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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Is Che Khalib being selective or does he have amnesia?

The government has to re-examine the suitability of Che Khalib's executive temperament. Perhaps he has to undergo an aptitude test again. Maybe it's time to retire him.
He and TNB has brought a case on one blogger,Hassan Skodeng. Che Khalib is using a new offence created by statute- intention to annoy.
Hassan wrote an article parodying an imaginary scene of TNB's reaction in response to an event called Earth Day. In that imaginary scene, we have TNB's Che khalib's venting and spewing anger at the organisers of earth day. Che khalib went into a demented rage and assailed whoever proposed the event as Green Colonialists. The object of colonialists is of course to impoverish the colonised countries and their people.
Che Khalib was pictured as directing his most virulent attack from the enemies from beyond that seek to destroy small companies in business like TNB. Hence Che Khalib was pictured as tearing away at calls on all earth dwellers to switch off the use of electricity for a number of hours. As imagined by the writer of that article, it caused TNB to see red as it sees that as an attempt to sabotage its earnings.
That supposed spectacle of course didn't actually take place except in the fertile artistic imagination of Mr Hassan Skodeng. As his story line goes, we have Che Khalib, CEO of TNB decrying the fact that TNB will lose millions of Ringgit. Che Khalib railed against the green colonialists and all that stuff.
Che Khalib has taken that parody as a personal affront. Hence this case brought upon to bear on Hassan Skodeng. Here is the problem. The parody was essentially directed at the person of Che Khlaib. Che Khalib has used the institution of TNB and make it out, that it is TNB that is being abused.
Which leads us to this question which we want TNB to answer. if indeed it is TNB as an institution that is being abused, then there is a stronger case for TNB to bring a case on Namewee who has taken up a personal crusade to vilify TNB. In my opinion, what Namewee did was even more hurtful and spiteful than what Hassan Skodeng parodied on.
If Che Khlaib is not willing to protect the dignity of the TNB workers who had to suffer the vented rage of an impertinent Malaysian, Che Khalib deserves to be cashiered.
All right thinking Malaysians need to answer this question. Which is more damaging to TNB's ego having to chose between what Hassan Skodeng and what Namewee did.
So TNB, don't be selective. Sue Namewee too.


Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 08:58  

Perhaps this is not about TNB. This is about Che Khalib, the person.

Namewee ridiculed TNB, the organization. But, Hassan sinned further, he ridiculed the CEO of TNB.

And that says alot about what kind of man the CEO of TNB is.

Ariff Sabri 4 September 2010 at 09:18  

so its ok to abuse the institution but not the person?

following yr argument and applying to the issue of racism, racism against the institution is now ok but racism at personal level is now not ok.
jadi, what is ok or not ok depends on the personal preference at that particular time.
this is the reason why the principle of defining the issue in terms of right and wrong is more stable rather than distinguishing between personal and institution.

gram.kong 4 September 2010 at 10:22  

Dear Dato,

Namewee attacked TNB not Khalib, so he doesn't care.

Sekodeng used his name for the satire and he is not happy.

The shameful thing about not only Khalib but the minister and the AG, that all had the benefits of Western tertiary education and yet can't tell the difference between a satire and malicious intent.

The action taken against Sekodeng is pettiness of the highiest order and waste of taxpayer's money and court's time.

That stupid law of the Multimedia Act should be repelled.I have signed the petition on Rocky Bru's blog and although the government may not accede I would still urge other bloggers to do the same, support the petition to show solidarity.

It doesn't mean even if we support Najib's administration we must swallow hook,line and sinker whatever they dished out.

The government must learn that the more they try to intimidate the more opposition they get.

Unfortunately, Najib's 1 Malaysia is torn to shred by his own people.

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 10:56  


Ain't u read too much into Skodeng's write-up?

WHERE is the display of racism in that write-up?

Similarly, where is the display of racism in Namewee's TNB rap?

TNB is suing Skodeng, more likely, due to the flexing of a CEO's ego. As Art has correctly pointed out, this case WILL NOT stand legally & yet TNB is muscling through! What gives? The egostic 2nd best CEO?

Similarly, how could TNB sue Namewee for that rap? It wouldn't stand on legal ground, as that possibility has been exhausted.

Dato, in this series of racism, u certainly has lost yr marbles, through & through!

schenker78 4 September 2010 at 11:16  

yes, TNB insulted by namewee...
so ????

does tnb working well ?? does it managed properly ??

why its contract with IPP so lopsided towards IPP benefit and profit ??

does that mean tnb ppl are dumb ass ?? TNB machineries and lines not well maintained being the heart of msia Energy.

I will say it too...FUCK TNB...
TNB is a dumb-ass UMNO company...

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 11:22  

maybe that is what khalib is looking for. Resign and left all the mess to the incoming. TNB/LLN was once a proud organisation and now has been so much reduced to another thing, of course started well before khalib.

But under khalib, who announced record breaking profits in in almost all the financial year end during his reign, TNB has also become most stingy employer. How come?

Many employees do not want to leave TNB eventhough being paid less handsome than many other corporation because TNB has been known as the best employer in terms of employee welfare. But those have been long gone under khalib under pretext of trying to reduce expenditure. But it is doubtful that expenditure was really reduced. Welfare was reduced even civil service are much better than tne once great TNB. But expenditure remain the same if not increased. Many of the long acquired assets of LLN/TNB have been sold one by one under khalib.

But of course, all looks quite good on papers and khalib is one of those accountant/financial man who play with figures on paper, perhap not the real hard cold figures. Remember Enron?

Quiet Despair,  4 September 2010 at 11:37  

No double standard please.
Skodeng's piece was an imaginary satire.
That Namewee is an insult to TNB.
Sue that snot-nosed boy. Put him to jail.
Another case of Cina boleh buat, Melayu tak boleh.
Apa ni???
And you guys are shouting why is Namewee being questioned.
Let's have some rationale here.

interesting..,  4 September 2010 at 13:14  

I think you have a better case for public outrage at Namewee's vulgarity and rudeness. But still don't see racism anywhere. By the way, am sure the folks at Muar who suffered the blackout and happy someone is making noise.

schenker78 4 September 2010 at 13:28  

In one of the comments elsewhere, i read that very few or almost none of sabah and sarawak ppl in Petronas low level management let alone high management.

Why Petronas sucking Out more than 70% of Malaysia oil n gas from Borneo land but cant even appoint the Bumis from those states into Petronas ?????

Is that Malay racism towards Borneo Bumis ???

Are you going to say those Bumis only know to drink tuak, sumpit and act Dumb while Umno malays running Petronas ???

Dont it become like South Sudan case where they are going for a referendum to separate from the North Sudan who exploits the 90% Oil from the South Sudan region and keep the South Sudanese poor and unEducated barbarians.

I do see there are Caucus that held Forums in those Borneo states discussing to separate from Tanah Melayu.... When are you people going to wake up???

Habib RAK 4 September 2010 at 14:11  

Kenya goes for new Constitution wef August 27, 2010. Buang yang keroh ambil yang jernih.

schenker78 4 September 2010 at 14:14  

people like jay leno and david letterman cannot cari makan in msia....they ll be sued all the time...

unlike bush and obama jokes which can be accepted by even those presidents...

well, there is a comedy group in msia which runs shows ridiculing and making jokes on mahathir, samy vellu and rafidah voices and sketches...guess now they also need to be careful...Comedy Court if anyone seen them...

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 15:27  

Hmm, was there anthing racist about Namwee's TNB video? - Why is everyone making this about racism? I think Maxthecat80 is right, Che Khalib was offended because he was the 'butt' of the joke in Hassan's parody. In the case of Namwee's video - Namwee was voicing his frustration at TNB the organisation's bad service - so I guess Khalib did not feel affronted. That explains his selective amnesia, I guess.

People can we please stop with all the racists bullshit.


Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 15:52  

Namewee should be appointed as CEO of TNB.He's good..identified the issues & problem TNB has very2 quickly.He is smart,literate and very2 expressive.I am sure the appointment will meet the meritocracy benchmark and a big boost for our economy.

Mr Skodeng however,being Bumi,is still too raw and not capable enough.At best we can offer him to be Human Resource Manager.

Che Khalib can choose to be a rapper or a writer.He will do in those field as well as he did in TNB.

schenker78 4 September 2010 at 15:59  

UMNO umpama parti komunis ???

Sebagai parti yang dominan dalam sistem politik Malaysia, Umno merupakan sebuah rejim konservatif. Tetapi konservatif yang dimaksudkan di sini bukanlah dalam ertikata yang longgar dan pejorative seperti kuno atau terkebelakang. Jepun melalui Parti Liberal Demokratik memimpin sebuah negara yang paling maju di dunia tetapi rejimnya dianggap sebagai rejim konservatif yang mempraktikkan ideologi konservatisme.

Ia juga ditandakan melalui kedudukan mereka yang berada dalam spektrum kanan dan dengan itu cenderung mempertahankan sistem yang sedia ada. Parti Komunis Soviet Union, Parti Kuomintang di Taiwan dan Parti Komunis China merupakan beberapa lagi contoh rejim konservatif yang dominan dalam hubungan ini.

Seperti juga situasi pada era Abdullah, suara-suara neokonservatif berada di pihak minoriti. Mereka ini termasuklah individu seperti Nazri Aziz, Khairy dan Shahrir Samad yang memaparkan satu bentuk penyimpangan dari mod perdana Umno dan sedaya upaya menyokong orde neokonservatif.

Dalam hubungan ini, antara strategi yang boleh dipertimbangkan Datuk Seri Najib Razak ialah membawa semula Datuk Shahrir Samad ke dalam kabinet dan melantik Khairy sebagai menteri atau timbalan menteri. Individu-individu seperti Shahrir, Khairy Jamaluddin, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz dan Saifuddin secara relatifnya merupakan suara-suara terbuka, menjunjung amalan politik baru, tidak bersikap perkauman dan konsisten menyuarakan pandangan bukan konvensional. Mereka merupakan individu yang tidak lagi mendukung era kehomogenan pendapat.

Abdullah bukanlah Mikhail Gorbachev seperti yang banyak diperkatakan tetapi lebih menyerupai Nikita Khruschev yang cuba melaksanakan de-Stalinisation. Walaupun pada awalnya beliau seakan-akan berjaya melakukan perkara tersebut, reformasi yang dilakukan Khruschev telah menjejaskan keseimbangan parti dan apparatus negara dan seterusnya mendatangkan libasan dari konservatif tradisional. Beliau akhirnya terkeluar dari koridor kekuasaan melalui tindakan partinya sendiri. Tiga puluh tahun selepasnya, legasi Khruschev diteruskan oleh Gorbachev yang mengambil inspirasi dari apa yang dilakukan Khruschev dalam memperjuangkan gagasan glasnost dan perestroika.

Najib kini mendukung sebahagian besar dari legasi Abdullah walaupun dengan penyesuaian tertentu. Sebagai seorang neokonservatif, Najib pastinya tidak mahu menjadi Gorbachev tetapi menjadi bekas Presiden Taiwan, Lee Teng-Hui ataupun bekas Perdana Menteri Jepun, Junichiro Koizumi yang berjaya membuktikan kejayaan reformasi aliran neokonservatif. Namun usaha ini pastinya sesuatu yang kekal menjadi persoalan khususnya dalam cabaran untuk mengimbangi suara konservatif tradisional Umno yang dicerminkan Mahathir atau juga suara ultra-konservatif seperti Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

* Muhamad Takiyuddin Ismail merupakan pensyarah di Jabatan Sains Politik UKM. Beliau sedang menyiapkan tesis PHD “Abdullah Ahmad Badawi: Legasi Neokonservatif” di USM.

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 17:02  

I just f**k the tnb standby officer last night due to power failure incurred twice in 3 months which affected the whole residential area of more than 5000 households!

When the problem arose, you know what - they hung up the phones 15454 - and put on the stupid recorder to direct the callers and complainants to press the abc buttons, except the pleasure of inviting us to press their someone dear's nipples! So bloody cheesed off they deserve each of them a kick in their asses really!...

So sue me as well - Sakmongkol 47 - what say you?!

Ariff Sabri 4 September 2010 at 17:16  

anon 17:02

install yr own gen set then.

schenker78 4 September 2010 at 17:27  

sak, install genset ???

do you know how much diesel needed for running a 50kva genset per day for 12 hrs ??

u need 2 genset 50 kva each and change every 12 hrs...about 30 liter diesel needed per much is that per month...are you crazy ???

running genset for power for household is not efficient. Its only used for Site and construction field.....

those power prob as what the other guy said wont happen in Putrajaya, Kenny Hills and Bangsar....

thats ppl power for UMNO.. Putrajaya no need call them, they will be on stand by to service the balls of ministers...

schenker78 4 September 2010 at 18:37  

aku dah bengang dgn streamy, sudah sebulan complain pasal conection putus2, dtang sekali jenguk lps tu belum solve lagi.....4 hari langsung xde connection, xde rebate pun dalam bill....celaka punya company..

astro satu lagi, bila hujan xde signal...dulu kononya measat 3 boleh solve prob telecast masa hujan...sama jer...

sub standard satellite ker....puik... duit bulan2 mahu angkut, tapi service mcm taik. lagi kasi news propaganda Bernama plk...puik..

schenker78 4 September 2010 at 18:41  

3 patrol car for namewee.... tapi pembunuh altantuya dan kaki komisyen sudah lari ke London....

2 UTK ditangkap...muka pun x kenal...entah2 mereka dan famili akan dilarikan ke Indonesia ataupun ke UK ala2 cerita Hollywood... 2 penagih dadah akan dihukum mati dan disembahyangkan...

Baguslah UTK mati digantung pasal bunuh Altantuya tanpa motif. Pariah punya PDRM / AG

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 19:45  

Namawee make a fool of himself and at the same time makes others who looked upon him as an iconic figure (the savior) the hypocrites, to say the least.

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 20:00  

Shanker kata:

"3 patrol car for namewee.... tapi pembunuh altantuya dan kaki komisyen sudah lari ke London...."

Pembunuh altantuya adalah satu jenayah terhadap individu jadinya ia bukanlah isu besar. Ia menjadi besar kerana dipolitikkan. Umum tak kisah pun.

Ini berbeza dengan kes Namewee. Namewee membangkitkan perasaan kurang senang dalam hati segolongan umum yang lebih besar bilangannya.

Ini bermakna dari segi impak keselamatan sosial, apa yang dilakukan oleh Namewee lebih penting kalau dibandingkan dengan kes yang pertama.

Tidak mengapa kalau kamu mahu mengambil berat kesudahan kes altuntuya tetapi kamu tidak boleh menidakkan tuntutan dari kalangan yang lebih ramai yang mahu tahu kesudahan kes Namewee.

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 20:28  

Quiet Despair,

If by putting namewee in the jail will make you happier and to lower your adrenaline plus reducing your f@#$king racist's ego, i will suggest you pray harder in the Ramadan and ask your God to sanction punishment on the mischievous young punk you hatred that much as if you wanted to barbecue him!

With only one namewee who dared you idiots by calling you racist, you would have fanged and wanted to drink his blood! How about we Chinese would feel, when the mongrels barked at us with the most discriminated utterance of - 'Get out Pendatang' craps like that?!

This is only one example namewee retaliated with 'a tooth for a tooth' and should you idiots take for granted again that the minority group here are for you to simply abuse and slave, you are making a serious mistake! Those who play with the fire, will die by the fire....

Come next GE, you'll be in total despair!

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 22:00  

Bro Sak, people are getting all HOT and Bothered. Perhaps you want to step in and cool down some hot heads. It doesn't benefit anyone when everyone gets more racist by the day, to prove their reason for being racist and also to prove who is more racist than the other. A racist thrive because the other person is a racist too. Why ?
It's because the racist will say " See I am right you are a racist too, so why can't I" ? An eye for an eye.
It justify's their racist existence, than they create more followers because the other person is a racist.
In short, if we are not RACIST stop acting like one, don't give excuses or stop making excuses that, "We are racist because they are more racist than us"

Be more responsible, people.

schenker78 4 September 2010 at 22:01  

kes pembunuhan altantuya adalah jenayah terhadap individu kata anon 2000...

kalau altantuya tu adik perempuan kamu, you cakap begitu ???

kalau kes2 rogol budak2 dan penculikan , pun jadi jenayah terhadap individu...peduli ape aku...kata kau ???

mana sikap peri kemanusiaan awak ??

apasal nak jadi sensitif sangat pada namewee atau siti inshah... aku x peduli pun pada mana 2 individu termasuk ibrahim ali, anwar , lim kit siang, mahathir...apa jua cakap orang politik aku anggap pada kesudahannya cakap politik...tapi kalau dia cuba menipu duit pembayar cukai, aku memang cukup pantang...

sebab itu duit aku,.... kalau kes jenayah aku ambil berat...pasal ia boleh terjadi pada sapa2 pun...aku manusia...aku bukan haiwan mcm awak anon 2000...xde sikap kemanusiaan langsung terhadap orang lain.

awak orang sensitif sangat pada individu dan orang politik buat apa ?? mana akal awak ??? apasal kau semua hidup mcm hamba dan pak turut pada Sial sial orang politik ini. Hidup ini di tangan awak, bukan si celaka orang politik. Patut najib, anwar, kit siang jadi hamba awak. Saya bukan hamba pada mana2 orang termasuk ibrahim ali , faham ???

Hidup ini x lama, jangan buang masa dgn namewee dan siti Inshah atau Si Babi dan Si Lembu yang cuba memperbodohkan kita semua.

Jangan rakyat takut pada kerajaan dan polis, Biar Polis, kerajaan dan pembangkang takut pada kita....

Kuasa Rakyat Kuasa Keramat...

Jangan jadi hamba pada British, Jepun dan hari ini pada Sial2 dan babi2 politik dan Media PRIMA kurang ajar.

FAHAm ?????????????????

Anonymous,  4 September 2010 at 22:27  

No Sak, I never said its ok to abuse the institution. All I'm saying is that, that is the reason why action was taken against HS by CK, and not against Namewee. Ie sebab CK terasa...

That to me shows, CK is an egoistic person, full of pride. He will not stand for being made to look like a fool (even at the expense of a joke).

In the first place, this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. The gentlemanly thing to do is for CK to ignore both of em.

This is the digital communication age. Any tom, dick and harry can set up a blog or tweet something abusive. And there is nothing you can do about it.

What is TNB gonna do next? Set up a team to scour the world wide web for any insults and sue them? Childish and complete ignorance over how the world works.

Opps, but thats currently being proposed by the government already. Maybe its not such a stupid idea after all. Maybe I'm the one who is dumb and ignorant.

Maybe this can be a new source of revenue for TNB..

dahserikngankeris 4 September 2010 at 22:53  

dato, this is the danger of privatization, minus competition. i suggest we open up the economy to singaporeans and big china companies so they can beat the tar out of our local companies, as well as provide cheaper and more efficient services...or we can go the other route and NATIONALIZE previously privatized state assets.

Islam by certain scholars have advocated the dangers of privatization based on this fact alone, "the corporation in its essence of capitalism has no other purpose then to maximize profit",

khalib macam terror sangat lah, namewee tuh lembu la, hassan skodeng pon hero sangat...lawan je la dalam court nak buat cammana?

it seems to me most of the privatized companies are becoming less competitive and are being torn into smaller organs run by little corporate napoleans...2012 everyones a politician nowadays...sighs.

so what are the issues dato? ur arguments seem to skew to selective prosecution, but isnt everyone guilty of that? why are we still talking about equal rights? everyones equal u know, just dont measure it ;)

schenker78 5 September 2010 at 00:02  

terbaca komen ini di blog mahathir...

"Saya sendiri pernah bersemuka dengan seorang jurutera TNB bangsa melayu yang mengata bahawa beliau tidak suka berkerja dengan bangsa melayu kerana mereka ada lah pemalas dan tak suka berusaha. Ini adalah kata-kata yang dikeluarkan sendiri oleh bangsa Tun sendiri, beliau cukup marah kerana TNB selalu berlaku " black out " di tempat-tempat yang tertentu. Beliau mengatakan bahawa itu bukan kesalahan jurutera kerana pihak jurutera telah menggariskan panduan untuk mereka pergi servis pencawang tetapi oleh kereta pekerja melayu yang dikatakan itu rata-rata adalah pemalas.

Mereka tidak ikut panduan, itu lah yang menyebabkan " black out " selalu, lepas itu baru pergi memperbaiki, selalu makan masa dua hingga 3 jam yang memberi gangguan kepada pengguna. Bukan sekali dalam masa 4 tahun tetapai 4 hingga 5 kali dalam setahun, siapa boleh tahan Tun ???

Renungan kan seketika Tun dan kaum bumiputra sendiri demi masa depan Negara Malaysia"

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 00:14  

Jackie Chan is a very wise man, who believes that chinese people should be controlled.

Like fire, it is most useful when small but hazardous and life threatening when TOO big.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 00:27  


these chinese practise double standards

when hishamudin brandishes a keris, all chinese see red

he was only reinforcing his stance of defending Malay rights

if indeed he wanted to wipe out the chinese, he would just use more sophisticated weapons in this day and age

namewee was casting allegations hat tnb personnel were lazy, shaking legs anf earning 'gaji buta' - DIRECT character assasination

and don't forget his Negara Ku distorted rap and the Siti Inshah' demonising

you can see the trend clearly - Malay bashing!!

and the chinese are in SODA mode - state of denial always

worse they are now into JUSTIFICATION mode

I say the Malays must unite and RECLAIM their constitutional rights and band together to take over economic power too

this is possible by sheer majority strength - expose chinese owned companies and business interests and buy from MALAY MUSLIMS first

Khun Pana aka johanssm 5 September 2010 at 00:48  

Normally a frustrated client will fills up the complain form , writes some nasty letters to the management or calls up MalayMail hotLine.

But this frustrated TNB's customer made a short video and loaded it onto the internet instead.
Maybe i am myopic as i cannot see any elements of racism in this TNB video.
However what i saw was namewee actually insulted his own intelligent by being cheap not getting 1 or 2 UPS units for his computers.

As for satirical pieces , best to modified names or identity of the targeted person.In order to avoid complication.
Can always substitute Rosmah with Badak or Suami najib.
Can always refer najib as istiri Rosmah And the DPM as Mat Sembab.
Oh yes , i read

schenker78 5 September 2010 at 01:21  

I do see namewee kutuk the chinese new year song and the chinaman tradition.... the rest of the chinese dont bother about him or just pass it off as a joke or unwanted why umno malays so sensitive and wanna AMOK ??

be cool...

be like Jay Leno and David Letterman...

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 02:18  

Anonymous 20:28

Whoa. So much Anger and frustration
I see.

"i will suggest you pray harder in the Ramadan and ask your God to sanction punishment on the mischievous young punk you hatred that much as if you wanted to barbecue him!"

I'm not being sensitive or Pansy but to comment on Ramadhan and ask the moslems pray harder is uncalled for.

Similarly goes to UMNO they made a huge,huge,huge mistake of being arrogant and thinks MONEY will save the day eventually.

The Irony is I ask:-

1. where are the rest of Moslems Scholars that have been recruited by PM Najib?
2. Selective charges and bollocks innuendos which are imposed on that Principal of uttering those deragatory remarks are uncalled for too.
3. Mind you, this are our kids who are going to get basic education.

and the list are endless .......

I agree next GE will be a fight to the finish!

-Ikan Tongkol-

dahserikngankeris 5 September 2010 at 07:12  

funny that chinese namewee song didnt get any attention, there was another one talking about racism within the chinese race itself, cant find that song anymore namewee talked about the hans and the hokkiens and hakka or something of the like

anyway, why bother anymore, the case is being blown way out of proportion by the powers that be, if u cannot critque constructively then move on lar....raya is coming so ketupat/lemang/RENDANG(asal dia dari indon tau)(for the angry indons malaysians must cite where our food comes from so we dont get crap thrown at us)(i got pissed to sitting in the MRT in singapore where one guy was explaining about rojak to this ang moh and how its only eaten in singapore) to get ahead and when you do, help those in need iregardless...if u see a guy pushing his car all by the lonesome stop to help, doesnt matter if he's black yellow brown white albino nicaragua(tgk situation laaaa) whatever....just pick up the slack and HELP!

u want to talk about national issues start with traffic and road etiquette,

to all malaysians please give way in traffic(not klang valley specific)(melaka orang semua gile road racer berrr), everyone wants to get somewhere, just learn to get there at one pace blardi hell, bawak kereta semua macam bangkai nak cerita economy lah, meritocracy lah, keagamaan lah, takbole macam tu lah ini lah, start giving way in traffic. if people behave in traffic jams then i start believing in all your political parties sloganieering, until then in the words of ronnie liu "khir toyo, just shut up"


schenker78 5 September 2010 at 09:43  


the kawanku chinaman video you asked...

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 11:21  

“Jackie Chan is a very wise man”
A Kungfu movie star that can’t control where his dick shoot it seed is deemed a wise man? No wonder his movie fan is almost vanished on the other part of the world but still very welcome here in Malaysia, it shown the brain capacity of Malaysian.

They continue to play with fire believing that oil is a god gift that has no end, they even don’t know how to make use of the people power to control the greedy bastard that plunder their country, and think that by writing some stupid euphemism would make them look wise? No wonder they idolize Jackie, the very “wise” man.


schenker78 5 September 2010 at 15:06  

jackie chan is only a good actor. But as a human being and a Husband, he sucks.

Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 23:13  


schenker78 and huayong not happy eh?

and I tot the chinese measure success by how much money they earn and how much taxes they pay

it is truly refreshing to read that being a human being and a family person matters TOO

hhmmmmmm so how come the MCA is led by a porn star??? and the chinese idolize anwar the ex-convict and sodomite (is he a good father and husband??)

The west adores Jackie Chan TOO - are they backward and lazy???

P.S. he is very much welcome in the little red dot oso mah ...


Anonymous,  5 September 2010 at 23:24  


I don't understand what's your agenda but it seems you have some form of personal agenda against Namewee. If you dislike Namewee for the manner he brings his message across, then you should state the fact that Namewee is crude and vulgar. No need to go to extend to crucify Namewee. For your information I do not condone Namewee for his crude and vulgar language but I at least can appreciate that he choose to highlight a serious problem of TNB's inefficiency, albeit in rather a crude way.

dahserikngankeris 6 September 2010 at 05:51  

thanks schenk,

i prefer this one to the negaraku song, he directly insulted the azan....which was a big boo boo

come to think of it most of my chinese friends hail from the south...some from pahang....chinese in kl abit lansi la....dunno why? just my personal oppinion though.

i do get tiffed when y'all speak chinese though feel left out....must learn mandarin la like this. :) that would directly help in trading as well.

Wenger J Khairy 6 September 2010 at 17:24  

What is the evidence that TNB is inefficient?

A black out in Muar?

schenker78 6 September 2010 at 21:36  


i had a friend chinese fella...when he was in the town, he complained ...he cant speak mandarin and cant read chinese...

he went to the restaurant and cant communicate at all with the hawkers....he end up talking mix of malay n english to order food.....

Anonymous,  6 September 2010 at 22:24  

Anon aka hahahahahahahaha

I think how the Chinese measure success is no difference from any other global citizen, and I am not the idiot that blend “wise” with ignorance.

Most Malaysia political party upholds “democracy values” that allow thief, robber and porn star to be their leaders, and you have to ask Anwar’s wife and kids if he is a good husband and father, I or you or S78 shouldn't comment.

I don’t know if the West adores JC, and what this has to do with lazy and backward, but I am sure your silliness and stupidity is caused by either brain deficit or childish mind.

Btw, your hahahahahahaha doesn’t help to conceal your pale of factual reasoning. On the contrary, each “ha” increase your foolishness by 2X. Another poor boy.


anonymous 7 September 2010 at 00:47  

Do beware of the UMNO supports here...especially the ones making all the emotional statements. Apparently it's too hard for them to accept that all Malaysians be treated equally and fairly regardless of race or religion.

Anonymous,  11 September 2010 at 17:23  

anon 7 September 2010 00:47 has just display his lack of knowledge especially with regards to history and the constitution

the ones who should beware and swallow their apit are people like yourselves

PERKASA is the icon of Malay reclamation of their constitutional rights.

NEP is a national SYMBOL of treating the rakyat "equally and fairly regardless of race or religion".

BTW - do you know that the official language is BAHASA MELAYU and that the official religion is ISLAM.

The other languages and religion ARE allowed space in Malaysia, on the kindness and magnamity of the pribumis.

Do remember that.

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