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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 8 February 2009

On Anwar, PR and their critics.

When I wrote the article about Anwar storming the Bastille, I didn't have the opportunity to read RPK's post on the Perak drama. Having done so, I feel gratified to know, that we come to the same conclusion. Had the PKR government went to see HRH the Sultan and requested dissolution when they still had the majority, they would have succeeded. That was why I said, Nizar in the political sense, was incompetent and naïve. We now know that RPK and a few others went to see the PR leadership in Perak and suggested that step, but their suggestion was dismissed.

I had used the term his heroic defiance was exceeded by his stupidity. After knowing that RPK actually gave that idea to PR, my remark it now seems, was a gross understatement.

That remark and the general criticism against the incompetence of the PR leadership and Anwar Ibrahim drew the ire of many commentators. I suspect many of them read my articles regularly and were expecting, a one way traffic of criticisms. I am sorry to have disappointed them. Doing that, would immediately qualify me as a mere myrmidon or a dedicated but mindless follower of PKR.

I have written a few articles on the political situation in Perak. I have criticised politicians where I think I should. When a government is changed through means other than that allowed by the principles of democracy, it is inherently wrong. It is morally irreprehensible to think, in a democracy, such a thing could happen. I wrote a criticism on that.

But I also suspect my motives. Maybe, I feel that way, because that idea of using Anwar Ibrahim's own knife to stab him wasn't thought of by any one else but Dato Seri Najib. Who knows what lurks in our hearts.

But as far as realpolitik is concerned, I think Anwar has been outsmarted. Hence I wrote an article entitled Najib's Rule of Three. That was essentially a salutation to Najib's expanding realpolitik repertoire.

I will say this. I am not above criticising Dato Najib when I feel it merits doing so. Indeed I am mindful of the fact that what I say of Dato Najib may carry additional weight compared to others. Dato Najib who is Ketua Bahagian of my bahagian hasn't be spared from my criticisms. I get particularly irked when criticising him, I am accused of being disloyal. This is a big problem in Pekan especially among the Division committee members, who prefer to be muted zombies who don't seem to have ideas to assist Najib. But don't let me start on another round of Najib- bashing. You wouldn't want me to.

The point is, I will criticise him where it merits so and wont pull any punches. I have written many thoughts on this on many occasions in blogsphere. Criticisms transcend personalities. We criticise a person for the ideas he represents or the actions he takes. We appeal to the powers of reason.

Which brings me to the issue of writing critical articles. In particular, the issue of being balanced. If readers of my blog read expecting a one way direction in my criticisms ending as it were, in a cul-de-sac of misty eyed romanticism, I must warn them they will be disappointed. If they expect for example, that I will criticise UMNO all the time they will be mistaken. They will be even be more disappointed if they expect, my vociferous objection to UMNO politics can be translated as an indirect support for Anwar Ibrahim.

Which is now the subject I want to talk about. Just a little mention about Anwar Ibrahim has aroused emotional outbursts. I saw many of these in many comments sent in response to my previous article. Such misty eyed adulation and romanticism will prevent us from seeing who the real Anwar is.

Let's call a spade, what it is, a spade. For Anwar, the ends justifies the means. Defection, for sometime was accepted as another brilliant chess move on the political board by Anwar. Hence he literally placed a gun on our collective heads when he was bragging about the defection of 31 BN lawmakers in September to 2008. That , did not materialise but its failure didn't extinguish Anwar's gluttony of treating defection as a legitimate means to secure the ends of taking power.

Now the very means that he has elevated as legitimate, is used by another and when that another succeeds at the game, it is now NOT open for Anwar Ibrahim to say, that means is not legitimate. We must reject, the proposition that only what Anwar does, is a measure of legitimacy.

I have used this expression many times in the past- its no skin off my nose, if people want to identify themselves with Anwar Ibrahim. When I was studying in the university if the late 70's and Anwar was often the darling of debating forums on campuses, I have, sad to say, never been impressed by him. With him, and I want the PKR people to know this, its always more shadow than substance, more hustle to the bustle. But I will give one credit to him- his oratory skills have never ceased to arouse orgasmic rupture among female listeners. Or in the immortal words of the blogger Mat bangkai, creamed a few knickers.

Yes, Anwar is blameable in this Perak episode. Of course I accept that Najib must also be castigated for this disguised coup d'etat. But in the immortal words of Karpal Singh, I cant be two extremes in one place at the same time.


Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 18:08  


Fully agreed with you on your assessment of Anwar. I too was his contemporary at UM in the 70's. He was more a trouble-maker only supported by some hard-cores and scorned by many.

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 18:08  


Fully agreed with you on your assessment of Anwar. I too was his contemporary at UM in the 70's. He was more a trouble-maker only supported by some hard-cores and scorned by many.

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 18:23  

In the same breath you shouldn't translate critisms of your Anwar-bashing article as the 'misty eyed adulation and romanticism' of Anwar. There are always the extremes at both ends but many of us see Anwar/Pakatan as the only hope now to check the ever-increasing arrogance, corruption and double-standard practices of the UMNO. If the Opposition come to power and does the same thing, we'll do the same the them. Return the integrity of the law enforcement institutions (police, courts, anti-corruption etc) and act and be seen to act without favour and double-standard, then we'll support whoever up there. People are fed-up. More so when all these arrogance and corrupt practices are done in the name of protecting the Malays and Islam. I'm a Malay and Islam and I'm ashamed that my race and religion being used to justify corruption and dirty politics. Anwar/Pakatan is not perfect but who else can we put our hope for a better Malaysia for now? The current UMNO leaders? And where are the UMNO veterans who fought for the country before? Other than Tengku Razaleigh, why are they so silent?

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 19:02  

Again, a bloody good one, Dato.

We cannot place our trust on Anwar as a leader, and those who subscribe to his method and plays his game may win the battle but lose the war on decency, anything-goes uncouthness (if there's such a word), corrupt and Macchiavelian tactics.

The end does not justify the means.

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 19:05  

I too am disappointed that Sep16 didn't come through and also the decision of the Sultan. I thought if the Sultan decide otherwise, at least he would give the signal that such bullshit will not be tolerated in front of him. Well, both didn't happen and you know what, I was really looking forward to the opportunity of whacking PR government and voting Umno back to power. I guess now it won't happen in my life time and despite your thoughtful comments, I don't think Umno would change in any way. After all, the next DPM would probably be the Malaccan guy. Looking forward to reading more of your comments tho and cheers!

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 19:09  

The real enemy is the double face PAS and UMNO! Karpal is making one big mistake to topple Anwar, since Anwar is getting a lot of educated Malay support, and has contributed a lot and suffered a lot, and such Malay support includes from hidden ones, especially from the civil service. Yes, Anwar make a lot of mistakes but who doesn't, including what used to be very ethnocentric DAP before. As long as we realized and correct our mistakes, then we move on towards progressive history-making that will ensure real secular constitutional democracy rules in Malaysia, that ensures justice, equality and peace for ALL Malaysians! But by Karpal pursuing this, will however ensure Islamists from PAS and UMNO will get their big day!

Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman)

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 19:17  

I was pretty happy that Sept 16, 2008 was a non event day, which is consistent with many people's prediction. If want to form govt, do so in a proper election, not through cross over.

99% of Malaysians (me included) do not agree with what BN did to take over Perak. BN with enough support should at least wait for a week to get PR kicked out through DUN meeting. What is so difficult to wait a few more days?

PRK and DAP had better vet their reps properly. Why get someone with no spine as reps? But then again, who would have thought that Lee LT was also spineless.

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 19:26  

Oops, "decency" in my comment
at 19:02 above should read "indecency".

kuldeep 8 February 2009 at 19:39  

Anwar is not PR as much as Najib is not BN.In fact PR leaders are more outspoken of its leadership as compared to the "yes" men that you mentioned surrounds Najib.I also believe there is greater check and balance within PR ranks.

Whatever the rhetoric , the reality remains that the Perak issue will be in the courts for some time.

And this is only the very beginning of a situation that is going to ask serious questions about many of our beliefs(not religious ones ofcos) and institutions.

I also think it is premature to assume that Nizar was wrong in not asking for a dissolution earlier than he did.We don't know enough of the facts and what was discussed/transpired at that point of time to come to such a conclusion now.Maybe,events in the forthcoming weeks will unearth it as a masterstroke too.

It now depends on how expeditiously the courts will hear the cases and how far Nizar will take it all up.

At the end of the day I hope it will not be another Tun Salleh Abas scenario though.I ,for myself may not live long enough to await such a late conclusion.


Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 19:52  

I am no hero worshipper of Anwar Ibrahim but I respect his courage, convictions, and ability. No one is perfect. I am not ready to criticise him the way you did which was brutal.

I recall a saying by Jimmy Carter :

"If you do anything, you will be be criticised. If you do not wished to be criticised, do nothing."

What have you done so far?

I have basically two "calling-a-spade-a-spade" comments about you and your article :

You are a fair-weather friend. You turn whichever way the political wind is blowing. I would not want people like you along on any ardous journey to be embarked upon. I would not trust you, Brutus.

I pity guys like Zorro who write so idolisingly of people like you. A misplaced misty-eye fool in my view.

The second point is this :

Karpal Singh is afraid to take on the case to sue the Sultan. It was bravado and hot air. Read between the lines. He would never go beyond the line.

This castigating of Mr Anwar Ibrahim is just an outward manifestation of his fear and his need therefore to find a scapegoat and excuse not to continue with the "threat".

I have seen Karpal Singh up close and saw how he dealt with with some poor victimised clients. He is no lion and he is no protector of the poor and downtrodden. He rues everyday he was not on the winning ship.

My word to Mr Anwar is "Keep the chin up. One loss does not you make. You are our "braveheart" William Wallace but with a difference : We hope you will win against "Edward Longshanks" Najib and despite all the fair-weather friends and potentially traitorous colleagues and supporters in your midst".

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 19:58  

Datuk I will agree with you with one condition attached. Why not when Dato' Najib becomes PM call for a vote of confidence in Parliament and dispel once and for all the idea that Anwar was bluffing that he has more than 30 MP's waiting to cross over. Wondering whether Dato' Najib has the gumption to once and for all face it and prove to everyone and sunder that BN has the majority.

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 20:33  

You wrote "Had the PKR government went to see HRH the Sultan and requested dissolution when they still had the majority, they would have succeeded. That was why I said, Nizar in the political sense, was incompetent and naïve. We now know that RPK and a few others went to see the PR leadership in Perak and suggested that step, but their suggestion was dismissed"

How would you know the Sultan will accept their request? What if the sultan say NO. NO dissolution. and the 4 frongs still jump. What would happen then? I guess we would see the same result... PR went down, and BN...

Ariff Sabri 8 February 2009 at 20:51  

anon at 20:33

in my earlier article i actually wrote:
But at that time, if he had gone to the King and requested a dissolution, he could have succeeded. And you know what, if he had gone to the hustings, UMNO would be decimated in Perak.

but since you now put yr question in the form of trying to fathom what the King could have done, well the outcome could have also been in favour of PR. but you are now using the already made decision to impute the same answer even if Nizar had met the King while having a majority.
so..damn the king if he says yes and damn the king if he says no.
why are we trying to transfer the responsibility borne by political parties to the King?

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 20:58  


Even Samson made the mistake of trusting Delilah. No one is perfect but if Anwar is willing to die together with the Philistines like Samson, then I will accept him.

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 21:23  


Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 21:23  

kasihanlah kita orang orang Melayu, selalu dipergunakan dan dipermainkan oleh pemimpin pemimpin Melayu dan raja raja Melayu kita dengan isu isu kaum , isu isu agama dan isu isu kedudukan istimewa yang kononnya mempertahankan hak orang Melayu, tapi sebenarnya mempertahankan kepentingan mereka sendiri sahaja.

Sedarlah orang Melayu, hanya demokrasi dan keadilan yang boleh mempertahankan hak rakyat

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 21:25  

Crossover from BN to PR should not be encouraged, but if people is genuine to crossover from BN to PR to fight for change, PR should accept BUT strict screening should be done before acceptance.

Example, if Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is a BN MP and intends to join PR from BN, is PR going to refuse his application?

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 21:27  

do you want to take a vote of no-confidence between najib and DSAI? GUESS WHO WILL WIN? WHATEVER, AS LONG AS UMNO IS DOWN AND OUT, I'LL BE VERRY HAPPY!!!

kuldeep 8 February 2009 at 22:06  

Karpal's words to the effect that Anwar may be deemed not fit to lead PKR cos Anwar condones the immorality of accepting crossovers...applies to Najib as well.

However,thats too simplistic.

I will applaud and support my own ADUN if he becomes a frog cos his party has deviated from the manifesto/election promises.

Thats why I am waiting for revelations from the 3 ex PKR as to how PKR have deviated from the manifesto...and why they believe supporting BN will ensure that the PKR manifesto will be adhered to.

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 22:28  

I'm looking forward to your thoughts on karpal castigating AI.

Eyes Wide Open 8 February 2009 at 23:10  


I think this whole crossover issue has been a great slap in the face of anyone who thought that it was the right way to bring about change and reform in our country.

I was previously ambivalent about Anwar's desire for crossovers. But now I'm more than convinced that it's not the way to go. 2 can play that game and this sets the trend for an unstable govt.

What we really need in our country is more political education. Not the type that indoctrinates our young into believing that political awareness is all about trusting certain personalities or ideologies.

We need our citizens to understand their full political rights and how to participate responsibly in a democracy. This way, no one can pull the wool over their eyes.

The citizens will then be fully in charge of their country, and not be subjected to the powerful's whims.

Anonymous,  8 February 2009 at 23:19  

One thing,... in the absence of a better man who can bring two extreme poles together, we choice do we have to see the end of an arrogant corrupted government? None .

So I would say, Karpal is a fool. A non politician and a man who does not use his head to suit the situations. Under him , his DAP would forever be an opposition making noises without any effect.

Politics need skill and that skill is to keep quiet when the time is to keep quiet ...especially now.

So whatever anyone can say... show me/us a better man who can bring about an alternative to BN... we are all ears.

Until then.. we put our hope on this man for this is far far a less risk than to have a government who thinks the entire country belongs to them and they can do what they want.

Look just appointed our "Santa Claus" MB already giving out money to this and that! They don't even plan how to spend the money. They spend to get popular votes...

... and you want to demomise the one man who actually is responsible for the near demise of BN?

Dont dream.

walla 9 February 2009 at 00:32  

Capablanca: 'Only Alekhine managed to seize the throne from me. Our titanic battle in Buenos Aires was almost evenly matched...'

walla (arched eyebrow): 'But he had prepared long for it and he did pip you 6 to 3 with 25 draws, didn't he? What a long-drawn struggle that was! And too many orthodox defenses to the queen's gambit opening. Here's a photo of both of you '

Capablanca (looking rueful): 'So i was distracted by the women of Argentina. I admit that. But i AM handsome and they're hot.'

walla: 'That's the trouble with you. You had so much natural genius you became overconfident things would remain the same. They didn't. And you know why? Because your opponent, the great Alexandr Alekhine, was relentless. He stayed focused. He had one and only one overriding objective - to unseat you any which way.'

Capablanca: 'Ah, economics. Invisible Hand in the market. And Alekhine was the Invisible Mind in the buildup to this usurpation of my crown.'

walla: 'But the important thing is neither the Invisible Hand of the market nor the Invisible Mind that was the strategist behind this latest move. It's something else and we must always remember that.'

Capablanca: 'You really think Umno had a strategist behind what happened in Perak? Someone bright, possessed of a long-range vision, fertile in planning tactical manoeuvers, working in the background, invisible in fact?'

walla: 'It doesn't matter but it seems so. Almost with a personality you can intuit from the way it was done.'

Capablanca: 'Ah, a personality trait? You know my predecessor Lasker had one too. When he saw he was losing, he lit his cigar and blew smoke into the eyes of his opponent.'

walla: 'You should see what your junior the american mozart, Fischer, had done to Spassky's camp. Complained that they were shooting mind waves at him..'

Capablanca: 'So, if it's not the Invisible Hand nor the Invisible Mind which really matters, what is it?'

walla: 'Why, the Invisible Market, of course. People play their chess games using pieces but they forget the chess board on which they play. In politics, the chess board are the audience of the tournament. Not the referee, not the time clock, not the chairs, nor the pieces. Not even the two combatants. Just the audience.'

Capablanca: 'The voters?'

walla: 'It's a mistake to see people as just voters. Or even citizens. Just see them as human beings. Because once you do so, the politician in his swanky suit is no bigger than the road sweeper in his baggy pants.'

Capablanca: 'So, are you saying the gripe of the human beings under the thumbs of political antics is about arrogance?'

walla: 'i don't know if that is all. Maybe you should ask the Invisible Mind himself whether he was exercising arrogance when he argued that if Anwar wants to play the crossover game, he better know first that Omnipotence favours the battalion with the bigger guns, to quote Voltaire. You can even read his mind. "You want to play this game? Ok, i'll roll with you. You move first. But beware, i have more resources backing me than you. Even if you have first-mover advantage, your edge will wear out. Also you made one big mistake. You announced your plan without first making sure the birds are already in hand, therefore allowing me, the second-mover, to up the ante and play your own game against you. You challenge me? I squash you using your own method, just to prove a point." Something like that-lah.'

Capablanca: 'But all this squashing will only damage the chess board.'

walla: 'Exactly. Human beings will be suffering grievously. You have two chess combatants evenly matched. Or, shall we say, two sumo wrestlers equally bulky. They go into the ring to do their thing with an amount of exertion designed to win further support. But they forgot one thing. They forgot that when two combatants are evenly and keenly matched, almost equal and only divided by the minutest difference, the rule of the game is different. One will try to make some progress, for instance, by pulling the loin-cloth off the other.'

Capablanca: 'Lasker will chortle at that. But do indulge me, how will the rule of the game be changed?'

walla: 'The Invisible Market will react in such way as to maintain the supremacy of the Human Being over the Politician.'

Capablanca: 'Ah, this sounds interesting. How? Like your twist to the Scheveningen variation?'

walla: 'Shhhsh. Don't tell the world yet about my special invention. How the Invisible Market will react will depend on what finally transpires in Perak. For arguments sake, let's say it is BN which runs Perak. And since the SOLE purse-strings holder of BN is Umno, what are they going to do for a state which is half Opposition? Umno said they will take care of the people. Who first? Naturally, they will queue their own members in front for the goodies, and the rest of the hoi-polloi behind, all of whom will be from Pakatan. This is a big difference because when Pakatan was holding the mantle, they could not do such a thing in such a big way simply because they are not the purse-string holders. In fact they themselves had to queue up for federal funds, since Perak state fund is nothing to shout about. Whether that state is in dire need of development is left out of the political equation. It's all about reinforcement of gains versus minimisation of losses. Now i ask you, is that healthy? And do you think the electorate will swing loyalty over to BN just because they see Umno holding the purse? Remember, it's not about voters. It's about human beings. And human beings will see that as sheer arrogance. So the success of that Invisible Mind is going to be his same failure.'

Capablanca: 'Ok, i follow you so far, although i must confess i am seeing you in a new light now. You seem to exercise a byzantine mind almost equal to an Alekhine when he is attacking.'

walla: 'i am no match for Alekhine, not even you.....maybe i can hold my own against anyone in my own country, possibly Asia?'

Capablanca: 'Hum, remember "arrogance"?"

walla: 'just kidding, don't Cubans have a sense of humour?'

Capablanca: 'So what will happen next?'

walla: 'Perak will be divided. Umno will infuse massive funds to win over the whole state because it wants Perak to be the emblem of a new perception of Umno, and its other silent partners. But people will remember how Kepong and Klang Road were denied development for decades just because they had always voted opposition. They rankled because the funds came from taxes they had paid. Not only will this seismic activity be festering but the other states will also be asking 'how come you give so much to that half-breed out of what you can give to me, an almost blue-blood? In other words, the divisiveness will spread to other states.'

Capablanca: 'As usual, i am sure Umno will muddle through, play for time, communicate things which it will not be able to do, build hype and perception, you know, the usuals.'

walla: 'But the Invisible Market permeates everything. It is One, it sees everything, it can analyze for itself. And this time, because the situation was born at the dividing line between two equally built combatants, the rule of the game has changed. It has magnified the sense of justice defiled. We can talk about that further i gotta go.'

Capablanca: 'Please don't be like me. You will lose the game.'

walla: 'Just so long as it's not my sarung. kekeke.'

Ariff Sabri 9 February 2009 at 00:43  

long time no hear my friend. as usual, a very thoughtful and full of symbolism comment. alas, will engage my mind to understand further. oh Allah/God/Tuhan- pls give me enlightenment.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 00:45  

Hooping issues ..........

If that it happen due to "political motive for good governance, no money-politics, no power abusing, no power-brokering" - what are your comment?

OR, if that was happen due to "political corrupt practices- by kidnapping, torturing, threatening, buying, forcing, manipulating, ...." - Do you agree that the legally & democratic processes?

That the different between Anwar's move Vs Najib's approach!

Rethink! - who the real devil for today political's chaotic?

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 01:16  


You dont seem to get much support from your own readers. I imagine it's because most umno readers do not like to read, it's too tiring ... but you still believe in umno and I'm sure, given a few months, years or milleniums you'd succeed in changing their thinking.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 01:17  

Have you gone through the ISA and prison for your stand and ideology. Furthermore being smeared in public by all the mainstream media for months and years and brutally beaten by the top Police rogue . Therefore I do not blame Anwar for his actions but he should have more patience and in Politics do not trust those from the otherside. But the matter of grave importance is.... From what I can see now, most of the BN leaders do not have an ounce of Integrity and possibly will be led by a leader who is the most tainted of them all, it's a joke and sadly a bad joke. UMNO has done many wrongs so the last GE was a ticking off but they only know to pick others mistakes without a hint of correcting theirs. NO Insaf no barakah and the country will crumble sooner or later ( Hope it’s UMNO and not the Country we love). As the time goes the Rakyat will get smarter and braver hope not too desperate. I am not a member of any party but the way Anwar was treated made me realise that UMNO has failed the people and if that can happen to a former DPM, what chance do ordinary people have, period.

Untok Keadilan 9 February 2009 at 01:18  

Anwar did say that if PR had formed the the new govt thru crossovers, he will call for a RE-ELECTION after the umno corrupted electoral rolls have been cleaned up and this too he did say will have to be done within 12 months. Will the bn do the same in Perak. So don't just bash Anwar. It is because of him that we have come this far. I have faith in him. KS must have missed out on Anwar's plans

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 01:49  

PKR, Anwar and Nizar gambled and lost. Period.
Nizar, leave and let the new MB do his job.

- Taipingite

Bourne 9 February 2009 at 02:03  






WAKE UP...........

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 02:34  

Honestly, I have lost all hope in this country! It is beyond redemption as it has already sunk into 'the abyss'.

It is a place to exist but not to live.

That is why I never celebrate national day and I never speak well of the country and this government.

The civil service is a refuge for the lazy. There is no commitment nor dedication.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 02:36  

Our BN government is apartheid, corrupted and racist. Decisions are made for a few and a specific group and not for the masses. Period.

40 years ago Singapore left Malaysia. A little red dot with no natural resources has become a country which enables its citizens to average a per capita income six times that of Malaysia, based on foreign exchange rate.

The success story was made possible because the civil servants of Singapore are not corrupted, the ministers are not corrupted, and also the police are not corrupted.

Ministers in Malaysia may be paid RM300000 a year, but they live in palatial dwellings. Apparently, the ministers here only do part time job for their positions, and spend the rest of the time doing business. Is there no rule to prohibit minister doing business?

If there is, then it is easy enough to check whether their salaries and allowances could provide them the wealth and lifestyle. If not, then there is clear evidence of moonlighting.

Even though Malaysia ministers are paid maybe one-sixth that of their Singapore counterparts, Malaysia ministers are really Boleh in accumulating wealth. Either they earn it themselves, or they have especially gifted siblings or off springs.

Without substantial inheritance to start with, there are many siblings and off-springs of past and current ministers who have accumulated hundreds of millions or billions in matter of years.

When ministers have such rich relatives, they are naturally surprised that price increase in ringgit and sen should arouse those "uncalled for reactions" such as what happened last time. The incident was a threat to the "Semuanya ok" image of Malaysia and had to be dealt with sternly.

If only Malaysia had uncorruptable ministers, then with our natural resources we should have at least the same level of per capita income as Singapore. If only the people subscribed to Malaysian Malaysia back then, we will not have to be so concerned about the price increase now.

Due to poor financial management of previous leader, the old man, the current government is running in deficit, thus the increase and change lifestyle. Most of the thing we buy today is not value for money.

A crooked people will vote for government that build crooked bridge. So as a corrupted people will vote for corrupted government. It is democracy, incompetence government reflects its incapable people. Wake up, Malaysians.

Most of government's subsidies were channeled back to support those Ali Babas, corporate bailouts for MAS and Proton, cronies, lazy-to-work entrepreneurs, university students with few As, and etc.

What is the use of saving government subsidies on oil? So that Umno leaders can buy more luxury cars and feed their cronies?

This is the corrupted lifestyle of BN politicians and their cronies. They should change their lifestyle first before asking the people to change! They are doing unimaginable damage to this country and its future through their arrogance, corruption, and sheer incompetence!

50 years is enough because we do not choose you to tell us "change our lifestyle". The BN government is not admitting its mistake in mismanagement of public fund.

Najib and all Umno leaders are living in a different world altogether. They do not have the slightest inkling about the pains the people have to bear. They are filthy rich. Without empathy, how can the leaders think of the sufferings of the people!

Suffice to say, the affluent are much too detached from the realities of ordinary people to empathise with the struggles of daily living and therefore, make nonsensical comments about a paradise not known to many simple Malaysians.

How many more years do we have to put up with this shitty thing call BN. Gosh……….50 years is damn long, enough is enough.

Yes, let us change lifestyle once and for all by changing the government - that make perfect sense.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 02:38  

· The Malaysia Constitution has been amended some 690 times. The USA has been in existence for more than 200 years and their constitution was only amended 27 times.

· Because of the overwhelming power available to the executive, the judiciary has been corrupted and emasculated, the legislature has been reduced to a rubber stamp, the power of the Agung has been clipped.

· The legal system is a sad joke, serving only further the desires of the ruling group.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 02:39  

Sometimes when one reads about the statements or replies by the Malaysia government ministers, one feels ashamed of them, knowing that foreign correspondents would also be observing them.

One just wonder how come majority of the government ministers or their subordinates just could not show themselves with depth in their words and thoughts!

Their mentality is just so shallow as always reflected in their talks.

Is it because they do lack reading and gaining knowledge and information? But then they are the ones who keep telling the public to read and read! They don't? Too busy politicking on trivial? What a pity!

Or that they are too busy over personal interest? Or are they just of mediocre intelligence up there, but good in drawing support by being able to be able to talk mediocrity?

Can the nation draws on them to prod on to the national vision?

It is anybody's guess. Your guess is just as good as my guess. Just hope and guess the good things will come one fine day.

Something is seriously and definitely lacking in the government ministers, selection? Is there a dearth of quality leaders in Malaysia politics to be selected?

Something drastic must be done to rectify the current situation in the country.

Many so called leaders in Malaysia are still shackled in their perceived medieval mentality based false promises.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 02:43  

Again, this government has become so confused as to the demarcation of responsibilities. What has happened to the administration, so many gaffes and so many clarifications! The people are confused because we have a prime minister equally confused!

What a sick country we are living in. It is goes to show that there is no equality, fairness, meritocracy, etc. We the silent majority must start canvassing now and spread the word around to vote for change by voting in the opposition. Just tell the voters - BN equals more strip squats, discrimination, baldness, etc. Thanks.

Too many non-malays, the Chinese especially, have given up on this country. This is a fact. It is a fact that the bunch of jokers has better wake up to, for it will come to a head someday.

Denial of reality is a dangerous disease. It can strike down future generations because like the army vehicles, when you run out of spare parts or oil for that matter, you are wide open to the very colonialisation that has warped your fears.

Except that the new form of colonialisation isn't from the outside. It is all inside.

If they keep only dreaming that they can seduce and tax the patience of half the people population, then mother Malaysia will one day have to face up to some of its most belligerent off-springs, those who seem to think theirs should be the only voice.

Frankly, one is not sure anymore God will want to have anything to do with anyone in this blinkered country.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 02:48  

Is absolutely right!

For those who have been victimized under the Malaysia made meritocracy trap, look elsewhere. Opportunities abound.

Most of the talented people in the country leave because of this exact problem, the smart malays have two options, they can use their skills abroad, do something interesting, innovative, exciting, or stay in Malaysia, learn to abuse the system and their family ties and make shit loads of money.

I left Malaysia long time ago when my mother told me to look for greener pasture elsewhere.

Absolutely no regret. The local organization and government sponsored all my living and educational expenses here to the maximum I could go.

Frankly speaking, if not for those incompetent, extremist and brainless leaders and cronies who have destroyed Malaysia for the past 30 years, this land is a heaven on earth.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 02:51  

The standard of the government machinery has already dropped to rock bottom. In fact, this day a few will believe what the government says.

Police personnel in Malaysia are provided with proper training. The issue with regards to their efforts at preventing criminal activities seems to be more a case of willingness rather than ability.

What are the factors which might cause police personnel to be unwilling to perform the required duties. The Royal Commission might have an answer.

I venture to suggest that it was a case of general mismatch between efforts and rewards in the society.

Look at Johor, when less tourist come, they accused the media for highlighting the crimes that happened in the city. Those who don't know or never heard before the criminal activities in Johor will you please stand up. Those who haven't heard before that to obtain your car license you have to give money to officer will you please stand up.

This is just another episode of the BN-lead government all these years, who has cover up their failure and publishing the success they had done to the people.

How can they improve when they know that they can cover up their failure. How can we Malaysians feel save when the BN-lead government always cover up all the stories that might deteriorate the image of the country!

The prime minister personally cannot possibly do much to solve all the recent problems. Neither can anybody else in the cabinet. Nobody will want to dirty their hands for fear of losing the opportunity to enrich themselves while the money is still there.

The government knows the problems but always chooses to cure the symptoms rather than the causes. Government leaders are only loyal to their race and religion, but not patriotic to the nation.

The end results is power vested in official positions were retailed for personal gains, hence the malaise we see everywhere.

It just boils down to the failure of not practicing meritocracy; getting the right people to do the job; round pegs to round holes and square pegs to square holes.

It just needs to establish hire and fire system; just fire those rubbish who are incompetent, irresponsible and unaccountable.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 02:54  

Yes, a lot of non-malays in Malaysia are leaving this country. But what the hell, they (babiputras) don't care. They are happy that we leave.

I do agree with you of those you mentioned, our country is stepping backward, we are loosing in all aspects and yet overdue and retarded ministers are still available on shelf. The ministers think that they are the only ones capable and qualified to be there and not replaceable, otherwise the country could collapse.

Looking at Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq likes looking at this country's future. The well-connected babiputras are getting richer. This government is spoon feeding the babiputras at this nation's expense. I am sick of this country too.

My advise is let them rot in their own stew.

The Barisan government has achieved 0% in reversing the trend of racism.

While South Africa has disbanded racism through the government's initiative after the global news onslaught, our government leaders are propagating RACISM and FACISM in every way.

In term of racism, we are the most uncivilised country in the world. Look into our neighbouring countries of Asia, they are advancing economically on a straight forward objective, for their citizens.

Whereas we are moving in deviationist path, widely off the international economic theory for the sole objective, of propelling the well being of a supreme race.

Mahathir era is over, here we have Badawi. Is he changing the trend? Not a single sign of it! How about the future under Najib?

Sad, sad. They have more camouflage in readiness.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 03:01  

The Anwar contigent has faithfully stuck to one central message; that despite the foibles, frailties, glib, his hordes of cronies, his dislike of a free media (has anyone read Suara Keadilan?), his crushing of political rivals in his Umno days, Anwar remains the sole unifying figure against the wicked Umno.

Could this frail logic withstand any scrutiny at all? I admire some Pakatan politicians. Yusmadi of Bayan Lepas, Mujahid Yusof Rawa (Parit Buntar), Saifudin Nasution, Nasruddin, the Pas No 2, Tony Pua, sons of Karpal Singh. They are talented and not tainted. Our political future rests on the range of young leaders we could churn out. Several will make it to the top. Truth is the batch of political personalities like Khairy Jamaluddin and Yusmadi will have to step away from the politics-as-usual perpetrated by Anwar Ibrahim and gang.

Pakatan Rakyat is a credible grouping but it must not be built solely around Anwar. Democracy will have to thrive in this alliance to have any chance of them forming a workable Government. Cronyism and nepotisme are too pronouncced in the PKR, Anwar's party. It seems impossible to break into the Anwar inner circle, or the ruling posse.

I shall accept that despite his wondrous-list of imperfections, Anwar is supported by some decent Malaysians. It gives him legitimacy to be a leader, but, he is NOT the reason why Umno should be opposed at every turn, in the manner Anwar-inspired street fighters are waging war against decency and common sense in Ipoh.

Umno is far from finished. Segments of its membership will have to be educated properly on political convictions, expectations of personal success, discipline, but there is a sizeable middle class, professional crowd in Umno who are ready to step into positions of responsibility.

Many are hopeful Najib will demonstrate a desire to be different and to listen by naming a brand new Cabinet. This is the country's foremost think-tank and you need individuals who have thought about issues seriously and are able to explain them to any audience.

Anwar meanwhile should allow more freedom of speech in the Pakatan ranks. Allow space for democracy and room for the Government in KL to manage the economy.

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 03:30  


Apocryphalist 9 February 2009 at 08:32  

Dear Cooloc,

I wholeheartedly agree with you. My comment dated 17-10-2008 at 00:19:04 even go one step further to say that the babiputras must reward proponents of ideas like yours, heftily.


Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 20:12

Antares's friend named backStreetGluttons, has called SAKMONGKOL AK47 and people whom have similiar views about Anwar:

"some so called intelligent/egoistic Bloggers (no doubt super-reactive well-read comfortably armchaired in their high ivory towers with lots of free/idle time )who derive great masochistic pleasure/satisfaction in their lopsided/untenable critique of Anwar as being immoral & overly ambitious ( & on his perceived shortcomings )for, as unlike you Antares they fail miserably on one major issue...they are unable and/or devoid of practical/realistic ideas/solutions,with respect to the present critical urgent time & resources ( the luxury of which Malaysia does not have, vis a viz the present world turmoil and that Malaysia is sinking faster than its neighbours). Put it this way... they love to ramble and rant but are really pretty shallow and hollow."

Ariff Sabri 9 February 2009 at 21:53  

two sides,

yes we know the drill. when everything else fail, use the tired lines of the 60's flower people and hippish line- lump them as armchair critics ensconced in the comforts of the thick armchair- yadda..yadda.
yeah , we have heard all those. exactly like what you have just said. the truth? you cant handle the truth!

Anonymous,  9 February 2009 at 23:31  

Thanks bro. I'm happy to find balanced, well thought and informed views on blogs like yours and Ktemoc.

It's funny to see such one sided romanticism and blind biasness, even ignorance festering away on blogs like Malaysia Today and even sometimes on MagickRiver. You can find some one sided crap here:

Clearly this people are not in touch with what is going on among the neutral middle, and even have evil and manipulative intentions - to create blindness and loss of clarity.

Liars! all of them. You think they really care about the people, good governance, democracy, change and the poor? They must have a lot to gain and win personally.

I have my own evidence, that clearly shows that Raja Petra is also a biased Anwar and PKR symphatiser.

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