and divide the communities.
But the leaders in government justify that it is to help the weaker race when in reality they only help themselves and their cronies. And to hide the betrayal will create issues that raise tensions and blames amongst the people.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 16:06  

Anon 13.04,
I like this statement
"When the victim of snatch thief who can't speak Bahasa Melayu, the inspector who took the report was transferred because calling the victim to return to China. Hmmmm....the victim suddenly understand Bahasa Melayu when the inspector uttered such word. We need to learn such skill i.e. to detect Racism; without speaking the language
Bila nak tulis tak faham..go back to China la. Cina cina mmg macam tu. Patut pun balik China

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 16:39  

Yes, racism exists in Malaysia. It is practiced by all races. But the problem here is institutionalized racism which is promoted aggressively by the UMNO-led government to the detriment of the whole of the country and only to their benefit.

You said Malays are bypassed for promotion in Chinese-owned companies. That maybe true. That may very well be true.

But what have you got to say about vacancies published in newspapers for jobs advertised which states 'Bumiputeras are encouraged to apply'. What does this statement mean?

Do you mean that the Bumiputera has to be encouraged or rather 'pushed' in order to apply for a job? To be encouraged to seek employment rather than be unemployed? Or that it means the non-Bumiputera do not need to apply because this job only favours the Bumiputera?

What about Equal Employment Opportunity for all? So, you the problem here?

Unless and until, the laws of the Bolehland are treating every race as equals, racisms will only increase over time. No doubt racism will never be eradicated but it can be controlled when everyone has a fair chance. This is something the masters of Bolehland will never give.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 16:48  

Sir, In my mind there are 2 types of racism. The 1st type of racism is caused by ignorance which is inherent to all. The kind of racism that comes from too much assumption and stereotyping and not enough effort to get to know the other race and culture. The other type of racism - is the type purposely and actively promoted, leading to hate for the purpose of expanding their political power and influence. Almost like the KKK. The 2nd type is becoming more and more prevalent.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 17:15  

Bro Sak, the indonesian maids or the indonesian men are definitely not racist. Their victims (theft, murder, rape) are not one specific race only. Heck,in the news sometime back , the indonesian men that robbed a house raped a fellow indonesian, the maid.
So much for loyalty.

I don't know where you got the idea that chinese equates a malay similar to an indonesian.
Do you feel that you have more similarities to an Indonesian than a Malaysian ? Isn't the answer obvious ?

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 17:27  

Race relations is a problem in Malaysia because there has never been any real attempt to address it, apart from empty slogans. Our policies reflect a seemingly unanimous decision to remain as separate communities. Our constitution protects communities from integration by safeguarding separate schools for the different communities. Stark contrast to the United States where school busing was enforced to racially integrate schools. Malaysians have to ask themselves, do we really want to become 1Malaysia? And are we prepared to make the required sacrifices towards this end?

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 17:31  


Your article started well but somewhere down the line it degenerated into your defense that malays only appear to be racist due to the actions of chinese. I don't see how you can use the example of namewee to support your argument that the chinese are racist and in the same tone, defend the actions of siti inshah mansor with the insinuation that she was "provoked" by the students inclination to be gangster like. Why do you choose fit to leave out the likes of Perkasa, Bung Mohkthar, Ahmad Ismail, etc who openly call non malays pendatangs, prostitutes, and what nots?

I also sense that you agree with Dr. Mahathir's article that meritocracy is racist because you keep qualifying that private companies employ more chinese on the basis of their skin colour. Come on Dato, private companies exist for a simple reason of making profits and this means hiring the most competent people best suited to perform their jobs of bringing in the profits regardless of their race, skin colour or religion.

I'm rather disappointed with your article because it is not your usual objective approach to the ills that befalls this country.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 17:33  


Indeed racism is endemic in our society. The recent Siti Inshah and Namewee incidents are just the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps with PM's zero tolerance policy on racism, reform can start at the public institutions, to be followed by the private institutions, public and individual initiatives.

It will take time and full of challenges ahead. It will require steely political wills to achieve any tangible results.

Unless every 'rakyat' views racism as the root of all social ills and determined to eradicate it, PM's call on zero tolerance on racism will remain a pipe dream.

Quiet Despair,  5 September 2010 at 17:58  

Racism can be stopped if all of us are happy.
The situation where one is made to feel left out or inferior breeds racism.
So everyone must accept our place in our multi-racal society.
The Malays are unhappy that many still did not benefit from the NEP. Yet the government is moving to NEM.
The Chinese think Malays are too long being given crutches. They think we are the favored one.
It's time for us not too be envious or suspicious of the other races and what the Governmet is doing to help them.
Chinese must be like the Singporean Malays who accept that the wee state is a Chinese government and a chinese state.
They learn to live with it.
The Singaporean Malays dont have the privilege of the Chinese here who holds our economy.
I don't see why the Chinese cant be like them.
You should besatisfied with your lot in life.

bungled 5 September 2010 at 18:06  

Wow, a whole lot of accusations. Let's go through it one by one

I have no idea if the claim that the chinese in private businesses exclude malays by extolling certain lack of virtues, but assuming it is true, what is your point?
That the chinese 'racist' only differs from the Malay 'racist' in their levels of subtlety and violence? You don't think there is a whole lot of difference between the two? Anyhow, racism is a crime. That being the case there is nothing to stop people from lodging police reports about the perceived racism or filing a suit in the courts. It is being done all over the world with handsome returns in many cases. But despite all this complaining why isn't a single case of racism at the workplace being heard in malaysian courts today? After all, the judiciary should be quite 'impartial' in private cases as it doesn't involve the executive or the government. The chinese have no power to intimidate the courts anyway. So why bitch about it and do nothing?
By the way, it is entirely possible that 6 billion people on this planet are convinced that they are victims of 'subtle racism'. But that is not the real problem is it? The real problem is the in-your-face blatant racism practiced in Malaysia that is one of a kind.
I also hope that you are not saying it is justified for malays to practice 'blatant' racism because you think the chinese practice 'subtle' racism. Are you?

bungled 5 September 2010 at 18:07  

Secondly, are you absolutely sure that TNB is 'efficient'? And merely stating that it is inefficient makes me a racist? Therefore, you are merely following Mahathir's footsteps in claiming that meritocracy is racism, right? Are you are nuts? Ops, sorry. Since anyone can claim that labelling one as inefficient or possibly even nutty can be referring to race, I guess calling you a nut can makes me a racist too huh? Har har..

Now about the maids. The court recently sentenced Murugan, an Indian man for abusing his Indon maid, breaking her bones, locking her in the toilet and causing her death. You got anything to say about that?
Another news with an Arab putting 20 nails into the spine of his Sri Lankan maid. You got anything smart to add to that?? Can I infer that since you particularly like to target the Chinese for your accusations, you are therefore a racist? And a not so subtle one?

As for accusing Namewee for changing the tune if TNB was chinese operated, furnish your proof before making wild accusations.
And by the way, Namewee is stating a well known fact when he said the chinese are the ones producing the money to run this country. Even Mahathir himself acknowledges as much. So what is the beef? That the truth hurts?

Jeez Samongkol, you need to listen to yourself once in a while.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 18:24  

It is natural instinct for one to be associated with each other of some common trait. For example,when one quarrels with his/her other half, one uses the word like "you man/woman " generalization. That is micro level. Race association is just another higher level. Next will be the country level, regional countries or finally Eastern & Western world level etc.
It is not wrong to associate oneself to others with some common traits or whatever attributes . The important thing is you are able to see things through the big picture.
For example when one looks at the country level, do not use a sub level to analyze the problems or looking for solutions.
What is more important at country level is the equal distribution of wealth among the citizens.Assuming you belong to one race and the official wealth quota for your race is 50%. But that 49% is held by just one family of your race, you will definitely be unhappy. The unequal distribution of wealth spells trouble EVEN in a homogeneous (single race) society.
Unfortunately, many of our MP & policy makers cannot see this simple point when they analyze problems or they choose not to for some selfish reasons.For me, I will vote out such candidates for sure in the election.
Coming to religions, one should not have "my god is holier than yours" mentality.It spells trouble for the country.Religion is to be embraced willingly because one believe in it & not forced upon.How many are really practicing what they say/promise/pray once out of the worship places??? Actions speaks louder than words.Talking/shouting slogans is easy.
Speaking of national integration, I think the money can be saved by abolishing the department & just implement policies that will integrate the citizens. Policies are made by people & they need to be amended if found to be unsuitable.ALL POLICIES SHOULD BE NEED & CLASS BASED RATHER THAN RACE BASED.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 18:29  


Your analysis is not well-thought out and seems more like an emotional outburst. It is not based on reality and in so many instances, you read motives into others' actions which are best left to psychologists. What we should concern ourselves with is the elimination of racism and discrimination in policy and the public area. This is where a sincere govt can act. There will always be actions by individuals that we can do nothing about except let the appropriate laws take care of them. What their thoughts are (racially prejudiced or not) do not concern us as long as their actions do not cause any injury or damage to third parties. So, for example, what Namewee's views are do not matter if his actions do not hurt anybody. Conversely, if he has the most pristine thoughts but his actions hurt others, then there is cause for concern. And we should not presume his actions in the TNB case are racially-motivated by attempting to read his mind. If anything, I think this guy is an equal opportunity abuser, that is, he will scold anybody regardless of race if offended. I notice you make sweeping generalisations of instances of Chinese prejudice like the requirement of Chinese language ability in hiring. There may be instances of discriminatory Chinese hiring practices but the example given is the biggest myth. Apart from low-level jobs, no company, Chinese or otherwise, will ask for Chinese language ability. It does not even help in acting as a discrimination tool because the great majority of well-educated Chinese do not read or write Chinese either. I am sure that there are many competent and eminently qualified Malays, as exemplified by Zaid Ibrahim, Raja Addruse and Tunku Aziz for instance, but for you to charge racism when a Malay is found lacking is both inaccurate and unfair. Because our education institutions do not admit by merit (according to Dr. Mahathir, 50% of Malay university students are not qualified to be admitted to universities based on merit), it is not unusual to expect that Malay graduate employees will, in general, perform less well than others. This has nothing to do with race but with the fact that they were not better prepared before they attended university. It would have been better, for example, to give the weaker Malay students an extra year to attain the necessary entry qualifications than to admit unqualified ones. By the way I just watched the Teoh Beng Hock inquest tape and if the performance of the top legal talent at an important institution like MACC in a high-profile case is representative of the standard of our civil service, you must agree that if he is criticised or laughed at, it is not racial prejudice. A Chinese performing the same way will be ridiculed, too. In conclusion, I suggest that we should all focus on ridding the public arena of racist speech and actions. Leave people's racist thoughts in their minds. There's nothing you can do about it.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 18:35  

totally agree with you dato'
in my opinion , everyone in ths country is a racist- malays, chinese, indian etc. th excuse given for knowing mandarin is absolutely rubbish -- in todays's world the chinese from china are speaking better english than the chines in this country.
one thing though, teachers have no right to pass racist comments to their students-- if they cannot control their emotions they have no business teaching schoolchildren. when i was schooling in the early seventies, teachers were highly respected, they were considered our second parents and they together with our parents thaught us our moral values and the teachers were proud when we succeded in life. i am a professional today because of my teachers( i studied in a national school). my younger brothers who also studied in the late seventies and early eighties wrere guided by their teachers in terms of career choices ( those teachers were of different races then mine) and all my brothers are very successful today. so no matter what the provocation, the headmaster concerned had no business uttering any racist remarks, rather she could have initiated disciplinary actions against the students if she was provoked.
happy writing and selamat hari raya aidil fitri

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 18:55  

"..its overriding aim was national unity. We have tried to do it through economics. It has failed"
You missed an important observation..
It not just failed, it enforced disunity , what with the over emphasis of racial origin being pushed into each of our faces in every facets of our life.

Looking for an off the shelf solution? simple...
Each eligible bumiputra documented now is given a one time pass to a Federal 'opportunities' as mentioned in Article 153 of the Constitution.
Once used for an opportunity of their choice (and matched to skill), it expires and the country has discharged it's responsibility to the person in accordance to Article 153 of the Consitution.
All these has an expiry date of 2015 or when the oil dries up which ever comes 1st.

After which any affirmative action should be for ALL on a need basis.
Rocket science??

Red Alfa 5 September 2010 at 19:13  

Salam Dato'

I refrained commenting on your last postings. Just listening in and now getting your take on it - racism in Malaysia is serious. We are in self-denial, it would never get to explode as in Rwanda, Kenya, Bosnia?

Not like them who want why the ugliness of May 13, 1969 be reminded, but we must see this as coming and it's up to us that Malaysia steps away from the brink, NOW!

We must confront racism but not with counter-racism. That we know both are the unacceptable ugliness of human behaviors is the start.

Our laws must criminalize racism and enforcing the laws must be race-blind. Like in South Africa, we must confront our own devils, better now than later!

anonymous 5 September 2010 at 19:28  

"When Siti Inshah Mansor abused non Malays because of their ethnic background, that is racism. But what if Siti Inshah Mansor was verbally abusive because the students were vandals or were gangster-like, can she be classified as racist? Her choice of words were unfortunate but were her actions prompted by the students' different racial background?"


She uttered racist insulting language against her own students. Period. Whatever their race, whether they were gangsters and vandals is irrelevant... in fact whatever her reason is irrelevant. If the Sedition Act should be used against anyone, it's her!

I hope she is sacked but with the racist government that we have, the worst that would happen to her is a slap on the wrist and a transfer to another school where she'll be free to repeat her racist rants. A product of BTN.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 19:36  

Sak, Once Umno man, always be an Umno man. You guys never change even one bit.

schenker78 5 September 2010 at 21:05  

what do you think of this scandal by Najib involving China company, CHEC asking komisyen 200million for Najib family, as well as rosmah in 1.1 billion ringgit mark up for ktmb EMU trains contract (which value KTM says only at 300million not 1.4 billion)

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 21:31  


What makes me angry is that my forefathers have been here even before the Portugis attack Malacca. Article 153 is wriiten to protect and help people like me. Today we people such as Mr. Tee who calls himself Malay just because of the constitution in that he is muslim, speaks malay and practice the malay culture AND he finished up what was reserved for people like me. Horrible. Malaysia is a failed project, like a wet thread, it just refused to stand.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 21:46  


My take is that racism had reared its ugly head more often than not now and those in power are not taking any steps to stop this. By condoning this, the race relations in Malaysia is going down the drain.

Why is it that a former PM with his " Bangsa Malaysia " tag is now making a 180 degree turn by instigating and highlighting race issues ? Does he have a hidden agenda ?

It is rather sad that after more than 52 years of Merdeka , the leaders in the government is resorting to using divisive race and religious issues to garner votes. This is counter-productive in a multi-racial Malaysia and may ricochet on us.

The saddest part of all is that the government is using BTN to heighten hatred for other races. If this goes on, there is no end to the barrage of racial outbursts by educators and enforecement officers. Can we really blame them ?

Probably, the government should be held accountable as they are the ones who approve the syllabi in BTN courses. Do not tell us that they are not aware of this.

Chinaman,  5 September 2010 at 21:47  

Hello Dato,

You think so hard write so many articles read so many comments to come up with a anti discriminatory law that calls for 6-3-1 split ah???? Hahahaha... If its anti discriminative the objective is not to identify anyone on the basis of their race, religion and culture la!!! Go one big round to ask for 60% guarantee!!! Hello, I am disappointed with you la Dato.

Your point on TNB and you wholesale assumption that all chinese hate GLC because they are ran by Malays is shallow. If TNB or any of the GLCs delivers top notch efficient service at reasonable prices who gives a hoot whther the place is run by Malay Chinese of Indian??

And your attempt to justify the actions of the HM Siti Inshah by speculating that she may be acting the way she did as a result of thuggish behaviour of her students is LAME! The reason why its an issue is not because she said what she did, its because her behaviour is unbecoming of a person in her position. That's the difference between a leader and an also ran!! We expect more of our leaders and educators. And even if her students were to thuggish, her course of action must be to punish thuggish behaviour!!!! NOT JOIN IN THE FRAY!!! Because she is HM she is suppose to guide our students to the right path and not to engage in an exchange of racial slurs with her students!!!

You paham tak?? This is not Chinese V Melayu la bro its about doing the right thing! I am honestly disappointed wt this analysis of yours dato.


Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 22:47  


Namwee is rude, behaved inappropriately and abnoxiously.

We have to be honest with ourselves. 50 yrs of BN Rule especially over the last 30 years have left us a legacy of despair and mistrust from Non-Malay Malaysians.

We have been forced to accept a lower level of standards (AND NO - I am not attributing this to Malays). Also it is disappointing to stereotype Malaysian Chinese as cruel to Indonesian maids (because they are like Malays). Employers who mistreat workers (be they be maids or whatever) should be dealt with according to the law.

The problem with this Government is selective prosecution. We have all the laws but lacking the balls to implement. If you UMNO or BN-related, you can almost get away with anything.

Anak Malaysia

schenker78 5 September 2010 at 22:50  

when it comes to racism between malaysian and indonesian maid,

maybe some chinaman esp the Hulu ones like in the case of Nirmala, they treat the Indonesian as if they are 2nd class or low caste. This i think exist in malays too. They generally look down on Indonesian and filipinos as if they are a low class being.

you pay them rm500 per month and expect them to work like a Donkey day and nite 7days a week, not only take care the house, but baby sit your children and babies ????

I dont see Europeans and Americans treat their maid like that. Thats why I hate these bloody Asians more. I dont behave like this bastard Asians.

Learn to respect others, bloody Pigs. Your parents dont have maid while taking care of you. I dont have a maid in my house. I do my own chores, mopping and vacuum when have free time. If you have anyone to cook, just buy your food.

I dont enslave ppl and i am not comfortable with having a maid in my house. Bloody agents some more suck our money to bring them for rm8000. Must shoot all these pariah agents. They are just like Alibaba bastards. exploiting other human beings everywhere, doing Human slavery and trafficking...

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 22:53  

Dato Sak,
Artikel Dato adalah kenyataan dan kebenaran. Secara logiknya Isu perkauman hanya di sarankan kepada satu pihak, wahal bapa kepada rasis adalah IBRAHIM ALI. Adakah Malaysia memerlukan PERKASA?????
Rakyat Malaysia kini dah celek bukan jadi pak turut. Kalau pihak pemerintah selidik dan kaji kenyataan para pemimpin termasuk kenyataan Ibrahim Ali itu. Jelas nampak siapa yang digelar bapa kepada bapa RASIS.Zaman kini terbuka luas, harus bersaing, jangan di kongkong dan hadkan rakyat untuk bersaing. Persaingan itu lah yang akan memajukan seseorang dalam apa jua perkara.
Tuhan jadikan kita ini sama, bezanya bangsa dan agama.
Saya adalah ANTI RASIS!!!!
X PM dan TPM x sepatutnya mengeluarkan kenyataan yang boleh menyakitkan mana mana pihak, mereka harus memberi kenyataan yang positif dalam menangani dan selesaikan isu RASIS. TPM kata dia Pertama MELAYU dan Kedua MALAYSIA. Apakah maksud yang tersirat dalam kenyataan itu??? PELIK TAPI BENAR.
Secara logiknya, saya dan majoriti RAKYAT MALAYSIA menolak kepimpinan TPM itu.
X PM bagi sasaran 2020 ujud BANGSA MALAYSIA, hanya 10 tahun lagi, tetapi masih pertikaikan isu isu RASIS. Isu isu RASIS tidak timbul tanpa kenyataan kenyataan daripada PEMIMPIN PEMIMPIN NEGARA. BUSUK IKAN BERMULA DARI .........

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 22:54  

Dato Sak,
It seems to me that 1Malaysia has actually stimulate more racism than ever before. People now begins questioning social contract, NEP, constitution, and so forth. By birth right of Malaysia, all these things already being settled by all races long before and should be discussed again. Unlucky, IMalaysia has triggered and hugging the same old issues again and again. We should move forward for bigger international agenda. What are waste of resources ?

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 23:06  

Wat to do?Just accept meritocracy and see where it leads us to..

May the strong prosper and Malaysia reach developed status before 2020.

The weak have to learn to cope if they can't compete.

Nothing personal nor racial..just a policy that is the panacea to the failure (or deemed failure ) of NEP. I not a liberal man?

Liberal Bumi

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 23:35  

in the red dot, performance bonus is a SECRET affair even though it is now 1st world country

and they always CLAIM loudly that they practise meritocracy and transparency

what hypocrisy

when asked why PB and staff ranking is secret - the lame excuse is that the section heads are not ready to counsel staff

what a pathetic joke - why promote them to become heads in the first place, if they are NOT ready to counsel staff

See Sak, the fact that the army is not OPEN to Malay Muslims is a telltale sign of something unhealthy

So Malaysia's political power must remain in Malay hands

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 23:44  

I thinked is the genetic issue. The problem with malays are, they are always given better opportunities in education and special loans but still produces lousy graduates. The mental state of a normal malay guy already reached the maximum level, which means, "I am lazy, so what!" and "I love shortcuts". So tell me, is it genetic or parental guide? Shameful is forever gone in their vocabulary. If TNB is run by chinese and their service sucks, every chinese will grilled them, trust me. That's how we improved and stick that in your mind.

sarahpat 5 September 2010 at 23:51  

Malaysia is a hodge-podge of different culture and race making it more dynamic and interesting. Creating a comparison between each race inevitable because of the visible distinction between each culture.However, I think instead of focusing on these differences we should therefore just start within ourselves an harmonious appreciation on them.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 23:57  

the first step to eradication of racial polarisation and racist tendencies is to abolish all the vernacular schools

the original objective of these schools was to send the pendatangs home after their labour stint in Tanah Melayu in line with british greed

so why retain these obsolete schools when they agreed to become malaysians whose official language is Bahasa Melayu and the official religion is Islam governed in a system of Raja Raja

the curriculum and the language policies of these VS may have induced a sense of identification and loyalty to PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Pakistan

so why should the Malaysian government fund such unpatriotic practices to the very detriment of its own well-being

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 23:57  

Quite Despair, you still don't get it. Not all those rich billionare chinese represent all the chinese. These few, very rich people of diversed race control the economy, that's it through connections. The rest are just AVERAGE JOes. From what I have read, I understand even the AVERAGE JOES , malays with "no support given" also faces obstacles too.
This is not a race issue but it has been blown out of proportion because RACE has been used to DIVIDE Malaysians causing us to be blinded with hatred instead of doing the rational and correct thing.
In addition, Singapore is doing very well compared to us. Surely all Malaysians would be FRUSTRATED why with all our rich resources we lose to that " dot".
Singaporean Malays need not be worried nor concern about their future, that THEIR COUNTRY is doing badly . If they wanted to be Malaysians, you 'll see a whole lot of them, resettling here in Malaysia. Are they doing that ?Why not ?

So let's not allow ourselves be blinded with issues that actually does not concern race at all.

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 00:37  

Day in day out talk about racial and religion issue when the real issue facing our country is pure corruption and robbing of the country naked.

Just read what Malaysia today said about the RM500 million payoff demanded and about UEM will have your blood boil.

Quiet Despair.. looks like your friend going to make you permanently despaired.

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 01:21  

"Would Namewee behaved the same way, if the TNB officers were Chinese?"

Yes he would, you should see his clip where he "tiu kau" the malaysian ethnic chinese because of all the nonsense chinese culture adopted from china. I think he just does this for anything he doesn't like. Just so happens, the TNB officers were ethnic Malay in the TNB clip. Nevertheless, Namewee is uncouth and an attention seeker, I'll give you that. Regardless, everyone should respect ppl who don't take sides and says it like it is e.g. RPK.

I agree with you on one thing. Us Malaysians are racist. So are almost everyone else in this world. Just because we are all inherently racist, doesn't make it right. So all this racist talk by the politicians, all this "pendatang haram" crap, doesn't solve a damn thing. What it does do, is make ppl who are inherently racist take sides. So guess what? We are all being played by the politicians. If I was a politician, I would stoke racial flames because, heck, its easy to get votes from inherently racist Malaysians.

WE ARE ALL BEING EXPLOITED! Get our heads out of our butts and see it for what it is.

And please, we don't need laws to outlaw racism. That just leads to more segregation and racism. It doesn't create an understanding, which is really the problem, lack of understanding. I'll VOTE for any party that can get this right, BN or BR but who am I kidding, most of these politicians are only in it for themselves. If you truly want to do something, you should start with yourself. Make no excuses for being ignorant. Work on stopping your own racist thoughts and feelings. Its admirable that you can see the faults on all the races but in the end, if you take sides, you're back to square one.

Loganathan.S,  6 September 2010 at 01:27  

Thanks Dato' you put in writing what I have been telling my friends all this while...the biggest problem of this country are the chinese..the creators of everything illegal, the mothers of corruption.

The UMNO malays can be bad but at least you can still trust them as they still believe in God.

One commentator said the chinese nowadays are educated and do not know how to read or write in chinese...brader if 99% of the chinese go through the chinese communist education system, how can you say they cant read or write in mandarin.

I just hope someone can advise the UAE rulers on how dangerous it is allowing chinese to roam freely in their country. Massage parlours are mushrooming in Dubai and you see all this chinese prostitutes everywhere around here. And if you call them that they get angry, I give up on this chinese

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 03:03  

Shoo away the chinese out if this Tanah Melayu, we'll have a peaceful country.

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 08:50  


Isn't it Obvious by now that when DS Najib mooted the Idea of 1Malaysia little did he know that he was about to open Pandora's Box!

Certain things such as Race and Religion must be handled with care and not bandied about...and Sloganised.

We have been living together in Peace as human beings without being asked to Soul Searched about why we should treat each other well because of their race...

Joe Black

JustTruth,  6 September 2010 at 09:06  

"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth" -- Mohandas Gandhi

"In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place" -- Mohandas Gandhi

"Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire" -- Confucius

"What the superior man seeks is in HIMSELF
what the small man seeks is in Others" -- Confucius

"The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law" -- Aristotle

"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference" -- Voltaire

NO NEED to twist and turn sampai kepala pusing and lidah pusing.
30 yrs of oppression of the nons in Malaysia is going to erupt like a Volcano soon.
Keep on pushing and pusing your kepala - no use.

Just use your common sense and conscience to guide you. Namawee is just voicing the gross injustice thats been festering in bolehland for far too tooo tooo long.

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 09:37  

Have u ever heard kit siang condemning a Chinese as racists?

Have u ever heard kit siang condemning the cause of NEP (which is the racists business practices of Chinese clans/groups) as racists? He surely condemns NEP as racists.

Have you ever heard kit siang condemning the Chinese cultural and educationists group as racists whenever they fought for their rights? He surely condemns Malay fighting for their constitutional rights as racists.

Have you ever heard kit siang condemning Chinese vernacular schools as a racists institution? No right. But these schools further deepen racism and separate our races. If our children can’t even meet talk or laugh together when they were young, do you suddenly expect them to be ‘Malaysian first’? Surely not. Kit siang condemned DPM for not being Malaysian first but support our kids to develop race first rather than Malaysian first.

And you know why kit siang does this? He’s protecting his electorates: the Chinese. In this manner he is No different from Ibrahim ali.

Ellese A

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 10:13  

Tuan Moderator,

Gejala rasis ujud dalam semua aspek kehidupan -- sosial, ekonomi, politik, budaya, bangsa, agama, individu dan institusi -- tetapi keketaraannya saja yang berbeza yakni ada yang ketara, sederhana ketara dan tidak ketara.

Apartheid adalah contoh perkauman (rasis) yang terlalu ketara yang melibatkan dua elemen iaitu: 1. Kebanggan berlebihan tuan berkulit kulit putih ke atas individu berkulit hitam dan 2. Ketamakan penjajah untuk kekal menguasai pentadbiran negeri yang dijajah.

Apartheid muncul di Akrika Selatan (dulunya) kerana golongan kulit putih (golongan minoriti) mahu mempertahankan penguasaan dalam semua aspek kehidupan dalam negara yang mana kulit hitam adalah majoriti.

Oleh itu muncullah peraturan dan sekatan yang pelik-pelik (apartheid). Ini kerana kalau tanpa apartheid, lambat laun golongan minoriti akan kehilangan penguasaan.

Meskipun apartheid klasik di Afrika Selatan telah berkubur tetapi apartheid lain-lain versi masih berterusan di serata dunia. Dalam sektor ekonomi, sedar atau tidak apartheid versi ekonomi masih berterusan.

Apartheid versi ekonomi muncul apabila golongan minoriti di sesuatu lokaliti menguasai ekonomi tetapi bukan golongan majoriti. Sesuatu perlu dilakukan kalau penguasaan itu mahu diteruskan.

Justeru, kedengaranlah bermacam-macam cerita dan peraturan yang pelik-pelik yang jelas keapartheidannya. Supaya ianya tidak ketara maka semua itu perlulah disembunyikan dibelakang keperluan terhadap bahasa, strategi korporat, kelayakan, kerajinan dsbnya.


Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 10:44  

Umum perlu mengaktifkan diri untuk mengambil bahagian dalam aktiviti menegakkan kebenaran dan menumbangkan kebatilan. Kalau umum lesu dan tidak ambil peduli maka ia semacam memberikan lampu hijau kepada pihak yang batil untuk meneruskan agenda kebatilan mereka.

Apabila kebatilan berjaya mereka tegakkan maka lambat laun umum juka yang akan menerima impak susulannya. Jadinya, ayuh buktikan yang anda betul-betul anti-kebatilan, anti-kurang ajar, anti-rasis, anti-carut, anti-pengkhianat dengan memaparkannya dalam bentuk "anti-Namawee".


Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 10:45  


I donno why namewee's postings can be regarded as racism. I watched the video myself, i dont find anything that is so offesive about.

I'll state it as an example, say, i a Chinese sales manager works in a Malay Company. One day, my superior comes to me and ask me to leave the Co. since this is a Malay Co. and i am not. I countered my superior by saying that "Have you forgotten who bring revenue into this Co?" Tell me, how could the above incident be regarded as racism?

However, if the same statement appears in a different scenario, this could be regarded as racism. Eg, If the Chinese claims that they have been contributing (say) 90 pct of the country's coffer, in return they should get a fair quota of 90 pct of all the country well beings. If other races do not agree and the Chinese uttered this same statement "Have you forgotten who makes this country rich?", this should be regarded as racism, no doubt...

Clearly, Namewee didn't use this fact to be-little the other race and demanded for a special quota or rights to serve this statistic. What he was doing is to remind those that the Chinese are too and have been contributing to this country.

Correct me if i'm wrong.

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 12:18  

Malays racist? No. They will accept anybody who champion their interest. Hishamudin and his father are Turkish. Mahathir is Indian. Abdullah is Chinese.Malays will accept Ridhuan Tee or even Lim Guan Eng if they champion Malay interest. Dato Onn an UMNO founder, was rejected because he was compromising Malay interest.
So not race lah. All this hullabaloo is simply because people are suffering and they are scared and angry. The elites take too much and not enough to go round for the others who work hard and see no way out. The problem is going to get worse when the economy tanks and the elites still want their cut.

HAKIMAN,  6 September 2010 at 13:02  

Dato Sak, you said, "..Among Malays, their racism is easily discernible as it is commonly held, that the institutions before us are all embodiment of Malay racism. By institutions, I mean and define them to be public institutions..."

That is totally untrue. The public institution does NOT represent "Malay racism". It represents UMNO RACISM.

The Malays cannot be unfairly painted with a racist brush just because our public institutions was made into a Malay institutions by this UMNO-led govt for its entrenchment of power.

The Malays were made to be perceived as racist BECAUSE of UMNO's (not Malay in general) racist policies.

To state a fact, UMNO does NOT equal to Malay. Not all Malays are in UMNO.

Of course UMNO wants non Malays to believe that UMNO = Malays.

So, however, for the non Malays who have constantly been on the short end of the stick by those pro-UMNO and BTN-trained bureaucrats in the civil service, will perceive that all Malays are racist by their experience with the civil service.

Those non Malay students who scored As in their exams, denied scholarships and choice of studies and places in universities by the UMNO and BTN-graine civil servants will perceive Malays as racists by their experience with these institutions.

And yet you can ask each one of them, that among their close friends are Malays and their parents have very good Malay friends and colleagues. A Chinese friend of mine even said that if not for his one Malay boss who stood by him, he would not have got his promotion in govt service.

No, Dato Sak, your generalisation that the public institiutions is an embodiment of Malay racism is incorrect.

What can be said is the racist behaviour and attitudes of the public institutions are diametrically opposed to the core values of the Malays, and I would further say, they insult the innate culture of the Malays.

The public institutions make Malays look like "kurang ajar". The corporate culture of the public institutions has more to do with the racial politics of UMNO rather than the core values of the Malays.

I disagree strongly with you on this, Dato Sak.

HAKIMAN,  6 September 2010 at 13:22  

Even our senior police officers, paid by taxpayers to protect ALL Malaysians, make racist taunts, let alone the head mistress.

".... KUALA LUMPUR: A police inspector who allegedly told a 51-year-old snatch theft victim to “balik China” (return to China) if she could not speak Bahasa Malaysia is being investigated.

City police chief DCP Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman said the inspector, in his 30s, was from the Sentul district police headquarters. He is being investigated by the city police headquarters disciplinary committee headed by the Chief Police Officer.

The officer, who is attached to the Criminal Investigation Depart­ment, has been temporarily relieved of his duties pending investigations. He is now handling administrative work.

He allegedly made the remark to housewife Loh See Moi, who was a snatch theft victim on Aug 24 in Kepong.

“The police force will not defend and protect any policemen, if they are guilty of wrongdoing,” said DCP Muhammad Sabtu.

This is a product of UMNO's racist policies of the last 40 years and if you check his background, there is every likelihood he had attended and believe everything said at the BTN-courses taught by bureaucrats to trainees to hate and dislike ALL nonMalays.

This police inspector's racist attitude is no different from that of Quiet Despair.

Ir. MALAYSIAN 2020,  6 September 2010 at 13:42  

HOW COME asking someone to go home is a Racist remark?
The non-Malays went berserk when they heard how the Principal of a school,told the Chinese to go back to China and the Indians of wearing dog-chains.
I am not a racist.But with the racist sentiment filling up the air uncontrollably, lately, Something must have triggered the words & I believe,she was provoked into saying it

just like what the DAP and MCA is doing to the government,UMNO,ISLAM &the Malays!!!
We're already choking & it looks like nothing could be said or done could purify the air for now.
I didn’t know that Asking someone to go home is a racist remark.
Esp when the Chinese made it clear how proud they are to be Chinese from China.They look up upon Mao Tze Tung & the great warriors of China and never share the same proudness towards our Hang Tuah,Tunku Abdul Rahman,Mat Kilau and other Malaysian heroes just becoz these Malaysian heroes are not of Chinese ethnic.
The Chinese despise Malaysia, Malays,our Kings,Bahasa Msia & everything MIM.So the teacher might've told the kids to go back to China,where their hearts and souls belong.

Only in Malaysia,we see people go crazy,stomping their feet, insisting that they are Malaysians but at the same time don’t want anything to do with Malaysia
Only in Malaysia,we see people who want to be treated equally as the original settlers but cunningly try to re-write the Malaysian’s history and constitution.

Only in Malaysia,we see people who claim to be Malaysians but couldnt speak BM & cannot even sing the National Anthem!
Only in Malaysia,we see people who fight for equality but insist on going to vernacular schools.
No other multi-racial country in the world would tolerate vernacular schools except Malaysia.
No other multi-racial country in the world would give equal privilege, rights or recognise the importance of other culture and language.
Only in Malaysia we see minority own 81% of the economic cake and THAT still not enough.

Only Malaysian Chinese would ask for Namewee to be forgiven & look up upon the person and even set up a fan club.
And only Malaysia,would forgive someone like Namewee.This guy studied in TAIWAN,he could picked up KOMINIS 3-BINTANG IDEOLOGY there!
The fact that Malaysia has come this far and that the Malaysian Chinese have achieved SO MUCH doesn’t seem important anymore!

Of course there are few Chinese students who didn’t get scholarships despite being poor, but there are Malay & Bumiputra students who are poorer too!The problem lies in the implementation of the system,not the race!We have to STOP looking at things from the RACE perspective.
Maybe the Chinese 1st need to look from the non-Chinese pt of view: WHAT if you didn’t get promoted even when you have proven to be the best employee just because the Chinese management wants only Chinese to hold top posts?
Or you did not get the job even when the interviewer admitted that you are the best candidate & tell you to your face that they can’t hire you becoz you are not Chinese?
Only Malaysian Chinese can hire a new,dumb guy to become your boss, rather than promoting you to the post because the new,dumb guy is a Chinese and you’re not.
Only Malaysian Chinese who want to hold top posts in government sectors but will never ever open top posts for other races in the private sectors dominated by them.

Only in Malaysian Chinese we see a clear practice of double standard and bias when questioning about the positions and employment opportunities in government sectors as compared to private sectors.
Only in Malaysian Chinese, we see zero tolerance,total greed and unlimited hatred.
Only in Malaysian Chinese we see that greed, intolerance, hatred and double standards are acceptable values.
So, how do the Malaysian Chinese interpret equality?
How do the Malaysian Chinese prove that they deserve to be treated as Bumiputras or even call themselves Malaysians?

Could I get a straight, simple answer to these simple questions?

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 14:04  

For any law or idea to work, the leadership must be strong. Looking at the current situation, we do not have a prayer of a chance of progressing. DSN has to content with idiots in his cabinet and also out of cabinet.

It boggles the mind that someone of TDM's stature can come out and say that meritocracy is racist. Pray tell how do we improve ourselves if we don't get the best to do anything ?

Does DSN have the political will to make 1Malaysia successful ? Let's just say looking at the odds now, I would not even put RM1 on him succeeding.

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 17:04  

Forget all these abstraction. It looks like Najib back has been broken by the hawks and his twin policies of 1Malaysia and NEM is going down the toilet. He is going down. The question is only when. Datuk?

schenker78 6 September 2010 at 20:31  

saudara sak,

saya baru tgk berita (propaganda) TV3, kenapa Musa Hassan macam nak nangis jer hilang jawatan ???

Dia tuduh pulak Kementerian Dalam negeri kacau urusan polis...

Bukan kah PDRM dibawah KDN.... Dia complain ada orang KDN bypass bagi arahan tanpa pengetahuan IGP ....

Kenapa berlaku, saya rasa KDN pun tahu Musang ini tidak boleh dipercayai, lagi teruk dari pemimpin UMNO....

Kalau orang masih ingat J Edgar Hoover, Director FBI, dia menyimpan fail2 rahsia Presiden, Senator, Orang Politik, Movie stars , J Edgar Hoover ini mengugut dan menyalah gunakan kuasa selama dia berkuasa dr tahun 1935 hingga 1972...37 tahun...lagi dasyat dari taib mahmud dan mahathir

samapi umur 72 thn J edgar hoover tak bersara, bila mati baru dapat direktor FBI baru.....mungkin musang mahu jadi macam dia kot....

Musang ini memang ugut PM terdahulu kot, pasal dia ada semua scandal dan fail2 kotor UMNO. Tapi Keris Mudin x peduli....sebab scandal Keris Muddin setakat gambar photo minum Carlsberg jer....

Quiet Despair,  6 September 2010 at 21:40  

Loganathan S and Ir. Malaysian 2020

Bravo. My sentiments exactly.

Like Umno Youth, I am wondering why MCMC is still dilly-dallying on arresting Namewee.
Why the discriminatory and double stanndard practices?
Why wasnt he charged like Hassan Skodeng and another guy (I frgot his name0 and they were not racist.
It proves racism is allowed on the Chinese.

schenker78 6 September 2010 at 21:53  

I thinks its a myth and mis information by mahathir about chinese giving 90%?? of tax...

What he meant was the income tax, and this income tax does not contribute more than 10% of government budget per year....

and chinese does not control 80% of the economy.... Bulk of economy, factories, manufacturing and electrical exports are by foreign owned eg Japanese, koreans and American companies....i believe foreigners controls 20 to 30% of economic activity...the chinese might be 30 to 40%.... the rest is by the GLCs...which is owned by Petronas, UMNO companies, PNB, khazanah...

Market capitalization of the malays according to ASLI is at 45% not 20%.....

so who is bullshitting who.....

there is no doubt SME is controlled by Chinaman....and per capita income of chinese is higher....

Giant, Tesco, Carrefour, KFC, Starbucks are not malaysian....all foreign brands like Panasonic, Toshiba, LG that manufactured in this country (with foreign labor) but the profits go back to their respective home countries....

Most of the banks today controlled by malays ... GLCs involve in more than half of the economic activity of the country....

Petronas contribute today at 50% of UMNO's budget (which is not healthy)....

The reason Chinese look strong is because malays always look weak. Everything malay touches becomes a Loss (because all done by UMNO alibaba), not genuine malay businessman.

The only good company which is malay private owned is Ranhill and Ahmad Zaki, besides Zaid ibrahim n Co....

Successful malays like Lawyer Rosli Dahlan put in how can malays go up ???? Now he lost all his client because of scumbag like musa and AG khalwat.

schenker78 6 September 2010 at 22:01  

Quiet Despair,

We all know chinama controls prostitution, illegal gambling, trafficking , gangsterism..... the head has been revealed as BK Tan, and he is a good friend of Musa Hassan, ....

So what are you as a Malay going to do, are you going to support this....

You have to remember, Chinaman Pariahs also cannot operate illegal business without the support of Crook police or crook politician ................

so what musa dis, he put all good policemen who complained about BK Tan under MACC investigation, police investigation , transfered to Hulu places....while he let go of those BK Tan and his kuncu2....

remember the case of Timbalan Home Minister, Johari Baharum vs Musa hassan ????? Abdullah Badawi as Home minister was sleeping as USUAL.....

At last, Johari kena....

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 22:14  

Anon 23:57 says:

"In addition, Singapore is doing very well compared to us. Surely all Malaysians would be FRUSTRATED why with all our rich resources we lose to that " dot"."


That "dot" potentials as a regional hub for trade and commerce have been discovered very long time ago i.e before it became a republic. Meaning, anybody (any of the non-ultrakiasu), beyond any doubt, would be able bring up that dot to the current level.

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 22:16  

When I look at some of the arguments here, it seems like we argue like our politicians.

"what! you say I am racist, but you are also racist"
"what! you say I am corrupt, I'll prove that you are also corrupt"

Don't you guys get it? - 2 wrongs don't make a right.

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 23:56  

Ir. MALAYSIAN 2020 6 September 2010 13:42
Thanks for reminding us again on the BTN contents.

Fooart 7 September 2010 at 00:01  

Call me a racist? I am proud to be Malay. No one can change that. Use whatever slogan the government want....1Malaysia or Bangsa Malaysia....I still prefer to be known as Malay.Not Bangsa Malaysia but Warganegara Malaysia. The Malay blood running strong in me...........

Quiet Despair,  7 September 2010 at 00:01  


Whatever Musa's faults, we should record our appreciation for his services.
It's not in the Malay culture to condemn a person when he's on the way out.
Of course you are not a Malay to understand it.
I hate this thing of denigrating our man in blue.
Of course it's because it's a Malay institution. Racism again.
We are safe aint we, happily typing away. Some of you earn much much, much more than the police whom you expect to look after your life and property.
This is the culture which is brought by your mentor, Mr Aljay.
Best Wishes in your future undertakings, Tan Sri Musa.
It is a thankless job.
Hope God will reward you and all policemen who died or got maimed in the line of duty.

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 00:42  

Oklah let's forget about trying to convince that the other RACE is a racist or the other RACE is more racist than us " Waste of time people"
Who would be dumb enough to admit that they are a RACIST ?
I say we get straight to the POINT.
Do we or do we NOT WANT to improve our RACe Relationship ? INTEGRATION ?
If we do, write something pleasant about the other race. Nothing negative. PERIOD. Try it. It's not possible that the other race has nothing positive, at all. Not unless you are mingling at all.
It's been said " if you got nothing nice to say about the other person, don't say anything at all"

anonymous 7 September 2010 at 00:59  

Singapore Malays live in a meritocratic society.

Malaysian non-malays would be equally happy to live in one as well.

To start with... let's ask the question if people deserve a discount on a property solely because of their race? I'll like to know in which other democracy is this practised. TQ.

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 01:13  

i) that siti addressed the chinese and indians as whole-groups. as did ahmad ismail. as did ibrahim ali. namewee's beef were with one particular siti (an individual) and tnb (a glc company). see the difference?
ii) r u gonna use the utusan meloya angle and equate any criticisms on tnb (or any glc) as an assault on malays because apparently all these glc's are MALAY institutions?? come on...!
iii) u asked hypothetically if tnb had been manned by chinese, would namewee hv done what he did? yes is the answer. nomatterwhat. nomatterwho. that's clear-mindedness for the benefit of bigots like u.

come to think of it, individuals like u are worse that outright clear enemies of the state. ibrahim katak, ahmad ismail etc...are at least clear-cut racists. it is half-devils like u (who project a liberal and same mind) that some of us find hard to identify.

i am not going to risk a non-malignant cancerous cell (like you). i will see to it that even u r eliminated from the political scene. umno is a parasitic and evil organisation. and umno wajib dikuburkan. including all collateral damages.


Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 02:04  

Blessing in disguise, A big thank you.

sniper,  7 September 2010 at 02:11  


Being a Malaysian citizen is like driving from Pekan to Kuala Lumpur on a trunk road.

You may drive a BMW or a kancil, but you have to follow the rules by its nature.

You cant drive on the right lane as you like even if it empty unless its safe to overtake.

Even the police cant issue saman ekor if a kancil overtook a BMW as long they follow the rules.

As long as you reach point B safely, that's fine with everybody.

But what some bad driver overlook is, there are drivers with OKU and P stickers, pedestrian, old man on a motorbike or bicycle.

And the bad driver dont really care about other people's safety as long as they reach point B as soon as possible, as they claim that they have a valid driving license and paid their road tax. So they have their rights just like any other legal drivers and vehicle.

If they are lucky enough, they might end up in a hospital and blame the hungry cow for crossing the road without following the rules.

- my 2 cents logic -

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 03:53  

joe black shd chech his facts

this era of "openness" was started by the sleepy pm and sil - not Najib's 1Malaysia

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 04:09  

JustTruth, how about that - the rich and affluent nons in Malaysia have been oppressed ???

the chinese drive big cars, live in mansions, have foreign maids and demand china-affiliated vernacular schools are OPPRESSED??

gosh, i don't mind being oppressed, man ...

Now let's see - the Bumis (landlords) have to tolerate the noisy chinese funerals, lion dances, inhale fumes of 7 month ghost festival, the getai noise pollution, tolerate the ashes and filth of burning paper and incense

the Malay Muslims also had to "accept" pig farms, endure the worry and anxiety of "halal" logo on porky food items, gets agitated with noisy dogs barking all day long, sometimes even chased and bitten by these aggressive brutes

having to adjust living with mushrooming vice dens filled with china prostitutes, clad in the skimpiest attire offending fine cultured people, accosted by mafia-like alongs, cheated by manipulated weighing machines

harrassed and conned by scratch & win "business" men and women, have to endure different pricing for bumis and chinese, insulted by the pirated CD sellers

aahhh tired lah to write some more - got long long long list of "torture" brought upon by descendents of a far away country

who had been proven to be history-illiterate and definitely INGRATES

schenker78 7 September 2010 at 04:30  

i agree with anon 0001, there is no such thing as bangsa malaysia, people should be proud of their own races at the same time they are malaysian citizens...thats all

schenker78 7 September 2010 at 04:35  

f*ck musa, this guy screws another malay ramli yusuf, stupid malay like quiet despair act like a big Dumb ass... no wonder malays are so weak. Its because a weak malay crab like you and Musa always pull down the better and honest malay down.

F*ck off Quiet D....

Its because people like you, the whole world becomes SHIT... there is no difference between the Dumb Ass George Bush, Badawi and you. Get Lost.

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 06:00  

you see this typical chinapek attitude shown by schenker78

he is not even in power YET and he asks people to Get Lost. Isn't that the same as 'balik tongsan', worse, the bumis own this land and he asks them to get lost.

Just imagine if he is in power - like the little red dot, promoting mandarin using govt funds when the national language is Bahasa Melayu.

The he uses vulgar language, "f*ck, screws, a big Dumb ass, F*ck off Quiet D, SHIT, Get Lost.

Just be forewarned, they are itching to be in power, therefore UMNO has to be demonised together with all Malay agencies and their staff

schenker78 and namewee are icons of Malay bashing

HAKIMAN,  7 September 2010 at 06:54  

"The Malay blood running strong in me..........."- Fooart

Check again your roots.. You sure you don't have Chinese or Indian blood running through your veins.. and they may be pork-laden blood running through.

There is no more pure Malay blood now in Malaysia.

Go check your DNA and you will find pork-filled blood running through your veins.

So don't be too bloody sure of yourself.

Just like Mahathir, who says he is a Malay, but has Indian blood running through his veins.

Or that Malay wannabee slit-eyed Chinese Muslim Ridhuan Tee, who has pork blood running through his veins.

Be a Malay and a proud Malay (ie self made and not crutch-dependent tyyep of UMNO Malay and but don't be a racially-prejudiced Malay or racist Malay like Quiet Despair and Shamsul Anuar.

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 06:55  

Dear dato,

when Obama was elected as president, oprah conducted a show and interviewed an Irish American. You know what he said which all including oprah agree. He was proud for Obama because he is sons of immigrant. They are all happy to be called a pendatang. It's not a racist term.

Ellese A

Quiet Despair,  7 September 2010 at 08:51  

Anon 0.600

Schenker and Hakiman are not Malays.
They cut no truck with me.
Just like dandruffs on my Zegner suit.
Hakiman never fails to swipe me and Shamsul in every postings.
They are just emulating their sodomizing leader.
Shanker is a low breed, no class, ingrate Indian who uses profanities and vulgarities to hide his inferiority.
That's a mark of a loser. Lost in verbal arguments, throw in the effing words.
Saudara Sak should spam them.
I guess both of them spawn kids who are recalcitrant that they deserved to be asked to berambus balik tongsan or Kerala.

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 09:10  

Anon 7 September 2010 00:42
Don't be naive...if the rakyat were to unite. All the race based political parties will be irrelevant and opportunistic looting of the public coffer will be lost. The day will come when the critical mass (which is close)of people who see the game for what it is ...only then your kindly appeal becomes relevant. Why do you thk the whole lot of BTN trained teachers are allowed to be active in politics?? Some gormen in this world works actively against the wishes of it;s own citizenry. With the internet history will be written closer to the truth..let the documentation of shame begin..the majority will have to bear the sin/shame into history...what a legacy!! Is this our forefather's dream, a hodepodge of nazism, apartheid and communism??

Dato too may have got a whiff of GE13 and starting to get back in to the game else he gets bypassed once more.

schenker78 7 September 2010 at 10:48  

Quiet Despair,

aku balik kerala ??? Awak suruh Mahathir balik kerala dulu sekali angkut anak2 pariah dia, okey.....

dunia ni luas...da xde sempadan... no such thing as balik mana 2 pun... x lama lagi awak akan mati..... orang macam awak ini saya rasa Old Timer in their 40s to 50s.... Jangan harap awak boleh hidup lama mcm mahathir... dia makan vitamin untuk sarapan pagi, bukan macam awak makan nasi kolestrol pagi buta...

Aku Inferior ?? From what ??? Berbanding kau, aku memang superior. Tong sampah macam awak, Mahathir dan Siti Inshah x lama lagi dah.... lepas kamu bertiga mampus, Malaysia akan jadi lebih baik dengan generasi muda yang Kurang rasis.

Adios Amigo..... Vete al diablo!

schenker78 7 September 2010 at 10:55  

anon 0600,

you never read my comment before bashing the chinese ??? i dont give a shit about any Race. I only care about myself. And I do care about people who are not selfish and not racist.

We did speak politely to Quiet Despair, but he keep on talking cock and behaving like a typical Pariah, its time to up the ante. Biar Pedas sikit, baru dia kena.

What made you hink I am chinese ???
You people are blind to whats happening to this country. Thats why malays are mundur, too much listening to politicians. Where is your Akal ??? God never give you brain to think. Go and march around with another Kepala Lembu and start your UMNO riot again like in 1969.

You own the world?? If foreigners decides this country will be worse than Suharto and Marcos, when people like you start losing Job and this country become another Greece and begging IMF, then you will feel it but by then its too late.

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 12:14  


Here's my simple answer.

So, how do the Malaysian Chinese interpret equality?

Please look at Article 8 of the Federal Constitution. The answer is very clear. I hope you understand what it meant.

How do the Malaysian Chinese prove that they deserve to be treated as Bumiputras or even call themselves Malaysians?

I do not want to be treated as Bumiputra, and I do not have to prove to you that I'm a Malaysian because I AM.

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 12:40  

if u think namewee is a racist take a look at some of his videos la. theres one that he fucked the chinese school education n another that he fucked the chinese new year songs for not being malaysian enough. i think he is not a racist. he just hate everyone equally.

Quiet Despair,  7 September 2010 at 14:06  


Why can't yoube like P. H. Chin. He's a realist.I have always respected his opinion.
I said again you are an Indian. Hakiman is a Chinese.
Idont normally like thw word pariah . But you are THE Pariah.
If you must know I was not born here. I was brought up overseas.
I came back here when I was 31.
Now I am exactly 40 years old.
I have worked in the US ever since I finished high school and graduation.
Dont think you are the only one who is global.
When you shout obscenties at others, it shows your breeding.

HAKIMAN,  7 September 2010 at 15:34  

"Hakiman never fails to swipe me and Shamsul in every postings."- Quiet Despair

Quiet Despair,

People like you should be exposed for being one of those UMNO scumbags who should be scrubbed off from our political and social landscape.

Make sure you don't visit a Chinese or Indian doctor or surgeon, because you don't trust them because they are Chinese and Indians.

The issue today is UMNO vs Non Malays NOT Malays vs Non Malays. It is people like you who followed UMNO's dirty tactics of turning what is UMNO's racially divisive politics into Malay vs Non Malay issues.

Why is it the non Malays have no problem with the PAS Malays? Even when PAS is running the Kelantan Govt and when Nizar, PAS MP was the MB of Perak. Of course scumbags like you will say that PAS leaders are Malay traitors and Nizar is a puppet of the Chinese in DAP.

Quiet Despair, you stoop to the lowest denominator and you are an insult to everything that is good about being a Malay and all that is great about the Malay culture.

You had claimed in other blogs you have older relatives and friends during the days of Tunku Abdul Razak and Hussein Onn, yet their greatness failed to rub into pysche.

People like you should just fade away with dementia.

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 15:41  

anonymous said...

Singapore Malays live in a meritocratic society.

Malaysian non-malays would be equally happy to live in one as well.

To start with... let's ask the question if people deserve a discount on a property solely because of their race? I'll like to know in which other democracy is this practised. TQ.

7 September 2010 00:59

My comments:

1. What kind of meritocracy do they have when a certain race group can't even be a pilot just because they don't have that kind of chinkies blood running in the veins?

2. Discount is a normal business practice, every where and throughout the years. To give discount in the form of citizenship to million of immigrants is not the usual diplomatic approach, anywhere in the world.

schenker78 7 September 2010 at 16:36  


If you look at my comments before you started targeting me, all my comments were decent. but when it came to you it degraded as time goes by...

So what you born overseas. Technically, Malaysia is not your 'tanah tumpah darahku'....You are a foreigner, are you using Red IC ???

Khairy jamaluddin brought up in UK by his diplomat family...studied in Oxford...but when he came back malaysia, he was labeling people as Beruk.... So much for your foreign upbringings. He was dating Nurul Izzah, but when anwar was sacked, he change his target to Nori Badawi....

I am shocked for a guy grown up in US and worked there, you show Ibrahim Ali mentality.... By the way are you a mamak ??? Did you marry a white chick or a black chick from the US ????

Normally ppl like you speak malay in a weird way or cant speak at all... Are you like the Isabella girl in Fenomena ??

Hakiman already said he is a malay, yet another 'malay' like you will denounce him because he is not in the same wavelength with u.

Since you are from the US, what you think the level of efficiency between UMNO's civil servant and American civil servant ?? For you coming to a 3rd world country from a developed nation must have had a cultural shock.

I suggest you instead of writing nonsense here, better you watch 'Britain Got Talent' in youtube, maybe you can learn some good values from the participants.

So what you work as here dude, are you doing alibaba contract Job with UMNO ???

Anonymous,  7 September 2010 at 16:37  

Anon 7 September 2010 15:41

It shows your understanding of citizenship. In anywhere else in the rest of the world, when you are born in the country, you are a citizen of that country.

Only in Malaysia do some ultras claim that the non-Malays born in Malaysia are pendatangs. Whatever happened in 1957 is history. Anyone born in Malaysia after that has every right as you and don't you forget it.

anonymous 7 September 2010 at 19:27  


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