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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Government’s worse enemies- public apathy and cynicism.


The worse enemy faced by the government of the day? Public apathy and cynicism.

The ultimate decision makers influencing the outcome of any elections are the majority. They are at once unidentifiable yet recognizable as an entity powerful enough to affect the life of a government.

Simply identified as just the majority. A boon and yet also a curse. A boon if they can be kept submissive, a curse when their consciousness and awareness are no longer controllable. They are natural cynics. I shall explain how.

They don't see the big picture. Not because they are not as smart as the banquet room crowd, but because they refused to be browbeaten and pushed over by the opinions of their more sophisticated brethren. They refuse to accept one that is foisted upon them. Their world view is shaped according to a black and white paradigm. Simple and operational. Yes or no.

Hence for example in the ongoing case involving Anwar Ibrahim, they think it's all some conspiracy hatched by power seekers. People are already fed up, hearing the same old story about being butt rammed. Has the government nothing else to do? And people are talking with increasing loudness. Is this the way the government of the day handles Anwar Ibrahim? It has nothing in its rotten arsenal to overcome Anwar Ibrahim but prey on his foible?

In my personal opinion, this is a battle that the government may win but will lose a war for. People generally believe that Anwar has this habit since his college days. He is a faggot, a gay, but so what? Many of his classmates and schoolmates at MCKK say he isn't. so we don't actually know.

But just for argument sake- assume that he is. All the people who have been associated with him were all the softie types- strengthening suspicions that maybe Anwar does have a liking for the effeminate boys. His latest accuser, whom he called the coffee boy is no different.

But here is what the men in the street are talking. Yes Anwar has got this habit but it becomes a wrong censored by our laws and society only when it became public- i.e. the victim who was a willing participant in the first instance, decided to squeal. If Saiful the beautiful coffee boy had not squeaked as the rat he is, then the sin remains between Anwar and Saiful. Society is none the worse off. The people are saying that if but for this habit, they see Anwar as a good leader.

Further, here is how the mind of the man in street thinks. There must be some shadowy power behind Saiful encouraging him to the seductive partner. The powers that be, are fully aware of Anwar's sexual preferences. So they planted a jambu boy in Anwar's camp telling him if ever Anwar were to make advances of the sexual kind, he is to play along. For that he will be paid handsomely. Saiful of course is known as jambu in any case such that, to place him in sexual harm's way wasn't really that despicable.

I am at a loss to explain the simple logic of the men in the street. I am not going to be judgmental on the general perceptions of the people. If they think along these lines, I am not sure the government of the day can win the natural cynics of the majority.

What can we learn from practice? To my mind it is this. People are generally unmoved by bizarre actions taken by the government. If they are not going to be moved to accept a bizarre storyline involving Anwar Ibrahim, they will be equally unmoved by the bizarre and grandiose economic schemes of the government.

Put simply, they don't care unless actions by the government bring immediate perceptible changes in their daily lives, they are unlikely to be influenced by government initiatives. Indeed they see what the government is doing, is to find 1001 excuses to justify using tax payers money.

So Idris Jala can impress whoever are gullible; Najib can even build a MRT directly to his official residence, buy a nuclear submarine, built a nuclear plant, whatever- people just don't give a damn anymore. What can the government do to win people over? So to paraphrase the Sarawakian, no hope for the future, no power for the present.


Habib RAK 22 September 2010 at 23:22  

Sak, you asked "What can the government do to win people over?"
Just look at Penang. Even if it is just RM100 for seniors, the people can feel and touch it. Its a talking point that all and sundry can relate to. Guan Eng then says, he got the money by eradicating excesses and limiting corruption. He shows proof by showing Auditor General's audited accounts where the state goverment is able to have surplus. This is simple to understand and relate to. No ETP,NKRA, NEP, NEM, what have you with expensive consultants conducting labs. Very soon, the Wifi for all Penang will enthrall the young and vibrants.

OneMalaysian,  22 September 2010 at 23:41  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The worse enemy faced by the government of the day? Public apathy and cynicism”.

I am glad you chose to touch on this subject. Yes, there is just too much apathy and cynicism about these days. This is not good at all. In general it is good that the public retains a certain amount of healthy distrust of government because they know from experience power corrupts, so they want to keep an eye on the people they put into office. Usually the press does this on behalf of the public, to make sure that government is clean and delivers what is promised. In Malaysia the press is literally in the pocket of the government (or its political parties). So the public has lost a key ally. The press is now the lap dog of government instead of being the public’s watchdog, the public interest is now not looked after by the fourth estate, so the public is left to make simplistic decisions – “yes or no”, “black or white” – no sophistication at all. The press has failed to inform, educate and foster intelligent debate on pertinent issues of public interest. The public sees it as nothing more than a propaganda machine. A free press is a vital pillar of a democracy. It must be set free to guard the public's interest and to keep the government on its toes.

I won’t go into details, but let me just state that a large section of the public feels let down by government, feels fed up with selective prosecution (e.g. Anwar and the Lingam judges), and in general feels that the government is a mess with too much petty politicking and not enough governing. So even the exciting Economic Transformation Plan and the NEM are not getting a good reception – just a lazy, uninterested yawn. What a pity.

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 01:54  

Salam Dato Sak,

Simple actions the government can take to assure/comfort the Rakyat. Reform the binatang organisation ie the men in blue. Change the police mindset to work in partnership with Rakyat and NOT beat up every suspect they haul up.

Rakyat sees the police as corrupt. Reform the police force and Rakyat will appreciate.

What for pay APCO for nothing? Ask APCO for ideas on how to reform the binatang2 in blue.

Rakyat can see and feel if there is a change in those binatang@.


Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 02:04  

Yes it is true the volume of stupid events happening is really sickening to the degree of creating apathy and cynicism.

This is especially so with respect to selected prosecution. Look who is the real devil here as far as Nurul vs Perkasa are concerned and yet Nurul is the one being investigated for sedition. The latter had said so many things that hurts even more people still untouched. Phew..

It has come to the stage that it is so very obvious and unashamely double standards.

If you guys think a country can be run like that then even God cannot save us.

The result? Everything we Malaysians touch usually end in with a big "F" ... fail or bottom.

So now who cares .. we look after ourselves.

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 06:25  

salam syawal to all

Is it not ironic when bee en politicians
live like silvio berlusconi and talk
about deadly sins of homosexuality.

Get real, fellas

I could not care less about a man's sexual piccadilloes unless he is a paedo
which would be a threat to the children in the community.

Does the rakyat think gays or homosexuality is such a 'deadly sin'?

Muslims and catholics do not give a toss
about it, Some bloggers arabicise the
thing as al juburi/ liwati /whatever

Who gives the fuck about it?

To spin the homo thing as if it is a
big thing is a madey/ musa hassan effort

And musa has been proven to be liar and
rejected as a not credible gomen witness in court?

So how credible is the bloggos -psuedo-
islamic morons [prostitute writers /journos/ editors ] who think -

it is ok to fornicate with women
[contoh 1- see husin lempoyang blog for the colourful pictures of the juniors of
najib and nazri frolicking with and in compromising positions
with local/ foreign sluts

contoh 2- remember used to have naughty photos of tun dollah rubbing the bare arms of a provocatively the slutty national chingkie beauty
michelle yeoh....

parting shot

of course there could be aspersions of wild partying among the party leadership as reported
by the nytimes . The merry fei loh
jho low has good access to women and wine and being a joly partyman brought
planeloads of women from the ny's elephant club for the powers that be in kl. {note:as men I LIKE THIS IDEA OF 'budaya pas -pas. What a gracious fei loh this fatty jho is? And for his effort
he is well rewarded -yes !!!

Fei lo Jho got the juicy RAF sg besi

airport to develop as he likes...

So the fake image of the bee en gomen as anti gay/ upright
thing is only good for the kampung
mat-s [or mutts to the bee en apparatchiks ]

From my observation the higher echelons
of the party leadership thinks the
mats, the chins and samies are bunch
of simpletons . The internet and
Rpk's disclosures are the bee en 's biggest threat. Tv3 -suku is only good
for the remote households. And PAS
will get to them in good time. Be certain videos /photos will be made available for the kampung mat to see
and be influenced to say tak nak to the
bee en.

khong khek khuat

dahserikngankeris 23 September 2010 at 06:34  

how about a highspeed mega train railway system from penang to kelantan/terengganu?

what the heck happend to investing in education?

what about centralized equipment purchase to educate, distribute and re-align manufacturing industries?

employing technologies to reduce government costs?

increase agricultural capacity for local demand/reduce imports?

and yet they still focus on anwar, what the hell?!!?!?

simple economics, reduce overall expenditure for the avg joe, i.e take away some of his burdens and create opportunities...REAL OPPORTUNITIES.....adeh dahlah, malas la nak comment dah

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 06:41  

I have said before...and I am going to say it again. Anwar might as well screw a pig, I couldn't care less. F%#k BN.

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 08:33  

Dato' as though those UMNO goons have not done of the same kind... itu yang buat orang menyampah dan meluat.
The hatred is getting thicker when you see the UMNO people with the Brahim PERKASA going around together.. lagi mahu tipu Melayu.
So what did PM do.... main wayang kulit!!!

Quiet Despair,  23 September 2010 at 09:40  

Sceptism and cynicism aside, BN will still be the Government of the day. come the GE.

What better choice do we have? To anoint Anwar as the PM when he does not have clear-cut policies except to be number one?

He's so full pf himself and a big-time hypocrite that we don't know who the real Anwar is.

He's riding high on the sodomy charges and making political capital out of the trial which has been forever delayed. The longer the delay the better, because that is his election gimmick.

The Anon guy is at it again saying he does not care if Anwar screwed a pig.

Same with me, my friend. Najib is still my choice even if he bonked Altantunya.

At least iIknow the devil than the angel I dont know.

And I think my sentiments are shared by people who really matters out there like the Mak-Chiks and Pak Chiks who put BN in power.

They will not change despite the cyber-world so-called intellects crying for a change.

Change for what? For the worse that I can see.

Anthony Joseph 23 September 2010 at 09:44  

One must be a real nincompoop with absolutely no thinking capabilities or one with his brain in his foot to believe that what Anwar is going through is NOT a government conspiracy.

The first attempt by Mahathir didn't work. And that eventually drove away the Malays from UMNO.

Why try again?
To drive away the remaining 50% or so?
In any case, is sodomy more serious than corruption, or murder.
UMNO is not going to win a single extra vote if Anwar is jailed. Nay, it might even lose Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 10:16  

The truth is the country is now being f#@$#ed big time by the same people in power.Trying to catch Anwar is a decoy for big time pillaging once again.We had it big in Mahathir's time now the boys are beginning to slurp all the way if its not convincing enough!

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 11:12  


I just want to share these 2 anecdotes / trivia, whatever.

1. One USM researcher said his research is hampered bcos one equipment ordered has yet to be delivered. And it's going to be a year soon.

Isn't USM , THE apex uni? This guy told me that Apex Uni grant is still 'news' and he blamed Khalid Nordin for being sooo slow.

- Problem: Delivery

2. At a seminar, someone wearing a black short jacket with Msia emblem on it said,' In Bintan,
they have Lapangan Terbang Hang Nadim. Over here, we have Lapangan Terbang Murah! Is that the way to develop national pride?'

- Problem: Lack of wisdom

These are articulations of government servants with simmering anger. You didn't create a category for these people.


Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 12:36  


Let the truth be told. In this country, it is selective persecution. The rule of law does not apply to people who walk in the corridors of power.

Let's assume AI did it with Saiful. In all probability it is consensual as it quite impossible that force was used by a 60+ man on a 20 yr man. If it is consensual, why Saiful was not also charged as provided for by the law?

In the case of CSL, under the law oral sex is an offence. Why wasn't CSL charged as the video evidence is clear. If the actor is LGE, I am sure he will be charged.

In the case of Altantuya, why was Musa Safri was not called to testify? To save somebody?

In the case of Lingam, why was no action taken on the few Tuns and Datuks as recommended by the Royal Commission?

In the case of PKFZ, why all the others has yet to be charged including the Bitulu King and a few of the UMNO warlords?

In the case of IPCMC, why was the recommendation by the Royal Commission rejected? Why scared if there is nothing to hide.

What I cannot also comprehend is why many commercial deals/concessions are classified under OSA? The IPPs, the toll concessions etc are classified as OSA. Does all these agreemnents affect the security of the nation so much so that they have to OSAed? Or is it to hide things from the rakyat?

It is double standards or hypocites. How to trust the government? The government is not honest and and not doing the right thing.

Remember we are now living in an age where information flows at lightning speed and is available at the touch of the buttons.

Those in power cannot afford to be in denial anymore.

Talk is cheap.

Quiet Despair,  23 September 2010 at 12:55  

Mak Orang

So now I know Hand Nadim is honored in Bintan,Indonesia.
I posted a comment some time ago asking does Singapore ever remembered Hang Nadim who saved Singapura dari dilanggar Todak.
Of course, that little Red Dot will never honor any Malay.
It had erase the history that it's part of Tanah Melayu.

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 13:23  


This case should be heard by Syariah Court under "qazaf". But, surprisingly it was objected by the Our Hon Datuk Seri Jamil Khir. Why is that so? Isn't it supposed to be that way in Islam as both parties are muslims. What are the "Government" is so afraid of?

And the medical report from Pusrawi's Doctor on Saiful'XXXX doesn't count also I guess..

Pleaselah Dato'...

I sensed that you're trying to play as "a white cum a black" man here.

Paya Besar

Ariff Sabri 23 September 2010 at 13:48  

apa you cakap ini paya besar? saya tidak faham. saya tidak main 2 peranan. apa yang saya cakap itulah dari dalam hati saya. takde wayang wayang sini. mana say atahu kenapa jamal khir engan terima qazaf?

lagi pun awak tak perlu risau- saya dengar anwar kata dia rela masuk jel kalau itu memberi kemenangan kepada PR. dan bila PR menang, sudah tentu anwar bebas semula. kemudian giliran orang lain masuk jel pula, razak baginda ke, polis yang bunuh altantuya ke.

semua itu takde hal. bila tiba masa, kalu salah, saya pun hentam jugak mengikut kefahaman saya.

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 14:45  

For our PM and government to show they are more interested in governing the country, rather than in being caught up in petty squabbles, long drawn stupid sodomy court cases, inquests, etc., then withdraw the sodomy suits against Anwar, settle the TBH inquest and come to a satisfactory arrangement with the family, etc. This will clearly demonstrate the PM's resolve to all doubting Thomases and Janes that he has nothing to hide, that he wants to move ahead and move the country forward! Believe you me, just these simple acts will generate a tremendous amount of goodwill among the fed-up and apathetic citizens and get the voters to line up for him.

Anonymous,  23 September 2010 at 18:17  


Maaflah kalau saya menyinggung perasaan Dato. tapi Dato patut tahu kebenarannya...hinggakan saya seorang rakyat biasa pun boleh fikir wayang yang direka kpd AI. Saya bukanlah ahli PR tapi saya mengaku yang saya sangat-sangat tidak mempercayai BN apatah lagi UMNO. Saya sgt menyokong perjuangan Dato sekiranya inginkan perubahan dalam UMNO tapi tidak perlulah menunding jari kepada Anwar. Dia bukanlah penyebab utama kebencian rakyat kepada UMNO. Dato pun tahu apa puncanya...

Salam Aidilfitri

Paya Besar

Anonymous,  24 September 2010 at 10:05  

Dato Sak,

You said it right. The man in the street does not care nor give two hoots to your UMNO led BN government and Najib's grandiose ETP plans. The cycle of the well connected elites "robbing" the country under the guise of Najib's ETP is all too obvious.

As one of the man in the street, I am desperately scouting for opportunities for me and my family to leave this 1Bolehland/1Bodohland before this country becomes totally bankrupt like Zimbabwe and I am then forced to beg for crumbs while the elites are feasting on their ill gotten wealth in some foreign countries.

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