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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Holy cow!- it’s the Pemuda UMNO and the goddamm son-of –a-bitch KJ again.

That is probably what many will say of KJ. Even some within UMNO. Each time, on his outings with the Pemuda, he was probably termed as that SOB!

How do you win a battle or war? You win it by fighting your enemies. you don't win a battle or war just by saying, we have got to do something about it. 5 years from now, when people asked you what you did during the Perak political turmoil, the one saying 'we have to do something about it in his writing' will probably coughed and say- I shovelled shit in PJ.

When Patton was addressing the troops in Germany, he didn't mince his words. He did not sugar coat his words. He wasn't partial to using profanities. Indeed, he used the words- lets get the son of bitches. He said the only good Hun is a dead Hun.

Before the invasion of Sicily, Patton said this:-

When we land against the enemy, don't forget to hit him and hit him hard. When we meet the enemy we will kill him. We will show him no mercy. He has killed thousands of your comrades and he must die. If your company officers in leading your men against the enemy find him shooting at you and when you get within two hundred yards of him he wishes to surrender – oh no! That bastard will die! You will kill him. Stick him between the third and fourth ribs. You will tell your men that. They must have the killer instinct. Tell them to stick him. Stick him in the liver. We will get the name of killers and killers are immortal. When word reaches him that he is being faced by a killer battalion he will fight less. We must build up that name as killers.

Can we imagine if Patton appeared before his troops and talked like a Lilly-livered pencil pushing general? The morale: you don't talk to troops in the frontline like you are muttering sweet nothings into the ears of your partner over coffee.

Here people are making a bug fuss over the speech that KJ gave to the UMNO troops in Ipoh. Like a general addressing his front line troops, you don't talk like a Lilly livered general. You aroused your troops. You tap into their simmering passions. When Najib aroused his pemudas at the TPCA stadium sometime ago, would he have succeeded in arousing the passion of the pemuda if he had talked softly in a tone not unlike a male cat cavorting with a female cat? He even had to unsheathe a keris and said words that sent shivers down the spine.

And if were to treat that brinkmanship nuanced pronouncements as representative of a more basic attitude, that's a ridiculous thing to do.

So we are bemused when KJ's speech in Perak in front of the pemuda troops was lionised and mauled. He was in a bantering mood with the boisterous pemuda. In ancient times, what do we do when people insult the king? We kill them came the answer. This answer came from the front line troops, not intellectuals discussing an esoteric topic at a Starbucks somewhere. You would expect a guttural answer, wouldn't you befitting the mindset of a shock trooper.

We want to make a big fuss about what KJ said to the troops in Ipoh. You want KJ to say things effeminate and maybe bring flowers. They want KJ to give a faggot of a speech.

The sore points with KJ's speech in Perak were (a) he called for the main actors in the Perak political turmoil be stripped of their titles and (b) be banished from the state. Both are the absolute privilege of the King. And so in saying this, what is KJ really saying to the ground troops? What he is saying is actually defending the rights of the monarch. The language he used are those directed to the enemies.

Its also the language used to prepare and alert his troops. You don't want a sissy going to war facing an enemy who is prepared to lie in front of a car, would you?

A few UMNO people called me up- Dato, brader- you tengok apa your favourite calun ketua pemuda has done? Apa pasal dia cakap macam itu? Jangan sokong lah dia. He will lose.

The answer I give, every time the same question is posed- relax brader, if KJ is a lost cause, then there is no reason for you to worry kan? And the above is my answer.


Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 08:56  

Dato' ,

You know that I have always said earlier this is a war and we have to win the war or when Najib did what he have to do...he paved the way..for a war to start and he managed to at least shattered the defense of the enemy . You can look back at my comment if you dont believe me.

Now you are supporting KJ, for being a general that brings his troop to Perak to win the war. IM glad that you look at it that way..mmm my way...

Without Najib starting it all...would KJ have any reason to bring his troop to Perak? Of course not.

However Dato', the problem with KJ is, people still think and I dont blame them that he is just play acting and there is no sincerity in his struggle for UMNO and the Malays. So the onus is on him to prove us wrong.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 09:25  

I would much prefer a general without allegations of leading the "The Fourth Floor boys", E.C Libra and so on. Otherwise, the effect may be one of people in glass houses throwing stones at one another.

I would salute a morally untainted general to attention when such a general passes by. I was a sergeant in my school cadet corps and can still salute well.

But I would not mind the Perak actors being stripped of their titles.

kuldeep 11 February 2009 at 09:35  

Do you think that there is any connection between the ongoing ramp up in the Gaza atrocities and the elections in Israel?

In Malaysia today,there is more energy expended to win in the many developing "internal" battlefronts...whereas there is less focus in the real war of mitigating the effect of the downturn for the general populace.

Wish the media channels,political leaders and learned minds will tell me how I can contribute towards making the stimulus package work and in the process ensure that I will be ready when ( not if) the smelly stuff hits the fan.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 10:58  

They are supportive of the Perak sultan when it suits their agendas. How come they are not so supportive when the Trengganu and Perlis sultans wanted their own MBs? Aren't they all hypocrites?

Ti Lian Ker 11 February 2009 at 10:59  

Bruther! Say takut kita menang sorak, kampung tergadai. We are not on a physical warfare and brute force is need. The fence sitters are watching and they are undecided as to which side to vote. The perceived villains or aggressors are gonna loose. We have 30 or 40 % and the opposition got 20 to 30% of the mass voters. The difference now are the fence sitters and they are gonna decide the swing forr or against BN .
I guess KJ's war cry is only good for UMNO's morale but not good enough to help us win the WAR=VOTES...

MalayMind 11 February 2009 at 11:17  
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Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 11:28  

From Jelapang to Jelutong: A Tale of Defiance

Dari Jelapang ke Jelutong: Suatu Kisah Penentangan

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 11:57  

Universal Declaration of Human Rights -UNITED NATIONS Article 21(3)

The will of the PEOPLE shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

MalayMind 11 February 2009 at 12:09  
This comment has been removed by the author.
kuldeep 11 February 2009 at 12:16  

If the youth movement is perceived as the activists..the bad boys of UMNO,then KJ ,being the "baddest" of the three shld be the best candidate.

However,if the role changes to the more "unifying,second echelon leadership and learning the ropes" type of role..MM is the more likely candidate.

Whatever,if I am to lay a wager..I would definitely lay my last ringgit on KT.

Thats the uneducated reading of the UMNO politics by a member of Mr Ti's fencesitting masses.


MalayMind 11 February 2009 at 12:35  

Dear Dato',

A good national leader should be able to influence others to accept his leadership.

KJ will not be able to lead as long as the people see him as the enemy.

Certainly not wise to talk furiously in front of the people who is furious about him too.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 12:48  

Typically KJ fight in the wrong battlefield and end up shooting his own army to lose!

No basis to save this son of a lembu mamak!

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 12:52  

Based on what you said, KJ did the right thing.

With this understanding, I now think differently of what the Israel troopers did in Gaza. They also did right to bring in firepower instead of offer flowers and candy to the Hamas.

Thank you, Dato', for setting me on the right track. Now I don't condemn the Israelites for their "atrocities" anymore. They were merely fighting a war of self-defence.

PARPUKARI 11 February 2009 at 13:04  






Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 13:37  

Right on parpu,

At this moment and time, KJ is considered as the enemy of the people..whether in Umno or opposition. He is solely to be blamed for what happened to Pak lah administration. He might not be the real villain but he lets himself be seen that way.

The people on the street do not do analysis, studies, background check etc on KJ like you do Dato...they just hate everything about him.

At least half of the fence sitter are TDM loyalist and TDM hates KJ...that is good enough reason for people not to vote BN if KJ is ever in the picture.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 13:46  

The Perak’s gathering is what is expected of a Pemuda leader, that executes with gumption and focus – for the people and the royal institution.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 13:48  

parpu and others,
that is yr opinion. UMNO youth needs a gutsy leader and a berani one. KJ is the only leader who can tune in with the ordinary UMNO guys and can stand up on his own with the nerdy types.
where is KToya- menulis sahaja supaya di lakukan sesuatu.
MM?- dalam cayenne dia.
if UMNO wants to go to war and battle, KJ is the field general. we dont want like this blogger says, those who shoveled shit in PJ to talk about winning a war.
KJ is the answer to pemuda's lembikness.
betul Dato najib memulakan hal ini, dan adakah kemenangan terjamin by leaving it at that? lu orang tak tahu kah, a war has to be won over and over again? inilah KJ lakukan.

Hang Tegar 11 February 2009 at 13:49  

Khairy is, yet again, used by the PR as a means to shift the blame and anger of the people. Instead of looking on the issues of Derhaka, PR is deploying this as a tactic to create the mental image that Khairy is the personality to hate - and larger than the subject of the day - stemmed from their insecurity of his potentials and abilities.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 13:50  

Parpu Kari and Are You,

KJ is the Deputy Youth Chief, and i think it is very much his business to protect the sacrosanct position of the palace as stated by the Rukun Negara. We dont want a dayus or lame youth or deputy youth chief as they themselves represent Malays en bloc. The instituition of the Monarchy cannot be ridiculed as its also the symbol of the very existence of this country.

Maybe both of you missed the History classes in Form 1,2 and 3 to understand basic Constituitional prescriptions.

KJ did the RIGHT thing and we Malaysians must not easily fall into the spinning done by PR, as they themselves are falling apart. I.E hudud issue, who brought that up? Lim Guan Eng flip flopping on party hopping issue...who brought that up? KJ did.

KJ is the only UMNO firebrand out there that defends but lacks the credit due.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 13:51  

If KJ doesnt defend the Monarchy, who will? Mukhriz? Khir Toyo?

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 13:56  

saya lihat KJ ada kesungguhan mahu jadi KP UMNO. ini kualiti yang kita cari. yang duduk membesarkan buntot, kita tidak mahu.
kita mahu KP yang berani dan bersungguh. yang lain mahukan jawatan KP di berikan kepada mereka.
kita lihat sendiri- adakah KJ bersandarkan status nya sebagai Naib KP yang sedia atau menantu Pak Lah untuk mendapatkan jawatan KP? budak ni kena berlawan setiap inci. saya setuju, saya mahukan seorang KP yang bersungguh sungguh memangi setiap inci. Yes ini semangat kita mahukan dari ketua kami.
perwakilan ke Perhimpunan Agung. salam untuk semua sahabat.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 13:56  

Encik Omar Hassan ooii....

Did i say...KJ did the wrong thing? Pls look at my earlier post at the top. I just say that...he's reputation as sonovobitch exceeds him...

Hang Tegar 11 February 2009 at 14:01  

Most of us are timid. We want to avoid tension and conflict and we want to be liked by all. We may contemplate a bold action but we rarely bring it to life. We are terrified of the of the consequences, of what others might think of us, of the hostility we will stir up if we dare go beyond our usual place.

Although we may disguise our timidity as a concern for others, a desire not hurt or offend others, in fact it is the opposite – we are really self-absorbed, worried about ourselves and on how others perceive us. Boldness, on the other hand, is outer-directed, and often makes people feel more at ease, since it is less self-conscious and less repressed.

In other words, people who think, speak and act boldly – are less concerned of themselves and are more willing to sacrifice for others – for the greater utility of the masses and not for the personal utility of security and popularity.

Few are born bold. Even Napoleon had to cultivate the habit on the battlefield, where he knew it was a matter of life and death.

But boldness should never be the strategy behind all actions. It is a tactical instrument, to be used at the right moment and KJ displayed this well at the Perak Gathering.

Do you expect the old-and-oft Mukhriz and old-and-rich Khir to display this kind of street fighting spirit for the King and Rakyat? In your dreams bro…

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 14:26  

KJ supporters. I take note of your comments. Im glad you guys stand behind him. Shows that he has huge followers. The issue of the day is to win the coming perak election..not to win Ketua Pemuda.

for now..KJ,MM or KT are small issues compare to what happened in Perak.Let's focus...

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 14:29  

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,
You all should be compassionate a bit-lah, KJ is aiming for the UMNO youth chief post-sure have to say something racist,provocative,stupid,arrogant,otherwise how to win. All previous youth chiefs also said some very bad things to get their post.Also, tell me who dares to catch him...

Hang Tegar 11 February 2009 at 14:38  

To Are You Gonna Go My Way

Royal institution is symbol of unity for the Malay’s community as well as for the whole citizens of this country. It is not a subject or an exclusive matter of internal politicking of UMNO – it is a national issue.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 14:41  

Hang Tegar,

Thanks. Now you got it.


kuldeep 11 February 2009 at 14:42  

Perak issue..the by elections >>for UMNO people that's only blips in the radar.UMNO may lose here and there sometimes but eventually they are so sure that they will still be there at the top.

And as AAB steps back..the mood of the leadership have reverted to the old ways where attack is the only way of defence and bugger the methods.

Thus , every word and action now is only a prime time viewing of advertising for the UMNO elections.

Lets see the mini budget.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 14:48  

If KJ wants to be a General, he should join the Armed Forces. But with his attitude, i won't be surprise that he will just be my Betman.
He has indeed screwed Pak Lah future due to his arrogantness and self interest.
In fact, from the way things are, he has also screwed UMNO.

No Way Lah.

Hang Tegar 11 February 2009 at 15:02  

KJ is, obviously, one of Najib’s strongest weapons and instruments to fight the science of charlatanism of Anwar

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 16:23  

Salam Tok Sak,
As the Kelantanese say, "demo doh kene denge budok kj tuh nok bua' guano"... but talking about LEADERSHIP, three things are important as I recalled from your earlier postings: Character, Integrity & Credibility. Based on what you said about KJ, I suspect he got SOME character lah... you know, brave enough to marshall 1,000 odds followers to fight it out. But on the other two dimensions - INTEGRITY & CREDIBILITY, I suspect he has not been able to command much, otherwise, he should've been able to convince probably 10,000 UMNOputras to "stand by him". Seems to me as a Timbalan Ketua Pemuda UMNO with claimed memberships of maybe 50,000 for him to be able to garner only about 2% of the troops says a lot about his integrity & credibility in these trying times!? Plus, "doggedness" is probably not a good indication of leadership? I mean, look at Hitler... when he talked, hundreds of thousands of followers saluted him, etc. He's got character, but maybe questionable credibility & integrity? In contrast, we have Ayatollah Khomeini... character-wise, in terms of e.g. making ucapan berapi2 (macam KJ lah?), he would score low, relatively, but in terms of credibility & integrity, he just said something in low tone, and we had hundreds of thousands of Iranians went to the street ready to die... just to highlight the sort of "standard" that we have in KJ's leadership... of course, as Dato' said, the intellectuals would normally sit in the back row, and the baluchis yang kat depan. Well I'm sure Dato' would know better? In wars semua ada peranan... you cannot have ALL the generals in the frontline, right? Kena ada strategists & baluchis,... maybe in UMNO now we have too many "generals" and not enough baluchis? Yang generals pun dah nearing retirement? Yang baluchis pulak yang askar upahan? Apa dikenang?

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 16:46  

A soon to be Has been yelling his last breath before being sidelined by the new PM to be.

This guy will only organise knowing there is no one around like in Ipoh by make sure lots of newsen.
Nowhere to be seen the next day when it was anticipated to have Pakatan supporters around.

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 19:25  

Dato Seri Najib unfortunately had to play the dirty game DSAI invented..and he played them bloody well!
And KJ had gone to Perak to support and defend BN's and HRH Sultan's actions!
What more do you anti-KJs want from him?
What did MM and KT do???
Vote for TDM for Ketua Pemuda! Oops!! Vote for his son MM!
Vote for KT! Vote for his glorious broomsweeping Selangor into the PKR dustpan!!

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 19:35  

What more you ... want KJ to do?

Answer his corruption allegations and show that he is clean

Anonymous,  11 February 2009 at 20:03  

Politicians who thread all too gingerly, utter not words that may offend against his better judgement only to whisper their angst do not surpass all of us in our insecurities.

We resort to a cryptic existence of offering views under a cloak of anynomity perhaps because it frees us to float some ideas. May be this is a tool to galvanise discussion, rather than to smother debate. May be we are not sufficiently brave.

I believe this non-identity does not preclude a sense of responsibility and integrity.

Political personalities who lead from the front; wade into conflicts, engage in endless debates in conditions that are sometimes hostile like Kelantan, as Khairy Jamaluddin did, belong to a different breed.

Unlike me, Khairy does not lack courage. We wish to be loved and admired, thus we sidle away from confrontations. This is a human frailty, both the ability to whip up confrontations and the repeated dodging and evasion of heat and problem.

At the intellectual level, politics is about crafting policies and winning arguments. How about the street? It is both a plank and a flank. You can't match the stunts of the more excitable Pas supporters, but, you need to rally the troops. Get them to express their feelings in a credible manner. These are people who want to belong to something, who believe in something and wish to do something to advance their convictions. They may be less erudite but a nation need them. Umno is a big tent. Minus the brave hearts who attended the Ipoh Padang gathering on Monday, Umno shall be reduced to a withering creature.

I have my criticisms of Khairy Jamaluddin. If I were to see the man, I would tell him: "Hello! What are you doing in the FAM? You ought to try break into the national side rather than be a football administrator. You cannot be straddling on too many fronts."

He would probably tell me he packs courage, that's why. I would not relent. I will persist with my arguments and pugnacious self.

I will also tell him not to wilt and surrender. The nation need complete leaders - courage, intellect, and a fighter. The nation need at times leaders who are willing to browbeat us and tell us to grow up.

Critics of Khairy like this one, should empower themselves and spell out precisely to him what they find so objectionable about the man. That would require a basic exercise in mental struggle and logical thinking. Our children and mothers may wish to know a bit more about our anxieties with regards to Khairy Jamaluddin. Why do we so despise him? Do we find his persuasions intimidating? We have to think harder and outthink him. Are we also also prepared to forego sleep and Astro, our books, our little nooks and stride into political battlefields?

I say we ask Sakmongkol.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 01:19  

Hello all,

I think KJ got on the wrong team. I bet Anwar would love to have this sort of character in PKR. (Some says he is a mole planted by Anwar. If so, he's doing a pretty good job I must say.)

It seems many in UMNO just can't stand this guy. UMNO as a party always find it difficult to assimilate guys who are a basket of contradictions. Just like Zaid. Shahrir before Paklah.

KJ shooting off his mouth and more often than not pisses people off is a carry on of a long tradition of Pemuda UMNO. So no big deal here. That's why you have the UMNO Prez to soothe things over. This bad guy good guy charade is as old as the oldest profession. btw, that's why we like to equate politicians with prostitutes.

He's corrupted you say. Sure but a sanctified whore is easier to find than an honest politician. What else can we pin on him? Oh yes, he practically runs the country, a shadow PM. Well blame Mahathir for not having the wisdom to choose Najib in the first place. (Not that it would have had made any difference, trust me).

So if I am an UMNO delegate, KJ is the man for me. MM is too identified with Mahathir and please don't be silly by denying there are no UMNO members that think Mahathir is mightily blamable for the UMNO quagmire. And it is proven that being the son of a great politician doesn't readily translate into one being one. Remember Tawfiq TDI. (Ok, this is not an original statement, ciplak from an article written about Tawfiq's meeting with then PM Mahathir). KT? If there's one idiot that needs a caddy for his mouth, this is the guy. Every time he opens his mouth, I cringe. Just like when the dentist asks you to open your mouth.

But in honesty SakmongkolA47 (what a name!) seems like a guy that also can be a contender. Tomoi your way and if things fail, AK47 the whole lot. There are plenty of supporters out there if only because politicians always never fail to display the stupidity and irrationality of their actions. Don't believe me? Run a simple poll.

Sometimes, I resign to the fact that things are so hopelessly entangled that our only appropriate sword would be laughter. So let's laugh our ass off, brothers and sisters. After all it's free. Everything else we have to pay for, it seems.


p.s. Melaka takda Sultan, so everyone is entitled to a title.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 12:10  

Raja Muda Melaka

You forgot that KJ was the one who must have got his pa-in-law to arrange for a passport issued and he frantically rushed to deliver it to AI to go overseas after jail some time ago.

Not only his EC Libra etc, his motive re AI was, and possibly still is, questionable. AI of course is one who would do almost anything to get power - bite Dr Mahathir's hand that lifted him from nonentity, Sabah frogs, Perak frogs, attempted Parliamentary coup, etc. Could he also be an AI?

Can we trust him? What's wrong with MM? He has spoken firmly and soundly against vernacular schools which tend to undermine national unity. I oppose a lot of Dr Mahathir's actions when in power but just because MM is his son doesn't make him a lesser Youth leader than the other contenders.

Laughter is a good dose in these bad times. But don't resign to do only that when we can try to spread a message or two here and there.

Can I have a title too, Yang Mulia?

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 15:36  

Anon 12.10,

Of course you can. Pick any title you want, we in Melaka practise a differing (not different but differing, sorry ya SakmongkolAK47 ciplaking your term) kind of democracy. Ever since our Sultan decided to swing his way some 600 years ago, we Melakans (??) were brought up in a variety of global practices. The Portugis taught us how to be devilish hence the dish "The Devil Fish", then the Dutch who left us with the habit of "Let's go Dutch", came the British who taught us nothing of significance. Well not really, they gave us Munshi Abdullah, who if I'm not mistaken wrote something akin to The Malay Dillemma. The British left us as they couldn't decide which was better, Poland or Malaya. The Japs came over and the only good thing I can say is that we learned that tapioca is pretty damn sturdy plant. After some 4 years these Brits bulldogs came back realising that they don't grow rubber in Poland. The rest they say is history.

Coming back to your poser on Anwar, I can only say that he had one hell of a teacher. In fact in those glorious days Anwar and Mahathir when they were still buddy-buddy, they reminded me of The Glimmer Twins. Cue "Sympathy for the Devil".

I have no issues with MM. He may be like his father, which is good, or not, depending on your take on the father's deeds. I just think KJ gives an added touch. Maybe what UMNO need is a Jaafar Albar, a Singa. Someone that can pissed Lee Kuan Yew can't be that bad. Either way, makes little difference to me. I'm still stuck with Ali and his gangs here in Melaka. I wonder what sins my ancestors committed to deserve this.

If you can't make up your mind, I don't mind bestowing you the title Raja MudaMudi. Ever since that Thamby fella left us, there's little action if you know what I mean. Things are pretty boring, made worst by those visiting androids from across the Causeway who are probably jealous that they don't have exotic names like Baba, Jantan, Sequeira, Ronaldo, VanBasten etc.


Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 16:39  


Menjunjung titah, Yang Mulia.
RajaMudaMudi here.

I'd like your take on corrupion and what we, the John Does, the Mat Labus, can do about it. No political will, lah.

Methinks it has become the norm - even more than that. People don't even want to talk much about it or against it. Are we going to be doomed like the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Khmers and so on? We haven't even begun to be great yet, how to last 1,000 years?

KJ or MM or KT may lead us one day - heck, even Double M is still leading UMNO despite walking about with bundles of cash in Australia.

I'll appreciate your input and I'll attend your court - without mengkibar keris, I promise you.

Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 18:49  

Raja MudaMudi,

Please don't Yang Mulia me. If you wish to subject yourself to the way my court is conducted, refrain. And thank you for not wanting to wave the keris. Here in my kingdom the pen is always mightier than the sword.

Now the corruption thingy. Since I'm not a politician, no one has ever bribed me. So I can't really feel the pulse of being bribed which makes me hopeless to offer a take.

But as a citizen, I can only try to practice what I preach. I don't like to bribe, I try not to bribe but I'm not going to be sanctimonious about it. And about the only thing I can humanly do is to make sure my vote are for leaders who are as clean as a baby. Are there such leaders or will there be? I dunno but I'm hopeful. In Shawshank Redemption there was a passage that says ' Hope is a good thing. May be the best of things. And no good thing ever dies'.

If DoubleM comes any near to the seat of power then it is time those that voted him should have their head examined (and their bank accounts scrutinized!).


Anonymous,  12 February 2009 at 20:15  


Thanks for responding.

Hope to have another little dialogue with you again some time in the future.

Thanks Sakmongkol for the courtesy.


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