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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 16 February 2009

To Boldly Speak….

I have written about KJ in many of my previous articles. Yes, I make no apologies in showing my preference for KJ as the Ketua Pemuda. I have said it many times. It is what KJ represents that I liked and which I think is required of UMNO. I have answered those charges about him getting wealth by questionable means. I will answer the others later. He is the leader of tomorrow. The others are leaders of yesterday.

I am however playing a minor part, that of using my writings to influence readers and pemuda delegates. I can't vote for him. I therefore lend a hand through my writings.

Readers will also notice that I break the monotony of writing of the same subject, by putting up seemingly unrelated topics but where I have the chance, will put up some elements that point toward my next post.

Although I write often about KJ, there is no cause for worry over in anti KJ camps. As they insist, KJ is a lost cause and whatever spirited support I can mount up, will not prevail. You are free to regard my writings as the huff and puff of a sidelined politician who is just trying to be a mosquito in your mosquito net.

This business about promoting KJ is a long distance run and a break in the journey is a welcome respite. There was a commentator who suggested that my doing so is a decoy. It's no decoy sonny, just a monotony breaker. I am never intimidated to reveal my preference and so there isn't a need for decoys. There was also a commentator who said that because I have been writing so much on KJ lately, even unrelated topics seemed to contain messages about KJ. Well, that is true, because I will build up my case before delivering the coup de grace as it were.

I am still writing about KJ. In the last passages of my immediate previous post, I mentioned of a need of a new and courageous leadership to unscramble the system. That would be a clue to my next post. And it's no secret that I think KJ is the only KP candidate with the testicular fortitude.

But before I go on with my rambling, may I take a minta laluan as they say in the Dewan, to interject on some points raised by my better known blogger friend, brick in the wall. In particular, the one about joining the Setiakawan band. I will be remiss in my respect to him if I don't respond to his remarks.

As many in blogsphere know, setiakawan refers to a federation of bloggers united by a desire to support KJ. They have been doing that quite explicitly. They have their own style to express themselves, some of which, I find myself retreating from. But that style can hardly be faulted by me. Who am I or for that matter anyone else to fault them for their speak in your face kind of expressing their feelings? Their sometimes vitriolic attacks on TDM make me cringe. But I want my Brickman friend to know that I have not joined the setiakawan band in the formal sense of the term. We have arrived at supporting KJ independent of each other.

If I may offer a comparison, it is this. The setiakawan people play a useful role as Molotov cocktails throwing troops to counter the flame throwers from the anti KJ goon squads. How else can these attacks be even scored if not by similar guerilla tactics? As for me, I am an upfront pugilist. Don't throw Molotovs or incendiary bombs at me. Call me out upfront and I will try to do justice to your bravery by putting up my best. But I will do this- once you call me out, I will try to lead you to a cul-de-sac and there I will put up my knuckle dusters and go up one on you. I am no piper who plays the tune what the payer wants. I dance to the beat of my own drums.

It has now come to this. When the overall picture is lost, what else do people do? They will employ all sorts of verbal contortions and start, hear this people, - nitpicking. For example, the race for ketua pemuda now becomes a race for who demonstrates louder, their defense of the monarchy. This is a disgrace since an earlier similar outing done by KJ was dismissed as just a publicity stunt. Ah ha, now I realize we are even sanctimonious not only about accusations of corruption, we are too on matters like organizing demonstrations. It's all right for others to do, but not and even wrong for KJ to do. Our hypocrisy is expanded by our inconsistency.

I can only ask KJ not be drawn into this. You see, KJ has done it in Perak, and so those who came later are just copy cats. Copying what KJ did earlier is indeed a form of flattery. Looking it at that way, what Khir Toyo did twice, is acknowledgment of the effectiveness of maintaining high visibility on the radar screen of the pemuda delegates. And in the meantime, what can Mukhriz do? He can do nothing except by calling for legal action to be taken by UMNO on Karpal. By who? Throughout my political career I haven't seen any UMNO lawyers having the smarts to take on the Lion of Jelutong.

Suddenly many become conscientious students scouring for little nuances, maybe some gossipy material in the distant past, some socially objectionable activities (drinking, having a good time etc). Consider for example, the penchant for nitpicking on such trivialities as KJ's employ of the term multiculturalism and multi racialism. It appears that we are over eager to consign the use of such term as opposition-speake. Thus according to such a plebeian interpretation, for using those terms, KJ is more suited to join the opposition. This is what I mean as nitpicking which is being done to conceal the lack of substantive issues concerning KJ.

But I suppose the use of such term suggests a wider span of mental bandwidth from the coming Ketua Pemuda. As the country moves to accept an inclusive political climate within which the concept of multi-culturalism and multi-racialism become more relevant, it is to the credit of an incoming Ketua Pemuda to speak boldly about these matters. Then KJ's readiness to speak on these matters leaves the other 2 contenders looking askance with hands cupping the area from where fortitude is expected but none forthcoming.


Sans 16 February 2009 at 18:43  
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Sans 16 February 2009 at 18:43

Very interesting KJ interview in the nutgraph.

This is the kind of leader I want, whether in BN or PR, at least he is thinking and trying to articulate what he believes the rakyat wants.

But when he is running for KP, he has to bend and play a part, like all the rallies etc he is instigating.

The old way was to pander to what you think people want and when you win do something different but that way is gone. People scrutinise more and people remember what you say and your actions. You have to be consistent these ways.

Can't say something to the KP crowd and then something else to the rest of the nation

satD 16 February 2009 at 19:03  

Salam Dato' Sak

Can i project a hypothetical scenario

What if KJ did not marry up and joined the opposition instead?

I bet he would be LOVED by every tom, dick, harry, ali, ah kau and mutusammy out there.

The problem here is that many more out there are capable to take him on, instead of the other two candidate...but most have remained in the sidelines (not even UMNO members, some not even registered voters)

As a simple barometer can we know how many new recruits have joined UMNO because of the 3 candidates (from their cawangan/bahagian etc,) each time there is a ceramah from the 3 did they bother to do a recruitment drive???

This is the appeal factor that is needed for UMNO....who got that?

i'm a man of data...qualitative judgement carry little weight within my realm of thinking..

Anonymous,  16 February 2009 at 20:05  

tak sungguh tak melata
tak sungguh org tak kata

Alang tukang kayu terbuang
Alang bijak binasa
Alang alim rosak binasa

ahli UMNO temerloh

Anonymous,  16 February 2009 at 20:13  

ahli umno termerloh,

boleh kawan pakai bait awak untuk dato seri najib? tak sungguh orang tak kata?
makna takkan orang kata, kalau tok najib tak buat apa2. kalau tak ada angin, masakan pokok bergoyang tak?

kuldeep 16 February 2009 at 20:29  

The message is KJ is smart,visionary and courageous.He is a guy who walks the talk;without fears or favors.

AS a counterpoint , the competition is less smart (for want of a better word ),set in the ancient ways and have no balls.They only talk behind the safety of the fortress.

However,I only wonder if the delegates can differentiate between Coke and Brand X.


Quantum Metal Consultant 16 February 2009 at 20:29  

Ketika membuat strategi pemasaran dan penjualan - kehendak dan cita rasa pengguna adalah satu keutamaan.

Sehebat dan sejauh mana pun canggihnya KJ ini tetapi jika di dalam pasaran politik dia tidak diperlukan - terimalah hakikat.

KJ terlalu awal dibranded dan cepat pulak outdated.

Anonymous,  16 February 2009 at 21:05  

Three arguments; the middle classses on an upscale trajectory are natural supporters of Khairy Jamaluddin; many could seamlessly turn into political ideologues; and thirdly, highest political and corporate offices read this Blog and comb the comments.

I admire satD's devotion to emperical evidence which popped up too fleetingly in the near-flux of past 15 months or shouted down by hoots of derision. I could relate to satD's message that the middle classes should shape politics more.

Alas, numbers resemble a mirage. When partisanship rule, data is fudged, gleefully. Teeming crowds at Anwar speeches. Raja Petra's polling. Umno's actual membership. Grassroot support. What constitute truthful statistics?

Khairy Jamaluddin's constituency is a potential. Khairy Constituency consists of disparate segments, silent crowds, thoughtful blog readers who should troop to the centre. The middle classes could effortlessly relate to Khairy because he espouses battles of ideas, upgrade, be quicker, and smarter. The middle classes make themselves heard. Rebel against the Khir Mediocrity. (An enlightened accusation). Drown the despair and negative energy of the Mukhriz Crowd. (A perception). Convert sorrows into hope.

The refrain that the best talents are yet to be unearthed does not apply. Politics is the realm of the brave hearts prepared to be dissected.

The rest could fashion themselves as ideologues. Walla shall mesmerise any audience. Sakmongkol is an economist-cum-politcian-turned-ideologue.

The nexus between ideologues and brainy politician like Khairy present a threat to politics as usual - of not spitting out thoughts, ideas, therefore panacea.

I think a great many VIPs, corporate leaders, the Nazir Razaks of the world, the Nor Yusofs comb comments posted here. They are scouting for talents. Walla, I think, has entered the radar of most top offices. The Minister of Education should be most interested in his comments on education.

Hang Tegar 16 February 2009 at 21:42  

Another Brick In The Wall, salah satu blogger yang tidak putus-putus menghentam KJ, telah melancarkan strategi songsang dan hingusan terhadap KJ dalam blog postnya yang terbaru berjudul: Khairy's multiculturalism and multiracialism claim suitable for DAP and PKR and not for UMNO.

Strategi songsang yang sooo readable, sooo simplistic and sooo naive ini memberi idea bahawa pandangan multiculturalism dan multiracism Khairy meletakkan beliau begitu leftish, and by implication, no longer relevant and tenable - politically and intellectually - for UMNO.

What a childish crap...

Saya anjurkan kepada Another Brick In the Wall untuk baca-bacalah bahan bacaan karangan Will Kymlicka, Stuart Hall, Tariq Madood and Iris Marion Young - dan janganlah sekadar menempek rujukan wikipedia atau philosopher-on-line saja.

Anonymous,  16 February 2009 at 22:07  

Another Brick or AVoice is just one of those non constructive bloggers always neat picking. He himself is a coward to even put his face on his blog which shows that he has a strange envy towards KJ or maybe he is just a hired hack writing to demonise KJ and Pak Lah.

Like Elizabeth Wong, you will reap what you sow. Couple of months back she tried to pull a fast one taking Muslim Burial land to make it a Botany park in Kota Damansara...reap what you sow AVoice or another brick, or whatever you are.

At least KJ is fighting on his own strength and not using his father to call delegates to the house and do the hardwork. sahame on Mukhriz.

Anonymous,  16 February 2009 at 22:12  

Actually, we can gauge the support that one politician has by asking friends and family that close to us. For example, my family members are all hard core UMNO members and have been in support for UMNO regardless of UMNO candidate in our constituency. PRU 12, the hate for Pak Lah is so high that all of our family members (about 20 of us)went oversea during election to avoid voting. Further, other members of our relative stay at home and did not go out for vote. Prior to election, I had met and had teh tarik with different group of people...old schoolmate, university friend, business people, they are mostly malay but there are few chinese and Indians as well...and these people are all pro-BN people..and NONE OF THEM said that they will vote for UMNO/BN and most have said that this is the first time in their life that they vote for opposition. That how bad Pak Lah is....the result of PRU 12 represented of these people sentiments...and KJ has every opportunity to help Pak Lah to do the right thing...and he failed...UMNO used to say that "letak batang kayu pun UMNO boleh menang"...our area stronghold of UMNO...won by PKR...most of the people in our area do not even know who she is...she is literally batang kayu....but she won..not under UMNO ticket should see the face of the people...satisfy....there was a joke in our teh tarik group that "This guy claimed that he is very close with Pak Lah and could help us to meet and talk to Pak Lah directly..we told the guy...."that is very good...we need Pak Lah helps to introduce us to Khairy.." So in short, Khairy has the opportunity to govern this country through proxy..and he failed to do a good joob...we all got nothing to loose if Khairy has nothing to do with the govt and we certainly will continuosly loose if Khairy remains in the govt just what he did to Pak Lah administration. if Khairy camps insist that Khairy has nothing to do with the administration..well good luck to convince all of my relative members and group of friends...we may not be the UMNO youth delegates that will determine the next KP...but we certainly the voters for next PRU13...UMNO needs to make a wise decision..Khairy certainly need to go re-branding overhaul...before he is ready to become one of UMNO leaders....

Anonymous,  16 February 2009 at 22:49  


Mind me saying this and I observe that your repeated posting on what is supposedly pro Khairy material, why is it that it always backfire in the comments sections.
Is it by design? Do you not know that majority of your readers are against khairy. Your posting incur more and more wrath against KJ. Is it what is termed by Freud as reversed psychology? The more you post on a subject perceived as the authority of Tingkat 4, was blamed with the decimation of BN on March 08, and who was also advise to temporarily disappear from political radar so as not to incur more wrath; the slimmer KJ's chance to win the KP post. Did you seriously think that you will receive a standing ovation for your consistent promo of KJ.
And if not for your persistent posting on him, I doubt if people would've even notice his very existent, especially with more and more prominent political intrigues going around. Do you really think that he would outshine KT or MM? The kind of politics that he play, he'd better take it out somewhere, we do not need more hooligoons in UMNO to blemish UMNO's reputation, not that I think UMNO's reputation is that good anyway but I do not want to see more flies desecrating the rotten fish.
And that business of promoting KJ sure is tiring also, ain't it? And you call it business as if you are getting paid. I'm not surprise because he must have collected enough for his early retirement and maybe share some with you?
Decoy you say not? You think you are helping him with your ubiquitous KJ posting? You are actually hurting KJ in the process of promoting him (clap!clap!Clap!). He stands better chance with only SUKJ or Padedoh promoting him but you Dato', is our best hope to keep KJ out.
So keep on posting KJ bcoz you're really doing us a favor to bury KJ where he really belong i.e. the political yesteryear of soon to wind up historical muzium of Tingkat 4, Putrajaya.
If I were KJ, I'd be calling you up to ask you stop posting anymore about him.
Ah.. KJ pura-pura la Dato'

Anonymous,  17 February 2009 at 00:43  

At least we know Khir Toyo is so stupid to suggest that Elizabeth Wong must resign because...she was sleeping nude in her own house.How stupid can you get?

Its between KJ and MM now...

kuldeep 17 February 2009 at 01:11  

Digression...but referring to AYGGMW's comments>

>have u seen the pics?was she sleeping?was it in her house?was she alone?

Could this be Act 1/Scene 2 of the MKT grand plan?

Anonymous,  17 February 2009 at 01:53  

No, No , No ,No...

but even if there will be scene 20 coming...why jump the gun?

Unless she was sleeping with MM or KJ, then KT is out of the race. Sorry.

satD 17 February 2009 at 02:34  

kelakar lu orang guna acronyms beb...gua kat sini pening kepala nak fikir apekebenda dia orang cakap..panjang gile punye acronyms..

i think internet nics should be limited to just a few syllables...senang nak tulis senang nak ingat...unless you wanna have a name like a movie or a song...

Imagine if you just wanna say hi..buat letih type name je beb but u can always copy and paste..

Dehra Dun..
We need to go deep into the numbers now...we need to learn the it behaves, identify patterns and relationships..

Once we know, we can design counter measures to a specific problem....and must always be able to track its evaluate its effectiveness...

I feel the government should release more data into the system as well as monitor new data elements within the economy....people can help and is willing to help....this is our country....

Anonymous,  17 February 2009 at 03:51  

Bold enough you are Dato' to not play it safe and making it risque. KJ in the long haul has a much brighter future than a UMNO like stop gap measure like Mukhriz or Khir. The Youth segment is about progression, incorporeal issues to be solved and keeping it real.

How do you connect with the youth segment if your are 45, which both Khir and MM are? The new generation of youths need a visible and post modern leader. Not a rhetorical Hitler like Khir or legacy driven puppet like Mukhriz.

Mukhriz's political existence rests solely on his father's achievements. If he wants to walk the Najib or Hisham line, fine, but talent and ability is also needed. MM just does not have the edge.

Mukhriz is not a leader period. Too soft and not bright enough for politics in the modern age.

Anonymous,  17 February 2009 at 05:11  

tulis lagi dato. tulisan macam dato inilah yang menakutkan golongan anti KJ. sebab tulisan ini berhujjah untuk meyakinkan fikiran kita. sudah tiba masanya kita memilih pemimpin dengan memakai otak kita.
teruskan dan syabas Dato.

Anonymous,  17 February 2009 at 05:14  


syabas kerana menulis secara konsisten. saya dan rakan rakan perwakilan yang lain semakin hari semakin yakin bahawa adalah bakal Ketua Pemuda kami.
dato, kami dengar semasa Dato jadi ADUN dahulu, setiap kali persidangan DEwan, semua ketua jabatan akan berdebar menanti jabatan mana akan di kritik Dato.
ada orang kata, ada Dato dalam Dewan tidak perlu kita ada pembangkang.Tabik!

Anonymous,  17 February 2009 at 16:22  

The fact of the matter is that KJ is the smartest among the stupid. That gives him the advantage. Although at times he does make sense but despite all that, I for one still consider his political style as "kampung" like. He goes with the wind and plays on current sentiments. It's a wonder if no one has ever noticed this. He plays with people and they actually let him. With this I justify that KJ is the smartest among the stupid. BTW, if RPK's statutory declaration holds any truth, the smartest he ever did was to hold on to the report his father-in-law handed to him for safekeeping. If so, that would seem to be the biggest advantage.

Anonymous,  17 February 2009 at 19:16  

I met KJ for the first time when he just assumed the post of Special Officer to the then DPM, Pak Lah. He couldn't speak Malay very well then and hadn't yet acquired the position of 'the' son-in-law.

Over the years I have seen his gradual transformation to an eloquent Malay orator and a cunning opportunist. That's the nature of a politician, and I have nothing against that. Similarly, when Anwar went against Ghafar Baba in 1993, I saw that as nothing more than a cunning move by an ambitious politician.

Bottom line is, politicians are supposed to be ambitious and cunning political operators. Without that, one is just a civil servant who is just happy to take orders, not to lead and not to inspire.

KJ wishes to lead and inspire but he needs to acquire some humility and learn to be seen as someone with humility. Whether you love them or hate them, this is a game where Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir are the grand masters.

Anonymous,  17 February 2009 at 23:34  

Dear Dato',

I have just finished watching TV9 'Hujah' on your KJ-KT-MM. I am sad to say that you have been painting too much of a rosy picture of KJ. I think KJ fall flat against either KT or MM. No clear thought on any of the issues put forward to him, nor he demonstrated any 'pembaharuan' drive which is needed now in Pemuda.

He is definitely NOT a leader material for Pemuda. Too bad for you too.

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