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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Not the Cliff Richard The Young Ones

It is just a matter of pre-judgment. I mean the organized debate between the 3 contestants in TV9 Hujjah forum. I am referring of course to the debate between the aspirants of the Ketua Pemuda post. As I see it, it was more of an interview conducted by the rapid fire manner like speaking Dr Agus Salim.

The debate covered a wide range of issues, among them reforms in UMNO, the Internal Security Act (ISA), high cost of living as a result of the sharp hike in petrol prices, the teaching of mathematics and science in English, Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy), the need to win back support from non-Malays, the social contract and the New Economic Policy.

I am glad that many of those commenting and declaring victory for anyone, have no inkling on what is going on the ground. I say this again, the race will be between KT and KJ. Mukhriz is already out. Most of the pemuda delegates I actually talked here in Pahang see MM as a detached person not in sync with JIWA PEMUDA. May I offer my views on this JIWA PEMUDA?

The JIWA PEMUDA my friends is that formed in the football fields, on the Futsal turfs, in the demonstration outings which are both voluble and rampant, in the dangdut circuits, in championing aggression, in grooving and jiving with the Pemuda crowd. In short the JIWA PEMUDA is one that is characterized by aggression, always challenging, questioning, not easily cowed. It is never borne out of placidity, staid outlook and overly controlled.

Hence, the JIWA PEMUDA favours KT and KJ. MM is a nice fellow more suited to a place in the MKT. perhaps when he loses, DS Najib will appoint him as an MKT member.

The other two are in sync with the JIWA PEMUDA. KJ is playing the Malayness bit to the hilt, spearheading the many demonstrations defending the symbol of Malay power, the Sultanate. Perhaps he has forgotten that not too long ago, when he was still studying, many UMNO luminaries were going around the country calling for a reality check on the Malay Sultans. Musa the Black even singled out 4 young UMNO leaders then who he regarded as the real Malay heroes. They were being called heroes for holding a diametrically opposite view to what KT is holding.

Now, what does that show you? It only goes to show, the very issue on which KT is peddling like the snake oil salesman that he is, is a sham issue. It is just an issue that is suited to his current interest- being seen as a Malay hero. The position of the Malay Sultans is already a settled one. It's protected by the constitution and people can show their support by doing it constitutionally.

So we judge the credibility of each candidate by the answer he gives and not on the decibel scale of the clap of hands. This is not a mesyuarat JKKK or the election of a class monitor.

I wish to state the following observations.

  1. I have always believed that the real worth of a person is clearly borne out when defending difficult causes. Adversity brings out the best in you. On a lighter scale, the adversity may be in the form of defending the track record of the government in which you are a part of.
  2. On the opposite side running down an opponent and offering pie in the sky solutions which cannot be achieved in any case, is very easy and publicly appealing. It's appealing because the public is naturally absorbent on bad things happening to others as long as it's not you.
  3. But I take comfort by the observed fact that rats desert a sinking ship faster that you could spell the word sinking. And this is what I detected when observing KT and MM.

As an UMNO man, I wouldn't want my party to be defended by (a) fair weathered friends. (B) Those who have made an art of hunting with the hounds while running with the hares.

Before the forum on TV9, the usual suspects are all up in arms saying that a public forum is not good. They opposed it, because that would put the lead-tongued favorite Muhkriz at a disadvantage. Why? Because KJ is acknowledged as the superior orator goes the answer. KT is accepted as sword swirling in all directions Kung fu avenger and MM is forever regarded as the man by his supporters as unassailable by anything. We shall let them dream on.

So when I watched the TV9 Hujjah- I have this feeling that people are already looking beyond the forum- the supporters of KT and MM are already preparing their version of victory for their bosses. That means, no amount of reasoning can unhinge the lock that has already bind their supporters in mental straightjackets.

I haven't seen many yet, but just as I expected, their victories are already declared based on pre-accepted 'dismal' performance by KJ.

That is what KJ is up against in the TV9 Hujjah. (1) A barricade of prejudging mindset and (2) defending the government is the current hostile environment. That would naturally put anyone on a defensive mode.

I ask the Pemuda delegates, this simple and basic question- when things are not good for your party, who do you want to have as leader leading you in defending ourselves? You choose between the people who are quick to point fingers at you or the person who is willing to sink and swim with you.


Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 08:22  

Salam Dato',

Apa yang melekat diingatan saya tentang KJ semalam semasa Hujah adalah facial expressionnya. Tika orang lain berhujah dan kamera fokus ke muka KJ, saya lihat beliau suka mencemek bibirnya dan expression mukanya seolah memandang rendah akan pendapat orang lain. Senang cakap - sombong !

Orang akan kata persepsi saya mungkin disebabkan prejudgement saya sendiri. Tapi kalau anak saya buat memek muka begitu bila orang lain bercakap, memang saya akan tampar mukanya. sombong dan biadap !

Kalau tak pandai merendah diri pun, belajarlah berlakon seolah merendah diri. Persepsi yang insignificant ? Mungkin juga... tapi persepsi yang sama telah menjatuhkan wan farid. Dan hampir sama facial expression mereka berdua - expresi muka seorang yang sombong dan perasan diri lebih.

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 09:35  

Takde orang tepuk tangan pun untuk si khairy semalam. Jawab semua salah, kena superceed ataupun kena outshine.
Nampak sangat kurang pengalaman. Belajar dulu la... kawan. Tak cukup ilmu tanya...jangan dok merapu. Volume suara je lebih.
MM cakap secara eloquent, isi ada, not as bad as you've painted him to be. Anyway manage to get ovation from the crowd.
KT cakap berapi, mungkin dia terbit dari environment yang serba mencabar, hence his outspokenness and ovation from the crowd. Deserving la...tu kan..
Jiwa pemuda memang jiwa memberontak, saya pun dari generation X, tapi tak la pulak kami kemaruk dengan KJ. kami tak mau KJ temberang kulit lupakan kacang tu. Saya pernah berjabat tangan dengan dia. Sejuk. Takde jiwa rakyat mamat tu. Look down on other people. Rimas semacam. Jabatnya ke depan kepalanya pusing-pusing.
Banyak fikir business kot, government business la katakan. Mentang-mentang dia gate keeper Menteri Kewangan. Taunya nak tibai habih semua. Sangmongkol jangan pura-pura tak tau harga tiket Khairy charge orang nak jumpa Pak Mentua dia pulak. Don't be naive. Rakyat marah hang tau dak. Pembangkang yang dapat untung. Jangan nanti Sangmongkol kata supporter KT and MM kena planted dalam DBP semalam. Lame excuse. hmmmm....Sakmongkol tak nampak apa yang kami nampak kah?
Cukup la nanti meroyan pulak. Mana setiakawan? Maaf tumpang lalu....

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 10:27  

Hey Dato Sak,

Your post is enlightening as an UMNO insider.

But I beg to differ that

1. "I haven't seen many yet, but just as I expected, their victories are already declared based on pre-accepted 'dismal' performance by KJ.
That is what KJ is up against in the TV9 Hujjah. (1) A barricade of prejudging mindset.."

The debate actually gave me another side of KJ and it demonstrated his progressive mind and open approach to problem solving.

Unfortunately, he looked really stoned/hung over in the forum.


Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 10:41  

Mesyuarat Agong Pemuda:

IF MM wins:
He will outline a vision for Pemuda in years ahead. Nothing earth-shattering, just changes which Pemuda has to make . Dont expect thunder and lightning.

If KJ wins:
It would be hard not to unsheath the kris again but he would make sure that it is not pointed to the non-Malays but to the Pengkhianat kpd Raja-Raja Melayu. A lot of loud
noises, some thunder.

If KT wins:
The kris stuff just like KJ. He will up-one on KJ. He will take out a broom to sweep the PR out of Selangor. Thunder, lightning, storm, strong wind and all. Just that, bad weather!!!


Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 10:47  

I beg to differ. KJ bombed last night. Overzealous and rude. Race is between DMM and DKT.

His answer to his UMNO liability question was like yours ... Perception.

He said he has gone down to explain and let the votes tell. Sure la he will buy the votes.

What kind of answer is that. HE is avoiding.

Then he was apologetic and defensive abt the lack of leadership that was the cause of UMNO's downfall in the last 5 years.

You know very well the critical issue and critical issue is limited to one most imposrtant ... Pak Lah - his lack of leadership and family.

Hang Tegar 18 February 2009 at 11:22  

Pandangan dan hujah yang dilontarkan Saudara Khairy merupakan yang paling inklusif dan forward-looking bagi UMNO dan Pemuda semasa rancangan Hujah semalam, yang dikategorikan sebagai gelanggang satu lawan dua oleh Malaysiakini - dimana KJ melawan Mukhriz dan Khir. Ulasan KJ mencakupi segmen UMNO dan juga rakyat awam manakala ulasan Mukhriz dan Khir hanyalah berkisar kepada segmen UMNO semata-mata.

Sebagai sebuah organisasi politik, UMNO hendaklah melihat dan membawa perjuangannya bukan berdasarkan kepada kacamata ahlinya sahaja. UMNO adalah parti tunjang belakang Barisan Nasional yang menagih dan mendapat undi bukan dari ahli UMNO atau ahli komponen parti dalam Barisan Nasional sahaja, malahan golongan awam yang terdiri dari pembangkang dan juga yang tidak berparti – samaada tua atau muda. Sehubungan dengan itu, pemimpin dan calon-calon pemimpinnya haruslah mempunyai visi dan pandangan nasional untuk UMNO kekal relevan dan representatif sebagai penaung bukan sahaja kepada orang melayu dari segi peranannya sebagai sebuah parti politik, namun juga kepada semua dari segi kepentingannya menjadi parti terbesar dalam gagasan kerajaan pusat.

Ini lah yang baru dinamakan anjakan dan perubahan penuh pengisian lagi berani – dan bukan sekadar berani di atas pentas selesa untuk santapan segmen sendiri tetapi boleh membawa hujah yang sedia diuji di khalayak awam.

Khairy telah mengambil ketetapan yang konsisten di dalam kenyataan serta hujah beliau dalam hal ini, terutama selepas Pilihanraya Umum ke 12 lalu, dan ia kekal dengan pendirian penuh prinsip sebegitu. Tiada doublespeak di sini dan inilah dianya Pemimpin nasional bagi UMNO yang terbaik untuk dipilih.

Hang Tegar 18 February 2009 at 11:58  

Ramai yang menonton rancangan Hujah TV9 malam semalam menjangkakan bahawa platform forum dan diskusi idea antara tiga calon Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia akan memperlihatkan trend agresif Khairy Jamaluddin terus diketengahkan kepada khalayak ramai. Khairy yang dilihat sebagai antara penceramah paling hebat dalam Pemuda UMNO mahupun UMNO induk sekalipun, dijangka mendominasi forum tersebut dengan ungkapan dan hujah yang radikal, dinamis dan bersemangat. Namun, dalam konteks di mana dua lagi calon untuk jawatan Ketua Pemuda, Dato' Seri Dr. Mohd. Khir Toyo dan Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir dilihat menghentam dan mengkritik sekuat-kuatnya institusi parti dan Kerajaan, Khairy dilihat terpanggil memainkan peranan yang lebih bersederhana untuk mempertahankan institusi tersebut daripada terus menerus dihentam oleh individu berkepentingan.

Memang jika dilihat persepsi sejurus selepas tamatnya forum tersebut, Khir tampak meninggalkan impak yang paling mendalam melalui kelantangannya mengkritik secara terbuka parti UMNO dan Kerajaan dalam isu ISA, Karpal Singh mahupun isu ekonomi. Selain itu, 'keberaniannya' mengungkap sejarah Islam – malah cuba menyamakan kebangkitannya selepas kekalahan Selangor ditangannya dengan kebangkitan Rasulullah s.a.w. selepas kekalahan tentera Islam dalam Perang Uhud – barangkali diharap mampu menambat hati para hadirin (yang ramainya terdiri daripada penyokongnya sendiri walaupun arahan penganjur untuk tidak membawa sebarang penyokong kecuali tiga atau empat pengiring). Namun jika dikaji, Khairy-lah yang paling bertanggungjawab dalam menyampaikan hujah di hadapan penonton dari seluruh pelusok tanah air yang bukan sahaja terdiri daripada ahli UMNO, tetapi juga rakyat biasa pelbagai kaum. Dengan pendiriannya yang memperlihatkan suatu kesinambungan dari kepimpinan Dato' Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, Khairy memastikan bahawa strategi dan perjuangan UMNO selama beberapa tahun ini tidak dibuang dan dipijak sewenang-wenangnya di saluran televisyen nasional.

Jika dahulu ada yang membantah cadangan Khairy untuk diadakan satu debat antara ketiga-tiga calon ini atas alasan ianya akan hanya membuka pekung di dada, kini seolah-olah Khairy pula yang terpaksa menjaga muka dan maruah parti. Apa tidaknya, Datuk Mukhriz pun cukup lantang membantai parti UMNO yang dikatakan sudah menyimpang dari perjuangan asal agama bangsa dan negara – suatu tamparan yang cukup hebat kepada institusi parti itu sendiri serta segenap pimpinan parti UMNO ini.

Dari segi pengisian hujah pula, Khairy tampak lebih nasional dan menyeluruh dari segi pendekatannya untuk memenangi hati pengundi muda di dalam dan luar jangkauan tradisi UMNO. Dalam isu Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) contohnya, Khairy mengambil pendekatan yang lebih matang sebagai seorang ahli politik dengan mengatakan bahawa ada keperluan untuk kepimpinan Pemuda turun padang menerangkan dan berbincang bersama golongan muda ini tentang peri pentingnya ISA disamping mendengar cadangan-cadangan mereka sama ada perlu ISA diubah sedikit sebanyak supaya tidak digunakan untuk sebarang kepentingan politik. Ini jauh berbeza dengan dua calon lain yang tidak teragak-agak mengesyorkan bahawa ISA digunakan sebagai penyelesai masalah, tanpa menghiraukan persepi orang muda kini yang cenderung kepada suatu politik baru di mana hak asasi dan kebebasan individu diberi tempat tinggi dalam sesuatu percaturan atau tindakan.

Dalam isu Kontrak Sosial dan Hak-hak Melayu pula, Khairy sepertimana yang pernah ditunjukkannya sebelum ini, berhujah dengan penuh hikmah dan berjaga-jaga supaya tidak mengguris hati mana-mana golongan pada waktu UMNO dan BN mahu meraih kembali sokongan pengundi bukan Melayu, tanpa langsung mencairkan semangat pejuang Melayunya itu. Contoh terbaik, Khir ada menyebut bahawa ideologi Ketuanan Rakyat yang dibawa Pakatan Rakyat merbahaya kerana cuba menyamarata-kan antara rakyat berbilang kaum. Memang ada kebenaran dalam hujah Khir, tetapi cara penyampaiannya tidak langsung strategik kerana sudah pasti berbaur bahawa UMNO tidak merasakan orang Cina dan India ini sama rata dengan orang Melayu. Apa gunanya menjadi wira Melayu di studio tetapi hilang undi bukan Melayu dalam Pilihanraya-pilihanraya kecil yang bakal menjelang. Apa gunanya menang sorak kampong tergadai?

Akhirnya, terpanggil kepada Khairy untuk membawa kembali perbincangan ke arah yang lebih bersederhana dan berhikmah sejajar dengan usaha UMNO menjadi mesra rakyat. Beliau sekali lagi menekankan kepentingan Pemuda UMNO bersama Pemuda BN mendampingi golongan muda bukan Melayu yang merasakan bahawa Kontrak Sosial yang dipraktikkan oleh generasi-generasi pendatang sebelum mereka tidak lagi begitu relevan kerana mereka dilahirkan di Malaysia dan tidak merasakan perlu terhutang kepada golongan Melayu se-generasi mereka. Proses mendampingi dan mencari titik persefahaman dalam isu-isu Kontrak Sosial, ISA dan sebagainya amat penting jika UMNO dan BN mahu meraih kembali sokongan orang muda.

Yang pasti, malam tadi menonjolkan Khairy Jamaluddin yang lebih rendah diri, lebih matang mirip pemimpin negarawan yang mampu mewujudkan suatu pengisian baru kepada perjuangan Pemuda setakat ini. Dibandingkan dengan dua calon yang lain, Khairy sebenar jauh sekali dari imej tuduhan budak nakal, agresif keterlaluan dan 'samseng' yang kerap dilemparkan terhadapnya. Malam tadi, negara Malaysia dapat menyaksikan dan menilai sendiri siapa liabiliti dan siapa aset sebenar untuk memenangi kembali undi golongan muda dalam pilihanraya kelak.

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 12:14  

kalau ikutkan ramai pemimpin tinggi kita nampak sombong.Contoh Muhyiddin Yassin, Zahid Hamidi,MB Pahang.Dato Seri Najib pun nampak anggkuh! Jangan judge people by the looks.If you dah memang tak suka KJ, dia smile and menyegih macam manapun you will still despise him.So its not wise to criticise muka orang.Allah dah buat muka dia macam tu!

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 12:15  

Dato Sak,

KJ's performance was very mature and unemotional and populistic like KT or unclear like MM. He was factual and stayed on the issues without being a hypocrite talking about Piagam Madinah and Prophet Muhamad, and who the hell is KT to think that he is credible enough to quote the religious tone.

KJ has a a lot to offer, and appeared to be sincere and progressive. i mean hell MM condoned the use of ISA to all demos.

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 12:32  


Pada pendapat saya, KJ lebih menghormati institusi parti dan tidak membuka pekung di dada sepertimana dua calon yang lain buat.

KJ di Lundang sudah buktikan kebolehan dia dan tidak asyik macam KT dan MM yang main politik populis semata mata. Padahal pilihanraya kecil permatang pauh dan k teregganu batang hidung pun tak nampak.

Perawkilan kena bijak.

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 13:11  


Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 13:26  

Among the three stooges, I still prefer MM as a Ketua Pemuda. KJ - bad perception and KT - bad reflection! Let's go for MM coz' I respect Tun M very very much....he is our Bapa Pemodenan & Pembangunan. Let's give his son a chance to lead the Pemuda! Hidup UMNO!

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 13:42  


Kalau macam tu, tun shld be KP Malaysialah? Takkan MM puppet proxy bro?

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 13:57  

Salam Datuk,

With much due respect, KT was articulating his stand and action made regarding the Malay Sultans. Very much to what KJ had done in Perak last week. Therefore, KT and KJ are the same birds of feather on the monarchy issue.

Hence, I do not see why only KT is dubbed as a sham while KJ was not criticised for this.

Secondly, I believe there is a difference between constructive criticism and the term 'rats deserting a sinking ship'.

We all had criticised Umno. We criticised it for its apparent weaknesses and its apparent inability to change.

Many articles were written on how Umno should change for the better. Hundreds of bloggers had sweated it out writing voluminous articles which somehow or someway, will reach the deaf ears of the Umno leadership. A labour of love indeed.

Both MM and KT had criticised Umno and offered solutions. But to label them as rats deserting a sinking ship is, for the lack of a better word, an unfair assessment to make.

I apologise Datuk.

The other two panelists did defend Umno's stand. MM defended ISA and PPMSI while KT defended the monarchy. These are also traits of defending the party does it not? KJ only defended the weak leadership of Umno since 2004. This apparent lack of self relfection is one of his weaker points.

KJ had his redeeming qualities on that stage though. He was quick with answers (although if we listen intently, all that he answered were merely general ideas, no specifics were mentioned. He said to 'kembalikan harapan rakyat seperti 2004'? But how? He failed to mention that. He said 'Kita perlu merekayasakan Umno'. How do we do that? KT made a good suggestion to include speakers from other parties in any Umno’s ceramah and vice versa to help rebuild tolerance and harmony among BN party components).

He can adapt very well to the surroundings. He was not visibly shaken by the crowd.

Indeed, when things are not good for the party, we need people to defend it. But what is more important, we need people who understand the problems and knows how to eradicate them.

Albert Einstein once said - "the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them"

Thus, we need somebody outside the leadership of Umno Youth to provide solutions.

Someone I really respect wrote this once - "Dengan mengadakan pelbagai bentuk sekatan untuk menyekat persaingan dalam pimpinan. Akibatnya, tanpa persaingan, bakat pimpinan tidak dapat muncul, pemimpin yang sedia ada menjadi sombong dan parti jadi kaku."

This is what happened in 2004 when an unknown became the number 2 of Umno Youth unopposed. I asked a simple question in my previous writing - "What was the basis, the merit and the reason that enable KJ to be elected unopposed to the post of Deputy Umno Youth Head of Malaysia in 2004?"

We have yet to reach the answer at that point.

At this stage, it is already water under the bridge. But to put things into perspective, what conspired in 2004 Umno election is revealed in what Datuk had written - "Apa yang kita ada hari ini dalam UMNO ialah:-

1) Kita pilih pemimpin atas dasar siapa mereka - anak siapa, saudara siapa, darjat mereka

2) Bakat pimpinan hanya di miliki oleh orang tertentu.

3) Pimpinan mesti datang dari kumpulan khusus sahaja."

At last, the answer to my question was found.

So, what had the no 2 of Umno Youth contributed to Umno since 2004? He had been given the chance to prove his mettle. He was the number two. Many Umno members took years even to become an Exco Pemuda. The result of his contribution is the disastrous 2008 general election.

Thus, to postulate further on what Datuk had written - "UMNO sekarang ialah menyekat kemaraan pemimpin yang sepatutnya di pilih berdasarkan kepada:-

1) apa yang mereka boleh sumbang,

2) sesiapa sahaja boleh memimpin jika di beri peluang

3) bakat pimpinan di miliki oleh sesiapa sahaja dan tidak terhad kepada golongan tertentu."

We may have to agree that KJ have had his chance. He had shown what he is capable of. Let other people lead Umno Youth. Give other people a chance. Talent is not limited to geniuses also. KJ did not work hard right after 2004 to help Umno maintain its popularity. Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Plus, Mr Eistein requires people who are not the source of that problem to help solve the current state of Umno.

The issue of being sanctimonious on the part of anti KJ group was an exaggeration because, most of the people who has negative perception of KJ are not Umno members. Therefore, they see most Umno leaders and KJ especially as corrupt. These are the people that Umno needs to win over. The average Joes on the streets. The non Umno members. The voters in the next general election. It is no use for KJ when asked about how to change the perception of people about him, his only response was - he will turn the perception of the 'perwakilan Umno' by meeting them frequently.

Perwakilan Umno is not the main issue here. It is the rakyat that matters. The one that will ensure which party will hold power in 2013. All the 800 para perwakilan's perception can be easily changed through the frequent visits by him and his people. At worse, they can be changed in the toilets at PWTC :)

We are not talking about being talam dua muka or being hypocritical in the case of KJ. It is easier to change the perception of the rakyat without KJ on board than having him on it. Perhaps if he loses, Najib too can appoint him to be on the MKT. He can pitch in his brilliant ideas in the MKT meetings.

The bigger picture is, the next general election. To have him as the face of Umno Youth will be disastrous for Umno. Simply because, the millions of voters will have his track records since 2004 in their minds when they are in the voting booth. The opposition will make sure of it.

Indeed, changing the minds of those people is a challenging process. Not as easy as 'meeting Umno Youth delegates' when one has many baggage to contend with.

Thank you Datuk. It's a pleasure reading your writings nevertheless :)


Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 14:00  

Hang Tegar,

Kou ni retorik...booosaannn


Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 15:04  

The real JMD would hopefully deny it was him who produced the stunning diatribe against Khairy Jamaluddin we just saw. The real JMD is deep, an analytical giant, principled, laden with convictions, a creature of research and of detail, certainly non-partisan.

The lunge, merciless doubtless, against Khairy must be the work of some mean soul, perhaps a foreigner with some sinister designs.

while Khairy must admit that he is no finished article, he deserves a chance like everyone else to be judged calmly, without malice.

This person masquerading as JMD wished Khairy go away, accorded the official stigma of an accursed person, with no value-add to Umno and country.

It is diametrically opposite the benign persona paraded by Dr Khir Toyo who drew parallels between his travails in local politics and cleansing regime, and those encountered by Prophet Muhammad.

Khairy doesn't deserved to be savaged. Nobody should be brutalised. A political macabre, gruesome killing of political talents is not the way to start improving the reputation of Umno.

He is a legitimate candidate. Let him has his say. Allow him to grow and even revel as a young leader, who has thought deeply about most issues. This was the personality the nation saw on television last night, a candidate who strode to the hall alone, not accompanied by boisterous troops bent on lynching their kind before a discerning national audience.

Hang-Jebat 18 February 2009 at 15:05  

Hamba mohon kemaafan dahulu,
KJ pandai buat lawak, dia turun padang jumpa "pewakilan" bukannya jumpa rakyat bawahan. Hamba harap Dato Sak buat "pol" sekali lagi. Sekarang ini, saham DSKT sudah naik. DSKT memang layak menjadi KP Pemuda (sepenggal ajer kot) pasal dia bermula dari susah. Pernah kalah Perang PRU12 Al-Uhud. KJ dan DMM tidak pernah merasa susah. Jika dinilai, DMM dan TunM memang jauh panggang dari api (minta maaf penyokong DMM). Politik hari ini memerlukan API UMNO untuk berlawan dengan API PR. Sama seperti API yang sebenar dahulu (Angkatan Pemuda Insaf). Pemuda UMNO mesti menjadi JOHAN dalam segala isu samada menyokong dasar kerajaan atau menentang dasar kerajaan. Pokok pangkalnya apa yang rakyat mahukan. Jika hanya menyokong dasar kerajaan seperti KP Hisham yang lembik maka rakyat akan memilih PR dalam PRU13 nanti. KJ pula tiada apa yang dilaksana. Lebih banyak merosakkan adalah. Konon berbincang dengan KPDHEP harga barang hendak diturunkan. ternyata KJ tetap GAGAL menurunkan harga barang. Orang kampung dahulu kalau harga getah di bawah seringgit pun boleh hidup senang sikitla pasal harga beras, gula, ikan dll pun murah. Tetapi sekarang ini, kalau harga getah RM3 pun, orang kampung makan nasi berlaukkan ikan masin jugak. Kadang-kadang buat bubur ikan bilis aje. Kesimpulannya, sampai bila UMNO memilih pemimpin berdasarkan keturunan dan kaitan keluarga. Jangan segan dengan Datuk, Ayah, atau Mertua dia. Pilih berdasarkan kepercayaan untuk menggalas tangjungjawab besar berpertahan dan memperkasakan Alif, Ba dan Ta.

Hang Tegar 18 February 2009 at 15:06  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hang Tegar 18 February 2009 at 15:24  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 16:39  

I see many KJ hounds posting comments. but i agree that the one who won unopposed TKP was partly n hugely responsible for PRU13 results. PEMUDA should not be another vehicle to riches.

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 17:23  

Mindset perwakilan different from the rakyat..they don't eat bubur unless at Concorde and the only rubber they worry about is their car tyres.

So,its about who got chance to fly so they can hitch a ride too..

Hang Tegar 18 February 2009 at 17:46  

It’s only Khairy who sees the bigger thing that UMNO, as a political creature, is not in isolation of the world and entities that surround it. He understands that UMNO can not simply live up to its obvious rhetoric - for it to rebrand and rebuild the party as UMNO needs to respond in the manner that equates its present and future tasks.

His stands on ISA and PPSMI are a good example of that. As regards the former, Khairy argues the importance of deterring measures to maintain civic and safe society, like ISA. Nevertheless, as policy is normally assessed based on what it does and not on what it intends to do, Khairy suggests a systematic review and collective discussion, with all parties including the oppositions, on the law – especially on the operations and governance of the statute. He disagrees with any kind of broad-brush approach that in a way oppresses the victims. To him, its important for the Government to be open and accept differences as an advantage amid challenging and demanding perspectives of the societies. To recognise and engage is the key.

Khairy’s viewpoint of PPSMI is also very clear. He empathises and understands the problems faced by rural students, who are not as advanced and exposed to the use and teachings of English as their urban contemporaries, the call to uphold the status of Bahasa Melayu as the national language as well as PPSMI’s policy-intent. But his argument is the most solid and sensible of all, to him – if the intention was to improve the mastery of English language among students then the policies and actions should be directed towards English language proficiency programmes. While Khairy respects and wholly agrees with Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa, he prefers to view and evaluate the subjects based on its policy efficacy and cost-benefit analysis of continuing and not continuing the programme, and its impact to the important constituents of students and teachers.

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 20:37  

Can you please get read of Hang Tegar posting.

We know he has a blog. Why is he whole posting in your comment box?

No visiors?

WHo like to hear self praising articles?

Its booringggg ....

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 21:00  

Di dlm debat calon Ketua Pemuda UMNO yang diadakan di DBP mlm 17 Februari 2009 DSKT menyamakan kebertanggaungjawaban kekalahannya sebagai Pengerusi BN Selangor, Ketua Perhubungan UMNO Selangor dan Dato MB Selangor ibarat:

1. tewasnya Tun M di dalam pilihanraya umum 69 di kerusi Parlimen Kota Setar,
2. ketewasan Pak Lah dlm pemilihan naib Presiden UMNO 93 dan
3. kalahnya tentera Islam pimpinan Rasulullah SAW dlm Perang Uhud.

Namun beliau lupa menceritakan bahawa:

1. Tun M hanya tewas di kerusi parlimen kota setar. Sedangkan sebagai ketua BN dan UMNO selangor, beliau bertanggungjawab terhadap hilangnya 34 kerusi DUN (PR menang 36) ini adalaf +34 kerusi dari 2 yg dimenangi PRU 12) dan 17 kerusi parlimen (dr jumlah 0 yg dimenangi PRU12).

2. Berbanding Pak Lah yg hanya ditolak oleh sebhg perwakilan UMNO shj. Beliau ditolak rakyat S'ngor pelbagai kaum.

3. Akhirnya walaupun perbandingan dgn Nabi Muhammad SAW adalah amat tidak kena dam melambangkan sifat riak, ujub, takbur, angkuh dan egomaniacal. Salah satu punca kekalahan Uhud ialah disebabkan pasdukan pemanah ug diamanahkan Nabi menjaga Bukit Uhud dari percubaan pasukan berkuda musuh melanggar perintah Nabi kerana telah gelapo mata akibat harta rampasan yg ditinggalkan semasa mengundur.

Secara kesimpulan, DSKT kalah 34 kerusi DUN dan 17 kerusi Parlimen dan bukan Tun hanya satu. Ditolak rakyat Selangor dan bukan kalah dalam UMNO. Tidak menjaga 'Bukit Uhud' di Selangor untuk cari harta dan rupa muka.

Bolehkah dan upayakah dia memenangkan UMNO yang lebih besar dengan kepimpinan yang gagal dan sikap yang 'dia saja pandai' dan 'tak suka tapi jawab balik' pemikiran orang lain?

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 21:28  

Sir Cliff.

You're welcome to swim and sink with him.

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 21:40  

Whoever wins doesn’t mean he can go on a “summer holiday” with “the devil women”. Let see if the winner have a big enough heart to listen and work together with the other 2 losers. Make a common declaration that nobody be given special treatment and privileges to take a ride on the next KP just because they support him. Can they close rank after this?

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 22:55  

Dear Dato',

Teruskan dengan sokongan dan daya usaha Dato' ni sebab KJ memang ada potensi.

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 23:40  

Khir Toyo hebat, dia rasa dia dalam rangkaian sahabat Nabi Rasullulah saw.

Anonymous,  18 February 2009 at 23:40  

Salam Dato',

Biarlah orang nak pandang rendah komen saya tentang 'expresi muka' KJ bila mendengar hujah2 orang lain, but i still stick to it ! :)

I'm sure all 3 had done numerous practice sessions with their supporters with anticipated questions and how best to answer them. What we are doing now is giving our views on their 'kepetahan bercakap'. That's all ! That makes a good leader?

Komen saya bukan pada muka KJ yang dicipta Tuhan tapi reaksi beliau semasa mendengar komen2 KT dan MM yang diterjemahkan melalui facial expression tanpa disedarinya. To me, that says a lot about a person.

Mungkin semasa pemilihan Umno, muka yang lebih utama adalah muka Agung, tapi semasa pemilihan peringkat rakyat, ia menjadi salah satu faktor utama. Bukti - Prk KT

oya, muka Najib tops my list !

Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 07:08  

Saya cadangkan Semua ahli dan penyokong pakatan Rakyat perlulah menyokong KJ,kerana dengan menyokong kj menang ketua pemuda,PR tak perlu kerja kuat untuk menang dalam PRU 13 nanti, percayalah.

2.Menyokong supaya DR.M terus tidak menyertai UMNO dan mengkritik kerajaan terutama saf kepimpinan nya.

3.Menyokong DS.AAB terus menjadi PM.

Dan saya pasti PR akan terus ke Putrajaya (projek membazir duit rakyat) dan menubuhkan kerajaan pemerintah.

Wak tempe

P/S Teruskan sikap apolegis terhadap faktor wan farid.

Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 07:45  

Betul kata Go My Way (panjang sungguh nama dia, tapi itu dia punya hak), semua kena close ranks nanti.

Kempen secara hentam melalui komen-komen dalam blogs tak berkesan, sbb pembaca tak tahu siapa mereka sokong. Cuma tahu siapa yang mereka benci. Kalau setakat gemar dengan wajah calon, tentu insulting hujah itu. Yang asyik bantai Khairy selama ini pun hadapi dilema.

Molek benar perbincangan ketengahkan ciri ciri positif, kebolehan berfikir, kekuatan pelbagai Bahasa, boleh berbahas di medan antarabangsa, idea bernas calon bukan memburuk-burukan mereka. Politik negara ada semacam equilibrium. Kawan-kawan saya dari keturunan Cina mahu melihat Umno kukuh, sambil melakukan reform bersesuaian.

Empat tahun kebelakang ni ada usaha tersusun dari luar untuk kucar-kacirkan keadaan dalam Umno, melalui serangan bertubi-tubi terhadap Khairy. Bila Hang Tegar berhujah dengan fakta dan research, ada yang sesak nafas. Pelik tu. Siapa mereka ini? Orang Umno pastinya nak dengar kebenaran dan fakta. Biarlah Hang Tegar berhujah. Dia bukannya berfitnah.

Bayangkanlah wajah anak kecil di kampung serta juga di rumah-rumah panjang, di kawasan miskin di celah-celah kota; semua ni perlukan pembelaan.

Kehadiran insan macam Jebat Must Die di sini, bukti kaedah berbincang dengan fakta oleh Sakmongkol dihormati semua.

Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 18:06  

sure, sure, dato....KJ is an orator.

But, I'm sorry, Umno does not need orators. And surely he is the last (kind of) leader Umno needs.

I don't have a short memory. I know how he got to be where he is. that does not take intelligence. Just cunning.

I do get a feeling that you are all for the boy.
I still don't know why you are.

I know you detest Najib for reasons I can only guess. But that's your right.

KJ is bad for Umno, I'm sorry. e is no more brilliant than the next intelligent young Malay.

And he is not genuine.

I can go on and on....

thank you.

Ariff Sabri 19 February 2009 at 18:28  

sri kandi,
this is the kind of argument i say is like the unmentionable pile that has got out from a cat's digestive system. what has the discussion about ketua pemuda got to with najib? if by the name sri kandi you are a woman, i guess you are included among those horny Pekan ladies who get their sexual highs seeing the red lips of najib.
no maam, i am the one who's sorry you soil the debate here with your comments.

Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 16:42  

dato sak,

oh...goodness. i must then apologize for mentioning najib's name. it was not my intention to spoil my argument.
it was simply an observation and indeed had nothing to do with what's being debated here.

no, sir. i'm not one of those Pekan women yadayadayada.
neither am i a fan of najib.
just an observation.

but let's pretend i never mentioned his name.

surely, my views on KJ are not crappy.

Jeez.....jangan lah marah dan meletup.

Ariff Sabri 20 February 2009 at 22:24  

apologies accepted. i find the association of my support for KJ being linked to my personal feeling towards Najib very mischievous. who knows my true feelings? i hv been with Najib since 1990 and my most memorable time was serving as his information chief 2000-2004.
of course you are entitled to yr views on KJ. as i have said- to each his or her own.
its up to the delegates and people who read my articles and the comments therein( which i dont censor by the way) to decide which are more reasonable and plausible. our task is to articulate our arguments hoping we can win people to our side.

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