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Friday 20 February 2009

On Xenophobic Sloganeering

Why do I find Khir Toyo's Tumbang nya politik Melayu maka tumbang nya orang Melayu slogan so objectionable and offensive? I would have thought that orang Melayu akan tumbang jika mereka tidak ada kekuatan ekonomi. Jika mereka tidak ada pelajaran berguna? Not because some narrow UMNO politics flopped.

Hence, this xenophobic sloganeering as a way of explaining our shortcomings is very dangerous. Or using this xenophobic sloganeering as scare tactics to corral your supporters is dangerous. Why did you lose Selangor? Oh because we were not Islamic and Malay enough. How does one become Islamic enough and Malay enough? Oh… by having male and female circumcision mandatory and making everyone speak Malay. Does that solve economic imbalances? Uh…uuhm….. No.

No eh? Then where does that place such blatant and reckless xenophobic sloganeering? What does economic development need?

Before I go on, let me clear a few things. I make no bones about supporting KJ for ketua pemuda. To that effect, I shall make no apologies for putting up forceful arguments. As an UMNO man who has gone through contests throughout my political career, the last lap is always the most important. And I have accumulated enough experience to know, those who put up angelic faces saying they have yet to commit their choices and going from one candidate to another professing they support you but have to play lawa or diplomatic are all cunning liars. Knowing this, I shall write relentlessly until the very last day. If anyone finds find this style of forceful writing arrogant and patronizing, I offer no apologies. To each his own.

Let me put this problem in another way. How does one increase a man's capacity to earn? Earning more is the essence of practical economics. One wants to earn more money, more food, and more amenities. The drive towards increasing earning capacity to me is practical economics. We get that augmented capacity by acquiring skills, the right education and technology and so on. We don't get that by asking to remain like we were before- and scaring us the Malays by saying tumbang nya politik Melayu, maka tumbang lah Melayu is precisely that- asking us to remain as before. Sorry tuan, I don't buy that. It is tumbang nya ekonomi Melayu, tumbang nya Melayu way of explaining away our shortcomings.

And to not tumbang does not mean I hope, we conduct political genocide on others who don't subscribe to your xenophobic sloganeering.

This is why I find such sloganeering objectionable. Tumbang nya politik Melayu, translates into, we slash and machete our way though to get our objectives. We legislate our way to prosperity. Hello tuan, we increase our capacity to earn lah tuan, not slip gold coins into the hands of the Malays.

This is patronage politics which is the basis of power of an unreformed UMNO. Raw power to pummel us Malays into submission. We seem to miss the fundamental point that sound, rational and intelligent economic and social programs do the trick and win over people to our side.

Tuan, the way forward is to build an intellectually and socially integrated society. We can't achieve this by saying, tumbang nya politik Melayu and all that jazz... And then we have Chinese saying, tumbang nya politk cina, and Indians saying tumbang nya politik india and so forth. We get a socially and intellectually integrated society I think, by asking people to become aware that we share a common destiny and that if that destroyed, everyone is in trouble.


Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 09:24  

1.To win the KP post a candidate needs to have and portray the image that inspires the perwakilan i.e satisfying the benchmark as a person who can deliver the perwakilan's aspirations.To satisfy that narrow sliver of the population does not need superior intelligence or a visionary mindsets.

2.To be an effective and productive KP in the administration,a person needs to be able to work well within the upper echelons of UMNO i.e a personality that synchs with an even narrower group...and requires a diplomat rather than a visionary

3.To be an effective and productive leader for the rakyat the person must be truly intelligent,visionary and not self serving.

In the case of KJ,MM and MKT which of the personae are we looking at?

Ariff Sabri 20 February 2009 at 09:27  

anon at 09:24
thank you for yr comments. this is the kind of arguments i can relate to. salute!

Eyes Wide Open 20 February 2009 at 10:38  

hear hear dato!

As usual, an excellent piece!

I fully support your sentiments that to uplift the lot of Malays is not through legislation, patronage or crutches.

We must strive to develop the internal values and motivation within. Then the Malays will truly be Tuan - wherever they go, and not merely in Malaysia by way of artificial political contructs, a few politicians' patronising largesse and narrow sloganeering.

To be able to uplift the Malays as a whole, we must have a leadership who has the vision and inherent strength for the task.

He must be able to articulate the vision of developing personal greatness in a language that inspires the masses to commit.

He must be able to initiate programmes that have effective multiplier effects to achieve this goal.

He must know the difference between a crutch and a leg up, and he must know when to apply either one.

Sadly, such leaders seem to be severely lacking in Malaysia.

I doubt that the pathetic lot that pass for leaders in Malaysia can even come close to handling such a task.

Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 10:43  

I wonder how many umno members think like you. If umno leaders think like you, umno will not be in the state they are in today. I agree with everything you said about KT. He is the kind of leader that will be the biggest obstacle to the true advancement of the Malays. He is a racist, selfish, narrow-minded, power crazy opportunist. His true colors has shown through when he is in desperation. I appeal to you n like minded umno members to stop this maniac from further destroying the future of Malays and our beautiful country. Unfortunately, I still do not see the positive qualities you see in KJ.

Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 10:54  

KJ maybe best for rakyat

MM will mesh/synch nicely with UMNO head honchos.

but MKT maybe best fit for perwakilan

Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 12:39  

May I Dato'?
el.There are only 3 contenders. KJ may not have all the qualities we would like him to have, but..have we got any choice?

He is the best among the three!He can be polished. Should he fail to perform as expected, lets make a pact to sack him!

Thanks Tok!

Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 12:40  

May I Dato'?
el.There are only 3 contenders. KJ may not have all the qualities we would like him to have, but..have we got any choice?

He is the best among the three!He can be polished. Should he fail to perform as expected, lets make a pact to sack him!

Thanks Tok!

Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 15:32  

We the man in the street lives in vain but dies with hope.

From my sources , your UMNO kakis have done their queuing and have got their letters of support for contracts that will be announced on March 10 as part of the Stimulus 2.Thus the Stimulus package is just to rangsang Umno ppl.

In a nutshell Mastubasi 1 is for Class F and Masturbasi 2 is for the bigger Umno boys.

What are the lessons of March 2008?

Where is the transparency?Don't u guys in UMNO realise that this crisis will be so acute,so devastating that many will lose jobs/self respect.. and for once pls understand that the people needs your help to tide through this period?

Don't you ppl in Umno appreciate that in crisis there's opportunity to restructure..resurrect the good the right opportunities for the sake of our children?And not see it as politics and way to make quick bucks?

Pls..sit back..think.

Don't grab the jobs with the over inflated prices just so u and a small group can maintain an already lavish lifestyle...Hv proper competitive bids and whatever savings can be channeled for more productive use.

Now is the time to hv open bids for APs,tenders...and to even review contracts such as Penang Second Crossing,Double tracking,Eastern Dispersal Link...these guys are leeching the ppl dry.

And do we need to soft pedal with concessionaires of the privatised projects cos we are too worried that the global financiers may downgrade us?Hey..this is force can't be worrying about the tap that is leaking when ur house is burning.

The people is not ur enemy but neither are they your slaves.

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