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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 12 February 2009

Why? Because KJ got rich….


I have yet to see cogent reasoning as to why KJ is not good for UMNO. What I hear and will no doubt continue to hear will be xenophobic voices bordering on paranoia and hysteria, that KJ did this and that. A typical shrilled voice was the virulent question, let KJ answers his corruption charges!. This kind of condescending flare up, suggests that Mukhriz Mahathir and Khir Toyo are bleached individuals on whose bodies, the best Chlorox has done its magic on.

Of course, that kind of question is part of the wider and insidious insinuations that KJ got rich through ill gotten and therefore unethical means. Most of the time, the shrieking hysteria ignores the fact, that the means are obtained by aggressive competition, leveraging on whatever advantage one has. If 10 people want a piece of ECM Libra, the one using the more intense means will get it. Those who didn't get it are probably those who don't have the stomach and the tenacity to get it. And the one most vocal with their complaints and grouses is probably the one who ALMOST made it. If he had gotten it, would he complain?

Those corporate players playing the corporate takeover games know very well that this is a kill or be killed game. If you people who are in this game think that this is a game so refined, then you are in the wrong game. In the 1990's a few of my friends wanted to get into the optical cable supply business. When Mukhriz got it, we didn't complain did we?

My point is: stop being sanctimonious when it comes to KJ. Since when is UMNO politics dependent on angels to lead them? Being angelic has never been a mandatory qualification to be an UMNO politician. Being capable is a must. Being clever now is a must. Being audacious now is a must. Being able to accomplish things is a must.

We appear to apply this holier than thou rule only when KJ is involved. Please show me which minister is not a millionaire and prove to me that they become so on ministerial salaries? And please ask anyone on the stage who is an MKT member to stand up to admit that he/she hasn't got to be rich through some creative corporate buccaneering. You will not be able to do so precisely because each and everyone of the UMNO leaders on stage, are tainted.

So tell us, why are you suddenly imploring us to become sanctimonious when it comes to KJ?

The truth is, it all boils down to envy. Those coming as Pemuda delegates this march are ignorant of all these corporate games. Those who played and lost now want to take their defeat to the public by accusing that KJ has been using unethical means to beat them.

Ok next argument.


Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 15:01  

Okay lah....

KJ made his money and so did MM and they made it...irrelevant now...since you have said it they are all the same.

However people hate or like KJ,MM or KT for dozen other reasons...Its just that people have more reasons to hate KJ than to like him. The same with MM, people have more reasons to like him than to hate him....

I'll give 1 example...only 1...
Its an open secret that TDM hates KJ...and vice versa...

For some people that is good enough reason...The same with Anwar..if TDM said Anwar is bullshit..then the rest will follow..only in this case Anwar is a confirmed certified bullshit...
whereas KJ not yet he has to work harder...

Cheers Dato...

--lets find some project and make some money...its about time..lah

Ariff Sabri 12 February 2009 at 15:05  


when you say ok lah...this is good enough for me.

yes, lets start to make money. to be rich is glorious! Deng Xiaoping

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 15:24  


Hang Tegar 12 February 2009 at 15:32  

UMNO as an entity appears to be influenced by group dynamics wanting to ensure equality of thoughts and behaviour.

But excessive equality makes for cultural uniformity and monotony and, if sustained throughout many periods, will only lead to regression and negative path of growth.

Therefore a subject, that, at times, treated and perceived as, unequal like KJ is critically needed by UMNO. He is not equal for his long-term views, strong personality and huge appetite for reforms.

Hang-Jebat 12 February 2009 at 15:34  

Hamba sungguh tidak dapat menerima, jika ada pemimpin Melayu berteriak HIDUP Melayu. Sebenarnya kebanyakan mereka HAMPAS Melayu. Agenda mereka kononnya untuk survivor orang Melayu. Apabila berkuasa dan berpangkat, dengan berkereta besar mereka mula lupa orang Melayu yang mengundi mereka.
Tuan Hamba, jika Sultan Perak dan semua Sultan di Tanah Melayu ini risau tanah kampung baru di beri kepada kaum Cina dan India yang mendiami lebih 50 tahun dahulu, cuba tanya adakah mereka tidak sedar, Orang Melayu juga yang menjual Tanah Rezab Melayu. Cuba tanya lagi, setahun, berapa hektar hutan simpan atau hutan Dara hilang semata-mata memenuhi kouta Sultan untuk pergi bercuti di London. Siapa yang punya kerja? YB Fuziah ke? Ustaz PAS ke?

Donplaypuks® 12 February 2009 at 15:34  

The Global Financial crisis is a clear indication that business without ethics is doomed to fail sooner or later; and doomed to fail big time!

In the same way, politics without morals and ethics will also throw up massive failures and upheavals to a nation. How else do you explain the voter revolt in March 2008?

Therefore, it DOES matter how one Mukhriz, Mirzan etc) has made his wealth and if one has made it on the fast track to political
'success' by skulduggery and often plain fraud and criminal acts.

And it does matter how KJ got to where he his today. Do people have any real respect for these opportunists and wealth grabbers?

ECM Libra is a bad example since KJ and Kali had to eat crow.

Watch and see. The likes of KJ who only have their personal selfish agenda as a priority will soon fail to command anyone's respect and be confined to the footnotes (if at all) of history!!

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 15:54  

Good on you for saying IT DOES MATTER.

I wont dare address you by user name because you put aregistered trade mark there.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 16:01  

It shows how sick UMNO is as a legitimate's a business haram everything wonder country is on the brink of collapse..just put UMNO to rest in peace..or a pice of dark history in Malaysia's past...shame on you guys!!

kuldeep 12 February 2009 at 16:16  

It does matter how these guys made their money.Its a reflection of their character and moral ethics.

The ECM merger is questionable because a public asset was deemed to be undervalued and swopped for an over valued private asset.Thats akin to combining a low cost house and a bungalow and giving majority control to the low cost house owner.Of cos there is no substantiation of the allegations, so it remains as much a mystery as to why Mawi's wedding is telecast live.But the loan given by a substantial shareholder to KJ is the bigger mystery.And the links and the hikayat emanate henceforth.

As for MM,his business interest is more varied..and Opcom was established many2 moons ago (before fibre optics became vogueish) and without any prior government contract.Thus on paper the rakyat did not feel too cheated back then.

KT..I suppose if he is as wealthy as many presuppose he is,then its not too late for all of us to take a dentistry degree.Anyway,dentists are the only people who gets paid legally for asking people to open their mouth.

In the immortal words of someone I can't recall..."its not enough to be clean but must be perceived to be less corrupted and having to put a little more sweat.. "

So,I would hazard MM beats the other 2 hands down in the image game.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 16:23  

KJ....don't hear them... I vote you!!! Just gimme some ECM Libra shares and I'll be your best buddy.....I'm still menganggur but you've been there... No job but can get millions of share to buy loans...ohhh please make me you friend........

KJ Man....

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 16:29  

What can one expects from UMNO ?
Can you get ivory from the dogs ?
They are all the same, using the non Malays as their punching bags for their political gains.
Their days are numbered with the GE coming just a matter of months at most. They are history. Period.

kuldeep 12 February 2009 at 16:39  

I must add that the two chinese guys in ECM made more money from the whole deal than whatever KJ is presumed to have made (or lost).

This is the issue I have with the NEP.As a Malay I get whacked by the non Malays cos of my special privileges and free ride to untold riches.

But my riches is still an unknown and certainly a mystery to me whilst I see lots of my non malay friends,oppressed to vast wealth and prosperity.


Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 16:57  

I tend to think KJ has been unfairly bashed in public. I think he is a bright and intelligent young man caught up amongst the bad company of UMNO's right wing 'gangsters'.

He still has ideals and that is good. Ho he made his money, I do not know and the information in the media is insufficient for me to be convinced. But I do take note that both he and AAB were responsive to public criticisms and if he indeed did sell out of ECM Libra, even at a loss, says something. Which other UMNO or BN politician has done such a similar thing?

There is still hope for KJ. Personally I think he is a promising young man and a future in politics. But he must be in PR. Not UMNO.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 17:12  

,,,,make hay when sun shine-lah. but most Malays don't jaga lembu, so tak terfikir pulak nak buat hay in sunny Malaysia.
,,,,Opportunities all over the horizon but again many have eyes but are totally blind !.
,,,,don't blame those that are super smart to make money and now wants power,,,,politically-lah cas. more money can still be made once in control !.
,,,,some of us are apolitical but rich in other ways, in health, relationship and with the almighty.
,,,,its all in your attitude, do what turns you on-lah.
,,,,as long as you can live with it and the law will not knock on your door tonite !
,,,,am only guilty for the fish I just caught for dinner tonite.
,,,,for am just an islandman, at peace with myself and from the rat race world outside.
,,,,who ?,,, KJ,MM,KKK,,,,I really don't care 2 cents.

Relax, take it Easy,,,be Happy.

Cheers, have one on me !!!!!!.

Raison D'etre 12 February 2009 at 17:14  

Unlike mathematical equations, two wrongs doesn't make a right.

I have no love for either of them, SM.

You're right about Minister getting rich though. Not one of us is a pauper.


Do visit my Bailout Blues once you're done with boosting KJ's stock, SM.

God bless.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 17:24  


KJ and AAB responsive to public criticisms? This is the first time I have heard about it. I must have had a cocoonic existence.

If they were sensitive to cricisms, KJ would have disappeared from what Dr Mahathir and others call "The 4th Floor".

Btw, has he any official capacity to be there? No doubt PM can appoint anybody to advisory posts and pay them RM40,000 pm salaries. But what is his official position there anyway?

If he and AI team up, very sad for this country. And they have the background that suggests the possibility. Woe betide.

A.John 12 February 2009 at 17:26  

Dato Sak

Does the means justify the end. Maybe, KJ's admittance that having PM as FIL, opens doors much easily for him has riled up the folks. Everybody wants to be rich, but if you roughshod your way over others, in grabbing the opportunities that comes, makes the lesser mates envious and angry.! If all are tainted, can we for once look for an alternative, who might be a bit green but passionate enough to serve his people.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 17:32  

Do you guys know why the Mat Salleh don't want to colonise Malaysia for ever n ever like in Australia ?.
Its because of Mr. Nyamok, that really scares them away-lah.
Mereka takut Malaria !!!! betul.
,,,,so if all Malays are very ria ria, mungkin penawar Malayria akan takut-kan manusia lain ?.
The trouble with most Malaysian is that they can't see a happy, rich Malay-lah.
Tak kira siapa-lah, all cina, keling, melayu n lain2 just cannot tolerate a rich Malaysian, what more if a bumiputra, mesti kena.
Rich chinese/indian pun kena but not too bad like rich melayu,,,such corrupted lah dan bukan bukan.
Bila-lah kita Malaysian will grow up ?. Tak boleh tengok orang kaya,,,,chemburu buta.

Greenbottle 12 February 2009 at 17:37  

for a man who writes so well you don't sound very intelligent sometimes sakmongkol...

why do you insult us by saying people hates kj out of envy?

there are so many millionaires in umno and kj isn't the only rich bastard out there hanging on the coat tail of umno ... i'm not a fan of mahathir... but i think mahathir has valid points when he said all those things about kj...

do we need to repeat it all here again? boring...

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 17:41  

My God!

You are saying here that it is okay for KJ to be corrupt becasue he is in the company of corrupt?

KJ's image, and perception woudl take decades to erase.

Thats your UMNO's funeral if you are willing to sacrifice.

KJ could never convince voters. He is too immature and inexperianced, despite how smart he is.

Change your moral compass, Dato Sak. Two wrongs don't make it right.

While you scream and shout on UMNO for not listening to the people, you are not listening.

How could you pick on someone who is corrupt when he is hardly even 30 yet.

He has all the potential to be a disaster. Let Anwar have him.

mn 12 February 2009 at 17:45  

1. Rakyat Malaysia digalakan memotong gaji 5% setiap bulan.

2. Wang ini adalah untuk diberi kepada anak-anak Mahathir sebab mereka nak beli beras pun dah tak mampu sekarang ni. Susah sungguh la ni.

3. Sama juga Khir Toyo pun dah ternganga macam burung murai jer, sebab kekurangan makanan. Susah juga dia pun.

4. Kepala hotak depa ! Depa kaya boleh tapi orang lain kaya tak boleh.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 17:48  

Just coz Najib set you aside, you don't have to sell your soul to the devil to get even.

Could it be you did not perform as an ADUN?

Pi join PKR la.

You are arguing more and more like them. Lalang ...

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 18:01  

Alamak blogger KJ IQ 23 sebesar zarah sudah muncul. Rescue Setiakawan Sakmongkol.

walla 12 February 2009 at 18:25  

walla: 'it could be possible i was the first person in blogdom to have fingered KJ as a future PM of this country.'

kas: 'and have you changed your prognosis?'

walla: 'i must have but i can't for the earth of me remember why. Must be all those instant mee. They short-circuited something inside. i cannot remember why i don't think he will make a good PM.'

kas: 'hey, there are two things here. "will" and "shall".'

walla: 'my english not good lah. what's the difference?'

kas: 'you're asking what's the difference between real and false. You're asking what's the connection between Tajuddin Ramli and the national gini coefficient.'

walla: 'huh? i'm lost, weak from hunger and looking for a luger parabellum after inspecting the EPF statement, the most concise abbreviation of one's worth in the twilight of one's years.'

kas: 'don't-lah. It's still worthwhile to harbour hope.'

walla: 'you really think so? i compute that easily seventy percent of the seniors in this country will have no more savings before they hit sixty so if they have to use their EPF to save their children's future, how will they survive on their own? They may even not be able to afford their own send-off.'

kas: 'i haven't thought of that. It's a big issue in other countries, that one. But things change. You gotta keep your chin up. The US economy will improve.'

walla: 'That may not happen, kas. And it's got to do with a particular chin.'

kas: 'chin? whose?'

walla: 'compare Obama's Geithner's chin with that of say Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. In fact take the forbes or fortune's richest and just look at their ....chins.'

kas: 'what's the difference?'

walla: 'Geithner's chin looks ridgy, dodgy and "troubled". Those billionaire chins look like money bags. Don't believe me? Look harder.'

kas: 'Maybe as Treasury Secretary Geithner will be making policies that will help others make money.'

walla: 'On that score, Buffett's berkshire hathaway wouldn't have hit the roof so long ago, innit?'

kas: 'ok, everything's lugubrious and funereal at the moment but we still have to figure out who otherwise Pemuda Umno won't have a head.'

walla: 'Now i get it.'

kas: 'what?'

walla: 'why you mentioned TR and gini after i mentioned EPF and KJ.'

kas: 'indulge me, tell me why you think i have said something of value.'

walla: 'you throw in a five ninety five burger?'

kas: 'ok'

walla: 'with pickles?'

kas: 'if that's what you want.'

walla: 'and a new pink mop?'

kas: 'yes, walla. Do continue.'

walla: 'it's because of the situation of the rakyat. There is a big gap between the rich and the poor. The gini coefficient is off the roof. People feel it. They cannot say it but they are feeling the pinch real hard. That's why the EPF office is so crowded these days. The crunch has arrived. The KJs, MMs and MTs of our world don't feel it. They have been insulated from it. When you see the crowd sitting there waiting for their number to go to the EPF counter, you wonder what's the cause of it? It's not about subprime mortgages in the US. It's about cronyism closer home that gave the twist in events that showed how people like TR can be bailed out. Using your EPF money.'

kas: 'hey, but i didn't say that KJ or the others are cronies and so that's why the rakyat are shitting today, did i?'

walla: 'there's a complex near Sunway Pyramid. It's something to do with childcare for the MBPJ staff. Big complex. Now fallow. Built under MT's watch, i understand. Macam tu, kas. Macam tu.'

kas: 'So it's all about bad project planning and financial management. Surely that can't be the reason to reject someone.'

walla: 'how many times do you think that sort of excuse can be given to cover up or shove dirt under the carpet? And while doing that, deflect attention by picking on others just so to hide one's inadequacies? Go ahead, answer that question candidly.'

kas: 'hey, i am the one who advanced that thesis.'

walla: 'does it matter, kas? Who wants to see their children face a bleak future in a country about to dry up and furthermore without anything special to provide a coherent way out of the malaysian dilemma before us - sunset industries, weakening brain pool, parochialism... The works.'

kas: 'that's true, walla. Meanwhile, people argue the storm in their teacups while tsunamic waves beat the walls of their shores. But that does that mean you may be inveighed to support KJ even if it's just for one reason.'

walla: 'what reason could that be?'

kas: 'Us malays need a new icon. Someone whom we can look up to instil confidence in ourselves that we also bolih. Otherwise we will forever be blaming the others every now and then. We tend to emote badly.'

walla: 'And after KJ? Go out and find another? And another? And another? Why not believe in oneself from the very beginning. I once met someone and his wife. After he told me his age, i mentioned twice how mine wasn't that different from his. He must still be puzzled why i had done so. You see, there was a reason. I was hoping to get some new comment about something i was toying with. It's about planetary influence on one's destiny. Let's say we are what we are because of our body fluids. These fluids contain ions. These ions move through the cell membranes. Cells form us. The ionic equlibria in our fluids determine our mental and physical complexions. Which determine our purviews, capabilities, performances and so on. Ergo, webshapers of our destinies. Now, if two persons are born about the same period, would their perceptions, mental processes etc be similar? And if similar, their states of life? That was what i was curious about. Body fluids.'

kas: 'ah, i can puncture that fast. What about siamese twins? They lead different lives.'

walla: 'you fun-spoiler, man. Next.'

kas: 'next we head for Mcdonalds.'

walla: 'you throw in free chocolate sundae?'

kas: 'only if you don't bring up the execution my-lai style of an entire malayan village by the royal scottish guards during the emergency.'

walla: 'you have my word. Some things aren't what they seem.'

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 18:25  

Dear Mr Sakmongkol,

You wrote: "stop being sanctimonious when it comes to KJ. Since when is UMNO politics dependent on angels to lead them? Being angelic has never been a mandatory qualification to be an UMNO politician. Being capable is a must. Being clever now is a must. Being audacious now is a must. Being able to accomplish things is a must"

Wow. If I use your argument, Adolf Hitler pun kiranya layaklah nak memimpin UMNO?

Ok, bad example.

What about Anwar Ibrahim?

Halo. The yardstick, benchmark or water-level of who should lead UMNO should be the qualities that Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Ismail embodied - proven sincerity and selfless dedication to the interests of the Malay race, the nation and Islam.

For the above mentioned leaders, there is in the final analysis no real doubt that they even entertained the thought of catering to base self-interests.

Maybe it is no longer possible to measure up to these idealistic standards today.

So, who can come closest should be the ones allowed into the party leadership.

So does KJ measure up? That should be the question.

No, Mr Sakmongkol, we are not sanctimonious.

Tepuk dada, tanyalah selera.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 19:28  

Question ; Who do you see as our coming Malaysian Mr.Obama ?.

Answer; Frankly there are too many Mr. Osama around as it is with their turban nowadays walking the streets in Malaysia !.

Summary; Looks like if we are not careful, it will be a Obama Vs Osama fight !! with the lights of KJ,MM,KKK all running the show.


Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 19:55  

To guide us along so that we won't regurgitate the boring old "facts", here's a quick summary of what posters are saying:

a) I'll vote KJ coz he's a dynamic leader, flawed but hey no one is perfect right? And since MM & KT also got rich, why can't this Rembau cum London resident get rich too?
b) No KJ. Over my dead body. He's corrupt to the core. He's a young arrogant bastard that probably will screw anything that has a pulse. And more importantly, Mahathir says so.
c) Sakmongkol got pissed by Najib, so this is his payback by promoting KJ. And worst, Sakmongkol is a sanctimonious idiot who calls everyone bastards by not respecting his horse.

So at the end of the day, UMNO has to choose between the 3 devils. Is this not a sufficient proof that UMNO is truly one fuck-up party? You can say many things about Anwar and PKR but at least they don't have this selection headache.


kuldeep 12 February 2009 at 20:08  

There's one minor thing u guys missed out...ur not the audience that Sak is preaching to cos ur not in the elite group that will be casting the votes.

U have to understand the UMNO psyche to really cut thru the clutter and appreciate the message.And wat sells in Tesco may not make it at Harrods.

Put on your dancing shoes honey.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 21:21  

Pink Devil!
Only you're the devil bastard!

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 21:28  

You must have been living in a smelly greeny bottle! What?? You think TDM didn't practise corruption during his 22 year tenure as PM? Are you blind???
Who are you trying to bulshit? You ingat TDM malaikat?? You must be be really green!! Just born lastweek is it?

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 21:30  

I had to read Walla's comment a couple of times to actually get a grasp on it.

Loads of wisdom in it. The smartest post I've read so far.

Why dont you have a blog? I would love to read more conversations between Kas and Walla.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 21:33  

Pink Devil!
I hope you rot in hell! Soon!!

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 21:34  

out frm my bookmark section. mayb u one of his crony.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 21:45  

he no crony, he KJ supporter laa dopey!Why cannot?

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 22:19  

Seem like someone soul have been sold to KJ

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 22:25  


To be frank, I never actually visit any of KJ supporters’s blog until I found them loitering out of curiosity and just to get a clearer picture of what’s in their mind…I let my mouse do the clicking…

No wonder people hate KJ, he is surrounded by uncouth, rude, morons with degree immature supporters….he needs re-branding badly if he wants to go far in politics.

As I have expected ….most are about Mahathir vs KJ…Mahathir as the villain that caused all the bad things now in UMNO.

Even the nicer comments sounds like coming from some text book they read in university…no soul at all…

May Allah bless the Malay people and Tanah melayu…..we need it….

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 22:36  


So you sold your soul to TDM/MM or KT?

Are you gonna go my way?
Menyibuk betul! Engkau ada blog sendiri?
If you're a lawyer, go and defend TDM at your own blog! Nikampook!
Show your maturity and intelligence man!
Don't piggy-ride on Dato sak's blog!

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 22:42  

see what i mean? I rest my case.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 22:46  

Are you gonna go my way!
See what I mean? Cant even open your own blog!Can only leave immature comments!So much for a lawyer!Rest your case and dont come back to Dato's blog!Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 23:15  

Me? Blogging? Nah...dont have the time..

I rather put my koetsu red on the groove..and watch the light coming out of my ongaku...while I listen to "south american getaway"..dam dam dam.. or maybe just drive my caymen s to some remote places up north..or maybe just lay around on my yacht..with some uzbek beauties...

see anything is possible...

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 23:23  

Are you gonna my way!
Expected answers from a coward as always! Talk big and talk cock as usual!
Not surprised! Same old style!

Bourne 12 February 2009 at 23:33  

why u like KJ? i dunno

why u hate MM? i dunno

why i like MM? sound more sincere.

why i dislike KJ? hahaha u should be in Ipoh while he was giving his speech. only one example ...

business wise... u said urself i dont wanna touch on it but he will have to do alot of cleaning when his u know who leaving the presidential seat. that i know. do you know?

well done dato at least you come out in the open unlike some waiting to cast his "doubtfull" vote coming this march.

Anonymous,  13 February 2009 at 01:06  

someone said "..he is not equal for his long-term views, strong personality and huge appetite for reforms."

kj? don't make me puke, he's definitely not equal for umno never had an idiot of pm that allow his son-in-law to run rampant in the administration.

strong personality? yes sure! like a spoil brat with a carte blanche to do as he please bcoz his father-in-law is an idiot.

what long term view? looking to b singapore sweatshop, that's what the idr is.

apettite for reforms? of coz.. that reared n feed ppl like hindraf n those attacks on the malays.

orang melayu

Anonymous,  13 February 2009 at 01:19  

Salam Dato dan pembaca (terutama penyokong-penyokong KJ).
Hujah saya akan kelihatan seperti anti-KJ dan menyokong MM. Sesungguhnya saya tidak berat ke mana-mana pihak lagi, kerana saya mengharapkan kita berhenti dari politiking dan mula memberi tumpuan untuk mengharungi krisis ekonomi. Saya berhujah atas kapasiit rasional dan ingin tahu.

Tidak dinafikan, baik KJ, KT mahupun MM, mereka ini semuanya berduit, dan secara tidak langsung memperolehinya berdasarkan faktor pengaruh politik. MM mendapat kontrak ketika TDM adalah PM, dan KJ ketika Pak Lah adalah PM. Cuma, yang membezakan mereka adalah MM cuma menonjol ketika TDM tidak lagi menjadi PM, tetapi KJ memperolehi kuasa politik ketika Pak Lah masih berkuasa.

Saya akui, KJ bijak kerana berjaya kejar kedua-duanya pada masa yang sama, tetapi harus diingat, kedua-dua yang dikejar itu terlalu tinggi harganya - imej yang ditonjolkan. Lazimnya, jika kita cuba mengejar kedua-duanya pada masa yang serentak, kita akan kelihatan tamak.

Maaf jika saya menggunakan cerita anjing dengan bayang-bayangnya. Dah ada tulang dimulut, hendakkan juga "tulang" daripada bayangnya. Akhirnya, satu pun tak dapat. Mungkin, ini gambaran yang tidak sengaja ditonjolkan olah KJ, yang menjadikan, walaupun dia berhak dapat harta, tetapi dengan mengejar kuasa pada masa yang sama, dia kelihatan tamak. Dan imej orang yang tamak, amatlah tidak baik.

KJ bijak, tetapi pada pendapat saya, langkahnya terlalu awal untuk dapatkan kuasa.

Bukan memihak sesiapa, sekadar buah fikiran yang tidak seberapa...

Anonymous,  13 February 2009 at 01:23  

you're a very good guy and a humble one.But KJ is so very sombong! MM and KT are not so arrogant.And he hates TDM!That is too much!TDM is the greatest PM in the history of Malaysia! Pak Lah is the worst!So lets side MM!!Hidup MM!!

mohd ali ismail 13 February 2009 at 15:33  

Those three ninkompoops are from the same school.Whoever is elected will make no difference except for those in UMNO.Not in my life time will i ever vote for any one of them if they happen to be a candidate to stand for election in my constituency.

MalayMind 15 February 2009 at 01:56  

Alamak, dah banyak komen. Tapi tak apalah, komen saja tambahkan perencah.

Let me tell you why KJ should start slow:

1) I don't have any problem with people who're rich because of politics, but it should commensurate of what you have done to the party and the people. I'm not holier than thou so I know what's going on but man-man la orang kata.

2) People usually starts from having support then they will use money-politics in order to sustain or expand the support. KJ on the other hand buy support from the very beginning. Can you imagine the possibilities when he reach the top later? Even he thinks he had what it takes to be the PM, he shouldn't use money all the way.

3) KJ's background on how he had lived his life before had give us some information of what he will do next. His real characteristic is he's there for himself, not for the people. He should be for himself and for the people, simultaneously.

4) He and Pak Lah should be able to manage TDM, which they failed to do so. This fatal mistake in politics by both veteran and newcomers implied the lackness of their PQ (Political Quotient). Yes, he probably have a good IQ but it's a PQ position.

5) KJ won uncontested in Pemuda. Only 2 things can happend; either all the people likes him, or all the people scared of what he represents. So, do you really think that all the people like KJ and that's why he won?

6) For SUKJ, it is certainly not wise for you to attack TDM. You added salt to the wound for KJ's team. Real followers should bring his boss up, not down. Even if both KJ and TDM are corrupt, can you imagine which one had contributed much to the nation?

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